Calories in mcdonald's large fries


2009.04.19 08:11 hax0r McDonald's

For everything [McDonald's](!

2012.12.20 06:24 Freakazette Californian Problems: For the Days It's Just Not Sunny Enough

People think California is nothing but a golden land of sunshine and beaches, but they're wrong. We have problems, too. This group is for discussing those problems.

2011.09.23 05:29 binary_jester The fun side of MFP

This community is geared to discussions about the MyFitnessPal (MFP for short) platform, including the app for Android and iOS and website. # DISCLAIMER We are not healthcare professionals and you should speak with your healthcare team about nutrition and exercise goals and concerns. What we can try to offer here is assistance with how the MFP platform can be used, in support of your goals.

2023.06.02 16:21 msbrilliant Help, liver envolvement!?

I am allergic to my tattoo, why I am getting it removed. I did 8 sessions with a lady that removed my friend's tattoo and it is completely gone. I did 8 sessions with her, and my tattoo barely faded. I attributed it to the fact I'm allergic and my body is trying to force it out, instead of absorbing it. I found another removal place with a different laser (found out later the other is a lightening laser, instead of the pico), we did a test with the pico. During the end of the lightening laser I started having really bad general swelling all over. I had a test spot with the pico and had an appt with my doc about the swelling. I got given lasix for swelling, and bloodwork up. My liver enzymes were elevated, just slightly. We decided to wait six weeks and retest my bloodwork. In that six weeks I had a full session of the pico. When my bloodwork came back my liver enzymes were 5 times higher than they were. Currently, have had a slew of tests, including a lover ultrasound showing that my liver is enlarged and very dense. However, we retested my liver enzymes and they are going down (haven't had a other removal session). What we are thinking (me and the doc) is that for some reason (probably the allergy or maybe I had liver scarring), the tattoo is damaging my liver. Has anyone ever heard of this, or had this happen? If so, what did you/what was do/done? I'm allergic to this tattoo, keeping it isn't really an option. It is large. I'll post before and after pics.
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2023.06.02 16:20 zwgarrett1988 Back again!

Last time I posted this community was really helpful. I'm very close to finishing an Associates degree in General studies. I paid close attention to make sure I also salified the state requirements to transfer to a university. I have more options with an Associates than I would if I just completed the requirements to transfer within my state. It's time to start seriously thinking where I'll finish a bachelors and what I will major in. I don't want to go to graduate school. I know that much.
Last time someone asked for advice here someone asked if data really did fascinate me. It does. I also have a certificate in Graphic Design. I chose not to focus on fine arts because I didn't want to be limited to that field. I saw a fakebook advertisement about a Masters in data visualization. I'm not planning on graduate school. Data visualization is one thing I "geek out" over though.
I feel data science is flat math and science that meets the social sciences on even ground. Psychology has the same quality. I don't want to be a psychologist. The insight that studying large sets of data can provide fascinates me. The farther the purpose the data was collected for from the insight that can be gathered the more fascinating.
It's not like humans have never collected data. It's not like humans have never compared data. This day and age is different though. We have tools that allow us to collect and compare data that we have never had. One person is capable of doing things that were once thought impossible because of how much actual work would have to go into creating and comparing databases. How things trend and go viral on social media. Patterns too; like, we knew that we were due for a pandemic before covid because that usually happens every 100 years. How often the Yellowstone volcano erupts. How often the geyser called old faithful erupts and how much water erupts each time. This amazes me. Statistics too. I would be an atheist if the statistical possibility of our existence was not so small.
The one reason I'm hesitant is that I am not a math person. I could be with a lot of work. I would feel more accomplished for having completed a degree that required intensive math skills. This adds more risk. I'm used to the social sciences. A couple of the other choices I'm thinking about are challenging; but, they are within a skill set I already have developed. Sometimes I feel burnt out on the social sciences too. I've got almost 90 college credits (above a 2.0). Most of them are in the social sciences. Maybe focusing on something else is exactly what I need to do.
What do you think?
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2023.06.02 16:20 PeerRevue Predicting social tipping and norm change in controlled experiments [PNAS 2021]

This paper by Andreoni and a cross-institution set of co-authors explores "tipping points", or sudden changes in a social behavior or norm across a group or society. The paper uses a large-scale experiment to inform the design of a model that can predict when a group will or will not "tip" into a new behavior. From the abstract:
The ability to predict when societies will replace one social norm for another can have significant implications for welfare, especially when norms are detrimental. A popular theory poses that the pressure to conform to social norms creates tipping thresholds which, once passed, propel societies toward an alternative state. Predicting when societies will reach a tipping threshold, however, has been a major challenge because of the lack of experimental data for evaluating competing models. We present evidence from a large-scale laboratory experiment designed to test the theoretical predictions of a threshold model for social tipping and norm change. In our setting, societal preferences change gradually, forcing individuals to weigh the benefit from deviating from the norm against the cost from not conforming to the behavior of others. We show that the model correctly predicts in 96% of instances when a society will succeed or fail to abandon a detrimental norm. Strikingly, we observe widespread persistence of detrimental norms even when individuals determine the cost for nonconformity themselves as they set the latter too high. Interventions that facilitate a common understanding of the benefits from change help most societies abandon detrimental norms. We also show that instigators of change tend to be more risk tolerant and to dislike conformity more. Our findings demonstrate the value of threshold models for understanding social tipping in a broad range of social settings and for designing policies to promote welfare.
The paper has some interesting implications not only for predicting tipping points, but potentially also for creating them -- knowing which individuals are most likely to instigate change and what types of interventions are successful at motivating behavior change could help researchers/practitioners design and deploy behavior change interventions in the wild.
Open-Access Article here:
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2023.06.02 16:19 Flashy-Ad-591 Calorie Burn

So I (29 MtF, 132 kg (292 lbs)) managed 65 minutes and went 16.9 miles, with an average speed of 15.7 mph.
When I look up the calorie burn for this I get 1802 kcal. Is this anywhere close to be plausible?
If not, could someone direct me to a more reliable calculator?
I only want to know because I'm trying to lose weight, and calorie counting is part of my method.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.02 16:19 kungfu_lady Survey about college access for people whose second language is English (U.S)

Hi everyone! I'm writing my master's thesis, and I need some data! My survey asks questions to help determine why people who speak English as a second language have lower rates of college attendance and graduation. I currently work in higher ed, and the college I work for has little support for ESL students. My research aims to surmise if lack of resources in colleges or in college preparation may be a large contributing factor in those lower rates of college attendance.
Thank you for your help!
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2023.06.02 16:18 WizardGamerFTW The joys of being right next to a University

The joys of being right next to a University
Funniest thing is that it was one guy ordering it all lol, watching him put it all in his car was wild
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2023.06.02 16:18 Herr--Doktor Gridwerks Gaming - A New PVE Community

Welcome to Gridwerks Gaming!

Gridwerks Gaming is finally here! We are proud, happy, and relieved to announce that Gridwerks is now open to the community. Our work for this server has centered around creating real progression and real goals and bringing them to an online multiplayer environment. To create a new pace of game play that creates real value in what you build. As of now, 11 servers ran on two dedicated boxes on gigabyte internet are in place and ready for you, the Engineer, to enjoy.
Prominent Features
Other Game-play Features of Note
Server Features of Note
A Note On Ship Classes:
Thanks to the ship core system in place at Gridwerks, we are able to introduce ship classes. This means Fighters, Interceptors, Frigates, Destroyers, and Battleships as well as Light and Heavy Utility ships. Each class will require something different but may also bring a little something "extra" to the fight if you include it in your ship design. Smaller class ships may only require resource allocation and assembling. Mid-tier cores will require components obtained by trading with NPC stations or raiding various encounters! The large ships, Destroyers and Battleships, will require extensive NPC raiding. What this means is that as you progress, you will either need to work together to farm the materials you need or learn to punch above your weight limit. We may be primarily PVE but make no mistake, this is not a Care Bear server.
If you want a new type of server. Something with a slow burn, fresh content, and repeated playability. Then Gridwerks should be your top pick. Get in now and help us shape this new Universe!
Join our Discord here: Direct Connect here:
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2023.06.02 16:18 sann540 1-Jun-2023

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2023.06.02 16:17 NH_hostel Reviewing Fatty Liver by Gauntlet.

Introduction - At a runtime of 9 minutes and 41 seconds, the 5-track EP Fatty Liver by the uprising and least talented guy from Rajasthan , one and only Gauntlet is one of a kind. The lyrical themes are largely autobiographical the rhyme schemes are top notch , comparing gauntlet with Eminem is equivalent of showing sun a mirror .This EP strikes like a rollercoaster ride of emotions a student goes through its life , be it physicals or biological needs a minor suffers from
"Fatty Liver" is a mind-altering hip-hop EP unleashed by the iconic maestro Gautlet, unleashing an unparalleled sonic experience that transcends boundaries. Just like a potent dose of cocaine, this EP surges through the veins of the human psyche, electrifying every synapse and leaving an indelible imprint on the listener's consciousness.
a master craftsman, ingeniously paints a vivid picture of the adolescent battle through his poetic verses and hypnotic melodies. Like a potent elixir, "Fatty Liver" seizes the listener's senses, catapulting them into a realm of euphoria and introspection. This EP, an addictive concoction, captivates the mind, provoking a rollercoaster of emotions and illuminating the intricate maze of teenage existence.
Track 1 :- The opening track "Fatty Liver" is an extraordinary hip-hop EP that delves deep into the tumultuous journey of a teenager facing the daily struggles that resonate with so many young individuals. Gauntlet, the hip-hop legend, fearlessly captures the essence of procrastination, the ultimate battle against time, and the intense pressure of family expectations that weigh heavily on the fragile shoulders of the protagonist. it loos like the almighty gauntlet has written this with using blood of teenager going through this as his ink while writing , the pain in his voice is enough to melts the heart of toughest hoes
Track 2 :- "Fuck You" is an explosive hip-hop masterpiece unleashed by Gauntlet, This track goes beyond the boundaries of conventional rap, diving headfirst into the untamed realm of raw emotions and primal desires , Gauntlet fearlessly confronts the pain of being deprived of romantic encounters and meaningful interactions with the opposite sex. With zero rizz and zero female interaction, his voice echoes with an unquenchable yearning, as he exposes the void that resides within his soul , With unapologetic audacity, Gautlet dares to disrespect himself, defying the judgmental eyes of society. He revels in the rebellion against societal expectations, unmasking his vulnerability and finding solace in embracing his own truth
Track 3:- With profound introspection, Gauntlet takes the listener on a mesmerizing journey through his own experiences and the pain that resides within his soul. In this evocative piece, he addresses an imaginary anime girlfriend, pouring out his heart and pleading for her not to leave his side. As the last remaining source of solace in his life, she holds immense significance, and Gauntlet yearns to mend the wounds he has inadvertently inflicted upon her. Chodke Na Ja" unveils the tender tale of a profound connection, as Gautlet finds himself enamored with a girl whose father is perceived as an ATM, symbolizing the materialistic nature of their bond
Track 4 :- With raw and unapologetic lyricism, Gauntlet exposes the inherent absurdity that pervades our world, where everyone seems to be wearing the mask of a clown. auntlet paints a vivid picture of a society gone astray, where wisdom and reason have been replaced by mindless antics and superficiality. With biting wit and unfiltered honesty, he challenges the status quo and holds up a mirror to our misguided ways. The beat drop in "Sab Lund Hai Yaha" is nothing short of spectacular. It hits with an intensity that reverberates through your very core, commanding attention and demanding introspection
Track 5 (Outro) :- auntlet, an artist who fearlessly challenges the homophobia that plagues our society. This powerful anthem serves as the culmination of a musical journey, where the stars align to reveal the poignant paradox that had been concealed in previous tracks. Gauntlet opens up about his struggles in past relationships, shedding light on the truth that he is gay and has finally found the love of his life, bringing forth a beautiful and empowering happy ending. The track's name, while provocative, serves as a powerful metaphor for the societal taboos and prejudice that exist. It challenges our collective understanding of love and relationships, urging us to break free from the shackles of narrow-mindedness and embrace diversity and acceptance
Conclusion:-Fatty liver is truly one of a kind. It has its own highs and lows. Some might compare this piece of art with albums like Illmatic or Ready to Die, but Fatty liver has a league of its own. Nonetheless, it is one of the best projects to come out of this year. An absolute win for the desi hip-hop scene.
Spotify Link
(all the credits for intro and conclusion of this review to u/adolf-dumblewhore )
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2023.06.02 16:17 Hefty_Description775 Tips for finding off campus housing

So, I am thinking of canceling on campus dorming because of the price. i’m trying to find a 1 year lease starting in august of this year. I graduate in Dec but hope to find work in the area/within a lab at sbu the spring/summer months after I graduate. I’m looking for a location that allows a both me and my boyfriend a room, whether that’s renting a single bed/bath or having other roommates. I’m searched online but I’m not getting anything too specific to SBU students off campus housing. I’ve joined the Facebook group page for off campus housing but it’s been sparse (largely because I have only seen either room for girl or room for guy only). Can anyone help with recommendations or resources I can use? Another thing, an 8 months lease starting in December would be good too but I know that’s harder to come by :/
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2023.06.02 16:16 Jackelopes219 Brad Stevens deserves blame for Mazzula & the team's failures.

I understand that most of you still love Brad for what he did for the organization as coach, but let's not forget that this is still Danny's team. All of your favorite Celtics players are Danny's guys, not Brad's (besides White). Brad hired a rookie head coach in back-to-back seasons for a win-now team (Poor decision). He traded a first round pick for Brogdon, who has a huge contract, when we are already stacked on guards, and desperately need more bigs/rebounding/toughness (Bad decision). He did not sufficiently extinguish JB for KD trade rumors last offseason, which partially alienated JB & I believe had a negative effect on him mentally this season (Poor decision). He traded another pick for Mike Muscala, who was also a non-factor, when it's obvious that we are going to need to re-tool through the draft as the new CBA & salary cap restrictions arise (Poor decision). He also allowed Joe to entirely eliminate Pritchard & Grant Williams from the rotation for a majority of this season/playoffs, alienating Pritchard, tanking his value to the team, and his value as a future trade asset (Poor decision).
Mazzula failed to emphasize defense and reports have been recently coming out that Smart & Horford were typically the ones assigning defenses and coverages during timeouts. "Mazzula Ball" aka "stand around the 3pt line and have JT & JB run iso's with no movement," is insanely hard to do when a well-coached defense keys in on that and double teams our best two players. You can't blame Joe because he is inexperienced, but he never should have been coach in the first place. We aren't in a position to allow a coach to figure it out on the fly, we are a championship contender. We have one the best rosters in the league, easily a top-3 roster, and Joe couldn't figure it out. He shouldn't be kept as head coach, we need veteran leadership and don't need to retain a coach simply because it would be lame to fire him.
Joe should be relegated to assistant coach and in a few years he can lead the charge again, once he's sufficiently experienced, and learned how to coach under a veteran. The guy essentially has no coaching experience compared to other coaches in the NBA, it's literally inarguable. He was 4th in line last year and largely failed this year. Again, this isn't on Joe, this is on Brad, and I have little confidence in him as a GM, and would have preferred for him to stay on as coach.
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2023.06.02 16:15 SweetumsTheMuppet Question about multiprocessing / big data / singletons / memory management

Python is a newer language to me but I'm an experienced dev in others. I'm working on a project now that has a specific threading pattern in some other languages but working it in Python and not sure the best way to go about it.
Here's the setup:
I have a *very* large dataset that needs to be accessed and processed on the fly, let's say like an altitude map of points (lat, lon, alt). Threads (or processes) do work but need to access this data at periods by sending a lat/lon and getting an interpolated alt back (or by getting the nearest points and doing their own interpolation, depending on speed bottleneck locations).
In C++/Java, I'd make a singleton out of the data handler and have threads hit it. If it became a bottleneck, the singleton itself might get threaded as well.
In Python, I'm struggling. With multiprocessing, seemingly every process will end up with a copy of the data set, blowing up my memory. With threading, it's cpu bound because of the GIL. There are some sneaky ways to do some singleton access, but even those get copied along with multiprocessing worker creation ... and worse, in many cases they could also get pickled, dramatically slowing things down (also seems there's some ways to make the pickling not happen like using global variable storage of the data or module access for it, but again, then it's a memory problem).
Hopefully that's a concise enough description of the full problem. I'm looking for the right Python pattern to work on this.
The only solution I've been able to come up with so far is to make the big data singleton a completely separate socket service instead. Of course, even local network communication will require pickling and will be slower than a "normal" singleton-threading access pattern I'm more used to which gets handled entirely in memory, but I haven't found something better in my digging yet.
Hoped someone might help me with this "big" problem. We'd like to keep this in Python rather than suggest many of our devs learn C++. We may get there anyway for some of our bigger optimizations, but I'll avoid it if time usage (and memory usage) can remain reasonable.
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2023.06.02 16:15 smackooroos Every episode of family guy from seasons 1-8 ranked.

  1. From method to madness
  2. And the wiener is…
  3. Road to the multiverse
  4. Lois kills Stewie.
  5. Meet the quagmires.
  6. Brian wallows and Peter swallows.
  7. PTV
  8. 15 minutes of shame
  9. To love and die in dixie.
  10. Death lives.
  11. McStroke
  12. Blue harvest.
  13. Stewie loves Lois.
  14. Death is a bitch.
  15. Brian in love.
  16. When you wish upon a Weinstein.
  17. Road to Rhode Island.
  18. Untitled Griffin family history.
  19. Brian sings and swings
  20. Back to the woods.
  21. Stewie kills Lois.
  22. North to north Quahog
  23. Road to Rupert
  24. The man with two Brians.
  25. The courtship of Stewie's father
  26. Screwed the pooch.
  27. Fish out of water.
  28. Petergeist
  29. Chick cancer.
  30. Brian & Stewie.
  31. I dream of jesus.
  32. Petarded
  33. Patriot games
  34. Road to Europe.
  35. Tales of a third grade nothing.
  36. The Cleveland Lorretta quagmire
  37. Peter's daughter
  38. Something, something, something, dark side.
  39. Hell comes to Quahog.
  40. A very special family guy freakin' Christmas.
  41. Padre de Familia
  42. The thin white line.
  43. The fat guy strangler
  44. Mother Tucker
  45. Peter Griffin: husband, father… brother?
  46. Peter's two dads.
  47. Prick up your ears.
  48. Fox-y lady.
  49. Da boom.
  50. Hannah banana.
  51. Family gay.
  52. 420.
  53. Family guy viewer mail #1
  54. Stuck together or torn apart.
  55. Road to Germany
  56. Long john Peter
  57. The splendid source.
  58. Don't make me over.
  59. It takes a village idiot… and I married one.
  60. Saving private Brian
  61. Stewie & Stu's excellent adventure
  62. Breaking out is hard to do.
  63. Baby not on board.
  64. Barely legal.
  65. Believe it or not, Joe's walking on air.
  66. Sibling rivalry
  67. Peterotica
  68. Bango was his name oh!
  69. The tan aquatic with Steve Zissou.
  70. Model misbehavior
  71. Ocean's three and a half.
  72. Deep throats
  73. Stewie B Goode
  74. One if by clam, two if by sea.
  75. Fast times at buddy cianci jr high
  76. Brian: portrait of a dog
  77. Quagmire's baby.
  78. He's too sexy for his fat.
  79. Family goy.
  80. You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives
  81. We love you, Conrad.
  82. Brian the bachelor
  83. Emission impossible.
  84. Jerome is the new black.
  85. I take thee, Quagmire
  86. A hero seats next door
  87. Partial terms of endearment.
  88. Brian goes back to college
  89. Peter's got Woods
  90. The father, the son, and the holy Fonz
  91. Go, Stewie, GO!
  92. Let's go to the hop.
  93. Brian does Hollywood.
  94. Fore, father.
  95. Mr. griffin goes to Washington.
  96. Not all dogs go to heaven.
  97. Dial meg for murder
  98. Mr. Saturday night
  99. No Chris left behind
  100. E. Peterbus Unum
  101. Big man on hippocampus.
  102. The former life of Brian.
  103. Lethal weapons.
  104. Brian's got a brand new bag
  105. Death has a shadow.
  106. Brian Griffin's house of pain.
  107. Spies reminiscent of us.
  108. Three kings.
  109. Peter's progress.
  110. April in Quahog.
  111. Business guy.
  112. Boys do cry.
  113. Extra large medium.
  114. Whistle while your wife works
  115. No meals on wheels.
  116. Airport 07'
  117. The perfect castaway
  118. Stew-roids.
  119. The story on page 1
  120. Quagmire's dad.
  121. Wasted talent.
  122. Ready, willing, and disabled.
  123. If I'm dyin', I'm lyin
  124. The kiss seen around the world.
  125. Blind ambition
  126. Jungle love
  127. Love, blactually.
  128. Bill & Peter's bogus journey
  129. Peter, peter, caviar eater
  130. Love thy trophy
  131. Damnit Janet
  132. A picture's worth a thousand bucks
  133. Play it again, Brian.
  134. 8 simple rules for buying my teenage daughter
  135. There's something about Paulie
  136. Chitty chitty death bang
  137. Mind over murder
  138. The juice is loose
  139. I never met the dead man
  140. Running mates
  141. The king is dead
  142. Holy crap
  143. The son also draws
  144. I am peter, hear me roar
  145. Movin' out (Brian's song)
  146. Peter-assment.
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2023.06.02 16:15 Siomai_rize Help

I’ll be visiting switzerland in July and i’ll be staying in Mercure lenzburg Krone, im having a hard time trying to figure out if i can walk from my hotel to hendschiken Mcdonalds, google map has given me 3 routes, can i walk on a bike lane??
Here’s the link
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2023.06.02 16:15 spidermans_ashes Mitch being caught by the cops after trying to hide in the McDonald's playplace

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2023.06.02 16:14 Kitchen-Twist7981 Bruised Feet

I, Helen, had ongoing nightmares of a dark silhouette of a large man coming down my hallway toward my bedroom and I'd wake terrified. With each dream, he came closer. It was like a still movie frame, I didn't see him move he just was standing. One night I went to bed and my ex-husband Dan, sat on the edge of the King size bed eating a sandwich and watching TV. I fell asleep. I dreamt of the dark shadow again only this time he was at my open door, next frame he was on me. I was paralyzed with fear and couldn't scream or make any sound. I could feel his weight and except I managed to get both my legs with my feet pushing up on him, soon I could kick him trying to get him off me. I kicked with every strength I had. Finally, with broken words, I cast him away by using the Lord's name. I was certain it was evil and I was certain that was my last hope. He disappeared and awakened with my heart beating fast and my adrenaline high I saw Dan and began to yell, "Why didn't you help me?" I do remember at some point I see him sitting at the same place on the bed watching TV and I saw him smoking a cigarette. He thought I was talking in my sleep and had left the room. I was exhausted from the conflict and fell asleep dreaming of nothing I could remember. The next morning I couldn't walk, it hurt really bad. Curious as to why my feet were in so much pain, I saw bruises on the soles of both feet! I was horrified, beyond fear, and overwhelmed with this manifestation, or was it?
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2023.06.02 16:14 mrmacdougall For Turntable Usage - Five and a Move or Two Era 300s?

I am about to pull the trigger on two speakers, and can't decide if I want to go Five and a Move or two of the Era 300s to connect to my turntable. From everything I have read, the Era 300s can connect without issue with the USB to line in, and my turntable has a preamp, but not sure with the best setup. My area is a bit small, but I have a large yard, which is why I was thinking Five and a Move. Hoping for a couple opinions before purchasing.
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2023.06.02 16:13 statuskuts Really??

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2023.06.02 16:13 TheDarkWeb697 Is this game worth getting

I have no idea what Warhammer is purely due to the fact that it's hella large and I think it would take way too long for me to get caught up in everything, but this game looks sweet
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2023.06.02 16:13 CosmicFangs [Routine Help] Suggestions for adding more hydration to my routine?

My focus is on getting rid of acne; I have been on Spironolactone since September (started with 50mg; went up to 75mg in January; considering going up to 100mg). It has helped a lot, but right around my period I still get a couple of large cysts that are extremely hard to get rid of along with normal, surface-level acne on my forehead and cheeks.
AM routine:
-CeraVe hydrating cleanser
-Cos de Baha Azelaic Acid
-Vanicream daily facial moisturizer
-Eucerin Age Defense SPF 50
-25mg Spiro
PM routine:
-micellar water to remove makeup
-Panoxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide wash (i started using this back when I was on Clindamycin lotion too, and kept it when I stopped the clindamycin. Not sure if I should keep it in my routine now? Hard to tell if it’s helping.)
-Cos de Baha Azelaic Acid
-Vanicream daily facial moisturizer
-50mg Spiro
I’ve been feeling like I should add an exfoliator (I’m thinking the Paula’s Choice BHA) but I don’t think my routine is moisturizing enough for that.
So I’m wondering if I should add a hydrating toner before the Azelaic acid, remove the benzoyl peroxide cleanser and use the CeraVe morning and evening, switch out the Vanicream for something more moisturizing, or a combination of these things. Or something I didn’t mention, if anyone has other suggestions!
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2023.06.02 16:12 Syckobot Would recruiters/interviewers be understanding if someone put "freelance work" to cover a large gap, but explained in person that they were using that as a blanket term for the personal work/practice they were doing to keep busy while unemployed?

I put freelance on my resume for a few months. I only had one client that didn't pan out, but I also practiced my skills by making some personal projects and entering competitions. I didn't know how to word multiple things like that on a resume and now I have an interview.
EDIT: I did bullet point the things I actually did under the job.
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2023.06.02 16:12 Ok-Coat-2157 Large two chambered concrete object found in the rural woods of Iowa.

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