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Memes of the popular Indie Metroidvania game Hollow Knight, released by Team Cherry in 2017

2014.12.18 12:22 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D adventure/ Metroidvania game for PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Hollow Knight: Silksong is in development, release date TBD.

2009.12.14 21:57 drdoooom Demon's Souls

A community dedicated to Demon's Souls, game released for PlayStation 3 and 5 (Remake).

2023.06.02 17:32 LoveMangaBuddy Read I Was Stuck On The Same Day For One Hundred Thousand Years - Chapter 311 - MangaPuma

Lin Yue crossed to the Hongmeng Continent, but he was accused of being on the same day for one hundred thousand years. No matter how he struggles, he will return to yesterday after dawn. In one hundred thousand years, Lin Yue learned all the knowledge, understood the secrets of countless sect powerhouses, and gradually admitted that he could not escape the cycle of reincarnation. However, on the l ... Read I Was Stuck On The Same Day For One Hundred Thousand Years - Chapter 311 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.02 17:31 Herkenhoof It's Friday again - this is the time you determine whether you waste another weekend!

ITake just a few minutes today to put together a small list of things you want or need to do this weekend - and avoid stumbling into the default option again: hours and hours of screen time.
For example you could:
Also: See the list of nosurf activities if you need inspiration.
Good luck & have a good time!
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2023.06.02 17:31 coldjyn Help GOSU’s coach reach LAN

Help GOSU’s coach reach LAN
GOSU (Formerly LNW) are a SA team returning to LAN. They have some of the most exciting up and coming talents in their region but due to the lack of org support they’re having to fund their trip themselves. They’ve set up a GoFundMe for their coaches travel and accommodation expenses and it would mean a lot if you guys could share or donate.
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2023.06.02 17:31 fug_lee Got my Passport! Thanks guys. Maybe this will help others too

So I made this post a couple days ago about how the local postman (referred to as "our Hero" hereafter) was threatening to keep returning my passport citing insufficient address. I got a lot of great suggestions and I wanted to share what worked for me.
The most common advice was to beat the snot out of him. Tempting as this was, it wasn't going to solve my problem. I could even face charges for assault, or worse, a bunch of chhapris out for revenge.
The next popular advice was to file a formal complaint on I almost went this route, but then I decided to give it one more shot.
I went to the Police station where the verification had happened. The person whom I had met earlier was surprised at this. He suggested maybe the guy was looking for some chai-pani. After I explained the situation to him, he told me that my address is verified by the Police, and saying that it is incomplete is a pretty big claim. He called his contact in the Post Office and told him to hand me the passport the next time I'm there.
Today - I received an SMS saying my passport has been dispatched again and went to the post office. This time, it is a completely different vibe. Our Hero greets me with a smile and asks me to wait while he looks for my package. Even addresses me as "Sir". Then he proceeds to hand me my package while politely requesting to get the address updated (he's still not convinced it's the correct address)
TLDR: Took a lot of running, but I finally managed to get my passport. Thanks for the suggestions guys! Now, if only I had money to travel abroad (JK)
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2023.06.02 17:31 DaLeAtaB Hackers and scam cryptoprojects stole $71 million in crypto in May

Hackers and scam cryptoprojects stole $71 million in crypto in May


Hackers stole about $16 million in nearly 60 attacks on cryptoservices. And scam cryptoprojects scammed investors out of $55 million

In May 2023, hackers, scammers and unscrupulous crypto developers stole more than $71 million in cryptocurrencies. This follows information from cybersecurity company PeckShield. At the same time, about $16 million was stolen during hacks. And scam projects (fraudulent projects) accounted for more than $55 million of losses.
According to experts’ calculations, there were 59 hacks of cryptoservices during the month. And the total amount of stolen funds amounted to $16.03 million, not including $4.13 million, which were returned by hackers on different terms.
The largest hack in May was an attack on the Arbitrum network’s liquidity protocol called Jimbos Protocol ($7.5 million). And then comes the hack of DEI’s stabelcoin issuer, Deus DAO ($2.5 million). In third place was the Tornado Cash cryptomixer incident, with losses of $1.12 million.
Most of the money stolen in May – $55 million – came from scam cryptoprojects and unscrupulous developers. The DFintosh cryptoprotocol team is suspected of stealing $31.6 million, while developers of the IPP stacking pool escaped with $14.5 million. In third place are the creators of the XIRTAM project with the theft of $3.4 million.
Our experts note that due to the popularity of meme tokens in the past month, many scam groups created dozens of cryptocurrencies on the theme of popular memes. Scammers artificially inflated their token prices. In order to attract investors. And then absconded with the funds of trusting users.

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2023.06.02 17:30 arenalr Here me out, I think the One Piece really is a massive treasure (1085 spoilers)

I believe the One Piece really is the worlds greatest treasure. And here's why:
Based on the latest Imu conversation, it appears that spreading the Poneglyphs was a last ditch, hail mary effort for the Clan of D to not lose to Imu and the WG. I will go on a bit more about that, but with Imu extremely vexxed by Lili's act, and the fact that it was intentional, it seems that this has somehow kept the flame of this ancient war alive.
The ancient kingdom seemed to have known that at this point in the future, the dawn of humanity will come, aka they take down Imu / WG. Toki leaving from 800 years ago, with the goal of ending up in our current timeline is evidence of that. I have no idea how they'd know that, but we've already seen characters like Madam Shyarly be able to see the future, so it's plausible. If it's anything like Madam Shyarly's prophecies, they're vague and not necessarily telling you the whole story. So I imagine it would be something like "A person that carries the Will of D will reach Laugh Tale in 800 years".
We don't know where the road poneglyphs were initially sent, but based on where they ended up as of Roger's era we can make some decent assumptions.
  1. Zou - It's been there the whole series, and Zou has been around since Joy Boy's era
  2. Wano - Same as Zou
  3. Fishman Island - My guess is that this one was on Lili's ship and sank as it was arriving to Marijois, sinking directly to Fishman island
  4. Elbaf - BM ended up with one of the Road Poneglyphs, and with no record of where it came from it seems like a fairly decent guess it could come from Elbaf
If you look at what these all have in common, they could all be related to Joy Boy and the Clan of D. Joy Boy is possibly a giant, based on the straw hat we saw Imu look at. There's poneglyphs detailing how Poseidon and Joy Boy had a connection, we know Zou was an ally to Joy Boy, and Wano seems to have a deep connection to Joy Boy and something against the WG. All of these kingdoms have a history of strong fighters. My guess is, these were the 4 strongest allies to Joy Boy and the Clan of D, and Lili sent them there for safe keeping and out of EVERYONE'S HANDS.
The ruler of Wano at the time, presumed an ally, may have made the road poneglyphs that would be the only method of getting to this island. Also, because Joy Boy presumably had a fairly large and strong alliance, I'm sure between all of them combined they could amass a great amount of wealth.

Ok, so I've made a fair amount of assumptions, but nothings too much of a stretch yet. This is to paint the picture of my actual theory.
I theorize that Joy Boy, along with the help of Wano and Lili, sent maps to his strongest allies leading to the final island where he stashed his massive treasure. Then told the world about this amazing treasure so it would live in infamy for generations to come. He knew that one day a member of his clan 800 years later would return to the Final Island. Similar to Madam Shyarly's prophecies, that's maybe all he knew, so his goal was to make the mofo the strongest around. Strong enough to take on Imu and the WG. Like Roger, he challenged the world to find that final island so when his future ally did, he would have had the hardest journey imaginable. The kind of tough ass journey that it would take to win. Along with the treasure, he inscribed one Final Poneglyph that had everything. The secrets of the WG, what happened during the Void Century, what is the Will of D, what are the Ancient Weapons, everything that Roger found. With the hope that it would inspire them to go on and take down the WG that they lost to.
TLDR: Joy Boy knew an ally would show up in the future to laugh tale, so he left the greatest treasure there and challenged the world to find it (like Roger), this challenge would make his ally so strong they could take on the WG that they once lost to
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2023.06.02 17:30 Treyman1115 [DISC] Return of the Bloodthirsty Police Chapter 13 Void Scans

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2023.06.02 17:29 NathanXXI Back of brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max gets extremely hot randomly when in use

I just got a brand new iPhone 14 pro max, and whenever I use it it will randomly get extremely hot on the back of the phone, usually right around the volume buttons and under the camera. This only happens with certain apps like YouTube, or if I switch between apps. I used a wireless charger once, but have only used the provided USB-C charger since. I got the phone about a week ago, so should I return it, or is this just something that is supposed to happen with this type of iPhone?
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2023.06.02 17:29 Dizzy_Mind82 Fit check/ help

Fit check/ help
Fit check/help
Hello everyone! I’m very new to the Birkenstock world, and so far I’m completely hooked! I’m not a person that ever liked or wore open toe shoes (I dislike flip flops etc) and in sneakers I am a 7.5- 8 women’s. 7.5 is snug but still completely comfortable. 8 are slightly more room at the toe so all my running and walking shoes are 8s- I got my first pair of Arizonas and I sized at a 39- they are now starting to feel a bit loose after 2 weeks of wearing, so I may punch a hole in the strap. Regardless last week I went and purchased some Kyoto and I accidentally bought the 38s vs the 39s- and while they still fit fine and are comfortable I don’t know if I should return them for the 39- or just leave them as is and stay with the 38. The toe bar sits better in 38 but also doesn’t bother me at all in 39 and I’m completely lost and torn on what to do- I feel like I should return them but want to make sure I’m not overthinking it.
Maybe I’m getting to hung up on the number?
I just know they are a long term shoe and I don’t want to mess it up lol sorry for the novel!
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2023.06.02 17:29 LoveMangaBuddy Read Magic Scholar - Chapter 29 - MangaPuma

Certan was the prince of the demon world who wrecked havoc a long time ago. His father, the king of the demon world, had his soul sealed in an octagonal tablet and he sent to the human world… By accident, he got stuck with a boy named Go Jinyoung… ‘Let’s conquer the martial world with magic!’ The popular martial arts novel, Magic Scholar, returns as a webtoon! ... Read Magic Scholar - Chapter 29 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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Let’s take a moment and come together as a community of trusted and well-guarded buyers and sellers here on Reddit, and agree that the shit show over at RepFashionBST has now started to taint our ecosystem on our end. Yes, it was a very neat try at reviving the BST essence when we all banded together to close it while we sorted out issues with other subs being canned repwatchbstrepladiesbst*
We are also now including the subreddit RepSneakersBST
Places you are able to crosspost or have activity on is on REPSNEAKERBST , QualityRepsBST
As of 8/29/2022 we will now Strictly Enforce a ban on Cross-Posting to that specific subreddit. What does that mean?
If you get scammed and come to us and we find out you crossposted, you will be banned for 30 days effective immediately.
If we take a glance at your post in our queue and take a look at your recent history and see you posted in the other sub you will be Temp Banned for 7 days for the first offense. 30 days for the second offense. After that, it will be a Permanent Ban unless we believe it's an issue already we have the right to completely ban without first offenses etc.
If your account is mentioned in our mod mail and we see a history of buying and selling on that sub you will be banned according to the new system explained ⬆️
Now that that’s clear go ahead and deter people from using that sub. It was never affiliated with us and it will never be, try and direct all traffic this way to help people stay safe.
Side Note If your post has been removed it was put into the moderator queue to be approved, it doesn’t mean it was removed entirely we have mod messages that explain why your post was removed.

APPLICATION FOR NEW VOUCHED USERS (if you don't read this then you ain't good enough to be a vouched user)
current requirements for Vouched Flair:
For more information on the Vouching system, click here.
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2023.06.02 17:29 Ill_Rutabaga3531 What should I do?

Embarrassing Moment! Help
So I occasionally go on a gay chat app. I'm very careful who I talk to or send pics to as I don't really "consider" myself gay but i like to talk to guys occasionally and find new friends. I think someone I know had a clue who I was as they were at a beach in my area(very small area). I went to the store in town an someone passed yelling my name. I couldn't see who it was in time. About hour later on the app I got a message asking " Is this (my name) so I responded about 40 min later after actually seeing the message asking "who"? Then I said my name is Dan with the local opera crew hanging out with a bunch of people , do you wanna come chill? We live in a tourist area with a opera right down the road also and every spring/summer it gets busy an all the people from around the country come here to be a part of the opera show and set. So anyway, next morning I got to work and my buddy pulled up next to me as we always park next to eacother. He said " how's it going (my name)? Then quickly he followed with it was him, his gf, his sister an her friend all on their way BK from the beach and seen me pulling into the store and yelled my name. They live like 35mim away. So I played it off like ooh shit I had no idea who it was cause I couldn't turn my head around fast enough. It was at that moment I knew/had a feeling it was him an his weird sister and her weird girlfriend probably on the gay chat app . My profile pic wasn't anything direct that it was me other then of my upper chest and some of my chin along with my left arm an no visable tattoo. I think they strictly knew they were within couple miles of where I live and it just happened I don't know. All I had was an approx height an 15 lb over my actual weight nothing more on my discription. I added a few pics of some opera stuff that goes on locally and also made my profile info about after opera rehersal how we go to the lake out on the boat with the crew(I don't own a boat or.go to the lake). Then yesterday on the app I made it look like I had to go BK to Massachusetts for few days untill Saturday so that way they would see why I'm off the chart now for few days till I either keep playing the opera role when "he" returns an slowly delete the account shortly after that or just not sign BK in after everyone thinks i went BK to mass for few days? I'm pretty sure I have my buddy like 60% convinced it wasn't me by the way I talked about what I did over the weekend an so on. he wasn't really asking toto many more detailed questions through out the day but I felt like I had some hints. Or I was gonna just put on Facebook, visable only to him an few others to make it look good , that my info was stolen an compromised online WHICH I did mention to him earlier in the week my bank was being weird not taking my auto payments for some reason for most my bills(true story) then once I see him at work I'll elaborate more that someone must of jacked my photo off only fans an was trying to use it to make money themselves on a bunch of weird apps or something ? Then he'll ask " you had an only fans " an I'll just play it off like yeah I messed around on there not knowing I had to put no one has the right to use or promote my photos without my permission an just kinda go that route with it?
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2023.06.02 17:29 omni_shaNker Running Red Matter 2 on the Quest 2 at the Quest Pro resolution is great

So I found that for some reason Veritcal Robot, the developers of Red Matter 2, runs the game at a scaled down resolution on the Quest 2 but they scale it up on the Quest Pro. Since there's not much, if any, performance difference between the two headsets, I thought I'd try to up the resolution of the game on the Quest 2 and see how it goes. It was great. Same performance. If anyone is interested, your device must be in developer mode. I posted a video about it you can watch here, but the bottom line is just run this command:
adb shell setprop debug.oculus.textureWidth 1900&adb shell setprop debug.oculus.textureHeight 2100&adb shell setprop debug.oculus.refreshRate 72&adb shell setprop debug.oculus.foveation.level 4&adb shell setprop debug.oculus.foveation.dynamic 1
Then fire up Red Matter 2 and enjoy.Surprisingly there really isn't much, if any, horsepower difference between the two headsets. That's ONE of the reasons I returned mine. This game is so well done, the visuals are great, they used a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine for this game, they really went over and beyond in optimizing this game, and the story line is great. If you like Sci-Fi you'll enjoy this game.
Technical details:On the Quest Pro this game runs at:1699x1904Whereas on the Quest 2 they run the game at:1256x1440This is a significant difference. The above listed command sets the Quest 2 resolution to 1900x2100, which must be set since this game is using a lower resolution multiplier on the Quest 2, which brings the game to run at 1704x1904 on the Quest 2. Also Dynamic Fixed Foveated rendering is enabled with the above listed command. I've run this game on the Quest Pro and the Quest 2. I couldn't believe how POOR it looked on the Quest 2 until I did this. Hope any Red Matter 2 fans can rediscover this game using this method! Out of all the Quest 2 natively run VR games I've played this one comes the closest to looking like the PC VR version.
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2023.06.02 17:29 Vegas_off_the_Strip Can I use results from a DEXA scan, VO2Max, and RMR laboratory test to improve the accuracy of my Apple Watch SE?

I just got my first Apple Watch. It's an SE. I am digging into the sleep tracker and the heart tracker and have downloaded a few apps. I'm trying to get on top of fitness and health this year and am efforting to lose weight.
I just purchased a package deal where I will be going to a clinic to get a DEXA scan, to get my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) measured, and to test my VO2 Max. I am wondering if there's anyway that I can use these results to improve the accuracy of the watch's calculations for these same measurements.
I also just bought a smart scale that measures body fat and muscle and a few other items and that is sharing data with the watch/Iphone. I'm not sure if I can use the data to improve the accuracy of the scale, although my hope is that the DEXA scan just confirms that the scale is measuring these things accurately or within a couple percentage points as that seems close enough for me.
I am primarily interested in getting the caloric estimates accurate as I've heard that these tend to be way off on most fitness trackers so if there's any chance that I could use the RMR to get my watch to accurately update calorie burn throughout the day that would be ideal.
Also, if you have any favorite apps please do share. I'll be going through the wiki page and recommendations today as well.
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2023.06.02 17:28 ziphode24 [LFA](repost) Vadon, Human Ranger that has gained the attention of a fey queen. More details in comments.

[LFA](repost) Vadon, Human Ranger that has gained the attention of a fey queen. More details in comments. submitted by ziphode24 to characterdrawing [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:28 oestcote123 Is this acute gastritis? I can't tell?

Hi all,

Came across this reddit after speaking with my doctor but wanted to get some thoughts from you guys. He thinks it's post gastroenteritis IBS / inflamed stomach / intestines but it doesn't necessarily feel like what I'm reading here.

I'm a mid-30s male, pretty healthy dude, no negative medical history and definitely no history of gut issues. Diet wise I'm a pretty healthy eater; home cooked meals most nights, sometimes fast food, decaf tea/coffee drinker only and social drinker (1-2 week).

5 weeks ago I got hit with food poisoning that floored me for a couple days e.g. severe diarrhoea and abdominal pain / back, mild nausea and vomiting. This lasted two days then subsided, leaving me with the abdominal and back pain that was bad enough for me to go to the doctor 3 times in the span of about a week where he told me it was viral gastroenteritis which has given me post viral IBS and my damaged stomach / intestines just needed time to heal.

From there I went on a very bland diet (rice, chicken, no dairy, no gluten, no alcohol, etc.) and the pain has gone from severe pain to severe discomfort over 5 weeks, so some progress but not a whole lot. Stool has returned to relatively normal, ranging from hard to soft with one instance of diarrhoea)

But I also learned over the course of the past few weeks that what I eat doesn’t really matter? I have constant pain in my stomach and back no matter what. For example, I slowly introduced foods into my diet and they have had no adverse impact. From diary to gluten to spicy food to alcohol. I can consume it and I don't feel any acid reflex, indigestion, diarrhoea or reactionary pain from what already exists. It's pretty much the same whether I eat bland foods or spicy foods and alcohol.

I guess my question is - has anyone experienced this? From what I've been reading I should expecting to be doubled over or shitting my brains out at the mere sight of spicy food, coffee, alcohol, milk, etc. but that doesn't seem to be the case.

It feels like I'm healing and I hope to God I am, but would love to hear if anyone has had similar experiences?

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2023.06.02 17:27 Tacet_Tired I'm new, and most guides are outdated :(

Hey yall,
I'm a bit of a returning player, I played when the game was first released and never really got into it. I'm currently just restarting and sitting at HQ 7. Are there any tips or guides yall have that could help me out? Even simple things like if I shouldn't rush HQ upgrades or which heros/comps are good would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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2023.06.02 17:27 Big-Poem-9766 i hate my life, i feel broken, i feel like crying.

hey, guys as a lot of you here i grow up in a house, that taught that straight hair is beautiful and curly hair isn't that beautiful, they even used to talk about my hair and how it's now bad because i don't take care of it, little did they know that it was just curly, but they wanted me to brush and treat it like straight hair, i hate my fucking life, anyways i learned about how my hair is curly from this sub, so i started my routine and grow my hair out, and started taking care of it as curly.
and omg my family were so unsupportive even though i liked, my opinion doesn't matter what matters is my parents opinion and they used to comment on how bad it looked and give me backhanded insults, but what can i say but stfu, it got even to a point that even my siblings started insulting me and making jokes about my hair, it truly hurt i didn't even want compliments i just wanted them to leave me alone.
but no they continued till cut my hair and returned back to brushing it, and everyone went on with their lives like nobody did anything they forgot so bad, and i was bitter for a whole year, this was a year ago or 2 years ago, anyways last month i wanted to return to taking care of my hair. because it was one of the only thing i liked about myself.
so i bought myself a conditioner and shampoo, and ordered a gel (because the gels we have locally are awful and i found this one with a great discount 50%)
so today i went to the bathroom with my clothes and i have put my products inside my towel because i didn't want to hear there comments, and i went to shower opened my clothes and one of my products the gel that isn't avaliable here, and it dropped inside the toilet seat, omg i felt so broken i felt like crying) but anyways i stfu and came here to vent because i don't have nobody to talk to, and i cant even afford therapy for my suicidal thoughts and i don't feel like anybody understand me.
so where do i put this things other than here.
ps: i hate my life, the idea of death is soothing to me now (i'm not exaggerating there's other problems than my hair problem i'm so distant from my parents even if i tried talking to them my feelings get shut down, i have zero self confidence i feel like failure even though i got into the best uni in my country but i still hate myself, everytime i see someone doing what i couldn't do because i got bullied for it in my household i hate my life, i talked to my mother about my hair thing and she just denied that she did anything i fking hate my life)
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2023.06.02 17:27 powerdebater Anyone else have constant flare ups?

Ever since I got diagnosed last year, I’ve been having flare ups every two-four months or so. I took preidsone for the first time and mesalazine, but after a few months the flare up returned severely, and then I was given biologics intravenously, but now I’m having a flare up only 2 months after…
I just want to know if this is normal or something, could it be because of my food?
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2023.06.02 17:27 Raiden127456 A couple OC ideas i came up with on accident

So i have this problem where i simply cannot watch any kind of show or anime i enjoy without eventually making an OC for it, most of which tend to be either overpowered as hell or just so weird that they would never make sense in the source material (These two are no exception).
Now that that's out of the way, here are the WIP descriptions of my 2 OCs (I would've had 3, but not only did Genya completely nullify what made my 1st OC unique and stupid, but my thinking eventually made him too ridiculous even for me, so i dropped him).
Character 1
Name: Akaji (赤路 - Meaning Red road) *WIP\*
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Yokagawa village (Made up name for consistency reasons)
Rank: Unknown
Weapon: Nichirin Tsurugi (Double edged sword)
Breathing technique: Blood breathing

Character 2
Name: Kanna (神無 - Meaning "God" & "To not exist")
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Yokagawa village
Rank: Shrine maiden
Weapon: Dual Nichirin Tantō (Daggers)
Breathing technique: None
Sacred spirit art - The fox spirit's trickery Used by Kanna to protect her village from demons, it is a powerful and deadly art which has yet to be beaten that focuses on distracting and confusing the enemy.
Upon using the sacred art, Kanna will seemingly disappear from sight, while many copies of her begin attacking the target. The copies cannot do any real damage, but while they confuse the enemy and make them look out for what they see, she lands perfect strikes against the target with invisible precision, forcing the enemy to focus on what they can't see, which none have successfully managed.
After she has weakened and terrified the enemy enough, she will reveal herself to the target as the sacred Kitsune spirit, before landing the final strike on the neck of whoever means to harm her home.
While her Sacred spirit art is powerful, Kanna's physical strength and combat skills do not extend past it, as she has almost no free time to practice due to her job as a shrine maiden, so if you can find a way to consistently counter the ability, she becomes much less of a threat. But that is still quite a big "If" however.
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2023.06.02 17:27 rm-w Item return

Hi, so i’m fairly new to purchasing items on vinted and not completely sure how the returns work.
I purchased an item that included 3 separate items (shorts, leggings, sports bra). The items were listed as a Medium, size 10 and I even messaged the seller first to confirm that all three items were a size 10. They confirmed that they were.
Unfortunately when they arrived they were all 12/14 and because of that they did not fit. I reported an issue with the sizing and they requested a return. Am I obligated to pay for the return? Normally I would and wouldn’t be fussed over a few pounds but I just honestly don’t think it’s fair if I have to pay for the return, considering the items were not as described.
Any help would be appreciated! thanks x
ETA: Spelling
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