Holley terminator ls wiring harness

Wiring Harness Connector Kit question

2023.03.29 07:47 Sanas327 Wiring Harness Connector Kit question

Wiring Harness Connector Kit question
Has anyone every bought this kit off Amazon? There are some pretty much the same on eBay. I’m thinking about purchasing it but there are no reviews and wanted to see if anyone had some input here. I’m hoping to put all new connections on the fuel injectors, MAF, TPS, etc.
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2023.03.29 06:52 Acquis_Compliance EU RoHS Compliance in 2023: What to Expect

For the upcoming year, the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive is currently being reviewed by the EU. A proposed revision that would include the entire RoHS directive is the most significant change. Although the revision proposal has been delayed until Q2 of 2023, manufacturers must be prepared for numerous additional changes. Keep perusing to advance more about what's in store from EU RoHS consistence in 2023.
Which recent changes have been made to the EU RoHS Directive? A few modifications to the EU RoHS order are being proposed in 2023, including the expansion of two new confined substances, different proposed exceptions, and exclusion terminations. Our group of specialists arranged the main updates to assist you with getting ready for what's coming this year.
Proposed Substance Increases The European Commission has proposed adding two new substances to the confined substance list: TBBPA and medium-chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCPs) are two examples. The EU RoHS would increase the number of restricted substances from 10 to 12 by including TBBPA and MCCPs.
TBBPA is a fire resistant usually used to decrease the combustibility of plastics and engineered gums in purchaser items, including electrical and electronic gear parts. Due to the fact that it is a well-known carcinogen and has the potential to harm human health, it is being considered for inclusion on the restricted substances list. Plastics, rubber, adhesives, paints, and other products frequently contain MCCPs, which are industrial chemicals used as plasticizers or flame retardants. Additionally, they are utilized as lubricants or coolants in metal operations. Because they are thought to be bioaccumulative and toxic to the environment, MCCPs are being considered for inclusion on the restricted substances list. Exemption Expirations Numerous exemptions in Annex III and Annex IV are non-renewable and will expire in 2023. The vast majority of the exceptions apply to RoHS classification 8.
Renewals of Exemptions Several exemptions from Annex III and Annex IV are currently being considered for renewal. A new exemption with a narrower scope is anticipated to replace some exemptions. The requested renewals include frequently used exemptions like:
6(a)- I, 6(b)- I, 6(b)- II, and 6(c) 7(a) 7(c)- I and 7(c)- II Exception Updates Add-on IV Add-on IV of the EU RoHS Mandate, which applies to clinical gadgets and observing and control instruments, has been refreshed with another exclusion:
Exemption 48: Lead in electrical connections to bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide (BSCCO) superconductor cables and wires. On June 30, 2027, this exemption will end.
Additionally, the following additions have been made to Exemption 27:
(c) MRI devices with integrated coils that are used in medical magnetic resonance imaging equipment in magnetic fields within a sphere of one millimeter around the isocenter of the magnet and for which the Declaration of Conformity is issued for the first time before June 30th, 2024, or (d) MRI devices with integrated coils that are used in magnetic fields that are issued for the first time before September 23rd, 2022.
On June 30, 2027, Exemption 27 comes to an end.
The provisions of both exemptions must be implemented by EU members on March 1, 2023.
Annex III A new exemption has been added following the evaluation of an exemption request:
9(a)- III - Up to 0.7 % hexavalent chromium by weight, utilized as an anticorrosion specialist in the functioning liquid of the carbon steel fixed circuit of gas retention heat siphons for space and water warming.
The exemption is only available for Category 1 and will be gone on December 31, 2026.
The provisions must be implemented by EU members on September 1, 2023.
Exemption Proposals Proposed Exemption 49 It is anticipated that the EU Commission will approve a draft delegated directive that would exempt some rheometers from the requirement to adhere to restrictions on mercury. The assessment that mercury melt pressure transducers can no longer be used in place of capillary rheometers at temperatures greater than 300°C (572°F) and pressures greater than 1000 bar is the basis for the proposal.
Exemption 49 would be added to Annex IV of the RoHS Directive as follows if adopted as planned:
Mercury in melt pressure transducers for capillary rheometers at pressures greater than 1000 bar and temperatures greater than 300°C (572°F).
The exemption, which would apply to Category 9 and be approved by the commission in the first quarter of 2023, would be in effect until December 31, 2024, unless it were to be renewed.
Proposed Exemption 41a A delegated directive that would exempt some sensors from having to comply with lead restrictions is expected to be approved by the EU Commission. The assessment that lead replacement in sensor cards analyzing the parameters creatinine and blood urea nitrogen is not sufficiently advanced, but is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, prompted the proposal.
Exemption 41a would be added to Annex IV of the RoHS Directive as follows if adopted as planned:
Lead is used as a thermal stabilizer in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is also used as the base material for amperometric, potentiometric, and conductometric electrochemical sensors. These sensors are used in in-vitro diagnostic medical devices to measure creatinine and blood urea nitrogen in whole blood.
Unless it is renewed, exemption 41a would apply to category 8 and end on December 31, 2023.
Preparing for EU RoHS Changes in 2023 Are you looking for additional information to assist you in preparing for the upcoming EU RoHS changes this year? Take a look at our most recent webinar to learn more about the major regulatory changes that are anticipated to have an effect on product compliance in 2023, including those that are applicable to EU RoHS, and how your company can remain compliant.
Maintaining compliance with EU RoHS and global RoHS compliance requirements is difficult without the appropriate tools. Meet EU RoHS reporting requirements with acquisitions However, navigating the complicated product compliance landscape can be made simpler with the right compliance management software.
At the point when you cooperate with Source Insight, we carve out opportunity to comprehend your novel requirements to ensure you are getting the right answer for your business. Our programs will simplify the RoHS reporting process, from collecting documentation to validating and consolidating data, no matter where you are in your journey toward compliance.
Do you want to know more? Explore our Global RoHS program's features and advantages
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2023.03.29 05:47 Grocery-Super As related to the workings of a generator, what does a current carrying wire do in a magnetic field?

As related to the workings of a generator, what does a current carrying wire do in a magnetic field?
There are two basic types of generators that are indispensable for permanent magnets: AC and DC generators. What both machines have in common is the use of a rotating magnetic field method, to generate an induced electromotive force (based on Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic induction).
The induced emf generated on the generator windings. A generator can have multiple terminals at the output, and depending on the connection to adjust the phase of the voltage in the presence of a rotating magnetic field. However, one is only interested in the phase of the separate generator. For example, in a 3-phase generator, people are interested in the electric oscillation equation of each phase first.
Coil and magnet in a 3-phase generator with 1 pair of magnet poles - basic model for visualization
To consider what a current-carrying conductor does in a magnetic field, we consider two basic cases.

💠 Case1: Generator output open circuit

In this case, the generator runs naturally without load consumption. Then, what does a current carrying wire do in a magnetic field?
The coil only produces voltage with no current on it. However, the now changing voltage is considered an electrical signal, and it is the oscillation phases that need a mathematical equation to represent it. The mathematical equation that represents the phases of the voltage is usually the trigonometric equation of the Sin or Cos function. In fact, it is difficult to obtain a stable harmonic oscillation equation, because the speed of the rotating magnet or the rotating coil in contact with the brush (rotating magnetic field) is unstable.

💠 Case 2: The output of the generator is sealed circuit

This is the case where the generator comes into play for the load consuming power. Then, what does a current carrying wire do in a magnetic field?
The generator coil now has current on it, resulting in the coil generating a magnetic field against the rotating magnet (for AC generators), or against its own rotational force (for AC generators). DC generator). This resisting green is called Lenz's force, which is produced by the returning electromagnetic field (Back EMF). This leads to a drop in voltage, a drop in current as well. Therefore, the mathematical equation representing the phases of voltage and current at the generator outputs also changes.
Imagine the generator winding is where the output is extracted, and this winding is connected to the load
However, when supplying a stable kinetic energy against Lenz's force, and the load is also stable, we have a definite equation to describe the phases of voltage and current at the output.

💠 Remove or reduce the force of Lenz in the generator

The elimination or reduction of the Lenz force (the force produced by the Back EMF) in the generator was studied. Nikola Tesla has done this in many texts and some designs that mainstream science has not published. However, electrical engineers with Ether field theory believe that: Back EMF can be eliminated, and at the same time harmful Back EMF in generators can become beneficial. They did it and showed it off on the free energy forums.
🔺 Article regarding removing (breaking) Lenz's force in generators:
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2023.03.29 05:45 Brokebutvibincirca00 Customer states there’s weird electrical issues and he doesn’t know why.

Customer states there’s weird electrical issues and he doesn’t know why.
07 chevy suburban came in for a few issues all regarding electrical problems. took a while for the customer to say he had trouble getting to the oil pressure switch so he cut the wiring harness. Needless to say he missed a few wires and some still have cuts in them like he was using a pocket knife.
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2023.03.29 05:32 harleymc100 Allen Bradley VSD Safe Torque Off (STO)

So ignoring safety levels for the sake of this argument,
The manual recommends motor overloads and line contactors when installing the VSD. The safety relay knocks out the power to the A1 of all the contactors to disconnect power from the drive in the event of an e-stop actuation.
If i utalise the STO of the powerflex 525, am i able to omit the use of the line contactor in this circuit? and a lead on question from this, should my 2 x safety relay contacts be used to directly switch voltage onto the STO terminals or can i use separate relay contacts, with the relay coil being operated from the safety relay?
Note: the VSDs are solely Ethernet/IP controlled, no control wiring.
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2023.03.29 04:42 Bobdagamer1234 A little advice on a 1985 mr2

I've always liked the look of the MR2 but never had the chance to get one. However there's a local manual aw11 with no rust, and it runs and drives. The only thing is that he said that the engine wiring harness has some problems and the headlight and taillights arnt working, the bulbs work though.I just wanted some advice if I should get it. It is 5000. Any basic any will help!
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2023.03.29 04:36 segdy Cutting cable/phone line: yay or nay?

My house has cable, phone line and FTTH (fiber) coming from overland. Cables run down on the side of the house and from there into crawl space.
I neither use/need the cable or phone line.
I recently had my electrical panel upgraded which was next to the cable distribution box on the exterior wall and I took the opportunity to remove this crap, let the contractor paint that side nicely and cut the phone wire/cable into the crawl space. Now the phone line / cable is dangling from the wall.
I thought worst case (if I want it) there is enough slack to put a box onto the wall and run a cable again into crawlspace if needed.
But I hate cables on the exterior wall — it looks disgusting and cheap so I’d really like to get rid of it completely. But I’m afraid I may regret it. For example, I might want cable or phone as internet backup in the future. If this happens I am not concerned about the part on my house/property because I can always run it myself. But I don’t know how easy it is to get back the phone connection / cable if I either request complete removal or don’t have enough slack.
I’m trying to decide between the following options:
1) Keep all three cables running down the exterior wall and maybe put a dummy box on the wall to “terminate” them. In case I want it back I can run cables into the crawl space and create splices on that box. I hate this option because it’s ugly and disgusting.
2) Cut the cables at the roof (where the hook of the overland line is). Then I could cut the ugly part running down the exterior wall. But if I wanted it back I wouldn’t have enough slack to run it down. Also, that solution is still not perfect
3) Request both cables to be removed already from the overland line. But first, who to contact for this? and second, how easy is it to get a phone line/cable back if I need it in the future? How much would this cost?
Location is Bay Area, California it it matters
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2023.03.29 04:20 seventhmoreno 2015 320i xdrive wiring diagram

Where can I get a wiring diagram specifically for the Instrument cluster? Is there a trustworthy source?
My instrument cluster is causing a parasitic drain so I am thinking of putting a rocker switch on the harness to cut off the power when the car is in park.
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2023.03.29 04:15 magicmoneymushroom GS, IS 250-350 AND LS 460 OWNERS CHINE IN

I’m in the market for something in the 10-13k range and I’ve come down with some choices, all being Lexus, if you guys had the pick between these three models, or own one of these models, what are some problems you guys have had? What are some mpg figures you guys have personally gotten? I’m new in the newer Lexus stuff ( I’ve had a 1993 LS400 and my girlfriend currently has a 1996 LS 400) and I’ve had to do an ECU rebuild, plugs, plug wires, etc… so I have a little experience with maintenance, but how easy are they to work on comparing? I don’t wanna go into a dealer and get hassled just trying to get an idea of the car, so that’s why I’m asking here, I know this is a jumble of information but I just wanna hear some first-hand experience with the cars.
Thank you.
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2023.03.29 04:12 pizzacutioner Bondtech print head is running!

Bondtech print head is running!
Finally finished wiring my Bondtech/Copperhead. The runout and leveling sensor aren't in yet but I can test it without those parts. I built JST harnesses everywhere I could so I can change things with minimal rewiring. Recycling the sheaths from the Noctua fan kits worked great. I had to fudge the hot end connector because it's not a JST but it works. The stepper heat sinks will keep it from coming out. The clearance is tight.
Some lessons learned:
Thermal Grizzly paste works a treat. It seems like the hot end comes up to temp much faster than the Snapmaker one does.
Buying JST plug kits with pre crimped wires saves a ton of time. I don't have the eyes to crimp such small parts anymore.
Miswiring the hot end to send 24v straight to ground through the heater WILL burn your fingers! LOL
Two 12v Noctua fans wired in series is as near to silent as anybody could hope for. Amazing.
I can see why the Mosquito is so popular. Swapping nozzles is going to be annoying. I might do a Mosquito in time. I have another PCB since I managed not to fry this one.
Once it's calibrated I'm going to do a manual leveling and run some filament through it to make sure everything is working properly before wiring the sensors...maybe see how fast I can benchie with a 1mm CHT nozzle for fun.
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2023.03.29 04:03 just_a_browsing I need lots of help. 1992 LS 4 door stock.

I need lots of help. 1992 LS 4 door stock.
Hello! Just bought this 92 LS for $800. It drove home-ish. Started tearing it down and here's the problems I encountered. Questions on pics in order. I hope someone wants some homework and is willing to help. Trying to get this to daily status and then build another B18 to drop in. I know nothing about these cars and welcome any suggestions/answers. Thanks!
  1. What is this plug? Wires broken.
  2. Why is this ground cut?
  3. Zoom in and you can see the strike on the piston.Plugs are being replaced. We good?
  4. Looks like PS pulley is chipped. That a problem with a belt on there?
  5. What goes where the bolt hole and pulley are?
  6. This plug goes nowhere
  7. Red wire to nowhere
  8. Yellow wire to nowhere
  9. Screw was in the cap when I pulled this off. 10+ Should have posted the beast first.
I think that's all I have tonight. Continuing to tear down tomorrow. Won't go in to 3rd or 4th. Need to adjust clutch and open to transmission suggestions.
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2023.03.29 03:57 OutrageousAcadia6114 2012 vw jetta gli wiring

So recently i re did my plastic housing connecting my ignition coils to the wiring harness. (Plastic clips broke). I only replaced the middle two connector housings, but when i did the second one i forgot to take a picture and cant remember what wires go where. Can someone with 2012 vw jetta gli send me a pic of the wore colors??
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2023.03.29 03:38 playerbarisax Onboard air system?

I plan on doing a lot of forest road exploring this year (live in Utah) and will likely air-down a little on occasion. I have a viair compressor with clamps for battery terminals but the battery in the hybrid is a pain to get to. I was thinking of hard mounting and wiring a switch/relay for it in the little cubby above the battery but then realized that would cause anyone still in the vehicle to go deaf. Has anyone mounted an actual onboard air system under the hood?
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2023.03.29 02:53 rompe2madre Installing these bad boys tomorrow

Installing these bad boys tomorrow
Saw a post on hear regarding these being a great value. Had to get them.
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2023.03.29 02:38 MoonCobbler Far From Perfect - The mod list from my Stable Boston Videos. Please be Nice.

This is not a fully tested load order. There is still bound to be errors or possible mods being in the wrong space. But I’m mostly just sharing this so that other people can take notes on my set up. As I’m rather happy at how I have implemented all the changes I’ve done to all the enemies, weapons, encounters, as well as setting a sense of atmosphere for my play through. I just hope that I have this all set up correctly.
I have many more light sources throughout the game. Some of the members of factions will have flashlights, while some items have glow mapped textures to make them easy to see in the dark. NAC X is also used to take out the HUD in the game and instead replaces health and radiation warning with visual effects. Also hiding the hud and all its pop up and animations means its not taking up processing power on my xbox. While I use other texture mods to make the moon bigger while the stars are more pronounced in the sky. All around I am proud of how visually I’ve improved the game while giving all the enemies more variety through very vanilla means of script mods.
Settlement Framework
Far - Faraway area reform
Better Coastal Waves - Wilder Water
Distributed DLC Leveled Lists – I have it set to unhinged. Love what it does to all the enemies!
Retro Radio Replacer
Gatorclaws revamped
SKK Fast Start
NAC X - Nuka World
NAC X - Far Harbor
Faction and AI Overhauls
Randomized Weapon Templates
Deleveled World
Friendly Radroaches - Makes them an ambient creature. Don’t activated tell after saving in Root Cellar.
Mirelurk Eggs Never Hatch
Wave Spawner
OCDecorator - Static Loot
OCDecorator - DLC
Home Decoration Daisy Rugs
Fusebox Generator Plus
The Zap Gun, a Makeshift Laser Weapon - I put this here because it adds turrets under defense,
Graf’s Security Fences
You Can Crash on the Couch
Guard Posts and Towers With Spotlights
Improved Shack Bridges
More Legendary Enemies
Non-Lethal Radiation
Please note that the two mods above are xbox exclusives and that they may not work for everyone. So far they’ve not given me any trouble.
Radiation Overhaul
Effective Melee Blocking
Economical Sprinting
SolarPowered Perk Alternative
Realistic Death Physics - No Animation
Realistic Ragdoll Force
Drinking In the Zone
Lunchboxes - More Food, Less Junk
Valuable Robot Models + Buttercup
WRVR - New Companion and radio station
Follower Stealth Distance Fix
Ball - A Fetching Mod - Can be handy and fun to play fetch!
Legendary Kellogg - Also makes changes to all Coursers.
Protected Unique Brahmin
Enemy Workshop Turrets - I think this is another xbox exclusive mod. I haven’t gotten it to work tell I put it in this spot. Tell me if it gives you all any trouble.
(UI ONLY) ScreamingLake Soundscapes - Horror
Classic Fallout Ambient Music Non-Replacer
Not Great Not Terrible - Scarier Geiger Counter sounds
Real Heartbeat Sound
PipBoy Flashlight Sounds - Metro
Existence 2.0 Radio
Visual, Texture, Atmospheric Improvements
Bye Bye Clouds - Removes the clouds in the distance. But helps with FPS. IT JUST WORKS!
Fallout Texture Overhaul - Stars
Vanilla Moon (4X)
Clarity - A Visual Overhaul
Clarity + NAC X Patch
Vivid Fallout (HD) - Trees
Vivid Fallout (HD) - Roads and Bridges
Optimized Vanilla Textures - Main
Wooden Shacks Re-Done
Jester’s Better Destroyed Vehicles
Valius’s High Quality Textures
No Ugly Plants and More
Wetness Shader Fix by Ablaze666
Remove Ugly Flat Trash - Helps a little with FPS. But also just cleans the environment up just a little.
Gritty Subway Stations
Redder Rocket
Retextured Chems - Ephla’s
Glowing Children of Atom Armor
Nugs instead of Rad Rabbits
Fallout 3 NV Feral Ghoul Replacer - This is a good performance ghoul texture.
Glowing Animals Emit Light - All DLC
Pre-War Food Classic Volume 1 - We don’t have the second one sorry!
Resident Evil Ammo Boxes (Clean)
The M38 Gas Mask - A ‘Gas Mask Replacer’
ETSGS - Easy To See Glowing Stuff
Immersive Mouth And Teeth - It always bothered me how people’s mouths looked in the game.
Glowing SuperMutant Eyes
Gibs of Glory - Head Explosions and More (Gore)
Limited Blood Decals
Power Line Physics
Swinging Animated Meat Bags - For some reason these have a light on them. But it kind of helps when it’s night out.
Immersive Candles
Water Enhancement Textures
Forest Fungus De-Lit
Live Action Handy
Neon Lights
Dynamic Lights for Glowing Drinks
Shadow resolution 2048 > 512
Pip_Boy Dual Colors - Green Ghoul
Pip-Boy Flashlight - Large
Dogmeat Helmets and Hats - DLC - It also adds to the Rader dogs level lists!
The Charger Pistol - A Gauss
Dak’s Ballistic Mask
Scavver’s backpacks
TNR Shoulder Lamp - These can be found on both Gunners and BOS. You will see enemies using flashlights in the dark.
K-9 Harness - Tactical Body Armor
Stealth Boy Classic
A Simple Sleeping Bag
Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul
Settlement Salvage Bot - Still Can’t find other spots for it could possibly go to.
Flirty Commonwealth(Female Player)
Flirty Commonwealth(Same Gender) - What I love about these two mods is that they make everyone say more things. All of it uses Vanilla voice lines and some maybe choppy at times. But I’ll never forget having and old lady comlement my but in Good Neighbor.
Tactical Weapon Mods - Mounted Lasers, flashlights, bayenets
See Through Scopes - GOTY
RE4 Ammo Pickup Sounds - Moved it here because it does the sound when you pickup a gun. Thought I’d put it here just in case.
Hollywood Laser Bolts
Hollywood Bullet Tracers - What I love about this mod isn’t just that they make the bullets and bolts more pretty. But they Also slow down their velocity. Making it possible for you or enemies to dodge.
Realistic Recoil - look up KupoKinz if your not finding this.
Automatically Lower Weapons - Up loaded by KupoKinz
Free Weapon Downgrades - DLC
Unique Explosives [Season Pass] - Note that this is an xbox exclusive and that it maybe different for everyone as we can’t look deeper into it on Nexus. Still having it here seems to stop the troubles I’ve had with it before.
CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul
Restored Radium Rifle
Perforation - Automatic Weapons - the more you land your hits with automatic weapons the bigger the damage you cause to enemies. Works by scripts to put an invisible gun mod on. May cause you to go unarmed for a little while if your console is being slow. Also does this if you pick up the same kind of gun you're holding.
VAFS - Vaultec Accelerated Focus System - Bullet time!
VAFS Patches
NOTE ON VAFS WITH PERFORATION: These two mods basically work the same way. They both add an invisible mod to your gun. Having just one means their scripts will run faster. While having them both it will be slower to switch to your gun and you may be unarmed while the scripts work. This can also happen when you pick up the same kind of gun that you're holding. So be careful.
Notes of the Commonwealth
Advanced Stealth Ring - Another xbox Exclusive mod. So who knows if it will always work for you!
Dead Financial District
Boston - Less Enemies
Fallout 4 AI Overhaul - I’ve not tested this mod. But I think it shouldn’t be activated tell you save in the Root Cellar.
Cheat Terminal
—-------------------------Keep these unactivated until you save in the Root Cellar —----------------
English Full Dialogue Interface
No Combat boundaries
Search and Destroy - Extended combat range and stealth searches
Ferals Can’t Open Doors!
Unlimited Combat Followers
Quick Step
Combat Settlers
Hack Protectrons as Settlers
SKK Companion Weapon auto upgrade
SKK Dynamic Damage Manager
Dynamic Loot reduction
Flashy(Joer) - Feral Infestations
SCDC Subjective Cinematic Dialogue
Silent Protagonist by StupidDunmer - This may not work for things like WRVR or may have trouble in DLC areas. As I’ve found it to not work in Far Harbor. But I love what it does with the cut scenes and makes dialogue a lot quicker and better.
—-------------------------------- INI Changes mods that shouldn’t be active tell in the Root Cellar—----
Longer Power Lines
Disable Tutorials
Faster Enemy Respawns - Diamond City Security just got a lot more busy.
Fast Corpse Despawn
Please note that the faster respawn and despawn mods work by time on the wall. Not by waiting or sleeping. If Bodies don’t disappear it's possibly because your to close for them to despawn and should leave.
So here is what your gonna have to do when you first leave the vault. Your gonna head on over to the Root Cellar. Go in there and hot the clothing you get for NAC. Your going to go through and turn off all of it’s features except for just a few. You’ll want to keep the Comlex hit FX, chem FX, weather fx and radiation FX. You can now fully hide your hud if you wanted to and make it a modern FPS. Best of all this will help with performance to get rid of those pesky Pop ups.
Everything else should be turned off as it will eat up the processor in terms of what it will be needing for everything else. Then you save your game and go to the main menu.
When on the main menu you’ll go in and activate the rest of the mods. Then back out and let the xbox load all the new mods you activated. Then you’ll want to restart your xbox. When it comes back on you’ll load the save. Don’t leave the Root Cellar just yet as you’ll want to do another save. Maybe look at the beautiful retro Radio when you save so you’ll know which save is the right one.
Then after the second save you’ll want to fully close Fallout 4 by quitting and fully turning the game off. Only then is it safe to load that save game in.
Now there are a few problems that I’ve noticed and can’t seem to find. For the most part my game runs great. I do have crashes still in Boston. But they’re not as often. But it’s when I’m in the workshop and I’ll get screen tears. They are not often and it’s usually when I’m weapon crafting or building new things. If anyone has advice for me on what it could be. Please let me know.
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2023.03.29 02:30 darthpotato94 How do I remove the fuse box on a e46

How do I remove the fuse box on a e46 submitted by darthpotato94 to BmwTech [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:03 jaemelo Need Input from Streetfighter Owners

Need Input from Streetfighter Owners
Hey Gents,
Please don’t bash me for this.. I know this isn’t a Ducati but I am genuinely in need of help understanding the Hi/Lo beam circuit behavior on a real Streetfighter.
I am creating a headlight wiring harness using some relays and fuses however I am unsure if the Lo beam circuit remains energized when switching to Hi beams or if they shut off when the Hi beams are active.
My concern is with energizing both the Hi and Lo beam circuits simultaneously when they shouldn’t be and frying an otherwise awesome headlight.
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2023.03.29 01:48 yikesemu I filled up 4 pages in my journal today, and this one is my favorite!

I filled up 4 pages in my journal today, and this one is my favorite!
I'm using a handmade junk journal at the moment and really loving it!
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2023.03.29 01:09 OK_Renegade Light switch blue wire stripped in the middle

Light switch blue wire stripped in the middle
Don't know much about electric work other than hooking up lights. Changed a light switch with a hunter fan wall control unit and saw this blue wire stripped in the middle and connected to the bottom terminal. I got a bigger wire nut and connected it to the black wire from the hunter light switch. Is this fine or does this need to be fixed soon?
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2023.03.29 00:42 Huge_Still_1005 2001 4.0L Grand Cherokee Crank position sensor

2001 4.0L Grand Cherokee Crank position sensor
Hello! We have a real Mystery on our hands, The plug I'm the above picture came off and 2001 Jeep Grand cherokee, it was attached to a Crankshaft position sensor, the guy who was putting in the transmission broke the pull off. Now when we look up the sensor it come up with a 3 wire sensor. This plug is a 2 wire plug and it's a female. The plug its self only come up with a temperature sensor but this plug was directly connected to the crank sensor. We found another jeep for parts but the plug was 3 wire om that one. No one I call can figure it out! The harness doesn't look spliced it looks factory and I just simply can not find this plug connected to anything but a Temp sensor. I don't know what to do.
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2023.03.29 00:25 ReinTeurlinx Battery replacement project

Hello electricians, i have recently started a project to connect a external power bank directly to the quest 1's battery terminals. I want this because the current battery is dead and i fear a replacement battery will die just as quickly. I have now ran into the problem that there are multiple wires with six different color codes. Would it work if i just leave the dead battery in and connect the power bank only to the positive and negative wires. At this point i am ready to ditch the device and buy a new one so i won't take "just replace the battery" for an answer. I would also appreciate any other solutions.
The link takes you to a picture of the revealed battery. The circled wires is the power supply, you can ignore any other cabling. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m6V6JpwuvGGILRbVncuypsllEf8AWmjn/view?usp=sharing
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2023.03.29 00:21 inlecture Outdoor life / charging in -40 with snow

Near buying an ioniq 5 in Canada but have a laned home with no garage.
Anyone with similar experiences? Will I have issues with charge port opening in -40 and snow conditions? Will I have issues getting car to charge? What do I need to watch out for?
Also will most likely look to run charging cord from my house (hard wired terminal) to the parking pad (about 35 feet)... Are there long cabled outdoor charging solutions out there?
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