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Is there a word in your mind that you just cannot remember? You've come to the right place! This community is dedicated to finding the right terminology for you!

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2023.03.29 08:13 arieswannadie [For Hire] A+ YouTube Assistant, Writer, and Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm looking for new clients who need some assistance on their YouTube channels (Scriptwriting, Graphic Design, Thumbnail Editing, SEO)
I have experience writing scripts for YouTube channels, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts. I have also edited thumbnails and did basic SEO for Youtube channels.
I just started last September but I have already worked with 5 channels in the past. Most of them are related with Finance, Amazon, Luxury, and Real Estate. However, I'm very open with other topics and styles. I've received great feedbacks from my previous clients that's why I decided to continue with this niche.
Here are my rates: Scriptwriting: $10-15 (1800-2k words) per script Thumbnails: $5-10 depending on the style Basic SEO (title, description, tags searching, monitoring): $120-160 per week
Rates are negotiable and can be changed to hourly or monthly rates.
Send me a message. I can send my portfolio and CV as well ☺️
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2023.03.29 07:58 PromptDueCommunity Buddha in the multiverse

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2023.03.29 07:50 iiEco-Ryan3166 Fulcrum here, with an apology.

This is gonna be strange but hear me out
In 2020, I figured I'd change my battle.net name to something different than my usual gamertag, and took inspiration from the Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018) TV Series character Ahsoka Tano, whose alias was 'Fulcrum'. After Overwatch 2 released, I started playing exclusively on PC, and since then have been able to use text chat way more often. As a result, there's been.. a lot of interactions, but the most common is the phrase, "Fulcrum, come in", said in several different ways but the message always remained the same.
I'm ashamed to admit I never understood what that phrase meant, I always assumed it was those weirdass phrases like "Yodie Gang" which (like in the linked Google search) sometimes accompanied some form of the word "Fulcrum", but I've recently made the connection that at least 25% of those who said "FULCRUM COME IN" may have been using it in reference to the SW Rebels alias, starting the transmission with the phrase.. probably forgot about that part 'cause it'd been like, 5 years since the series introduced Fulcrum as an alias and just remembered it was a cool name I could use.
For those who were using the phrase in relation to the SW Rebels alias, I apologize I never understood. For those who had been using the "Yodie Gang" phrase, whatever the hell that is, you're definitely the reason why I misconstrued what the true meaning of that phrase is.
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2023.03.29 07:49 2490 Mod groups disappeared/where are they stored locally on Windows 7?

After update all my saved mod groups have mysteriously vanished, never experienced this problem before.
Where are they so that I can back them up manually for the future?
I know saved games and game setup configurations are in
My games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Saves 
but I cannot find where mod groups are saved.
I've also poked around in AppData but didn't see anything relevant there.
I've also tried saving some mod groups as strings of specific random words like "LoungeGenerationKing" and then searching that string on my computer, but no results are returned.
(batman voice) WHERE ARE THEY!
I need to back them up in case they disappear again.
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2023.03.29 07:39 alphadog12181218 What should I do

This is a long story so let me preface this by saying I'm new to reddit and not sure how all this works but here goes nothing. So I'm a 24 latino male and I identify as gay. About a year ago I meet a guy on grindr he's a 50 man and identifies as straight we talked for a while and then decided to meet up at his house for some fun just oral sex me giving and him receiving. After comiting the dead we quickly realized that we knew each other and he knew my family, now I'm completely out and comfortable with my sexual preferences but he said he was just experimenting with his. For a while I would occasionally go to his place and hangout and we would have a great time I very quickly started to like him more and more the feeling was mutual and we ended up spending alot of time together. He was going through a rough time in life and wasn't taking good care of himself it was clear he was depressed and isolating himself. I for some reason can't leave people like that alone if anything I find myself being drawn to them even more so I would clean up his place, cook him meals, do his laundry and cheer him up as much as I could. This went on for a few months we were really good friends but occasionally he would tell me that he wanted to give up on life and wished he would die, this broke my heart I wanted nothing more than to see him smile but I couldn't understand why he felt this way and he wouldn't share with me what was wrong until I found out for myself. My brother had heard from our uncle that he had seen us together I was driving at the time my friend didn't have a car so I would take him wherever he wanted to go. So my brother told me he knew who I had been hanging out with and expressed his concern because apparently my friend was known for being a liar and manipulator, he had fucked over so many people over the years he was basically deemed no good. I of course at this point cared very deeply for him so I brushed it off and didn't think twice about what I was told because he never did anything to me and was always so sweet and kind. But then everything flipped upside down when my brother messaged me one morning that my friend was known to have AIDS and had given it to some woman knowingly. I was in shock I wasn't sure what to think my friend did have some unexplained health problems and was in pretty rough shape. So I lied to my brother said I wasn't even hanging out with him anymore and moved on with my day but a few days after while my friend was at work I had stayed behind at his place to clean up and that's when I found a bottle of medicine that had the label destroyed except for the word biktarvy curious I did a quick Google search and found out it's a medicine used to treat hiv. I had a panic attack right then and there and nearly passed out, now being a gay man I was very familiar with the fact that if he was taking this everyday like he was supposed to that I wasn't in any danger but I had never seen him take a single pill the entire time we were hanging out nor did I ever take him to the doctor or to pick up meds so I'm not proud of this I looked through his things and found the paper work that confirmed that he had been diagnosed with hiv 2 years prior to our meeting. It took me 2 weeks to work up the courage to ask him about his hiv status and he lied right to my face and said he didn't have hiv and he was tested recently I didn't tell him I already knew and what I had found I just couldn't. After that conversation I went home and immediately got tested and came back negative but unfortunately to get a definite yes or no you have to wait 3 months after your last potential exposure which was a day before I found out. Then everything changed he told me he wasn't interested in having a physical relationship with me anymore that he's straight and loves women but hopes that it doesn't change our friendship because he had never had a friend like me and cared about me very much. I agreed to stay friends even though by this point I had already fallen in love with him. It hurt so much to spend every day with him and continue to treat him with all the love and respect I could offer until a week after I found out and broke down inside. I was heavily into smoking weed and one day it gave me the worst panic attack I've ever felt I thought my heart was gonna stop I couldn't smoke anymore and I started to spiral more and more until I had convinced myself that he had given me hiv and when I say I couldn't bear the thought of that I really couldn't so I did something I never thought I would. My family are drug users their drug of choice is meth my friend also smoked the stuff I had always said I would never touch the stuff no matter what happened but when I say I was broken to a point I never thought I'd be I mean it so one night all alone my brother and left his stuff in our garage I decided to smoke some, its supposed to make you feel good right. Well it didn't but what it did do was give me energy and put me in a state of content I hadn't felt in a very long time . I'm not proud of it but I stand by my decision. Fast forward a few more months I've been smoking for 5 months I have an addiction and me and my friend are no longer on good terms but it's my fault some how he won't even speak to me. What should I do alot happened in these last 5 months I can't fit in a post but I guess what I'm asking is how do I move past everything he put me through and how to I get over him. I feel so lost and broken inside I don't know how to move forward with my life when all I want is him. Side note I got tested and I'm hiv- the doctor said it was a miracle that I didn't get infected but he did give me syphilis.
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2023.03.29 07:30 Admonks The Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

Are you looking to get your business noticed online? A digital marketing agency in Kochi can help. With the help of an experienced digital marketing agency, you can maximise your online presence and take your business to the next level. By working with a digital marketing agency in Kochi, you can benefit from their expertise and knowledge to create and execute effective digital marketing strategies tailored to your specific needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various benefits of working with a digital marketing agency in Kochi.

Increased Reach

One of the major benefits of working with a digital marketing agency is increased reach. By utilising their expertise, knowledge, and resources, an agency can help your business expand its reach and visibility, allowing you to connect with more potential customers. A digital marketing agency can create and execute effective campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, search engines, and websites, to increase awareness and engagement with your target audience. This can be done through creating optimised content for each platform, researching and targeting relevant keywords, creating compelling visuals, and optimising the user experience. Additionally, a digital marketing agency can help to identify and target influencers in your industry who can further spread the word about your business and products or services. With the right digital marketing agency, your reach can be extended far beyond what you are capable of achieving on your own.

Improved Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important goals of any digital marketing campaign. Engaging customers, prospects, and other stakeholders with your brand can help build loyalty and trust. A digital marketing agency in Kochi can help you get the most out of your online presence.
By understanding your goals, an experienced digital marketing agency can create an effective engagement strategy that reaches your target audiences. The agency can also identify which channels are the best fit for your brand’s message. Through research and experience, they will be able to identify which platforms are more likely to produce desired outcomes.
A digital marketing agency can help you develop content that resonates with your audience and encourages them to engage with your brand. This includes designing eye-catching visuals, creating compelling stories, and crafting effective copywriting.
The agency can also monitor user behavior, evaluate performance, and provide insights into how customers interact with your content. Through this process, they can make adjustments as needed to ensure maximum engagement.
Finally, a digital marketing agency in Kochi can measure the success of your campaigns and deliver reports to track your progress. With this data in hand, you can make better-informed decisions to maximise ROI and improve your overall engagement strategy.

More Efficient Use of Time and Resources

Hiring a digital marketing agency in Kochi can be a great way to save time and resources. This is because the team of experts can take over many of the tasks associated with digital marketing, such as creating content, managing campaigns, and analysing data. This can free up more of your team’s time to focus on other areas of the business while allowing you to reap the benefits of professional expertise.
Additionally, agencies can also provide greater value for money as they typically work with multiple clients at once, meaning they have experience running campaigns efficiently and cost-effectively. As well as this, they can also leverage their own networks and contacts to get better deals for their clients on things like advertising and other services.
By working with a digital marketing agency in Kochi, you can rest assured that all of your digital marketing efforts are being handled by experts who have the knowledge and resources necessary to get results. Not only will you benefit from their expertise, but you’ll also be able to save time and resources in the process.

Greater ROI

When it comes to digital marketing, return on investment (ROI) is essential. With the right strategy and execution, working with a digital marketing agency in Kochi, such as Admonks, can significantly increase ROI. A professional digital marketing agency will be able to provide you with data-driven insights and strategies that will maximize the effectiveness of your budget. They understand the importance of customer lifetime value and have the expertise and resources to help you generate more leads and conversions.
TheAdmonks team takes a holistic approach to digital marketing, which means they look at all aspects of your business to create a strategy that works best for you. They use data-driven insights to determine the best channels for your target audience and tailor your campaigns to maximize their effectiveness. Furthermore, they are experts in tracking, optimizing, and analyzing campaigns to ensure that you get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.
By leveraging the expertise of a professional digital marketing agency in Kochi, you can improve customer acquisition costs, grow revenue, and reduce overall marketing costs. As a result, you can expect a higher ROI from your digital marketing efforts.
At Admonks, they believe in delivering measurable results through our digital marketing services. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you reach your goals by providing you with customized strategies and data-driven insights that will ensure that your campaigns are successful. Contact us today to learn more about how they can help you get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.
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2023.03.29 07:30 JohnnyRevelator Okay, which one of you added this sentence to Google’s definition for capacious?

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2023.03.29 07:19 SMBACCOUNTANT Download Sage 50 Pro, Premium, and Quantum Versions.

Sage 50 is a top-rated and high-end accounting software utilized by small and medium-sized business owners and solo entrepreneurs worldwide. Download Sage 50 latest version, which offers significant updates and improvements, including all previous features, along with a range of new elements.

Minimum System Requirements for Sage 50 2022 Version (Pro, Premium, Quantum):

Sage 50 2022 Enhancements and Innovations

Bank Feeds

Compliance with Government Regulations

How to Download Sage 50 2021?

Download Sage 50 Most recent version with beneficial purposes and reasonable features. This recent release provides several new enhancements such as maintained purchase invoice fees, upgraded email security, and more. Sage 50 2021 presents advantageous and practical characteristics, such as an Improved Open Company window, fresh Sage ID integration, improved Remote Data Access functionality, and Auto Entry Integration.

Sage 50 2021 Version System Requirements

New Features and Improvements in Sage 50 2021

Download Sage 50 2020 Version

Sage is an exceptional accounting software that meets the needs and expectations of its users. The latest version, Sage 50 2020, is now available, and Sage continues to update its software to offer greater innovation and expertise in managing finances.

System Requirements for Sage 50 2020 Version

New Features and Improvements in Sage 50 2020:

Download Sage 50 2019 Version

Sage 50 2019 is designed to enhance the efficiency of the current tools, abilities, and features. By downloading Sage 50 2019, you can easily track your sales and manage multiple projects, among other functions. This software is also referred to as Sage 50c.

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Here are the system requirements for Sage 50 2019 Version:

Conversion: Sage 50 2019 offers a conversion feature that allows users to convert data from past versions, starting with Sage 50 Accounting Release 2014.0. However, it is not possible to convert to a lower-level version.

Sage 50 2019 Version: New Features and Enhancements

Download Sage 50 2018 Version

Sage 50 is a widely used software worldwide, and it is updated annually with multiple enhancements. Sage 50 2018 offers new features, and to avail of its benefits, you can download the Sage 50 2018 edition.

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The system requirements for using Sage 50 software are as follows:
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Download Sage 50 2016 Version

Sage 50 is a remarkable software for accounting and financial management. It enables you to track your finances and keep a record of your expenses effortlessly. With a multitude of tools, Sage 50 2016 simplifies the accounting process to the extent that even a novice can easily use it.

System Requirements for Sage 50 2016 Version


New Features and Improvements in Sage 50 2016

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2023.03.29 07:18 amikothecat Wigs for small heads

I'm looking for reputable sites out there that sells human hair wigs with a 21.5in wig cap. My Google-Fu skills sucks and I don't know good key words to use to search for places. My idea wig is yaki kinky at 16in and 360 with 150 density if possible. Thank you guys for your help.
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2023.03.29 07:15 kaddkaka searchdo? a friend of cdo/bufdo/windo

Quite often I search for a word in a file and want to do on action on every match.
  1. Sometimes cgn or dgn is quick enough
  2. Sometimes n.n.n.n. is ok
  3. Sometimes :g// is enough but it can't handle 2 actions per line conveniently
So sometimes I repeat the last search with vimrep just to get the locations into quickfix to do a cdo.
Is there some more smooth way to do that? To me it feels like matchdo/searchdo is missing from the do family and should be a builtin.
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2023.03.29 07:13 Free_Carrot5259 The secret of Shenington

Peggy ran as fast as she could. Her soft blonde curls flowing behind with the speed , her breaths heavy and loud , narrowed eyes only aimed at the road ahead of her . The dirt road seemed never ending as she prayed silently in her head. They were hot on her trail. Ever since Robert had confided in her the secret of where the kidnapped children of the town were, those people had started haunting her dreams until they appeared in her life for real.
The Shadow Ring was a secret cult that had been run over a decade in the small town of Shenington . Children aged between 6-12 were since then reported going missing to never to get found. Peggy had been brought up in the city and had only come to the town for dealing with the property she had inherited from her grandma. She had spent enough time to befriend a local policeman ,Robert. Being a very inquisitive soul herself, Peggy hadn't missed how unusually protective the townspeople were towards their children. She pursued Robert into telling her about the unsolved missing reports and thought of doing some further research into it.
Peggy visited all the old buildings she could, the schools, hospitals, the Town library ,every place except for the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the town . She searched all the newspapers dated back to a decade , made notes of the missing children's details she could get . It had started with a general curiosity but now, she was giving all her attention to it. This didn't go unnoticed by her friend. Robert soon approached her with the topic ,stating his concern for her safety.
" Pegs" he called her by her nickname he had coined for her " Listen, you shouldn't get involved with all this. This can get you in a grave danger." They were sitting in a small coffee shop , at the corner table . The shop was old and smelled like it. Old and dark ,much more in the corners.
She let out a small laugh which quickly left her lips as she noticed he wasn't really joking. Clearing her throat ,she said
"Robert, I can't believe its YOU out of all the people telling me this. Its actually your job but you seem very indifferent to any of it." she said, shaking her head in disappointment
"Its not really about that Peggy, its about your safety. You think I haven' t tried to solve this mystery with all my young vigor? Believe me , the people involved in all of this are extremely dangerous. They don't spare anyone, they won't spare anyone."
Peggy's eyes widened .
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! You know who they are? You know what is happening? Do you??"
She noticed how a bead of sweat trickled down his temple, how his eyes couldn't meet hers and his hands didn't seem to know where to rest.
After a while of having an inner conflict ,it seemed, Robert finally let out a long sigh before telling her the history of the Black Ring cult which had haunted the town and its children for years. They were a secret society worshipping a devil they referred as ' Gionna' ,who fed on children's blood. This information was enough to send chills down her spine.
"Do the townspeople know about it?" she asked, gulping down.
"Pegs, some of the towns people are the one involved in it. No one is supposed to take their names let alone discuss it in open. And here I am , putting you in danger with all of this information." he said ,concern and guilt lacing his words. "Please, don't discuss this with anyone. You never know who is a member and who is not, okay? And please abandon this " He said looking at a conflicted Peggy ,rising up from the table with the coat hanging on his shoulder.
"Listen, what do you mean by only 'me'? You have put yourself in danger too, right?"
At this, he broke into a nervous smile." Yeah ,never mind " With this, he left .
Days passed by one after the other. Peggy had spent nights shifting on her bed and then , falling to sleep only to get up washed in sweat due to the nightmares. Whenever she went out, it seemed as if everyone's eyes were on her. The stares grew so intense that she was confused whether it was all in her head, or was she really in danger. She was going to leave the town the next week as soon as the paperwork was done. It was a matter of few days.
On a usual morning, Peggy picked up the newspaper on her doorstep only for her eyes to land up on the last news she wanted to see. 'An 8 year old boy went missing from the Silverstone park yesterday.' Wait. Silverstone park, the one where the first child was abducted. Something clicked inside her head. She immediately went running inside and pulled open the drawer where she had saved all the old newspaper articles she had gathered. It now began to make sense. Most of the places where the children were last reported to be seen or where the dead bodies were found, were near to the only place which was left unexplored by her - the warehouse . It was the perfect place to carry out mysterious activities. The warehouse was surrounded by dense trees which further led to the forest . She had to make a decision now. One part of her told her that she was on the right track and if she went, a child might be saved. Another part screamed at her that if she was caught, she would have a terrible fate. She looked at her family photo , her parents were waiting for her to return , her beloved sister who must have saved all the funny stories of their neighbors' to tell her when she came back . Then , her eyes flickered over the newspaper bearing the 8 year old's innocent face. She looked at it intently.
She took her handgun and a safety knife, her camera to collect some evidence and finally called Robert .
"I'm going to the warehouse. If I don't get back in about an hour, there are chances that I might need your help."
"Peggy don't! I..." before he could complete, she cut the call.
Peggy climbed into her car and started towards the warehouse. Adjusting her rear view mirror, she noticed a shiny black car behind her. She noticed that the car took the exact same turns she took .The car was following her. The road was silent and nobody was to be seen anywhere near .She could hear her heartbeats ringing in her eardrums. Her throat went dry as the black car tried to bump into her. She didn't know what to do .
She slowed down until the black car now stopped her path . Two people got out with black robes and a dark hoodie to hide their faces. They had a yellow circle on the front. She froze onto her spot as they approached her. "Get out" The man said tapping at her window. She had no choice but to obey. She kicked open the door , hitting the man in the process and made a dash for it.
Now, she kept running towards the warehouse, the people close on her heels. She hoped Robert would soon come to her rescue. He knew her location. She just has to hold on for a while. This was the only hope for now. She reached the warehouse when a sharp blow on her head made her fall down.
Peggy struggled to open her eyes as she realized her hands and feet were tied down. She was in the warehouse. The people dressed in the same robes as the earlier men ,were surrounding her on all sides. The one on the front came forward. He took off his hoodie to reveal an old man's face she recognized as the postman who was very popular with the kids.
"Wh-where is the child? Let him go." She said with her dry throat burning furiously.
She grimaced as his lips formed a thin smile.
"You really think we would dare so much as to insult our lord for your sake. You have caused us so much unnecessary trouble. We were going to spare you on behalf of your friend ,but you leave us with no choice. We have already done the sacrifice." he added with an evil smile.
"Friend?" she was confused.
The old man nodded and backed as Robert came into her view.
"Rob.." she was at a loss of words as the man she had called her friend, stood there looking at her helpless form .
"I told you, Pegs.." The nickname now felt like a piercing in her heart.
The old man then put forth a sword in front of Robert. He took it .
"I can't help it .I want to live. I'm sorry" he said as he raised the sword.
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2023.03.29 07:02 tyronpiteauvl Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit Update 7 Download

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit Update 7 Download

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit Update 7 Download (923.2 MB)
What You Get?
The conversion rates are OFF THE CHARTS We spoke about this a little earlier, but one of the massive differences here is that you convert A LOT more people than you do with regular affiliate marketing. For instance, if you were promoting an ebook on golf let’s say, it converted at 3% and you got $15 in commissions per sale. For every 100 clicks, you make 3 sales x $15 = $45. With this system, you could be promoting a weight loss offer with a 20% conversion rate and a $50 commission per conversion. For the same 100 clicks, you make 20 sales x $50 = $1000. $45 vs $1000 – it’s a massive difference.
There are NO TRAFFIC ISSUES To begin with, you take advantage of a highly-effective source of cheap trafficto reach people who are looking for the exact offers that you are promoting. Then when it comes to scaling up, you use secret sources of traffic (both paid AND free) that deliver instant traction and conversions.
There is NO CONTENT CREATION If you’ve done any sort of affiliate marketing before, you may know that one of the downsides is that you need to create a lot of content. You know the type of thing… In depth product reviews, comparisons and so forth which can be time consuming (or) expensive to outsource. With this model you hardly need to create any written content… only a handful of words, if any at all… and most of the time NONE at all.
You are building a VALUABLE ASSET One of the big advantages here is that even though you are generating leads for other companies, YOU are also capturing their details as well (quite legitimately). Not only does this mean you can follow up with them, sell them other offers and boost your income… it ALSO means you are building YOUR OWN list, and therefore creating a real business with potentially huge value that could be sold on for a lump sum later.
You could get very RAPID RESULTS There is no digital content creation involved here. You can pinpoint an offer, throw your landing page online and start driving traffic in as little as 60 minutes… maybe even less. This means you could start seeing results exceptionally fast.
You can DO THIS ON THE SIDE As this system requires very little time to start, and as little as 5 to 10 hours a week to run, depending on how fast you want to hit the ground running, you can continue to work your day-job or current online business (if you want to). You don’t have to modify your life or give anything up at all.
The 123 Profit Training Program that reveals how we generate thousands of dollars per day, and how those willing to take action could use the same system to go from ZERO… to $500/day… to $1000/day (and beyond) …then keep scaling up from there!
Let’s run through the EIGHT components of the 123 Profit training to show you how this all comes together and how YOU can take advantage of this incredible system…
The first component of the 123 Profit training is “Mission Control”… your dedicated, private members area.
The members area contains a series of 100+ clear and concise step-by-step videos that’ll show you exactly how to get set up and running with this system, even if you don’t have any prior experience.
The actual value of what you’ll receive here is huge and I could spend hours going through all the details of what’s included… but for now, here’s a top level overview…
The videos cover each step of the process in precise detail and we’ll also hand you a large number of strategy manuals, process maps and other content that you can refer to as you watch and learn. We cover literally everything… from getting started, to picking offers, to building your web pages, getting traffic…then how to hit your first sales and how to scale up from 4 to 5, even 6-figures per month. The training will be delivered directly by me and my team of experts, all of whom have successful businesses in this field… and it will be truly comprehensive.
Along with these videos, your Mission Control area will contain the recordings of the live sessions we’ll do (more on this in a second…)
…and you’ll also be able to access all the software, tools and support features from here as well.
This is literally just scratching the surface of what you will receive within Mission Control.. The training you’ll receive will be truly world-class.
Over the past decade we’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to build successful online businesses and one of the key predictors of success is if someone has direct access to myself and my team… In other words, if they have the ability to ask us questions at key stages as they build their online empire.
Having the ability to be able to chat and communicate with us directly is so critical… And that is why we are going to be holding MULTIPLE LIVE SESSIONS every single week as you progress through the training, so you can push forward and build up your business as quickly as possible.
Here are some more precise details and a taste of how this is going to work…
Firstly, we will be holding a live webinar each week where we’ll be presenting the core step that is the focus of that particular week. It will be super-detailed and we’ll also give you a series of action-steps, milestones and checkpoints that’ll allow you to successfully complete it. There will be an extensive Q&A at the end of this webinar in case you have any questions… although do note that if you need any additional clarification you can always refer back to the core videos in your Mission Control area – and use our support network. In addition to the live webinar, we’ll be holding MULTIPLE live Zoom calls each week which will also have live interaction and chat. You can hop on and ask us questions if you are stuck, and we’ll do our best to give you detailed analysis and advice on what to do and how to move forward.
Plus, these Zoom calls will also contain additional training, powerful and inspiring case-studies and much more.
All these live sessions will be held at a variety of times, so there will be a time that you can join no matter where you are in the world. …and like I mentioned, the recordings will be posted to your Mission Control area soon after the session has finished.
Basically, you’re going to get a MASSIVE boost by taking advantage of our experience, expertise and infrastructure with the EXACT same systems and techniques that WE use to generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis in our own business.
Now this is where it gets really exciting!
As you may know, having a real-life case-study to refer to as you are building your business is extremely useful (to say the least) and we are going to hand you something that we KNOW will accelerate the success of your business at lightning speed.
You’re going to get access to a case-study document (and an additional video series) that shows you EXACTLY how we generated $50,681 in just 50 days using this incredible system.
And when I say exactly… I really mean it.
Literally EVERYTHING will be revealed with no stone unturned.
And do you know what the most exciting part of this is…?
You can get access to the DOCUMENT part of the case-study in literally 60 seconds from now.
That’s right… as soon as you join us today, register your account and log into your Mission Control area, you will see the secret document right there in front of you…with EVERYTHING revealed inside.
The video series which will accompany this document will be released as we progress with the training, but you WILL get all the insider-information straight away… like RIGHT NOW.
Put it this way, if you ever wanted a sneak-peek into a million dollar online business… this is basically as good as it gets!
We talked about the Profit Suite a few minutes go, so rather than repeat everything here, let’s just quickly sum up each of the three main elements.
First, there’s THE MASTERLIST…
This is our vault of top paying offers which you can get special access to, if you join our inner-circle today. To sum it it, you’ll…
Instantly get access to top offers with automatic approval… Skip all the usual headaches when applying for a network account… And have a major headstart right from the get go!
Then there’s the PROFIT PHANTOM…
The Phantom is the “engine” that helps set up and run your business quietly behind the scenes… and will allow you to build your business at an ultra-rapid rate, even if you’re just starting out.
The Profit Phantom will allow you to…
Build high-converting landing pages and opt-in forms that turn traffic into profits. Dramatically increase the number of people who take action on the offers you send them. Create amazing looking pages without any coding or technical skills required. Drag and drop elements into your pages such as headlines, text content, images as well as customizable CTA buttons and drop-down lists. Use our done-for-you templates to accelerate the process and remove all the guesswork. Easily upload and manage your images and graphics inside your personal content library. Manage your business from an intuiative dashboard and reporting area. Either use our custom publishing solution for free… or upload your pages to your own domain.
And finally, there’s THE MAIL MACHINE…
The Mail Machine is an all-in-one email marketing system that has been built from the ground up by my team, specifically for this business model. Here’s what you can do with this ground-breaking tool-kit…
The main dashboard will enable you to see a detailed overview of your key metrics, things like growth rates, broadcasts, auto-emails sent out, and also sending stats. The broadcast builder will allow you to access to pre-formatted emails, which you can customize however you need. You’ll be able to set up automated email campaigns using an intelligent visual drag and drop campaign builder. You’ll be able to quickly build high-converting forms to capture important subscriber information, so you can turn your visitors into money. You’ll also get access to a vault of done-for-you “fill-in-the-blanks” email templatesthat we use in our business, saving you massive amounts of time (or thousands of dollars in copywriting fees). And you’ll be able to build out high-profit funnels fast and quickly WITHOUT having to write any sales copy at all.
This section of 123 Profit is all about Done-For-You templates, files, pages and content designed to achieve one thing… the speed in which you can succeed with this system!
We’re basically going to give you access to our private repository of content and let you copy the EXACT frameworks we use in our own business which will save you a HUGE amount of time.
…Plus, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the content you are using is PROVEN to work and will be extremely effective at increasing your profits.
Here are some “top level” details…
Firstly, we’re going to hand you a vault of done-for-you “fill-in-the-blanks” email templates that we use in our business. These multi-niche email templates will allow you to build high-converting funnels quickly and easily, which will help you to hyper-boost your income. This will save you hundreds of hours of writing them yourself (or thousands of dollars in copywriting fees)…and you’ll be able to load them up, ready for action, with just a few clicks.
Then of course, like we covered a moment ago, you will have access to a large number of DONE-FOR-YOU landing pages which are proven to generate massive amounts of leads and sales.
…and that’s just the start. You’ll discover the FULL details on the inside.
This section of 123 Profit is focused on one thing and one thing only… scaling your business with million-dollar traffic and marketing strategies.
Scaling up can sometimes be tricky but we’re going to hand you our fool-proof plan that’ll allow you to super-boost your conversions and quickly reel in extra commissions.
In a nutshell, we’re going to be revealing all our in-house scaling secrets to help propel your business forward. Here’s how…
We’ll hand you step-by-step action plans that could get you generating hundreds of extra dollars every day. We’ll show you how to take advantage of the major search engines to get your offers listed for the most profitable keywords WITHOUT having to do any SEO. You’ll discover how to take advantage of other ultra-targeted traffic sources that connect you with targeted groups of people who are specifically looking for the offers you’re promoting.
Plus, we’ll tell you how to set up simple but ultra-effective sales funnels with high-converting landing pages and retargeting strategies to double or even triple your sales with minimal effort. …and that’s just a start. By the end of this section of the training you’ll realize just how easy getting extra traffic, customers and cash can really be if you get motivated, get started and take action!
That’s right… as an inner-circle member, we’re also going to hand you a FREE all-access pass to “123 LIVE! …our annual online live event which will be held over an entire weekend (dates announced soon).
We expect this live event to be a huge success (as it has been in previous years) and will help propel your business forward.You’ll receive 2 days of exclusive live sessions, with insider tactics, secrets for tripling your profits, amazing case-studies, awe-inspiriing success stories and much, much more!
At the event you’ll hear from…
A host of expert speakers (some of whom make up to $10 million a year) about how they achieved their success and the methods they used to get where they are today. Industry-leading authorities who will share techniques and methods they use on a daily basis to generate tens of thousands of dollars in commissions each month. Successful BETA-students who have used our training to overcome common roadblocks and obstacles and have subsequently created life-changing online businesses.
You’ll also going to get…
Tips and tricks from sales and conversion specialists who will show you how to generate more leads and more commissions no matter what type of offers you are promoting… Proven tactics to dramatically increase website traffic which you can implement into any business or venture… Actionable growth strategies that you can apply with immediate effect as soon as the event has wrapped up…0
…and there is much more! We’ll be letting insiders know the full details and the line up inside the Mission Control area.
So let’s recap on a number of key points, just before you get started…
This is a proven, streamlined earning machine that only involves 3 core steps. You don’t have to sell anything to anybody. The profit potential is HUGE (you’ve seen the insane conversion rates). The websites are SIMPLE and contain as little as 27 words. There are no barriers to entry or complicated technical hurdles to overcome. The profit margins are high so you make great money for each conversion. You don’t need to talk to people (suppliers, wholesalers, customers etc) You will be building a REAL business that you could sell on for a lump sum.
And MOST IMPORTANTLY, this could give you…
An additional income stream to give you financial peace of mind, so you never have to stress about money, bills or price tags again… A safe and secure retirement (so you can fully enjoy your golden years)… The ability to live the laptop lifestyle, be your own boss and work from home… Allow you to help others more. Your kids, parents, siblings, friends and others.
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2023.03.29 07:01 technosp 10 Important Blockchain Trends (2023-2026)

1. Blockchain Gaming Builds up forward movement
While decentralized applications can be worked to serve many capabilities, a fast look at the main 20 developing blockchain new businesses shows most dApps can be categorized as one of three classes:

1.Blockchain Gaming
2.Decentralized Money (DeFi)
3.NFT Commercial centers
What's amazing, notwithstanding, is the speed at which blockchain games keep on developing comparative with DeFi conventions (concerning dynamic clients.)
As per Comparative Web, highest level DeFi conventions like Lido have seen a significant drop in site traffic since November of 2021 (when the crypto market in general entered remedy an area).

2. DAOs Go Standard
Blockchain Development Company As the Web3 development develops, the change from customary corporate designs (like LLCs) to Decentralized Independent Associations (otherwise known as DAOs) keeps on getting momentum.
undefined Searches for "Decentralized Independent Association" (DAO) have developed by 25% over the most recent 5 years.
3. KYC Incorporates Into DeFi Applications
By and large, one of the essential allures of decentralized finance (DeFi) is its intrinsically unknown nature.
undefined Searches for "decentralized finance" are up 1,400% north of 5 years.
From one perspective, DeFi advocates accept the public authority should not be understanding how regular residents manage their cash.
On the opposite side, states have a personal stake in forestalling wrongdoings like tax evasion, tax avoidance, and the financing of psychological warfare.
Anyway, rather than addressing whether guideline could occur, the genuine inquiry became: which government will manage crypto first?
In Spring of 2022, the European Parliament reported clearing limitations on unknown crypto exchanges.
crypto-resources new-rules-min. The EU was quite possibly the earliest government to pass boundless guidelines on crypto exchanges.
4. DApps Send off Backend "Items"
In businesses like SaaS, repeating income is the situation.
Along these lines, adapting the clients they truly do have has become basic to the progress of numerous dApps.
5. Blockchain Organizations Grow To New Chains :
With regards to building a dApp, the blockchain an engineer chooses to expand on is unbelievably significant.
undefined Searches for "multichain" are up 55% throughout recent years.
6. DeFi And Blockchain Gaming Join
By all accounts, blockchain games are drawing in a bigger number of new clients versus committed DeFi conventions.
At times, these games fall under the "Play to Procure" model, where members acquire tokens as a compensation for playing. In others, dApp developers consolidated the act of yield cultivating (which started in DeFi) directly into their games.
7. Blockchains Become Specialty Explicit
In the realm of SaaS, recognizing what issues an organization settles — and in which specialty — is vital to an organization's prosperity.
As per high profile VC financial backer Marc Andreessen (pioneer behind a16z):

8. Interchain Operability Turns out to be Progressively Significant
Starting from the presentation of Bitcoin in 2009, in excess of 1,000 new and special blockchains have been sent off.
While large numbers of these undertakings utilize comparable (if not indistinguishable) programming dialects, a considerable lot of the present most famous chains don't.
Blockchain Development Services Essentially in light of the fact that the absence of dApps made it pointless to move assets between chains. All things being equal, most tokens were bought and hung on trades with the end goal of speculative exchanging.

9. UI Issues Get Addressed
As numerous innovation organizations have taken in the most difficult way possible, client experience is basic to accomplishing mass reception.

From AOL to MySpace, the Web burial ground is loaded up with the leftovers of organizations whose contenders offered a simpler, more helpful UI (for example Gmail and Facebook).

Furthermore, in the event that there's one grievance industry insiders catch wind of Web3, it's the way cumbersome, threatening, and irritating it is to utilize decentralized digital currency wallets (which are expected to connect with dApps).
Truly, with in excess of 30 million clients, Meta Mask designers are very much aware of these issues.
As a matter of fact, in December of 2021, Meta Mask reported it would dispense a piece of its new $65 million raise towards building a more natural and simpler to-get a handle on UI.
10. NFTs Spotlight On Genuine Utility:
Cambridge Word reference positioned "NFTs" as the 2021 'Expression of the Year'.
Be that as it may, quick forward to April of 2022, and interest in NFTs had plunged.
There are two probably explanations behind this.
undefined Google search interest in "non-fungible tokens" may have crested.
conclusion :
That closes our rundown of the main patterns in the blockchain world happening at present.
Large numbers of the present dApps contain a large group of issues (from security blemishes to UI issues).
Nonetheless, as additional designers become familiar with the intricate details of building decentralized applications, both development and upgrades are going on at an inexorably high speed.
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2023.03.29 06:53 transcribersofreddit TrollXChromosomes Image "So while you weren't looking here's what creepy men have been doing! You know Pinterest? The most innocent and non toxic social media platform ever? Try searching anything with the words girl or teen in it. You can't, they're banned! Wanna know wh..."

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2023.03.29 06:45 ComplainsAboutWife So while you weren't looking here's what creepy men have been doing! You know Pinterest? The most innocent and non toxic social media platform ever? Try searching anything with the words girl or teen in it. You can't, they're banned! Wanna know why? (more in comments)

So while you weren't looking here's what creepy men have been doing! You know Pinterest? The most innocent and non toxic social media platform ever? Try searching anything with the words girl or teen in it. You can't, they're banned! Wanna know why? (more in comments) submitted by ComplainsAboutWife to TrollXChromosomes [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 06:41 haobing7 Help: Search not working properly

When I do an open search (searching all documents) I can find my desired text but when I click on it, it opens that document but doesn’t highlight the text or even put me on the correct page of the document as the search word(s) is on. If I search the specific document it will search as normal and take me to the correct location.
This has been happening for the last two days now but before it’s always been working properly. I have changed any of the download files or anything. And this isn’t working for handwritten or types text when searching all documents.
As you can imagine it’s pretty inconvenient and I have an open notes exam coming up so any help would be great! TIA
Edit: things I’ve tried include Restating my iPad Restating the app Searching all kinds of different files Turning off indexing and turning it back on Making sure the app is up to date
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2023.03.29 06:38 memetics_division Auto-synaptic; the mountain and the stone cutter

A blasted red fiend stealing the words that dance on the tips of tongues -
Long long days spent doing nothing quite in particular, a drunkenly stumble
a growling stomach. Cans and eggs and expired beef; 3 more days, a quick fast is easy - incoming rent subsidy, smarter this month my money will go to food instead of weed.

It was worth it. Autophagy, ketosis, a shock and rewiring to a system unfunctionally stable. At the moment nothing particular but discomfort and dreaming of the 1st, of pizza buns.
A little left over to feed missing tongues
Food for a spiritual stomach, inducing travel without motion
life far off the ground
is strange
just floating around, waiting for a cloud, for a chain reaction to occur, for the time to happen
when it's time to come pouring down
and the desert that follows, the long-dry-sun-spot, wandering the cold nights and the scorching days.
Water a myth in a world full of salt
only to evaporate
and continue the process, again floating along, waiting for the time and place and happenstance to come pouring down again

to endure another Aeon until the forest you land on becomes a desert, and you must retreat.
The promise for a droplet is that it will eventually fall
The promise for the oasis is that, it will eventually dry up
The promise for the droplet, is that which goes up must come down
Water escapes earth through air assisted with fire.

and the process continues, in rhythmic and eternal motions, a infinite-pendulum impossible to predict, Fourier's promise that through it's infinite simplicity of eternal rotation, infinite complexity and emergent properties. Orbital Ocular Sight vision and space, stars align with clouds water with sound. Acoustic gravity of inter-scope dimensions untouched by the frequency of light or sound.
A push and a pull a why not and a because everything,
Because I was lost and wasn't sure what else to do
Except bleed, except.. try and figure out what was even left to do.
Sometimes it seems like I have everything I ever wanted. I want so very little, but I want to desire the world. I wish I could dream bigger, and escape the repetition. washy, wishy, washy wishy. Another candle-stick burnt against forgotten winds, wings, win, win, wing -
this attitude To fly and win and soar and do more despite
despite the utterly overwhelming odds
and the inevitability
the sheer impossibility
and all difficultly

there is no force that can stop someone determined enough.
find what you care about most and
the rest comes naturally
its easy to take a nihilist approach
to even become a pessimistic
not to wallow in anything but to just finally, land at rock bottom, nowhere deeper down to go. Eventually it can't get too bad, even considering the worst, eventually there is a "worst" and I'll use that as a leverage point, moving reality. At least, writing something resembling poetry. At least, writing something a few people will skim before moving onto something more entertaining. At least, I will have figured out another small percent of this quiet-but-noisy puzzle locked within the blackbox of my own being.. if such a thing exists.

at least words will have been written
arranged in a particular way, that has never occurred before
typed in a series of moments that will never return

I accept what I lack and I have what I require
Already fulfilled there is no void to stuff
no more chasing, teachers and students lose their separation
Things are not to be sought after they are to be slowly slipped into and adjusted too
because you can't be a thing without first having become it. You are only yourself and to become anything is to become something other than yourself. a fallacy, unless one is many

So what
advice to myself - being is the answer, because becoming is eternally suffering. When there is no search, treasure is found effortlessly. Becoming requires distraction , being is freedom and concentration. Becoming is a divergence from the already-is, a blackhole-like process that tricks the entity into false-promises of a dream future.

I dunno
truth is I'm doing laundry
seeking an outlet to escape and trying to reach the potential latent in reality - seemingly just out of reach, in plain sight. It's right there.

I don't know if I like it, and that's why I've been such a fan of becoming - because it offered a promise; of change, that it'd help me escape. But it hasn't.

All there is, is being; becoming is a second-order illusion of it.

So here I am
A human bean
Being human
being lost and confused and seeking guidance from the queen bee
guidance from the system enlarge expecting and deserving of nothing in particular
wishy, washy, washy wishy
accepting my own being is the hardest part
I feel like the change in a wallet of my own self; a loose assortment of nickels and quarters, and dirt-encrusted pennies.
Hardly a buck fifty
but that's just enough to buy a coffee
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2023.03.29 06:38 Optimal_End_9733 NHS Dentist only taking private clients?

Just been told by my dentist they are no longer seeing their NHS customers. The dental practice is offering a monthly fee about £14 a month. It includes 2 full 30 min scale and polishes, xrays, get seen faster etc blah blah. Can't see this as a good thing. I have been offered to be placed on a waiting list for another dentist.
Can any dentists explain in their own words why is this happening, and will this start a new precedence with GPs etc?
PS Did a wee search and it's due to parts and equipment and the whole EU issue, as part of it. There is a YouTube clip from parliament I'll attach as a comment, so maybe this is a reaction to this?
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2023.03.29 06:31 WorriedAnywhere3 No Updates Have Currently Addressed One of Minecraft's *Core* Issues. Why?

I want to preface this by apologizing if I come off at all as rude or demanding. I tried my best to avoid any of my writing sounding that way, but I also really wanted to emphasize how massively important this issue is. Please note that if anything sounds rude/condescending/demanding I did not at all intend it that way at all; I just really want to convey how important this is. I have a huge amount of respect for the talented developers at Mojang, and I'm sure they have a reason for why things are the way they are. This post is just me reaching out in hopes of learning what that reason is while emphasizing the issue's importance.

While the recent updates and upcoming one are all amazing, and I've deeply enjoyed playing them. The Mojang team has done an excellent job implementing really creative features that breathe life into the game. However, being totally honest, I could have lived without those features for another year or even two if it meant getting this fixed:
Multi-threading. I have searched everywhere, and I haven't managed to find a single official Mojang employee provide an explanation as to why, in 2023, a game backed by the multi-billion dollar corporation, Microsoft, does not have multi-threading. I really want an official response on either: why the won't implement multi-threading, or when they might begin implementation of multi-threading.

Servers are incredibly limited in size, complexity, and performance on Java due to the lack of multi-threading. Furthermore, single-player worlds just run a private local server that you connect to. This means single-player worlds are also plagued by performance issues caused by lack of multi-threading.
In other words: I shouldn't have to be shopping for the fastest clock-speed CPU's on the market just to use elytra without the ground disappearing below me due to chunk-generation being too slow.

I am fully aware how hard this is to implement -- especially on such a large code base. Programming multi-threading into a game of any size and debugging it afterwards can be a total nightmare and a massive headache. However, that is not to excuse its absence. We absolutely NEED it; as hard as it is to implement, it NEEDS to be done very desperately.
Frankly, I am totally okay with waiting one or even two years before receiving any sort of new content if it means we can have this. This issue has been severely hampering my enjoyment of this game for years now, and it is the number one thing I want to see fixed. Any response from anyone that either works at Mojang or has some amount of insider information is GREATLY appreciated.

TL;DR -- A lack of multi-threading SEVERELY limits performance on even the best hardware on the market and makes things exploration with elytra or gameplay on higher render distances very difficult. The feature exists on bedrock, and I wanted to know why there has been no word about even considering implementing it on Java (from what I could find anyway).
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