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2023.06.02 18:23 Duck_Caught_Upstream An analysis of 5⭐️QBs Since 2004 Pt. 3

Continuing the posts I have made analyzing all 48 5⭐️ QBs as determined by 247 since 2004, today I wanted to share some more of my findings on analyzing how succesful these QBs are.
Part 1 - Analyzed QB Ratings of each 5⭐️ from SRCFB compared to the average QB Rating in the respective era
Part 2 - Analyzed the rate at which 5⭐️QBs have transferred
Today I wanted to take a look at where these QBs started there career versus where they ended up by looking at where they ended up being drafted in the NFL.
For the most part QBs drafted in the early rounds performed well in college but there are always QBs that where undeveloped or not properly utilzied in college that NFL teams believe they can "fix" or "devlop". Obviously this is the college football subreddit and not the NFL one but I still think looking at where these QBs ended up getting drafted says something about there college career. Also I think its important that we remember 5⭐️ QBs can still litearly be children aged 17-18. From the time they committ they still could physically grow more and they will mentally mature more. Trying to project how 17-18 y/o's will both physically and mentally grow and whether or not they will be NFL players is extremly crap-shooty.
As a refresher in Part 1 I gave each QB a score based on there career passer rating in years they had a meanigful amount of snaps compared to the average passer rating of that era. For further explanation see Part 1.
Results - Never invited to the NFL party
Let's first start with the QBs that never even got a sniff of the NFL.
Player (+/- CFBPR Score)
- Matt Tuiasosopo (0) (Never played a meaningful amount of snaps in College and went on to become a MLB player that hit one of the most strange HR's ever)
- Bobby Reid (+23) (The best of the never invited party. Bobby was transferred from Oklahoma St. and played his last season at Texas Southern. According to wikipedia, at Texas Southern he sustained an ACL injury and particpated in 2 pro-days but never got a shot with an NFL team)
- Mitch Mustain (Never played a meaningful amount of snaps in College)
- Gunner Kiel (+17)
- Max Browne (-6)
- Blake Barnett (-6)
- Hunter Johnson (0) (I understand Hunter started some games at Northwestern, but because he started so few and the ones he did start the Wildcats weren't exactly airing it out I felt it was not accuate to compare his Passer Rating to the average Passer Rating these past few seasons. Hunter is currently back at Clemson where he figures to be a backup behind Cade Klubnik. Theoritically he still could sign with an NFL team when his college career is over or even be drafted but I think its safe to say that won't happen at this point)
Results - Undrafted Free Agents
10 of the 44 (~23%) of the 5⭐️ QBs from 2004-2018 signed with NFL teams as undrafted free agents. The best being Shea Patterson with a passer rating score of +8 during college and the worst being Dayne Crist with a passer rating score of -19.
Also interesting to note Kyle Allen went undrafted but has gone on to play in 23 NFL games and is currently a member of the Buffalo Bills. From being a 5⭐️ QB, to having to transfer, and then going undrafted, but then starting games in the NFL anyways. Kyle's football journey has had some very interesting ups and downs.
Results - First Round Picks
11 of the 44 (25%) of the 5⭐️ QBs from 2004-2018 where drafted in the first round of the NFL draft. For the most part these QBs excelled in college as there average passer rating score was +34 points. However there where two noticable exceptions. Matthew Stafford's passer rating only exceeded his era by 6 points and Josh Rosen's passer rating score only exceeded his are by 5 points.
What I find so interesting about these outliers is that there careers have gone in two polar opposite directions. Matthew Stafford went on to be everything Lions fans wanted him to be when he was drafted first overall. He just never had the team around him until he was traded to the Rams. Meanwhile Josh Rosen has thrown a total of 12 TD passes in the NFL and hasn't started a game since 2019.
As for the guys drafted in the middle rounds here are some intersting takeaways.
- The best of the those not drafted in the first round where: Aaron Murray (+24), Tajh Boyd (+23), and the aforementioned Bobby Reid (+23) (likely boosted by his year at Texas Southern)
- Of the guys drafted in the middle rounds the best of the bunch from an NFL perspective would probably be defined as journeymen QBs. Chad Henne, Jimmy Clausen, Ryan Mallett, Matt Barkely, Terelle Pryor (who also played as a receiverunner). The best middle round guy hands down has been Tyrod Taylor
Overall Takeaways
- Being a 5* probably gets you at least a shot with an NFL team, even if that shot is as an UDFA
- At the same time 40% of 5* QBs from 2004-2018 went undrafted. I could see this being interpretted either way. On one hand almost 60% of 5* QBs get drafted and around 85% get a shot at making an NFL team. On the other hand, of the absolute top 1% of HS QBs only 60% of them end up getting drafted.
If you made it this far thanks for reading. It’s been fun posting these and interacting with other fans. If you would like me to analyze RBs or WRs I can do that as well just comment or message me. Other positions will be difficult as QBs, RBs, and WRs performance can most easily be captured by stats which is why fantasy football exists.
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2023.06.02 18:22 davidbig32121 [M4A] I’ll send my big phat dick if you catfish me please as either Brooke Monk, Lea Elui Ginet, Sophia Diamond, or Breckie Hill. Add me on kik or Discord as if you just found me and we started chatting up! Kik: jerichocros Discord: David Bigg#0155

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2023.06.02 18:21 Ellefeetpics23 Link to my only fans!

If you have a foot fettish you’ll love mine. Why not hope over to my only fans, it’s only one click away! 💋🦶🏼
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2023.06.02 18:21 HopeDry Do you think God would forgive me if I had to do something immoral to make ends meet?

I am currently in a situation where I cannot make ends meet and have not been able to for months. I work full time but am so behind on rent and bills that all of the late fees and fines are making it even more difficult to get ahead. I was laid off earlier this year and denied unemployment and was without work for two months so I am insanely behind and cannot catch up. I haven't been able to wash my clothes or buy real groceries in over a month now. I applied for food stamps but was denied because I make too much money. I have used up all of the charities on to help me pay my utilities and I cannot ask for more help until next year.
I live in an apartment complex and do not have any friends who can help me. I have been trying to figure out how I can make money fast and one of the things that someone suggested to me was making an OnlyFans account. I feel awful that I am sitting here considering it, but if I can make extra money to help pull me out of this situation I am in, I think I should do it. But I am worried God will not forgive me or take me back once my situation is straightened out.
It would just be for a little while, not something I would do permanently. I am getting desperate. I NEED food, and I am scared everyday my lights will get cut off. I have been on the verge of getting evicted every month and I am trying so hard to pray and keep my faith and be positive but none of it seems to be helping. I figured I can ask God to turn away from me while I do what I have to do and once I am in a better financial situation I will repent and return to Him.
I feel awful inside but I don't know what else to do. I know no one here can read God's mind, but for anyone who has been in a similar situation, did God forgive you?
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2023.06.02 18:17 BLoBv1s 350 Dropboxen voor €7,50 met amateurs tot bekende Only fans modellen dm voor vragen en bewijs

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2023.06.02 18:17 Pelican34 Interesting observation after reading The Groomer

Recently finished The Groomer by Jon Athan.
Do not know if others are being inundated with these newly created, OnlyFans accounts which follow you out of the blue but it hits a little differently after reading that book. I know it is nothing but I still do not plan to engage with these people. One can never be too careful.
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2023.06.02 18:16 Sensitive_Homework66 Bath

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2023.06.02 18:15 Sensitive_Homework66 Album

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2023.06.02 18:15 CartographerKey4975 ✅1OO% REAL PROOF✅ PYT NL MEG4L1NKS + TG GR0UP 🔹INFO IN TG🔹Over 2️⃣5️⃣TB☑️



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2023.06.02 18:15 CartographerKey4975 ✅1OO% REAL PROOF✅ PYT NL MEG4L1NKS + TG GR0UP 🔹INFO IN TG🔹Over 2️⃣5️⃣TB✔️



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2023.06.02 18:13 _dfon_ can we talk about the music of the franchise for a second?

Context (skippable if you wish): I have been playing Fire Emblem for 5 years and completed every mainline game at least twice (except for Engage), even fan made games and mods (eg Mangs' balance patches and TLP). While talking about the gameplay and story is fine and all, I want to bring attention to the soundtracks and sound effects.
One of the first things that got me invested into the games were the sound effects. I distinctly remember noticing the cursor moving, selecting and confirming, no damage, and missing an attack SFXs in particular (not the GBA crit for some reason). Some time later I took notice of the various tomes's SFXs when casting - I think they're great in pretty much any game.
Have you ever heard how different classes have different footsteps or flying SFXs? Here's an armor knight moving and here's a laguz moving while transformed. From Binding Blade onwards there is a discernible difference between a pegasus flying and a wyvern flying. I'll just leave this channel (Wolt's Vault) here if you want to have a listen at the SFX from the series.
The only OSTs I see/hear talked about are Fates' and 3 Houses'. While I agree that these are the most remarkably composed soundtracks in the series, outshining all others, many many more should be getting attention. Also, listen to the remastered versions of the various OSTs from DragstonDev (if anyone has any other creators in mind feel free to mention them in the comments).
Let's forget about Edge of Dawn and Lost In Thoughts All Alone (why isn't it named just Lost In Thoughts?). Let us also put SoV's Twilight of the Gods and 3H' Apex of the World aside for a moment. While yes - these are some of the biggest highlights within the soundtracks - if not the biggest - there are many many other themes worth paying attention to. Consider the following as a few examples:
Weary Confrontation Gloom from Engage (specifically from 0:28 to 1:28); For the Commanders from Binding Blade; Dance In The Skies from Genealogy; even the attacking theme from Thracia; the original Twilight of the Gods from Gaiden; Powerful Foe from Sacred Stones; Confront the Past from Sacred Stones; are you aware that Thracia has a song (with lyrics!) named Blowing In the Wind?; L'Arachel even has her own theme! (Shameless L'Arachel plug because L'Arachel is the best girl in the franchise and I will NOT discuss it - I am objectively correct about this); every battle preparation theme; I could go on...
On Engage's Weary Confrontation aside from the interval within those timestamps: why use instruments that do not fit? Why is that interval so great but the rest so weird? This also bothers me in Persona 5's Price for instance (can anyone explain that sound brought up at 0:21?), and in God Shattering Star's strange transition at 3:26 (to me it should have either ended already or transitioned directly to 3:40 instead of having this weird ahh transition). Almost forgot to mention Shambhala's theme... it fits the theme of a futuristic alien civilisation within a medieval world so... it does job, despite how out of the blue it becomes when taking the context of the franchise as a whole into consideration.
Music buffs this is your call to make a statement if you'd like to. Add to something I said in order to give more information on the topic or I don't know, do your thing.
Summarising, I recommend to pay more attention to the soundtracks and sound effects of the games instead of just the visuals and the plot - especially the older ones.
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2023.06.02 18:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow & Monetize (

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2023.06.02 18:10 A_Man_of_Iron WON: Notes on AEW Collision creative and ticket sales

From the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

The belief is Punk and Ace Steel will be heavily involved in the creative of the show. At least they will be for Punk’s stuff and the main angles and storyline on the show will revolve around him and obviously he’ll have great input into that.

The 6/17 Collision debut from United Center in Chicago at press time has 7,602 tickets out, so they moved about 700 tickets after announcing Punk being on the show the next day. It is the best advance for any AEW show aside from Forbidden Door and Wembley. The announcement of Punk has not helped the other cities as much, as 6/24 in Toronto is only at 1,762, 6/29 in Hamilton, ONT, is at 730, 7/8 in Regina, SK, is at 1,325, 7/15 in Calgary is at 3,293 and 7/22 in Newark, NJ, is at 3,947. Newark is the New York metro area and that fan base has likely been aware of Punk for a couple of weeks. He absolutely means something in Chicago but by next week we’ll have a pretty good gauges to see what his name means in other places
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2023.06.02 18:09 stana32 2005 2.0L VW Beetle - No AC diagnosis

Girlfriends bug AC went out, having a hard time determining what the actual issue is. The clutch engages fine, blower works great and yes I checked the refrigerant. I've tested all the fuses and they are live as well as the wires coming out of the fuse box. Also got into the dash a bit and confirmed the wires that control the blend doors are all connected.
The only thing I've found so far is that the two condenseradiator fans do not turn on when the AC is switched on, I left the car idling for a while and they never turned on when the engine got up to temp either, so maybe a bad temperature sensor... I had thought maybe the control module was bad, but then wasn't sure if that was the case since the clutch does engage. I've still got to get under the car to see if those fans are even getting power on that end. If anyone has any things to check it would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 18:09 Cool-Life3338 Only Fans leak mega pack

Only Fans leak mega pack DM for price, Comes with 10 models:
Corinna Kopf
Hannah Owo/ Hannah Uwu
Belle Delphine
Bhad Bhabie
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Sky Bri
Rae Lil Black
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2023.06.02 18:08 redbluebooks [Warrior Cats RP] The Spirit Animal Club, or: I Want to Get Off Jason the Evil Polar Bear’s Wild Ride

What’s the result when a bunch of teenagers make shit up for their creative writing exercises all meditate and have dreams about spirit animal guides, and post on a talking cat roleplay forum about it?
An evil polar bear that tries to kill you.
This is the third write-up I’ve made about Virtual Warrior World, a Proboards roleplay forum based on the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter, which I’ve already covered in these two previous posts. Some forum members I mentioned in the first post also show up here, as you’ll see later. (You don’t have to read any of the other posts to get what’s going on here, but the first gives more in-depth context.)
Spirit Animals
A spirit animal, also known as a totem, is a sacred guide that can take the form of an animal and is seen as a protector. Spirit animals are important in many cultures, including certain Native American ones (such as the Ojibwe). They also tend to be appropriated by neopagans, New Age hippies, and white American teenagers.
Obligatory disclaimer time: I don’t know anything about spirit animals other than what’s written about them on Wikipedia. This writeup is NOT intended to mock anyone’s spiritual or religious beliefs, nor make a claim that such cultural beliefs around spirit animals are inherently “fake” or “imaginary”. It’s important to note that nobody in this club (as far as I know) was Native American or indigenous, nobody performed religious rites or even acknowledged such aspects, and several members years after the fact admitted that they had been making the whole thing up and never saw any spirit guides, animal or otherwise. This writeup is all in the spirit (no pun intended) of fun, and is not in any way supposed to be commentary on real religions or cultures.
Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the club itself.
The Spirit Animal Club
On VWW, there was a section dedicated to clubs that members could make about their interests. The site admin, Jai, made a fair few clubs of her own and created sub-boards for them (one of them was a fan club for The Lonely Island, whom you might know as the masterminds behind such iconic hits as “Jizz in My Pants” and “I’m On a Boat”); if your club got popular enough, she would make a board for it too. So there were clubs dedicated to the usual subjects: debate, writing, gaming, anime, the LGBTQ+ community, etc.
One particularly notable club was the spirit animal club, which a (white) member named Abby (whose character was Skyflight) came up with and Jai made a board for. The club’s actual name was “Animal Spirit Guides Club”, but because that was too clunky, everybody just called it the spirit animal club.
The club was about who could write the most creative story about yourself and your favorite animal finding your spirit animal and connecting with other members who were communing with theirs. You didn’t have to have your own spirit guide to join; anybody could sign up, but the point of joining was that you would somehow find it eventually.
Abby’s spirit animal was a hawk named Farrow; Jai’s was an eagle named Baldwin. Most spirit animals were “cool” or “pretty” animals in that vein, such as tigers, cheetahs, foxes, bears, panthers, deer, horses, robins, swans, ravens, and wolves (that last one was particularly common, for some reason…). Rare were the outliers: one had a boa constrictor as their spirit guide. Another had a clownfish. And absolutely no one had, say, a slug or a mole rat as their spirit animal.
The club was divisive: it was pretty popular at its peak (around fifty-nine members!), but it had its naysayers who wanted to get rid of it. The most vocal of them was Mike (the resident gay admin who hated his job for a myriad of reasons), who knew thought the whole thing was a creative writing exercise and (by his own admission) also sort of, kind of wanted it gone out of spite. He might have succeeded if it had been smaller or less popular, but because Jai herself was a member, it stayed.
Other than that, everything was smooth sailing. Discussions centered on how to meditate to find your spirit animal, what your spirit animal was like, what your spirit animal told you today, what your spirit animal ate for breakfast…okay, not that last one, but you get the idea.
One memorable thread discussed past lives: Steph (the staffer who later helped with the hack of VWW) claimed she had been a Native American girl in a Seneca tribe who drowned in a river when she was around twelve to fourteen. Another member named Jenny said she had once lived in ancient Greece and died when she fell from a cliff. Abby had a whole saga about how in her past life, she had been an ancient Egyptian princess who was murdered by her stepmother for challenging her authority, and she had an evil older brother and an older sister (no word on whether or not the sister was evil too), and her father was the Pharaoh for a short time (which somehow explained Abby’s bad relationship with her own dad), and her mother had been one of the Pharaoh’s concubines, so her stepmother was hateful because she couldn’t have children of her own, and…
You get the idea. The thread capped off with one more member claiming her past life had been as a First Nations girl who loved salmon and ran away from home in winter when she was twelve, then froze to death, and concluding that was why she hated wearing scarves or hats in winter.
Notice that all these past lives ended in dramatic deaths at a young age, and nobody had died from old age or illness. That was the spirit animal club for you.
But alas, such peace could not last long. That leads us to the:
One, Two, Jason's Coming for You
Remember the outlier with the clown fish for a spirit guide? Her name was Jessica (she was also a staff member; her character was Sparrowfeather), her clownfish was named Chloe, and one day in October 2010, she (not the clownfish) made a post that would change everything for the club.
In this post, she detailed how she had fallen asleep and dreamed that she was looking for Chloe. When she went to a pond, a polar bear showed up and she assumed he was a spirit guide too. She asked who he was, and he introduced himself as Jason before attacking her. Fortunately, a leopard named Amber showed up in the nick of time to protect her; unfortunately, she woke up with sore and red arms that left her scratching them. Totally befuddled by the whole thing that definitely happened, she asked what it meant.
The first reply was from a member named Jordan, who oh so helpfully told her that Jason was probably a “shadow guide” (without explaining what that meant) and that she probably deserved to nearly be killed because she must’ve done something bad to warrant it! Classy. The other replies were about the same level of usefulness, with nobody understanding where this Jason weirdo had come from.
Later, Jessica posted again in her thread that Amber told her Jason was not her spirit animal, and that her clownfish guide, Chloe, had once been contacted by the kid Jason was supposed to guide. The kid died, Jason blamed Chloe for it, and the fish went into hiding. How exactly a clownfish from the astral plane was able to cause the death of a child went unexplained.
Abby’s helpful advice was that Jessica should research leopards and polar bears, and eventually confront Jason to get rid of him. She cited the fact that she and Jai had both apparently had a problem with an “evil guide” in the past and dealt with it by confronting it, but unfortunately didn’t elaborate on how that happened.
There was some radio silence for a bit, then Jessica posted again. Her next thread was about how she had a dream of walking up a creek and encountering a panther that could shapeshift. Conveniently, she somehow realized that it was Jason, and then it turned into a polar bear and attacked her. When she called out to her spirit guide for help, Amber helpfully told her that she’d been told not to “interfere with destiny” and sent her good wishes, spouted off some poorly Google Translated random Italian, and disappeared, leaving Jessica on her own to wake up just as Jason tried to kill her again. Couldn’t ask for a better spirit guide.
Jessica naturally asked her friends what this meant; Abby posited that the Italian that Amber had spoken was her giving Jessica her magic energy (as it literally translates to “Security for the baby. Sure it will. Out of harm's way, oh, can win the battle. I am sending my will, my strength and power. Let child.”). When Jessica asked if Jason was an evil spirit (as anyone would do after nearly being murdered in their sleep by an evil polar bear), Abby said definitively that Jason was a lost spirit animal without a human.
All was quiet for about two months, but like any good slasher movie villain, Jason made his return (making his name even more appropriate—funny, that). His next victim was fittingly Jordan. Jordan had (allegedly) had a problem of his own with his spirit animals three months ago: he’d had two spirit guides, a wolf named Nightshade and a snake named Ankh, and they left him because they were “messengers” to herald his real spirit animal, a snowy owl named Aurora. That would’ve been well and good until, horror of horrors, he dreamed that Nightshade was attacked!
He found Nightshade bleeding violet blood, which we all know talking wolves have, because Jason mauled him. Aurora, ever the helpful type, told Jordan that they could protect him from Jason for a while, but like any good heroic anime protagonist, he’d have to face Jason eventually. Apparently, Jason was a demon who fed on fear and negativity, and the only way to ward him off was to show no emotion around him. The unmentioned alternative solution would probably have been to turn your back when he tries to attack you so that he’ll evaporate…wait, wrong slasher villain. Never mind.
Anyway, Jordan’s post did not get the attention he so desperately craved; he only got one response from another member named Zach, who told him to meditate and then wished he had his own spirit animal so he could ask them about Jason. Jordan’s reply was to give the sage advice to everyone in the club to get away from any sign of Jason in the “physical world”, which apparently includes movie posters and stuffed animals, because he’s totally an Empath™ and can tell that, shockingly, the polar bear that keeps trying to attack people feels “anger, bloodlust, and death-urges”! Who’d-a thunk it?
The next day, a girl named Carolyn posted about how her two spirit animals had disappeared. When she encountered a polar bear, she asked him if he’d seen one of them, he introduced himself as Jason, and attacked her until a hawk showed up and scared him off. The only advice she got was to meditate more, and Jordan helpfully told her that Jason was dangerous and had raging bloodlust (just in case she might have gotten confused and thought Jason was going around to give hugs).
The thread petered out after she claimed that the hawk told her that her previous spirit animals had left her forever, presumably to avoid dealing with any pesky bears. Ah, spirit animals. Gotta love ‘em.
Literally one day later, a club member named Emily piped up with a Jason story of her own. She claimed that not only did she believe her spirit animal, a white tiger named Leila, had been with her since she was a kid, she also believed Jason had been trying to target her back then. Apparently, she asked her mother about her childhood and whether or not polar bears had been involved, and her mother definitely told her that Emily had once woken up, screaming, “He’s gonna get me, the polar bear!”
So from this totally legit information, Emily drew the logical conclusion that Jason was going to try to kill her, and she could destroy him, and like any good chosen one protagonist, only she could do it. Somehow.
Her fellow club members—including Zach and Jordan—were not so accepting of her radical ideas, and told her she was being paranoid and to get some sleep (because, you know, that’s totally what you should do when you think an evil polar bear’s trying to kill you in your dreams).
Jordan added the crucial information that demons didn’t focus on solely one target and sought to create as much chaos as possible, because I guess he somehow became the expert on demons in addition to being an Empath™. He also claimed that Jason was actually rather cute if you got past him trying to murder everyone, because we all know attempting to murder children is a very minor character flaw that can be easily overlooked.
Emily’s response? She claimed she somehow fell asleep immediately after posting, was attacked by Jason in her dream, and screamed for Leila, who didn’t show up. How convenient! The only advice she got after that was to talk to Abby or Jai about it, since they were the club admins.
Three, Four, Better Lock Your Door
Not even a week passed before a fourth member, Jody, posted that she'd seen Jason too. She had been trying to contact her own spirit guide, a swan named Dooslan, when Jason showed up. She asked him what his name was, he told her his name like any true gentleman would, and then started attacking her until a deer and a cardinal showed up and told him "Swiper, no swiping" to stop. Then she woke up.
This sent the other members into a tizzy, and Zach suggested that Jason, like any classic anime villain, was planning something. Steph claimed that her spirit animal told her that saying Jason's name was what made him appear. Another member claimed that she got blurry visions of Jason even though she hadn’t even tried to contact her spirit animal.
Four days later, a member named Lilly posted about how she’d been talking to her spirit animal, a wolf named Lacriasca, until the wolf suddenly vanished (adding another example to the pattern of spirit animals being useless thus far) and she woke up back in the real world. Then, while still in said real world, she saw Jason in front of her! And what was her reaction to being faced with this notorious terrorizer of teens she knew on the internet?
Hug him, of course.
Naturally, this ended with her arm being broken—but not from Jason, actually! She told another member that she’d been meditating outside, then conveniently got hit by a basketball right before Jason showed up. And she had somehow been able to hug this angry astral plane polar bear with an arm that got broken moments earlier by a basketball. Or the basketball breaking her arm was caused by Jason’s arrival, I’m not sure. It’s not really clear. Maybe Jason was also a basketball player in addition to being a killer polar bear?
Jenny made a thread to document the pattern of everyone who got attacked by Jason. Jessica herself commented and was shocked, shocked, that Jason had obtained more victims! No one had any solutions to this problem, except for Abby and, surprisingly, resident spirit animal doubter Mike. Sort of.
Five, Six, Grab Your…Wait, That’s It?
Several days later, Mike posted a simple challenge on the board for a member to explain what exactly their “spirit animal” business was all about. Abby reacted to this very calmly and gracefully, as you can see here, and told everyone else in the club not to respond to him. After some back-and-forth between them, Abby linked to an expert on spirit animals to show where she’d gotten her interest in them. Personally, I have no idea who this guy is or how much of a verified expert he is on spirit guides, but the font he uses for everything on his site is Papyrus. Make of that what you will.
Although Abby wasn’t a fan of Mike’s little stunt, she did agree with one point he’d brought up—namely, that spirituality was largely based on your subconscious and what you manifested of it through dreams, meditation, or the like. She made a thread to lay down the law about Jason: it was best to no longer give him attention because it would make the issue worse, and the only person she believed about the Jason attacks was Jessica—everyone else was overreacting, because she (somehow) knew for a fact that the spirit world had guards to keep beings like him out. From now on, anyone who wanted to talk about Jason could only do it in a PM to her. No more posting about the evil polar bear.
Not a lot of people responded, but Jenny pointed out the oddity of the fact that Jason had first been classified as a spirit animal without a human and was now considered a demon. Abby’s response was that the whole Jason thing was just a product of an “overactive imagination” (insert obligatory snark about self-awareness here), because spirit animals couldn’t actually hurt people physically at all, let alone cause a broken arm. According to her, Jason couldn’t be a demon because demons work for the devil and no one on the site was a Satan worshiper (as far as we know), and somehow she knew all of this because she’d been attacked by spirit animals before and only got hurt mentally. Unfortunately, she didn’t elaborate on this claim (again).
The only member to respond to Abby after that was Jordan, who suggested that Jason was a figment of a collective imagination and that everyone should stop obsessing over Jason and move on. Sound advice, which Abby agreed with, and that was the end of the thread. All’s well that ends well, right? Well…
Seven, Eight, He’s a Poor Little Cinnamon Roll Now, Actually!
Jordan proceeded to take a massive dump on his own logic and made a thread later that same month, with the oh so civil title of “You People Are Idiots”. He posted about how he’d been meditating in his basement until Jason showed up, touched his nose to Jordan’s chest, somehow caused Jordan to hallucinate about his loved ones, and turned into a little cub.
Then Jordan was transported to his “spirit world”, where he met with Nightshade, Ankh, Aurora, and his fourth newly found spirit guide, a black panther named Masen, because he apparently was somehow soooo special that he got not one, not two, not three, but FOUR spirit animals. The whole gang was shocked that Jason was now a cute cub, and Jordan heard a voice telling him that this would all make sense later. (Spoiler alert: it did not.)
He concluded the post by saying Jason followed him around everywhere now, and threatened to rip anyone who called Jason evil to pieces because he was soooo totally "badass", being an alleged Empath™ with five spirit animals now and all.
The reception to his self-aggrandizing little display was lukewarm, to say the least. Jenny expressed skepticism that Jason was able to attach himself to Jordan, abiding by Jessica's story that Jason was another kid’s intended spirit guide who went rogue and Abby's claim that the “attacks” on the other members were just their imagination. Abby had no response other than to wish him luck with Jason, stating that demons could shapeshift and deceive.
Jordan’s reply was that it did happen, and that he’s totally an Empath™, and Jason’s totally a good guy now, girls, really, he’s a cute little de-aged cub now and everything! He went on to say that his wolf, Nightshade, was wary and always beside him whenever Jason was around (considering that Jason, you know, mauled him and all), and he was ignoring Nightshade now because the wolf (very logically) thought he was going to do something stupid. Truly a guy worthy of having four spirit animals.
Abby and Jenny didn’t take kindly to this and told him to listen to his spirit animal, Jordan conceded the point, and that was that.
Nine, Ten, We Can All Sleep Again
The next month, Jordan posted about how he thought he was being demonically possessed because he kept waking up to bleeding cuts on his arm. He claimed that this demon possessed him to go into the restroom during class and cut the name “Drew” into his arm with a paperclip, and he somehow knew that was the spirit’s name. Oh, and he was sure his friend was being possessed too because, uh…her pupils were big and “gear-shaped” (I assume this was a typo), and she was laughing a lot and being clingy. Because those count as signs of demonic possession now.
Zach advised him to meditate, but Jordan whined he couldn’t do that because all his spirit animals except for Jason were (understandably) ignoring him. The only one talking to him was Jason, who had no advice because he was currently infantilized. No one else had much valuable advice, and Emily (remember her?) told him on her other account to get holy water or an exorcism. Jordan rejected both options because of his hatred for priests and shared that the demon’s full name was Drusilla (because I guess she took the time to introduce herself in between the self-mutilations).
Conveniently, he refused to post any photos of his arm’s cut because it was too “gross” (sure, Jan). When advised to burn sage instead, he claimed he’d already tried that and helpfully filled in that his spirit animals had previously been shunning him because of Jason, so he cut ties with the cub, and now his guides were fighting the demons for him. So much for ripping anyone who insulted Jason to pieces.
Emily told him he had to say holy words while burning the sage to make it work, and that he shouldn’t get a “Luigi board” (I presume she meant “ouija board”) because that’d make it worse. Jordan responded that the demons were now conveniently gone and he’d put “protection charms” around his home and his friends (which I guess absolved his friend of her possession too), so it was all resolved now. Yay?
Jason basically faded into irrelevance after that, and only got a mention in two more threads. Carolyn posted again, this time about how she definitely saw a shadowy figure manifest in front of her, and when Zach suggested that it might be Jason in search of a new home, Jordan barged in to “correct” him that Jason wasn’t a demon (which had nothing to do what Zach had said). Jenny chided Jordan in turn for talking about Jason and reiterated definitively that Jason had been another kid’s spirit animal who solely messed with Jessica, and all other sightings of him had been imaginative. After some spamming from another kid, Abby resolved the matter by stating the shadow figure was not a demon, but a shadow guide (and yet again failed to explain what that was).
The other thread was from a member named Morgan who talked about how, while daydreaming in math class, she had found her spirit animal sitting on the back of a polar bear. When Zach suggested that it was Jason, Abby cut in to reinforce the decree that Jason wasn’t real and had been a figment of everyone’s imagination. Zach reminded her of what Jordan and Jessica had said about him; Jordan screeched once again that his precious little baby Jason (whom he abandoned) wasn’t a demon and was somehow not a spirit, conceded grudgingly that some of Jason’s attacks had been imaginary (presumably not including his own experiences), and whined that people were stupid. Oh, and Morgan said her polar bear’s name was Cascade, but by that point nobody cared.
So, what can be learned from this episode? Not a lot, other than maybe the fact that an evil polar bear can do a lot to grip a bunch of teenagers’ imaginations. Sadly, that was the only exciting thing to ever happen in the spirit animal club, so there’s not much else to write about after that. There are some chat logs discussing the incident years later, though (“Roy” is another name Jordan went by and, to my knowledge, is not his real name).
And on a final note: from what I’ve heard, Abby still believes in spirit animals to this day. Do whatever you want with that information.
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2023.06.02 18:08 shanenanigans27 Timeline of Pleasant Sims/Life Plus Cindy

Hey everyone. Someone requested that I do a timeline of Cindy-main events because people confused about the order of events, especially since she deleted her videos. Some people are confused on previous dramas as well. As I have the day off and now that it's been suggested, I spent my morning compiling this timeline together in the interest of preserving things so people know the context.
I’ve created a list of main events that we know about her. I only have this subreddit (which is only about 4 months old), using math to calculate some dates, her Pleasant Sims channel, and outside posts about her, and my memory. Please let me know if you have any questions or even sources that can add more or correct any possible incorrect info. Sources are linked at the bottom. Here you go:

Pre-YouTube era (1983-2017)

Pleasant Sims / Sims 2 Era (2018-2022)

Life Plus Cindy Era (2021-2023)
As Life Plus Cindy’s videos are not available at the moment, some of these are rough dates are based on when people started talking about them on Twitter, such as the fan account on Twitter unpleasantsims or dates and video announcements on this subreddit.

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2023.06.02 18:07 thesecretpotato69 Using a remote control fan with a light switch to operate lights.

I haven’t opened the the old fan yet but I’m assuming I have a always hot wire for the fan, a neutral, and a switched hot wire for the lights. My new fan has a remote control and I want to use the remote only for the fan speed and not the lights. Do I cut the blue wire from the light kit and attach it directly to the switched hot in the wall? What do I do with the exposed blue wire coming off the RF just cap it? Thanks for the help.
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2023.06.02 18:07 drtoohotty Carrier Weathermaker 8000 HSI question

Hey everyone, first time looking up this sub, I have a weathermaker 8000 that is having some issues when I switch it to call for heat it does the normal start up fan running for 30 seconds but the hot surface ignitor illuminates randomly and for a short 2-5 seconds duration. When I mean randomly sometimes of the 3 attempts it will only light the second time but not the first or third another day I will try it again and it will be the 3rd not the first or second etc. Then the light will will show code 34 and code 14 when it locks itself out. I have tried replacing the HSI and the flame sensor but I don't want to keep throwing parts at it. Is there something else I should be checking before I call in a professional? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.02 18:05 Cultural-Tax-8398 Control both fan speed and rgb

Its a fast question will these fan: that are connected on this exactly hub except than controlling the rgb,control and fan speed.I mean some new fans have only that one female argb header,can these fan's speed be controled via their included hub that connects to the 5V argb header on the mobo,i believe not as i have read but i am not pretty sure. Thanks in advance...
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