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Best Gyro Sandwich Near Me gyrojim

2023.03.29 08:57 gyrojimmys Best Gyro Sandwich Near Me gyrojim

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2023.03.29 08:53 GrievingGrandson I love you Grandpa. You were my Grandpa, my Dad, and my Best Friend.

I never thought I would use Reddit for this, but here I am. I want to start out by saying how much I appreciate this community and the support everyone provides. I lost my Grandpa on 2/14/23, and reading posts on here helps me to see that other people handle their grief in different ways. The non-grieving world keeps turning and we are expected to put our loss behind us and function normally. Reading about how others have experienced sorrow, anger, guilt, and all of the other emotions lets me know that there is no certain way to grieve. I'm not sure why I wanted to post this now since it has been over a month since my Grandpa passed. I guess I just wanted to share our story to add to the community and if it helps me and someone else with a similar experience then I consider it being worth it.
I was brought into the home of my grandparents when I was 8 years old due to my dad falling into drug addiction after the passing of my mom from cancer. My Grandpa made a promise to my Mom before she passed that he would make sure I was taken care of. They raised me as their own son, got me through school and college, and have supported my adult profession as a police officer. My Grandpa was a retired firefighter and when he loved that I was a police officer. He even did a ride along with me, and was planning on doing another one. I'm 31 now, and my Grandpa was 85. Even up until the last few weeks of his life, he was always very active. He did exercises everyday and went on long walks. I've always seen him as the strongest man I know. One of our favorite things to do together was to go and shoot his guns that he bought and collected.
Several years ago my Grandpa was diagnosed with a skin cancer on the top of his head. Every time a new spot popped up, it usually just required some radiation treatments and then life would go back to normal. In 2022, it became more aggressive though, but the doctor made it seem that it was still treatable. This time he had to do a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. It was very hard on him for an 85 year old man, and he wasn't able to do much due to the sickness and fatigue. He eventually had to stop the chemotherapy and was able to finish the radiation treatments. Everything appeared to be going back to normal at the end of 2022, and we were able to enjoy Christmas together one last time. In January 2023 though, he had a seizure at home which we initially thought was a stroke. At the hospital, they found out that it was actually a seizure and his scans showed that there were cancerous lesions in his brain from the cancer spreading. When he got out of the hospital, we immediately made an appointment with his cancer physician. His doctor told us that he would try to treat it, but it would require 10 back to back radiation treatments every single day. He told us that since the cancer (angiosarcoma) had now spread to his brain, that the radiation treatments would have more of an effect on him since it was no longer just on the surface of his head. But everything seemed hopeful and we decided to go through with the treatments.
My grandparents got a hotel room in the city where the hospital was, since it was an hour and a half drive away. It happens to be the same city I live in. I was able to spend almost every day with him, besides when I had to be at work. We went to a pipe tobacco store, a gun store, several restaurants, and spent time together in the hotel room. I'll never take that time for granted. The treatments went well, until about halfway through he became very tired and had lost a lot of weight. But this was to be expected. On the last day of treatment, he was having a hard time walking, and needed to use a cane, which he never used. As my grandparents left to go back home, I just thought that once he got back to the comfort of his own home, he could rest and would eventually start eating more again once the radiation effects wore off.
The next morning, I got a phone call that he had collapsed and had to go to the hospital where they live. I felt terrible. I still feel terrible. I'm so mad at myself for not recognizing that he was so weak and sick, and I should have went home with them to help take care of him and to encourage him to eat and drink. Apparently he collapsed from dehydration, and he went from the emergency department to the ICU. When I arrived at the hospital and found out he was in the ICU, I was told it was because of the medications he was being administered to stabilize his blood pressure. We then found out that he had went into septic shock from a perforated colon caused by diverticulitis. I didn't even know that he had that. As he spent more days in the ICU, the nurses found out that he had bed sores when they took him for an MRI. And now as I am writing this I am starting to tear up because I knew how much he hated MRIs. And he had it done for nothing. The nurses even bumped his head when doing the scan which tore a part of his skin away since his head was so tender from the radiation. He didn't deserve that.
After a few days in the ICU, his vitals appeared to be better and they took him off of the medications, except for the antibiotics. They put him in a different unit, and that's when it all went downhill. He started getting really sick, saying that his stomach hurt, and he didn't want to eat or drink anything. I tried to encourage him to eat and drink, but he was in too much pain. As time went on, he started breathing really heavy, did not want to try and get out of bed, and stopped talking. I don't want to go into all of the details, because it's really difficult for me to relive them and I'm still processing them. After a few days in that unit, his vitals and labs were bad again, and we were told that he would either have to go back to ICU and be put on life support, or we could let them give him some medicine to ease the pain so that he could go restfully. We decided as a family that it would have been cruel to extend his suffering and we know he wouldn't want to have been put on life support. We had to watch him take his last breath, and as traumatizing as it was, I couldn't leave him and let him be alone. After everything he has done for me, that was the least I could do.
After his passing the next few days were a blur. I never imagined that I would have to plan my Grandpa's funeral. Finding pallbearers, picking out a casket, picking out music, putting together the photos for the slideshow, and writing the tribute. Now that the funeral has been over for over a month, and people try to go back to their normal lives, it hurts even more. My job as a police officer is especially hard for me to go back to. I have to try and put on a straight face for the public, so in between calls I'm usually about to burst into tears so I have to go find a solitary place. At least that's one good part about my job. I can just go drive to a secluded area like a park and get my tears out. I know that most of you on here probably don't have that luxury and I'm sorry that you may have to try and hold it in for a full work day. Everything I see around me at work reminds me of him. I drive by the hospital where he was receiving cancer treatments just about every shift I work. It just feels so unreal that he was there just not that long ago.
I know that he lived to be 85, and that's a long good life. It just still feels like it was so sudden. And maybe that is better than a slow, suffering death from the spread of cancer. But he was my everything. He was my Grandpa, my Dad, and my best friend. And now I have to live the rest of my life without him here. The days feel so dark now. I was having a lot of dreams about him the days after his passing, but they don't happen much anymore. I have cried every day since he passed, but the feeling is becoming more of a numb feeling of sadness with periods of anger. I get angry at the nurses and doctor that seemed to have neglected him in the hospital after he left the ICU. I trusted the people who were medically trained to take care of him, and didn't speak up enough for him while he was in the hospital. I feel guilty for not spending more time with him while I could, for not recognizing how negatively the radiation treatments were affecting him. I know that he wouldn't want me to feel this way, but I feel like I failed him and he could still be here with me today. But then I tell myself, it would only be a matter of time until something else happened or the cancer spread again. We can't live forever.
I always thought that my faith was strong and I was a spiritual person, until this happened. Your beliefs really are challenged when going through the loss of a loved one. It's went from a hopeful "I believe because an afterlife sounds nice and I hope I get there" to a desperate "I hope that my loved isn't non-existent now and that their soul is still alive and I can see them again". I just can't think of my Grandpa being nothing now. He was so much more than just a physical body. I have to believe that he's still out there somewhere.
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2023.03.29 08:48 Silversith Prompt Design

I just wanted to share my basic prompt design and ask for any ideas/advice from others :)
I think the things I always find more interesting than my own generations are abstract, anthropomorphic (humanoid objects), food art, pixel art, none of which I've really generated myself.
((character)), ((hair colohairstyle)), skin colorace, ((clothing+extras)), (gaze), (action), ((cluttered interesting background:1.2, weathetime location:1.2)), ((full body:1.2)), ((lighting)), alone/crowds
eg;((beautiful young woman)), ((pale pastel styled hair)), tan skin, ((hoodie)), (looking away), (leaning against a wall), ((cluttered interesting background:1.2, raining city street:1.2)), ((full body:1.2)), ((soft light, glow)), alone
And then adding my negative prompt and negative models, mostly "bad-hands-5"

Studying Lying in bed Wrapped Towel Painting 
Washing Fishing 
Watching fish 
Running Lying down Living in Camping Pond Swimming Bathing 
Camping Survival 
City Street
Bike-riding Race Walking Raining 
Shopping Changing Clothes 
Floating Needing Rescue Spaceship Corridors Cockpit Spacestation Floating Working 
Walking Lying down Cave 
Anchient Ruins
DND Dungeon
Exploring Fighting Traps 
Sitting Walking Magic Princess Queen 
Summoning Room(Round stone room with ritual circle)
Sitting Shocked 
House Party
Drinking Swimming 
Flying Falling 
Waitress Cook 
Guitar Singing Cosplay Fashion Bodypaint 
Swimming Surfing Suntan Boardwalk 
Diving Boat Ship Luxury Liner 
Science Lab
Experimented On Traumatized Scientist Creatures 
Walking Survive Scavanging Weapons 
Flood Storm Burning Town Earthquake Metorite 

Character Type
Xmen Mutant
VTuber, Streamer
Dragon Newt
**Cute Monster Creature
Ultra Realistic Pokemon
Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander Vulpix Rapidash Eevee 
Bone Monster
Bone Collector
Skin Walker
Software Developer
Physical Therapist
Graphic Designer
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2023.03.29 08:47 Tanuki-Trickery A smol rant that really is more to do with Dave and Busters than it does my bestie and his wife who is trying for a baby. Life is absurd.

We went to Dave and Busters as a belated birthday meet up. The entire establishment at 7:00pm on a Sunday was swarming with parents and kids. Each couple I did see had three to five kids, it was crazy! Nothing out of the ordinary but the cashier was louder than all of these familys, "I CAN HELP THE NEXT PERSON!!!" I can hear her annoyance and seething rage, she lives in a box at the entrance to a zoo where nobody knows what the fuck they are doing. (A reason I quit working with the general public.) We buy some credits to play games, she blasts through her script that she's only said 50,000 times during her shift, of how many credits we got, and yells out again that she's ready for the next idiot in line before we are even handed the receipt.
We wander the game room while we waited for 2 hours for a table to eat at. And when we finally sat down the restaurant side was a ghost town. We asked our waitress to split our checks and she says "If I do that the food will come out one at a time rather than all at once." We figured we'd all be talking and whatever so fine we said... que the orders coming out 15 mins apart... by the time I started eating half the table had finished.
I sat next to bestie's wife, because I wanted to have an opportunity to smooth out the last kerfuffle (see my first post of how memes from kidsarefuckingstupid are offensive) and while it was brought up, the conversation didn't linger, and apologies were had, but a little nugget she shared is why she wants a kid - as she never had a family of her own (entire life in foster care until 18) so she's gonna do it herself, along with the "I always had this desire to have my own."
So selfish reasons like the usual moms in limbo lala land.
My bestie works his ass off at a home improvement store, been there for almost 10 years, and she reveals that he doesn't use work insurance. Deductible too high and benefits are meh for someone like him (diabetic) to really benefit. So they pay insurance out of pocket despite working for a million, billion dollar company. His life revolves around work, and because he has done cl-open shifts, 12 plus hours, ect. Work has no problem keeping him working those shifts.
And while I'm not focused on thier need to get knocked up, I think of all these things... where will they have any time to actually spend with their kid... then on top of it there's weekly school shootings???
My niblet is failing scool at 12 years old, and I know they see the writing on the wall as I did in ye olde 90's. There's no point to doing well in school, as it doesn't help to get a job anyway. And my sister has done everything in her power to help, therapy (they don't talk to the therapist), after school camp, one on one... and my sister feels helpless and I don't want to be cruel, but like, shit, you know how shit this world is and yet here we are running in the same rat-wheel for that same carrot on the stick. Her life, my life, my niblet's life... we're all rats.
I saw that article of the Guardian saying that we are dancing ever closer to an extinction if (and they will) temperatures keep rising.
I think there's too much ignorance... but also who can give a fuck when they're a paycheck away from being evicted? It's why we haven't rioted like the French -- that and 40% of people love bootlicking and 1% doesn't have a clue that you can get a pizza delivered because they fly to Paris for a bagel and Japan for a rice ball and be back in their mansion before nightfall.
They're already building luxury bunkers to waste away in a hole I guess...
Anyway, I wasted $120 in an establishment that didn't have any toilet paper in the entire women's bathroom while I got a perfect mini slice of what a shit-show life is.
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2023.03.29 08:42 Safe_Bet_9752 How do you properly crack and eat a crab?

How do you properly crack and eat a crab?
Eating crab can be a delicious and fun experience, but it can also be a bit tricky if you're not familiar with the proper technique. Here are some steps to help you crack and eat a crab:
  1. Start by twisting off the legs and claws of the crab. Hold onto the body of the crab with one hand and twist off each leg and claw with the other hand. Set them aside.
  2. Use a crab cracker or a small mallet to crack open the legs and claws. Gently crack the shell along the length of each leg and claw, being careful not to crush the meat inside.
  3. Use a small fork or a seafood pick to remove the meat from inside the legs and claws. You may need to use your teeth to help pull the meat out.
  4. Next, remove the top shell of the crab by lifting it from the back end and pulling it off. This will reveal the crab's internal organs, which you can discard.
  5. Use a small spoon or your fingers to scoop out the yellowish-orange crab butter (also known as crab fat) from inside the shell. This is a delicacy for many people, but it's not for everyone.
  6. Break the body of the crab in half and use your fingers to remove the meat from the inside. Be careful not to crush any of the meat while you're doing this.
  7. Finally, enjoy the delicious crab meat! Dip it in butter or your favorite sauce, or eat it plain.
When eating at a crab restaurant, don't hesitate to ask the staff for assistance or guidance on how to properly crack and eat the crab. They will likely be happy to help and may even have their special techniques.
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2023.03.29 08:36 Character-Wind361 What are some typical cooking errors restaurants make with seafood that lead to dryness or toughness?

What are some typical cooking errors restaurants make with seafood that lead to dryness or toughness?
There are several common cooking errors that restaurants can make when preparing seafood that can result in dryness or toughness rather than juicy seafood. Here are a few examples:
  1. Overcooking: One of the most common mistakes when cooking seafood is overcooking it. Fish and shellfish can cook very quickly, and if left on the heat for too long, they can become dry and tough. To avoid overcooking, it's important to pay close attention to the cooking time and remove the seafood from the heat as soon as it's cooked through.
  2. Under-seasoning: Another common mistake is not seasoning the seafood properly. Seafood can be delicate in flavor, so it's important to use the right amount of seasoning to enhance its natural taste without overpowering it. Seasoning also helps to keep the seafood moist and juicy.
  3. Not using enough fat: Fat is important in cooking seafood as it helps to keep the flesh moist and juicy. Restaurants may make the mistake of not using enough fat, such as oil or butter, when cooking seafood, which can result in dryness.
  4. Incorrect temperature: Cooking seafood at too high of a temperature can also cause it to become dry and tough. It's important to use the correct temperature for the type of seafood being cooked and to monitor the heat closely.
  5. Improper storage: Finally, improper storage of seafood can lead to dryness and toughness when it's cooked. If seafood is not stored at the correct temperature or is not fresh, it can affect the texture and flavor of the final dish.
By avoiding these common cooking errors and focusing on techniques that result in juicy seafood, restaurants can serve delicious seafood dishes, such as the flavorful Red Crab, that are moist, tender, and packed with flavor.
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2023.03.29 08:31 danidelrey1 new to sobriety

So I’ve hit rock bottom a few times due to alcohol. I’m f24 and Sunday night really shifted things for me. I got blackout drunk in a nice restaurant for my sisters birthday dinner (wasn’t suppose to still happen bc of arguing prior to). I’ve never had the greatest relationship with my sister (26) due to being her punching bag when we were younger. I’m for the most part a happy drunk but when we drink, arguing happens & things get really bad on both of our ends. I feel so ashamed for letting myself get that drunk and I really want a change in my life that allows me to live shame-free and in peace. I’m taking steps now to better myself, I had my first therapy session today. I guess I don’t know how I’ll live my 20s sober and I don’t know how my friends will react to sober me.
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2023.03.29 08:30 LammieLord (March 29th 2023) Hong Kong's Transformers Resturaunt UPDATE

Was taking pictures of the interior and the uncovered name text when a sweet lady came up to me whom I'll greatly assume to be someone who works on the project since she had a name tag and was around the site talking to those who was working on it at the time. She gave me a massive info dump that got me super excited!
So firstly, the name of the restaurant is very likely to be "THE ARK". Which makes sense since the interior is decorated in that colour scheme and has a very futuristic sci-fi theme. She told me the opening date of the restaurant will be April 23-24th (uncertain which one exactly since she told me both in the same conversation).
She also told me the food would be relatively cheap, around 60 hkd per meal (which is around 4-5 usd converted). One of the menu items would be a burger, she described it as the bun would be shaped like that of the insignia/logo (she didn't specify which faction, but i hope both Autobots and Decepticons) instead of a regular shaped bun. That's very interesting!
There will also be apparently another restaurant opening in Tseung Kwan O (also in HK) opening somewhere in May that I unfortunately have next to no information to provide at this time as I only learnt about this from the lady I mentioned and I don't live near that area.
Name pic 1 Name pic 2
Restaurant interior pic 1 Restaurant interior pic 2, closer look
Hiring poster
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2023.03.29 08:30 Any_Match1393 How do Louisiana's history and culture influence Cajun restaurants and menus?

How do Louisiana's history and culture influence Cajun restaurants and menus?
Louisiana's history and culture have had a significant impact on Cajun cuisine, which is reflected in many Cajun restaurants and menus today.
The Cajun culture has its roots in the French-speaking Acadian people who were expelled from Nova Scotia in the 18th century and settled in Louisiana. Over time, their culinary traditions blended with those of other cultures in Louisiana, such as African American, Spanish, and Native American, resulting in unique fusion cuisine that is known as Cajun.
A cajun restaurant often features dishes that are influenced by this diverse history and culture. For example, gumbo, a popular Cajun dish, is a stew made with a roux (a mixture of flour and fat), onions, bell peppers, celery, and a variety of meats or seafood. Other dishes like jambalaya, étouffée, and boudin are also staples of Cajun cuisine.
Many Cajun restaurants also feature live music, which is an integral part of Louisiana's culture. Zydeco and Cajun music are both popular genres that originated in Louisiana and can often be heard in Cajun restaurants.
In summary, Louisiana's history and culture have influenced Cajun cuisine, and Cajun restaurants and menus reflect this unique blend of culinary traditions. When dining at a Cajun restaurant, you can expect to experience a taste of Louisiana's rich history and diverse culture, while enjoying dishes like gumbo and boudin, and even the famous Red Crab, which is often featured in Cajun seafood dishes.
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2023.03.29 08:22 Humament What are your favorite low-key but hella tasty restaurants in Dublin and Galway?

I'm a simple man. I eschew the fancy. If you put foam on my food I'm going to feel awkward. If a plate contains 3 bites I'm going to get mad. Now I don't need a lot, and I don't need expensive. I love local favorites. I love gritty places with tasty meals. I just want the goodness. A walkup that has that one stupid tasty dish? A restaurant that locals know is the go-to for something homey?
I'll be visiting Dublin and Galway next month - where should a simple man who likes real food eat? No food restrictions.
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2023.03.29 08:22 PrueGretel RHONJ S13 E8

Pizza Gate
A lot of arguing going on in this episode, let's get to it...
Before the show starts, we see after they leave the party last episode. Tre, Danielle and Jen A are with their husbands driving home from the party. Danielle says "The one person you don't want to have as an enemy, ME!! The "Me" sounded like a combination of a roaring lion and Al Pacino. It was something.
The next morning, we have breakfast at the Jen A with her guests. At the same time, we see Rachel and her guests eating breakfast together with her side. Of course, both sides are talking about the other side while having breakfast. Shocker! Later on, both groups will get together for lunch at Rachel's.
At Rachel's house one of the subjects is Danielle. They are very 'concerned' about why Danielle doesn't talk to her brother. Let me make this clear. The Marge doesn't speak to her kids and Jackie doesn't speak to a sister. Why do these busybodies care why she doesn't speak to her brother? Here's an idea, instead of focusing on Danielle, try fixing your own family, including you, Melissa. Damn! Now Melissa whines about her mom not being invited. The Marge asks her if she is happy Louie invited her mother to the wedding. Melissa wonders if it is a genuine invite, ffsakes get over yourself. Yes, Melissa. He meditated on it and deep down in his heart and soul he wants your mother there so bad. Is that good enough for you? Melissa's mother tweeted or liked not so nice things about Teresa years ago, so stop pretending there is a love fest here. It is not. Teresa forgave but why would she want someone who slammed her on social media at her wedding?
Now let's get to Joey and pizza gate. Joey tells them Louie is nice but sometimes a dick. Producers ask if something happened between them. Joey tells them that yes something happened. There are two sides which we will get to. Back at Jen's Teresa comes clean with her friends and tells them that Louie lost 250k investing in a pizzeria for Joey called Nonno's that Joey wanted to do with Teresa. Joey put down zero percent. Louie's lawyer said to give Joey 5% and he flipped out, because it was his idea to call it Nonno's. Idea? Pay up or deal is done! Joey also said Teresa changed the name to Skinny Pizza. I doubt she changed the name, sounds fishy to me. Joey is annoyed. Louie is not. Joey lost no money. Louie lost 250k. Why is Joey mad about this? He lost nothing. Furthermore, a few seasons back, Joey opened a pizzeria, what happened to that restaurant? It just vanished? Of course, The Marge has to butt in to say this is so hurtful to Joey.
Rachel's Lunch it starts off okay. Oh, Adult Jennifer arrives, she has a husband named Jeff. Word on the street is people in her town don't like her, which makes her a perfect fit for being The Marge's friend of the show.
Okay party is on. The Marge, Jackie, Dolores, Adult Jennifer and Melissa's are still talking about the mother not being invited. All of them. I can't. Stop with this storyline. She was invited, so what's the problem now?Teresa tells Joey all he had to do was come to her and ask her to invite his MIL and she would have, instead he and Melissa are whining to strangers (cast members) about this.
Now we have The Marge pull aside Danielle and scold her for spreading gossip about The Marge having an arsenal of information about the women. First of all, Danielle only discussed it with Rachel, but Rachel who was talking about it as well, being the snake that Rachel is, ran back and told The Marge what BOTH Danielle and Rachel discussed. Rachel just conveniently left out the part that she participated in the discussion. Also, The Marge is the town's gossip that tells everyone's secrets. Hey, she is such a gossip she probably worked her way up to the Garden's State gossip by now. So why is she so mad? She knows she spreads secrets (Jen A and Bill) and tries to destroy relationships (Louie and Teresa). Rachel Joins The Marge and Danielle. Rachel twisted it to make it seem like it was Danielle gossiping about The Marge. Rachel is a pot stirrer and Danielle is done with her. I knew these two wouldn't be friends. Oh, the irony -- The Marge tells Danielle to stop gossiping all over the place. This is projection from The Marge onto Danielle.
Now we have Louie trying to make peace between Teresa, Melissa and Joey. Give it up Louie, they even brought in therapists to repair their family. It's not going to happen. First Louie grabs Melissa to talk. He brings up her mother's invite and how wonderful Melissa's mother has been to him and his boys.
Meanwhile close by at the party, Jackie's talking about Teresa's non invite with Jen A and Dolores. Teresa's fed up by now, she wants to know why everyone is talking about this. So do I. Jackie tells her Melissa is her best friend and is very upset about this. Gag!! Tre tells her if she is so upset let her call her sisters and discuss HER guest list. Get her Tre! I can't help it, these women are being so catty towards Teresa. It's a guest list, get over it. And Melissa's mother is no saint. She said horrible things online about Teresa. Danielle chimes in to say stop gossiping about my brother. She said I blocked him on Instagram, and he lost his mind and that was it. The ladies say maybe it is the SIL (which it probably is) but mind your own business. Why do they care so much? I don't care why. Danielle tells them she is done and leaves the party. The Marge calls her a drama queen. No, she just doesn't like gossipy women talking about a sensitive subject. Danielle tells us in her confessional she is heartbroken about her brother and these women are making it worse. Danelle, you shouldn't have told them!!
Back to Louie, while he is professing his love for Melissa and her family, Teresa tries to join in on the conversation. Louie tells her to respect their space and she is not making any sense what she is saying. All she said is that she wanted to know what is going on with the wedding invite, and everyone is talking about it. She also said there's history with the family. Yeah, that bothered me. He is not a therapist, and he has no right to scold Teresa and kick her out of the conversation. This is her side of the family's problem. He can't control how it all goes down. If Teresa wanted to be there and say her peace, she should be allowed to. Teresa walks away. Joey joins and Louie welcomes him. This is so weird. Okay Louie is forgiven for now ... He does say he feels bad about the invite and all the hurt between Tre, Melis and Joey, but Teresa is hurt as well, and he is marrying her in 4 weeks and wants peace. Maybe his intent is good but stop with your 'therapy' speeches with Teresa on camera.
Back at the gossip table with the women. Teresa tells them her brother Joey needs therapy. Jackie tells her that is not nice. What? Therapy is not nice? Teresa goes off on her and tells her to get out of her fucking face. I would too. Jackie needs to go. I am sick of her and her nasty digs. She brings nothing but negativity and starts in with people. Teresa tells her she is getting involved with family and needs to keep out of it.
Now back to Louie and Joey, Melissa walked away to let them talk. Louie tells Joey he wears Nonno's pajamas to make his nieces feel safe. Joey's face is priceless, like wtf did he just say? It is kind of weird, but whatever. Now Teresa joins in, and they have a therapy session about the wedding. Enough! Invite, don't invite, attend, don't attend. Melissa joins in and more wedding talk. Ugh!! It gets heated and Teresa walks away. She tells Louie to fix it, she is done. So is America. Get another storyline. This time Melissa and Joey leave the party. The Marge walks up and Teresa tells her to make Melissa understand that last year.... suddenly all talk stops! Louie gets up and tells Teresa he is going to leave because he can't take it anymore. I feel you. But he scolds her in front of the group, telling her she doesn't listen. Should she sit there and let him do all the talking? He is on the fence again with me. Too controlling, but she doesn't see it, so they might be a good fit. She is mellow now. I just feel he should say these things off camera. He continues to lecture Teresa while Joey comes back and starts screaming, Louie calms him down and Joey leaves. Either Louie is the Teresa and Joey makeup whisperer, or he's controlling. I can't figure him out.
So there you have it. Pizza Gate started the demise of Louie and Joey's relationship. Teresa's father and sister never talked over $200 give or take. So I think the family is following in their footsteps.
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2023.03.29 08:15 WorriedWoodpecker238 I don't remember my mom, yet somehow I miss her.

My mom died when I was 2, so I have no recollection of her. I was left in the care of my grandmother and my mom's brother. They were both heavily addicted to drugs and hoarders. The house was almost uninhabitable, with endless junk and at least 20 cats contributing to the filth. For as far back as I can remember, I was severely abused and neglected. Four times, child protective services were involved, but they closed the case each time. I was 14 when I attempted to take my life and left there for good after telling someone.
I am now 22 and it's a constant battle with the trauma. I've begun to really struggle with the pain of never having that parental love and affection. I was given small details and stories about my birth mother throughout my childhood. I was only 10 when my mom was murdered, and my grandmother refused to talk further about her and withheld any pictures or personal items. I was finally given a picture of her during a supervised visit shortly after my attempt. The only other things I've been able to find are a vague obituary and 2 high school yearbook photos.
I look at her photo often and am deeply confused by my feelings. My mother, this stranger that carried me and gave birth to me, My name, listed as her daughter on the obituary, is the only evidence of she and I together. There are no pictures or videos of her holding me or looking at me affectionately. I can't remember a single detail like her voice, her smell, or her touch. I often find myself picturing these things and wondering how she felt about me.
It leaves me confused and hurts more than anything to miss her. There's nothing to miss about her, so it must be that I miss the idea of her. I wonder what could've been had she been there. I imagine a clean home where there was love and kind words. I imagine being comforted and admired by her. I imagine hugging her and how it would feel to be held by my mother. but I also know that it could've been completely different than I imagine.
I long for her almost every day. When I'm sick, I want her comfort. When I do good things, I want to show her. When the holidays come around, I want to be with her. When i'm struggling mentally, I want to call her.....all of these things that can't be replicated. I get so jealous seeing how close my best friend and her mom are. She's 23 and tells her mom everything, calls her at the grocery store to ask what spaghetti sauce to get, orders for her at restaurants....... And people say, "Well, one day you'll have your own family and be a mother." ... and i'll be there, and i'll love my children, but deep down, I'm still just a child who wants her mom too.
It's so hard to cope with this because there is no solution. I'm stuck with nothing but what-ifs and a longing that’ll never be satisfied.
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2023.03.29 08:11 lmcso2 struggling to detach

ok, so first reddit post ever lessgo.
Sorry for the length. I (M18) met my ex (F18) in December of 2021, and broke up in February of this year. We credit our relationship as the first mature and proper relationship either of us have been in. We lived together for 8 months, worked at the same restaurant and together, built a social circle for ourselves. We were everything to each other, as we both became adults together. (Legally an adult at 18 in Australia) just huge transitional time for both of us, a lot of emotional weight. She cheated on my in November of 2022 with a mutual friend (also a manager at our workplace). I didn’t find out until January. It was just a kiss but more so the lying and the cover up job was what killed me. Tried to make it work for about a month but there was no trust. It was a clean break for the most part. Civil, no yelling. Just some occasional sex. Eventually we called that quits to and decided to leave each other alone for a while. I changed jobs before we broke up, although my new job is about 5 metres away from her. It sucks but this job pays very well. After a month I wanted to talk to her, see how she was going. Big mistake. She had been seeing someone for a little bit, just casual sex essentially. Just reopened the wound for me and sent me into a quiet state of mania for 3 days. I was convinced we were meant to be and it would be a waste to let her go. I’ve since recovered. We are currently not in each others lives and have accepted we probably won’t ever be.
I’m just struggling to detach from her. She has lied to me consistently and I know anyone would deserve better. But I still feel jealous and insecure about my social status compared to her. She has seemingly everything she wants and seems perfectly happy with a new group of friends, maintaining the one we had built together, while I have been essentially exiled. I’m in therapy, taking measures for personal development and self care but I just feel completely hollow inside. Side note: I have no intention of promoting the idea that this is the nature of women or contribute to a larger sexist narrative. :)
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2023.03.29 08:10 teauxni86 Yea my kids NEVER learn when they’re outside 🙄

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2023.03.29 08:03 PossibleLie8951 Find the best breakfast places in Eugene

Eugene, Oregon is home to a variety of breakfast restaurants that offer delicious and unique breakfast options for visitors and locals alike. Whether you're in the mood for a classic breakfast dish or something more adventurous, Eugene has a restaurant for you which serves one of the best breakfast places in Eugene.
One popular spot for breakfast is Brails Restaurant, which offers traditional breakfast items like pancakes, waffles, and omelets alongside Greek specialties like gyros and souvlaki. For a more upscale breakfast experience, try Marche Restaurant, which features local and seasonal ingredients in dishes like quiche Lorraine and French toast.
If you're in the mood for something a little more eclectic, head to Mi Café , which offers breakfast options like tofu scrambles and buckwheat pancakes. And for a unique take on breakfast, try the biscuits and gravy at The Original Pancake House, which are made with their signature sourdough batter.
No matter what your breakfast preferences are, Eugene's breakfast restaurants are sure to satisfy your appetite.
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2023.03.29 07:57 flyingwithhardwings nMum Pushing Boundaries with Wedding Planning

Background: 29F, SG, Chinese. Partner is originally South Asian descent but is now a citizen. We have known each other for almost three years.
My mother is quite the character - she nitpicks and is fixated on her 'cantonese heritage' despite my father being hokkien. When my fiance first visited wearing a red t shirt for Chinese New Year, she focussed on the informal nature of the clothes; when he brought a pricey bottle of wine to the gathering as a gift and drank it together with my family over the meal, she noted this as 'alcoholism'. The cherry on the cake was when my fiance gave my family a Christmas gift set of treats, she nattered about the absence of a handwritten card attached to the gift box.
I got engaged one year ago, and in that moment, the saddest thing that struck me was that I was more worried about him getting approval from my parents first than fully enjoying the moment.
Since then, at my request, he did host a dinner at his apartment with my parents and younger sister in tow, to 'ask for my hand'. My parents agreed, with my father asking him to co-buy another property in my name, and my mother wanting the usual 10 tables for the chinese banquet, tea ceremony etc. Unfortunately, in that moment, she said, "I always thought my daughter would marry an ang moh (Singlish for caucasian man)". To alleviate the tension, my fiance laughed it off by making fun of his own skin colour, but that statement weighed on him and he wanted an apology. My mother not only refused to apologise, she and my father sought to gaslight ("No, I'm not racist, I simply meant because you're so westernised, I thought you will marry a white man!", "If he had a problem with it, it's his problem for focussing on his skin colour... if others call me yellow, so what?".
Because of this, wedding planning was deferred. There was a second confrontation last year in June, where my parents and fiance met up separately to discuss the comment. Needless to say, things did not go well. My dad apologised on behalf of my mother, but my mother was still unhappy : NMom: "In all my life I have never apologised, just ask your father!", "He is so rude to tell me that my comment is inappropriate!", "No, I'm not racist, in fact I welcomed him during Chinese New Year although it is inauspicious to have a black face around!"(Note that 'black face', when literally translated from mandarin, means having a disgruntled expression.).
Since then, fiance and I fought multiple times over my parents, with him threatening to leave if I continue to try and nudge my parents around. He has Ultimately, this year, during the first day of Chinese New Year, my parents initially didn't want to have him over but ultimately added one dish to the menu. My fiance also came to take the bull by the horns, coming by appropriately dressed, and even apologised to my mother twice for being "rude" for telling her she was being rude. While the storm appeared to pass, she still uses this episode of my fiance telling her off as a reason for why she doesn't like him.
Fast forward to today, where ultimately I decided to get started on wedding planning and set a date. My fiance and I have always wanted a small wedding involving close family and friends, and as foodies, we wanted to pick a nice, Michelin-starred restaurant instead of the usual hotel ballroom banquet that is the norm in Singapore. To be fair to his family, we wanted to opt for 'western' cuisine. Since then, additional requirements were thrown in that were not discussed before: involving a geomancer to pick an auspicious date, adding in a guo da li ceremony with 10 baskets of wedding cookies to be given, and even mandating an all-Chinese banquet 'to cater to seniors', with at least 100 guests coming from them. Note that (i) 70% of the folks on my mum's invite list comprises of the 'seniors' especially her mother's side of the family, (ii)I have never spoken or interacted with at least 80 of these people, and (iii) in addition to our new house, my fiance and I will be fully footing 100% of the wedding bills and planning for it, with no help coming from my parents. Reasons she has given include: If you invite one, you need to invite all, I'm not giving away my daughter in a low key ceremony, this is about family and you need to invite the seniors as well. Finally, for (iv) the tea ceremony, my mother proudly told me to engage a 'mistress of ceremony' and that she would not be helping with the prepping of the tea, moving of props, etc.
We ultimately booked a venue of our choice, but my fiance gave in and paid the deposit for 12 tables of 10 people, with chinese food, and add on live stations. I informed my mother about the venue, and asked her to just prepare the guest list. As I had not involved my mother at all due to recent history, she never stopped haranguing me about the date, menu, and even how the sit down affair would work, citing reasons like 'As this is a family milestone, it would set us at ease to know how it works'. She even did an excel sheet detailing at least 5 different options for the hotel banquet.
Prior to going for my holiday, I attempted to set boundaries, explaining that we had outstanding financial commitments for the house and we had paid deposit for the venue, and it would be excessive to have two receptions. This culminated in a confrontation via WhatsApp while I was on holiday. Frustrated, I told her that "It is Chinese food, sit down, and you get your chinese banquet of your dreams. This means NO TWO WEDDINGS, ONE AND DONE. I'm giving up what I want, a destination wedding with elevated food just so you have your moment in the sun. I hope you're happy now."
Apparently, she was so butthurt, she immediately withdrew her guestlist of over 80 people and told me to go for the small wedding I liked, leaving my fiance and I with a venue that can accomodate 120, with just our guests of approximately 30+ people. Good outcome? Nope. She nitpicked the venue, stating that it is "cheap", and she didn't want our relatives to criticise or say that she married her daughter out being stingy. For non-Singaporeans, it is not that the venue was inappropriate, in fact, the cost of the venue we picked would be on par with the median hotel ballroom banquet price. Not only did she refuse to hear me on the budget I've set for the wedding, she (i) stood firm on wanting the separate chinese dinner, with her paying and hosting this dinner, and refused to go for the venue we booked, (ii) asked for a pin jin (bride dowry) cash equivalent of the chinese banquet dinner for ten tables, or 100 people, (iii) still asked for the si dian jin (bridal jewelry), plus the guo da li items, (iv) when I tried to establish boundaries by stating the budget limits and how we have tried to cater to her wants, and that costs will escalate with gown rentals and the exertion of energy and time in planning for an additional event, she asked that my fiance "send an elder to speak" to her.
The only concession I could extract was explaining my budget, and with our venue taking more than half of the budget, this would mean we would seriously need to compromise on other things like the gowns, photography, decoration etc just to have two events. I even told her: "Do you really want me to walk in to the venue in a H&M white dress?" She offered to pay for the Chinese dinner, and all we needed to do was show up, but got extremely unhappy when I told her that if she was planning it, we would not be helping in any way, shape or form, and we would not be giving her money equivalent to a second venue. Her rebuttal? "Don't tell me your fiance doesn't want memories of that day", "the groom should pay for the wedding anyway, it's tradition", "Fine, I still want the equivalent of the 10 tables in your pin jin, besides you were going to spend the same amount anyway for your wedding", "If he gives $8, this just shows how much he values you", "a wedding is not just about the both of you... you don't want to regret getting married without blessings. It is a family event, and I want to take this opportunity to get everyone together. Isn't it sad that the only excuse for catching up and meeting up is at funerals?"
I'm really angry and frustrated. I did feel guilty as I still do want to get wed in peace and with immediate family present, and wanted to cancel my existing venue for the smaller venue I preferred while letting my mother have control of her little pet project (the chinese dinner), thus ensuring non-interference in my actual small wedding. Both my fiance and my counsellor told me that this was naive of me as my mother's antics was an exercise in pushing boundaries, and with the escalating demands and shifting goalposts, this behaviour is likely to endure even in her pet project.
What made me really sad was I actually googled to see if I was being a terrible person, and it took reading forums that I am 'normal' in wanting a wedding day for MYSELF, and I deserve to host MY wedding the way I want to feel that my emotions are valid.
Redditors, especially Singaporeans, what do you think?
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2023.03.29 07:55 MagnetsCanDoThat Hypocritical, not ironic

Jamie correcting Beard was by far the biggest laugh for me the whole episode.
The moment he said it I literally blurted out, "Oh my God he's totally right", and then Beard's eyes as his brain explodes inside his cranium... I have no idea why it got to me the way it did, but I laughed for the next 30 seconds and had to pause it.
Anyway, loved this episode in particular. General thoughts... Yeesh, poor Ted. I mean, sounds like she wasn't cheating on him, but that is a real kick in the nuts. Colin's situation wasn't a surprise, but his arc looks like it'll be very interesting. Watching his boyfriend code-switch at the restaurant was both impressive and heartbreaking. I don't see Trent outing Colin on purpose, but I can see him making a mistake and doing it by accident. I'm at least confident that the show will handle the subject with care.
The growing Jamie and Roy camaraderie is great. Zava's a cheat code, so that can't last. But if Roy manages to work Mister Miyagi magic on Jamie, that could be very interesting.
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2023.03.29 07:49 Buzz0016 Weird Seinfeld - Episode 6

Weird Seinfeld - Episode 6
Jerry and Kramer are sitting at their usual booth, drinking coffee. Elaine enters, looking excited.
Elaine: Hey guys, did you hear about the Soup Restaurant?
JERRY: What about it?
Elaine: It's up for auction because Peterman disappeared.
KRAMER: What happened to him?
Elaine: No one knows. But I want to buy the restaurant.
Elaine: I want to show Sue Ellen Mischke that I can beat her at her own game.
KRAMER: What game?
Elaine: The game of life, Kramer.
Kramer nods his head, pretending to understand.
KRAMER: I get it.
JERRY: Good luck with that.
Elaine: Thanks, I'll need it.
Elaine leaves the café.
KRAMER: You know what I need?
JERRY: What?
KRAMER: A petting zoo.
JERRY: A petting zoo?
[Later at Kramer's apartment. Kramer is seen in his living room, surrounded by a bunch of rats.]
Kramer: [Talking to the rats] Alright, boys, we gotta get this petting zoo up and running.
Jerry: [Enters the room] What the hell is going on here, Kramer?
Kramer: [Excitedly] Jerry, I bought a bunch of rats and I'm starting a petting zoo!
George: [Enters the room] A petting zoo? With rats?
Kramer: Yeah, you know, it's an untapped market.
Jerry: I don't think anyone wants to pet a rat, Kramer.
Kramer: [Disappointed] What? Come on, guys, they're cute!
[Later, at the Soup Restaurant auction]
Auctioneer: [Addressing the bidders] Alright, we are now selling the Soup Restaurant. Who will start the bidding at $100,000?
Elaine: [Raises her hand] $100,000.
Sue Ellen Mischke: [Also raises her hand] $110,000.
Elaine: [Raises her hand again] $120,000.
Sue Ellen Mischke: [Raises her hand] $130,000.
[The bidding war continues until Sue wins the auction]
Elaine: [Sulking] Damn it!
Sue Ellen Mischke: [Taunting Elaine] Better luck next time, Elaine.
Elaine: [Determined] Oh, I'll get you back, Sue.
[Back at Kramer's apartment]
Kramer: [Frustrated] This petting zoo isn't going so well. I'm losing a lot of money, and my neighbors are complaining about the smell.
Jerry: [Trying to come up with a solution] Well, what can we do to help?
Kramer: [Thinking] I don't know, but I can't keep this up for much longer.
Elaine: [Enters the room] Hey, Kramer, can I take those rats off your hands?
Kramer: [Surprised] What do you want rats for?
Elaine: [Mysteriously] It's for a personal project.
Jerry: [Curiously] What kind of project?
Elaine: [Evading the question] Don't worry about it.
Kramer: [Handing the rats to Elaine] Sure, take them. I don't know what you're gonna do with them, though.
[The next morning at the cafe]
Jerry: [Concerned] Elaine, what did you do with those rats?
Elaine: [Grinning mischievously] Oh, you'll find out soon enough.
[At the Soup Restaurant]
Customer: [Eating soup] Mmm, this soup is delicious.
[All of a sudden, rats start coming out of the soup and scurrying around the restaurant, causing chaos]
Customer: [Screaming] Rats! Rats everywhere!
[The scene then shows the news broadcast of the incident, causing a national uproar]
News Anchor: [Reporting on the incident] The Soup Restaurant has been shut down by health officials after rats were found in the food. The restaurant's owner, Sue Ellen Mischke, could not be reached for comment.
[Back at the cafe, Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine are watching the news]
Jerry: [Shocked] Elaine, you did that?
The gang is shocked as they watch the news report on the rat incident at the Soup Nazi restaurant. Jerry and Kramer can't believe that Elaine would be capable of such a thing, but Elaine is smug and proud of what she's done.
ELAINE: (smiling) Revenge is a dish best served cold, boys.
KRAMER: (shaking his head) I don't know, Elaine. This seems a little extreme.
JERRY: (looking at Elaine) What did Sue Ellen do to make you do this?
ELAINE: (shrugging) Nothing, really. I just don't like her.
GEORGE: (sarcastically) Ah, the age-old reason for revenge.
KRAMER: (excitedly) Hey, speaking of revenge, I've got an idea. What if we start a new soup restaurant?
JERRY: (skeptical) A soup restaurant? What do we know about making soup?
KRAMER: (confidently) We'll figure it out. And we can call it the Rat-Free Soup Kitchen.
ELAINE: (rolling her eyes) Oh, great. That's just what we need, more competition.
JERRY: (thinking) Maybe we should focus on something else. How about we help Kramer with his petting zoo problem instead?
KRAMER: (grinning) Now you're talking.
The gang heads to Kramer's apartment to check out the petting zoo situation. They find a mess of hay and rat droppings, and the rats have chewed through the walls and escaped into the hallway.
GEORGE: (holding his nose) This place smells like a barn.
KRAMER: (defeated) I don't know what to do, guys. I'm out of ideas.
JERRY: (looking at the rats) Hey, Elaine, what did you do with those rats?
ELAINE: (smiling) Oh, I took care of them.
KRAMER: (confused) What do you mean, you took care of them?
ELAINE: (nonchalantly) I released them into the wild.
JERRY: (surprised) You what?
ELAINE: (shrugging) I figured they deserved a chance to be free.
KRAMER: (panicking) Elaine, those rats were my investment! Do you know how much money I'm going to lose because of this?
ELAINE: (smiling) Sorry, Kramer. I guess revenge is a dish best served with a side of collateral damage.
The episode ends with the gang looking at Kramer in disbelief as he starts to hyperventilate.
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2023.03.29 07:49 YellowShat *AVOID* OffSzn RP - Female / Child Predators Alert

*AVOID* OffSzn RP - Female / Child Predators Alert
When it comes to OffSzn Roleplay as a whole, I have barely any issues. However, when it comes to the people who run/manage the community, that is where the issues occur. I started out when my friends told me about the server and how they would be helping run the police department. So I decided to join. I told myself I was done with roleplaying and that it would be best to find another hobby to get involved with. I caved. I was a part of that city from the launch. I watched it grow and tried my best to get things going in the city. Everything was perfect. Staff and management listened to the community, people were having a blast, and there wasn’t much drama. That is until the server owner’s friends started to show. My business application to run a restaurant was denied, even though restaurants were running out of vending machines that weren’t even stocked. Once the owner’s friends started asking for business, they were accepted without hesitation. Another instance of something like this happening was when I caught wind of management overthrowing my friend, who was tasked with running the Los Santos Police Department as chief of police and replacing him with one of the members of the owner's friend group. I was deeply upset. My friend put in so much effort to running the entire police force, and dev'ing the police cars with custom liveries and handling would be thrown the curb. My friend had to find out from me, that he was being fired and sent over the edge. (There was more to just that, but that is for him to say… not me).
He decided that he was done. He went to a rival gang and asked them out of character to help him kill off his character so that he could stream it. They agreed. After that was all said and done, and his funeral was to take place, I decided I was also done. I flew in on my cop character to attend the funeral, and to turn in my badge and duty belt. I wanted to say goodbye to my friends and brothers I had made along the way. I opened my inventory to discover that admins had wiped my pockets of all police-related items (my SMG, my handcuffs, my taser, my armor, ETC.) I lost it. I went into my friend's stream, where he was streaming his point of view of the funeral, and vented to him that the admins abused their powers and that they robbed me of my roleplay of saying goodbye. Little did I know, the staff was in the chat as well and saw everything I said. They banned me on the spot without hesitation.
And the guy they were replacing him with? An absolute creep. Previously, I had been in a flirty conversation with a guy, who I didn’t know was married with kids. His wife flew into the city and rode around in his cop car. He told me it was his girlfriend and that he was splitting from her and her previous relationship’s kids. I told him I was 19 (at the time) and he was 28. He then added me on a separate Discord account to “continue flirting.” He sent me horrid comments about what he would do to me if we were to meet up (screenshots down below). He even dared to send me photos of himself with his kids and asked me for photos. That's when I was truly disturbed and started to ghost him. Apparently, this wasn’t the first city he did this in. I also got a DM from a previous friend asking if I too had received DMs from him. That is mainly what sparked this Reddit post.
Another guy I feel required to talk about is a fun one. Long story short, and frankly not my story to tell, a lawyer did a background check on him to find he was in possession of child pornography and had sexually abused a six-year-old at the age of sixteen. Since he was a minor at the time of this incident, the state of Minnesota has sealed the record and it cannot be accessed by the public. Only lawyers and government employees (law enforcement, FBI, CIA, ETC.) can view the record and its details (see screenshots down below).
I feel that everyone should be aware of not only the creeps that this server has, but also be cautious of who you talk to while roleplaying. I tried on multiple occasions to contact the owner and management about the two perpetrators, but they all ignored my DMs. I even had friends on their Discords try and contact them, but they too were ignored. But hey! If you are looking for a server that is shrouded in pedophiles and favoritism… Then OffSzn is for you!
Out of respect for his poor kids, I blurred their faces.
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2023.03.29 07:47 rotyuu Sometimes the jerks write themselves

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2023.03.29 07:39 mavenrealty1 L&T Olivia 2 and 3 BHK Apartment For Sale in Hebbal- Maven Realty

L&T Olivia 2 and 3 BHK Apartment For Sale in Hebbal- Maven Realty
Welcome to Mavenrealty, your go-to source for all your real estate needs! With a wide range of properties, including luxury apartments, we have something for everyone. Today, we’re excited to introduce our newest offering: L&T Olivia 2 and 3 BHK Apartments For Sale in Hebbal.
Located in the heart of Hebbal, these modern apartments offer a lifestyle of luxury and convenience. The L&T Olivia complex has been designed to provide a comfortable and contemporary living space, with amenities and features to suit all needs.
The two and three-bedroom apartments come with a range of amenities, including air conditioning, built-in wardrobes, modern kitchen appliances, and balconies with stunning views of the surrounding area. Each apartment also comes with a private garden or terrace, so you can enjoy a relaxing moment outside in the sunshine.
When it comes to convenience, there’s nothing like living in Hebbal. This thriving area of Bengaluru is close to some of the city’s best shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment options. You’ll have easy access to public transport, making it quick and easy to get around the city.
At Mavenrealty, we understand that investing in real estate can be a complicated process. That’s why we’re here to help. Our team of experienced real estate professionals will work with you to ensure you find the perfect property for your needs. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from searching for your ideal property to signing the final paperwork.
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to live in one of the most sought-after areas of Bengaluru. With L&T Olivia 2 and 3 BHK Apartments For Sale in Hebbal, you’ll have the perfect home to make your own. Contact Mavenrealty today to get started!
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2023.03.29 07:38 trickortreat004 Celebrating my birthday for the first time

I grew up in a family where birthdays are seen as shirk/Haram and therefore not celebrated. Most we would do is my mom would let me choose what restaurant I could eat at for the night and the common "may God continue to bless you and guide you. May you always grow in your deen" from my grandparents or dad. I never got a "happy birthday" because that was shirk and we were like kuffar if we said it.
I don't really care for parties or cake or anything like that. But for the first time, I got a present from my loving partner. He's snoring right next to me as I'm writing this, and even though I wish he could get some goddamn nose strips, I've never been happier in my life. I hope that's not selfish to say.
He got me a promise ring, a blanket with the moon phases on them, a pokemon game (pokemon was considered a shaytan game so my dad never let me play it) and a little plague doctor plush with a pentagram. I've never received gifts on my birthday, and I almost cried. We had dinner at my place too. Nothing fancy, I picked up some fast food on my way back from work. He's given me the best birthday I've ever had, and I just needed a place to say all this. Last year on my birthday, I remember being happy because I could finally legally leave my family and escape from that hellhole. Now, I'm in my own apartment, sleeping next to my partner, with my cat, celebrating my birthday.
For once in my life, I'm genuinely happy, and I want to live.
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