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A subreddit for residents, visitors, college students, or vagrants of Springfield, Missouri, the 417 area code, and the greater Ozarks area.

2013.11.14 18:31 whatthaduck True Home of "The Simpsons"

For all things about or happening in/near Springfield Oregon. This can include surrounding small communities such as Creswell, Cottage Grove, Goshen, Mohawk, Marcola, Sweet Home, Blue River, Vida, McKenzie River, Walterville, Deer Horn, Leaburg, McKenzie Bridge. JaspeLowell, and Oakridge. We are welcoming, friendly and equal opportunity around here.

2008.03.18 08:13 Oregon Reddit

The subreddit for Oregon.

2023.03.12 22:16 ImADecisionTerrible Best Landlords/Rental Properties?

As the title suggests, I’m looking to move to Springfield by early May hopefully. I think my credit score is decent? (705), I have no prior evictions, I can provide a 2 1/2 year rental history, but I have a cat/dog/mini lop bunny. All the animals are spayed and house trained (even the rabbit though she has her own enclosure) I’m looking to move with my 18 year old sister so we can get out of a bad situation. We have a $950 budget but we’d like for it to be lower of course.
I’ve been looking at “At Home Properties” and they seem pretty decent, the reviews look good, but I’ve also been keeping my eyes peeled on other rental apps like Zumper, Trulia, and even Craigslist. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for who to avoid renting from and who to maybe seek out?
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2023.02.13 03:43 queeblosan Which should I go for?

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2023.01.24 02:57 No_Bullfrog5635 Oh?

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2022.12.10 13:48 the_digital_lost Selling stuff! 60hp eurorack small rig. Mutable clones, some utilities… a great starter set!

(Hopefully this does not post twice. It’s just some weird shit going on with my Reddit app at the moment which is completely expected.)
So I sold a couple of things and looking at what I’ve got left over I realized it’s actually an almost complete small eurorack system!
Craigslist post link:
A voice module, envelopes, some utilities and effects. Just add a filter and you’re good to go. There’s even some room for expansion. With the mixer in there, and a duel channel envelope (piques), it would be easy to add another voice, and yet still have room left to add more effects.
A perfect, starting point for anyone who might be interested in eurorack but still not sure if they want to dive in too deep.
It’s $550 on the Craigslist post but certainly will do a deal for any members here.
Questions, go ahead below!
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2022.11.23 04:13 Levonti19 Buying/selling silver peer to peer

Im sure this has been talked about but what is the best was sell and buy locally? Im sure that out of the 107k members there are some in my area (Springfield, MO). I would much rather buy and sell directly to members of this community than go through coin shops. Currently im interested in buying but have sold some before through Craigslist. Any recommendations on how this is done easily? Other reddit groups? facebook?
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2022.11.10 02:54 puppysearchbot Missouri

columbiamo (sss)
columbiamo (pet)
columbiamo (pas)
joplin (sss)
joplin (pet)
joplin (pas)
kansascity (sss)
kansascity (pet)
kansascity (pas)
kirksville (sss)
kirksville (pet)
kirksville (pas)
loz (sss)
loz (pet)
loz (pas)
semo (sss)
semo (pet)
semo (pas)
springfield (sss)
springfield (pet)
springfield (pas)
stjoseph (sss)
stjoseph (pet)
stjoseph (pas)
stlouis (sss)
stlouis (pet)
stlouis (pas)
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2022.11.05 14:00 GroundTime2924 springfield mo craigslist

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2022.11.04 15:42 Pristine_Bee8200 springfield mo craigslist

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2022.10.17 07:42 fartuni4 what would you guys pay for this?

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2022.10.13 21:09 the_digital_lost Selling stuff! Moog 60hp cases in 4 tier rack with power supply: $350. With modules: $550. Details below.

If there’s anyone here reading this who has been interested in dipping into Eurorack, this could be a great opportunity! Four Moog cases set up in the four tier rack with a power supply, $350. Also for $550 I will throw in an 8HP Plaits clone, a Doepfer mixer and Doepfer lfo. Here is a link to the craigslist listing: https://springfieldil.craigslist.org/msg/d/springfield-moog-tier-60hp-eurorack-set/7545229854.html
Everything works and looks great, just some modules I’m not using and I’m moving to a different, slightly larger rack.
As always, any questions go ahead and feel free to make an offer. Cash only.
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2022.10.13 17:34 PrecisionBunion Where to find Clients

Hi everyone, I am in the Springfield area and have started an IT Consulting Company. Are there any suggestions on what platforms or places are best to advertise? Like do people around here still use craigslist? Or any other suggestions? Thanks!
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2022.09.28 03:05 MrwordR Logan Square 2bed/1bath $1475.

Looking to relet my apartment in Logan Square. I need to find someone preferably before 10/4. I can show the place anytime during this week.. Here are the links to my Craigslist post and the original realtor.com post. Serious inquiries only please, I’m very motivated to get this completed this week if at all possible!
Take a look at this home I found on Realtor.com 2545 N Springfield Ave Unit 2545, Chicago Price Unavailable · 2beds · 1baths
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2022.09.24 03:22 THE_Captain_Panic Xj 650 Seca Turbo

There is one for sale in Springfield Ohio. It isn’t mine, or I would be sitting in my garage right now.
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2022.09.07 00:48 arhythm DC free wood

I'm moving internationally from house in DC (NoVA specifically). Have to get rid of all my wood. So if anyone wants it it's yours for the taking. Need to be taken by Sunday since I leave soon after that.
Lots of plywood for shop projects, a lumber cart based on Steve Ramsey, couple of pieces of walnut and white oak. Also have a full size bed frame, can't remember what wood though, that I got free to reuse the wood.
Please let me know if you'd be interested in it.
Associated craigslist post: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/zip/d/springfield-wood-assorted/7529684610.html
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2022.09.02 17:55 the_digital_lost Anyone used the downtown Springfield police department for Craigslist sales? Apparently they have a safe place to go to do this kind of thing.

I sell a fair bit on craigslist, nothing major. I usually go to the same public place that’s pretty close to my house just for convenience.
One or two ultimately fine in the end but definite bad vibe interactions of late made me wonder about maybe doing it at the police station. Was curious if anyone had done it and how their experience was.
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2022.08.30 21:21 thisdugan Is this 2021 Ghost Kato a good deal?

Also is this the right size for a six foot male?
Here is this link:
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2022.08.26 06:04 Character_Falcon_986 The rental market is cray rn

Is everyone looking for rentals right now, or is it just students flocking in?!? Anyone have any secrets on how to find an affordable 1bedroom or Studio apartment (and by affordable I mean, $1200/mo or less) in Eugene/Springfield? I could use some good ideas, Craigslist is super saturated this time of year.
**Follow up: Thank you for all the great ideas, I also hope this sub helps others who are looking, but I found a place! Probably by luck, and by being a decent human with the owner. Best wishes for anyone else out there looking! Great resources have been shared!**
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2022.08.01 18:08 the_digital_lost Selling more stuff! Behringer Pro 1 synth $280 and Behringer UMC1820 USB Audio Interface $220. Further details below.

Hello. Just selling a couple more things that I’ve got hanging around that I haven’t been using. Everything is in good as new condition, everything has all the original packaging and accessories. Prices shown above. I have them on the Springfield craigslist but if you hit me up here then of course I’ll do you a deal! Cash and in person sales only. Any questions let me know. Cheers.
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2022.07.24 22:03 Faded_Dehlila Am I insane for going from zero T’s to 6?

So I’ve been wanting a tarantula for years, and found someone in craigslist in my area who is downsizing their collection, and offered me a bunch for cheap, but I had to buy multiple. I’m talking like i pay for two and the other four are basically free. There’s a seemani, an albo, a green bottle, an obt,a pumpkin patch/colombia, and a b. hamorii. They had more old worlds and a rosea etc but i had to stop myself before i took all 12 and my partner kicked me out out of concern for my mental health. I have many spiders already and have brought a handful of native egg sacs up and released them into my garden or the woods, so i’m not a total beginner jumping into the actual ocean.
So I guess I’m saying is there anyone else out there that got multiple tarantulas as their first, or if this is truly a stupid idea, or if you have any of these species and know a weird tip for them (like GBBs are a mix of arboreal and terrestrial a lot of the times so you don’t need as much substrate, etc). I’ve been following channels and people like tarantula kat and exotics lair for upwards of a year now too so i have some good base information.
Sidenote if you are within a drive from Springfield MA i’ll give you the craigslist link so you can pick up the old worlds and pokies and them :)
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2022.07.11 23:53 MonnyBon In tune, ready to play, upright piano *FOR FREE*

Hi y'all! My family is moving across the country to a smaller home and we are unable to move our beloved upright piano. Do you want it? It is so lovely. Here are the details:
Kimball Artist Console upright piano In tune and sounds lovely Pedals work Includes original storage bench Played regularly by current owners throughout the pandemic
I have piano movers ready to move the piano for a discounted fee to be paid by you (~a few hundred dollars depending on how difficult it is to get the piano into your space) You're also welcome to move it yourself
~56in wide x 24in deep x 41in tall
Pictures here:
Thank you!
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2022.07.10 19:44 Hillbilly_Boozer Looking for Office Chairs - Leap v2

Does anybody know of any places around Springfield that sell used or remanufacturered office equipment? I'm looking for a Leap v2 chair and I can't find anyone that sells them in the area. Nothing on FB marketplace or Craigslist either.
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2022.06.28 01:08 Imposter_Syndr0me Is this room listing a scam?

I'm looking for a place to rent in my area and found this listing:
I visited the place, and was shown the room by my contact's brother. I did not find any differences between the listing and what I saw in person. After waiting a day, I told him I wanted to go forward with the rental over text. He then asked me to provide my driver's license, email, and social security number for a background check. He also stated that I would receive the background check verification via email and that he would get the report in 1-2 days. He then asked me for $200 to hold the room for me before ordering the background check. I then told him that I needed to see a lease agreement before anything happened. After this, he replied he would get it to me later tonight via text
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