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2023.06.02 17:32 RaspberryMoist8725 Dr devs and darius

When can we expect another update what's going to be on it? I feel like you were quite vague about 2.8
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2023.06.02 17:32 emcalcuadrado Is this week's the worst tavern brawl ever?

Is this week's the worst tavern brawl ever?
I know it's not the first time, but unlike Nefarian with random elements, this Mechazord is ALWAYS EXACTLY THE SAME, and cards are absurdly weak when the dude can increase damage twice in a row. With Nefarian, it could be new stuff with new spells since the last time we had it. With this sht, everything is the stale sht from years ago, and it feels impossible now. Did they increase the odds of the damage buff? I had 2 back to back after another increase turn 1, so by turn 5, 8 damage... impossible to win like that.
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2023.06.02 17:32 Aurelian50 Tempest round 1

I know Tempest was a bit polarizing the last time around, but I like it. If one accepts the lack of control over set timing with a bit of zen, it can be a great workout and a lot of fun.
That said, I continue to dislike the bodyweight reel at the beginning. Just make the pod AMRAPs 8 minutes instead of 7. In addition, including burpees in the regular warmup, the opening bodyweight reel, and at one of the target stations seems to betray a lack of creativity. Too many burpees—let’s have more variety.
The unexpectedly hard move of the day for me was the bar hang. I assumed it would be a “break” station, but coming to it right after the rower, my heart just kept racing.
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2023.06.02 17:31 ELKHANBOy BFF 2:8-Ball got eliminated. Vote for someone on idhafn again to be safe.

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2023.06.02 17:31 akspdodndnajskdkd Help me figure out how far along I am

I'm in a banned state and depending on how far along I am depends on which state I need to travel to.
I have an ultrasound scheduled and HCG test. But the imaging center said it would be best to wait until the "4-5 week" mark. But when I called to go ahead and get on PP books, they think I could be further along.
So I'm asking you guys.
My cycle is typically 26-28 days. My ovulation is usually day 13 and had gone all the way out to day 20.
Last normal period was on April 10th.
I had intercourse on April 23 - I can't find my journal so I'm unsure if this was protected but since it was within my ovulation time, I assume so.
I had unprotected intercourse on May 2.
I had what I thought was a period on May 6th. I did note that my period was really clotty. Which is unusal for me but I had started new medication and I suspected that might have been why. Otherwise, everything else seemed normal. The blood was bright red for 2 days. Brown the last 2. Yes my period us typically 4 days.
I had unprotected intercourse May 11th. Which I suspected was conception. 2 days later I started using OPK and they were dark but I thought it was leading up to ovulation but I actually never got a peak.
No other PIV intercourse.
May 27th I was terribly moody. With heartburn.
May 28th I noticed my forehead was really broken out. Which was highly unusual. I was severely moody all day. And kept having to pee. I was out of the house all day. I peed at 8:30pm. And had been drinking water pretty regularly. And at 9:30 (on diluted urine) I decided to just try to take a test. Because why not.
Almost immediately a second line popped up but it was faint. I've had that before and no pregnancy. So I asked my husband to check. He said he thought it was the evap line because it was faint. But for giggles he took a test to show his would have a line. And it didn't . So I grabbed a digital and sure enough it said positive. My next expected period is June 2.
All week my test have aligned with the 20 or so dpo test over on the line subs. My boobs just now have gotten sore and I started cramping like with my other pregnancy.
So I say all that to ask your opinions on how far along I am.
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2023.06.02 17:31 ImThePeppe QC maglie palm angels

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2023.06.02 17:30 ToMtRoOpEr1 A Better Final Villain

So i was just thinking about how to make the final season better and apart from removing the filler episodes and more time spent on Barry Allen himself i think the main villains have a big role to play as well as Red Death was pretty lacklustre and then Eddie was good but a tad rushed and wrapped up a bit quick
so i began thinking what the final villain of a season needs and i think among other things it’s a personal connection to the main heroes so I was trying to decide who it would be and i came up with someone - now this would need a large rewrite of not just the final seasons but Season 7 and Season 8 but i would propose that Kaitlyn Snow be the final villain of The Flash (well the final villain of the first 2/3 before Cobalt Blue comes in for the last arc)
now this would require that from about Season 7 (basically from when Frost and Kaitlyn split) until Season 8 finale we rewrote Kaitlyn to make some darker decision that are for the greater good and we have a kinda slow burn of Kaitlyn becoming less of the perfect and good doctor she was in the early seasons
then it comes to the motivation of Kaitlyn and I think that her motivation would be reviving Killer Frost - this is something we know she wants to do and i think this would transition her into a more villainous Dr Frankenstein role where since Kaitlyn obviously can’t match the Flash or anyone really in terms of power she would be a kinda orchastrative villain who does experiments on dead metas from throughout the series like Clyde Martin, Eobard Thawne (with the retcon that a body was left at the end of S8) or any metas that want to bring back but say they died between when we last saw them and now i think she could be experimenting with Ramsey Rosso’s blood and maybe she is keeping him captive somewhere
then i think eventually after she has perfected the ability to revive people she uses it Frost and then doesn’t turn herself in but knows that Team Flash will never forgive her so tries to leave but is caught and arrested by Barry - one thing is there would not be any kind of motivational speech that makes Kaitlyn realise she was wrong but she knew the whole time and decided that it was for the “greater good” of bringing Frost back and she would be arrested with Barry still going to visit her because they were once friends but she wouldn’t be redeemed
then i think Ramsay would escape and this would lead into the Oliver Queen episodes and also another side not is that we could still get red death but instead of batwoman it would be the body of eobard thawne and ramsey rosso blood mixed together but then after this arc we would move onto the cobalt blue story to end the series
so what do you guys think about Kaitlyn being a villain not necessarily my ideas about ow it would play out but the idea in general
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2023.06.02 17:30 sry1024 Advice

I have been pet sitting for a very long time now (over a decade). I started when I was about ten years old in my neighborhood just going and letting dogs out for neighbors. This was about 2012ish, and I charged $10 a day to do so. I quickly built up a clientele and now at 20 years old I pet sit when I am home from college. I on average have at least 2 separate households a week (upwards of 4 some weeks) that I am pet sitting for. I charge a flat rate of $25 a day for each household. I make a morning trip at 8 am and then 4-5 visits till 9pm per day. Each visit ranging from 15-30 minutes at each household. I don’t stay in the house overnight and I walk the pets as requested by the owners with little to no compensation for it. I know I am selling myself short, however, with already established clients they are expecting such cheap rates now that I have been charging them for so long. Any advice? In suburban north carolina
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2023.06.02 17:30 Accomplished-Law-657 smh we got Joyce commenting on my videos 😂😂😂

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2023.06.02 17:30 OPMxKartikeyn I want some advice for my build.

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2023.06.02 17:30 ANewNight [H] 90-93% Various Cryptos [W] Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Chime, Current

93% for trades of $500 or more.
92% for trades of $50 or more
$8 fee if you are sending less than $50
Rates for BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, USDT, any other
92% for trades of $500 or more
90% for trades of $50 or more
$10 fee if you are sending less than $50
I buy cryptocurrency at these rates
96% for trades of $500 or more
95% for trades of $50 or more
$10 fee if you are sending less than $50
I can swap between dozens of different cryptocurrencies. Feel free to ask if I can send the one you want
You send first, no exceptions
Comment before PM
Do not send Venmo as “goods and services”.
I cover all mining fees.
No third party transactions. I will verify that you are the person sending the money.
Payments must be sent from balance.
Don’t mention crypto in memo when sending
No PayPal
Not interested in gift cards or prepaid cards
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2023.06.02 17:29 TwanDaddie Receiving retired pay that I am not entitled to, but DFAS says I am

So for context, I was medically retired in the navy after 8 years of active duty. Since I am under 20 years of service I am only entitled to my VA compensation and not my retirement pay as my VA compensation is the higher of the two. All was fine for the first couple months and I got my VA payments as normal.
Now yesterday, I received $7,000 from DFAS for back pay of my “retirement pay”. Okay I call DFAS, they say they have no issues on their end even when I tell them im getting VA compensation. They tell me to maybe call the VA.
I then call the VA, the send me a letter of proof that DFAS was notified 3 months ago that I am receiving VA compensation. I then call back DFAS, and they said they still see no issues.
Knowing DFAS I feel as though this will go on for a while and I will get some debt letter in like 2 years owing 10s of thousands.
I will not spend the money. I documented all of my calls with both agencies and have the letter that the VA notified DFAS. Would I be protected if they come after me since I made attempts to fix an issue and they said they see no problems?
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2023.06.02 17:29 FunnyAsFuck Can't seem to get 8.5mo wake windows right?

8.5 month old is currently waking up at 5:30am every morning in addition to one middle of the night waking on average (we don't feed him during this waking). His current schedule most days is:
Wake up: 5:30am Nap 1: 9:15-10:45 Nap 2: 2:30-3:15pm Bedtime 7:30pm
so his wake windows are 3.75/3.75/4.25
We base first nap on earliest desired wake time of 6am, but can't seem to get him to that after trying for over a month now. Are we stretching his wake windows a bit too much?
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2023.06.02 17:29 Dizzy_Mind82 Fit check/ help

Fit check/ help
Fit check/help
Hello everyone! I’m very new to the Birkenstock world, and so far I’m completely hooked! I’m not a person that ever liked or wore open toe shoes (I dislike flip flops etc) and in sneakers I am a 7.5- 8 women’s. 7.5 is snug but still completely comfortable. 8 are slightly more room at the toe so all my running and walking shoes are 8s- I got my first pair of Arizonas and I sized at a 39- they are now starting to feel a bit loose after 2 weeks of wearing, so I may punch a hole in the strap. Regardless last week I went and purchased some Kyoto and I accidentally bought the 38s vs the 39s- and while they still fit fine and are comfortable I don’t know if I should return them for the 39- or just leave them as is and stay with the 38. The toe bar sits better in 38 but also doesn’t bother me at all in 39 and I’m completely lost and torn on what to do- I feel like I should return them but want to make sure I’m not overthinking it.
Maybe I’m getting to hung up on the number?
I just know they are a long term shoe and I don’t want to mess it up lol sorry for the novel!
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2023.06.02 17:29 Twenty-ate Best way to store a backup?

Hopefully this is the right sub for this.
I work with industrial machines with proprietary software. All the customer specific parameters of said software is stored in a registry, and I’ve already written a script that backs up the relevant registry keys. I’ve now more recently learned that I’m able to use windows task scheduler to run that script at regular (monthly) intervals to always keep a fresh backup of the customers settings and parameters.
The total size of this file like will never exceed a few MB even after dozens or hundreds of backups have been taken. The main reason to keep these backups is because the hard drives only have a lifespan of maybe 4-8 years in the hot environments that they work in. Since the dying hard drive is the reason that I need these backups in the first place, if the drive goes, the backup also goes.
I’ve been thinking of other alternatives
I could add some steps to make it so that the backed up registry file is emailed to an offsite backup storage, but about half of the customers do not have their machine connected to the internet, so this does not work.
I could have all the backups go onto a usb key that just stays plugged into the machine forever. Currently, I am a big fan of this options.
I could install a second hard drive, but even though I would be buying the smallest hard drive possible, if we’re sending out 4 machines a week, the usb stick option seems much more in the budget.
Are there any other suggestions for on site backups? I would like to keep the customer as far away from it as possible.
The computer itself is locked inside an electrical cabinet not typically within reach of the operator, but it’s a hot dusty environment.
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2023.06.02 17:29 MrsLuce Uber is paying drivers different surge prices unfairly.

I loive in a state when there's only two cities where uber is a big deal. We have an airport where our surges pop up, and it's a set price cap for 24 hours. My husband is a diamond driver with over 3k rides and a near perfect rating/acceptance rate/ cancelation rate. I however have blue status, and I have not done as many rides, maybe half. As it turns out in our city, multiple drivers have a different surge price cap, say I could have $8 and my husband will have $6. We also have talked to other drivers in town and it happens to them as well. It has been like this for months and uber support has basically said oh well...
Is anyone else experiencing this?
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Let’s take a moment and come together as a community of trusted and well-guarded buyers and sellers here on Reddit, and agree that the shit show over at RepFashionBST has now started to taint our ecosystem on our end. Yes, it was a very neat try at reviving the BST essence when we all banded together to close it while we sorted out issues with other subs being canned repwatchbstrepladiesbst*
We are also now including the subreddit RepSneakersBST
Places you are able to crosspost or have activity on is on REPSNEAKERBST , QualityRepsBST
As of 8/29/2022 we will now Strictly Enforce a ban on Cross-Posting to that specific subreddit. What does that mean?
If you get scammed and come to us and we find out you crossposted, you will be banned for 30 days effective immediately.
If we take a glance at your post in our queue and take a look at your recent history and see you posted in the other sub you will be Temp Banned for 7 days for the first offense. 30 days for the second offense. After that, it will be a Permanent Ban unless we believe it's an issue already we have the right to completely ban without first offenses etc.
If your account is mentioned in our mod mail and we see a history of buying and selling on that sub you will be banned according to the new system explained ⬆️
Now that that’s clear go ahead and deter people from using that sub. It was never affiliated with us and it will never be, try and direct all traffic this way to help people stay safe.
Side Note If your post has been removed it was put into the moderator queue to be approved, it doesn’t mean it was removed entirely we have mod messages that explain why your post was removed.

APPLICATION FOR NEW VOUCHED USERS (if you don't read this then you ain't good enough to be a vouched user)
current requirements for Vouched Flair:
For more information on the Vouching system, click here.
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2023.06.02 17:29 KayRay1994 male and female attraction are fundamentally different and that’s why things like dating apps flat out don’t work

Male and female attraction are fundamentally different - men are very visual and women are very emotional when it comes to attraction, meaning that for a woman to attract a man, she just has to look good while the man has to make her feel something - that’s also why women tend to have very high standards in terms of looks alone (but also why they’re more lax if you’re able to do things outside of looks) - since women are emotional with their form of attraction (even if it is a ONS - doesn’t mean she wants to date you btw, just means that you made her feel something at the moment), things like context, vibes, what you say/do end up mattering way more - which is why a 6, for example, who’s funny, charismatic, stylish, fun, etc tends to be at least just as successful as an 8.5 who is boring.
Here is the best example to illustrate this - a picture of a woman in her underwear in a dimly lit messy room with a dirty mirror is still gonna be hot to a lot of men, make it a shirtless guy (who has a good body) with the same circumstances, the woman will wonder why his mirror is dirty, why they room is a mess, why the lighting is so dim and why he’s just standing there in front of a mirror doing nothing. Now, add an emotional stimuli - if he’s a stranger, let’s say he’s an athlete or DJ or whatever, she can add context to it and her emotions begin playing a role, or say, if she dude is average but he’s been talking to this girl for weeks and they’re into each other, the picture now becomes about what they might do together, for example.
Extend this to dating apps, which are primarily focused on photos - since men are visually stimulated, that’s more than enough for them to decide if she’s attractive (and at the other end, why gay men get so much attention in there), but since women are primarily emotionally attracted, photos alone do next to nothing unless a person is exceptionally hot (which so why lesbians also struggle on apps) - flat out, women need that human element and emotional stimuli to seek out a partner, and modern dating in itself in antithetical to that fundamental need.
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2023.06.02 17:28 Fentanja Daily reminder that Elon Musk your enemy

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2023.06.02 17:28 Spare-Question-8438 Question about NHI

I had an appointment at a dermatologist this evening. I arrived at 8:00 p.m. I was number 64 but the clinic was only taking number 15 at the time. I was told that they could not take me until after 10:00 p.m. Then I was told that the adjacent clinic by that point would be closed and I would have to arrive the next morning for my medication. As I have to work in the morning that was not a possibility either. I had to cancel the appointment I made. As I was the one canceling the appointment, is there any ramifications on my NHI record, or when I file taxes?
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2023.06.02 17:28 KoronaVirus258 Ranked Game

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2023.06.02 17:28 RaspberryMoist8725 Maybe!?!?!

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