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Do I need to expand on my content/skills - or will this work as-is for Digital/IT and Leadership? I've submitted to over 50 opps since January, with few bites and no offers

2023.03.21 15:16 cugrad16 Do I need to expand on my content/skills - or will this work as-is for Digital/IT and Leadership? I've submitted to over 50 opps since January, with few bites and no offers

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2022.11.13 05:24 ando772 That’s 400 for Perron

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2022.10.23 22:17 AntajaSW Every Team that was Relegated from the Eredivisie Once and Never Came Back: Where Are They Now? (Part 2) [Long Read]

This is part two of a post I made looking at every club that was relegated from the Eredivisie once and never returned, part of a larger series on clubs who only had one stint in their country's top flight. Click here if you haven't read part one.

Every Team that was Relegated from the Eredivisie Once and Never Came Back: Where Are They Now? (Part 2)

- - -

SC Telstar
In what appears to be a reoccurring theme in this piece, SC Telstar was founded in 1963 via what else but a merger between the professional departments of two rival teams - Velserooder SV and IJ.VV Stormvogels. This was not the first attempt at a merger between the two Velsenaar clubs, as there were talks of a potential merger dating back to 1958 which were rejected by VSV. At the time of the merger, both teams were playing in the Tweede Divisie, but thanks to VSV winning promotion, Telstar were able to begin play in 1963 in the Eerste Divisie. Their stay in the second division was short, as the club managed to finish second in the table, ahead of Holland Sport by one point, earning them promotion to the Eredivisie. The White Lions began the 64/65 Eredivisie with a 2-1 win over ADO, followed by a 2-1 loss to DWS and then by four consecutive 1-1 draws through the month of September. Telstar remained roughly around mid-table throughout much of the season, and while a winless run between March and mid-April did see the club get close to being embroiled in a relegation fight, they ultimately finished their debut season in 10th.
Telstar's performances declined in the following seasons, dropping to 13th in 65/66 season and further down to 16th in 66/67, which would have seen them relegated were it not for the league expanding back to 18 teams that season. The club experienced further relegation scares heading into the 70s, but starting in the 70/71 season managed to climb up the table. Their best top flight finish came in 1973-74, where they finished in 6th with a record of 12-12-10. There was a notable game early on in the season where the club lost to Dutch giants Ajax 7-2, though they would get there revenge near the end of the season, winning the reverse fixture 2-1. Telstar followed up with a 7th place finish the following season, and in 1975 the club participated in the Intertoto Cup, their first (and to date only) European competition. The White Lions were placed in a group alongside Holbæk B&I of Denmark, SK Sturm Graz of Austria, and Zagłębie Sosnowiec of Poland. Telstar finished third in the group with two wins (H vs Sturm Graz and Holbæk), one draw (H vs Zagłębie), and three losses.
Following their European adventures, Telstar once again fell into decline. The club finished 9th in the 1975-76 Eredivisie season and fell further down to 14th in 76/77. 1977-78 was the club's final season in the top flight, with the tone of the season being set when the club lost their first seven games with a combined scoreline of 2-21. Telstar wouldn't get their first win until matchday 11 (5-1 v Vitesse), but by then they had already cemented themselves in the relegation zone. De Witte Leeuwen would only earn two more wins that season: 2-1 over HFC Haarlem in February and 1-0 over FC Volendam on the final day. Telstar only picked up points in eight other games, the rest being losses, including 6-0 and 7-0 defeats to Go Ahead Eagles and Ajax respectively. Their relegation was confirmed on March 27th following a 1-1 draw with NAC with five games to go, ending their 14 year stay in the division.
Due to the format of the Eerste Divisie, Telstar had a chance to make an immediate return to the Eredivisie despite finishing 10th in the overall 78/79 season standings, as they were the winners of one of the nine-match periods which determines the four teams that go to the promotion playoffs. Telstar finished last in the playoffs, with their only win coming against eventual winners Willem II. The highest Telstar ever finished in the second tier during this period was 4th in the 81/82 season, which also saw them go to the promotion playoffs (and also finish bottom of their group). In total, Telstar qualified for the promotion playoffs six times (most recently in 2017-18), with their best performance being in the 1993-94 promotion/relegation playoffs, where they finished second in their group, missing out on promotion by one point. Prior to that, though, the club went on its best run in the KNVB Beker since VSV's triumph, reaching the semi-finals of the 91/92 edition before losing to Roda JC. There were also lowlights for the club, however, with multiple last place finished, most recently in 2021-22, but were never relegated due to the KNVB's strict rules regarding promotion from the semi-professional and amateur leagues.
In 2001, Telstar merged again with Stormvogels (now competing as an amateur side) with the main goal being to strengthen the youth academy. Following the announcement, VSV (also now an amateur side), filed a lawsuit to prevent the merger, but it was ultimately decided that the merger was allowed to go ahead. Thus, the club went under the name Stormvogels Telstar Combinatie, an arrangement that lasted just seven seasons. The merger ultimately failed as barely any of the players from the youth academy ever moved onto the senior team, and during a member's meeting on May 12th 2008 it was decided that the merger would be dissolved, resulting in Telstar and Stormvogels once again becoming separate entities.

RFC Xerxes
RFC Xerxes found themselves in the Eerste Divisie at the time of the Eredivisie's creation, managing to continue play at the second tier by just one point. Named after the Persian emperor Xerxes I (or Xerxes the Great), the club had played in the top division from 1931 until the first major restructuring of Dutch football in 1955, though one of the club's biggest accomplishmets was reaching the final of the Dutch cup in 1925. After two seasons, the club finished last in their Eerste Divisie group and were relegated to the Tweede Divisie, and by 1960 they fell further into the amateur divisions. Xerxes won the amateur championships back to back, making a return to professional soccer in 1962. It took three seasons for the club to return to the Eerste Divisie, doing so after winning the promotion playoffs. This stint in the second tier would be short-lived but in a good way, as the club finished second in the standings, sending them to the Eredivisie.
Armed with a squad with players such as Willem "Wim" van Hagenem and Eddy Treijtel, The Rotterdam side had an August to forget, losing all three Eredivisie matches they had that month. but following a brush with the relegation zone the club went on an impressive run that saw them lose just once in twelve games, including a 4-0 win over PSV and a 6-1 win over VV DOS. This brought the club up to sixth in the standings, where they stayed until matchday 18 following a 2-0 loss to Go Ahead. Xerxes would spend most of the rest of the season around upper mid-table, though losses in their last two games against Feijenoord and Ajax saw the club finish the season 10th. Despite their successful season, Xerxes had a glaring issue that would alter the course of their history, namely their stadium situation. Since 1963, Xerxes had to play their home games at Het Kasteel, the home stadium of Sparta Rotterdam, which is about 6km from their previous ground of Xerxesweg. Now, stadium issues are nothing new to Xerxes. Throughout their professional career, Xerxes bounced between various stadiums across Rotterdam, including a one year stint at Feyenoord's De Kuip. The club finally found a permanent home at the aforementioned Xerxesweg in 1947, playing there for 16 seasons before they were forced to abandon it for Het Kasteel due to construction of the N471 and a hospital (Huisartsenpost Noord vor Spoed).
The move resulted in struggling attendance from Xerxes fans, and combined with the club losing its main sponsor, Xerxes was put in a desparate financial situation. In 1967, it was decided that the professional section of Xerxes with that of DHC Delft. Delft, who also had their own struggles including turnovers of players and chairmen, dwindling attendance, and lack of support from the Municipality, were competing in the Eerste Divisie, and the merger was entertained with the hope of improving the area's sporting climate. Thus, the club would play the 1967-68 Eredivisie season as Xerxes/DHC'66 with their home games played at Brasserskrade in Delft. Xerxes/DHC started the season like Xerxes did in the previous one - with three consecutive defeats. Unlike the prior season, though, the club would take much longer to really get going, spending most of the first half of the season in the relegation zone failing to win on ten occasions. Come the second half of the season following a 1-0 win away to Feijenoord, the club completely turned around their form, only losing two games. Xerxes/DHC went from 17th in December to finishing the season in 7th. Unfortunately, this was not enough to save the club's financial problems, largely due to lack of support from fans in Delft. Xerxes/DHC filed for bankruptcy and dissolved after just one year of existence (again, technically not "relegated" per se, but whatever).
The amateur sections of Xerxes and DHC would continue in the lower leagues following the disbanding, both starting out in the Vierde Klasse. Starting in the 68/69 season, Xerxes would proceed to win four consecutive amateur championships, and by 1976 the club earned promotion to the recently reestablished Hoofdklasse, at the time the highest amateur division. The club spent eight seasons in the Hoofdklasse (also setting up a team in the saturday amateurs during this time), even winning the Hoofdklasse championship in 1980. Soon, though, De Zebras would fall down the amateur divisions, and in 1990 once again fell into financial trouble. Making matters worse was when the club once again had to abandon their stadium, this time due to construction of the Schipohl-Antwerp High Speed Line. This forced Xerxes to undergo another merger, this time with fellow amateur side DZB Zevenkamp (at the time in the Vierde Klasse), forming XerxesDZB Rotterdam in 2000.
The club started out in the Tweede Klasse of the saturday league and the Derde Klasse of the sunday league, playing at the Sportpark Faas Wilkes, named for the forward who played for the club in the 1940s. The saturday club would eventually have two stints back in the Hoofdklasse (then the 4th tier) between 2010-2016 and 2018-2019. The sunday club in contrast has only made it as high as the Eerste Klasse, playing there for only the 2014-15 season. A notable moment for the club was their participation in the 2012-13 KNVB Cup, where they beat professional side Helmond Sport to reach the third round, where they lost to Feyenoord 4-0 at De Kuip (as Xerxe's ground was too small). The club today plays in saturday Eerste Klasse, whereas the the sunday team is currently inactive, having last played in the Tweede Klasse in 2019-20.

FC Amsterdam
In 1955, Amsterdam had four teams competing in the Dutch top flight alongside Ajax: AFC Door Wilskracht Sterk, AVV De Volewijckers, BVC Amsterdam, FC Blauw-Wit Amsterdam), more than at any point in the city's history. Aside from BVC (who only formed in 1954 and started play in the NBVB), these clubs had fairly decent showings in the league championship, with De Volewijckers even winning it in 1944. Following the creation of the Eredivisie, however, many clubs both in Amsterdam and across the country that had been successful prior to the introduction of professionalism began to fall into decline, unable to cope with the popularity of the bigger teams such as Feyenoord and in particular Ajax. BVC were the only Amsterdam club aside from Ajax to compete in the inaugural Eredivisie season, with the other three joining at a later stage. DWS, who joined the Eredivisie in 1958 after merging with BVC, fared the best of the three, spending 13 seasons in the top flight (they were relegated in 1962), even winning the Eredivisie in the 63/64 season and reaching the quarter-finals of the following season's European Cup. De Volewijckers and Blauw-Wit by comparison spent just two and six seasons in the Eredivisie, last competing in 63/64 and 62/63 respectively. By 1964-65, only Ajax and DWS were the Eredivisie's capital representatives, with the latter beginning a period of decline. Following the 71/72 season, DWS (who finished 14th in the Eredivisie), decided to merge with Blauw-Wit Amsterdam (then in the Eerste Divisie) in a bid to create a club that could truly rival the country's elite, becoming FC Amsterdam, playing their games in Amsterdam's Olympic Stadium (the home ground of both teams).
FC Amsterdam's debut Eredivisie campaign was a mixed bag. Their season started with a 2-1 loss away to SC Telstar. The next game was the big one - the first derby game against Ajax, played at the Olympic Stadium. Goals from Johan Neeskens and Gerrie Mühren saw the home side go 2-0 down in the first half. Amsterdam would get a consolation via a Johan Cruyff own goal, but the match ultimately ended 2-1 to the Dutch giants. Another 2-1 loss to FC Twente followed, but the club would get their first win on matchday four, beating FC Den Bosch 3-2. Amsterdam would pick up some decent form following that victory, losing just once in their next nine matches, but after a defeat to NEC the club would win just one of the following eight, including another 2-1 loss to Ajax at De Meer, with Cruyff this time finding the correct net. While Amsterdam would pick up future wins against the likes of Haarlem and Maastricht, they failed to win any of their last seven games of the season, including a 7-2 loss to Feyenoord, finishing the season in tenth and picking up just one point against the big three (1-1 draw v PSV).
The 73/74 season would be Amsterdam's most successful, though it didn't get off to the greatest start. The first match of the season was a 2-1 loss to PSV, followed by a 6-1 thrashing in the derby. The club wouldn't let that humiliation get to them though, as the club suffered just two losses in the rest of the first half of the season. The second half of the season would finally see Amsterdam get a win over Ajax, beating them 1-0 at home courtesy of midfielder Jan Fransz. Despite another heavy defeat to Feyenoord (this time 5-0), Amsterdam finished the season strongly, earning fifth place and (thanks to PSV winning the KNVB beker, qualifying them to the European Cup Winner's Cup) qualifying for the 1974-75 UEFA Cup. Following the 73/74 season, fellow Amsterdam outfit De Volewijckers would merge their professional department, strengthening the squad as they set out for their upcoming continental campaign. This would not be the club's first foray into Europe; they competed in the 1973 Intertoto Cup, finishing second in a group ahead of German side Eintracht Braunschweig and Danish outfit Velje BK, and behind Czechoslovakian side FC Nitra. Amsterdam made light work of Maltese runners-up Hibernians, winning the first round 12-0 on aggregate. The club would face a much tougher task in the second round, going up against Italian giants Inter Milan. The first leg was at the San Siro where the Dutch side shocked the hosts by going 2-0 up thanks to goals from forward Nico Jansen. The Nerazzuri would pull one back in the 73rd minute, but the game ended in favor of Amsterdam, who would ultimately see of the tie following a scoreless draw in the second leg. Following their triumph, the club defeated German side Düsseldorf in the round of 16, before finally falling to another German side in the quarter-finals, losing 8-3 on aggregate to 1. FC Köln. Amsterdam would play in Europe two more times - the 1975 and 1977 Intertoto Cups, finishing third in their group both times.
Back in the Netherlands, the club's commitment to the UEFA Cup caused a drop in their league performance, dropping down to 9th in 74/75. 1975 would see the club lose some important players including Geert Meijers (to Ajax) and the aforementioned Fransz (to Haarlem) and Jansen (to Feyenoord), which only further contributed to their decline. After seven points in their first seven games, Amsterdam won just two games between October and April, sending them into their first relegation battle. The club did just enough to see them finish 16th, one point above the drop. The 76/77 season had Amsterdam go winless for the first two months, sending them into the relegation zone. The club won just seven games that season, with their 8-3 demolition of VVV Venlo on the final matchday securing their stay in the Eredivisie. The 1977-78 season would be the club's last hurrah. The tone for the season was set early on game three where they lost 9-2 at home to AZ Alkmaar. This was the first of many big defeats for the club, as they would go on to lose other games by wide margins: 7-0 to PSV, 5-1 to Ajax, 6-0 to Sparta. That said, in terms of just points, Amsterdam actually did slightly better than the previous season, but survival would come down to the final matchday where they had to go away to Go Ahead Eagles needing just a draw. Unfortunately, the club went 2-0 down in the first half, unable to reply, and the game would finish with that scoreline, sending FC Amsterdam down to the Eerste Divisie.
Relegation was disastrous for the club, as more players would depart the club. Even worse was the club's attendance situation, as relegation led to a dramatic fall-off in spectator numbers. Amsterdam finished ninth in the 1978-79 Eerste Divisie, which would be their highest finish in the division, never qualifying for the promotion playoffs. As performances grew worse, the drop in spectators became so bad that by 1980 the club began to use the side pitch of the Olympic Stadium, as the main stadium with 60,000 seats was much too ordinate for a club who could only bring in about 2,000 spectators. Another 9th place finish followed in 79/80, dropping down to 16th in 80/81. After finishing 13th in 81/81, the club decided to call it quits, officially dissolving in May of 1982 after only ten years of existence. FC Amsterdam, despite its ambitions, was never able to reach the popularity of the Netherland's elite, largely finding its place as the club of the fringes of fans in the city who did not support Ajax and/or had affinity for clubs like DWS or Blauw-Wit. Speaking of Ajax, FC Amsterdam and Ajax met each other 13 times between 1972 and 1978, twelve times in the league and once in the cup. Out of those meetings, Amsterdam only won twice: 1-0 in 73/74 and 4-2 away in 74/75, with Ajax winning the rest.
There have been attempts to restore the legacy of FC Amsterdam. In 2007, there were plans for amateur outfit FC Türkiyemspor (a club founded in 1987 by first generation Turks) to adopt the FC Amsterdam name, but following the assassination of the club's chairman Nedim Inaç, the club suffered financial problems, leading to their dissolution in 2009. The plan to bring back FC Amsterdam would be taken up by another club: Amstelland United, who changed their name to FC Amsterdam in 2011 (with a different badge). Today, the new FC Amsterdam currently competes in the Vierde Klasse, the ninth tier of the Dutch pyramid. As for the clubs who made up FC Amsterdam, each continued on as amateur clubs and would have different fates. De Volewijckers, whom I've already discussed, merged with ASV-DWV to form DVC Buiksloot, later changing its name to ASC De Volewijckers and competes in the eighth-tier Derde Klasse. Blauw-Wit Amsterdam no longer exists, having played last in the 2014-15 Derde Klasse after suffering back-to-back relegations. And lastly, DWS plays in the seventh-tier Tweede Klasse.

Helmond Sport
By 1965, the financial situation of Tweede Divisie side Helmondia '55 was worsening. The club, which was the product of a merger between SC Helmondia and Kolping SDW, was forced to sell key players to shore up funds, which resulted in declining performances. After having reached the promotion playoffs in the 1964-65, the club slumped to 12th in their group the following season, and down to 14th in the season after that. By 1967, Helmondia had gone bankrupt, so in a move to ensure that professional soccer would stay in Helmond, the club was split into a professional and an amateur department. The former would take over Helmondia's professional license, allowing them to continue play in the Tweede Divisie, whereas the latter would be sent down to the amateur leagues. The professional team became known as Helmond Sport. After just one season in the third division, Helmond won promotion to the Eerste Divisie, playing there for 14 seasons where they mostly finished near the bottom of the table. However, coming of a 12th place finish in 80/81, the club had an incredible 81/82 campaign, losing just three games the whole season and finishing the division in first place, earning promotion to the Eredivisie.
Wins were hard to come by for the Kattenmeppers, as it became clear how much they overachieved in their previous campaign in the second division. Offensively, the team weren't bad, scoring 44 goals in total - three more than eighth placed Fortuna Sittard, with the highlight of the campaign being a 6-1 win over NAC Breda in January. The main issue for the club was on defense, conceding 70 goals - the second most of any club - giving up four goals or more in eight instances. As you might guess, this meant that Helmond spend at least some time in the relegation zone, though by the midpoint of the season had found themselves somewhat comfortably in lower mid-table, with 11th being the highest they ever got. However, a eight game winless run at the end of the season threatened the club with relegation, only avoiding a drop through a last day draw against HFC Haarlem.
That poor run of form would not only be carried over into the 1983-94 season, but made even worse. Helmond did not win a single game in the first 22 games of the season, picking up just five points in that time. Additionally, the defensive issues that plagued the club from the previous season got even worse, conceding 65 times before their first win and often losing games in emphatic fashion, including 5-2 and 5-0 to Feyenoord, 7-2 to Ajax, 5-1 and 5-0 to PSV, and 6-4 to Utrecht. Their first win would also see a flurry of goals, beating AZ Alkmaar 5-3. Helmond would win three more times throughout the season, but by then they had long cemented their place at the foot of the table. Helmond's relegation was confirmed on April 23rd after a 0-0 draw with fellow relegation fodder Willem II. Despite this, though, Helmond at least managed to climb to the top of the relegation zone, even despite a 6-2 loss to PEC Zwolle, ending the season in 16th - ten points off from safety.
Helmond had a disappointing return to the Eerste Divisie, finishing 13th, but the season would be notable via the club's improbable run in the Beker. There Helmond made it all the way to the final, beating Heracles, Den Haag, NAC, Den Bosch (those last two being Eredivisie sides), and Wageningen en route before losing to FC Utrecht. For the most part, Helmond's second stint in the second division was a lot like its first - mostly finishing around mid to lower mid-table, and even on some occasions finishing bottomj, like they've done in the 2021-22 Eerste Divisie season. The club did manage to reach at least the playoffs during this time, first doing so in the 98/99 season, where they proceeded to lose every game in their playoff group. In total, Helmond qualified for the playoffs 11 times, last doing so in 2016-17, though their best showing came in the 11/12. That season, the club qualified for the playoffs due to winning the fourth period standings, later reaching the final before losing to Eredivisie side VVV-Venlo 4-3 on aggregate.
- - -


League Tier Club No. of Clubs
Eerste Divisie 2nd SC Telstar, Helmond Sport 2
Extinct - Rapid JC, VV DOS, Alkmaar '54, AVV De Volewijckers, RFC Xerxes, FC Amsterdam 6

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2022.10.18 15:16 Haunter_Gurl In career 'hiatus' since lay-off 3 months ago, prepared 2 varied versions of my resume. Feedback please on which one works better, and where I should improve? Thanks!

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2022.09.24 14:52 Rhiannonbecks WWMT Anchor Leaving, Got me thinking about Kalamazoo from the past - Reminisce w/me?

Look, right from the jump - don't judge my post title too harshly. lols
This is a really random post, and tbh I don't even know that I have a question so much as an observation and feeling old for even noticing these things, ha. Or maybe it's bc my coffee hasnt kicked in quite yet, but, listening to the news in the background this morning & another news anchor is leaving WWMT-3.
I get that broadcast journalism is a very fluid, changing career until you land somewhere permanent, but it feels like we've had such a shift in anchors in the area over the past few years; and the surprising part to me is that it seems to largely be younger people leaving.
I remember growing up w/Judy Markee & Keith Thompson - tho he's still hanging on, we see you Keith! Then over the years some younger people joined & stayed for a while (Still Miss Kate Tillotson); but it feels like the past few years we've had a higher rate of turnover here.
*Don't ask for sauce on that bc its purely anecdotal. Maybe that feels like the truth bc the last few years have blurred the timeline of life dt Covid. When I think 2 years ago, I think I truly mean 2 years prior to CV-19 sometimes.
Does anyone feel like news anchors are a part of "home". When I was considering colleges out of HS, even tho I didnt watch the news regularly, I knew who to expect on the news & I had always joked that moving across the country would be so hard bc... "what news channel would I watch, who would my news anchors be"? Even if I didn't watch the news daily, I knew I could always count on a familiar face - Sort of like Alex Trebek.
I love so many of the changes we've had around Kalamazoo, but as I get a bit older, I feel like I am struggling to remember how things were when I was younger, especially with how much our retail spaces have expanded on West Main.
I grew up in Otsego, but we always came to Kalamazoo for shopping, Groceries, to visit friends & family, so spent a lot of time here before moving here officially for school (Go Broncos!)
I was just talking to my mom about this the other day, and I felt like some of the places she was talking about I CANNOT REMEMBER, or remember them being in a different location. Either way, its just interesting to look back & see how much the area has truly changed over the last 20 years!
A few things that come to my fuzzy mind:

  1. Big wheel...Big Top?...No, neither of those; but I swear that was some type of huge wheel involved in the aesthetics of the place. It was an ice cream Parlor? Maybe I am making this up haha but I swear over by, lets say, Bath & Body works area it was there.
  2. Target - I think I remember when Meijer was there, but was most def much smaller, yes? Because the west main/9th street corner was NOT built up like that growing up.
  3. West Main Mall - I don't remember when this was busy/active, but I do remember the massive water fountain in the middle of the Mall. (I think - see this is fuzzy but feels real) There was also a huge ramp that led to office buildings upstairs. My mom worked at Liberty Biberty back in the day and occasionally after school we would come up and hang out at that mall while she finished work. The building was dead enough that my brother & I could run up and down that ramp screeching w/o a care in the world or bother anyone. Was there an arcade here?
  4. Maple Hill Mall - THE CAROUSEL! Do you guys remember this? Pretty sure it's the same one they moved over to crossroads mall at one point, but it just hit different at Maple Hill Mall (or maybe bc when it was there I actually wanted to ride on it, ha). I always got so excited to ride the carousel, watch the guys at Sbarros spinning & throwing the dough in the air, and popping into the dollar store for a "Mystery bag". We went to Steketee's a lot too - my brother was a skater boi back in the day and prior to being a Target Brand that was the only place to find Mossimo; and Stussy too!
  5. Movie Theaters - My brother's 1st job was at the 2 screen Movie Theater where Gordon Food Service is right now - celebrated my birthday there watching Aladdin! So this is where my mind gets a bit fuzzy - was there a movie theater in West Main Mall too? I am picturing it, however, I think what I actually picture is the old Theater on Gull Road where Menards currently is. I know one of them was sig cheaper than the other and was our go to before M-89 Cinema came to town.
Anyway, IDK. felt chatty, might delete later. There are probably several other examples but this post is already novel length so imma wrap it up.
If you grew up around here or have lived in the West Michigan area throughout the years, do you have any favorite former news anchors, favorite places that are no longer here, or ever think about how much different the West Main corridor is?
Reminisce with me!

Edit: Fixed word/added info for context.
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2022.09.09 04:50 Enduerrment 2 wins 1 moon

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2022.09.02 23:02 RandyStevensGRR I can't be the only one!

I retired several years ago, not from Meijer, from a multi- national professional services firm. I came to Meijer part-time in October of 2019, just as a way to force myself out of my "natural" tendency to hibernate; I'm not really a people person, and can easily (and happily) go weeks or more without contact. I'm not on a "career path", more than happy to remain in a minimal entry-level position at my starting rate. I'm truly not here for the paycheck, it's more of a social thing. I recently started following this sub-reddit, and have been surprised (and disappointed) to find that the overwhelming majority of the threads are negative and VERY critical of Meijer! In the 3 years I've been here, I have come to love working for Meijer, and - with only a couple of exceptions - have found my coworkers to be friendly, generally satisfied to be here, and all-in-all, great to work with! Does reddit just tend to attract the unhappy, negative-thinking segment, or am I living (working) in some sort of bubble?
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2022.08.28 03:22 NorthvilleTodd New employee with a question:

I've been working here about a month and felt pretty lucky to get a set schedule according to what I told them about my availability due to me being retired and looking after my grandkids so their mom can go to work. I retired from my full-time career about 7 years ago but got so bored that I decided to get a part-time job a month ago. Just something for a few extra dollars with this insane inflation and to keep myself going as far as exercising and staying active with the winter season being around the corner. So I considered part-time being at around 25-30 hours max. This worked well for the first month until I looked at the schedule to see that they now have me scheduled at full-time hours from 2-10 five days a week. I have grandkids until 3:00 pm each day so this change is a deal breaker obviously and it'll force me to quit. Does Meijer do this regularly by giving part-time workers all of these hours without even informing them? Obviously, with my situation, I'll pick my family first as I only have a month in and don't even really need the job. I plan to talk to whoever it is that makes the schedule before I give them my few day's notice but was just wanting to know if this is standard practice with this company. Seems they would have given me a heads up and asked about my availability rather than drop a bomb on me with no warning. I'm never late and have never called off at any job in my 40 years of working so this will be more of a loss for them than for me but I do enjoy working there and would prefer to stay on.
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2022.08.05 10:22 tehMadhero The 2022/23 Eredvisie Preview: Part 2/2

Today's the day! The Eredivisie starts once again. Heerenveen and Sparta are going to face each other, and how about that: both those clubs are covered here. If you're interested to see that but need some convincing, this preview is here for you (Part 1 can be found here). It will of course also cover one of the main title contenders as well as those looking for midtable and play-offs. As always, I've contacted fans of the club and asked about their spicy takes for the upcoming season. Please enjoy.


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
8th 34 11 8 15 37 50 -13 41
Heerenveen endured a season in flux. While Johnny Jansen was well liked, it was over after they failed to score five games in a row. Ole Tobiasen taking over on an interim basis. It took a while, but with some surprising big signings in the winter, Heerenveen’s fortunes improved and even managed to snag the final play-off spot. Sure they lost in the first round against AZ, but it was a while when they actually got that close.
u/Jenserino11: Ahead of the season I was not the most confident about our team, I saw some people even predict us to fight against relegation and while I was not that scared of it, I certainly didn't expect us to end up in a European playoff spot. After selling both Veermans we seemed to be in a bit of a slump but after some nice results towards the end I'm happy with where we ended up.
This Season
Optimism is in Heerenveen, thanks in part to the appointment of Kees van Wonderen, coming off a great season at Kowet. Also important is that the squad has remained intact, with van Hooijdonk returning for another loan. It is a somewhat thin squad, but there’s the sense that Heerenveen has the potential to surprise. It should very much be the goal to reach the European play-offs.
u/Jenserino11: I hope that we can build on our momentum towards the end of last season, while we didn't end up winning the playoffs. I liked that we showed fighting spirit and that we didn't make it easy for AZ who certainly are the better team on paper. I feel like we had a good transfer window and I predict that we will atleast make the European playoffs again but hopefully more!
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Simon Olsson Elfsborg 1,300,000
Alex Timossi Bayern Munich 550,000
Sydney van Hooijdonk Bologna Loan
Andries Noppert Go Ahead Eagles Free
Player To Fee
Ibrahim Dresevic Fatih Karagümrük Free
Siem de Jong De Graafschap Free
Potential Lineup
Players to Watch
Amin Sarr: Has looked worth the large investment. Versatile, quick and with an eye for the goal; he should be fun to watch this season.
Sydney van Hooijdonk: The step from the KKD to Serie A proved too far, but on loan formed a good tandem with Sarr. Has inherited his dad’s free kick skills.
Amin Sarr: I feel like he started to get comfortable towards the end of last season and I hope he can continue that form. Also we paid 2.3m so I hope that was worth it haha
Alex Timossi: New guy coming over from Bayern, I don't know too much about him yet but I guess that explains why I'm excited to see him play!
Andries Noppert: I think Noppert is a solid replacement for Mulder and I'm excited to see what he can do.
Why Should I Support Heerenveen?
u/Jenserino11: sc Heerenveen has one of the most unique and strongest identities in Dutch football in my opinion. Not only because of our unique kit based on the Frisian flag but also because it is a football club of the people all around the province, not just a singular city. Also we have produced a lot of quality players over the years which is something that i think we can be very proud of!


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
11th 34 10 8 16 38 52 -14 38
NEC's return to the Eredvisie was largely stress free. They remained in midtable for almost the entire season, with players like Akman, El Karouani, and Tavsan standing out. However, NEC did have the worst home record in the league (only three wins), and also had to deal with their away stand literally falling apart thanks to celebrating Vitesse supporters. Eventually, the 1-0 defeat against Fortuna meant that NEC did not reach the play-offs, but the plan was always staying up.
u/Seliepeter: Things didn't look great after losing the first match away at Ajax with 5-0, though that later turned out to be in vogue this season. It was clear that we wouldn’t get into a relegation fight after picking up wins to a number of midtable teams. Losing both derby’s, a collapsed stand and missing out on play-offs put a damper on the season, but all in all we can look back proudly and use the momentum to become an established midtable team again.
This Season
Despite some key departures, including both legends Rens van Eijden and Edgar Barreto retiring, NEC has kept the core of the team and will want to keep fighting for a comfortable midtable spot and potentially more than that. It's still quite a young squad but one that carries a lot of talent that Rogier Meijer will continue to develop.
u/Seliepeter: Avoiding second season syndrome at all costs! A lot depends on how the rest of the transfer window pans out. We absolutely need a striker, a back-up centre-back and some more options on the wings. Fighting for European play-offs would be great and a deep cup run could give some colour to the season. Oussama Tannane, if he keeps his head cool, is a great player for this level and could help us making steps towards play-offs.
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Pedro Marques Sporting CP Free
Oussama Tannane Goztepe Free
Joris Kramer AZ Free
Player To Fee
Jonathan Okita FC Zurich Free
Cas Odenthal Como Free
Rodrigo Guth Atalanta/Fortuna Sittard Free (loan over)
Rens van Eijden Retirement Free
Edgar Barreto Retirement Free
Potential Lineup
Players to Watch
Dirk Proper: Mainly functioned as backup to Barreto but should get his chance now. The short midfielder has been on the books as one of NEC’s biggest talents.
Ibrahim Cissoko: Local lad who already lived the dream of scoring the match winner for his boyhood club. Left winger with a lot of room to grow.
Oussama Tannane: Technically a great player, has shown some incredible things before in the Eredivisie, but tends to lose his calm.
Elayis Tavsan: One of those wingers that annoys you to no end and then does something incredible. Can always pull a rabbit out of a hat, which is fitting as Tavsan means rabbit in Turkish.
Mattijs Branderhorst: Has improved immensely over the last few years and is now one of the best goalkeepers in the league.
Why Should I Support NEC?
u/Seliepeter: We play in a forest. We have ambitions to become a top 8 regular, so could play European football once every so often in the future. We have Lasse Schöne and a bunch of academy kids in the first team. We have not sold our soul to petrodollars. You won’t find another club playing in red, green and black apart if you ignore Glentoran.


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
2nd 34 26 3 5 86 42 44 39
The second year of the Schmidt era started off very promising, but that quickly disipated. A big issue with Schmidt’s side proved to be stepping up when it really mattered: losing to Benfica in the CL-play offs can happen, but crashing out in the UEL group stage and failing to win their Eredivisie games against Ajax and Feyenoord less so. Still, they won the KNVB Beker, reached the quarter finals of the Conference League, and players like Mauro, Gakpo (who won Player of the Season) and Boscagli developed really well. Schmidt’s tenure might not have gone as hoped, but it was far from a total wash.
u/LightningMcMicropeen: Last season was full of ups and downs. A flying start in the CL play-off rounds and winning the JC-schaal vs Ajax. It fell apart all after that with a defeat to Benfica, poor results in the EL group stage and big losses to Feyenoord and Ajax in the ED. Drommel was terrible and started blundering more and more, and players got COVID or injured. Super January was a bust but we at least put on a good display againt Ajax. The main issues were a weak defence, uninspired attack patterns and lots of injuries. Schmidt did help us develop young talent though, turned Mauro, Guti and Doan into quality players and got us the KNVB Cup, as well as reaching the quarter finals of the Conference League. Overall, a disappointing season, but with some shine in the end.
This Season
After some convincing, the club is now led by Van the Man himself. Van Nistelrooy has taken his time getting ready to manage PSV, and what has been shown so far is promising. There’s been heavy investment in the squad, with Walter Benitez, the return of Luuk de Jong, Guus Til and Instagram boy wonder Xavi Simons. They already won the JC Schaal in an incredibly entertaining 3-5 win, but AS Monaco awaits in the Champions League qualifiers, and that will be a big test. PSV seems ready to put up a title challenge. If they remain more consistent and can step up when it matters, they will be capable of achieving that.
u/LightningMcMicropeen: Main goals would be: 1. Fighting for the league title until the last game 2. Reaching CL group stage or reaching the UEL knock-out stage, and 3. Less injuries and goals conceded. I’m hoping for a fresh take on tactics and style under RvN. We brought in a lot of new players, so it’ll be an exciting season of competition for starting places but also plenty of chances for everyone to play. Ajax and Feyenoord were becoming stronger and stronger lately, but I expect their squads to be of lesser quality compared to last year. Hoping to win some big games this year, especially in the ED.
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Luuk de Jong Elfsborg 3,000,000
Guus Til Spartak Moscow 3,000,000
Walter Benitez OGC Nice Free
Xavi Simons Paris Saint Germain Free
Ki-Jana Hoever Wolves Loan
Player To Fee
Ritsu Doan SC Freiburg 8,500,000
Mario Gotze Eintracht Frankfurt 4,000,000
Eran Zahavi Maccabi Tel Aviv Free
Potential Lineup
Players to Watch
Walter Benitez: One of the best goalkeepers in Ligue 1 last season. Will bring the leadership and quality necessary to lead the defense.
Xavi Simons: Siigned a long-termcontract at PSV rather than staying at PSG. Can show the Netherlands if he’s genuinely a great player or mere Instagram hype.
Savio: Seen as a exciting prospect in Brazil, the young winger might get more chances than expected with Madueke out for several months.
Walter Benitez: We had a LOT of goalkeeper issues in the past couple seasons. With Benitez, I’m hoping we’ll concede less goals and that he can help organize a strong defense which we direly need.
Luuk de Jong: We all know Luuk and his qualities. He’ll be good, but the question is how good? Hoping to see lots of goals.
Johan Bakayoko & Jeremy Antonisse: With Luuk up front, we’ll need the wingers to be better than ever. Gakpo and Madueke are well known by now, but I’m excited to see these two young prospects find their spot in the first team.
Why Should I Support PSV?
u/LightningMcMicropeen: PSV Eindhoven was founded as the sports association for Philips, a once prestigious company with a LOT of history in the Netherlands. Eindhoven is also a typical “Brabant” city, which means warm, friendly people. Lots of great players played for PSV, like Ronaldo (9), Romario, Robben, Ruud van Nistelrooij, Cocu, Koeman, Depay and of course Luuk de Jong. PSV also has a decently rich history of winning prizes: Europacup I (‘88) Europacup II (‘78), 10 KNVB Cup wins and 24 League Titles. That’s more international trophies than PSG and Man City combined, so what’s not to like?


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
10th 34 9 11 14 40 51 -11 38
RKC has managed to skirt on the line of being in the relegation drop while staying safe, and did so once more under new manager Joseph Oosting. They spent the entire season on the lower end of midtable but players like Odgaard, Touba and broodje kroket connoisseur Michiel Kramer kept them out of it. Also they had not one but twoof the best special edition jerseys of the competition, and that’s worth points on its own.
u/TheMadLaddy: I thought it was a pretty good season! Did we spend most of the time hovering just above the relegation zone? Yeah, but we never were in it. Not even once, so I see that as a win. It was still a season of ups and downs, like going on a 8 and 6 match winless run respectively, but also nearly qualifying for the European playoffs on the final day of the season. Overall a pretty good and exciting season.
This Season
RKC has lost some important squad members this transfer window. Still, Oosting proved himself a capable manager last season and will do his best to keep RKC out of trouble. A lot will hinge on the new defensive duo/trio as well as the attacking talentwhom they’ve loaned. Staying up might not be as comfortable as before, but they have the experience to achieve it.
u/TheMadladdy: My main hope is to just stay up again. We've lost a lot of strong players and haven't been able to replace all of them yet. My main expectation this season is for it to basically be Heart-attack Central again each game, since consistency and being normal are not words you're gonna find in RKC's dictionary. 13th/14th place should be doable with maybe a higher position if everyone around us screws up.
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Zakaria Bakkali Anderlecht Free
Julian Lelieveld De Graafschap Free
Mika Bierith Arsenal Loan
Julien Lobete Celta de Vigo Loan
Player To Fee
Ahmed Touba Istanbul Basaksehir 2,000,000
Melle Meulensteen Vitesse 1,000,000
Alex Buttner De Graafschap Free
Jens Odgaard Sassuolo/AZ Free (loan over)
Potential Lineup
Players to Watch
Julen Lobete: Not often RKC signs a Spain youth international, even if it's on loan. Being multifunctional should compare him nicely to Jens Odgaard.
Patrick Vroegh: A known commodity for Oosting having worked with him back at Vitesse. A young midfielder hungry for more game time.
Mika Biereth: He's a young and promising player we've loaned from Arsenal for the entire season. He's scored in every friendly he's played in thus far so that’s promising.
Michiel Kramer: You love him when you have him and hate playing against him. He's turned his career around with us and had his first 10+ goal season since Feyenoord's championship season.
Why Should I Support RKC?
u/TheMadLaddy: RKC is a club of which you never know what to expect. One game, you get aboslutely smashed, and after that you suddenly win 5-1. Second, despite what you hear about us being 'boring', we do have a fun atmosphere and crowd actually. We know we're one of the smallest clubs and fanbases in the country. We make fun of ourselves for that. No one actually hates us as far as I know. Whenever I say I support RKC, I either get laughs, a "Oh ,really?" or someone that says ''who?''. Finally, we're a loyal, open and inviting club. It's easy to make new friends or just talk to people in general. And the true fans never leave before the final whistle, no matter how bad the result is. Our motto is ''we zullen altijd blijven zingen'' for a reason.


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
14th 34 8 11 15 30 48 -18 35
If you’re a messy bitch that lives for drama, Sparta was the club to follow last season. It felt like there was a volcano under het Kasteel ready to erupt, and it did. The DoF departed acrimoniously , with manager Henk Fraser close as well. However, results were not going Sparta’s way, and they spent almost the whole season in the relegation zone. When new DoF Nijkamp wanted to sack assistant manager Rankovic, Fraser walked as well. After that, you’d expect them to be doomed, but under Maurice Steijn, they hit that new manager bounce, going four games unbeaten in the last stretch and catapulting to safety.
u/TheBand1969: Our previous season was a rollercoaster. The tension between our board and the manager was evident throughout the course of the season, and it did not help the squad. To focus on the actual football, our defense was nothing to write home about. Heylen was a shockingly bad player and cost us a lot of points. If we did manage to play well we often had difficulty finishing our chances. This resulted in a lot of draws that could/should have been wins. Somehow, during our last run of games, we found an amazing run of form. I think no one expected that after Fraser had left the club. Bittersweet sure, but hey we are playing Eredivisie next season.
This Season
Sparta has heavily invested into new players. The midfield especially has gotten a upgrade with the likes of Joshua Kitolano, Younes Namli, and Jonathan de Guzman returning to the Eredivisie. Maurice Steijn has a history of playing a pragmatic style back at Venlo, but actually played more attacking when he took over, so it's possible he’ll continue that route. Sparta fans will mostly just want a bit of comfort after the wild ride that was last season.
u/TheBand1969: First: Thank you Emmen and Helmond for taking Heylen and Beugelsdijk off our hands. I don't want to see thm in a Sparta shirt again. I hope we will perform more consistently against clubs in 'het rechterrijtje'. That's where we wasted a lot of points. My heart honestly cannot handle another ending like las season . FInally, I hope we play more attractive football. Fighting relegation means you have to be realistic and focus on getting points, but I hope that with the incoming transfers, we can at least play a bit more attacking. The club owes it to the fans after last year.
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Joshua Kitolano Odds BK 610,000
Tobias Lauritsen Odds BK 450,000
Nick Olij NAC Breda Unknown
Younes Namli Krasnodar Free
Omar Rekik Arsenal Loan
Player To Fee
Maduka Okoye Toulouse 2,500,000
Tom Beugelsdijk Helmond Sport Free
Lennart Thy PEC Zwolle Free
Potential Lineup
Players to Watch
Joshua Kitolano: Surprising he ends up at Sparta after interest from Feyenoord a year ago. A versatile midfielder who I have a personal soft spot for thanks to FM.
Nick Olij: Has big gloves to fill following the departure of Okoye, but was consistently one of the best goalkeepers in the KKD.
Younes Namli: Immediately added more attacking prowess to the team and Sparta will be very pleased he’ll remain for at least another year.
Omar Rekik: Rekiki's little brother. A amazing deal for the likes of us. You don't play for the Arsenal youth academy if you aren’t at least decent.
Sven Mijnans: Probably our best presser and a great link-up player for the attack and midfield. Will hopefully develop further.
Jason Lokilo & Koki Saito: I can't say I am familiar with them, but looking at the teams they have played for in the past, I'm cautiously optimistic.
Why Should I Support Sparta?
u/TheBand1969: Personally, when I saw our stadium for the first time, I thought it was an old museum or castle of sorts. The Kasteeltribune has the most unique facade of any football stadium in the Netherlands. Second, we are a smaller, but more classy, down-to-earth club. We don't have any issues with hooligans and we are open to fans of any age group. As for a more footballing-focused answer: we have a fun squad with some good youth prospects, proven Eredivisie veterans, such as Namli and Auassar, and we have the most handsome and charming centerback of the Eredivisie in Bart Vriends.


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
4th 34 20 8 6 55 37 18 68
Twente wanted this season to be way more consistent, and they ended up achieving that goal. Granted, they didn't start great (1-1 draw against Ajax aside) but found their footing and became a threat to almost every team. While they briefly had 3rd place in their sights, Feyenoord ultimately held on to that spot, but a late 2-2 draw between Utrecht and AZ meant the 4th spot was sealed and Twente would return to Europe for the first time since 2014. While a great season, it was also marred by the sacking and later tragic death of Jody Lukoki, with FC Twente paying him tribute in one of the final games of the season.
u/RitaTovenaar: Where do I even begin? To get back from relegation was fun and all but boy did I hate the first season back in the Eredivisie with all the sh*t happening inside our club. To get back from that feels way more special to me than the promotion. We finished 4th last season, 4th! When the goal is just to get to the Play-offs, that's just incredible. I don't care if we get knocked out by FC Whatever from Vegwegistan; we are playing in Europe babyyyy. Our team was just amazing and Streur worked some miracles in the transfer market, with a starting line-up that was basically ''free''. I could go on for hours but I mean.. I don't think there are enough words in the Dutch and English language to express how happy I am with how our club is doing right now.
This Season:
Twente has managed to hold onto almost its entire squad, signing up Vlap, Sadilek and Brenet on permanent deals, while swatting away interest for players like Zerrouki and Hilgers (for now). Entering the European play-offs should remain top priority, with another 4th spot possible but unlikely. The Conference League should hopefully be a fun journey for Twente. They could achieve similar things as Vitesse depending on the draw, but lets see them actually enter first, which might be tough with Fiorentina as their final opponent.
u/RitaTovenaar: I won't settle for anything less than winning the title, cup and Conference League. #JANSOUT if I don't see those three pieces of silverware added this season. But seriously, the dumbest thing we can do right now is go; ''Oh we got 4th last season the only way is uuuuuup'' (we of all clubs should know that). I expect us to have a good season. Probably not 4th but to be in the playoffs. The squad has remained largely the same, including some potentially good new signings. (no idea about Tzolis. I had never heard of him until David Ornstein posted a tweet which I had to read 432 times to make sure it said ''FC Twente'' lmao). So I’m expecting a 6th place, a hopefully good run in the KNVB Cup, and let’s just enter the Conference League groups stage for fun and games now.
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Michel Vlap Anderlecht 2,000,000
Michel Sadilek PSV 1,500,000
Joshua Brenet Hoffenheim Free
Sem Steijn ADO Den Haag Free
Christos Tzolis Norwich Loan
Player To Fee
Jayden Oosterwolde Parma 3,000,000
Jesse Bosch Willem II Free
Dimitrios Limnios 1. FC Koln Free (loan over)
Potential Lineup
Players to Watch
Mees Hilgers: Named FC Twente’s Talent of the Season last year. The centreback has quickly grown into one of the best young defenders in the league.
Ramiz Zerrouki: The Algerian international is key to Twente’s midfield, and can even score the occasional absolute banger.
Gijs Smal: Absolutely bossed the game in a 4-1 friendly against Bologna (1 goal, 2 assists), ‘Smaldini’ will be keen to keep that form with competition on the way.
Christos Tzolis: No idea, everyone says he is good and since he plays for Twente now he is a future Ballon D'Or winner.
Sem Steijn: He was very good at ADO, he has played very well in our friendly games and I saw him do bicycle kick so I'm sold.
Michel Vlap: Remember how we didn't have any money because uh.. reasons. Sike, here’s 2 million! He has been good in our friendly games and I just hope he can find his old form back so I don't have to hear ''He was very good at Heerenveen'' for another season.
Why Should I Support FC Twente?
u/RitaTovenaar: Do you like creative accounting and red shirts? Do I have the club for you! But well.. I mean just watch our games and see if you like our team (we really do have nice shirts tho).


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
7th 34 12 11 11 51 46 5 47
FC Utrecht talks a big game and actually invest in becoming a part of the big boys, but it always goes wrong at some point. They performed really well, becoming the first side to beat Ten Hag’s Ajax as well as trouncing Feyenoord. All seemed set for Rene Hake to sign a contract extension, when everything fell apart. A 5 game winless streak casted doubts, and once Utrecht fell into another spiral, Hake was sacked and Kruys had to finish the season off. It didn’t give them the new manager bounce, but he steadied the ship enough for them to reach the playoffs, which they then lost to Vitesse in the first round.
u/ZyzzwasaChad: Last season started out very well. Beating both Feyenoord and Ajax and being 3rd with 20 points after only 10 games. Form started dropping after the international break in October however. We lost our top 3 spot and after the winter break we were in 6th. We only won against Heerenveen, Willem II and Heracles before the winter break. In March, poor results continued and Rene Hake was sacked. We won once in the final 7 games and finished 7th with 47 points. Not a great season for us but also not the worst.
This Season
He didn't get the exit that he wanted at Sparta, but Henk Fraser coming in is seen as the right move for Utrecht, bringing in a discipline and realism that has felt lacking in Utrecht. Fraser was keen on keeping both Adam Maher and Quinten Timber, but both have since left (albeit for quite a bit of money). But it's not like Utrecht has stayed still, having signed ten new players. They won’t speak publicly about it, but Utrecht will want to do what Twente did last season, or at the very least win the European play-offs.
u/ZyzzwasaChad: I hope European football, but I expect us to finish 6th or 7th. We have signed quite a few players, many of whom look decent, and rivals like Vitesse have considerably weakened. But we did lose a lot of key players, like Willem Janssen, Adam Maher and Quinten Timber. We had a decent transfer window but it's not enough to catch up with AZ, Twente and Feyenoord.
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Luuk Brouwers Go Ahead Eagles 900,000
Bas Dost Club Brugge Free
Taylor Booth Bayern Munich Free
Nick Viergever Greuther Furth Free
Modibo Sagnan Real Sociedad Loan
Daishawn Redan Hertha BSC Loan
Player To Fee
Quinten Timber Feyenoord 8,5-10,000,000
Adam Maher Damac FC 1,800,000
Maarten Paes FC Dallas 1,000,000
Willem Jansen Retirement Free
Simon Gustafson BK Häcken Free
Potential Lineup
Players to Watch
Djevencio van der Kust: Worked his way into the squad in the second half of the season. The young wingback can work across the entire leftfield and be a source of many assists.
Taylor Booth: The young American will hopefully fill in the playmaker role left behind by Timber. Done well in preseason.
Rocco Robert Shein: Part of a good generation of young Estonian footballers. The midfielder has already joined the main squad after half a season in the U21’s.
Bas Dost: Obviously. Amazing finishing, good header and has a great mentality. Has had 30+ goal seasons at Heerenveen and Sporting CP.
Mobido Sagnan: An aggressive defender has signed on loan from Real Sociedad and seems like a good player to me.
Why Should I Support FC Utrecht?
u/ZyzzwasaChad: The supporters. We are really fanatic in supporting our club. We destroyed our own stadium in 1982, according to some Liverpool fans we were the loudest away support they've ever seen. We are a club that has been saved by its supporters multiple times and our owner is a big fan of the club.


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
6th 34 15 6 13 42 51 -9 51
First of all, I don’t think anyone could have predicted how far Vitess would come in Europe. After beating Anderlecht to reach the group stage, they survive the group containing Rennes and Spurs (thanks, COVID), and only crash out until the Round of 16 against Roma. Not a moment to forget, unlike their Eredivisie season. While a good first half, it was clear that the European run had them gassed, barely winning the rest of their games. It was enough to reach the play-offs where after beating Utrecht, they’d get spanked by AZ to make sure they won’t have another European run like that again.
u/runimaginable: Vitesse's 21/22 season was pretty good. The performances in the Eredivisie were mostly a snoozefest with only 1 or 2 goals, but overall the tactic was effective enough to sneak away with 3 points. The Conference League more than made up for the games in the Eredivisie however. Compared to the Europa League performance in 17/18, results were actually ending in our favour in the most tense possible way ever. Roma was a logical end of our journey and I can't be too disappointed about that. Losing by so much in the play-off final to AZ was a bitter but realistic pill to swallow.
This Season
Vitesse now has a very different squad compared to last season, with player's loans either ending (Openda, Rasmussen) or running out their contract (Doekhi, Bazoer and Dasa). That leaves Vitesse without some of its best players of last season and with a very different squad composition. While with Letsch they still have one of the better managers of the Eredivisie, it's not going to be surprising if Vitesse struggles to get the play-off spot now. One positive thing is that their Russian owner has stepped aside and wiped away their debt.
u/runimaginable: Vitesse is in a tough position due to its financial situation and at first sight, the team doesn't look very good. This has been the case for a couple of seasons however and we can make it work usually. I think we'll still make the playoffs, but it will be tighter than last season. Letsch will be tested to see if he can turn his playstyle around to suit the players he has available to him. Otherwise we might end the season with a different manager. Lastly, change of ownership and a disagreement with the stadium owner make this a very curious season for Vitesse fans.
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Melle Meulensteen RKC Waalwijk 1,000,000
Ferro Benfica Loan
Ryan Flamingo Sassuolo Loan
Mohamed Sankoh VfB Stuttgart Loan
Player To Fee
Lois Openda Club Brugge/Lens Free (loan over)
Jacob Rasmusen Fiorentina/Feyenoord Free (loan over)
Riechedly Bazoer AZ Free
Danilho Doekhi Union Berlin Free
Elia Dasa Unknown Free
Potential Line-Up
Players to Watch
Ryan Flamingo: Already has one of the best names in the competition, but the talented centre-back has also a keen eye for goalscoring.
Max Wittek: Mr. Conference League himself. With a lot of the old guard gone, he’ll be looked at for leadership and asked to provide plenty of assists.
Million Manhoef: Comes from Vitesse's youth team. He brings a lot of pace and creativity to the team which the team severely lacks.
Mohamed Sankoh: Looking to be the new Openda. I think once he warms up to the Eredivisie he definitely has the potential to be a proper replacement.
Ferro: Was at one point seen by Benfica as almost as good as Ruben Dias and now he's training with us at Papendal. Very excited if he can fill Bazoer's boots.
Why Should I Support Vitesse?
u/runimaginable: Vitesse is a mid-sized Dutch club. It has gone through highs and lows, which for me makes the highs so much more memorable. Although the squad is often quite a foreign legion, this has made for unique and amazing players to play in the GelreDome. Kashia, Nakamba, Rashica and Kalas are players who otherwise would've never played in the Eredivisie. Currently there is more emphasis on youth with some breaking through at this very moment. Alongside that, Vitesse organizes quite a lot of other activities. The highlight being the Airborne match which commemorates the veterans of WW2 during Market Garden. There is always a special Airborne kit which looks really nice.


Last Season
Position Played Win Tie Loss GF GA GD Points
2nd (KKD) 38 21 12 5 81 53 28 75
Once an Eredivisie mainstay in the 90’s, Volendam had been in the second division for more than a decade. In 2019, they started a revitalization project with manager Wim Jonk, who alongside his history at Ajax and Inter is also a born and raised Volendammer. After getting close through promotion playoffs, this was the year they finally succeeded. Volendam was far and away one of the strongest sides in the competition and remained in the champions spot for the longest. Eventually they had to relent the championship to FC Emmen, but second place was enough for the Palingboeren to automatically promote to the Eredivisie.
u/SPLEESH_BOYS: We finally got the promotion we’ve been fighting for. I can only be happy about last season. Ever since Wim Jonk has been the coach there’s been a clear and steady improvement of the teams performance and it finally paid off last season.
This Season
Volendam already deserve points for their new home kit, inspired by the Netherlands’ EURO 88 kit. Volendam kept its squad largely intact, including keeping Inter loanees Stankovic and Oristanio. Signing local lad Henk Veerman has been their only other piece of business though, which leaves you questioning how ready this squad is. Jonk has been highly regarded and linked with several bigger jobs, and Volendam is keen to continue growing. The job is simple: not immediately relegate, but it will be tough.
u/SPLEESH_BOYS: The jump from the KKD to Eredivisie is always hard and it’s difficult to gauge how the team will match up against other Eredivisie squads, the goal this season should simply be to try and not get relegated, preferably without having to play playoffs. In my opinion it’s a realistic possibility that we will stay up, especially now that we’ve gotten Stankovic back on loan again and gotten Veerman as an additional striker. He should be able to help us a lot if Mühren loses his form.
Transfer Highlights
Player From Fee
Henk Veerman FC Utrecht Unknown
Carel Eiting Huddersfield Free
Player To Fee
Alex Plat NAC Breda Free
Mike Eerdhuizen Sparta Rotterdam Free
Potential Lineup
Players to Watch
Francisco Antonucci: Has not worked at Feyenoord, but has been an important part of Volendam across several seasons and looks to properly contribute in the Eredivisie.
Carel Eiting: Signed to help his former youth coach . Has had rotten luck with injuries, but remains a very capable, smart midfielder.
Robert Mühren: If he manages to keep his goal-scoring form from last season he will absolutely be the most important player for the team.
Filip Stankovic: Was great for us last season and the fact that we managed to keep him for another year should help us a lot. He’s still young with quite a bit of potential .
Why Should I Support FC Volendam
u/SPLEESH_BOYS: Volendam as a club is almost completely run by people from the community/town itself, from the youth to the absolute top of the club. It's something that isn’t as common anymore today which makes Volendam in my biased opinion, a nice addition to the Eredivisie. And let's be honest here what team has a better nickname than “Het andere Oranje”
Thank you so much for reading. I would like to thank all the contributors sharing their insight and their excitement or dread for the upcoming season. If your interested has been peaked, consider joining up Eredivisie and see what wacky hyjinks await. Enjoy the league.
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2022.07.25 12:20 demfrecklestho Weekly schedule (July 25 - July 31)

Week 31 – After the Tour

The men’s Tour de France wrapped up yesterday, but keep your eyes on France as the first edition (according to the ASO, at least) of the revamped Tour de France Femmes is underway!
We will have to wait until the weekend for more action in the men’s World Tour, with the always entertaining Classica de San Sebastián scheduled for Saturday and the Tour de Pologne kicking off on the same day!
Race M/W Rank < M T W T F S S >
Tour de Wallonie M 2.Pro < 3 4 5
Tour de France Femmes W 2.WWT < 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Vuelta Ciclista a Venezuela M 2.2 < 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Prueba Villafranca – Ordiziako Klassika M 1.1 x
Memoriał A. Trochanowskiego M 1.2 x
Vuelta a Castilla y León M 2.1 1 2
Dookoła Mazowsza M 2.2 1 2 3 4
Tour Alsace M 2.2 1 2 3 4 5
Tour of Qinghai Lake M 2.2 1 2 3 4 5 (+3)
Princess Anna Vasa Tour W 2.2 1 2 3
Kreiz Breizh Elites M 2.2 1 2 3 (+1)
Donostia San Sebastián Klassikoa M 1.UWT x
Tour de Pologne M 2.UWT 1 2 (+5)
Circuito de Getxo M 1.1 x
GP Yahyalı M 1.2 x
Puchar MON M 1.2 x

Last week recap

Warning! Spoilers for all races of the past week!
Jonas Vingegaard kept his lead and won the Tour de France. The Danish rider stayed in control throughout the last week, further distancing Pogačar on the Hautacam uphill finish and even gaining a few seconds on the penultimate stage, the ITT, which supercombatif Wout Van Aert won. Pogačar still netted another stage win on the steep Peyragudes finale. The remaining stages saw wins for Hugo Houle- a true “everybody liked that” moment- Christophe Laporte and Jasper Philipsen. Laporte was the only French stage winner of this Tour. A few hours before Philipsen won on Champs-Élysées, Lorena Wiebes had won the first stage of the Tour de France Femmes on the same finish line, thus wearing the first yellow jersey of the race. The only other pro race of the week was the Tour de Wallonie, which kicked off on Saturday with a nice win for Alaphilippe in his natural habitat- the Mur de Huy. The following stage provided quite an upset, as young Spaniard Oier Lazkano (Movistar) won from the breakaway and many riders lost heaps of time. Going into the new week, Alpecin’s Robert Stannard leads the GC.
In smaller races news… the remaining two legs of the Visegrad 4 Race took place over the weekend. Czech rider Adam Ťoupalík (Elkov), who had already won the Czech GP two weeks ago, won the Hungarian GP as well and came close in the Slovakian race, but eventually lost out in a two-way sprint against Italian rider Thomas Pesenti (Beltrami TSA)… who had been second in Hungary. For the first time, women’s races were held alongside the men’s, with two bright prospect winning- Canyon’s Ricarda Bauernfeind won in Slovakia, while Bepink’s Silvia Zanardi was first in Hungary. The Turkish season resumed with two races in inner Anatolia, and Malaysian team Terengganu took a clean sweep with wins for Dutch Jeroen Meijers in the GP Erciyes and for Ukrainian Anatoliy Budyak in the GP Kayseri. In France, Groupama’s young kiwi Laurence Pithie won the GP Ville de Pérenchies in northern France, becoming the first non-Belgian rider to win this race since 2013. Italian rider Stefano Gandin, who had recently won a stage at the Sibiu Tour, won the opening stage at the Vuelta a Venezuela. Last but not least, Italian rider Andrea Peron won the GP Kranj- it wouldn’t be big news for most ProTeams, but it is a huge result for Team Novo Nordisk, which only employs riders diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Tour de France Femmes (stages 2-8)

After the inaugural stage in Paris, the bulk of the Tour de France Femmes will take place this week. The course develops to the east of Paris, through the Champagne and Bourgogne regions, before reaching the Vosges mountain range for a “super” finale.
The week opens with a flat stage on Monday, with a slightly uphill rise to the finish line. The following four stages can all be described as “rolling”, with the number and difficulty of the climbs gradually rising as we approach the mountains. There’s a notable exception, however: Wednesday’s stage 4 isn’t just hilly, but it also features four intriguing gravel sectors through the Aube countryside, including a 5 kms-long uphill one.
The best is saved for last, as the weekend will provide us with plenty of climbing in the Vosges mountain range. Saturday’s stage 7 will feature three cat 1 climbs, the last of which summits with 8 kms to go; on Sunday, the grand finale will be held atop the Super Planche des Belles Filles, the iconic climb that was featured during the first week of the men’s Tour, where Pogi won just ahead of Vingegaard… but the stage will have other climbs before that, including another famous one, the Ballon d’Alsace.

Donostia San Sebastián Klassikoa

The San Sebastián Classic is the first WT one-day race following the Tour. Like other major Basque races, it is perhaps best known by its Spanish name- Clásica de San Sebastián- but in recent years the organizers have pushed hard to have the Basque name stick. It is the highest-rated Spanish one-day race on the calendar.
Taking place on the first Saturday after the Tour, as usual, this is your typical Basque race, with a course full of short- but very steep!- climbs, including the iconic Jaizkibel, which was often decisive in the past. As has been the case in recent years, however, the riders will find a very difficult climb- the Murgil-Tontorra ascent- summiting 7 kms before the finish line. In recent years, this has often been the spot where the race was decided, meaning that at times the event can be raced a bit conservatively, a là Flèche, until that climb… but after that, it’s usually a very tense finale.
Last year, EF’s Neilson Powless took a surprising breakthrough win in this race from a reduced bunch sprint. In recent years, there was a women’s race alongside the men’s event… but in 2022, the overlap with the Tour would have made participation impossible for many teams. The Klassikoa was thus merged into the women’s Itzulia, where the last stage was a verbatim replica of this race- Demi Vollering won on that day.

Tour de Pologne (stages 1-2)

The other World Tour race scheduled for next week is Poland’s national tour- it is set to kick off on Saturday and it will last for seven days. In recent years, the race has often been in the news for all the wrong reasons- in 2019, young Belgian rider Björn Lambrecht passed away following a crash in the race, and the following year, a high-speed crash during a sprint resulted in severe injuries for Jakobsen and a lengthy suspension for Groenewegen.
As is often the case, the race will stick to the southern half of the country, to exploit the Carpathian mountains found at the Slovakian border. The first two stages, however, should be ones for the sprinters: both take place in the easternmost part of the country, on rolling terrain, with almost no climbs of note. These stages will actually venture fairly close to the Ukrainian border, a metaphor to represent closeness between Poland and its neighbouring country. Stay tuned for the description of the following stages, which will appear in next week’s post.
The defending champion is Richard Carapaz, who will be back to defend his title in his first outing since his Giro podium. Alongside him, there will be both riders trying to capitalize on good post-Tour form as well as guys coming out of hibernation and starting to prepare either the Vuelta or the late season classics.

Tour de Wallonie (stages 3-5)

The Tour de Wallonie, reprising its role as “the first major race after the Tour”, kicked off last Saturday and will last until Wednesday.
Stages 3 and 4 will be held- again!- on a rolling course in the eastern part of Belgium’s French-speaking area, both featuring several short côtes that should reward puncheurs and attackers. The last stage will be different from the rest of the race, however, as the peloton will leave the Ardennes for the Hainaut province, the westernmost part of Wallonia. Located to the south of Bruxelles, this region is more similar to what we usually associate with Flanders- it’s the area where Le Samyn is held, for example- and indeed, stage 5 will feel more “Flemish” than the previous four as it will feature several cobbled sectors along a completely flat course.

Spanish races

The Spanish season is getting in full swing, with the Vuelta not that far away. Other than the aforementioned Donostia San Sebastián Klassikoa, there will be three races taking place in the Iberian country, all with a rather good startlist… as some of the guys who will be around for the WT race will stick around for the other events, too!
First off is a one-day race on Monday, the Prueba Villafranca – Ordiziako Klassika. As you might guess from the name, it takes place in the Basque Country… and it is a very Basque race in identity, featuring several ascents of two short climbs, the Alto de Aitzo and, most prominently, the Alto de Abaltzisketa. The race usually comes down to either a solo attacker or a small group- the latter was the case last year, with Luis León Sánchez winning the event for the first time in his career. The 2022 edition will be special as it’s the 100th anniversary of the race’s maiden edition.
Then, it will be the turn of the Vuelta a Castilla y León. It used to be a three-days long stage race taking place in April, but after missing out on 2020 because of Covid, it was brought back last year in this new calendar spot. For organizational reasons, the 2021 edition took place as a one-day race, which Arkéa’s Matis Louvel won. As its name suggests, it is a regional tour of Castilla y León, the inner Spanish region to the north of Madrid; in 2022, the race will be split between two stages, a flat one on Wednesday and a hillier one on Thursday. You know it’s a good race as Pierre Rolland has won it in the past, back in 2015.
Last but not least, on the day right after San Sebastián, another major Basque city- Bilbao- will host another one day race: the Circuito de Getxo. While its course isn’t as hard as the previous day, the two races are rather similar, with two late steep climbs set to play a key role; the course has also been made harder with the inclusion of a new climb. Unlike San Sebastián, this race does not finish downhill, however, but rather with another short climb in the Getxo suburb, after which the event is named. The race is also notable as its départ fictif takes place outside Bilbao’s possibly best known building- the Guggenheim museum designed by Frank Gehry. The event is dedicated to the memory of the Otxoa brothers, two Basque cyclists who passed away prematurely in 2001 and 2018. Last year, a breakaway group formed late in the race managed to successfully stay away, and Giacomo Nizzolo won from it.

.2 races

TV Guide

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2022.06.01 04:47 Danman2000 Career Counselors

Does Meijer have career counselor service? I am getting my A+ and want to get a job at Meijer in IT.
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2022.05.05 07:17 _greyjazz_ "You're hiding something from me." Ma'am, this is a grocery store.

I don't think I've ever posted this story publicly, but in my entire retail career, this is the first and only time I've personally witnessed someone being escorted out by police. My account might not be the most entertaining, as I only witnessed bits and pieces of the encounter and most of the information is secondhand, plus the situation was from months ago, so please bear with me if I get some of the details mixed up. I'm also on mobile, so obligatory pardon my formatting.
It was a rainy autumn day, probably around the middle or end of September, if I had to guess. It was after 10 pm for my time zone at a grocery store the size of your average Walmart at our regional main competitor for Walmart. Think Publix, Meijer, etc. I was watching the self-checkout with one of my friends, who I'll call Peach, when I overheard one of the night managers telling our service team overseer (the role title is different for different companies, so I don't want to accidentally doxx myself) that we needed to get all of the carts inside by the end of the night or our store director would get upset. I volunteered to help, and set out on my mission.
Of course, as it was rainy and nighttime, I did quickly reach a point where I needed to step inside and dry off/warm up. It was then that the excitement truly began.
I was watching the service team overseer, who I'll call Mario, as he was walking over to tell a specific customer something. I quickly asked Peach what was going on, and groaned internally when the story came out:
Karen had brought in a credit card that our system hadn't recognized. It was her only method of payment, but the system kept indicating that the card wasn't accepted. She refused to accept this and decided that the card reader must be the problem, and she would like to enter her credit card number manually. Peach attempted to explain to her that we can only let people type in gift card, EBT, and store credit card numbers. There isn't even the option to type in any other kind of credit or debit card. Karen didn't like this and said she would call her credit card company to see if there was anything she could do.
Peach shrugged and moved on to assist other customers, and when she went back to the self-checkout terminal, the woman had approached her again (which is what I walked into) to say that her credit card company said that she could, in fact, enter her card number manually, and we needed to let her enter it in.
At this point, Peach called Mario over and told him what was going on, to which he confirmed that she could not, in fact, enter her number in manually. Karen insisted that they were lying to her. Mario attempted to explain how the system works, but she simply was not having it. She was convinced they were lying to her.
The night manager, who I'll call Luigi, saw what was going on, and asked Mario what happened. Mario explained the situation to Luigi, who again informed the woman that we're sorry, but we can't accommodate your request. The woman sees me and decides to approach me and I inform her that they're correct, and we can't let people type in any old credit card and there isn't even an option in our system. Not to mention those two (pointing to Mario and Luigi) have more authority than myself, so if they say we can't help her, we can't help her.
She goes back to Mario and Luigi and decides to insist she will not leave the store until they let her type her card in, and they'll have to call the cops if they want her to leave. Luigi, of course, declares that he feels that that would be an unnecessary escalation and she needs to leave as she's causing a disturbance. Karen is now insisting that the cops be called because we're hiding something if we won't let her type in her card. She also asks if we're refusing her service because she's transgender. I can't speak for all stores, but my specific store has accommodated multiple trans coworkers throughout their transitions, and nobody had mentioned anything about her gender throughout the interaction. Luigi again says "Ma'am, you have repeatedly asked us to do something that is outside of our abilities. We're going to have to ask you to please leave."
After a few more minutes of arguing and Karen insisting she's being lied to, as well as making sure Peach will be okay without any backup, I decide that I should head back outside to help wrangle carts again. As I'm heading outside, Luigi is calling the cops as the situation is now outside of his control.
As I'm bringing in a long line of carts, I see that the cops had arrived while I was outside, and I go back in to tell Mario that I had finished with the sections he told me to get and return to my former position (I was supposed to be a cashieself-checkout attendant). I find out that when the police had been briefed on the situation, the first thing they had asked the Karen is if she was really going to do this. She insisted we were lying. Nobody knew how her conversation with the cops went, but I heard her spewing off a loud "Why are you taking their side? They're lying!!"
I did have to focus on doing my job for a few minutes after I shed my raincoat and fleece, but I managed to hear the police asking her if she's going to leave on her own or if they're going to have to drag her out, and I did get to witness them walking her out. Usually if the police are here, it's over theft or assault, so this is certainly the most bizarre situation of calling law enforcement I've run into through my retail career.
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2022.04.29 02:36 ubercoo I am so lost in my career and I'm not sure how to recover.

I made a huge mistake 2 years ago. To begin, in my 20s I was a screw up and relied on social security for money from a disability I was born with. That is until one day I decided to change my life around in my 30s. My brother was recently hired at a Internet Hosting company and they had training. He helped me learn what he learned each day so that I could also apply. I was hired in and worked there for a year & a half until the company was bought out and they let me go.
I then applied across the country & was hired at another Internet Hosting company doing the same job of website tech support. I worked there for 4 & a half years and by the time I left I was so burnt out, I just couldn't do it anymore. People who worked there began to start problems & look for ways to push me out. All I wanted was to focus on my work and avoid the usual workplace drama. I fought hard to stay afloat there and many people I knew who started when I did, were not there by the time I left. I also helped a lot of new people there as a mentor outside the training until they gave up that program.
Then I left at the worst possible time. It was early 2020 and we all had to go remote. Now I understand many people love being at home but this was soul sucking for me. I needed the separation from work and home. I was literally rolling out of bed to the living room laptop only to be yelled at by upset customers closing accounts to save money for 8-9 hours. I couldn't give anymore. I felt I had to quit. Here is where I screwed up. I had 20k in savings I was going to do something with, idk if I could have began a small website or something legit, but then the pandemic & lockdowns lasted as long as it did. All my savings went to rent. I was depressed & alone for a full year during the lockdowns only leaving for food. I didn't go on unemployment because I quit & wasn't fired. I couldn't get back on SS either. I then had to move in with my grandparents up north with no internet at their house. I had to order it & they pay for it.
I finally was hired at my last tech job which lasted a few months & I was let go again. Now I'm almost 40 working minimum wage 3rd shift at Meijers with HS kids, excons or those who worked there 20 years. I know how to write For Loops and install firewalls and migrate websites over RSYNC, wtf am I doing here? I need help to get my career back on track. I want to find a job coding with python so that I can then incorporate another hobby of astronomy for when I retire.
Lastly I feel I have a scarlet letter attached to my persona by various ATS's or something. Like someone wrote a bad review about me & each new potential employer can see it. I only have a indeed account and gave up on LinkedIn and the others. Indeed says the resume ATS score sucks and anytime I try for a job search, magically I have no relevant results. I feel so trapped paying rent week to week. I know I can do more but my social credit sucks, I hate this modern tech feudalism.
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2022.04.23 16:05 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MI Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Quest Diagnostics Healthcare MI Otsego
E.W. Wylie CDL-A OTR Specialized Glass Truck Driver - $7,500 Sign On Bonus Flint
ConnectRN Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - $18-20/Hour - Ada, MI Ada Township
ConnectRN Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - $32-34/Hour - Ada, MI Ada Township
Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Albion
IntelyCare Licensed Practical Nurse, Same-Day-Pay Allendale Charter Township
IntelyCare Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - Earn Bonuses & Rewards - 19-41/hr Allendale Charter Township
IntelyCare Registered Nurse (RN) - Earn Bonuses & Rewards - 46-91/hr Allendale Charter Township
Holland Regional Trucking CDL A Truck Driver Bay Shore
Dish DISH Installation Technician - Field Beaverton
Franchise Career Advisor VP Operations – own the operations, run the show Benton Harbor
Bluegreen Vacations Loan Processing Manager Boyne Falls
First Student School Bus Driver Bridgeport charter Township
Holland Regional Trucking CDL A Truck Driver - South Bend Bridgman
Pizza Hut Driver Bridgman
American Electric Power Protection & Control Field Technologist Associate to Technologist Bridgman
Holland Regional Trucking CDL A Truck Driver Brutus
Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Caledonia
Meijer Staff Pharmacist Charlotte
Centra Healthcare Solutions Registered Nurse (RN) - Home Health Care - 5x8 Days Cheboygan
Meijer Human Resources Representative Commerce Charter Township
Arby's Team Member Commerce Charter Township
Centra Healthcare Solutions Registered Nurse (RN) - SNF - Contract - Nights Crystal
Dish DISH Installation Technician - Field Dexter
KinderCare Education Infant Assistant Teacher - Part Time Garden City
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mi. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.04.03 10:08 CranberryWaste8936 Former Paid Media Copywriter interested in freelance but idk if there’s a place for me

Hi fellow writers!!
I come to you all humbly asking for a little advice.
Background: I have a BA in communications and digital media from a pretty respectable college. I have about 10 years of experience writing professionally including both internships and jobs at respected companies.
My last job was for an extremely well-known digital marketing company. I worked in the influencer marketing division as a paid media copywriter.
Basically we teamed up with influencers/bloggers, retailers, and brands to create promoted social media content for CPGs. Sometimes the influencers would write content that I’d have to edit and rework per the brand’s guidelines. But usually they’d just take branded photography for us which the designers would turn into ads, then I wrote all the copy to accompany them.
I have a shit ton of extremely prestigious clients under my belt including Coca Cola, Nestle, Disney/Marvel, General Mills, Target, Starbucks, Red Bull, Neutrogena, Purina, Albertsons, Meijer, Kroger, Kraft Heinz, Unilever, etc. The list goes on I mean I was working for multiple clients like these on a daily basis. I also owned social copy for Jergens (lotions and stuff) while I was there and did copy for national Super Bowl campaigns.
I was there for 2.5 years before being laid off due to losing a HUGE client that was 70% of our business (and def out of my hands, a ton of people were let go).
Simultaneously, I’ve realized I’m at a point in my life where I’ve finally accepted that a full time office job just isn’t for me. Without going into detail, I have some health issues and stuff that really drain me at times and I just can’t comfortably work a strict 9-5 schedule.
Ideally I’d LOVE to do copy work for food CPGs. Describing food and the way it can positively impact someone is my bread and butter (pun intended). But any social media work for food, health/beauty, pets, kids, etc would be fun. I’d also be interested in proofreading/editing/ghostwriting for anyone, but specifically food and mommy bloggers. I feel like at this point I’ve worked with so many that I understand them and their audiences. I also understand all the details of working with brands, making sponsored content and the guidelines they must follow, and stuff like that.
But I’m not really sure how to even go about finding clients for stuff like this… When I go on upwork and sites like that all I see are very strange jobs that make no sense and pay peanuts.
When I look for freelance writing advice it’s mostly absolute beginner stuff or like really advanced technical writing for science and tech 😅 It feels like there’s no place for me at all.
I guess I’m mainly looking for any insight on if you all think my skills are even in-demand and, if so, how I go about starting a freelance career in the CPG niche.
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2022.03.26 12:09 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MI Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
State of Michigan Corrections Officer 8 - NORTHERN FACILITIES Multiple Vacancies and Locations Available – See Posting for Details
Eye to Eye Careers Part-Time Optometrist Deckerville
Enviro-Clean Services, Inc Cleaning- Grant School District $12.00-$13.25: $250 BONUS Grant
Theoria Medical PLLC Medical DirectoAttending Physician Houghton Lake
ShiftKey LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse - Make your own schedule and get paid next day! - $30-$55) Jenison
Ferguson Michiana Inc CDL Class A Driver Eau Claire
Meijer Pharmacist Blackman
Eaton County Technical Services Field Specialist Charlotte
Ferris State University HVAC&R Mechanic big rapids
Bay Mills Indian Community Radiology & Mammography Technician Brimley
Truck and Trailer Specialties, Inc. Auto Body Repair Tech & Painter caledonia
C.A. Hull Carpenter commerce
DJ's Landscape Management Landscape Gardener comstock park
Iron County Medical Care Facility Licensed Practical Nurses: $22.23-$23.85/hour + sign-on bonus crystal falls
Instacart Shoppers Instacart Shopper - Delivery Driver Durand
Teachout Security Solutions Security Officer flint
Gerber Associate Research & Development (R&D) Engineer fremont
VanAire, Inc. CAD Designer gladstone
Eye to Eye Careers Part-Time Optometrist grayling
Theoria Medical PLLC Medical DirectoAttending Physician houghton lake
Kroger Pharmacy Intern Lambertville
Kroger Pharmacy Technician Lambertville
FedEx Ground Operations Admin I Livonia
FedEx Ground Operations Admin I Orion Township
DSC Dredge LLC Fabrication Welder - New Starting Wages! oscoda
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mi. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.03.22 11:21 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MI Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
State of Michigan Corrections Officer 8 - NORTHERN FACILITIES Multiple Vacancies and Locations Available – See Posting for Details
Koch Trucking CDL A - Truck Driver Marine Division - $100K Salary Potential, Competitive CPM, Accessorial Pay, Sign-on Bonus Any City
Instacart Shoppers Flexible Gigs - Shop and Deliver Bancroft
Koch Trucking CDL A - Truck Driver Dedicated Marine Fleet Baroda
Koch Trucking CDL A - Truck Driver Dedicated Marine Fleet Colon
Instacart Shoppers Flexible Schedule - Shop and Deliver Flint
State of Michigan Corrections Officer 8 - Southern Facilities Multiple Vacancies a
State of Michigan MDOC-Registered Nurse P11-12-Southern Correctional Facilities Various
Combined Transport CDL-A Company Heavy Haul Flatbed OTR Truck Driver South Lyon
M S International, Inc Local Truck Driver CDL A Wixom
Apostrophe FT Customer Care Coordinator (Work From Home) Jackson
Western Healthcare Physicians Needed for Multiple Urgent Care Openings in Michigan! Brant
Western Healthcare Physicians Needed for Multiple Urgent Care Openings in Michigan! Breckenridge
Western Healthcare Physicians Needed for Multiple Urgent Care Openings in Michigan! Burt
Meijer Cashier Cascade
Eye to Eye Careers Part-Time Optometrist grayling
Apex Controls Sales Applications Engineer Hudsonville
Kroger Pharmacy Technician Lambertville
Meijer Pharmacist Marquette
Feldman Chevrolet of Highland Service Technician Highland
Chipotle Restaurant Team Member - Crew (2639 - Baldwin Road) Orion
Wacker Productivity Manager adrian
Lightstone Group & Affiliates Maintenance Supervisor beverly hills
Mission Point Healthcare Services Registered Nurse (RN) big rapids
Potbelly Sandwich Works Restaurant Team Member - Up to $500 Sign On Bonus Bloomfield Hills
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mi. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.03.15 16:47 hoeishsadbino (general life rant) Took a month+ break from IC and Shipt… god it’s even worse.

I started to do IC/Shipt back in late December, as I had THE GREAT idea to quit my job that rightfully sucked (that i was only 1 week into) and do gig work part time to meet my basic bills until i get a good job, anyways (i’m dumb), did my first 30 batches on here, averaged about $200 a week for 10 batches (which is kinda low but i wasn’t rlly mad) up until mid January, then yeah everything slowed down. I got my tax return, it was much larger than I thought, so I used it to cover my bills for february-early march, so I could take a break and focus solely on finding good employment. Good news: I did find a permanent good paying job. I’m getting out of the food and retail industry FINALLY (i’ve never worked outside of it) and will actually make a good living. I start late this month (so my first paycheck would be basically the start of April) But, my car insurance is due and I’m about $100 short of where I need to be. Not a big deal. I can do this if I grind 8/10 hours over a few days… I’ve been eyeing both IC and Shipt over my break, and it seemed like shipt would pay less but would give me a more organized day. I only used IC, didn’t try shipt even though I was approved the same time as IC, until now. Yesterday. I do 3 batches (total time was almost 6 hrs, had a customer not show up, and another customer was rlly picky and i didn’t know the store well) and walk away with $45………. 😭😭😭😭😭 Today i scheduled myself 5:30a- when i feel tired but i put down 4pm. I’ve done one batch on IC and did my first two orders on shipt, my total is $48 for about 3 hours of work. I’m not as mad but like…. i’ve sat in the parking lot now for like an hour and i’m just over it. I wanted to make like $300 this week, basically doing it full time, but honestly I’m discouraged rn. I was so ready to come back to this, even if it’s bad, and just make a bit of money but ugh. The shitty thing is, is that i’m honestly really good at it. I’ve worked as a fulfillment worker at target before and i was good at that, but was laid off after the season. I like this kind of stuff, just not the pay rn. Honestly I’m so ready for my career change, and to make more money than I ever have made in my other jobs, and to have a consistent schedule. I also got approved for spark driver back in mid February… idk about her she’s kinda weird has anyone like actually been successful with it, or is it just dead like us? Overall, I think my decision to quit was good, I think my decision to also take more time and redevelop my resume, and not rush into a new job was honestly the best decision i’ve made in a while, as I’m finally going to make a decent living and not be in food/retail. I think my decision to go balls to the wall and not save much before quitting and just thinking gig work would pay my bills was dumb. I think that overall I’m happy to get the opportunity to do the gig work, as it did give me a bit of money to survive while looking for jobs.
Thanks for coming to my rant LMAO I’m sorry it was so long i just have too much to say.
tldr; i quit my job in january with no replacement job, thought gig work would pay my bills, took a break after it died down and i got my taxes, came back, its worse, i’m pissed and sitting in a fucking meijer parking lot, but i now have the best job i’ve had in my career because basically i was patient and didn’t rush into a new job, and am grateful for gig work but also i hate it now.
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2022.03.06 18:29 kzqy She broke my trust

On a throwaway account here because she definitely is active on reedit, and I know this isn't as serious as some other posts but I've been kind of struggling to trust my girlfriend... we have a great relationship, have been together for a while, I ended up moving into her parents house after a really rocky relationship with my parents and we are really compatible, it just really one thing throughout this relationship I can't get- The first time the trust in this relationship was really broken was when I was at a police academy career camp for almost a week. I was still living with my parents at the time and only was able to visit her IRL occasionally. When I was at the career camp I wasn't able to have my phone with me so I left it at home... I don't know what went through her mind but she ended up getting with another guy for just 2 days and ended it before I got back. I went to contact her and apparently she thought I ghosted her or something and she got peer pressured into it... Whatever, after a while I forgave her for it and we got back together, we were fine for a while. Of course that hurt but we were over it. Before I get into what's next, we're both under 21 and our families have a HUGE history of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco usage. It's killed a lot of people I loved and cared about and is the reason we both don't really have good relationships with our parents. I never really did anything like that besides smoke (didn't know it was bad, peer pressured, quit when I was 15-16 before we were in a relationship). She on the other hand vaped, drank and occasionally smoked weed. Stuff like that I made clear couldn't be a thing when we got together, and at the beginning of the relationship we both agreed we'd never touch anything like that again, no drugs alcohol or nicotine. At first she had a bit of trouble committing, but it only took a month or so until she was clean. Fast forward a year or so and I'm inside Meijer (grocery store with a lobby w/ free internet) doing some business stuff and she's outside fooling around in the parking lot with my best friend. Come to find out, they found a full disposable vape and my best friend who knows me and her should never be touching that stuff pressured her into using it. She had the vape after we met up again and I asked her a bunch of questions about it, she was going to give it to her brother apparently. After some more questions she finally admits she used it, and that she's "still not off" it and how tempting it was. Mind you, she still claims she's never used it ever since we committed to not touching the stuff. She said it feels cool and whatever... I know vaping and stuff isn't really a big deal to a lot of people these days but it's really the trust. I know a couple hits isn't going to kill you, but she had promised not to and... Idk, I'm not sure if I'm overreacting, I just don't know what to do from here. I don't know how I can trust her??
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2022.02.24 06:17 ChaoticDominance What are some disability friendly slow paced career's I can take?

I've got a number of mental disabilities but I can still function like a normal person, for the most part, I think. I'm on SSI but it's not enough to live, and it's only meant to be there to help. Now that I have the ability to actually save money, I would like to get a job to help make things just a little bit easier. A little more food, some new clothes, furniture, just helping out where it's needed type thing.
I've worked before but they have all been faced paced jobs. Stocking shelves at Meijer, cleaning a indoor go-cart track of tire dust before the next race which was always right away, bike delivery. All fast paced jobs, all leading to injury and generally pretty bad ones.
So I was curious if anyone knew of some career's I can try for which are a little slower paced, where I can't get overwhelmed, and which are friendly to those with disabilities and maybe even works with them on them.
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2022.02.03 16:39 actuary90120 Actuarial Hall of Shame

Below is a list of Fellows that have likely taken far less examinations (in some cases none) than the average actuary yet they are still entitled to call themselves “Fellows” as designated by the IFoA Royal Charter.
They are entitled to use the letters FIA or HonFIA and have the same rights as any so called Fellow of the IFoA.
The Royal Charter goes on to state that the title can be used if qualification is achieved by satisfying the regulations of the IFoA.
It is specifically mentioned that:
  1. When the Council determines that another actuarial association has equivalent qualification standards to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, the Council may enter into a mutual recognition agreement with that association.
A recent court ruling determined there was no educational equivalence with many European qualifications not even reaching the standard of associateship.
Initially the IFoA have proclaimed that mutual recognition did satisfy any educational equivalence requirements and even sworn that this is true on oath. Courageous actuaries have blown the whistle to demonstrate this was not true and evidence which the courts criticised the IFoA for concealing emerged, demonstrating that mutual recognition agreements did not demonstrate educational equivalence.
The IFoA then changed their story to claim that the educational equivalence mappings were not determined by them and blamed the Actuarial Association of Europe. It then turned out that the Actuarial Association of Europe was run by the IFoA with the former IFoA director of education and IFoA board member being assistant and chair of the AAE education board. The IFoA General Counsel also approved the agreements, as did the IFoA Council. As can be seen above Council is responsible. A member of the IFOA regulation and management board as well as council member was also the AAE chair of their education board.
Upon this discovery, the IFoA changed their story yet again, claiming that Fellows were not Fellows but Fellows with a star. This qualification simply does not exist.
While swearing on oath that there was educational equivalence, they simultaneously held meetings with foreign qualifications bodies and accusations of blackmail were made as the IFoA tried to twist the arm of foreign qualification bodies into conforming with the IFoA.
When this failed, mutual recognition agreements were supposedly cancelled.
Senior Executives of the IFoA (some of whom are facing disciplinary action via their own regulatory bodies) stated in court that all MRAs were suspended or cancelled, however as we can see from the list below, the IFoA has been awarding more fellowships via mutual recognition than ever before.
50 individuals were awarded fellowship in 2021 via supposedly cancelled mutual recognition agreements. How is this possible?
Why are these individuals also allowed to perform regulatory functions in the UK, hold the title of Chief Actuary at Lloyd’s, as well as enjoy the high salaries and career opportunities enjoyed by Fellows of the IFoA?
The individuals on the extensive list below should be required to take the appropriate examinations (like anyone else) to be called a Fellow and not rely on mutual recognition agreements which have been deemed educationally inequivalent as a finding of fact.
They should cease practice immediately until they have completed the necessary examinations, especially those with a practicing certificate as they pose a risk to the public.
Employers should also ask why these fellows have been employed in senior actuarial roles when they do not satisfy the requirements that any other fellow is required to meet.
In most cases this is illegal race discrimination as those applying via mutual recognition are non British nationals.
Ashish Ahluwalia 2021,
Ashwani Kumar Arora 2017,
Ankit Agarwal 2013,
Alexandra Bertomeu-Gilles 2018,
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Artur Pawel Switala 2020,
Abhinav Singh 2019,
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Aleskey Vilensky 2019,
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Alex Wang 2020,
Agnieszka Maria Wlodarczyk 2017,
Bridget Alice Browne 2002,
Bryan Carsberg 1999,
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Balachandra Trayambak Joshi 2021,
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Beatrice Monique Marie Maisonneuve 2020,
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Cyril-Antoine Pagniez 2020,
Carlos Perez 2020,
Catherine Pageau - Dufresne 2018,
Chloe Paillot 2007,
Claude Said Perret 1999,
Charles Chao Qin 2011,
Clementine Freha Marguerite Robert 2014,
Catherine Ruillere 2014,
Christopher Michael Smerald 2007,
Christian Heath Schirmer 1999,
Camille Viala 2011,
Christian Wittmann 2011,
Clara Yan 2004,
David Bell 2016,
Daniel Cantzler 2013,
Dorian Guichenduc 2016,
Devadeep Gupta 2013,
Davide Guarini 2003,
David Hartman 2009,
David Hunt of Wirral 2003,
David Hand 1999,
David Stuart Halse 2010,
Dawid Kopczyk 2018,
Diana Lax 2017,
Donald Angus MacKenzie 2017,
Dominik Jeremias Mueller 2021,
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David Spiegelhalter 2016,
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Fabien Philippe Ramaharobandro 2007,
Francois Coenraad Strydom 2021,
Francisco Sebastian 2015,
Fabio Schiaffini 2001,
Flavien Thery 2017,
Fei Yan 2012,
Giuseppe Bongarzone 2021,
Gilli Bezalely - Engel 2014,
Gregory John Andrew Cooper 2001,
Gerrit De Jong 2009,
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Georg Harbitz 1988,
Gautam Kakar 2006,
Giada Milocco 2017,
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Gregor Zavadlal 2014,
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Joshay Harkoo 2021,
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Jesper Honore Mathiasen 2012,
Jeev Muthulingam 2011, John Robert Manion 1999, Julian Peto 2003, Jiaramaneetaweesin Pichet 2008, Jukka Tapio Rantala 2004, Johan Meyer Schoeman 2021, Jean-Christophe Vanneaux 2016, Jie Ye Ye 2019, Karel Goossens 2015, Klaus Heubeck 1993, Krisztina Alexandra Halay 2015, Kartikey Kandoi 2021, Kenneth Kwok 2015, Kholeka Seluleko Mdluli 2021, Kamel Mallat 2019, Kailash Mittal 2014, Kunj Behari Maheshwari 2012, Konrad Piszczatowski 2021, Kaare Rasmussen 2005, Kaustav Sen 2021, Kathryn Staff 2006, Karel Van Hulle 2014, Lydia Bouwer 2021, Luisa Brighenti 2019, Loubna Benkirane 2010, Luc Berchem 2000, Luis Huerta-Rosas 2002, Luis Alfonso Jimenez Munoz 2003, Lucie Lidl 2014, Les Mayhew 2004, Li Mei 2019, Leon Mediavilla Garcia 2017, Lenka Miczova 2015, Loan-Anh Nguyen 2005, Louis Perroy 1993, Leonard Christopher Gordon Rogers 2003, Lakshmi Sethuraman Vishnampet 2007, Marco Aleandri 2019, Maxime Audet 2019, Magnolia Aspiras 2012, Michel Abbink 2000, Madhavi Bajekal 2016, Martin Balleer 1991, Mai Khanh Bui Minh 2021, Morris Chambers 1999, Manon Coudert 2018, Maria Natalia Carnevali Naimogen 2017, Maria De Fatima Claverie Giron 2017, Michael Peter Crouch 2007, Melanie Ellen Cusack 1997, Michael Dempster 2000, Mamadou Oury Diallo 2016, Mouna Daya-Viossat 2014, Milton Dean Dwonczyk 1995, Miary Caroline Eyre 2016, Marco Vincenzo Ferrieri 2020, Mark Daniel Ganz 2018, Mathilde Laura Haran 2016, Michal Kulesza 2018, Muhammad Nadeem Korim 2013, Mahmoud Lakkis 2019, Mariel Rosemarie Erika Ludecke 2017, Marie-Berangere Jeanne Leoni-Viville 2012, Marylene Lanari-Boisclair 2000, Mary Frances Miller 2005, Maria Marcelli 2021, Marta Munoz Vilar 2016, Matthew Clayton Modisett 2011, Matthew Gregory Mignault 2008, Masakatsu Nishibe 1999, Mark Nebelung 2012, Michael Ortmann 2002, Manuel Peraita 2000, Matthieu Portoleau 2014, Mauro Piccinini 2012, Mohit Sehgal 2021, Manuela Schaller Macrina 2020, Malheia Saleem 2017, Mela Simpraga 2016, Michael Blyth Toms 2021, Mariette Thulliez 2013, Martin Weale 2001, Mavis Walters 1999, Magnus Weiderling 2019, Nora Brauch 2019, Nathalie Balson 2014, Norma Cohen 2016, Natallia Drevila 2018, Neha Gupta 2013, Nora Liew 2000, Ninette Meyer 2018, Neil Olympio 2009, Niranjan Pathma-Nathan 2004, Onora O'Neill 2006, Oleg Gergel 2020, Olivier-Junior Karusisi 2015, Pauline Barthelemy 2015, Parul Bhatia 2012, Philip Walter Clark 2017, Peter Donnelly 1999, P K Dinakar 2021, Paul Embrechts 2000, Peter England 2014, Philipp Erb 2014, Paola Fontana 2004, Patrick Godfrey 2003, Pedro Jose Palmeiro Ribeiro da Silva Goncalves 1997, Pieter Hendrik Henning 2019, Prashansa Jain 2018, Paul John Marcel Klumpes 2008, Peter Kuys 1998, Peter Keutgens 2000, Pierre-Marc Levesque 2018, Philip Mawer 2015, Pablo Luis Morales 2008, Peter Maurer 2007, Prerna Nagpal 2018, Phuong Nga Nguyen 2016, Patrick Persaud 2011, Pablo Plaza Bocos 2009, Pranav Saklecha 2018, Pamela Reine Tchakounte Tchuidjeu 2021, Peter John Yeates 2008, Roy Malcolm Anderson 1999, Richard Blundell 2003, Rob Brown 2001, Roger Bootle 2000, Roger Bou Harb 2015, Rachid Bouchaib 2002, Robert Conger 2003, Robert Cole 2019, Robert Bo Chen 2003, Robin de Wilde 2016, Ravi Shanker Dubey 2010, Rajesh Dalmia 2009, Rochak Garg 2021, Rafal Gmerek 2014, Ruchika Gupta 2014, Rabih Gemayel 2011, Richard Charles Hartigan 2013, Raunak Jha 2019, Ren Bin Lin 2010, Raymond Lei 2003, Richard MacVe 2000, Roberto Malattia 2007, Ricardo Bruno Rogado Garcia 2014, Rushabh Shah 2021, Ritobrata Sarkar 2021, Rahul Sharma 2021, Richard Verrall 1999, Roberto Vegro 2015, Syed Waqar Ahmed 2010, Stanislas Boyer 2011, Shaun Michael Crossman 2021, Silene Capparotto 2019, Serdar Coskun 2018, Stefano Ciannavei 2016, Stephanus Johannes Du Preez 2021, Sherlee Delos Santos 2012, Sergio Desantis 1997, Srininvaasan Rao Errakiah 2013, Saida El Moujahid Chakkor 2012, Susan Dianne Elliott 2001, Sebastien Pierre Fulla 2012, Sally Greengross 2000, Sam Gutterman 1997, Sandip Goenka 2017, Shuyi He 2012, Subramaniam Narayana Iyer 1999, Satyan Jambunathan 2018, Shuchi Jindal 2015, Stavros Katsaitis 2016, Stefan Kaven 2008, Satbir Kaur Khemani 2007, Steven Lehmann 2000, Sergio Lopez Jimenez 2015, Shannon Lin 2012, Sylvie Anne Yvette Le Delliou-Viel 2008, Szymon Marszalek 2017, Sapna Malhotra 2015, Scott Morrow 2008, Sabine Manuela Moser 2005, Stephen John O'Grady 2002, Sophie Helene Marie O'Kelly 2002, Suman Pahari 2021, Srinivasa Rao 2008, Stephen Satchell 2001, Sachin Somani 2021, Sukhi Bhamra Sehra 2012, Saket Singhal 2009, Sunil Sharma 2007, Sipika Tandon Mathur 2021, Samantha Ko-Shan Tanner 2008, Stuart Wason 2000, Sharon Weiss 2021, Stephen Charles Windell 2021, Sabine Dagmar Walker 2003, Tim Congdon 2002, Thomas Cordier 2008, Timothy De Mars 2007, Tim Gosswiler 2019, Tanya Hayward 2017, Tomas Havel 2016, Tom Kirkwood 2002, Therese Kieve 2009, Timothy Roy Lane 2001, Thomas Mack 2001, Tony Ridley 1999, Thibaut Robert 2014, Tony Ting-Tung Siu 2014, Torben Thomsen 2004, Tao Zhang 2017, Udbhav Gupta 2012, Vishal Grover 2021, Vincent Bollache 2018, Vichitra Malhotra 2018, Vincent Regnier 2014, Vivek Jalan 2009, Vanessa Siew Huen Ho 2007, Veronique Pilorget 2007, Vincent Robert 2007, Viviane Ritz 1999, Valerie Arabeyre 1997, William Maurice Arthur 2014, William Briffaut 1993, Wai Sum Chan 2015, Wan Fung Chan 2016, Wei Hou 2015, Wing Lam 2011, Willem Sibble Meijer 1995, W James MacGinnitie 2002, Wesley John Montgomery 2021, Wasil Intsar Mohar 2018, William Andrew Muysken 2000, Walter Strom Rugland 1995, Wei Win Wong 2010, Xiaolin Li 2018, Xiaoqing Li 2021, Xavier Pierre Jean Couture 2015, Xiao Xuan Li 2009, Yulong Zhao 2016, Yves Guerard 1998, Yann Miloe 2021, Yunjing Xu 2020, Yuenan Li 2019, Yuen Ying Michelle Tsang 2018, Yafei Wang 2018, Yunting Liu 2013, Yvonne Palm 2013, Yu Pei 2012, Yulong Zhao 2016, Yves Guerard 1998, Yann Miloe 2021, Yunjing Xu 2020, Yuenan Li 2019, Yuen Ying Michelle Tsang 2018, Yafei Wang 2018, Yunting Liu 2013, Yvonne Palm 2013, Yu Pei 2012, Zhigang Xie 2018, Zuzanna Katarzyna Chmielewska 2019, Zarina Kalapesi 2007,
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2022.01.23 06:24 whoceleb Who is Peter Meijer's Wife? Net Worth, Age, Height, Career

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