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2023.06.02 17:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] The Federal Code Government by Jason White (

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2023.06.02 17:09 sheizdza The Body Snatcher (1945)

"The Body Snatcher" is a masterful thriller from 1945 that has stood the test of time, delivering a chilling and atmospheric experience. Directed by Robert Wise and based on a short story by Robert Louis Stevenson, this film captivates audiences with its eerie storyline and stellar performances.
Set in 19th-century Edinburgh, the film explores the dark and macabre world of grave robbing. Boris Karloff, known for his iconic horror roles, gives a compelling performance as Cabman John Gray, a sinister and twisted character with a penchant for obtaining bodies for medical research. Karloff's portrayal is nuanced and captivating, highlighting his talent for portraying complex and morally ambiguous characters.
The film also features a standout performance by Bela Lugosi, who plays Joseph, a helpless assistant to Gray. Lugosi's presence brings an additional layer of suspense and intrigue to the narrative. His screen presence and interactions with Karloff create a captivating dynamic between the two characters, enhancing the tension and adding depth to the story.
One of the greatest strengths of "The Body Snatcher" is its atmosphere. The black-and-white cinematography captures the gloomy and foggy streets of Edinburgh, perfectly complementing the sinister and somber tone of the film. The use of shadows and lighting adds to the overall sense of dread and unease, immersing the viewer in the haunting world of the story.
The screenplay, written by Philip MacDonald and Val Lewton, expertly adapts Stevenson's original story while adding its own layer of suspense. The dialogues are sharp and intelligent, providing depth to the characters and enhancing the unfolding plot. The film's pacing is deliberate and steady, building tension and anticipation as the story progresses.
The direction by Robert Wise showcases his skill in crafting a captivating narrative. Wise creates a sense of foreboding through his meticulous attention to detail, making the audience feel as if they are part of the dark and treacherous world of body snatching. His ability to capture the emotional nuances of the characters and to create a palpable sense of dread contributes to the film's lasting impact.
While "The Body Snatcher" may not have the same level of shock and gore as modern horror films, its psychological and atmospheric approach is a testament to the power of storytelling. The film relies on suspense, tension, and the strength of its performances to create an unforgettable cinematic experience.
If there is one criticism to be made, it is that some of the supporting characters could have been further developed. Their roles feel somewhat underutilized, and their potential impact on the narrative is not fully realized. However, this minor flaw does not significantly detract from the overall enjoyment of the film.
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2023.06.02 17:09 Mythdon- What do you think of "You are on the this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master"?

Mace might as well have said, "You're not on this council".
I'm not saying Anakin should've been given the rank of master, but I think the way the council handled putting Anakin on the council was disingenuous. They basically told him he'd have a seat at the table but not have a voice and they did it in such a token way (for example, when Obi-Wan kept belaboring the point that Anakin's the youngest to ever be on the council). Even if Anakin was being power hungry and feeling entitled to the rank of master, it doesn't explain the dishonesty on the council's part.
I'm not on Anakin's side (per se), but I couldn't agree with him more about "How can you be on the council and not be a master?". If everyone else is a master but him, that's a giveaway from Anakin's POV he's not an equal. And what good is being on the council if you're not an equal?
It's one of the many aspects in which the Jedi Order didn't merely not see Anakin's POV, they had no intention nor were they in a position to ever see Anakin's POV. No matter what Anakin said/did, he was always wrong and his feelings were never valid. The order and council always treated him like a child/prop and never a full person (which seems to be in part what led him to the dark side).
I know it's not all black and white and actually very nuanced, which is what I like about SW movies. The audience can form their own opinions, not just simply being told whose "good" or "bad" (even if in a lot of ways, the story does skew towards "Jedi good, Sith bad").
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2023.06.02 17:07 ConcentrateFew7376 Thoughts + suggestions? :)

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2023.06.02 17:07 getm44 Briefly seen open eye fractals/geometrical shapes. While sober.

I havent done mushrooms for about 2 weeks, it was late last night i was changing my daughter diaper and i seen what seemed to be a bright flash of light which i thought maybe im just tired. So as i was getting up i seen fractal geometric shapes and the room seemed to be shifting. Each time i stepped i would get a burst of imagery it wasnt intense and lasted maybe 1 minute. Has this happened to anyone before? There were no colors it was just white with faint black lines of these fractal geometrical patterns but the black lines were almost translucent.
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2023.06.02 17:06 mazzameow Smith & Cult brand out of business???

Smith & Cult brand out of business???
I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE and I’m obviously doing it wrong / looking in the wrong places !:( did this brand close? Out of business? Discontinue? Merge? A month or two ago I was looking up on google “best base coats” (this is all for polish not gel 🥴) and their base coat kept popping up. I ended up getting Deborah Lippmann (the nude base coat that with multiple coats can be used as color) because the other ones i had to wait longer than I wanted. Plus the DL base coat was found on a great price! Lol But one day I went to the Houston Nordstrom the rack and saw smith and cult on sale in a small shelf on the way out in the maze register thing! All the names were covered by price tags, but super super low sale. I ended up getting a base coat, a top coat, and like 13 polishes by smith and cult (6 not pictured) and each was like 3.50/4.50? Idk (then this cute lil DL pack for 2.50 and the two brown polishes on bottom for 1.50 each ✨)
BUUUUUUUT I’ve been seeing the other smith and cult colors and was wanting to buy more- go to their socials+ site no posts in forever and the site is just white. Messaged them on Facebook, prob not gonna get one back.
WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!!! Lol, I have too much curiousity!
Oh and thank you to all of you. I’ve had just replaced all my nail art brushes and was looking things up for ideas, noticed almost everything is done with gel and thought “you know what, I wanna start getting into gel” And I kid you not, I have like 12 beetles sets (some just polish, some their whole set) and some other sets that are like “nail drill kits” saved in my “lists” and having read here, I’m trashing all them. I’m so nervous about anything going wrong. But now I feel like I have to buy like 2 gel polishes at a time, and I’m impatient. I have like 170 regular polishes and wanna have a good set of gels 😭🫠
Ok thank you all
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2023.06.02 17:03 IAmBeachCities help finding videos or books specifically on sumo technique

TLDR:There are countless resources on all other martials technical execution except sumo:
If you google wrestling, jiu jitsu, or judo technique, you will find professionals giving referential advice on the most minute details of science based technique. When I search 10 pages on amazon, every search term on youtube, the best I can find is a book called sumo skills and one called sumo for mix martial arts, watching all DOSUKOI videos, and don don. . they are maybe a 3/10 on depth compared to literally millions of 10/10 resources for the other martial arts . almost all sumo guides are on keiko and the art and beauty of the sport (which is not lost on me!) and more of a grand sumo analysis. just as an example: Ryan Hall is a professional ufc fighter who makes 5 hour courses online where you can learn about a specific position that no one in the world is better at. they cost $200 for 5 hours of video.!channel!AgND37lObtvy
TLDR: Instructions from other arts are not cutting so far.
Iv'e been studying wrestling , no gi judo, and bjj because there have infinite instructional videos but they really are not cutting it. sumo is different (respect). The level to which you can impose your power and speed really throws a wrench in the techniques these arts use, not to mention other sports do not have a dohyo where the you can also push them out, not just get them to the floor. plus the belt!! Plus Tsuppari!!
TLDR:There must be a ton of sumo technical videos In Japan:
please understand my frustration that after a year all I can find is basically marketing and basics mostly designed for grand sumo spectators(which I am an absolute fan boy for). It is so difficult for me to believe that after 1300 years, and sumo being practice in nearly every middle school and high school in japan, that there aren't detailed instructions on how to do a proper uwatenage other than a superficial illustration or NHK's clips. There must be a huge market of instructional videos for eager parents to work on with their kids. I'm looking for the good instructional videos even if its in Japanese even if I have to pay for the instructions and you for the tip.
TLDR:Its because the forbidden knowledge cannot be found in English
I believe the issue is that I cant search in Japanese. if someone can try some searches in Japanese or go on Japanese forums and find what the best videos are (please not just keiko drills or grand sumo fan analysis) you would change my life and the life of some high potential teens in our sumo club (not me I'm old but these kids are amazing and they deserve better). I'm just going to keep searching so please help us! We can scrounge up some cash a pay you! If you live in japan can you ask your sumo coach at your school or anyone you know? we respectfully do all fundamental keiko drills and study Kimarite .
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2023.06.02 17:02 endersgame69 Kayobi's Days Off C14

The car dropped me off the middle of downtown, the neon lights and billboard videos were everywhere, it was a little flashy for my taste, honestly. I like some things about the city, but the mass crowds, mobs, really… they just don’t suit me. Maybe because I’m a swapper? Maybe because it’s just too busy, and it doesn’t fit with my desire to do nothing.
I craned my head back and looked up at the high tower where my target lived and probably worked. ‘I have to hand it to this country, they’re very precise.’ I mused, the exact number of his residence… I briefly considered a dramatic entrance, sprouting wings and shooting up from the ground like a superhero and smashing into the window in the form of an avenging angel.
But that… no. ‘Everybody in this country has a camera. Sooner or later I’d have to explain it, then goodbye vacations to Earth for at least a hundred years.’ I dismissed my melodramatic thought and went about it another way.
There wasn’t much I knew about Yakuza types, but odds are they owned the building he was living in. They’re a pretty efficient organization, all things considered.
That meant… “Alright they’ll have security.” I mumbled, ‘Invisibility is so boring!’ I cursed under my breath when I realized how easy that would be. I began tapping my feet on the curve as thunder rumbled overhead and clouds began to threaten rain, lightning flickered in the sky, it wouldn’t be long before I’d get drenched standing here… ‘Then I’ll have to do laundry…I hate laundry.’
I really wanted to be dramatic and make a point… ‘Fine.’ I rolled my eyes.
I walked through the front of the building, the glass doors, clean and perfect, slid open, and true to my expectations not only was there a slender woman working behind a computer, the elevator controls were not ‘by’ the elevator.
They were on the wall behind her alcove where a very large man in a black suit stood wearing a sword on his hip. ‘Huh, and I thought that was just for the movies… the gun laws here are stricter than I thought.’
Even if I couldn’t do things quite the way I wanted, I could do something else. I was an unusual sight at least, and that curious look that I drew from the pair became cautious. Her hand reached beneath her desk, while the large fellow by the elevator controls squared off to face me.
I pulled out the wallets and watched the two relax.
“Excuse me, I’m so sorry to bother you, but I came to return these. ‘Wait, if nobody catches me… did it really happen?’ I had to wonder. It wasn’t like anybody ever checked… and these guys were scum, nobody would care…and if they were out of the way?
Obviously I couldn’t do anything to the whole building. And that was overkill even in my line of work.
“They were dropped at the Toriyama store in the Shinjai district.” I explained, and the relaxed air was gone as what I said sank home.
“Floor one zero six.” The woman said, and I could swear she looked at me with pity.
“Oh… but um, the addresses on here are-” I fluttered my eyelashes at the pair and put on a nice, innocent voice.
“She said what she said.” The musclehead interrupted.
I put on a pouty face, “Oh… OK, but can’t you…?” I stopped when he hit the elevator control for me and the golden doors slid wide open.
“Alright… I’ll… I’ll go.” I darted my head over my shoulder like I was thinking about leaving, maybe making a run for it, then clutched my purse and scurried through the door.
I’m not a half bad actress if I do say so myself. I smirked and cracked my knuckles as I went up to the very top floor.
I was fairly sure I would have a welcoming party for me, and as I went up, I realized that the die was cast. ‘If I’m defending myself…’
[E’grahcrevo rettahs dna tlem] I cast the spell with my hand behind my back and against the elevator, and an electrical pulse went up and down the building, frying the electronic components just as the elevator came to a halt. I did not envy whoever had to try to fix those later.
The lights shattered, plunging everything into darkness. With no cameras, no lights, no nothing, I had no reason to fear getting caught.
So… I swapped. My arms thickened and the mana of my body began to expand around my core self, greatly increasing my size, from a human woman slightly over a meter and a half tall, to a nine and a half foot tall creature of the Fletosian wastelands, with razor sharp claws and a gigantic maw that could bite a man in half… it was a good look.
I could hear them shouting, asking for answers…answers I would give them, but that they wouldn’t need.
I let out the roar of the Fletosian warbeast, and shoved my hands through the metal elevators in one clean thrust. Light began to stream in, and screams of alarm went up.
I’m sure they were expecting a small woman that could be intimidated into answers.
But it was my answers that were the intimidation.
I stepped into the room, hard, cracking and shaking the floor as tore the elevators free and stepped into view. Screams went up, and a shot went off.
‘Alright so a few of them have guns.’ I chuckled and backhanded the nearest of the set, they were stepping back, their guns blazing, the flashes giving brief glimpses of my horror as I stalked toward them one after another. I was in front of the exit. There was no way out.
They were trapped in here with me. The doors were electronic, and there wasn’t even any backup power, I’m sure the lower floors, at least a few down, heard it all, for all the good it would do.
My claws ripped through another, who toppled with a howl.
I will spare you the details.
It wasn’t hard to figure out who the one in charge was, he was the oldest, backing away while the younger ones tried to defend him and themselves. All the while I was wondering… which is more likely to get me caught? Leaving them alive, or dead? That’s what the question came down to… if they were dead, the human authorities might investigate, and I was seen in my normal disguise…
‘Damnit… in your desire to not get wet and to play the Queen of the stage, you made a mistake, Kayobi… if they’re alive, it’ll stay nice and unofficial. Just a warning.’ I told myself, and one by one I picked them up and smashed them against the wall, if they moved or got up, I picked them up, squeezed out a scream, and smashed them there again.
Until there was one old man left with a balding scalp and surprisingly quick hands digging through a desk. He pulled out a handgun and leveled it at my chest with trembling hands.
I stopped as if the desk were a real obstacle. “Shoot me.” I said in a gutteral echoing monster voice that I borrowed from some old movies.
The gun went off. “Again.” I ordered him.
Again he shot, his lips were trembling so much I could see his teeth reflect each flash as his noise of fear became a high pitched whine, and I waited until he emptied the entire clip to no avail.
I held out the wallets and dropped them on the desk between the two of us. He looked down.
“Take them.” I said, and one hand came away from the weapon which… he was still dry firing at me as if a bullet would magically appear.
He then took the wallets and shoved them in his pocket.
‘I forgot to come up with a cool name for myself?! How did I do that?! How do I forget the cool nickname?!’ I cursed myself and just breathed hard and heavy, the hot breath kissed his sweating face, my open maw was like a chasm of doom just waiting to swallow him up.
“Shinjai. Belongs. To the Devil of Shinjai. Never. Come. Again. Or next time, I will paint this room with your blood.” I said, my bright amber eyes gleaming down at him, my grayish blue flesh gave me an almost ghostly look as the lightning outside that began in earnest, flashed and reflected against my body.
He nodded, numb, disbelieving… he was making noises that might have been words, but they didn’t want to come out.
I reached up to his gun and closed my hand over his, each finger was as thick as his whole hand, and a hundred times as strong. I began to tighten my grip, and he yanked his hand away while I crushed the weapon like tissue paper and dropped it on his desk.
“Never.” I warned him one more time.
“N-ever.” He vowed and looked at the heap of battered and broken yakuza.
I could read his face like a book, he was wondering if they were alive.
They were. But they’d be worse for wear and probably need a lot of stitches.
Wings began to emerge from my back, and I went to the wall full of windows and smashed them open, the high, howling winds blew papers around everywhere and rain began to seep into the building, I gave him one more lingering look… and jumped, spreading my wings, I began to fly home, watching his dumbfounded, stupid expression as I began to shrink into the distance.
He was probably already questioning everything about what happened, but he couldn’t very well report it to the police, and the injuries were real. With no record, and nobody willing to talk, it would be a drunken rumor and nothing more… and my little home away from home would be quite peaceful.
I made a mental note, ‘Make sure those bills get paid tomorrow, then I need to contact Celia… I’ll need her help next.’ I thought, and yawned as I realized it was late, and I still needed to eat, then sleep… then get up the following morning and…
‘Oh my… this is going to be a lot… I might need help after all.’ I shivered to think of all the shows that I might miss, but then on the other hand…
‘It’ll be a great day for binge watching.’ I thought with a smile as my place finally came back into view, and the rain began to pour.
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2023.06.02 17:02 Raiste1901 Lesson 4. Family

  1. Sentences:
Wikalya wiluswánis adó thulnusona. Díthakóóres awulyéten. Wiluswánis éí Tesyánes agispá. Wikalyas thulnuson anowa kehuu, Tesyányes thulnuson anowa kewöchoona, twóó kehuu da. Éí anowas oyá (3IO)íkyasi. Twóó Díthakóóreni düühüná da, eelá Kohosányini. Wikalya wisetheedayi Kohosányini to düühüná. Amas éí Hólkwátis agispa, athas éí Sooyausis agispa.
Wikalyas's friend is not Thulnusona He is from Díthakóóres. His friend is called Tesyánes. Wikalyas speaks the Black language, and Tesyánes is learning the Black language, he doesn't speak it natively. It's a very difficult language for him. They don't live in (White settlement), but in Kohosányis. Wikalyas's parents also live in Kohosányis. His mother is called Hólkwátis, his father is called Sooyausis.
Side note: the name of the person's friend and his place of birth are from the White language; there is no [ɾ], as "t" in American English “water”, and [ɕ], similar to English "sh" in “shield”, in Thulnuson). Most Thulnusona pronounce "r" as [l] (as in “lemon”), and "sy" as [s̺] (as Spanish or Greek "s", a "hushing s"), thus making no distinction between them and "l" and "s", present in the language.
wimas mother withas father widakhinas elder brother widakwűs younger brother wides elder sister wikhwatás younger sister winyowis maternal grandparent widiinis paternal grandparent wiyokyus child welidas spouse wihásás maternal aunt widálsus maternal uncle winalkidas paternal aunt wüüsas paternal uncle wüülas older cousin wigacás younger cousin wicánas cross-cousin wisuunas parallel cousin wihástakhinas sibling's spouse wisehálkhinas child's partner or spouse wihayís partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) wihásláás parent's sibling's husband or wife
Words for family members must have a possessive prefix, attached to them. Possession is expressed with the following prefixes:
sigular dual plural My yo- yo(n-) yé(n)- Your na- no(n-) wú(n)- Their wi- wü(n)- dí(n)- Its a-
The nasal consonant "-n-" appears in the Kohosányis dialect after the dual and plural forms only. It's a remnant of an ancient possessive marker. There are some irregular singular forms with this remnant, but the examples are very few: yonána “my part of property” from wána “a part of property or land”, yoníís “my nickname” from yíís “nickname”. The words yonuyas “my eyebrow” and yolcwos “my mouth” (former "*yon-cwos") appear only with the nasal remnant.
The words for family members typically don't appear without the nominal marker "-s" in singular, but can be used without the "-n" marker in their plural.
In the Thulnuson language, dyadic terms exist to describe a relationship between two people. Some of the previously mentioned words are dyadic in their dual form, such as “cousins”. But some of these words lack singular forms, or these forms are not commonly used. Such words are:
wisetheedayi parents wiyoswayi siblings winééswatheedayi parent and their child wiháyásí married couple wiilcwáyí parent and their sibling wihiwóódayi step-siblings wihúlswayi cousin and their parent
Grammatical notes:
In order to negate a statement, two particles are used in conjunction: twóó before the verb and da after.
The particle “very” mostly has an adverbial function. It acts as a preverb, when attached before the main verb, and has the meaning of “really”, “a lot”, “very much”. When standalone, it indicates a large quantity and is treated as a verbal particle “There are many”.
The verb “to be difficult” is absolutive or stative. It has a stative classifier before the stem, which influences its conjugation:
singular dual plural
I (excl.) wőkyasi wáíkyasi wokikyasi
I (incl.) — woyíkyasi wogíkyasi
You nékyasi néíkyasi nekikyasi
He/she ákyasi dúkyasi dékyasi
It íkyasi — —
Additional notes:
In the basic active transitive sentence, the subject usually precedes the indirect object, and the direct object, follows the verb. Adjectives (which are verbs in disguise) usually follow the noun and adverbail particles are placed directly before the verb. This order is true of most phrases. Since the subject and the objects (both direct and indirect) are an integral part of the verb, they do not appear in the sentence as pronouns.
Subordinated clauses often precede the main clause, although they may also follow the main verb, or even be disrupted by it. If several subordinate clauses are present, they stack and can go on and on as in the example below:
Hoyikanas ayon, Díthakóóreni awihünón, thulnuson anowas awöchoonago, Tesyánes thulnuson anowa keskyasi. – Tesyánes, who is Hoyikana, who lives in Díthakóóres, who is learning the Black language, finds the Black language difficult.
Verbs in Thulnuson conjugate not only for person, but also for tense (or rather aspect and mood, but that distinction is not important for this lesson). Different verb forms are used for various state, duration or completion of an action, result of that action, or a particular manner in which these states or actions appear. Many stative verbs have very limited aspectual forms, but others, such as “to be difficult”, can have many. It was given in its continuous form, which implies that the state lasts in time and remains unchanged. Some of the common stative continuous verbs ("they" in the examples stands for an third person singular form, in order to avoid confusion about gender):
ayo they are asauni they are good awílwo they are pleasant edó they aren't agispá they are called ákyasi they are difficult
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2023.06.02 17:00 Curious_Olive_5266 There are many more prolific and influential musicians than Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is considered to have one of the largest cultural impacts of any musician ever. However, there are many people who have had a much more transformative impact on popular music. The development of rock and roll, for instance, was probably the largest change in popular music because it brought music from the folk music of the 1700s and 1800s (Stephen Foster, for example) to the most popular music of today. Starting with African rhythms that were imported during the slave trade, an interesting genre of music started to form in the Reconstruction era American South. When African-Americans were finally freed from slavery in 1863 and liberated in 1865, they had the time to develop an identity and create a living doing something other than forced manual labour. This included broader reach of the music and culture that had been relegated to plantation work; the music that was inadvertently imported during the slave trade. The music traveled from the Mississippi Delta where tensions were high after the American Civil War to places economic powerhouses like New York City where places like Tin Pan Alley and the Cotton Club would form with more receptive audiences. People from this time that had a more transformative impact on popular music than Taylor Swift include those like WC Handy, Lead Belly, and Sister Rosetta.
The Roaring 20s brought with it somewhat of a fusing between the traditionally White and Black musics. People from this time that had a more transformative impact on today's popular music than Taylor Swift include Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, Lucky Millinder, and Benny Goodman. That went to people like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Hank Snow, Patsy Cline and the Million Dollar Quartet in the 1950s. The gospel and blues from the Delta came together with country and Western roots. One can argue that Patsy Cline was the original Taylor Swift without today's superstar fandom culture.
Anyway, this is mostly just a rant that I feel Swifties today are so uncultured in terms of music taste, and that I think Swift should do some CCR covers or something. Imagine a Taylor Swift version of Bad Moon Rising. As the best-selling contemporary artist, I feel that she should do more to expose her listeners to the outstanding music that came before her, like all other pop stars have done.
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2023.06.02 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Fri, Jun 02 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Halving Schedule - Fib Spiral
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Do you at certain points feel lonely in terms of your awareness regarding btc?
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Many 60+ people I talked with about Bitcoin are not interested by the simple reason "We don't have the time"
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Crypto Tax Avoided In Debt Ceiling
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Ethereum liquid staking protocol Rocket Pool deploys on zkSync Era
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Are Layer 2s as secure as Layer 1?
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Elon Musk is accused of insider trading by investors in Dogecoin lawsuit
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Cardano: An in-depth look at its advantages an disadvantages
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Coffee is back: Exposing a $500,000,000 Scam
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CashTokens are bringing utility to the Bitcoin Cash network 4Mb blocks.
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Is anyone using this hardware wallet for BCH?
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TapSwap CashTokens market is thriving with activity after the new BCH Guru project drop
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[OC] Monthly Evolution of the transactions volume in the Top EVM Networks - May 2023
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PepeTheGrove (PTG) Be Like 🔥🐸🔥
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Any thoughts? MEXC exchange in troubles 🧐
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Giddy Partners With Bitrefill to Bring DeFi Yield to Gift Cards
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Elon Musk sued over Dogecoin Twitter logo, alleging insider trading.
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Carbon Beta Release Community Update
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Reddit Co-Founder Still Believes Play-to-Earn Will Be the Standard for Gaming
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Real use case - Paying employees in USDC
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CFTC Mulls Rules Change to Accommodate Crypto and AI Risk
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"Due to suspicious activity on your account, we have increased the holding time before you can withdraw your funds by 30 business days."
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Problems stacking my Cosmos
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LTC transaction
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Binance Support Thread
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multichain update from fantom
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Fantom Empowers Developers with Gas Monetization Program
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Fantom on Bep2
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You can now connect your Ledger Nano X with Phantom on iOS and Android
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Measuring Solana developer activity via. commits
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Centralisation is not an argument to be made AGAINST Solana
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Japan’s largest bank MUFG announced that its Progmat Coin solution would be used to issue native bank-backed stablecoins on multiple public blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Cosmos and Polygon.
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Will you be there?
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Did you know that Silvio Micali, the founder of Algorand, is indirectly referenced multiple times in the Bitcoin whitepaper? His foundational work is used throughout modern cryptography, including Probabilistic Encryption and Interactive Proof Systems(Zero-knowledge proofs).
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I know this is hard. But hard times, build hard people. Don't lose sight of the vision, the fundamentals, the technology, the community. We will all get through this together. I am holding until at least 2030, so you guys have at least 7 more years of my posts like these(probably much more).
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Algorand blockchain is actively accelerating the adoption of real-world use cases.
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What's the most exciting part of Cardano's 2023 roadmap in your opinion?
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Gimbalabs Live Coding session is live!
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CardanoGPT, AI powered cardano replybot on twitter
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We are shutting down Cake Pay Web (not Mobile) for a while
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IRS Can Access Coinbase User Trading Data, Court Rules - Blockworks
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Monero painting
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Null an NFT project comprised of many different themed pieces. Art works range from Greek Mythology, Planets, Galaxies and the Human body. All artworks will be created into 1/1 physical pieces made of marble, glass and a screen within the marble displaying the NFT. Future plans for custom galleries.
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.SWOOSH NFTs Enter The World Of EA SPORTS - A New Era Of Gaming Crypto News
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Check out these dudes(dude 266 & 105) on OpenSea. 265 dudes are live now. floor price 0.007 ETH. collect your favourite ones & join their journey. just search "crazy funky dude" on opensea to get the project. share the project with others.(check out the original items on opensea).
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2023.06.02 17:00 selfsustainingturtle Chess Manager for iOS (iPhone, not iPads or such)

Hi all, I just wanted to host a simple chess tournament for around 10 people. Format in mind would be Round Robin or maybe Swiss if there would be more people joining my tournament.
Hence, I hope there is an app for a mobile user to conduct such tournament that can manage the usual pairings, score calculations (including the black & white winning differences and etc.). I have tried and created a Team/Club, but I believe that the games will be played online and not on-the-board, right?
Any recommendations? Any apps or websites that are mobile-friendly are highly appreciated (I do not mind paying for them, I just want it to work as intended). Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.02 16:59 Jus17173 Communist wolves - Chapter 35 - This is Not a Space Opera

First Previous Next Ko-fi
"Hey Juice. Did you mean what you said about Tweek's wife being with another man at the moment?" Honey asked while they flew past trees. Juice was a little surprised at Honey Badger's ability to keep up with his pace. His large feet touched at the forest floor gently, propelling him forward in an endless torrent of speed and agility, and beside him Honey Badger kept pace.
"She cheated on him, he disappeared, that won't make her go 'My husband is gone, now is the right time to be faithful'." He shook his head from side to side, his arms pumping with every kick forward. "No, she's with the other man."
Honey suddenly stopped forcing Juice to halt his run, "What is it?" Juice whispered. Then he heard it, through the trees, the unmistakable sound of footfalls crunching leaves. A man appeared trailed by six wolves, the duo darted to either side of a the trees, using the bark as cover.
"The wolves have a scent, looks like unknowns at the south side of the wilderness." The man said to a receiver that dangled across his ear to come to rest at his cheek, mouthpiece dangling just above the lips. The wolves sniffed at the forest floor, inching ever closer. Honey darted from behind the tree, he jumped and twisted himself mid air, he fired two shots, one hit the man right at his forehead and the other took him down at the neck. Blood spluttered on the forest floor. The wolves tensed, hackles rising but Juice rushed them. The wolf at the front, the alpha, a large male with a coat of white fur charged Juice, it came in low thinking Juice would follow suit but Juice went high, jumping over the wolf and as he jumped his legs spun and the sword came down in a twirling arch to cut the wolf's head off then its midriff and a part of its hide. Juice landed behind the wolf and behind him the wolf fell to pieces. Seeing this the other wolves let out howls of fright and scattered to either end of the forest leaving Honey Badger and Juice standing alone amidst the trees.
Honey walked over to the wolf and raised its decapitated head. "Metal casing between the ears." He said.
Juice leaned down over the body of the man and stood up with a metallic object in hand. "This one has been set to scouting, I think it is used to control the alpha whom the pack follows."
"It's quite clever, control the leader of the pack to control the pack." Honey Badger said. "It's like communism."
Juice smiled. "We're fighting communist wolves."
They marched on, steady feet tapping the forest floor in swift movements. They ran for what could pass as half an hour until they came to a clearing where two men stood amidst a dozen wolves, eyes peering in either direction. Honey and Juice lay flat on the ground, their weapons held at the ready.
"Do you spot the alphas?" Honey asked.
Juice squinted. "There are two, the one to the North East, brown fur, metal casing on its head. To its right, two clicks, is the second alpha."
Honey stood up, all heads turned to him including those of the wolves. The two men started approaching and tapping at the metal casings at their sides. Honey raised his arm, gun in hand. He fired four shots that hit their targets, two alpha wolves lay headless on the forest floor and those that controlled them lay with ghastly wounds to the necks, bleeding out on the ground. The other wolves scattered. Honey and Juice approached the two figures on the ground.
"Say, have you ever thought about marriage?" Juice asked as he raised his sword and thrust it into the midriff of one man whose mouth gurgled with blood.
Honey aimed his pistol at the second man and fired at point blank rage, the man's head exploded in a flood of gore. "Marriage is a delicate topic, you have to consider the aspect of love, is it necessary for marriage to occur? If not then what's the point."
A man walked into the clearing, trailed by wolves. Honey pointed at him and pulled the trigger, the plasma ray shot forward at blinding speed, tearing through the air to hit the man in the eye, the back of his skull exploded in a mist of blood. The wolves charged, six of them, at the forefront was the alpha. Juice ran to meet them, the wolves split into two groups, flanking Juice's approach. Juice moved head on, aiming for the wolf with a metal casing upon its head. The black furred wolf pounced but Juice slid beneath it and as he slid he swiped at its legs with the light sword, cutting off its limbs. The other wolves approached but half hearted after seeing their leader's whimpering limbless form. Juice drove his sword through one wolf's chest, ejected it and sliced through another's snout. He then dove for the limbless wolf and impaled it through the head, breaking its metal casing. The other wolves scattered.
Honey walked to meet up with Juice and together they matched strides, heading for the Palace in the distance. "If marriage isn't for you then why did you propose it to Asumpta of the Solstice army?" Juice asked.
Honey rested his plasma pistols on his shoulders as he walked. "She had a metal arm."
"And?" Juice asked.
"Do you know what it's like to receive a hand job from a metallic hand?" Honey asked in return. Juice smiled. "I don't but one thing's for sure, as long as that hand has been oiled down well there's no tiring to the jerking motion. That means unlimited hand jobs, fast paced without tiring."
Juice nodded. "You are a wise man Honey Badger, you can read between the lines."
"And Thergo's body is metallic. She's basically capable of tirelessly satisfying me day in and day out."
"You think about the Princesses too?"
"I do."
Three men appeared before them, swords drawn at the ready. No wolves in sight. Juice rushed forward and the three ran to meet him. The first man raised his blade but Juice ducked low and cut inside the man's elbow, tearing tendons and ensuring the limb hang useless. The other two tried to flank him but Juice dove hard to the left, brandishing his blade he struck, thrusting just beneath the man's chin. The blade stuck between jaw bones and Juice let go of it after a failed yank. He turned to meet the man on the right but a plasma ray passed just a hand's breadth from his ear and took the man out through the eye. Juice turned to see Honey Badger shoot the man with the useless limb thrice through the chest. Honey walked on until he stood next to Juice who leaned down and picked up a light sword. They nodded at each other and continued their march towards the palace.
"I thought it was just Thergo's dress that was metallic." Juice said as they passed overhang trees, the canopy sheltering them from the sun's rays.
"Parts of her body are metal or some alloy resembling metal. The way she shapes her dress into weapons is probably because of some magnetic overlay that works with her flesh." Honey said and sighed. "Man I miss her flesh, it's like having sex with a microwave."
"Like fucking the Droid?" Juice said and they both laughed then quickly cut their laughs short as a man appeared before them, between the trees, wielding a plasma riffle with four wolves with metal casings flanking him on all sides.
The man took aim and fired but his plasma shot met with the plasma shot from Honey's pistol. The man gawked at Honey Badger, he raised his riffle and fired once more but Honey's plasma ray met with his shot once more in an eruption of sparks.
"Well I'll be damn—" The man's sentence was cut short as plasma shot from Honey's pistol took him out at the head, chewing a chunk off his skull. The wolves ran forward to meet them and Juice darted to answer their charge. The first two wolves pounced, aiming for his neck but Juice spun with the blade in hand, eviscerating them mid air. The wolves collapsed with whimpering death cries. Juice's feet still running he launched himself at the third wolf, darting to the side so its leap may meet plain air, swiping with his blade to cut through the wolf's snout in a deliberate line that ran from its mouth, through the neck to end at its chest. The fourth wolf tried to charge at his legs but a downward swipe of his blade severed its spine and ended its life.
Honey walked forward and met Juice. They nodded at each other and continued their journey, quickening their pace to a jog they etched on towards the now near palace.
"I see Sirenala within my mind from time to time, what Tweek said about Pepsharh is somewhat similar to what I experience." Juice said, his breath even despite the exertion thus far.
"It's like whatever we shared with them was special."
Juice stopped his ran and Honey Badger brandished his plasma pistols in an arch before him only to meet no foe.
"Special?" Juice asked.
Honey lowered his guns. "That's the word for it." He smiled. "What we shared with the princesses was unique, distinguished with a quality."
"Could it be love?" Juice asked, looking down on Honey Badger.
"Do you know Sirenala's birthday?" Honey asked.
"Then it's not love."
They continued on their forward march, exiting the cover of trees to emerge at the mouth of a bridge. On this bridge stood seven men with packs of wolves surrounding them. The foremost standing man had something in his hand which he raised high to the eyes of Honey Badger and Juice. In his hand was a tie, it's color yellow with red polka dots adorning its surface.
"We have your man." He shouted at them.
Honey's shoulders slumped. "Just our luck."
Juice's brows furrowed. "They have Tweek."
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2023.06.02 16:58 methenobody_ Why Donda Is My Favorite Kanye Album.

Why Donda Is My Favorite Kanye Album.
Ye Donda Outfit Drawing by Me (Not for sale)
When people found out Donda would go head to head with Drakes “Certified Lover Boy” a lot of people were taking sides saying one is better than the other. Around the time Ye was doing the Donda listening parties, I tuned in for the first time to hear what Ye had been working on and my god it was so fucking good. I’ve never been a true Kanye fan before then, sure I bought the Yeezys and was their for the Jesus Is King drop, but never a die hard fan. This Album not only won me over as a Ye Stan, but has gotten me through one of the hardest moments of my life and honestly helped me grow closer to god.
Back in 2021 I didn’t like the album too much. It was bloated, the censored words made verses awkward, and Tell The Vision & Remote Control were just Terrible. I honestly stayed in the 1st 10 songs of the album because of how lengthy the project was.
With many Ye albums, his releases are reflections of what he’s currently going through and requires context for the projects to make sense. Like JIK was his spiritual awakening, or TLOP is Ye balancing being a father and being a superstar, and 808s with the death of his mother and breakup with his fiancé. Donda was Ye finding peace in the hip hop world while struggling with the divorce of his now ex wife, Kim Kardashian. On most of the songs Ye explicitly talks about Kim and their children with earnest lyrics and shows a side of Ye we’ve never seen before since 808s back in ‘08. To see Ye in such a vulnerable state, like the 1st listening party where we see him fall to his knees when an early version of “Never Abandon Your Family” plays throughout the stadium. Or the “Runaway” of Donda, “Come To Life” where Ye speaks about throwing everything away, the money, the fame, the ego, just for him to have his family back. Seeing such a powerful figure (especially when he’s dressed up like a super Villian) look so lost and defeated by his emotions makes the album so much better. Donda was JIK done right, and even left us some bangers like “Hurricane”, “Praise God”, and even “Pure Souls”.
I believe the greatest thing to come out of the Donda era was the Come To Life music video. I feel like the video summarizes the vulnerable side of the era, as it shows Ye burning alive in his childhood home as he calmly sits in a single chair. The way the event performers wore all black mask and Donda vest made them look like some kind of evil minions, chanting and synchronizing while Ye performed. The final scene of the music video shows Kim dressed in all white waking towards Ye as he is burning on fire in the front of his home.
If you haven’t watched that music video, I highly recommend putting some time aside to really dig deep into the meaning. A lot of people think the last “core” Kanye album was TLOP, and I agreed with that statement until Donda released. Donda is the perfect 10th studio album and will continue to be (in my opinion) the best Kanye album since TLOP.
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2023.06.02 16:57 3ngineeredDaily Work had a Pride Shirt

Work had a Pride Shirt
Our work shirts are always black and was a little bummed there was only a white option. Also surprised the material isn’t as thick/sturdy, but why not it’s casual Friday and the beginning of Pride Month 😉👌🏽. Pants are 1620USA “The Shop Pant” which I had altered by hemming them (I’m 5’2”) and a tad tapered in the leg so they weren’t so baggy. And then my Reebok Sublite composite toe work boots. Happy Friday everyone!
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2023.06.02 16:56 RohitAkki Two-minutes Daily AI Update (Date: 6/2/2023): News from NVIDIA, OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Alibaba

Continuing with the exercise of sharing an easily digestible and smaller version of the main updates of the day in the world of AI.
More detailed breakdown of these news and innovations in the daily newsletter (Link in the profile).
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2023.06.02 16:56 endersgame69 Kayobi's Days Off C11

Getting up early is just… it’s not my favorite thing unless there’s a marathon series I want to stream, which is not that common. But in order to remain a NEET I had to put in a little work.
The thing about being a Painter is that when you’re really good at what you do, not only is it not work, it’s not… oh forget it. Look, the point is that you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get to these tin pot twits on backwater worlds when you’ve got a gift for doing it. Celia wasn’t the first one to want my help. I’m actually one of the best in the agency when it comes to my job.
So good that I don’t ever have to get out of bed early to do it, if you catch my meaning.
This, though? This was a new experience. I got up bright and early, ten minutes before it was time to open, hopped into an icy cold shower, then grabbed my breakfast… a bag of puffy cheese chip things with some generic brand name on it and after throwing on my clothes, I headed out.
I got there exactly one minute before opening, it was a nice little place, glass double doors with a metal fencing thingamajig across the front. The lights within came on as the motion detector worked.
I reached for my pocket and realized… ’Right… the key. I s’pose I need that…’ I thought and rolled my eyes at myself, I gave a quick look around. The street was empty for the moment, but that wouldn’t last. [teleport t’ropelet Kayobi Taida evif spets drawrof] and then I was in. “Next time, I’ll remember the key.” I promised, then turned around and flipped the latch securing the cage thingy and lifted it up, then undid then turned the lock for the double doors with a click and went behind the register.
It was kind of an old model. Like the sort I saw on old anime t.v. shows. ‘I guess she wasn’t kidding about barely getting by… but this place is an institution… she should be doing better, right?’ I thought.
Most people in this area shopped here because it had everything you needed for basic apartment life. Small packages of dish soap, individually wrapped things of laundry detergent for when you couldn’t afford a full box. School supplies for the kids and even emergency sewing kits for adults on the go who realized they needed to patch something at a moment’s notice.
The floor was clean, and so were the little meal stations surrounded by melon corn chips, fresh bento boxes, and a fridge full of various forms of tea, among other things. The well lit store was so neat and well organized that one could find virtually anything necessary within moments.
I heard the entry bell ding as the doors slid open, “Hi, welcome to Toriyama’s.” I didn’t know if she had a specialized greeting or something, but I figured the shop name would do.
I wore a bright, cheery smile on my face and even went so far as to wave at the customers… but my brow furrowed almost immediately.
They were well dressed men, far too well dressed for this neighborhood, and they wore shaded glasses despite the fact that it was broad daylight. Their black suits had a marvelous sheen to them and the way they looked around with such… sneering disdain, you know the look. When the head tilts back and they’re looking down their noses at everything, like they can’t believe anybody lives like… well… however.
“See. I told you they’d be open.” The larger of the pair said and approached, while his companion only grunted in acknowledgment and approached the register.
“You’re not Suki.” The leader of the pair said as he looked down at me, they were considerably larger than I, and I searched for a reference to try to pick them out…
“No. I’m Kayobi Taida. Can I help you find something?” I tilted my head and smiled broadly, “There’s a special on bento boxes today… just like every day for the last five years. And they are delicious.”
“Where’s Suki?” The same behemoth asked, he had a gruff sort of voice, it was ‘meant’ to be threatening. “She has a payment for us.”
“She’s in poor health right now, so I’m filling in. Now, can I help you with something, if not, and if you’re not buying, then I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” I answered him, and he held out one hand with his palm upturned.
“She has a payment for us, check the register.” He curled his fingers inward in that ‘gimmie gimmie’ gesture.
“I didn’t know the bank came by to collect payments.” I replied. I had cut her off before she could explain something the other day… then I’d put her to sleep… ‘This must be what she was talking about.’
“We ain’t no bank.” He answered, “You got something there that belongs to us.”
“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll have to ask you to leave.” I answered him firmly, “If you don’t, I’ll have to call the police.”
He grunted and glanced toward his companion, “For what?” He asked, “We’re just shopping.”
I kept my hand behind my back so they’d miss the flashes of light.
“Public indecency, I realize I’m a foreigner, and I probably don’t have all the nuances of Japanese culture down, but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to go shopping in public without any pants or underwear on.” I rose up on my tiptoes and looked down.
The confusion I caught on their faces was followed by mimicking my downward look, and the two stepped back immediately in utter shock.
“Wghuah?! My- How- what…?!” The mix of words came not from one, but both at once.
“I don’t know if she’s doing laundry for you or what, I’ll have to ask her when I see her. But if you come here again without being properly dressed I won’t wait to call the police.” I snapped and pointed toward the door.
I smirked a little as I watched them scramble away, knocking over a display stand of gummy snacks that clanged to the floor and scattered all over the place, the packages sliding in every direction while the pair of thugs rushed for the exit in confusion and shame, trying to cover both front and back at once as they rushed for whatever car they drove this way.
One thing I will say for this particular world and this particular country in it, they have a very well defined sense of modesty. I snorted, then started to laugh as I watched a car speed past. “I’ll have to ask Jin… no… Suki. I’ll have to ask Suki about that, later.” I said to myself and made a mental note.
Then I had to wonder… ‘No… maybe I should ask Jin, I wonder… could that have anything to do with his ‘incident’ with the three idiots?’
I’d probably have to talk to him afterward, but in the meantime? I opened the register and found, true to their word, a white envelope. I opened the back and looked inside… money. Cash. Lots of it.
I furrowed my brow. ‘Yakuza?’ I thought, some kind of a loan shark thing, maybe? Or… protection?
‘No… no I won’t be asking Suki… I have a better idea.’ As I thought, a wonderful, vicious, wicked idea came to mind.
Their pants appeared in my hand and I’d dropped them promptly to the floor at my feet, meaning in all probability, I had their wallets. Which meant I’d have their names, addresses, and everything I’d need to…
Have a little fun, after my workday is done.
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2023.06.02 16:55 sessna4009 I'm a 32nd Degree Black Belt in Tae-Do-Chi-Fire-Jitsu Arts and I'm gonna spar this BJJ black belt in a cage. He's only been a black belt for 4 years, while I, in my infinite lifetimes, have been a black belt for 3890 million years with magic powers. Should I go easy on him?

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2023.06.02 16:55 Content-Distance-138 blacks and white porn

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2023.06.02 16:55 endersgame69 Kayobi's Days Off C10

Turning invisible is a very funny sort of magic. Once you use it, it’s perfect. However, you ‘cannot’ use it while you’re presently being observed. I don’t know exactly why, it has something to do with the observer principle of the quantum entanglement and wave function collapse. The basic idea is that if the wave function has collapsed, the ‘yes or no’ is a confirmed ‘yes’ through observation. Therefore it cannot be altered again in that single present. You have to find an unobserved state where you aren’t a ‘yes’ in someone else’s existence, and then use magic to make yourself into the ‘no’.
Once you do that, the wave function is collapsed in the opposite direction, and the observer effect is sustaining your invisibility in the opposite direction and is easy to sustain.
There’s some other magic gobbledygoop there that I don’t really get, but that’s my understanding of it.
Since swappers are the only species known to be able to actually use magic, nobody else can actually do anything to counter it, at least… not that I know of, and if it had happened, then I’d have probably heard of it.
Anyway, I cast my spell as soon as I was out of sight of cameras or people, [T’cefrep y’tilibisvni Kayobi] and just like that, I was not so much as a ghost.
I went back inside the hospital and found the nearest elevator, then took it up to the ninth floor.
I did feel a little bad about the security guard, if there was one, that might have been watching the cameras and wondering if the ghost of a patient was wandering the halls and using the elevators.
Could I have taken the stairs? Maybe. OK, yes, but that would be harder, and before you say ‘teleport, then’ do you have any idea how hard it is to teleport that precisely? What if I ended up in a restroom stall with somebody in there? No thank you.
So I took the easy way. It was after all… easy.
She was awake, I knew that right away, but trying very hard not to be. Without magic, humans have to turn to drugs, narcotics, gasses, things of that nature that will force sleep on someone unable to get it comfortably, and many of those are dangerous or addictive, as such, sometimes the pain is safer to endure.
“Hi there.” I said after going into the room and dispelling my magic.
She rolled over on her side, there was a persistent tremor to her body. I wore a smile on my face as if it was first thing in the morning and she was just out cleaning a mat by beating it over the side of the balcony.
Suki Toriyama was a slightly built woman in her late thirties who looked like a woman in her early twenties and acted like a woman in her early forties who had the wisdom and good sense of someone in her eighties… except for right now.
Right now she was a woman in her late thirties who looked like one in her nineties who had the worrisome tendencies of someone in their teens and the bodily control of either a toddler who hadn’t quite grasped how to use their limbs yet.
“Hi… Kayobi… nice to… see you. I thought. Visiting hours. Were over.” She was wincing with every word, the poor thing. Humans are so damn… fragile.
“Meh, I’m visiting, so obviously not, right?” I asked and grabbed a chair, I gave it a quick yank, a spin, and rolled it over to her bedside and flopped myself down on it. “So, what ails you?” I asked.
“Stuff. Also things. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” She said with a weak smile on her face that tried to look better than it could.
She wanted privacy… I can understand that, so I let it go and asked, “How’s Jin holding up?”
“He’s. Good boy.” She said. It wasn’t the best structured sentence I’ve ever heard.
“So… you will be fine, right? You’re sure about that?” I leaned over a little bit and reached out to cover her hand.
“He’ll… fine… be fine. I. I will be.” She corrected herself.
“What about the store… is that staying open?” I asked. “Your store is absolutely vital to my NEET life… if it doesn’t stay open, that’s a problem for me, you know…” I gave her hand a squeeze, and after she huffed, she coughed several times and rolled onto her back.
It seemed to me she was gathering her strength to speak, and so I waited.
“The store… Jin offered to run it. Drop out of school… no. He… deserves a future… better one than I could give him…” Suki blinked her eyes hard and squeezed them shut.
“Shame. It’s a nice store. I like it. But… It’s only a store… I’ll sell it so he can afford to live on his own, till he graduates… then he can go to college…” Suki looked from the ceiling to the glass window, but not at me.
If I wasn’t sure she was going to be fine before, I was now sure that she was pretty well doomed.
‘I don’t want her to be doomed.’ I thought.
“If the store stayed open, and he could go to school still, could he go to college then?” I asked.
“Yes… but… I can’t… hire anyone. Profit is… just enough.” She said, then darted her eyes to me as I pulled my hand away from hers and put it to my chest.
“I’ll do it.” I said. “Your store is absolutely vital to my NEET lifestyle, if your store isn’t there, it’ll mean that… chores,” I shivered, “will get harder to do, take longer, I might even have to shop in more than one place.” I gave my head a vigorous shake, casting my hair around behind my head like a fiery tornado.
“Absolutely unacceptable. More shopping? More time on chores? Nope. No way, lady. I’ll handle the store, and I’ll keep it open.”
“But… I can’t pay you.” She said and looked at me, dumbfounded.
“Did I ask for money? I swear, did this affect your hearing?” I waved my hand at the machine she was hooked up to. Thankfully the tube in her mouth wasn’t so big she couldn’t talk, I didn’t even want to think what was in that thing, whether it was stuff going in or out or… what. Plus her voice was now weird… didn’t like that either, not one bit.
She still didn’t answer, but she was at least looking at me.
“Listen, let me do it for a week, Jin can bring you the books, if you’re not happy or if I bow out, you can sell it just as well a week from now as you can today. Then after you’re better, you come back, and maybe… do my laundry for me and cook some meals for a few months and we call it even. Oh and if you could clean my place a few times for me too… that’d be great.”
She smiled around the tube in her mouth, a little of who she was slipped back into place, and Suki nodded. “Alright… my purse… there.” She tilted her head toward the bed. “Key… third pocket. Right side. Open it tomorrow. But… problem… there’s-”
“Can do.” I said. I had to cut her off before she could change her mind, so I snatched up the oversized black purse and began rifling through it, rustling the myriad of nonsense that human women carried around all the time until I found the pocket and the set of keys.
I pulled out the one I’d need, held it up, and when she winked, I dropped her purse unceremoniously back where it was and said, “Relax, it’s in good hands. I won’t let anyone threaten my nearly choreless existence.” I said and gave her an encouraging smile, “And then when you get back, I can’t wait to have your cooking.”
I licked my lips at the very thought, Suki Toriyama was an amazing cook, so… I had a delightful time ahead of me. She was about to say more, but I held my hand over her and said, “Why don’t you just get some sleep now, and then I’m sure you’ll feel better.” I then cast a quick spell, [G’nol peels eno h’tnom Suki Toriyama] That would keep her out for a good long while. It was probably for the best that she was smiling when she fell asleep, generally speaking, when it came to magic, the mood of the receiver impacted their experience with it. Basically this way, she’d probably have good dreams.
The white flash of light however, had clearly drawn somebody’s attention, I could hear voices in the hallway.
“I heard voices… but nobody should be visiting at this hour… then there’s that flash of light… we should at least check. Poor woman doesn’t have long, we can’t let anything stress her out.”
They were getting closer.
The problem with invisibility is, it takes a few seconds to completely vanish, I mean, not long, maybe thirty seconds or so, but they were closer and this was going to get awkward fast.
So I thought on my feet, I shifted my body into the form of an angel out of their mythology, white wings, white robe, gold hair and I even improvised a halo.
Then I cast my invisibility spell.
By the time a doctor and nurse rounded the corner of the hall and looked into the room, I’d gone from solid to translucent, and all they saw was a mythical being holding a hand over a dying woman, reflected in the glass window, while the actual me stood behind a screen and finished disappearing.
Thankfully the wave function collapse went my way and I was back to being invisible.
They rushed over to the screen and slid it open to find… nobody there. “Did you see…?” An old man in a white coat and glasses asked and looked at the young nurse at his side.
“I did… but it couldn’t be… could it?” She asked the doctor, and looked down at the sleeping patient while I walked past them and out of the room, left the hall and the building, and when I was outside again, I teleported outside of my apartment, turned back into my usual disguise, and headed for bed.
Avoiding chores was going to take a lot of work on my part, so I’d need a good night’s sleep.
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2023.06.02 16:55 FewSquirrel4055 I made Rosanna black and white PC wallpaper and color. I don't know how to photoshop. I chose PowerPoint

I made Rosanna black and white PC wallpaper and color. I don't know how to photoshop. I chose PowerPoint submitted by FewSquirrel4055 to NikkeMobile [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 16:54 PIEthon3142 Idea for new Backrooms level

Idea for new Backrooms level
(I’m not that good of an artist, so the drawing isn’t that good)
( level info )
It’s an old abandoned parking garage, dead ends every once in a while, confusing signs, and abandon cars That may or may not have stuff inside that you can use.
There’s graffiti and parking spots everywhere, every once in while there may be a handicapped spot or a sign. It seems to be pitch black with only light coming from small lamps from the ceiling that aren’t that bright.
The cars you might find don’t look normal they might have missing wheels or just Strange shapes Jutting from them
Every once in a while, there will be a leaky pipe, don’t drink the liquid that comes from it, if consumed, your Throat start feeling very itchy, and the entities will start coming closer to you
( the entities )
The entities are just as weird. they’re like four legged spiders with one milky white eye in the center they don’t seem to have vision and rely on sound. They do expel a faint glow, so you know they are there if it’s dark. Their legs are very sharp, but their weakness does seem to be punching them in the eye.
Be weary because normally pack hunters if there’s one there’s more nearby, hiding
They limit loud shrieks that echo through the garage they make a growing noise before screeching, cover your ears when they do this though, because the screeches are so loud they will have the power to shatter your eardrums, although they normally screech one attacked
They’re about 3 foot tall but smaller variants have been found
Entity name : drivers
After about a week, a faceless humanoid figure will drive up to you in what appears to be a pick up truck with a Strange extended bed, climb into it. The other entities are harmless If you do not upset them . after about an hour, they will drop you off in a random level. Once you step out of the car the car will vanish. If you do not step out, they will attack you and rip out your vocal cords before throwing you out
Entity Name: Rebu
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