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Anyone in the DC/NoVA area?

2023.03.16 23:29 Ifyoureamonkey-hum Anyone in the DC/NoVA area?

There are two estates sales nearby this weekend that have some AMAZING MCM furniture. I don’t have room for any more furniture but I’d rather see them bought by some one who will love them than resellers.
BethesdaFalls Church
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2023.03.11 00:13 williamsdj01 Need help with logo on center knife (acorn logo) what company?

Need help with logo on center knife (acorn logo) what company?
A friend is going to an estate sale with a load of knives, I told him the cases were a solid pick up but I dont know what brand the acorn on the knife in the center is
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2023.03.08 17:13 Ri0tMaker007 Looking for a bored teacher

Hi all, I’ve been doing chemo and am trying to get into flipping as a means of income since I’m disabled. I’m fairly new to the game and honestly my knowledge extends about as far as google/eBay sold searches. I was wondering if any of you are bored enough to help me look through some local estate sale listings and point out what would be a good buy/share any general knowledge.
For example: here’s one estate sale I was looking at. It seems like they have a lot of good stuff, but I have no idea what to look for. Sorry for being such a noob
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2023.03.02 20:09 pablosus86 Good price for this workbench?

I saw this picture at an estate sale I might go to. What do you think a decent price works be?
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2023.03.01 17:26 heffalumpish Why is search borked like this? It has to be on purpose.

I came here because Marketplace Search isn't working for me, and I definitely would love advice about what to do about it, but I also want to know: What's in it for Facebook? They obviously have their algorithms set this way ON PURPOSE, and I want to know why. How does it benefit FB when I type in "wool rugs" and they don't just give me every listing titled "wool rugs"? Why is it good for them that I get 48 listings and no more, even if there are 200+ within its 500 mile search range? What on earth could they possibly be getting out of having a search-based product, when the search is unreliable? It kind of burns my biscuits that FB has almost totally replaced Craigslist and pretty much every other way of buying locally, but its search capacity is significantly, measurably worse.
For what it's worth - my problem is that FBMP isn't serving me up anything close to every listing with my exact keyword searches. I have been searching for things like "oriental rug" or "wool rug", sorted by "suggested" but with "date listed: last 24 hours" on, and looking at different distances from my home - 20 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles, 250 miles, 500 miles. At each of these distances, my search results only return a set number of answers, no matter the distance.
FWIW, this happens on iOS safari on a iphone pro 13, and on both Chrome and Safari desktop on a brand-new M2 Macbook Pro. I have refreshed and closed and reopened windows, restarted browsers, cleared cookies & cache, restarted phone & laptop, and lit several offering candles. Part of me suspects that it's because I saw this horrifying object at an estate sale and joked that it contained Mark Zuckerberg's trapped soul - I'm sorry Mark, I really didn't mean it, tell the mannequin to leave me alone.
I sell as well, and I've also discovered that exact keywords for my own listings (used multiple times in the title, text, and tags) don't always turn up my listings. I can't even see all the listings on one seller's page, which makes me worried they can't see mine! In one instance a couple weeks ago, I was buying a painting and repeatedly visited the seller's page to see what else he had; I sent the link to a friend, who asked me why I wasn't buying its mate. She could see it on her desktop, but I couldn't see it on either Safari in iOS or on the iOS app. It's infuriating.
So I would love advice about my particular problem... but I'd also love speculation as to WHY they do this. Do they benefit somehow from it being borked? Are they intending to "fix" it only if you boost your listings and pay extra? Do they make so much money radicalizing your grandma to QAnon that they DGAF? Help me understand. Thanks!
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2023.03.01 15:32 MisterEd1966 Central Georgia Estate Sale

Hey folks,
Anybody in the central Georgia region might be interested in this sale which features a very large collection of artifacts.
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2023.02.25 02:39 sydmox Posting with actual pic this time ;) Wish me luck tomorrow as I attempt to retrieve this beauty. Sale is 1 say only, an hour away, starts at 9am. I am committed to being the first in line to snag her and bring her home!

Posting with actual pic this time ;) Wish me luck tomorrow as I attempt to retrieve this beauty. Sale is 1 say only, an hour away, starts at 9am. I am committed to being the first in line to snag her and bring her home! submitted by sydmox to americangirl [link] [comments]

2023.02.24 04:17 Aromatic-Republic-77 i was looking at an estate sale near me and….

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2023.02.03 16:43 deadmallsanita Online auction of items from Military Circle Mall (Norfolk, VA)

Military Circle Mall closed Tuesday. You have to pick up items in person. Nothing that interesting yet, unless you have your own business and are looking for furniture, etc.
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2023.02.02 21:11 PulpySnowboy Anyone near Omaha Nebraska?

I was surfing estate sales and found a Lortone for sale, but it's for pickup only in Omaha, Nebraska.
Good deal for someone!
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2023.02.02 01:44 katespayed Bunch of Apple stuff at an estate sale in Missouri

I was looking for estate sales with Apple products as I do every week & I found this one nowhere near me in Independence, MO. I thought the cufflinks/lapel pin(?) were especially fun!!! Looks like there's a few apple IIs and a monitor. Happy shopping!
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2023.01.25 22:19 Estate_Sale_Sam Santa Clarita CA Estate Sale Sat-Sun, January 28-29 10:00am

Santa Clarita CA Estate Sale Sat-Sun, January 28-29 10:00am
Address will be live on our ad link below on Saturday morning. This is a gated community and no one will be available to open the gate before 9:30 so please don't arrive early. This is a very big house so don't worry - everyone will get inside when we open!
Shopaholic's estate! Amazon, QVC and some Big Box stores have suffered a great loss with these shoppers. Very large 4 bedroom home filled with everything a modern home needs, much of it new or nearly new. Kitchen plus butler's pantry is filled to overflowing with beautiful items for entertaining, the latest bakeware, dishes, cookware, knives and utensils, all new or like-new. Nice neutral furniture, large 4k SmartTV, electronics, multiple Alexa devices, Bose wave radios, tablets and other electronics we haven't unearthed yet. DVDs, VHS, some vinyl LPs. Garage FULL of nice tools.
*We will probably be adding photos right up until the night before we open. There is A LOT here*
Here is some of what you will see in Shopaholic's Sale (we may be adding to this list - still sorting):
  • Furniture: Nice neutral sofa and loveseat, white canvas sofa with green slipcover, large wood coffee table and side tables, antique burl inlaid armoire, stunning primitive secretary desk, dozens of storage ottomans and footstools. 2 nice bedroom sets, glass coffee table and side tables, cute green display bookcase, beautiful Ethan Allen buffet
  • 60" Samsung QLED smart TV, Vizio HDTV, small "dresser" TVs.
  • Large collection of make-up and beauty supplies, mostly unopened. Laura Geller, Fran Wilson, Dalton, Tova, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Beekman, Naturalistics, Tula, Doll 10, Philosophy, IT, Aziza, Patty Dubroff, Avon, Edward Bess, Mally, Princessa, Tarte, Clinique, LineBacker, Mary Kay, Crepe Erase, Ellen Tracy, Lasplash, ProActive, Bare Minerals, Bare Escentuals, L'Occitane
  • New Generac Tecumseh 5000 watt 10hp portable generator
  • Pair of vintage Chinese tea tin lamps
  • Chinese Yixing Zisha Blue Clay Tea Pot signed Xu Meiying
  • Multiple "Alexa" devices.
  • Multiple Bose Wave radios.
  • Many "smart" outlets for synching with Wifi to control lights and other electronics from your phone. Tons of other small, similar electronics - many new in box!
  • Garage full of tools and tool boxes
  • Some books, CDs, DVDs, VHS and vinyl LPs.
  • Kitchen and butler's pantry FULL of great kitchen and entertaining items, many new - never used.
  • Lots of pretty wall decorations and art.
  • Crystal, glass, knick-knacks, figurines and other collectibles.
  • Nice patio furniture.
  • Lots of pretty pots, lanterns and other garden accessories.
  • TONS of bed linens - sheets, blankets, pillows, bedspreads, throws.
  • Brand new luggage sets.
  • Multiple sewing machines and sewing accessories.
  • Small "dorm" fridge. Samsung washer & dryer.
  • Roomba, many floor and carpet steamers, nearly every cleaning gadget ever sold on QVC - new or nearly new.
  • Beautiful bedroom set: low dresser with mirror, 2 nightstands, highboy chest of drawers
  • Antique matching low dresser and highboy chest of drawers
  • 100s of cute and cozy lap blankets and throws
  • Tons of silk floral stems in every color for every season and holiday
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2023.01.17 15:32 MaxTheEntrepreNerd Trying to make estate-sale-ing easier!

Howdy! I’m new to the subreddit, but I’ve recently been getting into garage and estate sales.
However, I’ve had a lot of trouble starting out, as the most popular websites for listing them are kind of crummy.
I’m in the process of trying to build something that makes it easier, but I’m not sure what that should be, and I would love some help!
What is your biggest frustration with sites like estatesales dot net? What do you wish existed to make estate/garage sale-ing easier?
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2023.01.06 16:51 Lucas_lovecraft Upcoming estate sale in my area, wish me luck!

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2022.12.23 16:42 silverbaconator APEs!!!!! DO NOT FORGET STERLING SILVER!

Cant say it loud enough. We should be searching every gram of junk silver we can find as one of our main priorities! Estate sales, garage sales, second hand market places! Not only does it stretch our fiat trash further it cuts off Comex from cheap recycled silver. Dont let granny sell that 100ounce flatware set to the pawnshop for $500! Stack sterling too! get an acid test it is very easy to test sterling silver. Also, In the last 5 years of stacking I have never come across a counterfeit piece of flatware so that is reassuring. Search your local areas!
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2022.12.16 20:16 randymcguire Estate sale inquiry
I know this may be a long shot, but has anyone gone to this estate sale and purchased a cast iron skillet? Please reach out to me as I would like to purchase it from you. It is a family heirloom.
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2022.12.16 02:31 Ive_Gone_Xani any idea what this original Britto from 1987 might be worth?

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2022.12.15 00:51 Glad-Ad7862 Things that caught my eye at the servant auction!

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2022.11.26 18:01 FridayNigh Estate Sale today in Monterey Park

My friend is having an estate sale today and tomorrow in Monterey Park
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2022.11.22 04:02 FridayNigh Estate Sale this weekend

My friend is having an estate sale this weekend in Monterey Park. You’re invited!
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2022.11.16 22:55 shig_frag27 Whats the earliest you've ever shown up at an estate sale?

This is the best local one I've ever seen. Kinda makes me wish they'd ease up on the whole burglary bein' illegal thing for a day, and I could just go the night before, haha.
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2022.11.06 00:26 kihleys_mommy GREAT Estate Sale in Canyon Lake starting 11/9
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