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2023.03.29 08:50 Rekartinnovations How can green energy investment help us to save our environment?

How can green energy investment help us to save our environment?

Green Energy Investment
By making investments in green energy, we can lessen our reliance on fossil fuels and lessen the harmful effects of conventional energy sources on the environment. Here are some ways that spending on green energy can protect the environment:
  1. Decrease greenhouse gas emissions: Compared to conventional energy sources like coal and oil, green energy sources like solar, wind, and hydropower emit much less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. We can lessen our carbon footprint and the number of dangerous greenhouse gases discharged into the atmosphere by making investments in green energy.
  2. Preserve natural resources: Natural resource preservation is important since conventional energy sources require the mining and processing of resources like coal and oil, which can seriously harm the environment. Green energy sources, on the other hand, use less natural resources and have less of an influence on the environment. Green energy investments can aid in protecting the environment for future generations.
3. Conserve biodiversity: By destroying habitats and accelerating climate change, conventional energy sources can damage biodiversity. Green energy sources, on the other hand, have less of an influence on the environment and can aid in the preservation of biodiversity by lowering the quantity of land and water needed for energy production.
4. Enhance air quality: Burning fossil fuels emits airborne pollutants that are bad for both the environment and human health. Less pollution is produced by green energy sources, which can also aid the environment.
  1. Promote sustainable development: By generating employment, fostering economic expansion, and eliminating poverty, investing in green energy may encourage sustainable development. This could support long-term environmental sustainability by easing the strain on natural resources.
Investment in green energy is essential overall for reducing the damaging environmental effects of conventional energy sources and advancing a sustainable future for our world.
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2023.03.29 08:49 TwistedMavFox72 it was beautiful

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2023.03.29 08:48 Gammonboi Conversation With a Snail - A Short Story About Snails and Death

The following story is about a man given the gift of immortality, with a price. The price comes in the form of a Snail, also immortal. The Snail is the only thing that can kill him, and can do so with a single touch. It is intelligent, relentless, and only interested in touching him, resulting in an endless life of constant fear and dread, never happy in one place for too long before having to flee to the next. This story takes place in the year 4,385; and our protagonist has grown tired of running.
"I've been waiting for you," He sank into his chair. It was an old armchair, creaky and musty, splitting at the seams and groaning loudly under the slightest increase in weight. But he loved it fondly. He'd grown rather attached to this house over the past few centuries, and that chair was among the things that stood out to him the most. It was durable, for one thing; it had lasted almost two hundred years of him sitting on it constantly (As of late, he hadn't really been moving much), and it was also comfortable enough for him to sleep somewhat soundly for what seemed like days on end.
He let out a weary sigh, holding his head in his hands.
"I must be losing my mind. Staring Death in the face and all I can think of is armchairs; I'm probably already dead," he muttered to himself, getting to his feet and stretching his stiff bones. "Make yourself at home!" He called out as he clicked his back, chuckling as the Snail kept moving. "Who am I kidding? You're finally getting what you wanted after all this time, you're not going to want a chat," he turned and made his way to the desk, where an old gramophone sat. He scraped off the thick coating of dust before winding it up, putting on a record from ages past. Miraculously, it worked. As it played a crackly ballad, he turned to his fate, patiently inching toward him without a care in the world. Right now, it was spoiling a perfectly good vintage rug bought from a marketplace in Eastern Europe, sometime in the 36th Century. At least, that's what the post-it note said. The entire living room was smattered with them, giving context and insights to many ornaments long forgotten to time, and there were plenty of ornaments to pick from. Vast quantities of trinkets and keepsakes adorned the shelves and the tables, a huge collection of priceless junk collected over the past century, all living in the cottage he currently called home. He turned away from the gramophone and spoke again, adopting a more authoritative tone to his voice. "Well, you're getting one anyway. I'm sure you're desperate to end me right here and now, but that can wait. You've been hunting me for millennia, you can wait an extra five minutes," he said. The Snail kept moving. "Should we catch up from last time?" No response. "I thought so. when did we see each other last? It must've been about a couple hundred years ago," he pondered, scratching his chin with an aged hand. The answer suddenly came to him. "Oh, that's right! It was in that hut in Venezuela! I loved that place. Very homely, albeit rather chilly. I suppose some breezes can be expected if you never bother to board up the holes in the wall. And why should I have bothered? You'd have ended up reaching me anyway," He sighed, and a tear rolled down his face. "We've had a good life, you know that? You and me, it hasn't been so bad. It's just..." He wiped his face. "I wish I'd spent a bit more time thinking instead of running. I've been running for too long, always on edge, always terrified of you and your consequences. All I ever did when I saw you was run, and that never left room for me to appreciate your company for what it was. Time with a friend," he chuckled. "Heh, "friend". It feels strange to say but, you're the closest thing I've had to a friend in a long time."
The Snail kept moving. It was off the rug now.
"Of course, I've had friends. Countless, in fact. You don't make it to this age without making a few pals, you know? But when you grow as old as me, long-lasting friendships don't actually end up lasting that long. I meet them, we have a good time, then they go," He sighed. He rubbed his eyes and continued, a solemn edge to his voice. "Just like that. And it hurt, when they went. It hurt so much. And I never knew why." He was sobbing now, his face streaming with tears. "And you know what?" He wiped his face, washing off the tears and the compassion and all the stupid emotions that had held him back for so long. He took a deep breath, and his face darkened. "It's not fair." He picked up the gramophone, still crackling away. "Why did I have to be the special one?" He spat, his face creasing with anger. "Why do I have to spend my life living in fear and sadness and loathing? Why couldn't it have been anybody else? It always had to be me, didn't it? I was screwed from the start, just because fate thought so! It's just NOT FAIR!" Without a second thought, he threw the gramophone at the Snail with as much force as he could muster. It shattered instantly, letting out a final discordant crunch as it burst into thousands of pieces. But the Snail kept moving, completely unfazed by the attack. He kept throwing things, each one doing as little damage as the last. "I was meant to be above them all! I'm supposed to be a God! Why the HELL am I so weak!?" He went to grab another ornament from the shelf behind him, but he simply clutched at thin air. He spun round, seeing the top row empty, the contents now in pieces on the floor. In one last desperate fit of rage, he grabbed the back and toppled the entire thing on his tormentor. After a minute of pained silence, the dust cleared, and underneath the rubble, the Snail kept moving.
He didn't really know what to expect, but either the effort or the futility caught him off-guard, and he came to his senses. He stumbled over the rubble to his armchair, where he pushed it against a misty window, as far away from the Snail as possible. He slumped down, suddenly feeling his age catching up with him. "God, I'm not as young as I was. What I wouldn't do to get some of my youth back, eh?" He chuckled, and glanced at the Snail emerging from the dusty wreckage before him. It kept moving. "Sorry for losing my temper, that wasn't very good of me. I guess a little tantrum was a long time coming, what with the constant anxiety I've been feeling. It's just..." He took a breath. "I can't help but feel like I've been doing everything wrong. There's never enough time to do everything, but it still feels awful when you can't do it," He thought for a second. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't think I'll ever be happy, no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise. And, truth be told, I haven't been all that cheerful in a while. In fact, I've been bored stiff. It's a pretty lonely experience, being immortal. The last one went away years ago, and it wasn't grand or awe-inspiring or anything, it was just death. I was there by their side and they seemed grateful for the company; then they breathed their last breath and I was lonely, just like that. And now I'm here, half a millennium later, lonely ever since," he let out a deep gasp, not even aware until now that he'd run out of breath, or that salty tears were streaming down his face, or that his nose was running across his mouth. He wiped away the tears, sniffed back the snot, and continued. "I've lived so long with next to no fear of dying, and I don't think that means I even lived in the first place," another sigh escaped him, but his face was steel. "And I'm tired of not living," his voice wobbled. "So I've decided to stop." The tears kept streaming down his face, each one more bitter than the last. He tried wiping them away, but more kept coming, never ceasing, never stopping. Meanwhile, the Snail kept moving. It was less than a metre away now. He gathered his thoughts, finally managed to dry his face, and stood up, finished. "Well, I've said my piece. Come." He strode over to the front door, pushing down the handle and giving it a hard barge with his shoulder to open it. It swung outward, and he stepped outside into the crisp morning air.
The grass was wet with morning dew, catching the early rays of light and sparkling like a field of stars. A raven croaked a couple of times, and flew off into the brightening sky, disappearing into the horizon. Breathing in the cold air, he sighed, then set off on one last walk around the garden. A final pensive stroll before he could finally see what all the fuss was about. He walked down the patio steps and across the decking. He hopped over the little stream by the firepit and ran a gentle hand across the beech tree as he strode past. He drank in every memory, savoured every last moment he got to spend here; the crunch of the sticks as they snapped underfoot, the whispering trickle of the stream as it flowed through the garden, the calm scent of the snowdrops as he took in his final breaths. Every moment was cherished; every single feeling and thought was savoured; this wasn't just a walk across a pretty garden, this was special.
He wanted these seconds to last forever, to remain in a perfect snapshot of brilliance for all eternity. To gaze at the burning sky and bathe in nature until time itself gave up.
But he knew he couldn't.
And he was fine with that.
After his walk, he ended up back at the lawn, now bathed in the warm orange glow of the rising sun. The Snail was there too, a little brown speck nestled amongst the grass about ten metres away; it had stopped moving now. He started to walk, nervous but confident. Cold waves of fear washed over, but he took them on the chin and pressed onward. Each step he took required more effort, his legs getting heavier and heavier as he marched towards his death, getting closer and closer; before finally coming to a stop. The Snail was just in front of him, about half a meter away; it seemed peaceful, simply sitting there, waiting for his touch. And he was just as ready as it was. Now he was finally here, he didn't feel scared at all. He just felt a bittersweet sort of happiness.
"Alright," A smile shone on his face as he knelt down on the lawn, closer to the Snail than he'd ever been. "It's been an honour."
The sun shined. The wind was still. The birds were quiet. He raised a finger, closed his eyes, and softly touched the Snail.
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2023.03.29 08:48 FurrowedFury SrA plans on Yelling at Colonel in his Office

I know of a SrA who plans on storming the Wing and Group Colonel's office's.
The story he tells is dramatic and unfair. But also clearly looks past his own failures. This guy has every right to be disgruntled. But he could have taken so many different steps for things to have been better.
His body has been used and abused by the Air Force. Medical and Leadership worked to dismiss him at every turn and nearly screwed him out of his disability. He had to reenlist to continue the VA process.
After a year or so of fighting and back and forths, he finally got his disability squared away at 100%. Finally has his ticket out. He'll seperate in a few weeks.
He wants to storm into their offices and chew them out. I don't think it's wise, in fact its downright idiotic. But he feels entitled to giving them a piece of his mind.
What consequences does he potentially face kicking the hornets nest on his way out the door?
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2023.03.29 08:46 gogogetterdawg Medical history

I want to join the Air Force, but I am worried that my medical history may hold me back. I have dislocated my patella and had ACL surgery 6 years ago.. but I am fully recovered and I am now regularly hitting the gym, squatting over 300 pounds. Would i still be able to join? What kind of medical injuries are disqualifying?
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2023.03.29 08:44 Psycholog-646 1:1 Top Quality Bags from Martin Before delivery, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality. After you are satisfied, we will deliver the goods and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through FedEx UPS DHL Air Lines

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2023.03.29 08:44 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Modded lobbies for subscribers

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2023.03.29 08:43 Sharkskinnin “[unidentified media]”

Hi. Im searching for an ad that i cant seem to find by the keywords through google searches. Its an ad from the early 90’s. It features (if memory serves) a camel saying “never seen if before” in a gruff voice. I remember the camel walking in on the right side of the screen; looking at the camera; and saying the line. I believe there was a human also in the ad; but i cant remember definitively. I lived in new york at the time. Im not sure what it was advertising; but i was around 3-4 and i remember being scared of it. It could be an anti smoking ad; as I’m 90% certain if was a camel in the ad and the association is there with the cigarettes; but i could be mistaken. I at first thought it was a cigarette ad; but as i learned from tomt; those were banned at the time of airing; so i now know that thats not possible. Anybody have any leads on this?
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2023.03.29 08:43 moistyGG Non-FTA Country of Origin based LLC v. Me (a 20 yr/o w/ a big brain) TLDR but hey it's worth, trust.

Background on the situation:
I got myself a new car. Nice little car, goes vroom vroom, a 2019 MINI Cooper S. Now that I have this pretty nice looking car I've decided to modify the hell out of it. I ordered a couple parts including a chassis brace, cold-air intake, and a front strut brace. I bought the first two mentioned from some well known sites throughout the MINI community and after doing some digging on them myself I pulled the trigger on them and purchased them. The company that manufacturers both of those parts is the same company I just bought them separately; one on a resale site strictly for MINI's and the other site was their own one where they sell the rest of the products they create. The final part I got, the strut brace, was bought on whim. I wasn't planning on getting a strut brace as one of my first few modifications but after some thinking I thought I'd rather make my car safer and more reliable before I make it faster, makes sense right. So instead of doing the same amount of research on this part as I did the others; I instead trusted Google SEO and my international brethren with their reviews as well as my 'keen intelligence' to choose a product in the middle of the spectrum of cost. This strut brace was listed at $220. Whilst others, to my guess were just higher quality but not by much, were almost double that price (most coming out at $500+). I get two emails today notifying me that the two first parts mentioned are already on their way to me, coming tomorrow and Thursday, after only being ordered Sunday. I was ecstatic. I didn't get an update on the front strut yet so I just sent them a nicely-worded email asking if I could get any update on the status of my order. I received back 8 minutes later a one liner stating, "Thank you for your email. Your order is currently in process and will be shipped out early next week." This fuckin' blew me, let me tell ya. I was a tad aggravated that I was just told it was going to take another week for this thing. I followed that message up by advocating that I spent $37 on top of the $220 for shipping + another $15 for "handling". I should have had a flag raised when I got charged for "handling" to be honest, because that just implies it's being imported into the US and on top of that it might not be made with quality material so it may be a fragile hazard.
My observations got me to dig, for I was not happy already...
I get their Yelp page, Google reviews, and Facebook reviews all pulled up. Yelp, one star. Google, 3.3 stars. Facebook, 3.0 stars. I start scraping the reviews. Multiple reviews were easily noticeable to be either bots and/or their own reviews by new accounts they just made. I look them up on BBB. Not even registered in their data... What? That was the weirdest thing honestly. I go to the California Secretary of State website (they claim to be HQ'd in Northern California); I found it registered back in 2019 by some registered agency "LEGALINC", then had an added Director. Who I then just looked up straight up. Found hundreds of records on this fool within the State's LLC Directory. I then took my research to LinkedIn because I became super skeptical that something real fishy was happening. I matched State Chamber of Commerce records directly to this foolio's three separate businesses he owns within California. All of which have litigated Commercial Trade Contracts, also known as E-Visas, with a company in a country with heavy motor-vehicle and motor-vehicle product tariffs applied. That country being Malaysia. I found out that back in 2019 when the company I ordered this front strut brace from was registered within the Californian Secretary of State they also have records within Malaysian legislation that "Ultra Racing (M) Sdn Bhd" is a sister company of the three very companies/LLC's the man I spoke about above. Wow. What are the odds of that shit. Even IF, and this is HUGEEEE if because these fuckers are suspect as hell, they are legit; meaning they accord by the NAP regulations (National Auto Policy) in Malaysia which entails getting approved and paying yearly for a US import license and they abide by the government-regulated pricing. They are STILL able to dodge all of it by creating something they call, "Ultra Racing USA, LLC" within California where they can legally import the same quality goods that are regulated in Malaysia BUT non-regulated here in the US, sell them at a massive premium because USD to RM is $1 5 RM (Malaysian Ringgit). So if I even end up getting this strut brace and it only lasts me hopefully years on end but most likely only months. I'm going to the FTA, BBB, Secretary of State, I'm suing the CEO for public endangerment, taking all of his "small-businesses" and property with me. I'll be taking a nice little vacation to Malaysia to explain to the Malaysian Minister of Trade that this business has been fraudulently dodging the possible taxation on their shit quality products that aren't regulated in the United States because of their NPA Import Trade License they just hand out. I'll explain how both the CEO and CFO have been doing it for 10+ years internationally, because everyone in the ITA is obligated to agree to regulations made by Malaysian government officials. These products are manufactured in Malaysia where the production of them is half as regulated than in the top populated countries in the world AND they're being sold at a 500% premium compared to in Malaysia, and that's not even introducing the fact that the US has LLC tax benefits or even what they pay for materials in Malaysia to even make their products in the first place...
Maybe I went to deep into it, but hey, this is how I have fun at night... It's just me, my Adderall, my mouse and keyboard.
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2023.03.29 08:42 undercoveralter Chance me PLEASE, panicking

Chance me! : sahsol
IB Student, final year, so grades aren't in O-lvl or A-lvl format. Plz excuse if this runs long, some extracurricular required further detail. I'm very uncertain whether will be accepted for law programme undergrad or not. Your judgement would be greatly appreciated.
MYP final class 10 result English lang + lit : 4 French lang : 3 World History : 5 GP : 5 Physics : 5 Art : 6 Math : 4 Personal project : 5 Total : 36
Diploma Final Environmental sciences SL (gave early) : 4 Math applications SL (gave early) : 3 Diploma Predicted French Abinitio language SL : 5 English lang and lit HL : 6 Psychology HL : 6 World History HL : 6 Predicted total : 30 or 32. If grades dont improve then 28.
Extra curriculars, some pointers :
-General secretary and founder of school society -Set up own business restoring and selling old cars -Set up bird breeding aviary business -Internship as media marketing manager and general coordinator at online fashion based business -Internship as accountant, tech support, media manager at company based in electrical and industrial equipment. helped develop & design their website, set up automatic customer queries answering program, set up social media profiles for the company, worked at their accounts office, and worked in the tech support department helping and repairing various gadgets for the company, oversaw all social media advertisements. -internship as accountant, teaching assistant, part of admin at school. in charge of tracking all purchases and expenses and recording them in the financial ledger, worked with teachers in planning course work, assigning & grading homework. As part of administration, was in charge of purchasing coursework materials, organizing events, scheduling exams, scheduling classes. -intern at law firm, worked various roles. dealing in tax and corporate law. such as accounts outsourcing, audits and assurances, income tax department, sales tax department, and corporate law department. -accountant,cataloguer at company based in dealing with electrical equipments and industrial contracts. worked in their accounts department, helped set up synced records for all sales, catalogued all products bought & sold as well as their quantities and linked it to the purchasing & sales record to completely document all financial outflow & inflow as well as expenditures & profit. -marketing manager at furniture showroom. in charge of overseeing media posts, handling advertising, answering customer queries. worked with the team to setup a showroom location and designate product placements to be aesthetically pleasing for customers. -Restoration of wrecked 7th gen Honda Civic from ground up.Completely restored a wreckedHonda Civic to brand new condition and made it road worthy. Completely rebuilt engine and transmission with help from experts. Put in brand-new AC system and AC coils, completely brand-new suspension, steering rack, radiator, new dry battery, shocks, axles, and all new wiring was done in the car. Repainted the entire car, put in brand new lights, new tyres, new abs brakes, put in a brand-new trunk and rear doors, and new spare wheel as well as tools (such as: jack, rod, and so on). Added a new navigation system screen, put in brand new imported seats, fixed the previously broken odometer, replaced blown fuses, and replaced all interior lights with new ones. Replaced the fuel pump and filter with new ones. New brake pads, AC filter, air filter, oil filter, etc. Put in a new dashboard, new windscreen and rear-view screen, side mirrors, new horns, new immobilizer system. Complete vehicle service done and all fluids and filter (brake oil fluid, oil filter, engine oil, transmission oil, anti-freeze washing liquid, AC gas refill, engine throttle body and spark plugs cleaning, oil seals, oil bearings, coolant, etc.) Completely detailed and deep cleaned the car. Rust coating and ceramic coating was also done on the car. -Beat Production.Self-taught at beat production and sound engineering. I taught myself how to use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and make soundtracks and instrumentals simply because of my passion and love for music. Without any prior knowledge and help, managed to produce complete instrumentals and soundtracks. -Film Projects. Ive made two shortfilms. The entirety of this was completed by myself, being a total one-person job, such as: formulating the story, visuals, and producing the soundtrack, audio experience, editing (despite having no prior experience to using editing software & audio workstations), and directing and producing all of it. I entered both short films in inter-school competitions and ended up winning. Both short films were also given screenings at my school and received very positive feedback. -Gadget Restorations. Ive restored many gadgets to working order and saved them from being turned into e-waste, and one such example of this would be an old dell desktop system that I worked on which had burnt RAM cards and was thrown out by a business firm. worked on it for 2 weeks to get it running again. fit in new heatsink, new thermal paste, upgraded RAM and replaced old RAM sticks, upgraded the storage from HDD to a SSD to improve working speeds, desoldered the old CPU in favour of a new faster one. After completion, I donated it to someone in need to help them with their education during pandemic. -Deaf Reach Ice Cream Drive.Helped organize and participated in icecream charity drives for Deaf Reach schools. All profits, and the initial investment, were donated to Deaf Reach schools to help sponsor the education and development of deaf kids at these schools. The money raised from this drive helped ensure less fortunate and disabled kids received a good education and fair chance just like fully-abled people. -participation in various interschool events
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2023.03.29 08:42 Psycholog-646 1:1 Top Quality Bags from Martin Before delivery, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality. After you are satisfied, we will deliver the goods and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through FedEx UPS DHL Air Lines

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2023.03.29 08:41 Late_Check_4562 My Cat Just Died and I'm Unable to Imagine a Life Without Him

Literally, I don't know what to do. He's the love of my life and I've had him since he was a kitten. He would've been 20 years old on the 1st. He's been sick for a few years now with CKD and I've done everything, researched everything, tried Literally everything to keep him around longer with a good quality of life. He's made it 4 years on and just recently began to show decline. We changed up his meds, he seemed to show improvement, he was my peppy and happy little man last night, and then 6 hours later he's seizing and he's gone. I wanted more than anything for him to not die in pain or stressed out. And he died seizing and gasping for air. I loved him so much. I hope he knew that. I hope he didn't suffer but I feel like he did and that kills me. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with myself now. One of the biggest, most important things in my world is gone and I can't kiss his nose or scratch his butt anymore. Looking around and seeing my entire apartment, which is so full of him, and knowing he's not here. I hate this so much
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2023.03.29 08:41 kenno26 Sauna quote. Australia

Hi all
I'm building a new home in Sydney Australia. I've been provided with the below quote from a reputable company with 20 years experience.
I'm looking for some guidance around further questions that I should look to ask here to ensure that I end up with the best, most efficient product
Our quote for the supply and installation of your sauna 2100W x 1600D x 2100H is $20,980 + GST
Our price is inclusive of the following:
Ceiling: Roof to be colorbond (colour tbc by client) with matching capping, underside to be Thermo Modified European Spruce - 140mm x 16mm
External Walling: Thermo Modified European Spruce - 140mm x 19mm
Internal walling and ceilings: Premium Western Red Cedar - 84mm x 10mm
Flooring: slab and finished floor by client
Windows: Qty 2 - 500W x 700D - double glazed windows with clear glass
Insulation: - Mineral wool R2.0 for walling and R 3.0 for the ceilings. Your sauna walling will be lined with authentic aluminium foil reflector for additional insulation and heat retention..
Benches in two levels: Premium Western Red Cedar - 90mm x 17mm
Top Bench - in a straight line - 600mm deep
Low bench - L shaped and both benches - 450 mm deep
Grill: Custom made grill between top bench and low bench
Backrest: Custom made backrests with integrated LED strip lighting (12v transformer, waterproof IP65, aluminum tubing)
Ventilation: Authentic Harvia ventilation inlet to be installed - this allows for natural air recirculation
Door: Full glass door - 690w x 1890h - with clear glass.
Heater: Harvia VEGA Pro BC165
Heater Accessories: Harvia CX180M - external control panel, Harvia heater rocks
Sauna accessories kit: - 4L wooden bucket, 48cm wooden ladle, thermo/hygrometer, sandglass 15min
Delivery: delivery of all sauna timber, components and accessories to clients premises
Installation: full installation by our team of experts
Not Included:
Electrical connections - all electrical connections need to be completed by a licenced electrician
Oiling and Painting
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2023.03.29 08:40 Psycholog-646 1:1 Top Quality Bags from Martin Before delivery, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality. After you are satisfied, we will deliver the goods and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through FedEx UPS DHL Air Lines

1:1 Top Quality Bags from Martin Before delivery, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality. After you are satisfied, we will deliver the goods and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through FedEx UPS DHL Air Lines submitted by Psycholog-646 to RepLadiesClub [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:40 BadBadderBadst NeW iDeA tO mAkE wOt PlUs MoRe AtTrAcTiVe

What if WoT plus would give players 100mm more penetration on all tanks, 100% better dispersion and 50 km/h better speed ? And as a nice bonus, you can select any player from the enemy team and call an air strike, that will nuke the player to death to add more "dynamic" gameplay ? Do you think this would be a nice addition for WoT plus subscribing ?
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2023.03.29 08:38 Osuruktanteyyare_ Anon is an NCD member

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2023.03.29 08:38 Real-Variation-2394 Question(s) about AA Aviator Red Card

So to start, I’m not a big traveler. At all. And I’m not a credit card guru, so be kind if any of these questions are ridiculous. However, I’m in a 2 year LDR and kicking myself for not jumping on the miles/SUB bandwagon a lot sooner.
My fiancé lives in the UK and I’m in the US. He is the one that visits me most, and always just pays cash for his tickets. I’m much more of a bargain shoppewant to take advantage of anything “free” I can get because let’s face it.. this flying shit is expensive. We’re currently waiting for his visa to be approved here and that’s a 15+ month wait so for the immediate time being, we try to see eachother 3-4 times a year.
Currently my goal is as follows: I’d like to visit him as a surprise at the end of April for his 40th birthday. I’m really itching to open the AA Aviator Red Card (Barclays). Unfortunately, the 50k bonus miles won’t hit my account in time to cover my flight for the end of April, but with the waived annual fee and if I use the card to book my flight I’ll still be able to get some minimal perks from it for my trip, I guess.
I have a wedding in July and we’ve already spoken about him flying here to accompany me, but it’s up in the air as of right now because July flights are peak season and top dollar. But, the 50k in miles could help me achieve getting him here in July - MAYBE. And that’s why I’m here…
My first question is, am I allowed to book a flight for someone else with the miles?
Second question - the biggest one.. I’ve been doing a ton of research/Reddit lurking and have learned that British Airways absolutely destroys you with fuel surcharges. I am seeing through Google flights that you can book flights with AA out of Heathrow, but if the plane is ultimately operated by BA, will I be hit with those exorbitant taxes/fuel surcharges? Does anybody know if American Airlines flies directly out of Heathrow? Or would it be British Airways?
I suppose ultimately what I’m asking is since the main reason I want to open this card is for the miles, I want to be sure this specific scenario (booking for someone else + possibly flying BA out of Heathrow) isn’t going to meddle in any way and blow up in my face.
Also, if anyone thinks there’s a better card to open with my specific situation (not being a huge traveler) I’m open to other suggestions too. Thank you!
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2023.03.29 08:37 Psycholog-646 1:1 Top Quality Bags from Martin Before delivery, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality. After you are satisfied, we will deliver the goods and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through FedEx UPS DHL Air Lines

1:1 Top Quality Bags from Martin Before delivery, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality. After you are satisfied, we will deliver the goods and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through FedEx UPS DHL Air Lines submitted by Psycholog-646 to RepLadiesClub [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:37 Nellyson96 Man In The Mirror

The trees were being stripped bare of their leaves
As the night wind took the warmth from our faces.
We were talking about our pet peeves
Like we would always be fond of each other in distant places.

Beyond, a branch cracked under the weight of snow.
So we ran clutching our sides, giggling like children
Into the future where I was greeted by growing throes.
Stamped our time together as cotton candy whilend.

How many years has it been in these short months?
The winter air still whispers in my ear
A mournful song about spring in the major sevenths
Of love and war and dancing fears

Without you, I no longer smile the same.
Cut my hair and shaved my eyebrows
I must admit, I am quite lame
Waiting for you to arrive at this station house.

I don’t believe my damaged heart
Could unthaw next to the coming flowers.
They give me an assortment of drugs to paint my body like art.
To just look something like you I go weeks without taking a shower.

I might never see you again,
But I’m glad to have called you a friend.
The scars in my body that still remain
All but wait for this malignant chapter to end.
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2023.03.29 08:35 masin-2007 But who's to blame

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2023.03.29 08:35 CiHoYin 800V electric vehicle charging becomes the mainstream and adopts SiC power electronics

800V electric vehicle charging becomes the mainstream and adopts SiC power electronics
The demand for electric vehicle (EV) power electronics will grow dramatically over the next decade, mainly driven by the rapid growth of the BEV vehicle market, which IDTechEx forecasts to grow at a global compound annual growth rate of 15% over the next decade . Currently, the weighted average b
The demand for electric vehicle (EV) power electronics will grow dramatically over the next decade, mainly driven by the rapid growth of the BEV vehicle market, which IDTechEx forecasts to grow at a global compound annual growth rate of 15% over the next decade . At present, the weighted average capacity of pure electric vehicle batteries is increasing everywhere, putting pressure on the battery supply chain and bringing uncertainty. As a result, drive cycle efficiency must become a top priority in powertrain design, which means that the age of high voltage wide bandgap (WBG) power electronics has arrived.
The new IDTechEx report "Electric Vehicle Power Electronics 2023-2033" provides a detailed breakdown by voltage ( 600V, 1200V), and semiconductor type (Si, SiC, GaN) segmented unit sales, GW, and USD demand forecast for inverters, on-board chargers (OBC), and DC-DC converters.
While Si IGBTs have dominated medium and high power devices for 20 years, including in EV power electronics, they are giving way to a new generation of WBG materials: SiC and GaN. This will fundamentally affect the design of new power devices, including packaging materials, as there is a trend towards high voltage and high power density modules operating at higher temperatures.
The two drives that are often mentioned from 350-400V to 800V and beyond are DC Fast Charging (DCFC) at higher power levels, such as 350kW, and drive cycle efficiency gains. DCFC compatibility is a relatively weak driver today due to low availability compared to AC chargers and high costs associated with 800V infrastructure. In fact, the IDTechEx report "Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2022-2032" estimates that there will be about 3 million AC charging installations in 2022, compared to about 50,000 DCFCs above 100kW. Also, higher levels of DCFC will not necessarily drive the transition to 800V, although it is more optimal. Tesla is a good example, deploying a 250kW supercharger, but not beyond its 350V platform.
The efficiency argument for 800V is stronger. This allows reducing Joule losses and reducing the size of high voltage cables. Combined with SiC MOSFETs, it typically leads to a 5-10% efficiency gain, which could create a competitive advantage by shrinking the size of expensive batteries, saving costs or increasing the range of vehicles.
However, this is a challenging time for the automotive industry, with 800V adoption running into some pitfalls in 2022. The Lucid Air, the first 900V production car, will sell around 7,000 in 2022 after an initial target of 20,000. Porsche's Taycan is also among the OEM's best-selling models in Europe between 2020 and 2021, but sales are down in 2022. Both are the result of ongoing parts shortages and supply chain challenges, such as wire harness shortages and the Russia-Ukraine war.
Hyundai, on the other hand, is demonstrating the success of the 800V platform. Sales of the company's models using the 800V E-GMP platform in South Korea more than doubled to about 70,000 a year, driven by the popularity of the IONIQ 5 and Kia's EV6. This brings the 800V automotive market out of the luxury car market for the first time and into the mainstream car market primarily. To support rapid growth, Hyundai is diversifying its SiC supply partnerships, signing new agreements with Onsemi and STMicroelectronics in 2022, adding to existing relationships with Infineon and Vitesco.
China has also signaled the transition to 800V vehicles, with major OEMs setting out development plans for 2022, including BYD, Xpeng Motors, Great Wall Motors, GAC, and others. These vehicles are likely to use SiC MOSFETs, allowing the SiC industry to enter the world's largest electric vehicle market, as China will sell more than 6.5 million electric vehicles in 2022.
While the 1200V SiC MOSFET (adopted in 800V vehicle platforms) will play a key role in optimizing drive cycle efficiency, it is still only one piece of the puzzle. Driving cycle efficiency can be improved in many ways, from improved battery chemistry to solar bodywork, fewer high voltage cables per vehicle, 600V SiC, improved motor design and more. Automakers are tasked with striving to continuously improve overall drive cycle efficiency to ensure batteries are not undersupplied.
Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co.,Ltd
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2023.03.29 08:35 Tear-Wide Normal Reasons Your Aircon Doesn't Work Even Subsequent to Overhauling

Normal Reasons Your Aircon Doesn't Work Even Subsequent to Overhauling
Is your forced air system not keeping your home virus even subsequent to adjusting? Is it true that you are not getting the Aircon chemical wash presentation you anticipate from your climate control system? A great many people expect that a forced air system ought to continuously work and they Aircon chemical overhaul are essentially dead on. A forced air system ought to make your home cold and bring the temperature down to the ideal levels assuming each and every part in the air conditioner works. Aircon servicing On the off chance that the climate control system isn't proceeding as it ought to, it implies that something isn't right with the climate control system. Assuming you have as of late got your forced air system adjusted it's as yet not performing, it could mean just something single.

How to Choose the Best Aircon Installation Company in Singapore?

The main explanation your climate control system isn't keeping your home virus even subsequent to Aircon Not cold is that the expert you employed for adjusting isn't knowledgeable with the brand or model of your climate control system. It is a typical issue Second hand Aircon and you are in Aircon steam cleaning good company. A great many people assume that all the forced air system professionals have gotten a similar preparation and have the important Aircon service contract
devices and parts to fix a wide Aircon gas topup
Aircon spare parts range of issue with the A/C however that isn't correct, tragically.
Daikin aircon servicing
Mitsubishi Aircon servicing
Midea Aircon servicing
Panasonic Aircon servicing
Lg aircon servicing
Hitachi Aircon servicing
Sharp Aircon servicing
York Aircon servicing
Gree Aircon servicing
There are many organizations making forced air systems and a large portion of these organizations have sent off many various models in various limits and with a variety of highlights. An undeveloped professional could never have the essential preparation to fix every one of the brands of climate control systems. Another significant thing you should try to understand is that each brand of AC is unique. The position of parts is unique and Commercial Aircon Servicing various types of instruments are expected to fix those parts.
It would be off-base on your part to expect that each professional is fit for fixing a wide range of issues with any Best aircon singapore brand of PC. You ought to ensure that the expert you are wanting to recruit for adjusting your climate control system is knowledgeable with the brand of AC you have in your home. One of the ways for you to guarantee that is to go Aircon promotion to their site and see if they have prepared professionals for overhauling or fixing your kind of AC.
Daikin aircon installation
Mitsubishi Aircon installation
Midea Aircon installation
Panasonic Aircon installation
LG aircon installation
Hitachi Aircon installation
Sharp Aircon installation
York Aircon installation
Gree Aircon installation
One of the significant reasons any climate control system doesn't cool the air even in the wake of adjusting is that one of the significant parts isn't working as expected. Typically, it happens when there is a refrigerant gas spill. You ought to realize that the refrigerant gas isn't spent by your climate control system throughout some undefined time frame. The refrigerant gas is inside a shut circle framework which implies it is basically impossible for it to get away or get spent throughout some stretch of time. Nonetheless, the metal lines that contain this refrigerant gas will generally foster consumption spots Aircon installation singapore throughout some stretch of time because of development of specific acids.
The erosion could likewise occur on the off chance that the climate control system isn't overhauled routinely. In the event that there is a spillage of the refrigerant gas, the gas will continue to get away and there will come a second when there isn't an adequate number of refrigerant gas in the air molding framework to chill off your home.
Assuming that is the situation, a prepared specialist will initially take out every one of the refrigerant gas from the framework. They will then check for spills. Assuming that they find any holes,Aircon General service
they will initially fix the releases and really take a look at the framework for uprightness. In the event that the cooling framework begins filling in as it ought to, they will top up the refrigerant gas inside the A/C unit and your AC ought to begin working with practically no issues. To put it plainly, one of the primary reasons a climate control system doesn't cool the air is refrigerant gas spillage and that must be fixed by a prepared specialist.
On the off chance that you feel that a refrigerant spillage is the justification behind your AC not working, you really should don't attempt to fix the issue all alone. There is each opportunity that you will aggravate it as specific apparatuses are expected to track down the releases and fix those holes. Without those apparatuses, fixing those little leakages is inconceivable.
One more justification for your AC not working as expected could be the disappointment of blower or any of the other significant parts. Assuming the blower has fostered some sort of shortcoming, it will not have the option to pack the refrigerant gas to its maximum capacity and the intensity trade that ought to occur to chill off the air doesn't occur to the ideal degree. In this present circumstance, it is prescribed to bring in an expert professional to fix this issue.
Notwithstanding the refrigerant gas spillage and blower issues, there could be various different issues with your cooling framework in the event that it isn't proceeding as proficiently as it ought to or on the other hand in the event that it isn't cooling your home as you anticipate that it should. Quite possibly of the greatest mix-up many individuals make when they Aircon Servicing package
observe that their AC isn't attempting to its maximum capacity is simply to overlook the issue. You ought to never commit this error as setting you back large chunk of change over the long haul is Aircon Service price going. As a matter of fact, overlooking the issue could make you supplant the unit totally.
To close, there could be various reasons when your climate control system isn't making your home virus even after legitimate overhauling. As examined in the above passages, it very well may be because of spillage of the refrigerant gas or an issue with the blower. It could likewise occur because of disappointment of other significant parts, for example, the evaporator loop or Aircon Servicing Promotion
the development valve or for different reasons. The main way for you to stay away from such a situation is to use the administrations of a prepared professional who is knowledgeable with the brand and model of your climate control system.
Aircon service
Aircon installation
Aircon general service
Best aircon singapore
11 Mandai Estate
#03-09 Eldix
Singapore 729908
Aircon Service includes are:
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