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Landlord Dragging Feet on Dangerous Electrical Outages

2023.03.28 22:40 Calm-Nebula-2921 Landlord Dragging Feet on Dangerous Electrical Outages

Over the past three months I have been having a back and forth with my landlord because our power keeps going out and after two electricians' visit nothing has been done. This outages affect our power, heating, carbon monoxide alarm, and appliances including our fridge. Also, our outlets are running at 40v which has made charging our housemate's wheelchair troublesome.
This is an email I plan to send to my landlord soon which recounts the situation in full. "You" refers to my contact at the management company. I am in England.
The Problem & The Timeline:
As you can see, the issues which have caused our household a great deal of problems and stress daily-- most of which should be covered by you under our lease--have been ongoing for more than two-and-a-half months despite frequent and clear communication from our household. While I hope that this situation has been the sole result of a series of miscommunications between you, the electricians, and the developers, at this point, all members of our household feel that if the issues are not rectified ASAP we will be forced to contact the [Relevant City Council] in order to help facilitate an appropriate resolution to the situation.

TLDR; three months of back and forth with landlord has led to no solutions fixing intermittent and potentially dangerous power outages in our home. What are my options?
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2023.03.28 21:12 thedyingstudent Does anyone else struggle with being hyper mobile?

So I didn't even realize I was hyper mobile until I really started training and thought it was great at first, but I've very quickly realized that there are downsides to my overall health if I don't manage or maintain it properly. My doctor is useless and just keeps telling me "As long as you're not bothered by it now. You're young and healthy!". Do you all have any tips, tricks, or advice for just maintain or protecting your joints and what not? One of my biggest concerns lately has been my wrists because they're not particularly strong and tend not to move with the rest of my forearm while I'm trying to work on my collar chokes, (I know it sounds weird).
Thank you all in advance!
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2023.03.28 19:25 jennaortegalover20 [F4A] weight gain machine

[F4A] weight gain machine
Looking for someone to fatten up against their will to the point of immobility, brainwashing you to be a ravenous glutton and spoil in their new form.
You stir awake into consciousnesses and find yourself bound to a chair. You open your mouth to scream but almost choke and gag when you realize that deep throated into your mouth and esophagus is a thick tube, and your body hooked up to wiring attached to a machine, beeping to life. Your genitals are too pressed against something pleasantly stimulating that hums against your skin, demanding arousal. Without much time to dwell in panic and bewilderment, the door opens and In walks in a tall but curvaceous women, holding a remote in her hand. The smile she gives you strikes fear, and she greets you with more excitement and joy than you would expect. "I've been waiting for you to finally wake up, are you ready to grow for your new mommy?"
Main kinks are: sex toys, teasing, edging, orgasm denial, limited mobility, humiliation, begging, force feeding, funnel tube feeding, powerplay, intelligence loss, mommy kink, degradation, diapers, breast feeding, lactation
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2023.03.28 18:23 CaffeineGoliath Some random thoughts, ideas and opinions on KF2 and future content.

Hey! Sorry this might be a pretty long post and English is not exactly my Forte so sorry for any mistakes, errors or grammatical blunders, I'm also "New" to reddit in general I've been lurking several sub reddits about games I enjoy for years but don't exactly like interaction, hell my only two "real" posts were both either caused by drunken anger at FOMO or drunken existential depression, but that's not what this post is, I was playing killingfloor this morning grinding out EXP for SWAT and just got to thinking "what could make this game more fun then it already is?" I love arena horde fighting games, they are honestly my favorite type of games, I could play them for hours! and this game series really fills the itch of some random punk picking up a gun and taking on an entire army of horror freaks, usually you only see that content in old action movies or anime. This originally was a horror game as I understand but starting to play KF2 in late 2021 and never playing the first my intro to this game series was a buff santa-claus beating in the head of a gingerbread gorefast with a shovel to the tune of a heavy metal remix of "god rest ye merry gentleman", and that being my very first sight fresh into the game kinda made me fall in love with the goofy action rather then the horror, so that's my perspective going into this, so if you are a veteran of this game/or a horror FPS enjoyer you might want to take my opinions with a grain of salt as this is the perspective of a run and gun/hack and slash my way through enjoyer.
(mostly a solo and normal mode player so don't go thinking I subject poor unsuspecting people to my mindless and dumb run into horde and bonk tactic)
That being said I wanted to voice some thoughts and opinions, this is not speculation, this is not saying "Tripwire/Hardsuit lazy and have less creativity then my left pinky" vent post, though it does get a bit venty in some places, this is not a rage post and this isn't exactly a "KF3 idea" post, it's just more of a shoulda, woulda, coulda post of ideas that feel like the spirit of KF or Tripwire/Hardsuit in general
Idea one: New roles and perks
Now there are three main roles and 10 perks
The three main roles being Big zed killer Trash cleaner And switch Though switch is less optimized since only two perks can be eficient at both killing trash and big zeds without needing an entire loadout change.
If I could make a change I would add a few new roles and optimize some perks to do as such A defacto "boss killer" and "agro gain" role, I hear and see several complaints day in and day out about how some boss's are wet paper and some bosses are unkillable nightmares and that just depends on the person and playstyle. And the whole load into an entire lobby of comandos or firebug joke that's been in the community for a while wouldn't be as bad if comandos weren't just the defacto "shoot until it stops" Perk. Some classes could be well optimized for bosses with 2 single traits added "Do more damage to boss Zeds % per level" and "do less damage to boss zed sheilds" That would be chain effect way to teach a class to push an assault on a boss and to bait out phases,
For example
Let's take swat Let's say Hans just got down to yellow,
If swat did less damage to Hans shield but more damage to Hans himself that would give swat an incentive to aggro Hans and use thier movement speed buff to make Hans go on a wild chase while demo or sharpshooter can pick off his shield from range
Now I know what most experienced players would say to that, The whole "that wouldn't work as efficient as just" then giving an entire list of how my opinion is trash and how boss zeds in higher difficulty can be taken down with coordination and teamwork... only that leads to the other community joke and somthing I've witnessed when ever I get the urge to play with Randos, the comando that fucks off and runs across the map or players that put the blame on everything but themselves, while the big zed killers gets eaten alive and die to AoE because a gaggle of stalkers or clots see a group of unprotected unoptimized Perks! a random comando that ran across the map and refused to learn to do otherwise/ refuse to step in his healer or supports shoes would be kinda of a good strategy if zeds followed them instead of the sharpshooter forced to stand still or the demo that didn't see the stalker 2 feet from thier face as they pulled the trigger on thier RPG this could be optimized with the trait "gains smaller zeds attention" and "gains biggeboss zeds attention" A trash cleaner can be way more useful if they are FORCED to be a trash cleaner instead of a suicidal/HoE comando thinking they can Rambo 15 flesh pounds on thier own
I'm only targeting comando so hard because they can see cloaked Zeds AND see how ineffective thier bullets are to big zeds yet are almost always are the ones that never learn among other common player mistakes. And as someone guilty of that exact thing, I get how frustrating I could be in teammates perspective, but alot of players don't care about thier teammates or don't care to think on thier hindsight after a frustrating match.
Two new classes: Now to the next part now that I've covered how in my opinion on roles
Horizine security/HRG specialist
Let's face it, dlc weapons are getting lazy, hell some baseline weapons are lazy
"Here's a demo Tommy gun with a white and blue skin, go wild."
It would seem less lazy if there was a Perk that utilized the Horizine weapons better, If there was a Perk that used ONLY the horizine guns it would bring motivation to use them and like them more, it may even help justify some out there decisions,
And the other perk name is just a not so clever title for a different elemental class, We have firebug for fire, but we have so many cool cryo weapons and electric weapons that aren't utilized to the fullest that they can be most the time, I've never even seen a sharpshooter main praise or even talk about the sorta new HV-storm cannon. So a Perk that utilizes the other elemental weapons would be neat in my mind
And last but not least, Perk love
Swat is a perk I see get barely any love, And when it does eventually get love it always falls a bit short, many of the guns in the perk arsenal are cross Perk, thier arguably best weapon looks atrocious, and the one time they got an actual cop weapon? It was not even in the top 5 best options for them, not to mention the game has A ROBO-COP GUN with A SWAT THEMED SKIN that was given to the gunslinger?... why?? What sense does that even make?! What world do we live in where you can play as a robot and use a law-enforcement based Perk BUT YOU CAN'T EFFICIENTLY USE THE ROBOCOP GUN not to mention the gun is called glock18-c when the real robocop gun was based off a Beretta but that's a whole different can of worms.
And berserker poor, poor, poor berserker, in a PVE game where at higher difficulty a zed can 1 shot you why did they do the up close and personal Perk so dirty with that nerf? Might as well be using a nerf foam sword as well at that point, they need to give berserker SOMTHING that gives Melee enjoyers some power again! They made Tom banner and a metal head viking! Plus a song where the lyrics have a Line "my weapons are washed in blood" in a game where you literally watch your Melee weapons GET WASHED IN BLOOD yet Melee feels like a guy with a upgraded 9mm pistol is better then you? I mean WHY?! COME ON FREE MY NEED TO MINDLESSLY RUN INTO A HORDE WITHOUT GETTING TURNED INTO GROUND CHUCK!!... anyways yes berserker needs some love too
And the final class I think needs some love is support. I mean the poor bastards spend all thier money on ammo! Give ammo to the entire team! Make barricades and are usually the first to get blamed as soon as Mr inaccurate runs out of ammo while headshotting rioters and E-DARs! Come on game You gave the most serious and helpful Perk (other then medic, love you healer mains! Thank you for putting up with us fellow dumbass's shenanigans!) The most goofy and out there weapons! Yes they have some bad ass weapons! Totally! But do I really want to use a balloon gun just because it melts zeds? Do I really want to pretend two cyber taurus judges won't rip my wrists in two? Do I really want to trick myself into believing an AA-12 will save my ass from impending doom as soon as a door breaks down when playing a team based class solo or olnine when a full team has been tunnel visioning a single choke point for half the wave? A glass cannon that's not expected to be a GOAT zed killer shouldn't be treated like a defense-bot much like a medic shouldn't be treated like a heal-bot. I don't exactly know a good way to make it so supports actual support skills are taken as seriously as thier combat skills but I hope one day they'll become better utilized in an actual support way, or atleast renamed defender or guardian to better suit the adopted playstyles most folks take But since I don't play as support as often/see them as often this might be a dog water take.
Idea 2 Weapons: Now I know, weapons especially DLC weapons suck now, I mean... have you seen the G36C?... do I even have to say anything?
But I was using it earlier since in hard solo endless its a godsend and I realized. If they took off the top rail, made it bulpup, or the mag more square and thick, or just added a few steel frames or took off the stock any combination of two or more of those design choices... they could totally have made it look like a knock off warhammer bolt gun or a heavy 12mm SMG from FalloutNV! And that could justify its hard hitting power while still fitting in with the law enforcement perk, guardsmen from warhammer are just military police and the 12mm were based off of scifi police SMGs used in various movies! You could have totally leaned into both the vauge lore and justifiablity of it and still pull off being lazy about it! I mean falloutNV was a rushed mess with 50 hours of cut content and is still buggy as of today but it's one of the most beloved games in that franchise! Are you telling me you can't cut just as many corners and make a gun that people won't just forget about in a month? And if you leaned into the boltgun smg warhammer has been super popular for the past few months everyone likes the nitty gritty grimdark gun!
Speaking of twipwire/hardsuit could get away with WAAAAAY more lazy shenanigans if they add more knock offs,
An all gold lugenambu pistol called the Golden gun a 2000 dosh pistol for gunslingesharpshooter that deals as much damage as a fully upgraded magnum with armour piercing. Call it a day, done, you get to be lazy and make a weapon people physically won't be able to take off rose tinted glasses while using
A modified broomhandel Mauser with electric damage with no explanation as to why kinda like the mac10 being incendiary for no reason Make its flavor text "It always shoots first" Boom there you go fanboys will be saying shut up and take my money for months
A giant machete. That's it a big machete that has some flavorful modifiers and some stand out stats call it the knoif Or the predator, Make its flavor text "That's not a knoif" Big. Bucks.
A chainsaw, a regular chainsaw, a eviscerator with no firing or just a skrakes arm as a weapon. I can't tell you how many friends I have that saw they would feel 200% more powerful and gore thirsty if they had a real chainsaw weapon in this game and yeah, honestly a chainsaw should have been a main option from the get go its gory fps law at this point to have 4 things A double barrel, Power armour, A bad ass soundtrack And a chainsaw, in my opinion this game has 3/4 (DAR assault armour or Horizine security armour for the power armour bit) things just because it's chainsaw is a weird hybrid you would see in a valve or ubisoft game,
Speaking of valve. CSGO. I mean knives in CSGO specifically, if a knife in a game can some how, some way, be 8grand a pop? I don't understand why moree games ESPECIALLY THIS ONE since it has infamously bad knife designs on some perks (mainly looking at you Fingers!!) don't put an emphasis on knife cosmetics
Let's break down the Perk knifes starting with
Beserker: Lawn mower blade is really solid, it's tool steel and sought after by most modern blade smith's, easily temperable and easy to know it won't konk out on you, it makes sense why a Melee expert would use it
But they should have added an entire gaggle of knife options, A hand axe Tire iron Claw hammer, Butchers knife Medieval dagger,
The list goes on for knife ideas people would pay for
Even akimbo Melee fallback, brass knuckles dual Katar, claws, ect ect! You could modify it to only hit one at a time so it's still fair and not seen as pay to win, hell even if it was not optimized like that it's still a mainly PvE only game!
Comando: Trench knife Entrenching shovel Bayonet Punch dagger ANYTHING FOM A BDUK MAGAZINE
Support: mallet Mace Different machete designs Short sword
Field medic: Liston knife Bone saw Reflex hammer Surgical saw
Demo: Wire cutting knife Stick grenade Putty knife
Fire bug. I'm gonna go a bit in detail why I don't like this, what does firebug knife have to do with fire? Yes the metal is flame kissed, yes its called a fireman's knife but... that's not the first design I think of when I think pyromania! I think a broken molotov bottle! I think somthing an anarchist would carry around! A Melee weapon made from an anarchist cookbook page! Somthing! Not a bootleg iridescent krambit! Hell even a scavenged husk scrap metal blade! Sell it in a cosmetic pack with some skins for the Husk cannon or a husk themed outfir call it the husketeer bundle.
Gunslinger: I know there are a ton of Melee weapons that fit gunslinger or old west I general but since I like the bowie knife the best I honestly can't go into detail about better options without letting my bias show
Swat: Have you seen an average evidence lockup? I'm sure a cop could find SOMTHING better then the smallest knife in the game! Somthing players would pay MONEY to get in thier virtual hands!
Sharpshooter: Kukri is awesome but it does block a lot of the screen for no reason what so ever, I can think of a ton of good options that would sell well! Though military or BDUK would still come to mind like the comando
And finally survivalist.... where... do i... even start
I main survivalist,
And here's a bit of a personal story, as a teen, i was edgy, I hung around other edgy teens as one dose when hormonal and edgy, we sent eachother gore videos as pranks and as stupid as it is and my empathetic adult self knows how screwed up real life harm like that is now atleast i can stll say back then I watched the entirety of Mexican funky town without so much as a flinch or winge.... but fingers, digits, finger gore is Somthing that's always made me Squeemish... SO WHY AM I FORCED TO DREAD RUNNING OUT OF AMMO WITH MY MAIN JUST BECAUSE OF SOME GROTTY COSMETIC?! come ON based on that alone I would literally take a whiff of dead bloat just to get a different knife cosmetic for survivalist!!
It's a cartoony thick peice of scrap metal with gross fingers on it!!
Swiss army knife Mall ninja apocolypse knife Prison shivs!
If they wanted to keep the scavenged zed theme
A bloat cleaver A flesh pound drill shard An E-DAR scrap metal knife A gorfast blade.... without keeping the gross decayed fingers!! They could make bank and stick with the horror theme if they focused on knife cosmetics instead of emotes!
Idea 3: Dlc characters
Santa has perfect reasoning, seasonal Christmas events, 4 Christmas maps and lots of yule tide festive cosmetics.
But Mrs foster... 7.99$ USD for Mr fosters wife? Who just seems life a more calculated Mr foster?...
In my opinion they should have valentines day event and cosmetics that focus heavily on the fosters to get more people into it, if you don't buy the deluxe edition would you even have a reason to own Mrs foster? You have base game Mr foster and you can't really check 3rd person for the graphic and animation differences and most turn battle chatter down after a while due to hearing the same voiceline 200 times over, so what would be the point? A good valentine event or romance event in general would probably boost sales of that single DLC
And my next point, Maneater, there are SEVERAL killingfloor references in Maneater
A cool DLC character would be a conspiracy theorist, voiced by Chris Parnell or someone who sounds like him with nature documentary and conspiracy theory themed cosmetics, a big one I was thinking of was a dollar money green colored triangle sahaped face paint over one of the eyes call it "the iluminat-eye" or "dead iliminat-eye"
Or an alternate costume called "truth quester" Or "Leviathan finder"
Tripwire seems to love planting references after all
Some voice lines would be perfect
Kills a husk "Burning flesh! Smells familiar..."
Kills a cyst or clot "You won't get me little grey men!"
Heals self "But Was it worth getting a government mind control chip?"
Poisons zed "Still not as toxic as fawtick!"
Siren screams "SOUNDS LIKE MY EX-WIFE!"
Kills fleshpound "Your tinfoil wasn't as strong as mine!"
Ect ect that would probably be a dlc character worth buying on its own!
And that leads to idea 4 Maps:
Half the cool characters in this game have a "where were they when shit went down" backstory. I'd love to see a bunch of maps based on characters backgrounds! And more holiday themed maps would be great too!
Idea5 more, commentators,
We have Santa 1 map Captain 2 maps Horizine Lady most maps on survival mode And patriarch endless mode
Having commentators you could switch between would keep it fresh and not feel Ike you've heard the same thing 80 times.
For endless mode you could choose Volter Patriarch Or Matriarch
For Christmas maps Krampus workshop Hamlet Crash Santa's workshop You can choose Santa or the Horizine lady
That would be pretty nice in my opinion Or just choose any you want for any mode! That would be even better!
And while we're on the voiceline thing, having D.A.R say voicelines from old public domain TV shows and commercials would be amazing, even a taunting laugh track when a boss dies would be neat, and done right can even remain kinda creepy.
Idea 5 Last but not least more modes, challenges, and rewards, having more weeklies, different modes, more engaging daily challenges and even a stress relief mode would do WONDERS for engagement
An overhauled trophy system would help out since most trophies as of now with good rng and a coordinated team/guide can be finished in as little as a day or a few hours if skilled and lucky
Having a better weekly system/depending on what time of year give different rewards for each weekly could help with engagement.
And of course more modes
Like off the top of my head
Patriarchs chosen:
A three Vs. three mode against three mercs that start with full armour each
Against a team of three player controlled zeds that get to upgrade to a better zed each wave
Would overhaul and make a better zed mode then we already have
Go big or go home: a 50 wave mode with only big zeds bloat and up where a counter at the top of the screen shows the Vosh symbol, you get vosh each wave instead of dosh and spend it on equipment, no weapon armour or ammo drops on the maps if you survive to wave 50 you keep all or half the dosh you make, a boss every 10 rounds always either ending with Matriarch or patriarch. You make more Vosh the higher difficulty you do It could make getting vish crates trivial but to compensate they can put alot more cosmetics in the vosh crate loot pool and increase the rarity of precious or prestige items
In my opinion more or less that would keep player engagement for a lot longer
Or a stress relief mode! Say you came home from a bad day at work. You just want to not think and get out some violence, a waveless endless mode in a big open space with some cover here and there, you have infinite money, and ammo and when you pause the game you can pull up the trader pod menu at any time and its the only mode with a. Easy and very easy option, you can't earn trophies or vosh/ items at the end but that's not what it's for it's just to play killing floor when you had a rough day or to try out all the weapons and weapon combos as a new player
But these are just my ideas, thoughts, and opinions, Not theroy or speculation, just what I'd like to see as a mindless kill stuff and win fan.
Tl/DR Ramblings and weird ideas that happened to cross my mind while playing Killingfloor two for 6 hours straight
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