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2023.03.28 21:31 erod1993 Getting hired on a work permit for fleet.

I have a buddy that wants to apply to be a truck driver with Costco but he only has a work permit. Anyone know if Costco is ok with hiring drivers that have their cdl and a work permit or do they need to be residents?
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2023.03.27 11:19 fastercheif How much do assistant store leaders get paid?

Just curious as a former manager I worked with at Costco got hired at a Ralphs. He got promoted after only a couple months as a regular team member in the deli.
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2023.03.24 09:44 kirilale Costco Wholesale is hiring a Data Analyst with 0 - 3 years of experience United States - Dallas, TX.

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2023.03.23 02:01 CherryColaChickie LF: Advice on outdoor storage sheds

Hi all! We’d like to put a shed (approximately 8’ x 10’) in our backyard this year, and are looking for advice on what kind of shed will withstand the Ottawa weather. Specifically:
  1. It seems like the plastic/resin sheds are the most durable … can anyone validate this? Are metal or wood sheds better in the Ottawa climate?
  2. I’m assuming that prefab sheds (from Costco, Home Depot etc) are the most economical option … but just curious as to costs for a local shed company to come and build one. Any company you’d recommend in Ottawa?
  3. Do we hire a company to build a base before having the shed installed? If so, any recommendations? Is this something that any handyperson can do?
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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2023.03.22 18:43 dgjapc What water softener do you guys recommend?

I have never lived in a house with soft water. Currently in a 2,000 square foot, 20 year old house. Three people. Normal usage. No soft water loop in the garage at the moment.
Should I hire a plumber first and then buy a water softener from them? Will I get a better deal at Home Depot/Lowe’s, Costco/Sam’s, Amazon, etc and then hire a plumber to install?
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2023.03.20 04:33 Sarsimms09 Husband suggested I hire some help

My husband works long hours at his job. When he is actually home, he's not that helpful: partly because he's so exhausted and partly because he just chooses not to help (super frustrating, but not the subject of this plea for advice). We have 2 kids, a 5 year old and a 4 month old.
My week looks like this: husband departs for work at 7:30am, before both kids have woken up. The kids get up around 8am. The 5 year old goes to preschool from 9am-1pm, during which time I just have the baby. I pick the 5 year old up at 1pm. I put both kids to bed around 8pm. I basically don't have a minute to breathe from 8am-8pm when I have both kids by myself. I have about 1.5 hours of kid free time (when the baby naps and the 5 year old is also in preschool), which I use to eat a meal, shower, and cook dinner to be eaten later.
My husband comes home around 8:30pm, after both kids are asleep. He eats the dinner I've made, watches an hour of tv, and goes to bed. I'm up from around 8pm-11pm cleaning up, doing laundry, handling admin / emotional labor for our life / minor home repairs, meal prepping etc. Our infant usually wakes up at night (I handle all night wake ups).
On the weekends, my husband works Sunday the same way he does during the week - he leaves before the kids are up and comes home after they are asleep. On Saturday, he usually spends half the day sleeping, and the other half he will spend with us.
We have no family around who can help us out.
I'm tired. So tired! I have zero time to myself. I feel like I'm barely keeping things afloat. That being said, I completely adore my kids and getting to stay home with them. I would say I'm mostly happy, just exhausted. My husband has suggested that we hire some "help". Here's the problem - I'm not even sure what kind of "help" to get. What I really need is the co-parent I don't have - someone to pitch in and share the parenting and housework load with me dynamically as it happens and things pop up. I don't think I can put out an advertisement for a "dad/husband".
My husband's initial suggestion was to increase the frequency of our house cleaning team. They currently come 2x a month, and he suggested we increase that to 4x. Although I love that they handle the deep cleaning, I find it super stressful having to have the house all picked up before they come (I'm usually up until 2am the night before getting everything picked up).
I feel like I'm pretty efficient already with meals. We eat fruit and toast for breakfast, a sandwich with uncooked veggies on the side for lunch, and dinner is one of those salads in a bag and some super fast meal (meatballs, tacos, pasta with sauce, or an oven ready prepared meal from Costco).
I'm decently efficient with laundry. I try to do some of it every day (ie sheets one day, towels the next, clothes 3x a week).
I feel badly about outsourcing caring for my kids. I don't think I'd trust anyone with the baby. Maybe I could get someone to help with my 5 year old, but then is it really helpful if someone takes one kid but I still have the other kid? And I feel badly about having help with the 5 year old when she's already spending a half day in childcare at preschool.
I really really need some help, but I don't even know where to start. Does anyone have any advice for me?
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2023.03.19 23:06 Italian-capuccino Rant - 5 hours, 1 batch

Ok so I need to get this off my chest. I recently joined Insta cart hoping to earn extra $$$ to pay off my car and house. Last Sunday, I sat in Walmart parking lot for 1 hour. No batch. So I thought perhaps I would need to wait for the card and then activate it.
Today, with the card already activated, I started my day at 11:00 , arrived at Walmart parking lot and got an order for $11 + $6 tip (24 items) within 15 mins. What an awesome start. However, since then, NO BATCH. I've been sitting in the car for the last 3 hours at close proximity to Costco, Superstore, and Walmart. Extremely frustrated that I drove home just now and then started applying to a bunch of other part time jobs.
In short I just spent 5 hours on my Sunday just to make $16 bucks (not taking into account expense of my car yet). That comes to around 3 bucks an hour, $10 less than my province minimum wage. Even then, I still see Instacart constantly hiring new shoppers on Indeed.
FYI i am based in Regina SK Canada.
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2023.03.15 16:07 herman-the-vermin 2 .5 year old is not sleeping well ever

We have sleep trained her several times, I even posted a success story once. Last year however we had to take her multiple times to doctors in a different city for a genetic condition (that does not effect sleep). So even though we could get her sleep trained, a few weeks later we'd have an over night stay in a different city or visit family and it would undo everything.

We have tried so many different methods, and we are in total despair over this, because now we have a 7 month old baby who is starting to also not sleep well, or require contact to sleep. She had been a great sleeper until she got RSV and Bronchitis and needed to sleep on me to breathe well, and now she just refuses anything else.

We've had several days or nights where my 2.5 year old will refuse to nap all day, and then crash at dinner time, just fall asleep at the table, and then sleep hard for 2 hours and wake up and be up and going until 11.

Other than giving her the costco melatonin, we are at a loss as to what to do. We turn the lights down, we dont allow TV after 2pm. We wrestle and play to tire her out. We have a night time routine. But for the love of God, unless she is exceptionally tired she will not fall asleep until 930-10. And even then when she's in her bed, she'll come join us at some point.

I dont know if we just need to hire a sleep consultant, because I dont know what to do at this point.
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2023.03.14 19:06 wood_floor_roar Poor Costco tire experience but who is at fault?

Last Monday I had a flat in one of my tires. I made an appointment with Costco to get it repaired and Thursday at 6:30pm was when the appointment was set for. I get to my appointment a half hour early and there’s only two people working and it takes him till 8:30 to tell me that they can’t fix the tire and that I need four new ones since it’s an AWD car. I place an order for the tires and they said they would call me when they get in(should be a day) and that they would schedule me an appointment since I’m driving around on a spare in some heavy rain. I also asked him to save the other tires since they had about 50% of their life left, and I wanted to keep them. I call on Sunday to figure out if my tires and come in and they said they had already been there and I said to the tech that the gentleman who sold me the tires was supposed to call me when they come in and schedule me for appointment and he says they don’t have an appointment until the 20th, but that I can come in on Monday at 11 and talk to the tech who sold me the tires. I reiterated that he had said he would call me the next day and get me an appointment and the guy on the phone said everyone’s got a story but we’ll see you at 11 and will get you taken care of. I show up at 10:30 on Monday and they said that it’s just gonna have to be a walk in appointment and it’s gonna be a five hour wait. I said to the guy that’s not what we had discussed, but it is what it is. Half hour after I drop off the car I got a call that they have to break a stud because the lug nut is frozen from the spare tire that they put on. To their credit they did get the car done in two hours, but they tossed the old tires and couldn’t find them. Now I have to go get my car fixed and then bring them back the receipt to get reimbursed. All this to say is that it was a pain in the ass. Is this the techs fault or Costco for not hiring the right amount of people to staff the tire department? I’m mad they tossed the good old tires and that I have to be without the car and then deal With getting reimbursed. I get that things happen and if one or two of these things happened it wouldn’t be a big deal but it feels like the person who handled the whole situation is either overworked or not paying attention. (The tech was the manager) Do I let it go? Do I bring it up?
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2023.03.14 15:50 2lucki Costco crashed my car and then denied responsibility!

Left my 2017 King Ranch for tire work. Their tire tech was backing up my truck and collided with a customer that was also backing up.
Costco asst. mgr. said they reviewed their security video and the accident wasn't their fault. The mgr. refused to allow me to view the video. Of course, the customer said that it was the tire techs fault.
Costco said they would turn it over to their insurance and declined to provide me with the name of their tech who was driving my truck.
Gallagher Insurance "Costco Team" yanked me around and around enough that I've finally hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit. All I ever asked them for was what the Ford dealer estimated. The estimate was only about $3k.
Very disappointed, as my family have been loyal Costco enthusiasts since they first arrived in north Texas.
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2023.03.08 17:55 InnovationYGO Get out of instacart now or start multi Apping

Unless you are in a market making good money I highly recommend everyone to start looking for regular job, instacart has really humbled me this past year and made me a hard worker but nothing is mentally healthy about rushing to costco drops to hope for good orders and burning gas all day batch hunting. I just got a w2 this past Monday and actually look forward to starting in 2 weeks.
Instacart in most markets is way to inconsistent now and b o ts have ruined the game alongside the mass hiring they do every other month.
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2023.03.08 02:37 rico_inferno Tips for getting hired in at Costco in 2023

Hello! I am wondering what the current state of getting hired into Costco is? A lot of the advice threads I see are pre-pandemic and I'm wondering how the staffing is these days? Is it still very difficult to get into Costco? What are some of my Do' and Dont's after applying? Just hoping to get hired and start my Costco journey as smoothly as possible.
Thank you!
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2023.03.07 16:54 basedxmn NEW AI BUSINESS IDEAS (where are we headed)

With the release of AI by openai, new business ideas are easy to think of but hard to prove. For every AI generated solution, there is some countermeasure to balance it out. For example, great copywriting for a business is easy to create with AI, but the benefit massively decreases because everyone has it. Not to mention that it is such an easy to enter space that it will become saturated instantly.
Another example is AI lead generation. For every lead generation AI that automatically corresponds with the business, the business will have an AI system that responds to these. Essentially, they are both going to cancel eachother out. Any sort of automated AI conversation will be on both sides, not just one.
Let's take an example of the hiring process. Workers will have AI that automatically submits their resumes, writes relevant cover letters, and can correspond automatically to set up a phone interview to multiple businesses at once. But at the same time, the Company will have an AI system that automatically screens and vets employees resumes, and corresponds with them to set up a phone call interview.
So it seems that the process of presenting yourself well online through resumes and cover letters and email correspondence is dead. All that matters in terms of hiring is the phone interview and your actual past experience.
In terms of profiting off of this phenomenon, creating the leading system of AI job applications and AI hiring process seems to be the obvious answer, but the real question is: Where is this going? Is the hiring process even going to stay as it is, or will it completely flip on its head, and a new system will emerge?
Let's be completely honest here. AI is going to take away jobs. Unlike past revolutions, like the industrial revolution and the computer revolution, AI does not produce anything new. Machines and factories could make physical products like never before. Computers allowed us to create programs and digital mediums like never before. And these new products boosted the economy. Instead of regular clothes, machines could create boots and dresses and coats and pants and 100 different kinds of clothes. Instead of books, we could have online forums and video essays and use photo editors to create animated infographics.
These new mediums allowed people to keep their jobs because there was so much more to create. Maybe if you were a clothes knitter, you couldn’t compete with machines, but there were 100’s of different new clothing products you could work with. If you were a newspaper, maybe you couldn’t compete with online articles, but you could shift onto the platform and create new forms of news content.
But with AI, nothing “new” is created from it. It simply outputs text or images. You can’t create anything new with text and images. With machines you could create new things. With computers, you could create new things. But with AI, you cannot, because it just outputs text and images.
And so, any sort of administrative role, that handles mainly with text or images, such as replying to emails or data entry or customer service or copywriting, is going to be taken over by AI.
Now, there will still be businesses and brands competing to sell products, and they will have employees, but this is not the point of wealth disparity.
The wealth disparity comes from the big corporations. I am talking about the AT&T, the Costco, the Google, the big suppliers of materials and food. They will quickly adopt AI for all administrative tasks and lay off the majority of their employees, only keeping a few to do the job of many.
And really, what jobs will people have in the future? Of course, we need waitresses and waiters and cooks and sales associates and plumbers and construction workers and teachers and driving instructors and people who greet you at the door, but the jobs where you sit in an office are dead. The jobs where you are comfy answering emails and going to meetings are DEAD. The majority of coding is completely dead, in terms of the amount of coders needed. We already see twitter laying off employees in droves, and only the top talent staying.
And so this begs the question, what exactly is the use of a college degree? It seems like most college graduates are going to have to find a regular job, like being a waitress or construction worker, because there is not going to be any use for a well spoken, well written college graduate that has a well rounded education. Usually these people are put into roles that can now be completely automated by AI. So they will just go back to competing with regular folk for regular jobs?
Let me reiterate my point. AI is going to be able to automate away 90% of workers of a position. Customer service only needs a few when before it needed many. Roles with email correspondence as the main task are going to be decreased by 90%. Any form of writing for a business, like copywriting or articles or general information for a website is going to be decreased by 90%. When a business may hire 4-5 people for a role, they now only need 1 person, and an AI system that is developed for that task.
This applies to lawyers as well. A firm can decrease its workforce by 80% and still keep the same amount of productivity.
Heres the deal. If you don’t have a job that uses your physical body to create something of value, your job is going to be taken by AI. If you have a comfy job replying to emails and looking over documents, your job is going to taken away by AI.
Dentists are a good example of a safe job, because it will be a long time before an AI can perform the role of a dentist.
But this job requires physical labor and using your hands to do something.
You see what I mean? Your job needs to be using your physical body to create something of value. If your task does not do that, it will be replaced by AI.
Finally, the growing roles will be developing AI technology. This means creating an AI robot that can be your dentist. This means creating an AI house cleaner. This means creating an Automated AI email system for a business.
This essentially means coders that specialize in AI implementation. That is the only role that will be growing.
But the irony is that coding will be chipped away slowly everyday. The AI is just going to get better and better at coding, because you have people whose job is to improve the AI at coding.
So the best case scenario it seems is that AI can automate away the tasks of the world, leaving everyone in abundance of materials and food. But is that going to happen? What happens when AI robots are creating all the food and have automated all the jobs? Are we going to be living in a WALLE world? And what happens in the meantime? Is the US government going to give everyone stimulus checks forever, until we become a communist nation? Is WW3 going to reset everything?
Are people going to starve in the meantime, when most of the jobs are taken by AI, and everyone is fighting over manual labor roles, waiting tables, etc?
Nobody is going to have a comfy email replying and document reading job.
Nobody is going to have a job where they write reports and present to a meeting
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2023.03.07 08:02 PomeloIntelligent771 Contract worker Pharmacy Tech

I am currently working in retail for the three letter and the situation is becoming progressively more toxic as time goes on for various reasons, but I am full time, and actually do get my hours, and really am not interested in taking a pay cut if I decide to move on. I have been seeing a lot of jobs in my area that are hiring for a decent amount more than I make now, but they are frequently 13 week contract jobs. Has anyone actually worked these and gotten hired on afterwards, beyond the 13 week, or do they tend to let you go after that time, and take on the next person? Also, do they tend to offer decent benefits? For better or worse I do have health insurance and I'd like to keep it that way for probably obvious reasons.
I've also applied to hospital systems directly, and Costco, and actually do have at least one upcoming interview, but I am wanting to make sure I am not doing myself any disservice, Are there any other areas I should be looking into?
I should add, that I am PTCB Certified, and also immunization certified as well.
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2023.03.06 10:22 Growacet What's so crazy about a depopulation agenda?

Leaving aside the vaccines for the moment, I just want to share some thoughts on the possibility that there is an agenda in play to significantly reduce the world's human population.
Why do people roll their eyes at this concept? The media is full of stories about how the planet is being destroyed, and the constant theme is that it's's human beings who are said to be responsible. Just to be clear on one key point, I myself do not believe the planet is over populated, or in a crisis situation....but my opinion is meaningless, I don't have the wealth, power or influence to make my opinion matter.
We have the United Nations with their agenda 2030 and their Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs for short) all set on "saving the planet". Saving it from what? From us, human beings....8 billion people consuming too much stuff. Ted Turner did an interview on PBS with Charlie Rose and he said exactly that: "We have too many people using too much stuff". It's at the 2:15 mark of this video:
There are orginzations like the Global Footprint Network which receives funding from the Gates foundation that says the planet only produces enough food, energy and resources over the long term to sustain around 2 billion people. I read a university of Texas paper which put the number at 1.9 billion. The reason these orginzations say we can have 8+ billion now is due to massive reserves the planet had built up, reserves which have now been largely depleted....there are predictions that withiin 10 or so years that we'll run out of enough clean drinking water.....
I can't do a post on depopulation without mentioning the now destroyed Georgia Guidestones. If you don't know about them (ugh), they're not a conspiracy theory....when they were blown up it was covered on NBC nightly news. They had 10 guiding principles inscribed on them, and the #1 commandment (if you will) was to maintain human population under 500 million. #2 centred on eugenics, "guiding" human reproduction in order to improve things like health....which is what the Nazis were all about, sterilizing undesirables.
Think about the wealth, power and influence that those behind that monument must have. I can't build a shed in my own backyard without filling out mountains of paperwork and obtaining psesudonyms for the great unwashed. Yet this monument went up on land acquired for the purpose, a monument company was hired....and nobody knows who financed any of it. And then this structure deemed America's Stonehenge gets blown up and nobody knows who did it....major vandalism of a significant structure and the crime scene was bulldozed faster than you can say 'novel and deadly coronavirus'. That was back in July of last year (2022) and the reporting on solving the question of how they were blown up is forgotten....crickets.
So just for the moment let's accept that there are people of wealth, power and influence that want the planet seriously depopulated. How do you go about it? Millions of people die every year due to starvation....the World Bank now says 350 million "more" people are at risk of dying due to lack of food thanks to the slowing global economy and the impact lockdown measures had on supply chains. But even if 350 million people were to die due to starvation, that's not much of a dent when 70 odd million new people are born into this world every year at current rates....
Quick note, the growth rate is actually slowing....we're still growing but at a lesser rate and it keeps dropping. Last year the planet was adding over 200K net new people per it's under 200K, and again that growth is slowing.....if it keeps trending down within a couple years we could be approaching net zero growth.....and then we'd be headed for population decline.
But getting back to starvation and the 350 million people who might die prematurely due to a lack of food.....that's only one side of this supposed "crisis" situation. One side is the number of people, the flip side is the consumption of food, energy and resources.....
When it comes to consumption, that's not being driven by people in sub saharan Africa or in underdeveloped Asian countries....consumption is the bread and butter of the developed western world....we love our stuff. Homes with three and four car garages, devices and gadgets using commodities like lithium and cobalt mined by people living in abject poverty....
Large scale war is out of the quesiton....if the goal is to depopulate in order to "save the planet", then war runs the risk of nuclear weaponry being used, at the very least uranium depleted metals are used in bombs poisoning both soil and water.
The three biggest drivers acting as a drag on human population growth have always been (in no particular order), war, famine and disease. War isn't an option...we had two massive world wars and the population kept climbing....famine will only make a small dent, and only in poor countries not contributing in any meaningful way to the depletion of the earth's resources.....
That leaves disease....but just in the last century or so we've already had countless pandemics, Spanish flu, The Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968-1970 when as many as 4 million people died globally as oer the CDC, when the earth's population was less than half of what it is now. Disease won't cut it because healthy people have strong immune systems, and advances in medical science are prolonging people's lives even in the face of disease....all a pandemic does is take out those who were already in the active process of dying already anyway.
So why not vaccines? So long as it's a vaccine that causes deaths that can't be linked back to the vaccines themselves....plausible deniablity. "He'd have had that stroke anyway". "That auto immune condition....well, that happens, it's just happening a lot more now, it must be climate change".
Especially if the vaccines lead to fertility proposed in the plot of Amazon Prime show "Utopia", filmed in 2019 and released in 2020.
We had a supposed disease and a massive campaign that convinced healthy people that they were diseased, requiring healthy people to avoid other healthy people as much as possible. Suddenly everyone became epidemiologists, when back in 2019 and years previous the only people who could spell epidemiology were epidemiolgists themselves (exaggeration for effect). Going to your family's house was verbotten, but hundreds could share the air in Costco or Home Hardware.....just wear a pourous mask on your face....or a handkerchief is good enough, we don't care....strap a coffee cup over your mouth and nose and you can come in and shop.....but only at the major corporate outlets, the small independently owned business are being driven out of biz to save humanity.
Lockdowns, masks, the abused sheltering in place with their abusers....only "essential" workers allowed to earn a living as before....armies of workers going in and out of Amazon fulfillment centres, meat processing plants with employees standing shoulder to shoulder....and my favourite, the tobacco industry declared essential because it's all about health.
Naturally a lot of people desperately wanted a magic that could bend space and time and come out in a fraction of the time it takes to properly develop a truly safe and effective product....people were so desperate they forgot why it takes pharma companies 10+ years to develop an agent....
Even when it's an agent with dozens of other products using the same platform, in the same class, even then it still takes 10+ we had this mRNA platform that had never once yielded an approved product after 20 odd years of testing....and they do it in a few short months. Yeah, sure.
I know the usual suspects are going to jump all over me....meh, so what. These people think that masks can stop micrscopic viral aerosols and don't care that there's no empirical evidence supporting that position....just some wonky experiments done in sterile lab environments on large droplets and a study done in Bangladesh with enough flaws to drive Bill Gates money truck through.
To everyone else....peace.
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2023.03.05 21:46 rrmdp 📢 Great Clips is hiring a Salon Manager - Costco at Savannah Quarters!

Apply →
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2023.03.04 23:05 JK_Steele New Hire Here, Career Growth Questions

Hi there,
I was just offered a role at my local Costco, but my last interview with one of the AGMs left me with some unanswered questions that payroll wasn’t able to help with either.
Both rounds of my interviews mentioned roles in 4 different departments based on my experience and I made it black and white that with the pay being the same, the important things to me are shifts (my wife works a routine 9-5 M-F) and growth potential. The conversation ended with me being offered a position in food & beverage (and no job description) which is going to be all closing shifts and not the quickest growth position they mentioned.
I figured I can deal with that for a while knowing the long-term should be worth it. I asked multiple times about a timeframe of moving up because $17.50 and only being guaranteed 24 hours won’t come close to paying the bills, but got a canned answer of “if you work hard, you’ll do well” and that didn’t address my concerns.
I also asked to see a copy of the benefits package while noting I understood it would be at least 90 days before I would be eligible and got told I would be given a copy of that on my orientation day. I explained that I am currently interviewing with multiple other companies and want to make a decision based on what the position would look like 6+ months later. For context, I’m in my early 30’s, college degree, 7 years in management, have worked senior level positions, and the other positions I’m in the interview process of are supervisor and manager roles and they have given me copies of their benefits so I can make an educated choice.
So here are my questions for those of you at Costco, particularly supervisomanagement roles:
How long did it take you to advance to a higher position? What is the pay scale after your initial 90 days? Are there regularly scheduled reviews/pay increases? Does Costco give an associate discount? Are there paid holidays outside of the 2 days Costco is closed? How good are the medical, dental, and vision programs? How regularly are you working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? Is there anything else you think a new hire should know about the company?
If you got this far, thanks so much! I’m just trying to make a smart career move
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2023.03.02 20:14 Busy_Shoe_5787 Costco - how the In Store experience could be improved

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2023.03.01 00:25 Gyarafish So a lot of people said the first interview is the phone call

Does that mean they really test you during the phone call? Or am I thinking too much?
Cuz when I 'received' their first phone call (been hired for 6 months now btw), I was in the bathroom for a minute then I missed it. I immediately called back and asked what was the call about. Lady on the line said no one called my number, and ask if I have any idea why costco would call me.
The costco that called me wasn't the costco that I usually go to, so I said maybe it was because of my application, she said she'll check with hr and call me back. Then on the next day they just called and tell me to go to their store for the interview.
Since I see a lot of employee here say that costco has 3 interviews, first one is the phone interview, the rest are with the managers, I started thinking, 'was that a test?' Like they wanted to know how badly I wanted to get hired, if I really wanted the position I would have called back etc.
And my old coworker 's case was more obvious I guess. When I went back to my old workplace, one of the girls said she tried applying at costco too, but the lady on the line said 'we currently only have deli positions available, don't think a girl like you wants to work in deli tho' (I doubt they would be this explicitly sexist but this is what she told me), then my coworker just said oh okay I'll wait then.
I shook my head after hearing this, like you gave them the wrong answer girl, if you really wanted to work at costco then your answer should have been 'what do you even mean, I'll take it'
So what about you guys, did you get 'tested' on the phone too, or was I thinking too much?
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2023.02.28 05:37 coldbrewdisgrace I am 27 years old, making $52000, work as an analyst for the UC and I bought a purse this week!

Hello! This is my first money diary after being a lurker for some time and glad to finally share. For some short background, I grew up learning about finances from my dad. Nothing too complicated but general advice about saving money, investing and preparing my wallet for life’s (many) expenses. When I was younger it sounded more annoying, but I have a great appreciation for money management and learning about personal finance now. I started “adult life” without any debts thanks to my parents. They supported me through college and gifted me a car when I graduated.
I started budgeting in YNAB 6 months ago and it’s been a great ongoing experience. Up until then I told myself that as long as I was transferring money into savings every paycheck I could spend everything else. It “worked” while I was living at home but after I moved out for a few years I felt more anxiety about my finances. After many nice gentle pushes from my boyfriend to really budget, I started and haven’t looked back.
My partner and I also have separate finances at the moment, so these numbers are (for the most part) my own.

Section One: Assets and Debt:
Category Values Notes
Retirement Balance Roth IRA: 85k 403(b): 4kEmployer Pension Plan: 6k I’ve had a few retirement plans rolled over into my Roth IRA from changing jobs. Since I started working I max my Roth every year. My current job takes 9% each paycheck into a retirement plan
Home Equity lmao lmao
Saving Acct Balance 20k
Checking Acct balance 3k A number I maintain that tends to cover all my monthly expenses + some.
Credit Card debt 0, paid off every month
Student loan debt 0
Other iBonds: 19k My down payment money lives here!

Section Two: Income
Income Progression: Nothing super interesting. In my most recent job change I swapped to a WFH position that’s unionized, so although the wage stayed about the same, the benefits counted as an effective increase to me.
Job Wage Length
#1: Student job $10.50/hr -> $11/hr Part-time for ~2 years
#2: First job post college, contract at large company $20/hr 2 years
#3: Hired at large company $22/hr 1 year
Promotion @ #3 $24-something/hr 1 year
#4: University staff $24-something/hr Present
Main Job Monthly Take Home: Solid $2600. When I work OT I might have $100-200 more/month
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: $0, no side gigs
Any Other Monthly Income Here: $0

Section Three: Expenses
I’ve become somewhat obsessive with my YNAB budget since I started so some things are super granular but I’ve consolidated it (I think) here. My categories are more in line with how my budget is set up. If I’m not paying the total $, likely it’s split with my partner.
Some disclaimers to my expenses:
Regular Expenses/Allocations = $1443.95
Category My expense (/ Total) Notes
Rent $830 / $1530 My partner and I split based on % income.
Renters Insurance $0/ $7-8 My boyfriend has always covered it for us since he’s been renting longer than I have and didn’t want to split it.
Gas/Electric $38 / $76 This is a sinking fund after I averaged out gas/electric for the last 12 months.
Laundry $5-10 Laundry on-site but not in-unit. Sometimes when we visit family we do laundry there.
Groceries $150 / $300 The amount we spend fluctuates. Both of our families live nearby so we get sent home with groceries/food often when we visit.
Gas for my car $50
Cat’s care plan $50.95 This is through Banfield. I got my kitty when she was a baby and I knew 0 about cats. Swapping to real pet insurance in a few months.
Streaming Services $15 We have like 5-6 streaming services each split with a different # of friends.
Eating Out (personal) $100 Sinking fund for when I’m hanging out with friends/doing my own thing.
Eating Out/Dates (together) $100 / $200 For any eating out/date activities
Cat Food/LitteToys $50 Sinking fund
Catch-all $50 Money for me to spend freely on random things I have the urge to buy
Savings contribution = $862
These categories I don’t have as many hard numbers for. I tend to think of savings as “delayed spending” so I set priorities based on what’s upcoming in my life. There is a ~$300-400 unaccounted for and it varies what I disperse to. Lately it’s been all the weddings + associated trips and any sinking funds I want to beef up.
Retirement Contribution (Always a main priority) $475 2024 Roth IRA savings
Major Replacements (Laptop/Phone) $20
Minor Replacements varies I see these minor replacements as somewhat unnecessary? So I don't fund as consistently. Clothes/cosmetics
Non-Monthly obligations Flea meds - $25 Car insurance - $105 Vehicle reg - $25 Credit card AF - $8 Budget subscrip - $4 These things GOTTA get paid for when they come up bi-annually/annually so they have separate line items
Emergency Funds (Vehicle/Health deductible/Cat emergency/Oh Sh** fund) $200 I have a emergency fund for basic necessities (home/food/utilities/etc) that is fully funded already. This is only items not fully funded.

Section 4: Money Diary
Day 1: Monday
Today is a holiday + day off for my partner and I! I have a lot of things to take care of life-wise and he’s agreed to spend the day with me while I do all these errands.
Day 2: Tuesday
Day 3: Wednesday
Day 4: Thursday
Day 5: Friday
Day 6: Saturday
Day 7: Sunday
Day 8: Monday
End of week summary
Category Value
Food + Drink $126.82
Fun/Entertainment $40
Home + Health $0
Clothes + Beauty $259.75
Transport $7
Other $199
TOTAL $632.57

Section 5: Reflection
Going into this money diary I actually expected it to be relatively boring spending wise. I didn’t initially have plans to get my car fixed up (well the oil change was planned, not the CVT) or to buy a bag. With YNAB I focus more on monthly big pictures rather than weekly or even day-to-day, so the last 8ish days have been interesting! Definitely can't have this kind of week every week, that’s out of budget lmao.
If you’ve stuck around this long, thanks for reading! I hope everything made sense and there aren't many errors :)
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2023.02.24 20:43 cmehigh Has MacAfee become malware? Help needed.

Has MacAfee become malware? Help needed.
Ever since I decided to not renew MacAfee I am getting tons of popups on the side of my screen. Is there a way to stop this? Any help appreciated. Here is a current screen shot:
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2023.02.24 16:19 jgodwinaz Showing Reciepts

Im sure this horse has been beat to death, But....
I work in a grocery store in AZ. Recently they posted a notice at the time clock that employees who purchase food or other items on their breaks or off the clock must keep their receipts for the duration of their shifts and must submit upon request of management when/if asked.
I reviewed the employee handbook and reviewed some other policies via the company website and it doesn't indicate this is required. They DO, however, state they are allowed to check purses, backpacks, etc if they desire. At time of hire i had to sign this agreement to get hired.
I dont know of anyone that has been searched, or, their receipts checked, as of yet.
I went to another store location, to work, and they don't have the same notice posted anywhere. I asked the other store manager, he states he's never even heard of this receipt policy.
I googled, but all the answers and situations regarding showing a receipt when requested reference shoppers, not employees, of Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.
My bosses think im a good employee. Always on time, never a problem. Never an indication of anything for them to think otherwise.
If asked, do i legally have to show my receipt to my employer when asked?
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