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2009.04.19 06:01 hax0r Toyota - Let's Go Places!


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All things 1st Gen, the best Tacoma ever made 1995.5-2004

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Anything and everything related to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

2023.06.02 17:51 Basil_9 Horrorborous

Listen here you mouthbreathing, iPad-greasing little shits. I know you’re exhausted from struggling with fractions and your book report on The Rainbow Fish this year, but now that you aren’t being stimulated by Mrs. Schwin and her Hydrocodone 7 hours a day anymore, please use what little room you have left in that pink puddle between your ears to absorb this one last piece of information before it collapses under its own weight for the summer:
Stop shooting Horrorborous’s body. Shoot his bomb instead.
We’re in Profreshional now. You have no excuse to not look at the HP bar and notice the pathetically small damage that inking or egging its body does. And yet somehow, I see all of you spraying up your ink in the air the entire round as if it would suddenly do something. Let me break it down for you; it won’t. You aren’t gonna hit a secret weak spot that no one else found before, and you aren’t going to hit a random crit or something. Those do not exist here.
I am not willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Because Horrorborous shares the EXACT SAME MECHANIC as Steelheads. Anyone short of a lobotomized dementia patient high on all the drugs known and unknown to mankind should be able to connect the dots between “This guy with a bomb you’re supposed to splat before it goes off” and “This guy with a bomb you’re supposed to splat before it goes off, but bigger!” You probably have even seen a Steelhead within the last 5.5 minutes so you it’s definitely fresh in your underdeveloped mind!
Regardless of that connection, it’s still so painfully obvious that I’m pretty sure you could show your grandparents who haven’t gamed since Pong and they could figure out what you’re supposed to do! What more could Nintendo possibly have done to hold your animal cracker dusted hands and make it more clear to you? Add a big arrow? Have the Squid Sisters pop in for a quirky explanation?
I wish this game mode had voice chat, which is probably older than you, so I could unleash the unholy rage of a thousand suns I feel whenever I see you pathetically flail your ink and eggs at his body like a flashbanged infant!
Santa isn’t real, you malformed lump of cells.
Shoot. Horrorborous’s. Bomb.
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2023.06.02 17:50 thatiamintrovert Reoccurring dream of sons absent father, why do I keep having this dream!?

My son is nearly 12 years old, and his father has been absent the entire time. We were together from 17-19, 19 is when I had my son. My ex was a drug addict at the time and emotionally abusive. My parents forced me to get a restraining order which in reality was the best option to keep us safe and that was that. He isn’t on the birth certificate and I don’t receive child support. We connected when my son was 5, he stated he wanted to be his dad, and take responsibility but nothing grew from there, after the phone call ended, I never heard from him again. He’s 100% out of our lives, and yet the often reoccurring dreams are vivid, always him wanting to be a father and a husband, we’re always happy in the dream and then I wake up feeling depressed. I do feel like I wish we could’ve tried to be a family but I know that how things unfolded were the best outcome for myself and my son. I just don’t understand why this dream keeps happening and it’s been nearly 12 years since I’ve seen him! The dreams occurs usually when I’m in a stressful situation in my waking life, but sometimes they just occur randomly. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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2023.06.02 17:50 jaded_sailor First Time Home Owner Calgary , what is RPR Fee and who pays for it?

Buying my first home directly from the builder.
The builder is asking for me to pay RPR fee as the closing date is nearing.
It was a pre-construction that I booked and now it's almost complete.
Who pays for RPR fee for a brand new home purchased- is it the builder or buyer? What is this fee for?
Is this fee optional?
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2023.06.02 17:50 Tarrius88 Summary of SB 747- Elections Law Changes (Filed 6/1/2023)
Primary Sponsors- Senators Hise, P. Newton, and Daniel
GS 163-231 (b) is altered to extend the time to receive ballots by mail/courier to county board from 5PM to 7:30PM the day of the primary or general election. If received after that time they will not be counted unless that county has extended all hours of their polling locations or federal law requires them to be counted. It also removes the rule to allow for ballots post marked on or before election day to be received within the following 3 days of election day to be counted.
GS 163-227.10 amended with new subsection: Each county board of elections and the State Board shall publish on its website and on any materials sent to voters the date by which absentee ballots are available for voting.
GS 163-230.1 amended with new subsection. Each county board of elections and the State Board shall publish on its website and on any materials sent to voters the date by which a completed request form as described in subsection (a) of this section must be received by a county board of elections.
Article 20 of Chapter 163 of GS is amended with new subsection.
During the one-stop early voting period, each county board must report:
  1. The number of absentee ballots that have been spoiled due to the voter voting in person at a one-stop voting site.
  2. The number of outstanding absentee ballots.
From the day after the election through the day after the absentee ballots receipt deadline, each county board must report by 5:00 PM each day:
  1. The number of absentee ballots that have been counted.
  2. The number of outstanding absentee ballots.
  3. The number of voted provisional ballots.
Lastly, the State Board is required to publish all reports received from a county board of elections on its website daily. The published information must be publicly accessible and presented in a readable and usable format.
GS 163-22 amended with new subsection. Nothing in this Chapter shall grant authority to the State Board of Elections to accept private monetary donations, directly or indirectly, for conducting elections or employing individuals on a temporary basis.
GS 163-33 amended with new subsection. Nothing in this Chapter shall grant authority to county boards of elections to accept private monetary donations, directly or indirectly, for conducting elections or employing individuals on a temporary basis.
GS 163-37 amended. Nothing in this Chapter shall grant authority to county boards of commissioners to accept private monetary donations, directly or indirectly, for conducting elections or employing individuals on a temporary basis.
GS 9-6 amended. All applications for excuses from jury duty, including applications based on disqualification under G.S. 9-3, shall be made on a form developed and furnished by the Administrative Office of the Courts. Applications shall allow prospective jurors to specify the reason for excusal based on disqualification, including lack of United States citizenship.
Article 1 of Chapter 9 of GS adds new subsection.
This section describes the handling of data for individuals who request to be excused from jury duty.
  1. The details (name, address, and reason for the request) of anyone who applies to be excused from jury duty due to ineligibility should be retained by the clerk of superior court for the duration of the biennium as per G.S. 9-2. These records are not considered public records under G.S. 132-1, and the clerk can destroy them at the end of each biennium.
  2. If a person is disqualified from jury duty because they are not a U.S. citizen, the clerk must report this information to the State Board of Elections quarterly. This report includes personal data from the master jury list, reasons and date of disqualification. The Board uses this information to remove names from its list of registered voters according to G.S. 163-82.14. These records are public under G.S. 132-1, with exceptions as prohibited by federal statute, and they can be destroyed after four years.
  3. Nothing in this section restricts the authority of a local or State Board of Elections to determine a person's voting eligibility.
GS 163-82.14 amended.
This section pertains to the disqualification of noncitizens from jury duty and their removal from voter registration lists.
  1. The clerk of the superior court must send an electronic file every quarter to the State Board of Elections for every person disqualified from jury duty because they are not a U.S. citizen.
  2. Within 30 days of receiving this report, the State Board of Elections must: a. Review the voter registration and citizenship status of each person identified, using state and federal databases. b. Distribute to each county board of elections a report of the individuals registered to vote in that county, including their voter registration number, and the results of the review. If the review determines that the individual became a U.S. citizen after being disqualified from jury duty and did not vote prior to becoming a citizen, their name will not be included in the report.
  3. Within 30 days of receiving the report, the county board of elections must: a. Give 30 days' written notice to the voter. If the voter does not object, the board removes their name from registration records and notifies them of the removal. b. If the voter objects to the removal within 30 days, the chair of the county board of elections initiates a challenge under G.S. 163-85(c)(7). The report from the State Board of Elections serves as primary evidence in the preliminary hearing that the person is not a U.S. citizen. This presumption can be rebutted by evidence of citizenship naturalization or other federal documentation of citizenship.
  4. The records kept under this subsection are public records under G.S. 132-1, unless prohibited by federal law. The State Board of Elections and county board of elections must retain these electronic records for four years and can destroy them when they are no longer public records.
GS 163-230.1(f) is amended to allow for absentee ballot applications to be available to the public for inspection during the 5 week period before an election. There will will be 1 or more of these meetings during this period every Tuesday at 5pm.
GS 163-237 is amended to state "any person other than the State Board or a county board of elections, or any employee of the State Board or a county board of elections, who affixes or prints a barcode on an absentee ballot, an absentee container-return envelope, or an absentee ballot request form shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor."
GS 163-22 and GS 163-33 add new subsections. State Board of Elections shall ensure election records are retained and preserved for a period of 22 months after an election or as otherwise specified in federal law, whichever is greater.
GS 163-166.12(c)- Elections officials shall list on on voter rolls what type of identification was provided by voter to be available to public.
GS 163-166.8(b) updated to state that Precinct officials shall maintain a log of any person rendering assistance to a voter pursuant to this section. The log shall include the printed name and address of any person rendering assistance to the voter and a space for that individual's signature.
Article 7A of Chapter 163 of GS adds subsection.
The new text details the procedure for same-day registration and voting at one-stop voting sites.
As per § 163-82.6B, an individual who is eligible to register to vote can register in person and vote at a one-stop voting site in their county of residence during the specified one-stop voting period. However, the individual must vote using a provisional ballot, and the ballot is only counted under one of the following circumstances:
  1. Upon verification of the individual's address in accordance with procedures outlined in G.S. 163-82.7. This verification should be done by first-class mail.
  2. If the voter provides a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or any other government document displaying their name and address to the county board of elections where they reside before the polls close on election day.
GS 163-182.15 amended by adding a new subsection. The State Board of Elections shall submit an annual report on any revisions made to elections records after certification of elections, including the rationale for and timing of the revisions, to the Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee and the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government.
GS 163-89(b) updated. Allows for any registered voted of the same county to challenge a voter's absentee ballot.
GS 163-229(b)(3) and GS 163-231(a) updated to required printed names of any witness for absentee ballots.
G.S. 163-231 adds new subsection. The State Board of Elections shall require county boards of elections to use verification software to check the signatures of voters noted on executed absentee ballots before those ballots are accepted by the county boards.
GS 163-227.6(a) updated. This law explains that a county board of elections can unanimously decide to establish one or more sites for absentee ballots to be applied for and cast, notwithstanding other provisions of G.S. 163-227.2, 163-227.5, and this section.
Staff members at these sites should either be members or full-time employees of the county board of elections or have received equivalent training. Precinct officials should be allocated similarly to election day voting sites.
These sites need to be approved by the State Board as part of a Plan for Implementation, which must also be approved by both the county and State boards. This plan should include sufficient security measures for ballots and should prevent individuals from voting more than once. It should also contain a provision for the presence of political party observers, similar to those at voting places on election day.
A county board of elections can propose not to offer one-stop voting at its office. The State Board may approve this only if there is an alternative site reasonably near the county board office and if the sites provide adequate coverage of the county's electorate.
If the county board of elections can't unanimously agree on a plan, any member(s) can petition the State Board to adopt a plan. The State Board can also consider alternative petitions from other board members. The adopted plan should not disproportionately favor any party, racial or ethnic group, or candidate.
GS 163-90.2(c) updated. This passage explains the procedure for appealing decisions made by a county board of elections in relation to challenges under this Article.
A decision made by a county board of elections regarding any challenge can be appealed to the Superior Court of the county where the board's offices are located within 10 days. If the appeal is made by the State Board of Elections, the appeal would go to the Superior Court of the county where the challenge originated.
Only those individuals against whom a challenge is upheld, or those who have made a challenge that has been overruled, have the standing to file such an appeal.
GS 163-274(b) updated. Any person to impersonate a chief judge, judge of election, or other election officer while in the discharge of duties in the registration of voters or in conducting any primary or election shall be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.
GS 163-166.01 is updated. If the statutory poll closing time of 7:30 P.M. on election day is extended by court order in one county, the poll closing time shall be extended on election day in all counties by an equal amount of time.
GS 163-275 updated to mandate State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) to get involved on any felony level crimes relating to elections.
GS 163-45(a) is updated to allow an observer relieved after serving no less than the four hours provided in this subsection may serve an additional four hours during the same primary or election day at any voting place in that same county upon designation by the party chair.
GS 163-47(a) is updated to remove requirement for Chief Judge and Judges to remain at the polling place all day for any election.
Article 20 of Chapter 163 of the GS adds new subsection. The State Board of Elections shall establish and implement a two-factor authentication process for executed absentee ballots transmitted by mail to a county board of elections. A county board of elections shall use the process established by this section before an executed absentee ballot is opened and counted by elections officials.
GS 163-275(5) updated to state that it is only a crime when someone knowingly voted when their voting rights were stripped away due to a crime.
Has a bunch of small changes to procedures or clears up some procedural questions. Nothing of merit.
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2023.06.02 17:50 Basil_9 Horrorborous.

Listen here you mouthbreathing, iPad-greasing little shits. I know you’re exhausted from struggling with fractions and your book report on The Rainbow Fish this year, but now that you aren’t being stimulated by Mrs. Schwin and her Hydrocodone 7 hours a day anymore, please use what little room you have left in that pink puddle between your ears to absorb this one last piece of information before it collapses under its own weight for the summer:
Stop shooting Horrorborous’s body. Shoot his bomb instead.
We’re in Profreshional now. You have no excuse to not look at the HP bar and notice the pathetically small damage that inking or egging its body does. And yet somehow, I see all of you spraying up your ink in the air the entire round as if it would suddenly do something. Let me break it down for you; it won’t. You aren’t gonna hit a secret weak spot that no one else found before, and you aren’t going to hit a random crit or something. Those do not exist here.
I am not willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Because Horrorborous shares the EXACT SAME MECHANIC as Steelheads. Anyone short of a lobotomized dementia patient high on all the drugs known and unknown to mankind should be able to connect the dots between “This guy with a bomb you’re supposed to splat before it goes off” and “This guy with a bomb you’re supposed to splat before it goes off, but bigger!” You probably have even seen a Steelhead within the last 5.5 minutes so you it’s definitely fresh in your underdeveloped mind!
Regardless of that connection, it’s still so painfully obvious that I’m pretty sure you could show your grandparents who haven’t gamed since Pong and they could figure out what you’re supposed to do! What more could Nintendo possibly have done to hold your animal cracker dusted hands and make it more clear to you? Add a big arrow? Have the Squid Sisters pop in for a quirky explanation?
I wish this game mode had voice chat, which is probably older than you, so I could unleash the unholy rage of a thousand suns I feel whenever I see you pathetically flail your ink and eggs at his body like a flashbanged infant!
Santa isn’t real, you malformed lump of cells.
Shoot. Horrorborous’s. Bomb.
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2023.06.02 17:50 The_Omniphage [QCrit] Adult Sci-Fi Action Thriller - THE MARROWER (70k, 1st attempt)

Hey All,
I'm new here (this sub was suggested to me by someone over at scifiwriting) and pretty new to Reddit in general, so apologies if I'm doing this wrong, and thanks for your patience. I've written a sci-fi novel and have been shopping it around with pretty limited luck — I just can't seem to get past the query stage. Those that have actually read the manuscript all seem to really enjoy it, so I think maybe I'm hosing up the query itself. Hence, why I'm here.
This is actually the 3rd or 4th version of the query (I did a workshop at a writer's conference not too long ago), but I haven't shared it with anyone yet, so y'all are my test audience (and I appreciate it very much). FWIW, I'm a published author but only short stories in a couple of mags and I have no representation of which to speak.
Dear [READER],
Foxhound, a steadfast mercenary transporting a prisoner from the edge of the solar system back to Earth, is compelled to answer an SOS from a cultist colony ship orbiting a remote mining asteroid. She’s informed that eviscerated bodies, the very marrow ripped from their bones, have been found aboard the city-sized vessel and that the cultists already have the suspected serial killer in custody. But when she boards the colossal ship, she discovers that the suspect in question is actually a young orphan girl—one that Foxhound finds disturbingly familiar.
But before she can piece together who the girl is, how their lives intertwine, and what—or likelier who—orchestrated their implausible rendezvous, a group of violent prisoners aboard Foxhound’s own starship breaks free. And the once-peaceful cultists have taken up arms in response. Amid the chaos, Foxhound must team up with her mechanized AI assistant and two of the cult’s wayward members to stop the barbaric escapees, elude the grasp of the cult’s enigmatic, radicalized leader, and protect and extract the mysterious, potentially dangerous girl.
THE MARROWER (70,000 words) is a character-driven science-fiction action-thriller intended to be inclusive, accessible, and diverse, meeting the requirements of both the Bechdel and Mako Mori tests. The book will appeal to lovers of sci-fi in the tradition of James S.A. Corey (The Expanse), Pierce Brown (Red Rising), Battlestar Galactica, Bungie’s Destiny video game series, and Star Wars (especially The Mandalorian).
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and attention.
Location: Unknown
Observe. Examine. Analyze. Extrapolate.
React. Retreat.
Dodge. Guard. Protect.
Advance. Attack. Annihilate.
Slash. Maim. Rip. Crack. Devour.
Satisfy. Nourish. Sustain.
Evacuate. Escape.

“Where the hell is everybody?” Corporal Vasquez, a senior officer of Deadwood Mining Corporation Security, said out loud to no one in particular.
In his four years working for DMC-Sec’s boots-on-the-ground District Management Team, he had never seen a security substation so empty. Even for Deadwood—one of the smallest backwater mining asteroids, floating around the Kuiper Belt so far beyond the reach of the sun’s rays—it seemed unusual, concerning even. There wasn’t even an officer stationed at the reception desk.
“How should I know?” replied his captive, a gaunt, worse-for-wear man known around the station only as “Fink.”
“Wasn’t talking to you.” Vasquez shoved Fink, sending the bald, slender man shoulder-first into one of the security substation walls.
“Hey, watch it, man,” the prisoner whined, righting himself. He shook his wrists, jingling the cumbersome cuffs that kept his arms secured behind his back. “Kind of at a disadvantage here.”
In the short time they had been together, Vasquez had already begun to understand why some of his fellow officers chose to use violence as a means of keeping the rabble around the station in check. It wasn’t his style. In fact, it was a point of pride to Vasquez that he never bent the rules when it came to enforcing what limited laws there were on Deadwood, but Fink had pushed him to his limits through sheer annoyance and indignation.
Vasquez had picked up Fink while undercover on a human trafficking sting. The skeletal man hadn’t been the target, and the corporal had blown his cover by bringing him in, but Vasquez simply couldn’t ignore the flagrance with which Fink had approached him. Worse, Fink was offering up children for sale. The conversation between them had lasted mere minutes before Fink was in cuffs and Vasquez was marching him back to the security substation for processing.
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2023.06.02 17:50 Zamballon 💰 [PAYMENT PROOF] The BEST WAY to EARN FREE Cryptos. 70 different coins. Claim FREE DOGE two times per hour and withdraw INSTANTLY to your Wallet. Perform easy tasks and get points which you can exchange for Cryptos automatically.

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When setting the faucet, remember more cryptos consume more points. The best set I've found is ten minutes per refresh and x5 rate. There's a 20% bonus on weekends, so save your Dutchys for them.
What else can I do here?
Complete shortlinks for more bonuses. Find the easiest ones and finish them in less than ten minutes. PTCs are great for fast EXP too.
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register at the site and let me know your earnings!
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2023.06.02 17:50 TimeTravelO DRX skin sucks

DRX skin sucks
They literally chose worst concept for skin while this one exists
other concepts from this artist was actually used for others skins in the line
And knowing what Beryl asked for they didn't went with this one is also stupid
Though I understand why second one was scrapped. It's too similar with Elysia, then why the one in the first pic was not chosen is big mystery for me and big L for riot
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2023.06.02 17:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO (

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.02 17:50 deknegt1990 On a fresh boot I always have to restart my Jellyfin server to get it to work.

Thread title:
So I am running into an issue where every time my server restarts, I need to first remote into the server and restart Jellyfin (whether it's an Stop/start or a full exit/restart doesn't matter) for the server to actually be reachable.
I have a task in task scheduler that basicaly starts Jellyfin on system boot, and all the other stuff like RadarSonaretc. run without any hitch, except when I try to reach the Jellyfin server it gives me a "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now---" message when I try to access my Jellyfin server from either the browser, app, or even via the browser on the server itself!
Restarting the server makes it work correctly, but that means I have to remote into the server every single time it has an (un)scheduled restart. And that defeats the entire purpose of using task scheduler.
Anybody else run into these issues?
I run on WS2022 21H2.
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2023.06.02 17:50 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Program (Here)

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2023.06.02 17:50 Smeleanora Baby and Toddler Show

I’ve got two tickets to the baby and toddler show in Liverpool on Saturday (tomorrow) if anyone wants them? I’ve also got a goodie bag when you’re there? We were going to go, but I saw Coldplay on Wednesday and it’s knackered me 😂😂
All for free, just hope someone can make use of them.
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2023.06.02 17:50 MaceLeonardo Defending The Draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The old man has finally left… As a Bucs fan I have to just start by thanking Tom Brady by giving me some of the best years of Buc’s football I have seen in my 22 years of life. From eliminating the Saints and retiring Brees to winning the SB the Bucs teams from the Brady era will always be special to me. But saying that this move had to happen as with Brady the Bucs would not be able to rebuild the roster to the degree that is needed.
While a roster top loaded with talent the Bucs are in a huge deficit of depth through the roster even before Brady left. During this season we saw the effect of this lack of depth with the amount of injuries we had throughout the interior of the O-line and through the entire defense. Injuries to Ryan Jensen and Aaron Stinnie forced inexperienced players upfront which led to the biggest problem of the season which was pressure from the interior of the line. While backup Center Robert Hainsey held up and gave the Bucs fans hope for a post Ryan Jensen O-Line first year player Luke Goedeke was a detriment in his first year at guard to the point the Bucs will be switching him to RT for next season. For the defense we saw injuries throughout it from our depleted CB room to our barren safety room to our ravaged EDGE room to our destroyed IDL room… you get the point. Injuries were the main thing that destroyed the Bucs last season and during this offseason the Bucs lost even more depth.
The main positive about the Bucs lost season was GM Jason Licht firing OC Byron Leftwich from his role. While seemingly a good guy Leftwich might have been the worst OC in football last season. Continually calling plays which seemed to be against the players and the team's best interest. At times watching Leftwich call games was similar to spamming the A button in Madden and letting the game decide what play you were calling for you. It was infuriating his constant tirades he would go on about during the season when asked why he never called play action when we were one of the best play action teams in the league. Along with his thought process that the run game has to be dominant to set up the play action game which continually caused 3 and outs as he would call to run plays up the gut and an over schemed passing play on 3rd down. Replacing Leftwich was paramount, and I truly do believe Jason Licht found a good one in Dave Canales coming from Seattle. Canales was the WR coach for the Seahawks from 2010-2017 before becoming QB coach and passing game coordinator from 2018-2023. Canales is a Carroll disciple being part of Carrolls tenure at USC. Canales should bring life to the Tampa Bay passing game and with his already raving reviews of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin it should at least be a fun year for the Bucs.
New Coaching Hires:
Dave Canales (Offensive Coordinator)
Brad Idzik (Wide Receiver Coach)
Skip Peete (Running Back Coach)
Thad Lewis(QB Coach)
George Edwards(OLB Coach)
Notable Arrivals
QB Baker Mayfield
G Matt Feiler
IDL Greg Gaines
S Ryan Neal
RB Chase Edmonds
Summary: The Bucs additions this off season are nothing to write home about. Mayfield joins Tampa looking to win his final opportunity to show he is a starting QB in the NFL he will be in a stiff competition with Kyle Trask who Dave Canales is hyping up. At the end of the day I believe Trask will win the QB competition and be thrown into a sink or swim situation like Sam Howell and Desmond Ridder. While Gaines and Neal are phenomenal value signing with both being immediate contributors on the Bucs defense with Gaines being projected to rotate with Vita Vea along with playing next to the behemoth and Neal seemingly replacing Mike Edwards role at SS opposite of AWJ these players aren’t gamebreakers. Feiler and Edmonds should be nice depth pieces with Fieler competing to be the starting LG. Overall the Buc’s didn’t make any splash signings in free agency but with the limited cap room they had the moves they made were more than fine.
Notable Departures
LT Donovan Smith
S Mike Edwards
RB Leonard Fournette
G Shaq Mason
TE Cameron Brate
CB Sean Murphy-Bunting
K Ryan Succop
Summary: With this offseason the Buc’s ended up losing a ton of starters on both sides of the ball. On offense the Bucs lost their starting LT, RB, RG, TE and K. While Donovan Smith was a liability in pass protection his departure does mean the Bucs will now be shifting All-Pro RT Tristan Wirfs to LT which causes hesitation in people. I believe this move will be fine in both the long and short term for Tampa but it is still something to note. On defense the Bucs lost both starting SS Mike Edwards and NCB SMB. These moves leave the Bucs secondary especially thin at the CB position with Zyon McCollum slotted to start at NCB now.
Bucs Draft Selections
1.19: Calijah Kancey IDL Pittsburgh 6’1 281lbs
RAS Score: 9.60 Draft Grade: A
While some people believed that taking a OT here was a must with the top 4 OT’s all gone before the Jets pick the Bucs were put into one of the most interesting situations in the draft, seemingly picking between defensive players at this point GM Jason Licht stated that at the top of board they had to players one being “The Linebacker who went to the Lions(Jack Campbell) and Calijah Kancey'' with Kancey being BPA after the OT’s were taken. In a draft class with very few true top end talents I see this as a major win for the Bucs taking a top 10 player on the board and a premier pass rusher from day 1.
Kancey from day 1 should be a menace on the interior of the Bucs D-line paired with the best NT in football Vita Vea. Kancey doesn’t just win with his elite first step; he is an extremely refined player in every aspect of rushing the passer. From hand usage, leverage, pass rushing moves and intensity Kancey makes up for his miniscule size and arm length with his athleticism which is otherworldly. The comparison to Aaron Donald is over blown, Kancey doesn’t play with the functional strength that Donald had or the run defense ability that Donald has. Personally, I can see Kancey becoming a in between of Aaron Donald and Prime Sheldon Richardson a pass rushing specialist who will collapse the interior and will develop into a 3-down player as his career and body develop in the NFL.
2.48: Cody Mauch G North Dakota State 6’5 302lbs
RAS Score: 9.32 Draft Grade: B
Mauch is very much a Jason Licht pick. Small school guard with a mean streak and tons of athleticism. Mauch is not just a meme because of his missing front teeth he is a legitimate RG prospect similar to Alex Cappa and Ali Marpet for the Bucs. With how the O-Line is shaping up and Licht seemingly happy to move Goedeke from LG to RT, Mauch makes complete sense to shore up the RG position giving the Bucs a much younger and deeper interior then they had last year where every single projected starter interior lineman was hurt at some point.
With Mauch on tape I can see exactly what Licht loves in his linemen with a player who has aggressive hands and a base when pass blocking. Mauch has shown that he is a coachable player making the switch from TE to O-Line. You can sense the traits and upside that Mauch has over some other guard prospects in this class. I do believe that the Bucs switching to a zone blocking scheme which Seattle runs will aid the young O-Line and play to Mauch’s strength which is his athleticism. Playing beside Ryan Jensen makes this pick a B-B+ for me, a big addition especially if Goedeke is the answer at RT.
3.82: YaYa Diaby EDGE Louisville 6’3 263lbs
RAS Score: 9.87 Draft Grade: A
Diaby is a tale of untapped potential. Playing completely out of position at Louisville Diaby was forced to play with his hand in the dirt. Diaby is one of the most athletic players the NFL has ever seen from the EDGE position with his initial quickness and long arms Diaby should be able to develop into at minimum a role player for Tampa. Playing behind Shaq Barrett and Joe Tryon should help Diaby develop into the premier EDGE player he can be. He shows flashes on tape of just using his superior size and athleticism to overpower linemen and his speed to get past them.
For the Bucs I think Diaby will play a rotational role at the moment similar to Anthony Nelson’s role as a smart rotational EDGE that Bowles will use on unique blitz packages which push JTS or Shaq into a 4-3 stance. I have massive hope for Diaby in this defense as a future foundational piece for the Bucs who will more likely than not have to move on from Shaq Barrett next off season.
5.153: SirVocea Dennis LB Pittsburgh 6’1 226lbs
RAS Score: 7.28 Draft Grade: A+
My favorite pick in the Bucs draft I have Dennis as a top 5 LB in the class. Dennis is a do it all LB who is able to not only tackle well but is able to blitz the passer from the ILB position better than anybody in this class. His biggest deficiency to his game is his lack of experience in coverage but he wasn’t a player who was dominated there either. On film you could see him being put into situations in coverage which he couldn’t make the play. In Tampa Dennis will be mentored by one of the best coverage LB’s in the NFL for over a decade in Lavonte David. And with Bowles coaching the defense Dennis will be able to use his ability to rush the passer from the ILB position to its full effect.
With Dennis I can see this being one of the best picks in the entire draft. Dennis’s fit in Tampa is like a glove and with the situation with Devin White where we aren’t sure if he will be a Buc next season I can see Dennis being put into a starting position next to Lavonte David and like former Bucs Kwon Alexander taking it and never looking back.
5.171: Payne Durham TE Purdue 6’6 253lbs
RAS Score: 6.58 Draft Grade: B-
Durham is a big TE who is good at everything but a master at nothing. Very similar to what the Bucs had in longtime player Cameron Brate. Durham at Purdue was a team leader for the offense he set the tone playing an aggressive brand of football dragging defenders wherever he went with the ball. Durham runs decent routes and has decent hands but was never a player who took the top off a defense. With Durham you are giving Mayfield or Trask a reliable receiver in the passing game and a decent blocker to boot. For his size Durham was able to produce decent YAC at Purdue rumbling his way down the field in a similar way that Jason Witten was able to do for the Cowboys during his tenure.
For the Bucs Durham joins one of the youngest TE rooms in the NFL with last year's pick Cade Otton and Ko Kieft being the only players that seem to have roster spots in that room at the moment. Durham should compete with Kieft to be TE2 for this season, but he should be able to still carve a decent role for himself in Tampa with how new OC Canales uses TE’s. Where each TE has a specific role and was able to contribute with Geno Smith at QB.
6.181: Josh Hayes NCB Kansas State 5’11 189lbs
RAS Score: 4.82 Draft Grade: C
The biggest surprise in the Bucs draft was grabbing Josh Hayes, a prospect most people didn’t even have a priority free agent grade on in the top of the 6th. Hayes for all intents and purposes is a prototypical Bowles NCB. Hayes has the speed to play in the NFL and on tape you can see he has adequate tackling skills from the NCB position which he played in college along with the S position. With Hayes you have to believe that the coaching can turn this player into a solid starter because if not the CB room and S room take a massive hit forcing Winfield Jr into NCB full time.
Hayes' best film in my opinion was for North Dakota State where he was a former teammate of Bucs 2nd round pick Cody Mauch. At NDSU you can see the making of a very good CB prospect with how he is able to play in both Man and Zone coverage. At Kansas State he was never forced to be CB1 or even CB2 at times but he did hold his side of the field down and was able to put up some decent performances as a Wildcat. To me this C grade is more of a “I trust Bowles to develop CB’s/S’s” grade.
6.192: Trey Palmer WR Nebraska 6’0 192lbs
RAS Score: 6.18 Draft Grade: A+
A great value pick for the Bucs with their depleted WR core. Palmer has serious upside as a deep threat and even as a return man for the Bucs. Past Evans, Godwin and Gage every spot in the receiver room is wide open and Palmer seems to have the talent to set himself apart as WR4 by the end of the year. Palmer does have reasons for falling this far in the draft though as he has serious drop issues and apparent character issues which have set him back before. I don’t see this as a big problem in Tampa with Evans and Godwin being locker room leaders and his past season at Nebraska.
With Palmer you can see the obvious talent that is there but you can see the reasons he was drafted in the 6th round even when he has Day 2 talent in this class. And with this talent I can see him developing into a player similar to MVS for the Packers and now the Chiefs. A good deep threat that can blow the top off of a defense and isn’t scared of making plays on contested passes even if they aren’t the biggest receiver on the team by any means.
6.196: Jose Ramirez EDGE Eastern Michigan 6’2 242lbs
RAS Score: 8.10 Draft Grade: B
When you watch Ramirez on tape it’s hard to not like what you see. At first when looking at this pick, I thought about how our EDGE room was already a bit full with Diaby but in hindsight I like the Ramirez pick more and more from a talent standpoint. Ramirez is never going to be the most athletic guy on the team but he makes up for it with his effort, timing and technique. Extremely similar to how Shaq Barrett plays for the Bowles defense Ramirez has a talent for being the first guy to get into the QB’s area with his blend of pass rushing moves and leverage. Ramirez was dominant at Eastern Michigan being one of the best players to ever play for EMU.
For a dart throw pick Ramirez should bring the effort needed to truly succeed in some capacity in the NFL and being mentored by the player your game is most similar to in Shaq Barrett is a plus as well. Ramirez should find a role as a utility pass rusher but I don’t see him playing much at all this season and having to compete against Cam Gill for EDGE 5 on the roster.
Key UDFA’s
Sean Tucker RB Syracuse 5’10 205lbs
RAS Score: N/A
Jeremy Banks LB Tennessee 6’1 232lbs
RAS Score: 8.90
Luke Haggard OT Indiana 6’6 297lbs
RAS Score: N/A
Rakim Jarrett WR Maryland 6’0 190lbs
RAS Score: 7.89
Chris Inzen S Rutgers 5’10 200lbs
RAS Score: N/A
Projected Final Roster
Baker Mayfield
Kyle Trask
Rachaad White
Ke'shawn Vaugn
Chase Edmonds
Sean Tucker
Mike Evans
Chris Godwin
Russell Gage
Trey Palmer
Deven Thompkins
Rakiim Jarrett
Cade Otton
Ko Kieft
Payne Durham OT(4)
Tristan Wirfs
Luke Goedeke
Brandon Walton
Luke Haggard
Cody Mauch
Matt Feiler
Aaron Stinnie
John Molchon
Ryan Jensen
Robert Hainsey
Vita Vea
Calijah Kancey
Greg Gaines
Logan Hall
Pat O’Connor
Shaq Barrett
Joe Tryon
Anthony Nelson
Yaya Diaby
Jose Ramirez LB(4)
Lavonte David
Devin White
SirVocea Dennis
KJ Britt
Carilton Davis
Jamel Dean
Zyon McCollum
Josh Hayes
Dee Delany
Don Gardner
Antoine Winfield Jr
Ryan Neal
Nolan Turner
Chris Inzen
Special Teams(3)
Chase McLaughlin
Jake Camarda
Zach Triner
Final Thoughts
For what seems to be a retooling/rebuilding year I actually liked what Jason Licht and the Bucs did. For me this draft was easily the best draft they have had since drafting Tristan Wirfs and Antoine Winfield Jr in 2020. With this draft you get an elite pass rushing DT that pairs perfectly next to Vita Vea. Cody Mauch who should be a starter at RG for years to come and fits this team's identity. YaYa Diaby who was a great value pick with Pro Bowl upside at EDGE. SirVocea Dennis who I think can easily become one of the best LB’s in this class and maybe even the league. Then the rest of the draft contained high floor prospects who can contribute to a rotational role in some way or form. Overall, the draft for the Bucs was a massive win in my books.
For this offseason I would also say it was a win if not adequate at worst. As an organization we know we needed to retool the roster and slowly claw ourselves out of cap hell in some way shape or form and using this season to get out of it is a good way to do it. There are 2 ways this season will go for us with us either being a team similar to the Seahawks that is able to dominate a weak NFC South, or we are one of the worst teams in the league and are in contention for Drake Maye and Caleb Williams. Either way I am looking forward to watching this season play out for the Bucs. David Canales should bring life back to our offense and Mike Evans should continue his campaign towards the most consecutive 1000-yard seasons.
Overall, I am happy with this off season and especially the draft that came with it. Let me know what you guys think! This is my first time defending the draft and I hope this isn’t terrible and if it’s not I would love to do this again next year! Go Bucs Go!
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2023.06.02 17:49 CloneNumber1 Need advice on parts

Hello, fellow Redditors!
I'm in the process of building a new PC (my current is 7-8 years old now), and I could really use some guidance and suggestions. I've done some research, but there are so many options and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I mostly use my PC for gaming and browsing the internet.
Here's what I have in mind for my PC build:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D (wanted to try AMD, I've long been an Intel fanboy) CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 Motherboard: Gigabyte B650 AORUS ELITE AX RAM: ----Unsure---- 32GB DDR5 Storage: Samsung 990 Pro 2 TB (Boot Drive), reusing current 2.5 SSD and 3.5 HDD GPU: I prefer the green team so have been thinking the MSI SUPRIM X GeForce RTX 4080 (Still unsure) Case: Mid-Tower, the Corsair iCUE 4000X stood out to me Power: Corsair RM850x (2021) 850 W 80+ Gold
I have a fair understanding of PC components but would appreciate any advice on compatibility, performance, and potential bottlenecks. Feel free to suggest alternative components if you think they would better suit my needs.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out.
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2023.06.02 17:49 SourcerBot Russia accused of using "starvation tactics" in Ukraine war

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-02 at 14:00, this article is written by emmet lyons and published by cbs news. (4 minutes)
Save 4 minutes of reading with this summary:
The "Starvation Mobile Justice Team team," from the Global Rights Compliance human rights law firm, which is working in partnership with the office of Ukraine's prosecutor general, said Friday that its investigation had focused largely on "starvation tactics" allegedly used by Russian forces in Chernihiv, a northern region that came under siege during the first three months of the invasion. "From our initial investigations into Russia's starvation crimes in Ukraine, the evidence is pointing towards a deliberate plan carefully designed to undermine and attack the very foundation and societal fabric of Ukrainians, subjecting them to inhumane living conditions," said Catriona Murdoch, a British lawyer who led the team. Russia has previously been accused of deliberately targeting Ukrainian food supplies and production, including during the siege of on the key port of Mariupol, and Murdoch told CBS News her team's findings were "just the tip of the iceberg in Putin's calculated plan to terrorize, subjugate and kill Ukrainian people." Murdoch told CBS News her team had analyzed high quality drone imagery of the area from just before the attack, and "you can see very clearly the queuing up of civilians, that they clearly look like civilians — they don't look like a military formation — you can see very clearly that this was a clear distribution point outside of a supermarket." "It is imperative that these crimes are fully investigated so that we can create a bedrock of truth and a historical record which can be used both to counter Russia's lies, and to find justice for Ukraine's victims and the survivors of these crimes," she told CBS News.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: CBS News (2022-05-07 at 15:43) How Russia is using hunger as a weapon in Ukraine CBS News (2022-04-05 at 17:00) Bucha massacre: CBS News finds evidence of atrocities near Ukraine's capital as Russia is accused of war crimes CBS News (2023-05-23 at 13:14) Russia's Wagner Group accused of using rape and mass-murder to control an African gold mining town
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2023.06.02 17:49 mundaneheaven Seeking advice on managing exhaustion and not confusing medication euphoria with genuine motivation

I find myself mentally and emotionally drained at the end of the day while working in a call centre. What bothers me is that despite the fact that the women in the office handle the same workload as I do, they still appear to have boundless energy by the end of the day. While I can't say for sure if they are able to maintain their focus at 4 o'clock, they certainly seem more talkative than I am at that time.
I am planning to start taking Vyvanse soon, hoping it will provide me with sustained relief throughout the day. In the past, I used to take dexamphetamine IR twice a day for the same issue, while they initially made feel more inspired and focused, eventually the effects wore off and I started feeling excessively buzzed as the dosage went up.
Do I have the right motivation for taking Vyvanse and Dex in the first place? It's important to me that I'm using these medications for the right reasons and not mistaking the buzz or euphoria for genuine dopamine-driven motivation, I'm just not sure on how I'm supposed to be really feeling.
I will talk to my psychiatrist about this in a couple of weeks, but thought I'd post here as well for additional advice.
Has anyone tried Vyvanse or other strategies that have helped them cope? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 17:49 Rollingsound514 That's it. I'm done. I'm selling all my homepods.

Spring 2022 I made the full switch to Apple ecosystem for everything except server related stuff in my home after always being on Android/Windows. I was delighted by the UX of MacOS IpadOS watchos and iOS and thought might as well do the full conversion and replace my google smart speakers/displays with homepods for full integration. It's been a complete shit show since. Can't answer basic questions. Constant regressions with firmware updates. Can't stereo pair. Can't reliably do ANYTHING, even basic functions start to shit the bed every couple of weeks. Wifey acceptance factor down to 0, we joke about how shit they are, it's a meme in our household now. I've tried everything, I've done full resets more times than I can count, I've got a proper SOHO wireless network set up with solid coverage. I'm the kind of person people come to when their shit doesn't work. I know how and have done the requisite troubleshooting. It's just not good firmware. They are knowingly shipping trash and it's insane to me given the quality of their other product offerings.
So TL;DR don't buy these things they are a half baked product and anyone who says differently is just making excuses. I will continue to use apple for pretty much everything else.
My plan is to use google display in kitchen and a variety of sonos voice assistant enabled speakers elsewhere.
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2023.06.02 17:49 gloriphobia Updating title and name in passport at the same time?

Hi all! Happy pride month (although it doesn't feel so happy this year with all the attacks on trans and gay rights).
I was awarded my PhD several years ago and have been using the title Dr. ever since (and even more so since I started transitioning). I didn't do a deed poll at the time, because it didnt seem necessary -- it wasn't required for me to change the title on all my bank cards and update most companies that have my details. I have not however updated my passport to have the title Dr. In a little while I'm going to do a deedpoll to change my name and a key thing is that I want to update the name and title in my passport from "Mr. Deadname Surname" to "Dr. Newname Surname" (as well as everywhere else where it will go from "Dr. Deadname Surname" to "Dr. Newname Surname").
Does the deed poll have to be from "Mr. Deadname Surname" to "Dr. Newname Surname" for the passport office? I hate that option as I really cannot stand the idea of seeing "Mr.", especially if I have to show it to a ton of people to update my details everywhere. Also, it doesn't make sense to update my details using that, because everywhere else I'm known as "Dr. Deadname Surname".
I guess my main question is, will the passport office accept a deed poll which is "Dr. Deadname Surname" to "Dr. Newname Surname" even if they have me on file as "Mr. Deadname Surname", or should I do two deed polls, the first changes the title and the second changes the name?
Hopefully someone can help with this conundrum! 🙏
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2023.06.02 17:49 kratomiskillingm3 Tapering

Hey all, it's me again! I've tapered down from 20-25 mpd, down to 3 mpd in less than 2 weeks. Not going to lie, there's times where I feel like I could crawl out of my body. The stomach pains aren't near as bad as the anxiety for me.. It's been nice to feel some raw emotions, instead of feeling numb constantly.. even though some of the emotions aren't pleasant... it's good to feel. My question is... when I was at my peak, I was taking about 4 doses a day.. now I'm down to 3 mpd, and I'm only taking 1 dose of 3mg whenever I cannot bear the WD symptoms any longer... so basically holding out until I can't anymore. Past few days I've been anywhere from 24-30 hours between my 3 gram doses.. Should I be braking that 3mg down into doses through out the day? I noticed when I take the 3mg I get the euphoria and warm feeling for about an hour and then I start feeling sickish. (must be the withdrawals starting right back up) only reason I'm tapering so quickly is because I cannot stand to do this stuff any longer, it has taken enough away from me and my life. I am so done with this shit. If it means I have to suffer more to meet my goal quicker, I'm okay with that. But also don't want to WD to the point I can't work, or function. I barely been scraping by at work, but i been pushing through. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 17:49 LewisHamtilon How do I enjoy a life without alcohol?

There's obviously huge financial and mental, physical incentive to quit.
I'm 25 a college graduate male who has a 7 year old kid (teen dad) and work for the government as an admin clerk. I make above middle income bracket and after my first year of probation I will be bumped up higher.
Moved to this town 2 months ago and I've got a nice apartment because I wanted to invest in living in a good place as long as I could afford. Bedroom, kitchen ,shower and enough space for my gaming and lounging. Great.
I met a girl about a few days of moving and the thing was cool but she left to go her original home since she was here on work. Had a thing with another girl. Met a really beautiful girl yesterday at work who studies at the local university.
Anyway man, I've been drinking almost everyday for the entire year now. 3 beers (660ml) minimum sometimes 3 bottles of 1litre beer or wine or both. Going to the bar where people converge for drinks after work since I feel a bit lonely at times.
I just sit and watch my Xbox and don't play sometimes... I enjoy it when I get into it. But it feels like something is amiss.
My job is counter to my strengths. By quite a lot. It's admin work. Repetitive, dull, in the same office environment. My favourite moments are when I get to drive long distance as I sometimes have the duty to do.
I feel like I'm making progress but some of my colleagues are so helicopter ish that it's really cramping me up. Communicating this with them has you getting gossiped about as being unwilling to learn.. it's that kind of office. I'm the youngest person there.
People are so inquisitive in your personal life. I met this pretty girl yesterday and we ended up exchanging numbers and word is already around that I'm using work to meet girls. Which is the first time it's ever happened. It was just a few words that lead to another. Completely innocent.
Me being a smoker is a big deal too. I smoke outside and get a mint then come back.
I work so damn hard. I know for a fact that I work harder than everyone else there.
I used to work in sales and sales would leave me tired because we did field sales. The company was dog water tbh, they gated the commission heavily but the base was quite decent and we clocked at 2pm, 1pm or whenever as long as we got targets... It was so fun..we had a team of 4 guys. In my office I'm one of 4 guys out 11 women.
I drink so much man. I come home extremely tired each and every single day. I wake up at 6:30 and come home at 17:00. I work hard, but this is a new level. But I was daily drinking even before I got this job.. I'm making comfortable money. At 25. I'm pretty much on track and good relative to a lot of people where I am. I live in a highly unemployed country.
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2023.06.02 17:48 verybard Is Voice Acting Worth It [as a part-time gig]?

I naturally have a very soft, higher-pitched voice. Many would agree I sound like a typical an anime girl or accuse me of using a voice changer. When I was first introduced to my cousin's friend, she immediately commented on my voice. Even my mom's customers comment on my voice when I call her, saying things such as "your daughter sounds so cute". My voice is one of the unique things about me.
Is it worth it investing in voice acting? I always thought my voice would hurt me in professional settings. I mean, would you take someone who sounds like a little kid seriously? But I was thinking I could take advantage of what I already have to pursue a job on the side. Voice acting seems difficult as you have to immerse yourself into the character you represent & have a big impact on how the audience perceives a story.
Though I think being a voice actor would be fun! My friends and I would "dub" over comics in the past. I used to "work" for a friend and help record lines for younger characters, but it wasn't very official and didn't go anywhere. I wouldn't call that proper experience though.
If voice acting is worth it, how do I get started? What equipment would I need to buy? What practices or vocal exercises would I need to do? What are the requirements for this field? I'm not looking for a lot of money, rather a fun hobby that I can call a job.
Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.
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