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Orgy // New Regime

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Subreddit for Orgy the American industrial "death pop" rock band formed in 1994, from Los Angeles, California.

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A place for customers, employees, retirees, and friends across the nation and world for anything LADWP related!

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The Eagles are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1971. With five number-one singles, six Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, and six number one albums, the Eagles were one of the most successful musical acts of the 1970s. This sub is to celebrate Life in The Fast Lane, share their music, and discuss our favorite Eagles topics.

2023.03.29 07:57 LetOffSteamBennett Hollywood Reporter event in Los Angeles 3/28/2023

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2023.03.29 07:56 roberestarkk Text to Speech Testing

There is a certain aura, a cultural meme, regarding the United Nations Armed Forces. A very particular version of events that is peddled across the galaxy, generally the result of an interstellar game of telephone. This aura is that of an unflinching, uncaring war machine. One that starts with the goal of total destruction of its opponents, and works towards that by any means necessary.
It is easy to see how this came about. Even putting aside the pre-Contact War conflicts, there is plenty of brutality to be found. The exploits of Spearhead Platoon during the Second Hekatian War, fighting it's way from the Susquehanna to the palace of the Hekatian Emperor, has particularly dominated the popular consciousness for many, and it is difficult to argue they did not experience some of the worst the war had to offer. A still frame of Corporal Heppell, gas mask concealing all but his eyes, half a second away from plunging his plasma-enhanced bayonet into a Hekatian platoon commander, has become one of the most reproduced images of the whole Battle of New York.
While plasma bayonets were only issued to a small portion of British units during the Second Hekatian War, melee fighting still occupied a disturbingly high proportion of the wars with the Hekatians a modern war. The Battle of London (both 2021 and 2025) saw civilians armed with little more than axes and clubs achieving at least some success against mechanised Hekatian forces in the tight urban confines of the city, with their contributions in the Second Hekatian War forming a part of the critical force that halted the Hekatian offensive. Less well commemorated, but by no means less brave, was the near-complete annihilation of the 8th Battalion Rajputana Rifles in the opening phases of the Battle of New Delhi. Caught out-of-position by the surprise landing of Hekatian forces, the soldiers rushed into battle against a far-superior Hekatian force. By the day's end, only 3 soldiers survived from the entire ordeal, but their counterattacks, waged with everything from rifles to chunks of rubble used as clubs, successfully held up the better part of a division for some critical hours. Doubtless similar stories exist across every front of the war.
Infantry fought with all manner of weapons, with KPA forces famously utilising shovels and large quantities of grenades while fighting from trench to trench on the slopes of Mt. Paektu. During the later stages of the Battle of New York, Gurkha units roamed the irradiated rubble of the city, wielding plasma-enhanced kukris: this was so extraordinarily effective that Hekatian units in the Brooklyn area had a bounty set on the weapons, on the basis that each collected meant another of the feared soldiers had been eliminated, and that soldiers would be more watchful in hopes of collecting said bounty. The actual effect was that the number of losses credited to Gurkha units went up, as their soldiers (now aware of just how effective they were) delved deeper and deeper into psychological warfare. Meanwhile, Hekatian soldiers became so jumpy that they often exposed themselves to Human forces by firing away at nonexistent targets, and were so nervous as to lose all composure when engaged. When the United Nations counterattack successfully trapped a large quantity of supply-starved Hekatians in the radioactive ruins of New York, an intimidation campaign of such ferocity was launched that even a century later headless Hekatians are occasionally located within the New York area.
There are, of course, other ways to be brutal than a bayonet or bullet.
The Second Hekatian War, for example, saw the mass deployment of nerve gas against Hekatian forces landing in Southern England, with this considered to be the single deadliest event in the history of warfare (excluding attacks targeted at civilian populations). True numbers on the death toll are hard to come by, but it is estimated these attacks alone killed roughly 100,000 Hekatians, unprepared for the gas as they were exiting their ships, with an unknown number severely wounded. This is at present the only confirmed deployment of chemical weapons in either war: rumours persist of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea having used significant quantities during the fighting across the Korean Peninsula, and into Northeastern China. To this day, neither the People’s Republic of China, nor the Korean Federal Republic have confirmed these rumours, and all files regarding the status of the DPRK’s chemical arsenal have been sealed away until 2155.
Chemical weapons were not the only weapons of mass destruction brought out in desperate defence of Earth. Biological weapons were deployed, albeit in significantly less flashy ways. Though continuously denied by the United Nations to this day, all evidence indicates that a modified form of Tularemia was deployed against Hekatian forces in the United States. By all accounts, this was extraordinarily effective in shattering Hekatian morale, along with generally degrading their ability to resist United Nations counterattacks. This disease, relatively minor as far as biological weapons go, was generally non-lethal, and thus believed acceptable to be used against the Hekatians without causing further escalation if discovered.
Currently, there is significant reason to believe the Hekatians may have deployed biological weapons of their own, which may later have morphed into the infamous Cincinnati Flu, though this is highly controversial amongst war historians, and is believed to have occurred independently of the use of Tularemia. It is also worth noting that declassified British documents speak openly of a large stockpile of anthrax being distributed across the island at the start of the Second Hekatian War, with the intent being to release it en masse as a form of vengeance should Britain fall. Still uncertain is why, even a century after the war and the collapse of the Hekatian Stellar Imperium, several Hekatian-majority worlds (including, most infamously, Kulabaddos) semi-routinely see severe outbreaks of a disease worryingly similar to H1N1.
The most destructive WMDs in pure terms were the InterStellar Faster-than-light Missiles. Effectively the old idea of the Relativistic Kill Vehicle, except with a hyperdrive strapped to them, they saw very little use across the war, except for a few carefully calculated deployments by United Nations forces. Using stolen missiles, the Muaytrov and Hualkinov anchorages were utterly destroyed, followed by the military staging post of Traxio.
But these are not the weapons of mass destruction thought of when the Second Hekatian War springs to mind.
In the course of the Second Hekatian War, nukes were tossed around in large numbers. City after city across the United States of America fell victim to Hekatian nukes, while American strikes (generally tactical in nature, directed at concentrations of Hekatian forces and key command and control sites) usually invited yet more retaliation. Historians are unable to come to much of a conclusion on the effectiveness of this strategy by the American military, in no small part due to the difficulties of credibly predicting what would have happened without it. It is arguable that these attacks were responsible for the collapse of Hekatian morale and eventual widespread mutinies: this can also be attributed to any of hundreds of factors. It must be noted, though, that the Hekatians began the nuclear game with the destruction of Washington DC, and that ultimately all responsibility lies with them.
After the war, there was much debate on the morality of this action, rather than just the efficacy. It was declared by some that Humanity, now no longer in an existential fight for it's liberty and potentially survival, was in a "post-nuclear" age, where it could step away from these insanely destructive weapons. While this did hold for biological and chemical weapons, it simply could not for nuclear weapons, as the reality of maintaining an effective military on the interstellar scale quickly caught up. Nukes are fielded in what could be described as a liberal amount: fashioned into Nuclear Explosively Formed Projectiles or Casaba-Howitzers, they form the backbone of the Stellar Navy’s anti-ship missile arsenal. Special forces units have routinely made use of sub-kiloton devices in the Rigel Campaign, and conventional forces maintain large stockpiles for tactical usage. Even the famous SIM-94, defender of the skies, is more commonly than not fielded with a nuclear warhead of some sort.
These are carefully calculated tactical uses, yes. A Casaba-Howitzer melting a warship is a far different thing than the nuclear bombardment of Los Angeles, both in scale and morality. But most commanders do still hesitate when they order a nuclear strike in an exercise. Failsafes abound for all devices intended for anti-ship purposes to prevent their usage in other ways, while devices for use as bombs are subject to hyper-strict command-and-control procedures. ISFMs are subject to even stricter control, since their misuse could devastate an unshielded planet.
The cumulative effects of such a war have continued to be felt for decades afterwards. The Second Hekatian War is believed to be the war with the single highest rate of PTSD amongst veterans. Post-war advances in medical technology helped to at least lessen the effects of physical wounds, and the general improvement in living standards that followed the wars has significantly helped many veterans, but some things can't be solved by getting to take a holiday to space on the cheap. This is of course not to mention the refugee populations of the former United States, many of them surviving by flukes while losing their entire family. It is a horror no one seeks to experience again.
Yes, the plasma bayonet is still technically fielded by both the Territorial and Stellar Army (though, notably, not the Orbital Infantry, who solely fight in the cramped confines of space stations). But it has not been used in combat in decades, and is widely agreed to only exist because of tradition, and also as a somewhat risky means of cooking food. To the average soldier, the idea of a bayonet charge is unthinkable, not least because it means a lot has gone wrong.
When the Hekatians were at the gates in 2025, it was necessary to project a certain image. The unflinching warrior, remorseless and unplagued by questions of morality. Even at the time, this had serious problems. Now, in 2150, things are different. That image is back in the box as far as the United Nations is concerned, even as the myth continues to spread. But the thing about boxes is that you can always open them up again. The only hope is it never will be.

Authors Notes

Some points: the Korean Federal Republic is supposed to be the unified state that now comprises the Korean peninsula. The Rigel Campaign thing is something I have been meaning to expand on for a while now, and has been mentioned before, though not by that name. Fingers crossed I can sort out the relevant stories for that some time soon.
Some may notice that there has been a slight retconning of ISFMs here. Originally they were intended to hit their target at FTL speeds: I have spent at least a year bothered by my earlier concepts of FTL. Firstly, the problem of where they got the energy to go FTL: this was covered by a "no one knows", which was eventually meant to be "no one knows but it's being siphoned from other dead universes and for some reason can't be harnessed by other uses", which was a cop-out to be honest. The second issue was that obviously any shield to protect against this would be absurdly powerful, so absurdly powerful as to render any planet basically invulnerable to everything. Thirdly, they had an interesting effect on space battles, in that they forced them to be more conducted in orbits of planets where collateral damage would prevent the usage of ISFMs. I really like this as a concept, especially since I think it's a kinda nice inversion of how anti-ship missiles work in reality (which force ships to get further and further away), but I realised that ISFMs were basically just too good at this. So I have decided to change it slightly, so that it's closer to a "slipspace" style. ISFMs are now just RKVs with the ability to go faster than light, then they drop out slightly before hitting the target. Still very powerful but less nakedly reality breaking. The point about forcing battles to be more in orbit still stands, but now those ships could better defend themselves or evade. Basically the difference between how hypersonic weapons are portrayed against modern carriers, and their current reality: still capable but not perfect. The same change applies broadly to regular hyperdrives, but they're not really that affected.

Note from roberestarkk

I am blatantly copy-pasting this from elsewhere to help test a text-to-speech issue
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2023.03.29 07:53 -en- @AP: China has threatened "resolute countermeasures" over a planned meeting between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy during an upcoming visit in Los Angeles by the head of the self-governing island democracy. https://t.co/uONMC8I4di

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2023.03.29 07:53 -en- @AP: RT @APEntertainment: Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston signed autographs and posed with fans at the Los Angeles premiere of their Netflix action comedy "Murder Mystery 2." https://t.co/mCE0isf61Q

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2023.03.29 07:50 utlsolarindia Know the Difference between Solar Battery vs Normal Battery

Know the Difference between Solar Battery vs Normal Battery
When it comes to powering a solar energy system, a solar battery and a normal battery are two different options. Understanding the difference between the two is important for homeowners who are considering a solar energy system for their home.
UTL Solar
A normal battery, also known as a deep-cycle battery, is a type of rechargeable battery that is commonly used in a variety of applications, including backup power, recreational vehicles, and boats. A normal battery stores electricity in the form of a chemical reaction and can be recharged by a variety of sources such as a generator or the grid. They are typically made of lead-acid or flooded type, and sealed type batteries.
A solar battery, on the other hand, is a type of battery that is specifically designed to store the excess electricity generated by a solar energy system, allowing homeowners to use the stored electricity at night or during other times when the solar panels are not able to generate electricity. Solar batteries are designed to be deep-cycle batteries and can withstand many charge and discharge cycles. They are typically made of lithium-ion or flow batteries.
One of the main differences between a solar battery and a normal battery is their design. Solar batteries are specifically designed for use in a solar energy system, whereas normal batteries are designed for a variety of applications. Solar batteries are designed to be deep-cycle batteries and can withstand many charge and discharge cycles, whereas normal batteries are not designed for deep cycling and may not last as long.
Another difference between the two is the type of battery chemistry they use. Normal batteries are typically made of lead-acid or flooded type, and sealed type batteries, while solar batteries are typically made of lithium-ion or flow batteries. Lead-acid batteries are relatively inexpensive and have been around for many years, while lithium-ion and flow batteries are more expensive but have longer lifetimes and require less maintenance.
Another important difference is that solar batteries can be used in conjunction with a solar energy system in order to provide a reliable source of electricity at night and during other times when the solar panels are not able to generate electricity. They can also be used to take advantage of time-of-use rates, which can result in even more cost savings. Additionally, a solar battery can provide power during a power outage, which can provide peace of mind for homeowners. Normal batteries, on the other hand, are not designed for this purpose and are not able to integrate with a solar energy system.
Another key difference is the capacity of the battery. Solar batteries have a higher capacity than normal batteries, this means they can store more energy which can be used for a longer period of time. This is important for a solar energy system, as the energy generated during the day can be stored and used at night, and during periods of low sunlight.
In conclusion, a solar battery and a normal battery are two different options for powering a solar energy system. Solar batteries are specifically designed to store the excess electricity. Buy solar battery for home online at best price in India.
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2023.03.29 07:49 YellowShat *AVOID* OffSzn RP - Female / Child Predators Alert

*AVOID* OffSzn RP - Female / Child Predators Alert
When it comes to OffSzn Roleplay as a whole, I have barely any issues. However, when it comes to the people who run/manage the community, that is where the issues occur. I started out when my friends told me about the server and how they would be helping run the police department. So I decided to join. I told myself I was done with roleplaying and that it would be best to find another hobby to get involved with. I caved. I was a part of that city from the launch. I watched it grow and tried my best to get things going in the city. Everything was perfect. Staff and management listened to the community, people were having a blast, and there wasn’t much drama. That is until the server owner’s friends started to show. My business application to run a restaurant was denied, even though restaurants were running out of vending machines that weren’t even stocked. Once the owner’s friends started asking for business, they were accepted without hesitation. Another instance of something like this happening was when I caught wind of management overthrowing my friend, who was tasked with running the Los Santos Police Department as chief of police and replacing him with one of the members of the owner's friend group. I was deeply upset. My friend put in so much effort to running the entire police force, and dev'ing the police cars with custom liveries and handling would be thrown the curb. My friend had to find out from me, that he was being fired and sent over the edge. (There was more to just that, but that is for him to say… not me).
He decided that he was done. He went to a rival gang and asked them out of character to help him kill off his character so that he could stream it. They agreed. After that was all said and done, and his funeral was to take place, I decided I was also done. I flew in on my cop character to attend the funeral, and to turn in my badge and duty belt. I wanted to say goodbye to my friends and brothers I had made along the way. I opened my inventory to discover that admins had wiped my pockets of all police-related items (my SMG, my handcuffs, my taser, my armor, ETC.) I lost it. I went into my friend's stream, where he was streaming his point of view of the funeral, and vented to him that the admins abused their powers and that they robbed me of my roleplay of saying goodbye. Little did I know, the staff was in the chat as well and saw everything I said. They banned me on the spot without hesitation.
And the guy they were replacing him with? An absolute creep. Previously, I had been in a flirty conversation with a guy, who I didn’t know was married with kids. His wife flew into the city and rode around in his cop car. He told me it was his girlfriend and that he was splitting from her and her previous relationship’s kids. I told him I was 19 (at the time) and he was 28. He then added me on a separate Discord account to “continue flirting.” He sent me horrid comments about what he would do to me if we were to meet up (screenshots down below). He even dared to send me photos of himself with his kids and asked me for photos. That's when I was truly disturbed and started to ghost him. Apparently, this wasn’t the first city he did this in. I also got a DM from a previous friend asking if I too had received DMs from him. That is mainly what sparked this Reddit post.
Another guy I feel required to talk about is a fun one. Long story short, and frankly not my story to tell, a lawyer did a background check on him to find he was in possession of child pornography and had sexually abused a six-year-old at the age of sixteen. Since he was a minor at the time of this incident, the state of Minnesota has sealed the record and it cannot be accessed by the public. Only lawyers and government employees (law enforcement, FBI, CIA, ETC.) can view the record and its details (see screenshots down below).
I feel that everyone should be aware of not only the creeps that this server has, but also be cautious of who you talk to while roleplaying. I tried on multiple occasions to contact the owner and management about the two perpetrators, but they all ignored my DMs. I even had friends on their Discords try and contact them, but they too were ignored. But hey! If you are looking for a server that is shrouded in pedophiles and favoritism… Then OffSzn is for you!
Out of respect for his poor kids, I blurred their faces.
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2023.03.29 07:47 BarthRevan Just read this part for the first time. It’s sweet, but did Karen once think about how tf Matt is supposed to read this????

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2023.03.29 07:40 rodentchild Sick of skill pitches that could fit into existing skills? Look no further than these UNIQUE SKILL PITCHES!

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2023.03.29 07:39 suzie17 [FOX Sports: MLB] The @Angels finish Spring Training with the best record in the Cactus League 🏜️

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2023.03.29 07:32 Ok-Letterhead298 #los angeles [MF4M] me and my girl are looking for a older BBC bull that can fuck her with me

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2023.03.29 07:32 Used_Crow_386 Vintage Montblanc

Does anyone have any recommendations for a vintage Montblanc? I’ve always wanted one ever since sitting in my supervising analyst’s office and watching him use his Montblanc to sign off on my clinical notes. His weren’t vintage, but new is too expensive for me. Not sure what a fair price is or the quality of a Montblanc from the 50s, 60s, or 70s…
Are there any specific online stores that are recommended when purchasing used/vintage fps? I’ve tried to get lucky at antique stores, garage sales, etc., but I’ve noticed a lack of fountain pens in local shops and a plethora of overpriced nibs. Maybe it’s just a Los Angeles thing.
Found this one, which looks nice, on eBay.
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2023.03.29 07:30 EquivalentAnywhere71 Welcome To Los Santos! From SA-MP to FiveM offering the same features but better

Welcome To Los Santos!

FiveM Server 1(Czech)
FiveM Server 2(English)

Why To Play On Our Servers:-

*You can play on our SA-MP, FiveM, VC-MP and Liberty Unleashed servers!
*Quality game servers with no lags - our servers are hosted on powerful hardware, therefore all servers are running smooth and without server lags.
*Professional, friendly and helpful admin team - our admins and helpers are here to help you with in-game or on our forums.
*We fight against cheaters - we rely on effective anticheat and our admins who thoroughly do their best to keep cheaters off our servers.
*Best SA-MP servers with many features - heists, missions, races, minigames, gang wars, organizations, properties, stock market BAWSAQ, videogame QUB3D, hidden packages and a lot more!
*Unique features on our SA-MP servers - such as pool, golf, basketball or poker minigame.
*Great community of players on SA-MP servers and FiveM servers - players can cooperate in jobs, missions, heists, organization or in events and cooperative minigames.
*A lot of events, challenges and contests with amazing prizes!
*And with addition of FiveM WTLS servers, enjoy good old features with updated graphics and some spice added to it!
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2023.03.29 07:21 Significant-Notice- How might AI impact developing economies?

Cheap, tailored expertise
Many of the poor have little access to experts, on topics ranging from physical and mental health, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. Hiring experts can be transformative: Bloom et al (2013) found that management consultants substantially improved production at textile factories in India. Many envisioned that the internet would level access to expertise, allowing entrepreneurs in Delhi and farmers in Western Kenya equal access to the world’s best knowledge. But, as anyone who owns a dusty textbook knows, raw information is not enough to lead to action. Most of the world’s knowledge is not written for the world’s poor. Much is written in English, some uses technical jargon, and has metaphors and references that make sense to people in Los Angeles but not in Lagos. AI can unlock the insight in this information for broader audiences. The newest generation of AI chatbots can not only translate between languages, but also change reading levels, remove jargon, and rewrite knowledge to use local customs and metaphors. These chatbots also allow you to have a conversation about the topic, allowing you to ask for clarification for specific parts, or specify that your needs differ from what the system had assumed. While these systems sometimes make mistakes, their quality, and ability to translate is improving quickly. And they allow almost zero cost access to the tailored expertise that would otherwise require hiring experts that would be prohibitively costly for the poor. This tailored expertise might improve business processes across developing economies for motivated people. Some startups are already developing targeted advisors for specific tasks, like choosing between schools (ConsiliumBots). Similar advisors could also help deliver medical advice to rural populations.
Here is more from Daniel Bjorkegren, an economist at Brown University. Here is his paper on nostalgic demand.
The post How might AI impact developing economies? appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

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2023.03.29 07:21 LetOffSteamBennett Every Day Action's casino charity gala in Los Angeles 3/25/2023

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2023.03.29 07:08 New_Attention_2440 podcast studio for rent los angeles- Zoom Recording Studio

Our dedicated team has developed a unique system that will promote you as an Artist while attracting more listeners to your Music.
You can now book high-quality, professional photo and video services in our Recording Studios and get outstanding content for all media platforms!
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2023.03.29 07:08 jyliu86 Hot Take: True Aeon was Lawful Stupid, Would not recommend

Context: This was my 4th run. I've completed Renegade Aeon->Legend, Trickster, Angel, and I finally went back to do a True Aeon.
My first playthrough was a blind wizard Aeon when the game first came out. I thought it was mechanically weak (wasn't using Mythic suppression nor Aeon Bane), and the mirror kept shitting on my choices. Noticula's judgements made me so angry that when Iomedae showed up offering to ditch my power, I thought she was talking sense and was so confused by why everyone on Reddit kept shitting on her.
After 2 more playthroughs that I enjoyed immensely more, I figured maybe with all the kinks worked out, Aeon wouldn't be so bad.
No, I was right to hate Aeon on my first playthrough.
Mechnically, I was wrong on my first playthough. Aeon Bane with autodispel is the greatest thing! And OMG, I don't think I can go back after getting Mythic Suppression. Enemies have bullshit abilities that autorevive or heal them? Mythic Suppression. GONE.
Story wise, true Aeon is lawful stupid to the max, or the worst kind of hypocrite. You offer none of your judgments the chance to work for redemption, but you either banish all of your party, or go Renegade Aeon with them. Or at least give me the opportunity to put them on trial to hang like the rest of my judgements.
You do this whole thing about mortals deciding mortal fates, yet you basically never let the legend choice go through.
Act 4 was awful. Your only Aeon interaction is Nocticula just shitting on you with zero opportunity to fight back.
Act 5 gives a minor scene with Terendalev that felt so tacked on it might as well not have been there.
But the ending. That one was a masterpiece. It almost, ALMOST redeemed the sheer bullshit I put up with for the last *checks save file* 80 hours.
So of the paths I've played so far I'd rank them:
  1. Angel
  2. Legend
  3. Trickster
  4. True Aeon
I think I'm going to give WOTR a break until the Kenebras DLC comes out and go for my first evil run. Leaning towards Demon, but given how angry Yozz makes me during Greybor's story, I don't know how I'll handle him as a demon buddy. Might go lich just to turn him into a zombie for another death.
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2023.03.29 07:06 fatbluegiraffe What is this groundcover? (Los Angeles)

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2023.03.29 07:05 Beneficial_Tax_5978 F*ck Humanity

I’m getting sick and tired of humans as a whole. It’s getting very serious. I don’t have time to sit here and type up a long ass story time about where I’m at mentally, and why…. But just know, that my mental health is declining to the point where I lose my cool on random people for being idiots. Like literally there are so many fucking stupid ass ppl in this world!!! But let’s just start with LOS ANGELES. I’m just tired of the FAKE energy. The EGOS! The drivers!!!! The long lines to do almost EVERYTHING….. the trafffic! The stupid fucking tourists. The elderly!!! Lol yes I said the elderly! Even the fucking insects and bugs made the list. I hate everything here but can’t leave at the moment so I’m stuck for now, and feeling very wit-ended! (I don’t even know if that’s a word but you get it) … I just hate people in general now and use to be a real people person, very outgoing .. but lately I’ve been feeling less and less connected to humanity and finding more and more reasons why this world needs to just explode already.
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2023.03.29 07:03 Ludosys Beta feedback from a QA professional dev - mostly UX notes/wishlist

TL;DR: Open Beta Feedback for Blizzard devs. Please upvote so they see it <3

Here are my notes on the Open Beta, consisting mainly of UX feedback and some bugs. For background, I have been embedded QA at a AAA studio and had a high focus on Player Experience. My purpose for posting this here is that I hope the devs will find it (we certainly perused Reddit for bugs at my studio). If you feel the need to comment/discuss, please stick to adding to the feedback instead of refuting it. Even if you disagree, this is still valid feedback from a certain type of player perspective. Please do upvote to ensure the devs find it. Thank you!
Overall this was a very positive experience and I am very excited to play the full game, but I do hope there are a few things that get addressed before then. This beta felt very polished but some of the UX things noted felt more unfinished.
These notes are mostly in the order of when I thought of them as I was playing through. There is a section at the end for praise (positive feedback).
Scenario: I played on PS5. I started one of each class and played until reaching Kyovashad or slightly further, and played a Sorcerer to level 25 and the end of the campaign content. I did some of this in networked co-op with one other player, and the rest solo.
Feedback Notes:
I feel like Evade and teleport cooldowns should be half as much as they are. (later found boots that can reduce cooldowns or add more charges, this feel like a step in the right direction).
Need a quicker way to teleport to another player in your party without going to town first. Interact wheel? Map? If it exists, I couldn't figure it out. Appreciated the ability to travel directly to a waypoint from anywhere though. Maybe the player marker on map can act as a waypoint.
Potion upgrade crafting feels wholly unnecessary. Feels like crafting only for the sake of having crafting. No value add. The friction for crafting mats is so minor and only punishes those who have never picked up any crafting mats. Basically if you have mats, you just press the button and now your potion heals you more. No step to go out and seek the materials. The main friction is your character level. Why not just have it automatically increase with each level? Or keep the D3 system where it heals for a percentage of your health. I'm level 20 and already have enough materials to nearly upgrade every tier of the potions up to 90. The materials have no bearing. And I collect them passively, may as well just be gold, or nothing at all.
Want to assign melee button to a skill slot. Wanna go back to my stabby-stabby rogue. Once you spend your first ability point, you cannot go back to just using your weapon. Have unequipped slot act as a melee? Or have melee be an option for assignment? My party partner was so frustrated by this and spent a half hour trying to get it to work and ended up quitting.
Why can't I remap my skills to other buttons from the beginning? I want to have my primary attack on the right trigger, but have to use X and then wait til I'm level 10 to remap it, at which point I have to retrain my muscle memory again.
It'd be nice to have the option to tune the PS5 controller's trigger threshold for an attack. I have to pull the trigger all the way to use my skill but it'd be better to have it only a partial pull (I could be wrong but regardless it'd be nice to be able to tune it).
Item tooltip in inventory covers up the view of the character stats, which i want to see change as I equip the item. Have to constantly dance my cursor on and off the item to compare how the numbers change.
Want to preview all stat changes as a whole for a piece of gear, like the down/up arrows in D3. Currently a +3 damage can be misleading if it removes a +3 intelligence (or primary stat) property in the process, which reduces attack power. Maybe while hovering or comparing an item, show the (+3) next to the current Attack Power, Armor, etc to show how it would change with that item.
I want to disable the clicking sound when I highlight an interactable/lootable object. I see other great sound options in the menu but could not find that. On consoles, since it’s constantly targeting items as I’m walking around, I was hearing it incessantly and it became meaningless.
Can I have the option for item labels to display indefinitely? And/or have the L stick toggle on/off but otherwise no timer? Appreciate having options for how long to display them, but I want longer options than 10 seconds.
Rogue should have more dodge as a class perk. Maybe multiple charges, less cooldown, or no cooldown? Upgradeable dodge? Boots can have these properties but rogue should have it inherent since moving around the battlefield is a core strategy in this class.
Health globes seem to despawn after a short time? Feels like this needs to be much longer. Seemed inconsistent. Maybe they were getting despawned during more intense battles, which is exactly when I want them to stick around for when I need it.
Hard to get used to not being able to walk over a health globe to heal. Nice if it would heal you and give your potion a charge like the healing wells do. Combination of the D3 and D2 health systems. I find that when I see a health globe, I look at my health to see how low it is, press the heal button, then walk over the globe to recharge. Just remove the step and heal me when I walk over it.
Unable to evade away when stunned but able to sorc teleport (“unstoppable”). Let me evade out from a stun please, especially since evade is on a cooldown so I still have to be strategic with it.
UI/UX interactions on the character creation screen are inconsistent. Sometimes I can just hover select an option to see it previewed, and sometimes I have to manually click it to see it. Most of them allow you to scroll through one at a time with D pad, but the Markings options scroll one at a time til it gets to the edge, then scrolls an entire page, skipping 3 of the options if you just continue to press the right D pad.
Class perks (enchantments, book of the dead, etc) have really inconsistent requirements and ways/frictions/times to obtain them. Necromancer gets theirs at like level 3. Sorcerer gets a side quest to go find the book in a dungeon, not sure when that showed up, maybe around level 15 (didn’t notice it til much later.)? But druid at level 15 is just given the perk, no fetch quest required?
If I'm targeting a destructible object with a skill that uses resource, but don't have enough of that resource, just use melee please, instead of just telling me I have no resource and not hitting the object.
I want to pick my character's voice/accent in addition to the rest of the appearance stuff. Don't need to add more, just let me choose from the ones that exist across the character classes - basically I don't want the voice tied to the class, just let me assign the voice to my character as I see fit. This would be even better if you could choose a feminine/masculine voice regardless of the body type chosen.
Can I also pick my pronouns?
Also I want facial hair options on female models (hide this toggle in an option menu if you have to), body hair options (including for women - I want my druid to have hairy legs), and scar options that aren't intentional markings but are more like battle wounds.
The scarring marking color does not really look like scarring. Looks more like paint. (blood is awesome though)
Henna has a lighter outline on some skin tones.
Wish list: Lost and Found loot for high rarity items like in Borderlands. If I’m partied with someone and something they killed generated a legendary for me, I want that item to go to a lost and found instead of requiring that I comb through everywhere they’ve been to ensure I didn’t miss something good.
Are there no more pets to pick up your gold? Or can I have a bigger pickup radius? Feels tedious to run around a bunch of circles to pick up gold. I wish this was more automatic. There’s never a time I don’t want to pick up gold.
I want the big center button on PS controller to open inventory, not map. But I can't remap that one. Want more similar to D3 controller layout, with map on Lstick and inventory on big button. That’s not an option apparently. Why keep changing the controller mappings with each new game? Terribly inconsistent across D3, D2Res, and D4 with very few customization options.
Salvage interface does not match sell interface. Cannot sell individual junk item (can only sell all Junk at once), or sell all of a rarity class like you can in the salvage menu.
Button mappings in sell interface are exact opposite of when in inventory (square to mark as junk in inventory equips in sell menu). The Stash interface matches the Sell screen too. I tried to mark an item as junk while looking at my stash, and it equipped it instead. This felt confusing and annoying.
When you first get to Kyovashad, Boza gives the Raising Spirits quest, and then the next side quest has us seeking out Bozan in Masetad Coffers. Names are too similar and confusing. I thought they were talking about the same person at first.
Distance from waypoint to stash/wardrobe seems a bit long, having to go up narrow stairway or wide path around back. Should place it outside of the inn near the waypoint. And its location on the map is misleading since you have to travel through the building to get to it, instead around the building like it looks on the map.
Aspects tied to an individual item - I wish it were on the slot like kanai's cube. Maybe if you were allowed to re-extract the same aspect at a discount/free for the next item upgrade? Or have one aspect able to equip to each slot, in addition to having them on an item?
Ore generators keep glowing/shimmering after I've collected from it.
I want my character to be barefoot or have sandals. Can the “unequipped” look be minimal foot attire?
I want to be able to zoom out of the skill tree to navigate the whole thing instead of little by little.
Wishlist: I want to send items to stash or sell or salvage them from the field. Like No Man's Sky salvage/refine and trade rocket, or Torchlight's pets that run back and sell at the market. Minimize trips back to town just to sell/salvage. More merchants/blacksmiths littered around are very helpful though.
Very early on, I keep picking up items that say they unlock new looks on salvage, so I want to save them, but I have no idea how long it will be until I find a blacksmith (before I’ve gotten to Kyovashad for the first time). Also my inventory got cluttered up with items that I picked up before I got poisoned and didn’t get a chance to sell before I was forced to kill the merchant. On second playthrough I was able to mitigate that, but first time (when I need the gold a lot more) it felt like I had screwed myself.
Loading screen tips are useful, but go by too quickly of you are on PS5 (first world problems!). It'd be nice to have a place to read those in a menu, since some of them looked pretty useful to know.
Sometimes I see the orange circle like there's an event but there's no event happening. The last time, I came back to it a minute or two later and an event started. Maybe missing a countdown to event start?
I want to change the name of my character. Maybe limit to one change? Or cost a bunch of gold? In D3 I did this by creating a new character, power leveling it, then equipping all the gear from my old one. I don’t think that option is going to be quite as viable here (maybe?)
Appreciate being able to change jewelry and markings after creation, but I also want to change the hair and facial hair too. Character needs a haircut.
Bug: when changing character appearance at wardrobe, the current markings are not selected.
I want to mark something as a favorite or be able to manually sort inventory to set aside items I might use. On console at least, the inventory cannot be manually sorted, only automatically by pressing R3. Then I lose track of which item it was I wanted to keep. Maybe also give me options for how the inventory gets sorted? Sort by type, rarity, value, order of pickup, etc?
Wishlist: small training grounds area in town to test new weapons and abilities, since you cannot use these in town. Maybe attack some dummies in the training area at the NE of town where you first cheered on the recruits?
Lots of inconsistency in what progresses for the party vs what progresses per player. If I interact with an npc, it may show only me the cinematic, or it may pull both of us in. I have no way to know before I start it. If I skip it, and my party-mate does not, when I press to interact on the next step it pulls them out of their cinematic. No obvious indication when it's an action that affects the party as a whole. Side quests do not progress for both of us at all, even if we’re on the same side quest on the same step. Each needs to do the interaction separately. I think this either needs to be made more consistent, or communicated much better to the players what to expect as far as party progression.
Rogue is far more vocal than other classes. The sounds are over exaggerated and a bit inappropriate sounding. This was played on a female Rogue. Haven’t tried male.
I don't want gems to take up space. Moved in the right direction in D3 to allow stacking, but I wish they wouldn't take up space at all, especially that each gem tier and type takes up a stack space. Can they go into another tab like the consumables and quest items do?
When refunding and reallocating ability points, it's difficult to swap points from one first tier ability to another because it temporarily would break a connection to a later ability (so would not allow me to do it). Had to do some weird juggling to make it work. So if I wanted to switch from Claw to Maul, I had to undo points higher in the tree (Shred), spend it on Maul, then undo Claw, then re-spend on Shred. I should be able to just swap points on the same tier. Or what if each tier of the tree unlocked at a certain character level instead of being based on number of skill points spent?
Couldn't salvage an item that I had upgraded, but it still said unlocks new look on salvage (what a tease!).
Bug; around the right of the alabaster monastery entrance is some black spots / Z fighting, maybe something clipping through the snow?
Before the final act boss fight, I did hear the clanking footsteps but didn’t know what it was and thought it was a bug, until my character said I’m being followed. However, during the big boss fight, I did not notice when the Knight Penitent showed up. And when I did see him, I didn’t know he was on my side. I was very confused for the first half of the fight. I finally figured out he was there to help and shield me, which was a nice mechanic. I both loved and hated having to dodge all over the battlefield to avoid getting hit by the poison stuff. Made for an interesting fight but didn't leave me a lot of chances to deal damage since I was constantly playing defense.
Boss enemies have no introduction. I’m just suddenly fighting them and often do not get a chance to look at their design or size them up before engaging in battle. D3 had a nice little intro for each boss where they’d talk to you for a moment and you could appreciate the art and mentally prepare yourself for battle. I couldn’t tell you what the final boss was called or what it looked like, since I was too busy trying not to die through the whole fight.
Lots of running back and forth to previously discovered places that did not have waypoints. Examples: Kor Valar, Horadric Vault, Black Lake. Like, Go from Black Lake back to Horadric Vault back to Black Lake and I’m like “C’mon, I was JUST THERE!” and then I have to find a somewhat nearby waypoint and then trek the rest of the way there. These places should have waypoints or else like a portal that opens in town as a shortcut to return for the quest.
I felt like I was getting weaker as I leveled up. This is likely because enemies are scaling to my level, but I had not found better gear, so my damage felt lower. I even checked to make sure I was on the lowest world tier since I was struggling to get through portions.
Praise (with some suggestions):
Skill system is novel and interesting. Works fairly well. Good balance of D3 style rune choices and D2 style added skill points. Though I do wish each additional point gave a bigger bonus since it’s limited to 5. Appreciate that you can respect for free under level 15, and that you can undo/return a single skill point spent rather than the entire tree. More freedom to try things.
Potion charge system is a big improvement on D3's single use cooldown. Though I kind of wish there was a hybrid approach. Let charges recharge themselves over time? Auto heal when picking up an orb?
Fast travel is nice, skips the step of going to town and then hopping on the waypoint. Just go directly to the waypoint you want (just need this for getting to other players now).
World building is more immersive. There is more showing and less telling. Side quests, inspectable objects, NPC dialog, etc. Much better than the lore book entries. Even when there are lore-book type things the way they’re done is much more from the perspective of the people inhabiting this world and less like an entry in a bestiary. For example, the one about the monk trying to save someone that was killed and resurrected by the Khazra…. It was so emotional and heartfelt and gave you much more immersion into this brutal world than a bestiary entry that tells you that Khazra can resurrect people.
Voice acting is superb. Enough said.
I love that the looks (transmogs) are slot based instead of item based. Can turn off a look on the fly. Big thumbs up.
Also the entire character creator is something I never knew I needed in a Diablo game. I really enjoyed getting to create my own interpretations on the classes. Wakanda Warrior Rogue, Native American Druid, Arab Sorcerer, Necromancer Jesus…. This was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed seeing other people’s takes on them as well. It allowed me to build a little backstory of my character. But also each class is still distinctive enough that I could tell what other players’ classes were just at a glance (mostly from body type).
Oh also the body type diversity is really great.
I like the distinction between cellars and dungeons. Dungeon objectives and bosses were a nice surprise, and a bit of a challenge!
Merchants and blacksmiths are present enough that I rarely, if ever, had to run to town just to offload items despite picking up literally everything.
Camera moves in closer when in a town/village and subtly pulls back when leaving town. Nice.
One hand weapon + offhand is more viable dps now. Haven't had to swap for a 2 handed weapon like I usually do in D3.
Checkmark in dungeons and cellars to indicate you've completed them is really nice. But I wasn’t sure if that persisted the next time I loaded the game. It’d be nice if it did.
I like the persistent world maps but randomized dungeons. This felt like a nice balance. Don’t have to re-explore the area every time you travel back to a place.
Liked that the enemies respawn in the open world.
I like that completion (exploration, cellars, etc) persists across sessions but being able to reset dungeons manually. Less pressure to stay in a current play session in order to maintain maps, etc.
The scenic views are a really cool feature. I want more of them!
So much more moral nuance. I’m loving this so far. Please give us more reason to question why we immediately assume all demons are bad and evil, when it was both demon and angel that created humans. We’ve got the “angels aren’t all that great either” but I want to see the other side of that coin which is “not all demons are literally the worst”. I’m seeing seeds of this with the bloodied wolf and Lilith, and I hope it continues moving in that direction.
THANK YOU for allowing me the option to disable the “I can't use this yet. Not enough Mana.” dialog. Though I had to dig down all the way in the sound (or accessibility?) menu to find it. I’ve been wanting this option since D2.
Appreciate that the “looks” are unlocked for all of your characters, so you don’t have to re-salvage the same items on each.
Some really neat quest mechanics like the pilgrimage. Though I feel like that could go a bit further. Maybe reduce the abilities you can use, make you move slower, no/less healing, or something like that to really make it feel impactful. Right now it's just dark around you but otherwise normal.
Finally fixed my #1 complaint about D3 - We now have split screen inventory management in couch co-op! Yay!

If I had to pick only one thing from this list to fix before launch, it'd be the inconsistency/lack of communication around what quest steps and cinematics get shared across the party and what is individual. The number of times my party mate and I had to say, "Are you still in the cinematic? Did that advance for you? You have to talk to the guy. Stop talking, I'm trying to listen. Oh geez, I didn't know it was gonna skip your cinematic!" were too many.
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and then of course i actually want a website /subreddit with lets see 365 x 100 or 120 lets say 100 so 36500 thirty six thousand subreddits one for each day of each year of the past 100 years so you can have a subreddit for every birthday
yeah its interesting to talk to people who grew up on your timeline and saw everything you saw every year i was born 1987 and i was just in startrek and realized i was born sept 23 1987 a year before syar trek tng came out and so that show was always in in my memory as i grew up...i grew up with star trek tng in my living room i grew up with data and picard and it was so grown up and adult like watching frasier lololol man that 90s tv tartarian city new york european apt buolding freling friends had but its rrqlly a studio in la and that 90s america new york los angeles media control grid was so cozy the dark afternoon without any smartphones just besutiful dial up internet in its own alter in another room and the rv was its own alter and you could hear data and picard doing shakwspear in the dark night tike holodeck so good and whoopie goldberg lol shit was funny
yeah i wanna talk to people who share my birthday so i wan talk about pokemon digimon gameboy camera all of it
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