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2023.03.29 08:50 Stock-Associate2912 In zu niedriger ERA Eingruppierung, IGM Hessen?

Wegwerf-Account aus Gründen.
Mich beschleicht das ungute Gefühl in der IGM ERA Eingruppierung zu niedrig eingestuft worden zu sein und möchte dies versuchen nun "glattzubügeln".
Ich habe 2020 meine Weiterbildung zum Staatlich geprüften Techniker abgeschlossen (Abendschule) und arbeite seit meiner Ausbildung zum Tech. Produktdesigner als Konstrukteur in einem Betrieb (150 Leute Standort eines ausländischen Konzerns) IGM. Damals wurde ich in wirtschaftlich schwierigen Zeiten (Corona, Kurzarbeit) in EG5 + Zusatzstufe +10% eingestuft und war in dem Moment recht froh einen unbefristeten Job zu haben.
Mittlerweile spricht aber einiges dafür, dass dies unter Marktwert ist. Ja, ich könnte den AG wechseln und so wahrscheinlich meine Situation verbessern, jedoch bin ich beim aktuellen relativ zufrieden und werde auch das Gespräch suchen, ich möchte vorher gerne ein paar Anhaltspunkte gewinnen.
Gibt es hier jemanden mit Vergleichswerten oder mit konkreten Hinweisen/Einschätzung zu einer fairen ERA Einstufung IGM Metall/Elektro Hessen im Maschinenbau für folgendes Aufgabengebiet laut Stellenbeschreibung:

Über Antworten freue ich mich und unter meinem normalen Account trage ich auch weiter hier zum Sub bei. Thx
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2023.03.29 08:50 FeralRainDrops Caught my (26F) Boyfriend (27M) vaping a couple months ago

So, as the title suggests, sounds whatever, right? Heres the story:
We have been together since January 2021. At the beginning stages of our relationship, he stated that he used to smoke cigarettes and vape but has not done so in a couple years. Smoking/vaping is a deal breaker for me due to the fact that my whole family smokes and lung cancer runs in the family + I don't want to be with someone who is addicted to anything. He has known this from the beginning, and has told me that that part of his life is over (he used to go clubbing a lot and vaping/smoking was his only vice - he has said he has never done any drugs or even smoked weed). Fast forward to a couple months ago, I caught him vaping - you know how vapes always smell sweet with a hint of nicotine? Yeah well I could smell it on his breath. This really broke my trust because Its not the fact that he was vaping, but the fact that he felt the need to hide it. I brought it up with him the same night because I felt empty and I started crying - It wasn't something that I was able to hide how I felt about. His story was that he went out with friends, bought a disposable vape, and said that he had no intention of buying another. He promised me that he would not vape, and IF he felt the need to, he would tell me before buying another. I know how addiction works, I know that he may not be able to quit cold turkey after that; I explained to him that as long as he is trying to not vape, and his goal would be to quit for good, I would be okay with it but would like communication regarding this. But he made a big show that he was done, and threw it in the garbage right in front of me.
Now, present day - the last couple weeks, he comes home from work, gives me a kiss and I can instantly smell that he was vaping again. He just got a new job in February, and has seeming to be working a lot. Now I don't think he is cheating, or anything, but I think there may be a bad influence at work who takes smoke breaks that he joins in with, or something. He has started to come home and not kiss me right away, or comes home with coffee or snacks every night - I assume he thinks that this will hide the smell of it when he exhales near me? Its gotten to the point that he thinks he has gotten away with it because he is VAPING IN THE HOUSE. I can smell it from any room he is in, just by walking into the room. This makes me feel disrespected among like my feelings don't matter, etc. Anyways. I have not brought it up this time that I know, instead I have been acting differently - more like a roommate would because at this point he has broken my trust and I feel disrespected. He has also stopped saying I love you during phone calls, or before bed etc. Should I bite the bullet here and break up with him, or give him an ultimatum, etc... Advice?
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2023.03.29 08:49 Ok-Lobster2608 And now onto some lighthearted news, I achieved double gold again in both ranks!

And now onto some lighthearted news, I achieved double gold again in both ranks!
Second time reaching gold in a fighting game! I can now rest till next year. Hopefully it comes back 🙏🏽 And before anyone asks, no I don’t feel robbed buying the founder’s pass because I have a decently well paying job thankfully.
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2023.03.29 08:49 Maleficent_Task2785 How do you enforce boundaries with parents ?

My (34F) parents have always wanted elaborate details about my life even though I haven't lived with them for over a decade, and I have given them thinking it makes them happy. But somehow my father always finds faults in all my decisions and it makes me very upset every time. My husband who is super supportive always tells me to not give many details
Currently I am in the middle of moving countries and jobs. I had couple of offers and accepted one because that was the only one offering me an option to work remotely, and therefore we decided to move to a smaller city with lower cost of living. As usual I ended up telling about our decision to my parents, and got an earful from them about how my decision is wrong and I should have chosen the other job offer (they aren't even in my field of work and have no idea how the industry is). They mocked my husband too. He is usually a jolly person when he's conversing with anyone (does not mean he doesn't take decisions seriously). We have always made all our decisions together. My husband just tells me to ignore it, and he doesn't take it to heart either, but it bothers me so much, that I just burst into tears at one point. My dad's way of talking is so caustic it really hurts.
How do I deal with this ?
Tldr: My parents are too interfering and I need to know how to enforce stronger boundaries.
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2023.03.29 08:49 iguanaignatenko86 Advise needed for a 4th year Phd in chemistry student:

My advisor straight up told that he doesn’t see me graduating before 2027 four years from now. And he wants to keep me on TA for the rest of my PhD career. So lack of RA means I have to teach each semester and that means less research work actually gets done. I want to get into R&D industry after I finish my degree. So my question is it worth it to finish the degree after 8 years of PhD if I don’t want to stay in academia anymore: I’ve been really contemplating mastering out. But I already have a masters from my home country and I really wanted to get a PhD when I initially joined the university but now I am stuck and I don’t know what to do. Will I be able to get any jobs if I master out? Especially as an international student. Has anyone been or known someone who’s been in a similar situation?
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2023.03.29 08:49 r3crac Upgrade XK-2 Pocket Hole Jig Wood Toggle Clamps [EU] for 49.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $49.99) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): Upgrade XK-2 Pocket Hole Jig Wood Toggle Clamps [EU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGdanOFF023
Current price is $49.99. The lowest price in my database is $49.99.There're already 7 records in DB. Price monitoring since 19.5.2022!
Of course if you want current coupons and e-mail PRICE ALERTS for Upgrade XK-2 Pocket Hole Jig Wood Toggle Clamps then you can just go to the CouponsFromChina product page. It's right there: https://couponsfromchina.com/upgrade-xk-2-pocket-hole-jig-wood-toggle-clamps-eu/
I think it's a nice deal with good discount.
Image: https://i.imgur.com/dtE533o.jpeg
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2023.03.29 08:49 Teen-Content3332 oh my.... title requirements

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2023.03.29 08:48 sarcastic_aly My mom died nearly a year ago and I feel guilty for still grieving

My(f29) mom passed away suddenly in the middle of last year and it hit me hard. I moved away from home 5 years ago and now live an 18 hour flight away. The last time I saw her was before the pandemic when i managed to visit for a week.
It happened completely out of the blue. One day she was telling me she didn't feel too well, she maybe had a cold, the next she was heading into hospital for treatment because she was having difficulty breathing. It took 2 days to go from nothing to me getting a call from my cousin in tears telling me she was gone. No one was even that worried, we all thought she'd be fine. The doctors said she'd be fine but she just suddenly crashed in the night.
I've never been the beat with dealing with trauma. I have a traumatic past and have gone through some things that I've been to therapy for and I know I've developed some unhealthy coping mechanisms. One of which is just shutting down and getting on with things. Sounds fine? It's not. It means I don't deal with things. And it's not a decision I make, it just happens and then one day suddenly I realise wait, I'm not fine, I'm in fact very not fine.
It really sucks because I can go on for months thinking I'm ok and not suffering and then one day everything just hits me all at once.
Well that's what happened here. When I heard the news I cried harder than I ever have in my life. I live with my boyfriend and he was home when I got the news. He was worried because he'd never heard me cry like that before. After the initial tears I sort of went into survival mode and just started preparing for my trip home to get everything arranged. I told myself I could grieve when I get there but until then I needed to push through.
We booked the first possible flight and we're on our way. While I was there it was a lot of getting things done, speaking to family, passing in the news to her few friends and having to sit there as they all cried at me about the sudden news and how they'd miss her.
Now, I didn't really leave my mom in the best position. My family has never been a very stable one and after I left it feels like things fell apart even more. My dad divorced my mom and it was messy. He ended up getting married to someone he worked with and that hit hard. My mom hadn't worked since before she had my older brother so she didn't have much if anything to fall back on.
She was always struggling for money and would ask me every now and then for money for bills. I hate how I responded, I was cruel. I had the money, but I told myself not to get tricked into funding her for the rest of my life. Looking back I wish I'd spent every paycheck making her life better.
I have a lot of regrets about how I treated her. She was by no means a Saint but she loved me and took care of me. She developed paranoid schizophrenia when I was in college and caused me so much stress I ended up dropping out because I couldn't deal with it. She then kept on bringing up how I gave up and I disappointed her and my father so much. I hated it, but I never once blamed her to her face. I knew if I did she'd just say I was making excuses. But it wasn't her fault. She was sick and eventually she got help and the medication she needed. She became herself again. I'm glad I managed to get her that help at least, that she didn't have to go to the end feeling so scared.
But that's just how it's been for the past year. I keep thinking about how much I miss her, then remember the times she was cruel or spiteful, then feeling guilty because despite everything she was my mom.
This turmoil has led me to be damned near useless in everyday life. I go through the motions. I get up, go to work, get home and eat my dinner then just go to bed. All the while pretending I'm ok. And usually it's fine. But I feel empty, aimless. I've stopped doing my share of the chores all together. My boyfriend, bless him, has been nothing but supportive. He's the only person who really sees my pain and the main reason I'm making this post. I feel so guilty that I've put so much on him. I've tried doing everything I can to actually grieve. To force myself to face the pain. Even this post is one such attempt. If I talk through it maybe I can actually start healing. Because as it stands as soon as no one is around or as soon as I need to try to sleep it pushes through and I'm a mess.
I cry almost as hard as that first day. I cry so much my chest hurts and my throat feels raw. Sometimes I force myself to cry quietly so that my boyfriend can sleep.
It doesn't help that when I do actually fall asleep I have incredibly vivid dreams (a reaction to some of my medication) that have been about nothing but my mom, and going home and regrets.
I want to get back to doing my share of the work. I want to get back to feeling like myself. I know I'm depressed. I was depressed before this happened, for completely different reasons. I'm already on medication for it and already in therapy. I don't know what else to do. I'm so tired of feeling sad and empty.
By all accounts my life is going well. I have a job and a house and a living supportive boyfriend. I can put a smile on my face and go through my days without issue. But inside its just pain and I feel so guilty for not enjoying the life that I have. Especially when most of my guilt comes from not giving my mom a better one.
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2023.03.29 08:48 onsometrippyshit we should build an off the grid house as our home base while we are in our off-season

I'm 24, I've been travelling on/off since I was eighteen

18-20, I spent in Europe/Southeast Asia/Morocco
I've seen enough of all three.
21-22 Hitchhiked back to US, San Francisco, I went back to school to get my high school diploma and recovered from crazy kine travel with no money
22-23 Travelled through Mexico, 10 days in El Salvador, lol. I don't think I'll ever go back to those countries despite how lovely they were respectively.
23-24 Went to Hawaii and started college, got a job in an office, and spending my days in the library. I hang with the homebumz in Hawaii though once in a while, sitting on the curb, rocking doc Martens and thrift shop jeans

Fuck I'm from group homes and crazy shit, I want to go back on the road again but I gotta have a place to go home to. I was wondering if others felt the same. I'm not a yuppie (I'm not invalidating you if you are, I'm just telling you who I am). I spange-ed, I asked people for a floor or couch,

I slept in beds of strangers, been punched on the road, slept in floors, eating lobster off EBT:)) rarely paid for a ticket, hitchhiking, sleeping wherever. best times of my life. I wanna build something in Puna, Hawaii


It's a magical district full of Bohemians, outcasts, homeless people, vagabonds, the mentally ill, retired CIA agents, people on the run from the police, artists, travellers, professionals, sculptors, foreigners, hippies, marijuana farmers, those looking for cheap land, outlaws, authors, communes, farmers of various fruits and whatever else. the land is cheap. $10,000- to $20,000.

we could build a dome or an off the grid thing, I don't know. I've asked my train hopping buddy but as you know he just hit the next thing smoking. thanks.
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2023.03.29 08:47 BasePsychological571 Hey everyone I’m a 24yr female massage practitioner/ therapist. I usually do outcalls when necessary but I’d prefer incalls, I’m always friendly , Note - Only serious & Mature minded people.

I am looking for someone who likes the idea of being warmed up & de-stressed with a full body massage including additional happy ending So there’s a lot of people who do stressful and draining jobs in the city and other cities around. I’m familiar with nuru, deep tissue, Swedish and other relaxing massages. So I’II be giving massages with happy endings and this also applies for couples too, if you’ve never had one then you’ll like to try this out and it’ll be an amazing experience lol………
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2023.03.29 08:47 Tanuki-Trickery A smol rant that really is more to do with Dave and Busters than it does my bestie and his wife who is trying for a baby. Life is absurd.

We went to Dave and Busters as a belated birthday meet up. The entire establishment at 7:00pm on a Sunday was swarming with parents and kids. Each couple I did see had three to five kids, it was crazy! Nothing out of the ordinary but the cashier was louder than all of these familys, "I CAN HELP THE NEXT PERSON!!!" I can hear her annoyance and seething rage, she lives in a box at the entrance to a zoo where nobody knows what the fuck they are doing. (A reason I quit working with the general public.) We buy some credits to play games, she blasts through her script that she's only said 50,000 times during her shift, of how many credits we got, and yells out again that she's ready for the next idiot in line before we are even handed the receipt.
We wander the game room while we waited for 2 hours for a table to eat at. And when we finally sat down the restaurant side was a ghost town. We asked our waitress to split our checks and she says "If I do that the food will come out one at a time rather than all at once." We figured we'd all be talking and whatever so fine we said... que the orders coming out 15 mins apart... by the time I started eating half the table had finished.
I sat next to bestie's wife, because I wanted to have an opportunity to smooth out the last kerfuffle (see my first post of how memes from kidsarefuckingstupid are offensive) and while it was brought up, the conversation didn't linger, and apologies were had, but a little nugget she shared is why she wants a kid - as she never had a family of her own (entire life in foster care until 18) so she's gonna do it herself, along with the "I always had this desire to have my own."
So selfish reasons like the usual moms in limbo lala land.
My bestie works his ass off at a home improvement store, been there for almost 10 years, and she reveals that he doesn't use work insurance. Deductible too high and benefits are meh for someone like him (diabetic) to really benefit. So they pay insurance out of pocket despite working for a million, billion dollar company. His life revolves around work, and because he has done cl-open shifts, 12 plus hours, ect. Work has no problem keeping him working those shifts.
And while I'm not focused on thier need to get knocked up, I think of all these things... where will they have any time to actually spend with their kid... then on top of it there's weekly school shootings???
My niblet is failing scool at 12 years old, and I know they see the writing on the wall as I did in ye olde 90's. There's no point to doing well in school, as it doesn't help to get a job anyway. And my sister has done everything in her power to help, therapy (they don't talk to the therapist), after school camp, one on one... and my sister feels helpless and I don't want to be cruel, but like, shit, you know how shit this world is and yet here we are running in the same rat-wheel for that same carrot on the stick. Her life, my life, my niblet's life... we're all rats.
I saw that article of the Guardian saying that we are dancing ever closer to an extinction if (and they will) temperatures keep rising.
I think there's too much ignorance... but also who can give a fuck when they're a paycheck away from being evicted? It's why we haven't rioted like the French -- that and 40% of people love bootlicking and 1% doesn't have a clue that you can get a pizza delivered because they fly to Paris for a bagel and Japan for a rice ball and be back in their mansion before nightfall.
They're already building luxury bunkers to waste away in a hole I guess...
Anyway, I wasted $120 in an establishment that didn't have any toilet paper in the entire women's bathroom while I got a perfect mini slice of what a shit-show life is.
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2023.03.29 08:47 Wes99x Why an Online IT Degree from WGU Can Help Your Career

As an IT professional, you know that the industry moves fast. Keeping up with the latest technology and trends can be a full-time job in and of itself. That's why an online IT degree from Western Governors University (WGU) can be a game-changer for your career.
At WGU, you'll have access to a flexible, self-paced program that allows you to study when it's convenient for you. No more worrying about scheduling conflicts or commuting to a physical campus. Plus, WGU's tuition is affordable and transparent, so you won't be hit with any surprise fees.
But the benefits don't stop there. With WGU's competency-based approach, you can move quickly through material that you already know and focus more time on areas where you need extra support. This means you can finish your degree faster and get back to advancing your career.
What's more, WGU is a fully accredited university, so you can be confident that your degree will be recognized and respected by employers. And the faster you complete the degree program, the lower the money you have to pay in term fees. In fact, you can even graduate within 6 months (1 term) for a bachelor's or master's degree, thanks to WGU's accelerated pathway, and you will only have to pay 1 term fee only.
If you're interested in learning more about this accelerated path, feel free to PM me. But if you're looking to take your career in IT to the next level, consider an online IT degree from WGU. With WGU, you can earn a respected degree, gain in-demand skills, and do it all on your own schedule.
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2023.03.29 08:46 Flazuel I have major difficulties to get started with social interactions

I (19 M) am an undergrad in biomedical sciences.I love what I am doing and I truly believe this is going to lead me to somewhere great. Unfortunately, I have huge difficulties to meet new people or to maintain relationships. Because of this situation, I do not have any real friends (one that I could talk to for fun for exemple). People know me a bit and are not avoiding me; I’m just lacking the basic skills everyone seems to have. This creates a lot of frustration as I truly am trying to improve my situation. For exemple, since I wanted to increase to number of people I meet, I decided to go out at a bar by myself. I ended up drinking alcohol alone and leaving early. The feeling of being absolutely lost truly makes me sad as I know this kind of situation is a lot easier for everyone. I have no motivation left. It seems to be something I won’t ever be able to pull off. I really enjoy being with people who appreciate me like I appreciate them, but it seems impossible to find. If I ever get into a friendship, I usually am the only one looking forward to pass time with the other person. I am a very nice person always ready to help others, but that doesn’t seem to do the job. Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?
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2023.03.29 08:46 dasavra2002 Updated Skills

Hey professionals , what are the essential skills to learn to get jobs in the bioinformatics industries?
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2023.03.29 08:46 iamtheneyo Job opening - Staff Software Engineer (Frontend) - [ SMARTSHIFT ]

Hi Devs,
I'm part of the frontend team in a company called SMARTSHIFT ( https://smartshift.com/ ). We have an opening in Modernization team and are looking for a senior frontend engineer ( more than 7+ years of experience ).
I saw many are looking for a job in this forum. Given below is a short summary of the job requirement :
Experience : 7+ years
Location: Bangalore ( Hybrid )
Skills :
  1. Typescript ( Required )
  2. Javascript
  3. React
  4. Redux or any other state management libs
  5. HTML
  6. CSS / SCSS / LESS / CSS-in-JS etc....
  7. GIT
Additional criteria (Optional) :
Steps to apply :
  1. Apply in the following link : Careers smartShift Application Modernization and Cloud transformation Services
  2. Dont forget to DM me after you apply so that i can keep a track of it with the HR.
Do let me know if any of you need any info on the same.
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2023.03.29 08:46 kng_sen LinkedIn needs a visa sponsorship filter

I just got LinkedIn premium and the main cities people are applying from are not NYC or the Bay Area, but New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
I feel all the jobs have over 800 applicants because all the kids from India are applying frantically to everything, even when they wouldn't be considered. It would be better for applicants and employers.
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2023.03.29 08:45 Jax_Gatsby They did a pretty good job building this prison planet.

Just think about it, from the moment a child is born he/she begins being programmed to accept the prison we live in. The people who are supposed to love the child more than anything in the world are actually the ones who do the first bit of programming, all out of love ofcourse. And then school and society as a whole has their turn.
This is why I say they did a pretty good job enslaving humanity, because the inmates keep each other in line, and they can't even see the bars of the prison. In fact, most of them actually think they're free so they never try to escape.
On top of all this, the act of simply just existing and continuing to do so costs money, and the jobs you have to do to make money are generally meaningless and unpleasant, which generates negative emotions daily on a mass scale for the archons to feed on. And when you get paid for selling your soul at some job, the powers that be take some of your money and use it to fund wars, which generate even more suffering for them feed on.
You can't even escape by taking yourself out of the game because you'll just get dragged back into it, in another form.
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2023.03.29 08:45 CommandPurehaloS Check my Math for Rain Drainage through Sump Pump Drain

I'm looking at the viability of connecting a gutter drain to my 1.5 inch PVC sump pump drain and wanted to have someone double check my Math.
For a 1.5 inch PVC pipe at normal pressure, I'm finding a flow rate of 81 gpm online. My sump pump attached to this pipe is a 1/3 HP pump that appears to pump 42 gpm giving me 39 gpm to work with.
The gpm for my 100 year rainfall event (2.97 inches in an hour according to my county historical data) and for my roof size (1170 for the half of the roof I want to direct to this drain) came out to 36.11 gpm as figured using the "rational method" I found online as Q=CoefficientxIntensityxDrainage Area/96.23 or 36.11= 1(roof coefficient)x2.97(100 year event)x1170/96.23. Total gpms for the pipe would reach 78.11 gpm during a 100 year rainfall.
This should just squeak me in under the 81 gpm the drain pipe can handle, but my thought is if such a small diameter pipe gets the job done for both a gutter drain and a sump pump, why is it more common to use a 4 inch corrugated pipe for a gutter drain instead of digging a much smaller trench for, say, a 1 inch pipe? Did I do my math wrong? Is this a bad formula to calculate gpm from rainfall?
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2023.03.29 08:45 Tramer27 Passion

this year I started to understand how important it is to have a passion and there is a quote that I actually believe in. "If you don't work to achieve your dreams, someone else will pay you to achieve theirs."
But the weird part is that most students don't know their passion. I know a couple of college/university dropouts who are actually trying to achieve their dream in their free time. They do that before or after work.
When I ask students or people who graduated most people don't seem to know their passion. And instead of trying to figure it out before or after work they just say "I have a high paying job anyway, why would I need a passion", but I think that is wrong because everyone should have a purpose in this world. Have you guys noticed the same thing? What is your passion?
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2023.03.29 08:45 Rd21Bn The NDX will effectively become the 'AI Index' and go 10x in the next 5 years even in the macroeconomic downturn people are FEARMONGORING

Everyone, and I mean literally everyone, including your mom and grandma, are talking about the bank crisis, and the NEXT FINANCIAL CRISIS, they've been waiting, sidelined, loading up puts, for the last 2-5 years because "IT'S DEFINITELY GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN", meanwhile, they have not even remotely considered the circumstances then and now, especially with AI. And I know it's the trendy hot topic everyone is also talking about. But they are not realizing the economic impact of it.
Moreover, they are actually afraid that it will be BAD for the economy. This is just flat out wrong. Yes, your jobs will be replaced, but remember what the market is, companies that's priced based on growth and earnings. And what happens when they can effectively fire 90% of their workforce in the next 3-5 years and cut their costs by 90%? (These are just roughly speaking numbers of course) That means profits go up 10x.
That means the NDX, which is an index with the top 7 of it's most held companies being involved in AI in one form or another, and have enormous benefits from the leverage of AI, will then go up 10x in value.
And that's why, the NDX, effectively will become the AI Index, and there will be an AI driven bull run that no one has been anticipating. Everyone is expecting a crash, but what happens when no one expects a huge pump, because of AI? We're about to find out. Get your bets on the table. Buy your puts and have fun.
In addition, remember, Jpowell WANTS people to be unemployed, that's what he's looking for in order to bring inflation down, and if AI gets everyone fired, well it also achieves his goal, which drives the markets up even more.
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2023.03.29 08:45 ThrowRArthurdent My (18NB) partner (24M) is uncomfortable with me getting top surgery.

A throw away account, just because I want to get this off my chest. (Insert rimshot)
I am Non-Binary, AFAB. I recently confessed to my boyfriend before our one year anniversary that I was thinking about getting top surgery after I turn 26. (Brain done developing) He became really serious about this, and told me “please don’t.”
He normally very respectful of my decisions. I have had bad gender dysphoria for many many years, and most of it culminates with feeling uncomfortable with my chest. He knows I have general self esteem issues as well. He’s always tried to help me work on this, constantly complimenting me and telling me how much he loves me. He is very sweet and caring.
He told me that if I were to get top surgery, he would hate himself, because he feels responsible for it. He told me that if I get the surgery he failed to be responsible for me, in his job to protect me and make me love myself. It’s a sweet sentiment, but at the same time I feel like I should be able to choose what I do with my body without feeling like I’m going to lose my partner over it.
He wants to get a hair transplant (male pattern baldness which makes him self conscious) and I told him that if it would make him accept himself, and feel happy, then that’s all I want. I don’t generally judge on appearance and truly think he is handsome as he is. I don’t know if I am over simplifying by saying that wanting a hair transplant is similar simply because it is affirming surgery, and that is why I would want it.
He sees it as very drastic, removing a whole part of myself. I understand it, but I also hoped he would agree knowing that my emotional well-being would be better.
He has been saying he would break up with me if I had the surgery. I just want him to realize that it’s not his responsibility for me wanting a gender affirming surgery, and that I have wanted it for years. I told him this but he has stuck to his thoughts.
I don’t want to break up, I just want to know if I am overreacting, or if I am being rational, and should keep trying to convince him?
At this point I’m ready to throw in the towel and give up on the surgery altogether if it means I won’t lose him. Thoughts?
TL;DR My boyfriend has become very adamant about me not having gender affirming top surgery, and takes personal responsibility for my decision on the matter.
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2023.03.29 08:45 kieraix A second name change (she/her)

This isn't taking legal factor into account. My legal name is still my birth name and I've kinda put off changing it for this reason.
I came out to my friends/family in 2019 and started using the name Kira in 2020 or so. It felt like it was the perfect fit for so long but recently I've had a lot of doubts... I've started to also have strong connection to Jess (short for Jessica.) I'm having a really hard time between the two and I'm scared to tell anyone (other than my close friends, who have been trying Jess out with me as of lately.) I have concerns over if I were to change my name again though... my family, especially my mom and sister, would almost certainly go back to her "it's just a phase".... phase. She already has a hard enough time calling me Kira as is, let alone if I were to change that. Also my job... I'm the youngest person at my job (not gonna say exactly what I do, but I work in the media industry.) Most of the people I directly work with are at least nice and "accepting" to my face, and some I think genuinely are, but I can't tell which are just putting on a nice face because they have to.
Anyways, sorry for the long post. I'm just incredibly lost and have so much anxiety over this whole situation it's making me sick.
If the additional info helps, I'm 19 y/o in the midwest.
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