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2023.03.29 08:35 fullofwrackspurts I [32F] am so hurt by my partner [38M] of three years. I need to leave but my heart has other thoughts.

Backstory: I’m a single mom of two boys (7&9). I met my partner about years ago on my first and only ever Tinder date. I was a SAHM prior to getting divorced (2020) and started working at a daycare during. I don’t have a lot of money and never have. My ex-husband was in the military so I got used to scrimping by.
This brings in my partner. He’s a criminal defense attorney and possibly the best in our area. He knows it and often goes on elitist rants when he feels “disrespected” by other attorneys or clients. I just sit and listen because he is very quick to turn any discussion into an argument.
He really is a sweet guy. He has provided for me and my boys in ways I never thought possible. The kids love him to bits and call him their stepdad though we have no plans on getting married. He’s funny and extremely smart. But most of all, I love him.
Which brings us to tonight.
We’ve always had a bit of an issue with trust in our relationship. I’ve caught him texting other women very explicitly but I let him explain it away. My ex did the same so I normalized it. Last July, my partner got a new assistant. She’s fantastic and younger than us (27F) and also married. He’s had other assistants before so I saw no cause for concern. Needless to say, that was dumb of me. They’ve gotten much closer and have began to say “I love you” to one another. I only know this because I accidentally saw her message to him when we were watching TikToks.
Now, I had warned him about her falling for him because I had that gut instinct right off the bat. He swore it would never happen and reassured me. She is constantly texting him and he feels the need to answer because “she is the best assistant in the area and she needs to feel connected to me so she does a better job”. He justifies by claiming “I bring home the money so whatever I need to do shouldn’t be questioned”.
He has bought me a lot. A house, a car, helping me through college, etc. So part of me feels like he’s right. I’m benefiting so I should stay quiet. However, the other side of me is begging him for love and he doesn’t care. Tonight it came to a head. I had written him a letter explaining all of my hurt and frustration at feeling like the other woman between them. He read it and didn’t bat an eye. He told me I need to accept their relationship because of what I gain. I let him know I could care less about physical objects and material things, all I want is his friendship and love. He told me no, that I get enough.
I lost it. I started almost yelling because I felt so unheard. He just wasn’t getting it, I don’t want money. I want him. He told me that if I made him pick between me or his job and her, he’d pick them. I asked him to please leave and he did.
I regret it now. I miss him and want him back home. Am I insane?
TLDR: partner has a relationship with his assistant and expects me to accept it because he pays for everything. I just want him and his love.
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2023.03.29 08:35 SunshineFunshine24 Bleeding everyday when taking Provera tablets?

So, I was diagnosed with PCOS over a month ago, and was put on Nikki birth control. I took it and for the first few weeks it was okay, but by the middle of March I started having severe bleeding with huge clots. I read that it could happen while being on a low dose of birth control, so I called my doctor and told him. He put me on Provera bc he thinks due to me not having a monthly period, I wasn’t able to shed the lining like I should and it was thicker than it should be. I’ve been taking it as I’ve been told to, and the bleeding hasn’t stop. In the beginning, it was bad. I’d have to go clean up every few minutes due to major leaking with clots. Now it’s getting better, but it goes from light to heavy at times. I think I started my period, because I’m starting to get crampy. Is this normal? I read that this medication is supposed to make you stop bleeding temporarily but I’ve been bleeding everyday while on it and it’s worrying me.
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2023.03.29 08:35 rustyrow36 i wish i was normal

i don’t really like my life and i don’t want to keep living like this for the rest of my life. i feel so extremely tired all the time but then i can’t sleep at night. it’s so draining to be around other ppl. i’ve distanced myself from others and now find it hard to socialize without being awkward because i’m overthinking every little thing i do. i’m scared what ppl think of me when i do or say shit so i normally stay quiet. i only have one guy friend and i can tell he’s distancing himself from me. i’m only friends with girls because for reasons i felt like i couldn’t relate to guys so i became friends with girls since i wasn’t supposed to relate to them so it didn’t feel like i had to. now i get anxiety when i try to make guy friends because idk how to talk to them. i cant relate to them at all. i hate myself for not being a typical teenage boy. i don’t know who i am anymore. idk what i like or what i want and my appearance is constantly changing be. idk what i look like. i look different in the mirror each day and i feel like i look a lot younger and scrawny compared to other ppl and get self conscious about it even tho others think i look my age. my heart is constantly racing and i hate how my face looks so i always cover with my sleeves or in my hoodies. i hate my body in general. i feel like my parents are embarrassed of me even tho they show no type of actions for me to think that. idky i feel this way because i have a decently good life with good friends and a family that loves me but this year has just been so draining. i can barely wake up in the morning for school and i have very little motivation to get good grades but when i do it’s short lasted. i have so many intrusive thoughts about dying. i think i might have mental health issues but then i see someone who has it “worse” than me and i think i’m just feeling this way for attention even tho i don’t tell anyone about it because i don’t wanna be annoying. i can’t even tell if i’m joking or not. i cant tell if i rly feel this way or if it’s just all in my head. all i do is hold on to the past. i miss when i was constantly happy. i miss when i barely had anything to worry about. i wish i had normal thoughts. i miss the person i used to be. i don’t really feel anything and i wish i could just cry. i wish i looked normal. i wish i could act normal. i wish i was healthy. i wish i was like so many other ppl but me and i hate it. i’m conflicted with so many feelings and idk how to handle them
lol i prolly just need therapy
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2023.03.29 08:35 ThrowRANo-Sweet1740 Am i (22F) to blame for my husband (24m) and I probably splitting up for good

My husband and I have been having a rough patch for a while now. A week ago we almost came to the decision to split up but then decided to work on it. Not even 24hrs later he told me he’s meeting up with friends and would be back at 11:30 pm and sent me $100 to “forget it”. Well at 10 I arrived back at our place after being at my parents with our toddler and at 11pm, instead of Coming home he headed to downtown without telling me anything. (We both mutually have eachothers location). I didn’t say a word to him all day, didn’t bug him, and didn’t spam him or anything. I decided it was time for me to pack up my things and head back to my parents house because I felt as though I was done, that it was the last straw. I was upset and frustrated and his mom was also texting me worried about him because he’s gotten himself into bad situations in the past this exact same way. Fast forward to 3:30 am and he turns his location off and at that point I am fuming. I start changing my socials because I felt very DONE. I had followed one person he had made me unfollow because I told him in the beginning of our relationship that him and I had a small thing in the 8th freaking grade and he told me to unfollow. So I did, but that night I decided to re follow him because I was planning on making my socials the way they used to be and this is just where I happened to start. I calmed down and soon enough felt dumb for being so emotional and doing all of that and just decided to sleep on it and see what the next day will bring. Well fast forward, he saw that I followed the one guy and then decided right then and there that he was done with me. That this was all my fault, that I had different intentions and he told me he “knew “ I was this person for our entire marriage. I apologized all day long because I agree that what I did was wrong and an emotional mistake and told him I was deserving of more compassion because I’ve given him lots in our relationship. He said he could never forget what I did and that I put the nail in my own coffin. We have been talking about our daughter over text and will slip into conversation about where we stand and one minute he says he needs time and the next he says he’s so done with me. Well today he told me to shut the fuck up and that is fucking disgusting for doing what I did. I understand that what I did crossed a line with him but I feel that what I did wasn’t infidelity and I’m not this disgusting person he thinks I am. I’m heartbroken and lost over it and am hating myself for doing it but I am not the only one who made mistakes. And he’s treating me like I had sex with another man. Please if you have any advice that would be great
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2023.03.29 08:34 depressedsportsguy does my friend like me?

this is also a vent but I couldn’t put 2 flairs
we’ve been close & friends for about just over a year. we’ve always been comfortable with being there for each other & he’s saved me from doing something stupid a lot of times. one of these times, because i was so certain it would be my last night alive, i admitted my feelings towards him. he responded a few hours later worried sick which i feel horrible about. he repeatedly said “i need you, i need you” & this could be nothing because best friends need each other & that could just be normal but im just trying to get some clarification. thing is, we’ve always talked about girls & who we like but it feels as if we’re avoiding something or at least I am incase it goes wrong. probably important to mention this, we’re both bi. we still talk almost every day but he can’t respond for a while usually because he’s busy nowadays. we say we love each other a lot, me a lil more than him, basically in a friend way but im wondering if it’s something more. im completely fine with him being just my best friend, i love him either way. if anyone else has gone through a similar situation, please help me out here.
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2023.03.29 08:34 ThremboIF My best friend lied

So I’m gonna keep this short, I had a beef a couple years ago with a couple people and it almost ended with me losing my life, after that my options were end it or double down and go back after them, before the incident I would’ve done something to them but I came so close to death I just wanted to fix my life, so I squashed it and my cousin is still friends with one of the individuals who were apart of it, I’m fine with that but my best friend is dating my other cousin and they were all hanging out when I wasn’t there. My friend told me that the guy claimed he was mad that I survived and that he still wanted me dead, so I got pissed and asked my cousin and she told me that that’s not at all what happened and the guy admitted that he felt bad about it all and that he wants to make peace with me. My cousin has always been an honest person so I’m pretty sure my friend is lying but I don’t know what to do, my friend Is 100% loyal and my cousin doesn’t lie, so I’m not sure what is going on but what should I do?
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2023.03.29 08:33 hollabacksquirell I’m (25) starting to think there will never be a future with my (31) bf.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve been with this person for 5 years and they’ve changed my life in so many ways. However, I’ve learned/been through so much that I’m currently starting to realize this person is not quite who I thought they were. I have grown and he has not. He’s not making any effort in getting a job nor trying to make a living for himself or for us after giving up on not getting the job he wanted. His hobby makes some money but it’s not even enough to pay a monthly bill.
He has a few hobbies actually, which could turn into a source of income but he refuses to figure out what he’s doing wrong. There is always some sort of excuse and no discipline/schedule to make things happen. It’s truly frightening and if his parents ever kicked him out, he would be homeless. And nope, his parents don’t give him money.
All he does is play video games 24/7. He often talks about the future with me, children, where we live, things planned, but hello…?? That requires EFFORT. I recently finished my degree and is about to start a job with a pretty nice pay. Throughout uni, wanting a future with my bf has motivated me so much to work beyond my limits to make that happened.
On the 5th year of our relationship…it’s almost like he thinks I’m naive. As in, I’m the one who is going to be the breadwinner and as long as he treats me good, that’s “enough” for the relationship.
He says he’s depressed yet does nothing about it. Says talking to someone will make things worse and chooses to play video games or look at pics of women/porn. When I pointed this out to him that he rather does this stuff rather than look/find a job, he behaves rudely towards me as if I’m the problem. He is doing nothing helpful for himself nor for our relationship. I’m thankful we don’t have children because I feel he wouldn’t even make the effort to find a job because it wouldn’t be exactly what he wanted to do. He can’t even accept something “temporary.” Anytime I talk to him about such issues, he compares me to his ex which devastates me.
It just drives me absolutely insane and hurts me how he isn’t willing to take ANY job. I’ve been spending less time with him because I’m starting to lose feelings for him where there’s no effort and his behavior towards me. It’s as if I’m doing everything by myself for us to have a future. I don’t want to get this job and him be like “heyyy so when we getting that new apartment??” Or whatever and here I am stuck with all the bills.
I’ve worked my ass off getting my degree, getting out of an abusive home, going through multiple surgeries, etc., and it’s like… why am I working so hard for someone who isn’t willing to do the same. Anytime we are together, he gets annoyed at me when I tell him I don’t want to play video games with him or do anything at since it feels completely wrong. His parents are hard workers and have also tried talking to him/helping with driving him to a job, but he blames them for his depression/inability to get a job.
I’ve tried talking to him and all he does is get pissed at me. The good is that he is very loving, always there to hear my problems, we have several interests in common and … yeah he only wants do fun stuff. To escape his issues instead of challenging himself to grow. At his age and all the years he’s spent playing video games, he could have been somewhere or have at least some savings.
Reading all this does put things into perspective, but it’s killing me from how much he’s helped me when I was depressed, needed insight, and a “waken up to reality.” I’ve never had someone to love me as much as he has…even though his loving self has deteriorated towards me for the past year. I understand what it’s like to be depressed…just 5 years into our relationship and idk how many years before me without a job is…completely absurd. He has so many skills and refuses to take anything further because they didn’t make him rich over night. He rather hopes for his gambling/crypto to make him rich. Yet that’s not even reliable & secure source of income…
I’ve done all that I can to help him. I feel this is who he’s going to be for the rest of his life. I feel that I know the answer I’m looking for but for some reason I feel on one hand he will call me heartless and a shitty person for leaving him or giving him an ultimatum.. Or he will end up even more depressed. It’s so difficult for my brain to process how he was in the beginning yeas of our relationship and how different he is now. I felt I would die without him earlier on in the relationship but now I feel emotionally blank.
Bf of 5 years is depressed, is addicted to playing videogames/has unhealthy lifestyle, refuses to get any help. He helped me “wake up” in the beginning of our relationship, but now he isn’t willing to help himself/accept help from others. I fear we have no future and I have no clue what to do anymore.
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2023.03.29 08:33 Greedy-Assistance663 I think I’m being low key kinda used but I don’t mind because I like her. Ik it makes me look kinda dumb.

I like this girl a lot and I know she doesn’t like me the same way I’ve already asked her out in January.
I’m going to list some of the things I’ve done or accepted doing.
-I drove 30 mins back and forth to give her a phone charger
-I’ve agreed to drive two hours to pick her up from the airport after her trip
-I woke up at 5AM drove 20 minutes to give her some cookies from my bakery because she wanted them for her and her manager to try. Mind you after working 8 hours I got off at 12:30AM and didn’t go to sleep till 1:30AM
-I buy her drinks when we go to the club or something
It’s not like I mind paying or doing the things for her. I like her and I genuinely would love to take care of her so she wouldn’t to worry again.
I just wish it was as my girlfriend I guess. I know I look so dumb every time I think about it’s kinda sad really. Or idk maybe I just take it because no other girls really talk to me like that and maybe I’ve subconsciously accepted that no will ever like me.
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2023.03.29 08:33 CoffeeDealer99 Smoothies come out bland

Hello so as the title says my smoothies keep coming out bland, ive been trying to make protein smoothies to reach my protein goals but i find my smoothies hard to drink. I can buy a smoothie from my local coffee shop, jamba juice or smoothie king and its delicious but my smoothies always come out too thick or the flavor is bland.
please help me improve or link me a good smoothie making guide. I try to stay away from using too much dairy cause im lactose intolerant although not terribly lactose intolerant.
Here was my recipe from today that tasted bland and was too thick.
•1 cup frozen mango slices •1 cup chobani original oatmilk •2 tablespoons of honey •1 scoop of Ghost Cereal flavored protein powder. All blended in a ninja blender.
What could i improve on to get closer to say smoothie king quality? I usually get PB+Choco protein smoothies from the mentioned stores. I just thought i’d try mangoes since thats what i had in stock today.
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2023.03.29 08:33 Uw_Kiwi89 Can someone interpret this dream?

So i was dreaming that my dog ran away through the woods and i went looking for him and saw my ex toxic friend from long time ago and i think she told me where he went but i’m not sure i just know i was suprised to see her and she didn’t look very happy. Then when i went that way i saw something unexpected in that area - a new huge beautiful football stadium (sort of); later i noticed there was two of them and there were huge white thick stone stars that lead to the stadium downwards cause it was deep down in the ground. As soon as i saw my dog on the field in the stadium and how some kids were kicking ball on him i immediately ran in speed of a thunder down there and while i was running i was shouting that they leave my dog alone. When i came downwards i picked him up and some two younger girls were saying smth to me i don’t remember what but i brushed them off and then some guy also younger than me threatened me that he was gonna poison my dog and then i got furious and threatened him that if he does that i’m gonna murder his entire family and he didn’t say anything back so i rushed upstairs to leave cause they all had evil vibes. When i was leaving i saw a middle aged guy on his small balcony looking at me and then i immediately somehow found myself again at the entrance before that stadium but this time i was entering again even tho a sec ago i was leaving. Guy was at the balcony again and looking at me and btw this time my dog wasn’t with me. Something lured me inside that entrance and i found myself in the dining room with strange people with even more evil vibes and that guy was there too. There was a girl with short pink and purple hair, charming eyes and two tattooed lines on her lips explaining how they all love to dominate (smth like that) but before she finished saying her sentence i quickly realised they were cannibalis and i was their prey so i got up from the chair immediately and started running but i don’t remember anything after that anymore. What the hell does this all mean?
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2023.03.29 08:33 MayDown2 Can I open Pearson on another tab while taking a test on Pearson?

I suck at math ok. But my school requires it even though it don’t need it for me degree. I cheat (I know I know but fuck math) and I wanna know if I can open another tab while taking a test on Pearson. Can I open Pearson again on another tab and look at the homework to cheat off of it? If that makes sense. To summarize can I take a test and open another Pearson tab to cheat using the homework?
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2023.03.29 08:33 cannon001 Crazy Dangerous Sky Elevator Dream

I had a crazy dream there was some small glass sky platform thousands of feet up I was in, with a very risky dangerous rope pulled elevator. You couldn’t even really call it an elevator, more like a 5x5 foot platform suspended from a rope. For some stupid reason, I had my dog Sara with me, and had her get on it (she is a slightly heavy 14y/o border collie mix). I was really scared she would fall through the gaps, or slip and fall off the side or something. Only one thing could be on the small elevating platform at a time, so I had to watch helplessly as my dog got lowered down from thousands of feet in the sky with no safety precautions. This was the only way to get her down to safety of the ground. The vibe felt like a combination of the movies “The Aeronauts” and “Fall” with how scared I was of falling, and for my dog falling. I don’t remember going down or even the end unfortunately. Really terrible dream. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.29 08:33 fripperML [D] Very good article about the current limitations of GPT-n models

I count myself among the people that are amazed of what those models can do and how they can impact our society.
However, it's very important to understand that they are not magical solutions for every problem and that they cannot reason at all.
ChatGPT as a query engine on a giant corpus of text – r y x, r (
What is more impressing is that, given this mental model of ChatGPT as a giant query engine, how can it perform activities that involve creativity outside of his training data? Like, for example, writing a poem in the style of Shakespeare about the proof that there are infinite prime numbers? Surely there are no examples of that in the training data! My answer would be that for some tasks interpolation works well (you can somehow get something meaningful by interpolating known stylistic elements and known semantical elements into something "new"). But when the task is more symbolic or discrete, instead of interpolative, like true reasoning, and there are no examples to retrieve an answer from, the system has a much harder time.
That is, I am alligned with F. Chollet views on this:
François Chollet en Twitter: "You can retrieve not just what was seen at training time, but arbitrary combinations of it. It's an interpolative database and program store, with a natural language interface." / Twitter
François Chollet en Twitter: "This paper has the right idea: use symbolic logic for discrete reasoning and lean on deep learning models for perception and common-sense intuition. I expect to see a lot more progress along these lines in the coming months / years." / Twitter
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2023.03.29 08:33 cosmic-computers Advice on how to break up with a client politely without guilt

I have this client that has a very sassy dog and only pays me $25 CAD ($18) for an hour of walking. Living wage where I’m at is $28 CAD and after fees and taxes it doesn’t make sense to decrease to $25 from my regular hour pay of $33. I just hate going every time because the dog has an attitude and the pay isn’t enough to justify taking time out of my schoolwork. Anyways I don’t know how to tell the owner. She knew my rates were $33/hr and didn’t want to pay that so I caved and said ok to $25. How can I tell her I just don’t want to do that. I also don’t like her dog. She’s mean. Lol. I’d just feel so guilty though.
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2023.03.29 08:33 SappyTwat00 My 2 year old niece sees my uncle who died from an overdose in 2012.

So for questions, I sure have many. When I was nearly 12 years old my uncle Jim died of a heroin overdose when he was 25 or 26. He had been drinking and smoking weed from a very young age, maybe 12 or 13. My 2 year old niece saw a photo of my uncle holding my older sister when she was born. My niece looked at it and said “Jim”. I wasn’t there when this happened but my mother explained it to me. Since I was young my mom explained to me her paranormal experience, and I’ve tried my hardest to debunk it but the story is the same every time. Today on FaceTime with my mom, when I found out about this, she asked my niece to say and she did. “Jim”, clearly. My fathers name is also Jim, but she calls him pop pop so this is very strange. When my mom asked her where Jim was, she pointed at the closet. When I heard this my whole body tingled and I was teary eyed. After I was done with the conversation with my mother, the tingles kept coming and I weeped. I pleaded to see him. I was a child when he passed. I don’t know too much about the paranormal, but now I am beyond curious. I guess my question here is, has anyone else had a similar experience or maybe even a little different? Wether it was a child or yourself. I am very curious about this one. Thank you fellas.
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2023.03.29 08:32 marvinearp Please identify lizard species

Please identify lizard species
I bought this lizard (that ate crickets) from a reptile shop called Reptilemania in Sussex UK, in 1996. I was considering a Gecko at the time and wasn’t disappointed with my choice. I can’t remember if I was ever told the species or if I did I managed to forget it. I didn’t have him/her for long as keeping crickets was daunting as a teenager. Seem to remember them invading the bathroom floorboards.
Would be super stoked if someone could tell me the species from hazy photograph. Great pet. Used to love chilling on my desk under a lamp while I worked on my exam revision.
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2023.03.29 08:32 kingmaker03 Been dieting since the end of October.

I’ve been dieting since the end of October, taking time off for holidays and travel which we have done a lot of due to a very sick mother in law. She passed a couple of weeks ago and I responded with a grief binge so as of now I have lost 30 pounds in 5 months. I’ve done some fasting here and there and even did 5 days once (120 hours). After this binge which ended this past Sunday at 3 pm, I haven’t eaten and plan on trying to fast until I arrive at my daughters on Good Friday. That will be 12 days if I can do it or 288 hours. My fasts are water only. Does anyone have any tips to help me? I still have 40 to lose.
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2023.03.29 08:32 ev_etc I passed out for the first time today

I’m 16, have had long covid since November, and due to that, in recent weeks have developed heart palpitations (which led to dizziness during activity, to dizziness all the time), which led to a cardiologist visit last Friday. I had a temporary heart monitor stuck on from Friday until tonight to send it in for analysis, and they ran some tests (one showed low blood pressure upon standing up, but my heart ultrasound looked normal), advised me to have more sodium and electrolytes, and to wait for the heart monitor data to be analyzed (but highly suspected orthostatic hypotension, or another form of dysautonomia). Yesterday, in the afternoon at school, I felt dizzy even though I was just sitting in class, so I went to the nurse (I just laid down, drank some Gatorade, and went back to class 45 minutes later). Today, I felt a similar dizziness while in a class, but my class was far from the nurse so I decided to just lay on a beanbag that was in the back of the class until I was feeling better. I felt genuinely better, and went back to sit at my seat, and not even five minutes later I passed out onto the shoulder of my friend next to me, for the first ever time in my life (though only for about 15 seconds, luckily). It was so weird- for the two hours after this, I felt like I was dreaming or that the present moment wasn’t actually real, and I spoke with the nurse but felt like I was on autopilot or not even aware of what I was saying until I heard myself say it. When I regained consciousness, I was so weak I couldn’t sit back up. My teacher talked to me and held my hand on the floor (bless him, he’s one of my favorite people, and made me feel so safe while going through something scary) until the nurse arrived (during this time I briefly passed out two more times) with a wheelchair and took me to her office. My blood pressure in the nurse’s office was 164/95, the highest I have ever had recorded in my life. I guess since I’m new to this I’m just wondering a few things: How do you recover from fainting- and what does the rest of the day look like for you, and how can I recover faster? If I have just passed out and feel like I will again (and am in a safe space to do so), should I fight to remain conscious or just let myself pass out again? Does anyone else feel like they’re dreaming when they regain consciousness? Any advice for me? Thanks so much
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2023.03.29 08:32 Kokkuwi_Gaming Can I get a review of my build before I start putting it together

Hey everyone,
I’ve been pretty excited to build a new PC and have quickly starting ordering parts to get it put together. However, I feel like I may have rushed to get things sent and may have gotten some weaker components, or things more expensive to expedite the process. I would love if this smart community could take a look at this list, and give me your thoughts. I am still able to return and switch out everything I have ordered.
My goal: 1440p max settings gaming. I still don’t know if RT is that important to me.
My list:
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2023.03.29 08:32 DancingStarsOnMe There’s one thing that’s stopping me [22F] from wanting to get back with my ex [22M]

I’ve recently got back in contact with an ex. Now that I’m talking with him, I’m realizing he’s honestly everything I want in a person: always smiling, funny, a little nerdy. but there’s one thing that really bothers me:
He’s a musician. That itself isn’t exactly the problem, but I feel like the hubris has gotten to him. Listen, if you can live frugally that’s fine. Me personally? I’m trying to make and save a lot of money, survive future recessions, retire, and die peacefully in my sleep.
I kinda wish he were chasing a career that was more stable. I don’t care about him making A LOT of money. In fact, I’d love to have a caring house husband like him in theory. But I’m not sure if I will always be able to afford that lifestyle.
And I know this might seem mean to say, but I just don’t enjoy the idea of sitting through his band showings. It’s not because I think he’s bad, I just don’t really care much for artists in general. Sure, I’ll stop by for 10 minutes to support a friend. but an hour long set list sounds exhausting.
He also uses drugs and psychedelics, and thinks it makes him cool. Pretty self explanatory why I don’t like that.
Because we are both single at the moment, I can imagine a conversation where we try our relationship again. But is there a way I can say all of this in a nicer way?
TL;DR - I like everything about my ex except the fact that he’s a little lazy and narcissistic. Should I still try to get back with him?
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2023.03.29 08:32 conflictingsugar How much should someone be paid for caring newborn pups?

So for context my dad is a dog breeder, he is not labeled a professional but he’s been breeding since I was little and I’ve grown up taking care of them since I was little! He did stop breeding for awhile then began to which I helped out so he could sleep at night. One of his friend’s dog is expecting to have pups and had asked me if I was able to take care of them and how much would I charge. I’m assuming that I will be taking night shift. I honestly don’t know how much to charge because I don’t wanna overprice. What’s a good price?
TLDR: Dad’s friend is having pups and wants me to do it but I don’t know how much to charge
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2023.03.29 08:31 UAN4ALF 42 F [F4M] Artist and Traveler - Let's Talk Dreams, Life goals, Art, Travel, Video/Photography. and have a deep open honest conversation with no secrets between us. Read post before messaging :) [chat]

I want to get to know everything about you, see your soul, make a new friend (or maybe find a kindred spirit) to message, possibly voice chat, share life with, have fun, and fall a little bit in love with even. Let's sail away together to a far away place, travel the world and be happy on a beach somewhere sharing our dreams while watching a beautiful sunset. Have a deep long conversation about the things that make our souls sing and life worth living. Find out everything about one another and be completely open and honest with each other. I'm an optimist at heart and believe anything is possible and life can be wonderful. We can make our dreams come true! Let's talk about them all. I have lots of dreams and goals for this next stage in my life and I am free to do anything.
Topics and areas of interest I have that if you are interested we can talk about include:
I love the visual arts (drawing & painting) plein air painting, travel, vanlife, photography and videography, making video, tech toys: cameras, computers. Self improvement and motivation. dreams and goals. Lifestyle design, business and marketing concepts, tv/movies. I love watching movies while voice chatting too. Let's become best friends and always be there for one another. Life is short, much shorter than you think it will be, enjoy it and live every moment and every dream while you are here to do so.
Please only around 42 male and single (I am not comfortable talking with married people and really 36 to 48 not younger though)..I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, it's just nice to talk with people who have the same life experience and days lived on this earth. I don't want to have to end a chat over age, so if you are younger don't message me please and lying destroys everything, so just don't. Be a decent person and do the right things in life and good things will happen for you.
Things I hate and am not interested in includes: Video games, drugs, 420, alcohol
*I appreciate everyone has their own preference for what they like in life, so if you like those things then I am not the right person to chat with, but I wish you well in life.
*DM to chat mention "Idiosyncratic" when you message, so I know you read my message, if you don't I may not reply as I'll assume you didn't read this :)
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