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2023.03.29 09:06 isherry-k Do not trust these hand grips for support unless you wanna swing mid-air like Spiderman.

Do not trust these hand grips for support unless you wanna swing mid-air like Spiderman.
For all tourists/ newcomers, do not trust these flimsy hand grips on the Sydney buses unless you want to swing mid-air like Spiderman on a sharp turn. I was forced to take the bus because the trains were undergoing track work (as usual). Since it was my first time I thought I could easily balance myself little did I know that I would be swinging mid-air on the bus and end up on the the lap of the gentleman sitting right next to me. What an awkward moment that was, so yea be wary.
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2023.03.29 09:05 Anthropic--principle Ukrainian forces destroy Russia's Su-24M near Bakhmut - Air Force Command

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2023.03.29 08:54 greenenergyaus_aus Solar PPA vs Solar Leasing - GEE Energy

Commercial Solar in Australia

As per a new industry report, Australia crossed the 25GW imprint for introduced PV limit, which is generally determined at 1kW of PV introduced per individual. This is empowering the Australian business Solar area to develop at a high speed as the nation consistently diagrams its direction to turn into a worldwide forerunner in the Solar power age.
While organizations can constantly decide to introduce a Solar power framework in a business property, it very well may challenge some to get to Solar with regards to foundation prerequisites, costs, or on the other hand in the event that the business is on an investment property.

Using Solar Without a Solar Power System

Business foundations hoping to profit from the advantages of Solar power can decide to select either a Solar power buy understanding or go for Solar lease choices.
While the two decisions accompany their particular benefits, it is essential to know which one can assist your business with satisfying its energy utilization necessities while additionally being practical, without introducing a genuine planetary group.
We know, sounds confounding, isn't that so?
How about we dispel any confusion around Solar PPAs and Solar leases, comprehend how they work, and what the two choices involve?

Solar PPA Vs. Solar Lease

Organizations contemplating becoming environmentally viable and choosing to introduce Solar chargers might find it hard to tell where to start. Entrepreneurs hoping to pursue a brilliant venture choice without putting weight on the above expenses might need to think about their choices and choose to go for either Solar PPA or Solar lease prior to buying a planetary group straightforwardly.

What is Solar PPA?

Solar PPA is an agreement between two gatherings - one that creates power (the supplier) and one hoping to buy power (the client). It is normally a long haul yet may offer the client a chance to purchase the framework through and through later.

How Does Solar PPA Work?

Being the client in a PPA game plan, a business needs to organize the space for introducing and mounting a planetary group. Following this, the PPA supplier assumes full liability for introducing, keeping up with, and possessing the planetary group. All the business needs to do is buy power created by this Solar power framework from the supplier as indicated by settled-upon rates and terms.

Term of Understanding

While a Solar PPA typically endures somewhere in the range of 10 to 25 years, it relies upon the settled course of events set by the client and the PPA supplier. Clients can decide to purchase the framework toward the finish of the understanding period.

What is Solar Lease?

Businesses deciding on Solar leases in Australia pay a decent month-to-month add-up to their Solar retailer for utilizing a planetary group, without claiming a framework by and large. It essentially permits organizations to sidestep forthright expenses and pay for a Solar power framework over a particular timeframe at a commonly settled upon month-to-month sum + interest.

How Does Solar lease Work?

Planetary group rent permits organizations to get Solar introduced on their property by a CEC-supported Solar supplier. Whenever it is introduced, the business pays for the Solar power framework consistently independent of the force age limit. In the interim, the Solar supplier possesses and keeps up with the nearby planet group.

Span of Arrangement

The length of arrangement for the Solar lease could endure from anyplace between 5 to 15 years relying upon the terms of rent understanding between the business and Solar supplier. Very much like toward the finish of a Solar PPA understanding, clients have a choice to purchase out or buy the nearby planet group after the renting term is finished.

Which Choice is Better for your Business?

While Solar PPA and Solar lease are both incredible choices for organizations to profit from Solar power with next to no extra obligations or added costs, it relies upon their particular necessities. The primary distinctions between both are the span and the valuing structure, with Solar PPA offering greater adaptability over Solar lease.
In this manner, guarantee that whichever choice you pick ends up being helpful over the long haul.
Connect with our experts to get an obligation-free solar consultation for your business today!
Call us at 1300 707 042 or send us an email via [email protected]
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2023.03.29 08:53 Apollo_Frog The US military, and Greek Mythology

Everything is named after the gods. All the planets, science, and trade. All the NASA "moon landings" named after Apollo the God of light. The statue of Liberty represents Helios the sun God. The Goddess Columbia reigns atop The U.S. Capitol building, and named after the Goddess The District of Columbia. MERCURY the messenger god meets you outside the Capitol building. The modern EMT symbol, and symbol from medicine comes straight from the Greeks, and the good Apollo's son teaching medicine to man. The snake emblem also reflects the Rod of Asclepius, widely used as the symbol of medical care worldwide. There are several theories as to its development; it is named for the Greek mythological figure Asclepius, who was said to have possessed healing power.
The American colonial revolutionary, Thomas Greenleaf, subtitled his newspaper "The Argus" after the mythological watchman and took the slogan "We Guard the Rights of Man."
The Pegasus appears frequently on stamps, particularly for air mail. In 1906, Greece issued a series of stamps featuring the stories from Hercules' life. Australia commemorated the laying of an underwater cable linking it to the island of Tasmania through a stamp featuring an image of Amphitrite.
The United States military has used Greek mythology to name its equipment such as the Nike missile project and the Navy having over a dozen ships named from Greek mythology. Greek mythology has been the source for names for a number of ships in the British navy as well as the Australian Royal Navy which has also named a training facility in Victoria called HMAS Cerebus. The Canadair CP-107 Argus of the Royal Canadian Air Force is named in honor of both the hundred eyed Argus Panoptes the "all seeing" and Odysseus' dog Argus who was the only one who identified Odysseus upon his return home.
In science and technology
The Apollo 16 lunar module on the moon Many celestial bodies have been named after elements of Greek mythology. The constellation of Scorpius represents the scorpion that attacked Orion and the scorpions that frighted the horses when Phaëton was driving the sun-chariot; while Capricorn may represent Pan in a myth that tells of his escape from Typhon by jumping into the water while turning into an animal - the half in the water turned into a fish and the other half turned into a goat. Demeter, a main-belt asteroid discovered by Karl Reinmuth on May 31, 1929, is named after the Greek goddess of fruitful soil and agriculture.[25]
The elements tantalum and niobium are always found together in nature, and have been named after the King Tantalus and his daughter Niobe. The element promethium also draws its name from Greek mythology, as does titanium, which was named after the titans who in mythology were locked away far underground, which reflected the difficulty of extracting titanium from ore.
The U.S. Apollo Space Program to take astronauts to the moon, was named after Apollo, based the god's ability as an archer to hit his target and being the god of light and knowledge.
Written more than two thousand years ago, texts by ancient Greeks still have a major impact on the modern militaries of today in numerous ways.
At the start of the Cold War, the then US secretary of state, George Marshall, read the histories of Herodotus and Thucydides, convinced that the events of the Peloponnesian War and the fall of Athens were worthy of review in those unprecedented times when the United States and Russia— the Athens and Persia on the contemporary age, faced each other in conflict.
Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War is still studied at many military academies, including West Point, the Command and Staff College of the US Marine Corps, and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Recruits at army and naval colleges are encouraged to study what the text has to say about strategic leadership, garnering support in a protracted war and the impact of biological warfare.
The “Melian Dialogue” is considered particularly important, containing the Athenians’ justification for conquering Melos in what was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the late 5th century BC.
Also known to have studied Greek military texts are Colin Powell and David Pet­raeus, whose fall from grace in 2012 after the revelation that he had leaked classified information to his mistress has often been noted in Sophoclean terms. It did not go unnoticed at the time that “Petraeus” was the name of a centaur, a half-man, half-horse figure of Greek myth, renowned for his sexual appetite.
But Greek text also have a therapeutic nature for the military, as well as victims on the other side of the conflict.
The Greek tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides continue to provide a powerful lens through which soldiers heal after returning from conflict. In his recent book, The Theater of War: What Ancient Greek Tragedies Can Teach Us Today, Bryan Doerries describes his work with Theater of War, a traveling drama collective that performs Sophocles’s most intense explorations of the psychological impact of war for US soldiers and veterans.
USS Prometheus USS Triton (SSRN/SSN-586), a United States Navy nuclear-powered radar picket submarine, was the first vessel to execute a submerged circumnavigation of the Earth (Operation Sandblast), doing so in early 1960.
The mythological Greek god Triton was the messenger of the seas. He's usually represented as a merman.
This can be associated with Triton because it explores the seas and it was the first submarine to go around the Earth.
Greek mythology in the military The Nike Missile Project was a U.S. Army Project proposed in 1945 and finished in 1953. The Nike Zeus, Hercules, and Ajax. Nike was the Greek God of Victory and can be associated with speed. It was made to shoot down jet aircraft.
Nike Missile Project USS Medusa (AR-1) was the United States Navy's first purpose-built repair ship. She served in the U.S. Navy from 1924 to 1946. Medusa wasa gorgon. Whoever looked in her eyes was turned to stone. Medusa can Be Associated with the ship because it was the first type of ship, like Medusa was the first mortal gorgon sister.
Gorgon Stare is a video capture technology developed by the United States military[1]. It is a spherical array of nine cameras attached to an aerial drone.[2] The US Air Force calls it "wide-area surveillance sensor system"
HMAS Cerberus has always been Navy personnel training. With the establishment of four tri-service schools over the last 13 years, this role has been extended to training Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Cerberus was Ares' three headed hellhound which had a serpent's tail, a mane of a snakes, and a lion's claw. This can be associated with the military because it is a military base that trains 3 different branches (like Cerberus' three heads)
The Argus was made for the Royal Canadian Airforce. In its early years, the Argus was reputedly the finest anti-submarine patrol bomber in the world. Argus was Odysseus' dog, the only one to recognize Odysseus when he first got back. The airplane can be associated with Argus the dog because it detects submarines/hidden things. Like Argus when he was the only one to detect Odysseus.
Canadair CP-107 Argus USS Prometheus (AR-3) was a repair ship that served the United States Navy during World War I and World War II.
Prometheus was a Titan, not a god. He is known to have given the mortals fire. Prometheus joined the Gods in the Titan war, instead of the Titans.
It can be associated with the Titan in the way that it repairs other ships and helps them, like how Prometheus helped out mortals by giving them fire.
HMAS Cerberus
USS Triton
USS Medusa
What is Project NIMBUS? Lightning has long perplexed scientists. Not only are atmospheric scientists unsure of exactly what initiates lightning, but they also don’t understand precisely how and why it is able to propagate over great distances, and where it will strike. That makes it, in DARPA’s view, “one of the major unsolved mysteries in the atmospheric sciences.”
First up is a fascinating request for proposals from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, who is looking to build a “Positioning System for Deep Ocean Navigation.” It has the handy acronym of POSYDON.
POSYDON will be “an undersea system that provides omnipresent, robust positioning” in the deep ocean either for crewed submarines or for autonomous seacraft. “DARPA envisions that the POSYDON program will distribute a small number of acoustic sources, analogous to GPS satellites, around an ocean basin,” but I imagine there is some room for creative maneuvering there.
The idea of an acoustic deep-sea positioning system that operates similar to GPS is pretty interesting to imagine, especially considering the strange transformations sound undergoes as it is transmitted through water. To establish accurately that a U.S. submarine has, in fact, heard an acoustic beacon and that its apparent distance from that point is not being distorted by intervening water temperature, ocean currents, or even the large-scale presence of marine life is obviously quite an extraordinary challenge.
As DARPA points out, without such a system in place, “undersea vehicles must regularly surface to receive GPS signals and fix their position, and this presents a risk of detection.” The ultimate goal, then, would be to launch ultra-longterm undersea missions, even establish permanently submerged robotic networks that have no need to breach the ocean’s surface. Cthulhoid, they will forever roam the deep.
U.S. naval forces need a way to project key capabilities in multiple locations at once, without the time and expense of building new vessels to deliver those capabilities.
DARPA has initiated the Hydra program to help address these challenges. Named for the multi-headed creature from Greek mythology, Hydra aims to develop a distributed undersea network of unmanned payloads and platforms to complement manned vessels. The system would integrate existing and emerging technologies in new ways to create an alternate means of delivering various capabilities above, on and below the ocean’s surface. The goal is to create a force multiplier that enables rapid, scalable and cost-effective deployment of assets close to the point of use
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2023.03.29 08:51 OG_monica PK NIKE AIR FORCE 1 LOW TIFFANY & CO

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2023.03.29 08:48 Gammonboi Conversation With a Snail - A Short Story About Snails and Death

The following story is about a man given the gift of immortality, with a price. The price comes in the form of a Snail, also immortal. The Snail is the only thing that can kill him, and can do so with a single touch. It is intelligent, relentless, and only interested in touching him, resulting in an endless life of constant fear and dread, never happy in one place for too long before having to flee to the next. This story takes place in the year 4,385; and our protagonist has grown tired of running.
"I've been waiting for you," He sank into his chair. It was an old armchair, creaky and musty, splitting at the seams and groaning loudly under the slightest increase in weight. But he loved it fondly. He'd grown rather attached to this house over the past few centuries, and that chair was among the things that stood out to him the most. It was durable, for one thing; it had lasted almost two hundred years of him sitting on it constantly (As of late, he hadn't really been moving much), and it was also comfortable enough for him to sleep somewhat soundly for what seemed like days on end.
He let out a weary sigh, holding his head in his hands.
"I must be losing my mind. Staring Death in the face and all I can think of is armchairs; I'm probably already dead," he muttered to himself, getting to his feet and stretching his stiff bones. "Make yourself at home!" He called out as he clicked his back, chuckling as the Snail kept moving. "Who am I kidding? You're finally getting what you wanted after all this time, you're not going to want a chat," he turned and made his way to the desk, where an old gramophone sat. He scraped off the thick coating of dust before winding it up, putting on a record from ages past. Miraculously, it worked. As it played a crackly ballad, he turned to his fate, patiently inching toward him without a care in the world. Right now, it was spoiling a perfectly good vintage rug bought from a marketplace in Eastern Europe, sometime in the 36th Century. At least, that's what the post-it note said. The entire living room was smattered with them, giving context and insights to many ornaments long forgotten to time, and there were plenty of ornaments to pick from. Vast quantities of trinkets and keepsakes adorned the shelves and the tables, a huge collection of priceless junk collected over the past century, all living in the cottage he currently called home. He turned away from the gramophone and spoke again, adopting a more authoritative tone to his voice. "Well, you're getting one anyway. I'm sure you're desperate to end me right here and now, but that can wait. You've been hunting me for millennia, you can wait an extra five minutes," he said. The Snail kept moving. "Should we catch up from last time?" No response. "I thought so. when did we see each other last? It must've been about a couple hundred years ago," he pondered, scratching his chin with an aged hand. The answer suddenly came to him. "Oh, that's right! It was in that hut in Venezuela! I loved that place. Very homely, albeit rather chilly. I suppose some breezes can be expected if you never bother to board up the holes in the wall. And why should I have bothered? You'd have ended up reaching me anyway," He sighed, and a tear rolled down his face. "We've had a good life, you know that? You and me, it hasn't been so bad. It's just..." He wiped his face. "I wish I'd spent a bit more time thinking instead of running. I've been running for too long, always on edge, always terrified of you and your consequences. All I ever did when I saw you was run, and that never left room for me to appreciate your company for what it was. Time with a friend," he chuckled. "Heh, "friend". It feels strange to say but, you're the closest thing I've had to a friend in a long time."
The Snail kept moving. It was off the rug now.
"Of course, I've had friends. Countless, in fact. You don't make it to this age without making a few pals, you know? But when you grow as old as me, long-lasting friendships don't actually end up lasting that long. I meet them, we have a good time, then they go," He sighed. He rubbed his eyes and continued, a solemn edge to his voice. "Just like that. And it hurt, when they went. It hurt so much. And I never knew why." He was sobbing now, his face streaming with tears. "And you know what?" He wiped his face, washing off the tears and the compassion and all the stupid emotions that had held him back for so long. He took a deep breath, and his face darkened. "It's not fair." He picked up the gramophone, still crackling away. "Why did I have to be the special one?" He spat, his face creasing with anger. "Why do I have to spend my life living in fear and sadness and loathing? Why couldn't it have been anybody else? It always had to be me, didn't it? I was screwed from the start, just because fate thought so! It's just NOT FAIR!" Without a second thought, he threw the gramophone at the Snail with as much force as he could muster. It shattered instantly, letting out a final discordant crunch as it burst into thousands of pieces. But the Snail kept moving, completely unfazed by the attack. He kept throwing things, each one doing as little damage as the last. "I was meant to be above them all! I'm supposed to be a God! Why the HELL am I so weak!?" He went to grab another ornament from the shelf behind him, but he simply clutched at thin air. He spun round, seeing the top row empty, the contents now in pieces on the floor. In one last desperate fit of rage, he grabbed the back and toppled the entire thing on his tormentor. After a minute of pained silence, the dust cleared, and underneath the rubble, the Snail kept moving.
He didn't really know what to expect, but either the effort or the futility caught him off-guard, and he came to his senses. He stumbled over the rubble to his armchair, where he pushed it against a misty window, as far away from the Snail as possible. He slumped down, suddenly feeling his age catching up with him. "God, I'm not as young as I was. What I wouldn't do to get some of my youth back, eh?" He chuckled, and glanced at the Snail emerging from the dusty wreckage before him. It kept moving. "Sorry for losing my temper, that wasn't very good of me. I guess a little tantrum was a long time coming, what with the constant anxiety I've been feeling. It's just..." He took a breath. "I can't help but feel like I've been doing everything wrong. There's never enough time to do everything, but it still feels awful when you can't do it," He thought for a second. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't think I'll ever be happy, no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise. And, truth be told, I haven't been all that cheerful in a while. In fact, I've been bored stiff. It's a pretty lonely experience, being immortal. The last one went away years ago, and it wasn't grand or awe-inspiring or anything, it was just death. I was there by their side and they seemed grateful for the company; then they breathed their last breath and I was lonely, just like that. And now I'm here, half a millennium later, lonely ever since," he let out a deep gasp, not even aware until now that he'd run out of breath, or that salty tears were streaming down his face, or that his nose was running across his mouth. He wiped away the tears, sniffed back the snot, and continued. "I've lived so long with next to no fear of dying, and I don't think that means I even lived in the first place," another sigh escaped him, but his face was steel. "And I'm tired of not living," his voice wobbled. "So I've decided to stop." The tears kept streaming down his face, each one more bitter than the last. He tried wiping them away, but more kept coming, never ceasing, never stopping. Meanwhile, the Snail kept moving. It was less than a metre away now. He gathered his thoughts, finally managed to dry his face, and stood up, finished. "Well, I've said my piece. Come." He strode over to the front door, pushing down the handle and giving it a hard barge with his shoulder to open it. It swung outward, and he stepped outside into the crisp morning air.
The grass was wet with morning dew, catching the early rays of light and sparkling like a field of stars. A raven croaked a couple of times, and flew off into the brightening sky, disappearing into the horizon. Breathing in the cold air, he sighed, then set off on one last walk around the garden. A final pensive stroll before he could finally see what all the fuss was about. He walked down the patio steps and across the decking. He hopped over the little stream by the firepit and ran a gentle hand across the beech tree as he strode past. He drank in every memory, savoured every last moment he got to spend here; the crunch of the sticks as they snapped underfoot, the whispering trickle of the stream as it flowed through the garden, the calm scent of the snowdrops as he took in his final breaths. Every moment was cherished; every single feeling and thought was savoured; this wasn't just a walk across a pretty garden, this was special.
He wanted these seconds to last forever, to remain in a perfect snapshot of brilliance for all eternity. To gaze at the burning sky and bathe in nature until time itself gave up.
But he knew he couldn't.
And he was fine with that.
After his walk, he ended up back at the lawn, now bathed in the warm orange glow of the rising sun. The Snail was there too, a little brown speck nestled amongst the grass about ten metres away; it had stopped moving now. He started to walk, nervous but confident. Cold waves of fear washed over, but he took them on the chin and pressed onward. Each step he took required more effort, his legs getting heavier and heavier as he marched towards his death, getting closer and closer; before finally coming to a stop. The Snail was just in front of him, about half a meter away; it seemed peaceful, simply sitting there, waiting for his touch. And he was just as ready as it was. Now he was finally here, he didn't feel scared at all. He just felt a bittersweet sort of happiness.
"Alright," A smile shone on his face as he knelt down on the lawn, closer to the Snail than he'd ever been. "It's been an honour."
The sun shined. The wind was still. The birds were quiet. He raised a finger, closed his eyes, and softly touched the Snail.
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2023.03.29 08:48 FurrowedFury SrA plans on Yelling at Colonel in his Office

I know of a SrA who plans on storming the Wing and Group Colonel's office's.
The story he tells is dramatic and unfair. But also clearly looks past his own failures. This guy has every right to be disgruntled. But he could have taken so many different steps for things to have been better.
His body has been used and abused by the Air Force. Medical and Leadership worked to dismiss him at every turn and nearly screwed him out of his disability. He had to reenlist to continue the VA process.
After a year or so of fighting and back and forths, he finally got his disability squared away at 100%. Finally has his ticket out. He'll seperate in a few weeks.
He wants to storm into their offices and chew them out. I don't think it's wise, in fact its downright idiotic. But he feels entitled to giving them a piece of his mind.
What consequences does he potentially face kicking the hornets nest on his way out the door?
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2023.03.29 08:46 gogogetterdawg Medical history

I want to join the Air Force, but I am worried that my medical history may hold me back. I have dislocated my patella and had ACL surgery 6 years ago.. but I am fully recovered and I am now regularly hitting the gym, squatting over 300 pounds. Would i still be able to join? What kind of medical injuries are disqualifying?
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2023.03.29 08:35 Tear-Wide Normal Reasons Your Aircon Doesn't Work Even Subsequent to Overhauling

Normal Reasons Your Aircon Doesn't Work Even Subsequent to Overhauling
Is your forced air system not keeping your home virus even subsequent to adjusting? Is it true that you are not getting the Aircon chemical wash presentation you anticipate from your climate control system? A great many people expect that a forced air system ought to continuously work and they Aircon chemical overhaul are essentially dead on. A forced air system ought to make your home cold and bring the temperature down to the ideal levels assuming each and every part in the air conditioner works. Aircon servicing On the off chance that the climate control system isn't proceeding as it ought to, it implies that something isn't right with the climate control system. Assuming you have as of late got your forced air system adjusted it's as yet not performing, it could mean just something single.

How to Choose the Best Aircon Installation Company in Singapore?

The main explanation your climate control system isn't keeping your home virus even subsequent to Aircon Not cold is that the expert you employed for adjusting isn't knowledgeable with the brand or model of your climate control system. It is a typical issue Second hand Aircon and you are in Aircon steam cleaning good company. A great many people assume that all the forced air system professionals have gotten a similar preparation and have the important Aircon service contract
devices and parts to fix a wide Aircon gas topup
Aircon spare parts range of issue with the A/C however that isn't correct, tragically.
Daikin aircon servicing
Mitsubishi Aircon servicing
Midea Aircon servicing
Panasonic Aircon servicing
Lg aircon servicing
Hitachi Aircon servicing
Sharp Aircon servicing
York Aircon servicing
Gree Aircon servicing
There are many organizations making forced air systems and a large portion of these organizations have sent off many various models in various limits and with a variety of highlights. An undeveloped professional could never have the essential preparation to fix every one of the brands of climate control systems. Another significant thing you should try to understand is that each brand of AC is unique. The position of parts is unique and Commercial Aircon Servicing various types of instruments are expected to fix those parts.
It would be off-base on your part to expect that each professional is fit for fixing a wide range of issues with any Best aircon singapore brand of PC. You ought to ensure that the expert you are wanting to recruit for adjusting your climate control system is knowledgeable with the brand of AC you have in your home. One of the ways for you to guarantee that is to go Aircon promotion to their site and see if they have prepared professionals for overhauling or fixing your kind of AC.
Daikin aircon installation
Mitsubishi Aircon installation
Midea Aircon installation
Panasonic Aircon installation
LG aircon installation
Hitachi Aircon installation
Sharp Aircon installation
York Aircon installation
Gree Aircon installation
One of the significant reasons any climate control system doesn't cool the air even in the wake of adjusting is that one of the significant parts isn't working as expected. Typically, it happens when there is a refrigerant gas spill. You ought to realize that the refrigerant gas isn't spent by your climate control system throughout some undefined time frame. The refrigerant gas is inside a shut circle framework which implies it is basically impossible for it to get away or get spent throughout some stretch of time. Nonetheless, the metal lines that contain this refrigerant gas will generally foster consumption spots Aircon installation singapore throughout some stretch of time because of development of specific acids.
The erosion could likewise occur on the off chance that the climate control system isn't overhauled routinely. In the event that there is a spillage of the refrigerant gas, the gas will continue to get away and there will come a second when there isn't an adequate number of refrigerant gas in the air molding framework to chill off your home.
Assuming that is the situation, a prepared specialist will initially take out every one of the refrigerant gas from the framework. They will then check for spills. Assuming that they find any holes,Aircon General service
they will initially fix the releases and really take a look at the framework for uprightness. In the event that the cooling framework begins filling in as it ought to, they will top up the refrigerant gas inside the A/C unit and your AC ought to begin working with practically no issues. To put it plainly, one of the primary reasons a climate control system doesn't cool the air is refrigerant gas spillage and that must be fixed by a prepared specialist.
On the off chance that you feel that a refrigerant spillage is the justification behind your AC not working, you really should don't attempt to fix the issue all alone. There is each opportunity that you will aggravate it as specific apparatuses are expected to track down the releases and fix those holes. Without those apparatuses, fixing those little leakages is inconceivable.
One more justification for your AC not working as expected could be the disappointment of blower or any of the other significant parts. Assuming the blower has fostered some sort of shortcoming, it will not have the option to pack the refrigerant gas to its maximum capacity and the intensity trade that ought to occur to chill off the air doesn't occur to the ideal degree. In this present circumstance, it is prescribed to bring in an expert professional to fix this issue.
Notwithstanding the refrigerant gas spillage and blower issues, there could be various different issues with your cooling framework in the event that it isn't proceeding as proficiently as it ought to or on the other hand in the event that it isn't cooling your home as you anticipate that it should. Quite possibly of the greatest mix-up many individuals make when they Aircon Servicing package
observe that their AC isn't attempting to its maximum capacity is simply to overlook the issue. You ought to never commit this error as setting you back large chunk of change over the long haul is Aircon Service price going. As a matter of fact, overlooking the issue could make you supplant the unit totally.
To close, there could be various reasons when your climate control system isn't making your home virus even after legitimate overhauling. As examined in the above passages, it very well may be because of spillage of the refrigerant gas or an issue with the blower. It could likewise occur because of disappointment of other significant parts, for example, the evaporator loop or Aircon Servicing Promotion
the development valve or for different reasons. The main way for you to stay away from such a situation is to use the administrations of a prepared professional who is knowledgeable with the brand and model of your climate control system.
Aircon service
Aircon installation
Aircon general service
Best aircon singapore
11 Mandai Estate
#03-09 Eldix
Singapore 729908
Aircon Service includes are:
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2023.03.29 08:33 Normal_Program8446 QC- Off-White Air Force 1 Low MCA

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2023.03.29 08:28 trkryu QC - TS Air Force 1

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2023.03.29 08:24 DutchDolt Synth Riders - about the 'force' mechanism

So I got the game yesterday. I only played the tutorial and a handful of songs and I love it already! I'm planning to buy the Muse and Lindsey Sterling pack after all the raving here on this subreddit.
Anyway, there was one thing that wasn't clear to me after my short time with the game so far. One part of the tutorial was the 'force' concept, where you get points based on how hard you punch those orbs. Does this apply to all orbs during a level, or will there be certain sections where I need to punch orbs? So far I've been lazily catching them. Should I start punching the air?
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2023.03.29 08:23 trkryu QC - Air Force 1 TS

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2023.03.29 08:19 JohnTEGS A little rant about modern air combat in the fics and stories, especially air combat after 2020 and beyond.

A little rant about modern air combat in the fics and stories, especially air combat after 2020 and beyond.
This is just a very biased and personal rant about air combat in stories and fanfics that involves them. Take all of these information in with a grain of salt.
Anyway, most summoning fic or stories depict air combat after 2020 and beyond as within visual range dog fight with close range heat seeking missiles, like the Aim-9 series for example. It depicts wyvern/dragon riders visually see the jet, they see the missiles coming in, they see the white streaks of smokes from the missiles. And they see the jets flying by.
That depiction while not wrong, it is also a nowhere near how air to air bvr fights happen after 2020 and beyond. For those who play DCS or Command Modern operation, you know. In DCS, and in real life Air force, an F35 carrying an AIM-260 will fire at max range of the missiles of over 100+ miles, then they will turn back and RTB back to home. The Wyvern riders or whoever will NEVER see any jets coming in. Not even the none stealth ones like F-15EX or the modernized upgraded F-16 F-18 as they will also fire missiles from 100+ miles away with AIM 260s and turn back home. Another thing about missiles is that they DO NOT leave a white trail of smoke behind after the initial rocket booster. They do have the trail but after a while the booster falls off and the missile's own jet engine kicks in which produce NO TRAIL. Have you seen the SpaceX launches? After the initial ignition and smoke, the rocket leaves no more smoke as it rises up the atmosphere. If you play modded DCS with modern jets and missiles, firing AIM 260 or even AIM 120 will create smoke trail for a bit but then the boosters falls off and the missiles leave no trail behind as it tracks targets and or guided by F35/ AWACS.
Another thing is the some of this story never mention AWACS being in the AO. They are the eyes and ears of all assets in the battle space, air, land, sea, space and cyber. AWACS can guide missiles into target. Which means an F-15EX can point its nose at a general direction, never lock on, never turn on radar and just blind fire their missiles in one direction, the AWACS from way behind will take care of guiding and locking.
Finally there's the depictions where the riders "See" the missile following them. Unless they are travelling at Mach 2+ and are running away from the missile with the thing chasing their tail, they will NEVER be able to see anything hitting them. No white smoke trails, and the missiles travel at Mach 1,2,3. Basically they are hit with a bullet, and you can't see bullets unless they are tracer.
So imo the right depiction would be the jets fire the bvr missiles/ cruise missiles/ guided bomb and turn back. The AWACS or even F35 with data link takes over and guide those danger sticks towards targets. The missiles are like bullets whistling through the air. The riders/dragon/wyvern don't even see what was hitting them and their comrades because no smoke trails. Even if they try to drop altitude or crank downward they couldn't possibly see what is hitting them, they don't even know what they are dodging.
Again this is a biased personal opinion. Respect to all writers and their work of course.
Edit: Some missiles do have trails due to atmospheric conditions and not the fuel or engine, also some do have semi clear exhaust, not 100% clear but are very difficult to spot.
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2023.03.29 08:18 Tear-Wide 9 Most Notable Environment control framework Issues and How To Oversee Them

9 Most Notable Environment control framework Issues and How To Oversee Them

1. Unit isn't turning on

If the forced air system unit isn't turning on, then, this is a critical issue. All around, this is a direct result of lacking power going to the unit. This could be a direct result of a staggered electrical switch or even a blown wire. Accordingly, accepting that this is the issue, you'll ought to just override the blown circuit. Various supports for why this may be going on integrate free wiring, an issue with the indoor controller, etc.

2. Indoor controller issues

Then, the indoor controller may not be filling in true to form. Thusly, if this is going on, your constrained air framework will likely downfall to turn on. You should endeavor to change the temperature as low as could be anticipated and actually look at whether this works. In any case, if it doesn't, then, you should contact a forced air system trained professional.
They will help with figuring out the issue with the indoor controller, fix it or displace it. Unfortunately, countless the old dial regulators generally object to change. In this way, the more current programmable indoor controllers are not really altered at the same time. Subsequently, make sure to truly investigate the manual first before trying to program it.

3. The unit isn't really cooling the room

Many issues can cause the forced air system unit to stop cooling or perform ineffectually while examining your cool unit. For example, it might be a part that isn't performing perfect, or even the climate control system may be missing the mark on refrigerant. At the point when the structure has low refrigerant levels, it won't have the choice to cool a room properly. Subsequently, the unit most likely has a refrigerant break, or it is undercharged.
Daikin aircon servicing
Mitsubishi Aircon servicing
Midea Aircon servicing
Panasonic Aircon servicing
Lg aircon servicing
Hitachi Aircon servicing
Sharp Aircon servicing
York Aircon servicing
Gree Aircon servicing
At the point when you put on your constrained air framework and notice it isn't cooling as it used to then again if the air being removed doesn't smell ideal, then, at that point, the low refrigerant may be the issue. If the unit doesn't have sufficient refrigerant, then, the moistness in the room Aircon installation singapore can't be dispensed with. In like manner, refrigerant means quite a bit to cool the air.
If your AC is missing the mark on refrigerant, the unit likely has various issues. Thusly, essentially adding more Aircon servicing refrigerant or more courses of action won't be ensured to fix it. On a very basic level, if you have a vehicle and it for each situation needs oil top ups, there are additional unsettling issues.
This is the same for environment control frameworks. A unit that is missing the mark on refrigerant plans that there is an opening some spot. Along these lines, you'll need to utilize a specialist AC fix proficient to find and fix the break. In any case, if there are such an enormous number of openings, getting another unit may be great.

4. Water spilling from the forced air system

Another particularly typical issue that forced air system unit owners usually experience is water spilling from the unit. The explanations behind this change; nevertheless, a large part of the time, this is a direct result of the leakage line being plugged up. The capacity of the channel is to discard water or soddenness from the constrained air framework.
Daikin aircon installation
Mitsubishi Aircon installation
Midea Aircon installation
Panasonic Aircon installation
LG aircon installation
Hitachi Aircon installation
Sharp Aircon installation
York Aircon installation
Gree Aircon installation
Hence, if the channel gets plugged up, this will make the dish flood and subsequently the water will return into the structure, which will hurt it. These water openings may then prompt significantly more issues by hurting your property. Hence, you should continually zero in on your waste line and reliably look at it while researching.

How to Choose the Best Aircon Installation Company in Singapore?

5. Issues with the condenser

In cool units, the condenser is basic. Aircon chemical wash It is crucial for discarding the power from inside Aircon Not cold your home and eliminating it outside. Along these lines, while you're objecting to your unit, you need to zero in on the condenser twists. Do observe that the circles are arranged outwardly of Aircon service contract
your cool unit. Aircon gas topup
So it will undoubtedly get filthy Aircon spare parts due to being introduced to the parts.
Generally speaking, you will see that it is truly disgusting and untidy. In like manner, the dirtier this circle Aircon chemical overhaul transforms into, the more issues it will have moving power. This will make the entire unit altogether less powerful. Accordingly, to handle this issue, Aircon promotion singapore 2023
the condenser Aircon Service price ought to be cleaned regularly.

6. Noisy fan

The fan needs to blow air on the evaporator circles for the air to get cooled. The condenser will moreover Aircon repair be crucial for moving the power to the beyond the home. Commercial Aircon Servicing Along these lines, along these lines, each unit will have two fans. The uproar you hear will ordinarily Aircon Servicing Promotion
come from the motor as Aircon Servicing package
well as the fans.
This upheaval all Aircon General service
around is a direct result of the improvement of soil. It could attempt to be a result of separated belts and Aircon steam cleaning course. In this manner, if you hear any outrageous disturbance, settle on sure to decision a focal air expert as fast as could be expected. You should in like manner switch off the unit so it doesn't get hurt significantly more Best aircon singapore.
Aircon service
Aircon installation
Aircon general service
Best aircon singapore
11 Mandai Estate
#03-09 Eldix
Singapore 729908
Aircon Service includes are:
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2023.03.29 08:15 tumahustahv QC-Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 Triple White from hellokicks

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2023.03.29 08:08 Unitedinnovator The Art of Article Writing Tips and Techniques for Beginners United Innovator

As the world becomes more and more focused on research, it is critical to write research articles that are clear, concise, and impactful. However, there are a plethora of research article writing tips out there, and it can be challenging to know where to start. This article delves into some lesser-known tips for research article writing that can help you take your writing to the next level. From using the active voice to creating a concise and precise writing style, these tips will equip you with the knowledge you need to make your research articles stand out. So, whether you are a seasoned researcher or a student just starting out, read on to learn how to enhance your research article writing skills.
Tip #1
Gaining Mastery Over The Use Of The Active Voice
○ Using the active voice in research article writing is an ideal way to make your writing more engaging, clear, and concise.
○ Active voice can help you to express your ideas in a way that is more direct and dynamic, and it can also help you to create a stronger connection with your readers.
○ Continue reading to learn about how to go about using active voice in your research article writing.
What Is Active Voice?
● Before we dive into how to use active voice, let's define what it is.
● Active voice is a grammatical construct wherein the subject of a sentence carries out the action described by the verb.
● For example, in the sentence "The researcher conducted the experiment," the subject (the researcher) performs the action (conducting the experiment).
● On the other hand, passive voice is a grammatical construction where the subject of a sentence is acted upon by the verb.
● For example, in the sentence "The experiment was conducted by the researcher," the subject (the experiment) is acted upon by the verb (conducted), and the agent (the researcher) is relegated to a prepositional phrase.
Why Use Active Voice In Research Article Ariting?
● Active voice can be a powerful tool in research article writing.
● Here are some reasons why -
Using active voice makes it clear who is performing the action, which can make your writing more concise and easier to understand.
Active voice can make your writing more direct and forceful, which can help to keep your readers engaged.
Active voice can also help you to maintain objectivity in your writing. When you use passive voice, it can be easy to obscure who is responsible for certain actions or decisions.
How To Use Active Voice In Research Article Ariting?
● Now that we know why active voice is important let's look at some strategies for using it effectively in your research article writing.
Start With The Subject
■ When you're constructing a sentence, start with the subject that is performing the action.
■ This will help you to create clear and direct sentences that convey your ideas more effectively.
■ For example, instead of writing, "The experiment was conducted by the researcher," you could write, "The researcher conducted the experiment."
Identify The Main Verb
■ In active voice, the main verb is the key to expressing the action being taken.
■ Identify the main verb in your sentence and make sure that it is in the present tense.
■ For example, instead of writing, "The results were analyzed," you could write, "We analyzed the results."
Use Strong Verbs
■ Active voice is more engaging when you use strong verbs that convey action and intent.
■ Avoid using weak verbs like "to be" or "to have."
■ For example, instead of writing, "The experiment was successful," you could write, "The experiment succeeded."
Avoid Nominalizations
■ Nominalizations are nouns that are created from verbs or adjectives, such as "analysis" from "analyze" or "assessment" from "assess."
■ These can make your writing more abstract and less engaging.
■ Try to use the verb form of a word instead.
■ For example, instead of writing, "The data was subject to analysis," you could write, "We analyzed the data."
Keep It Simple
■ Active voice is most effective when it is used in simple sentences.
■ Keep your sentences crisp and to the point, and avoid using overly complex language.
■ For example, instead of writing, "It is the opinion of this researcher that the results of the experiment suggest that further research is necessary," you could write, "These results suggest that further research is necessary."
○ Using active voice in research article writing can be an impactful way to engage your readers, convey your ideas more effectively, and maintain objectivity in your writing.
○ By following these strategies for using active voice, you can produce top-quality research papers.
Tip #2
Coming Up With A Solid Outline For How You'll Go About Concocting Your Research Paper
○ Creating an outline is an essential step in the process of writing a research paper.
○ An outline provides a roadmap for your paper, helping you to organize your thoughts and ideas in a clear and logical manner.
○ The steps listed below will give you a fair idea of how to go about creating an outline for your research paper.
Step #1
Understand The Assignment Requirements
● Before you begin outlining your research paper, it is important to understand the assignment requirements.
● Read through the instructions carefully, paying close attention to the topic, length, and formatting guidelines.
● Make note of any specific requirements or instructions that you need to follow.
Step #2
Choose A Topic & Research It
● Next, choose a topic for your research paper and begin researching it.
● You may already have a topic in mind, or you may need to choose one based on the assignment requirements.
● Once you have chosen your topic, gather relevant sources and take notes on the key points and ideas.
Step #3
Identify Your Main Points & Organize Them
● Based on your research and notes, identify the main points and ideas that you want to cover in your research paper.
● Organize these points into categories or sections that make sense for your topic.
● These categories will serve as the main headings of your outline.
Step #4
Create An Outline Structure
● Now that you have identified your main points and organized them into categories, it is time to create the structure of your outline.
● Your outline should follow a logical sequence, with each main point leading to the next in a cohesive and coherent manner.
● Start by creating an introduction section, where you will introduce your topic and provide background information.
● Then, create sections for each of your main points, including any subpoints or supporting details.
● Finally, create a conclusion section where you will summarize your key points and provide any final thoughts or recommendations.
Step #5
Flesh Out Your Outline
● Once you have created the basic structure of your outline, it is time to flesh it out.
● Add more details and information to each section, including quotes, statistics, or other evidence to support your main points.
● Make sure that each section flows logically from one to the next.
Step #6
Review & revise Your Outline
● Before you begin writing your research paper, review and revise your outline.
● Make sure that your main points are clear and well-organized and that your outline follows a logical sequence.
● Check for any gaps or inconsistencies in your argument, and make sure that you have included all the necessary information and evidence to support your points.
○ Creating an outline is a crucial step in the process of writing a research paper. By following these steps, you'll be able to create a clear and organized outline that will serve as a roadmap for your paper. Remember to keep your outline flexible and be willing to make changes as you go along. With a well-structured outline, you can approach the writing process with confidence and clarity.
Tip #3
Ensuring Immaculate Conciseness & Precision
○ When it comes to research article writing, being concise while maintaining precision and detail is essential.
○ A well-written research article is not only informative but also easy to read and understand.
Suggestion #1
Use Clear & Concise Language
● Using clear and concise language is the first step to being thoroughly concise and ensuring precision and detail in your research article.
● Avoid using technical jargon, overly complicated words or phrases, and convoluted sentences.
● Instead, aim for simplicity and clarity in your language.
● Use the active voice instead of the passive voice to make your writing more concise and direct.
● For example, instead of writing "The experiment was conducted by the researcher," write "The researcher conducted the experiment."
Suggestion #2
Organize Your Thoughts
● Organizing your thoughts before you begin writing is another way to ensure that your research article is both concise and precise.
● Come up with an outline to help you organize your ideas and structure your article.
● This will help you to stay on track and ensure that you cover all the necessary points without including unnecessary details.
Suggestion #3
Use Examples & Evidence
● Using examples and evidence is an effective way to be concise while maintaining precision and detail.
● Instead of using general statements, use specific examples and evidence to support your arguments.
● This not only adds detail and precision to your writing but also helps to make your writing more concise and to the point.
Suggestion #4
Avoid Repetition
● Repetition is a common issue in research article writing, and it can make your writing seem wordy and unnecessarily long.
● Avoid repeating information, ideas, or phrases.
● Instead, find new ways to present the information or ideas that you want to convey.
● Use synonyms or related terms to describe the same thing, and avoid using the same phrases repeatedly.
Suggestion #5
Edit & Proofread
Editing and proofreading are essential steps in ensuring that your research article is thoroughly concise and precise.
● After you have finished writing, take a break and come back to your article with fresh eyes.
● Read through your article carefully, looking for any unnecessary information or repetition.
● Make sure that your writing is crisp, concise, and to the point.
● Make sure to check for spelling and grammar errors and that your article is well-organized and easy to follow.
○ Being thoroughly concise and ensuring precision and detail with research article writing requires practice and attention to detail.
○ By using clear and concise language, organizing your thoughts, using examples and evidence, avoiding repetition, and editing and proofreading, you can create a research article that is both informative and easy to read.
○ Remember, the goal is to provide the necessary information without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary details.
Tip #4
Adeptly Use Visual Aids To Amplify Your Writing
○ Visual aids can be an effective tool for enhancing the impact and clarity of research papers.
○ They help to present complex data and ideas in a clear and straightforward manner, making it more straightforward for readers to understand and engage with the content.
○ Detailed below are some suggestions on how to go about using visual aids in research paper writing.
Suggestion #1
Determine The Type Of Visual Aid Needed
● The first step in using visual aids in research paper writing is to determine the type of visual aid needed.
● Some common types of visual aids used in research papers include tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, and images.
● Each type of visual aid has its strengths and weaknesses, and the choice of which type to use depends on the data being presented and the purpose of the research paper.
● For example, if the research paper involves statistical data, a graph or chart may be the most appropriate visual aid.
● On the other hand, if the research paper focuses on describing a process, a diagram or flowchart may be more suitable.
Suggestion #2
Create Appealing Visuals
● Visual aids should be visually appealing and easy to read.
● Choose a color scheme that is easy on the eyes, and avoid using too many colors.
● Use clear and legible fonts, and make sure that the text is large enough to be read easily.
● Avoid cluttering the visual aids with too much information.
● Only include relevant data and information that supports the purpose of the research paper.
Suggestion #3
Label The Visual Aids Clearly
● Labeling the visual aids clearly is essential to ensure that readers can understand the information presented.
● Include a title and clear labels for each axis, column, and row in tables and graphs.
● Label each section of a diagram or flowchart clearly, and include a legend if necessary.
Suggestion #4
Place visual aids appropriately in the research paper
● The placement of visual aids in the research paper is also important.
● Visual aids should be placed in the appropriate section of the research paper, close to the relevant text.
● The visual aids should be easy to find and referenced clearly in the text.
● It is also essential to provide context for the visual aids.
● Explain the purpose of the visual aid and how it relates to the research paper in the text.
● This helps readers understand the significance of the visual aid and its relevance to the research paper.
Suggestion #5
Use Appropriate Citations & Permissions
● If you are using visual aids from other sources, it is essential to provide appropriate citations and permissions.
● This applies to images, graphs, charts, and any other visual aids that are not created by the author.
● Always provide a source for the visual aids, and make sure that you have permission to use them.
Visual aids can be a valuable tool in research paper writing, but it is essential to use them appropriately. Consider the type of visual aid needed, create visually appealing visuals, label the visual aids clearly, place them appropriately in the research paper, and use appropriate citations and permissions. With these tips from United Innovator, you can use visual aids to enhance the clarity and impact of your research paper.
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2023.03.29 08:06 dirdhdhdjdkdkjd Funniest complaint from solo stans/akgaes?

They cause so many problems in fandoms but solo stans are so funny sometimes in their quest to make their fave the most victimized person in the group and maybe the entire planet. You’ll see them making up problems and straight up ignoring information from the idol themselves (ex. BTS Jungkook solos ignoring the fact that he just wants to chill in his house and acting like Bang PD locked him in there and banned him from his studio so he can’t make music 😔). I’ve seen them email the company over issues like hair length and say their fave is being forced into this hair style and it’s causing them distress! none of the other members are oppressed this way!
I recently saw a TXT HueningKai solo stan claim he was bullied by the other TXT members since debut, which is probably the funniest TXT bullying rumor you could make up given that all the members are varying levels of obsessed with him 😭 i’m kind of obsessed with how these solos can make up stuff with no basis in reality lol. Although they’re annoying, once you take a step back whatever they’re saying is usually hilarious (as long as it’s not vicious hatred directed at the members of course!)
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2023.03.29 08:01 Jurryaany US Air Force plans self-flying F-16s to test drone wingmen tech

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2023.03.29 08:01 AutoModerator [Current Giveaways] Freeeeeeebieeeeee

RBS x 7UP - Birthday Celebration Giveaway - 3 Winners Air Jordan 4 GX/KX

RBS x Tianjin No. 1 - Off White giveaway! Air Force, Air Max, Blazer, Presto, your choice!
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