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Memes! A way of describing cultural information being shared. An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

2023.03.29 09:01 VermouthPLL My thoughts on the recent Japanese production of Pacific Overtures

Having been extremely excited about the new production of Pacific Overtures in Japan, which is directed by Matthew White and will be transferred to Menier Chocolate Factory afterwards, I finally managed to snatch a ticket for the final performance in Tokyo. Honestly, this is not my favorite Sondheim show as so many elements in the show feel like semi-authentic but not quite there yet, which conglomerates in somethings akin to uncanny valley if you speak Japanese and know the culture closely. So being able to see the show not only performed in Japanese but reimagined with the input of the Japanese cast piqued my interest the moment I saw the announcement. Overall, I was pretty impressed…until “Next.”
So basically, the production seems to be based on the script of 2017 John Doyle production at CSC, which was quite controversial given the cuts but which I nevertheless loved for its clear and thoughtful storytelling (I don’t mind cuts as long as they make sense in the context of the specific production and to me they did in John Doyle’s version). It ran 110 minutes without an intermission. What really surprised me was the book scenes. Most of them actually worked in Japanese, with a newfound sense of gravitas and nuances that the English language could never quite deliver. I often find the book scenes of Overtures done in English rather affected, sometimes to a degree of jarring-ness like watching anime dubbed in English. Sometimes they work, but they just don’t deliver as much, or at least differently than in Japanese. Here, the book scenes grabbed by attention like never before and they built up the tension much more effectively, making me shed a few tears at scenes I never did.
This is unfortunately not the case for the musical numbers though. As Sondheim is pretty strict and thoughtful with every note and lyric in his works, the translation just cannot achieve the same level of acuity and, well, mastery. Sure, some of the tanga might sound more interesting in Japanese, but in a language where there are so many much better short poems already, they sound amateurish in comparison if you studied Japanese Literature. This is probably due to the fact that the translation is more concerned with getting across the meaning in the original text than capturing the spirit. I saw the production of Merrily in Japanese two years ago, which was a transfer of the 2013? London production also to open on Broadway this fall. The Japanese Merrily also suffers the same problem of translation. You could feel that lyrics are at times fighting against the limited meters instead of becoming one with it. Maybe future iterations could prioritize keeping the spirit alive but what Sondheim does with his works is so much reliant on the unique aspects of the English language and the cultures associated with it, so this is a Herculean task for sure.
Nevertheless, hearing the score and seeing it performed by an all-across spectacular cast was enough to make up for these inherent flaws, at least to my personal enjoyment. My biggest gripe though, is that “Next” is performed unironically. The reason John Doyle’s production worked for me is that at its core, it tried to tell a story about a victim inheriting the mentality of the perpetrator. What I mean by this is, in Doyle’s production, you can see the damage the colonizers did to Japan on a fundamental level, which snowballs and culminates in the haunting image of a young Japanese girl picking up the gun, signifying the same kind of brutal acts Japan would do to its neighbors in the name of co-prosperity. When you take this away and instead make the final number to symbolize the diverse society Japan is going to become, the cuts are suddenly rendered meaningless, with all the tension built up till this point nixed to a sudden halt. It is like removing the hidden message of the danger of Social Darwinism in the revised text and instead saying that Social Darwinism is the way to go, because look at how amazing today’s Japan is (Emperor Meiji’s monologue directly leads up to the cast doing a dance number with the projection in the back showing a traditional Japanese painting of Mt. Fuji turning into a vortex of contemporary artworks).
This production emphatically reminds me that if you want to make Overtures work, not only to satisfy some audience members’ exotic fantasies but to actually work, you need to dig at the irony that is already there in the text, which also apply to almost all other Sondheim shows as we see in the gender-reversed version of Company. Anyways this is just my two coins but any thoughts?
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2023.03.29 08:32 BoardIndependent7132 "Unified resolution mechanic"

Title verbiage comes from the pitch-text of an RPG I happened across a few days ago. Made me wonder "What the hell is a unified resolution mechanic?". Happily, since I played AD&D and 3E, I can tell you: You roll the same die to resolve all sorts of tests. Now, this may seem surreal, but in AD&D, thief skills were percentile checks, rather than d20. (Why, I don't know--maybe something to do with their basis as "x in 6" skills. Regardless, it got me thinking: Say I want to make a hack, and use the unified resolution mechanic of a 'roll under your attribute' system. I promptly run into the the issue of "Well, but how can you vary the DC". The Black Hack and it's ilk all apply a penalty to the attribute (so if the enemy is easy, you roll vs. your attribute -1, and if it's tough, you might roll vs. your attribute -5, such that a 16 is treated as a 15 or a 13, respectively. (I've got it bassackward--Black Hack applies a bonus to your roll, which is confusing, because a bonus is generally a good thing, but it's not for a role-under system).
Which works, but is Math. So I fall to wondering, is there another way to do it? Now, I've been playing a battlemaster fighter a fair bit, who as 'parry', a reaction that allows you to reduce damage. So I begin to wonder: would it work if I made a hack system with roll under, and instead of eliminating hits, enemies just get a react, a defense in reaction to being attacked. Shield spell-like effects style of react of -4 to your roll is just more Math, so all you can really do is reduce damage. Which is more math, and with larger numbers, so what do we actually get for doing things that way? Only works if the defense is something more save-like, save for half damage, or force a re-roll, for add 1d4 to your roll. Fiddlier ones also possible - ones that force you to re-roll a maximum result, like a reverse heavy weapons ability.
So, does this sound at all feasible? Has it been done before? (The unified roll-under of a fixed DC set by the attribute, with both PC's and monsters defending against hits using a reactions.. (And yes, since it's a reaction, you can 'riposte' as a defense, and get your own attack in rather than reducing damage. Also things like uncanny dodge/evasive.
  1. Halve the damage
  2. Force a re-roll
  3. Treat value of roll as being 1d4 higher
  4. Reduce damage by 1d10+LVL
  5. Attack can only deal one die worth of damage
  6. Attacker must re-roll any die reaching max value
  7. Shield is shattered, no damage dealt
  8. Dodge: Roll under your own attribute, reduce all dmg.
  9. Take cover: use an obstacle to block the attack
  10. Hit the ground: become prone, force a reroll.
  11. Disrupt spell: Force a a concentration check
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2023.03.29 08:19 shinzoffy Man Nissan becomes uncanny

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2023.03.29 07:19 Ol_Dirt SPOILERS [Excerpt: the End and the Death, Part 1]: Who actually is the Dark King?

Spoilers for The End and The Death part 1 ahead:

Throughout the book The Dark King is chanted by demons, appears as writings on walls all over the palace, and shows up in visions. It is strongly implied to be Horus or possibly Samus until we get to the end.
Sinderman and Loken end up, through what we assume is Malcador's psychic urging, in the Leng library and eventually in the most restricted and secretive collection dubbed the 888 collection of the Emperor's personal books on chaos. They are randomly pulling books and opening passages hoping to find info that can help the fight. And we get this (bolded for emphasis):
Then crowned in his stead, the Dark King. Startled, he feels a shiver. He puts the book back quickly and selects another. One that is once born immortal is born again as a king of All Darkness. He’s starting to panic. The random incidence of the phrase is uncanny. It’s what he hoped might happen, but now it’s actually happening, it scares him. He pulls another book, bound in shagreen, opens it on an unpremeditated page, and reads: The black shell cracks, thus he ascends, in the timeless time, and is elevated to the gods, to reign as a dark-crowned king.

The passage above is the end of a chapter and immediately on the next page we get a final Horus POV of him watching the Emperor arrive on the Vengeful Spirit. Again, bolded for emphasis:
You had Him encased in a stifling, muffling, sense-depriving shell of pure, black immaterial force, but He has cracked that open, and now He burns a path towards you.

The language mirrors itself strongly and we are told the Dark King is crowned "in his stead" and was born immortal. That seems like a very strong hint to me that the Emperor, not Horus, is the Dark King. For some additional context, here is a passage where the perpetuals have made it to the throne room and are speaking with Vulcan about the Dark King:
Lord,’ says Actae, with some reluctance, ‘the Dark King is… it is the name first written in the time before man, and repeated ever since, unbidden, by the prophets of all species. It is a name symbolising the rising god to come.’
‘There are no gods!’ scoffs Raja.
‘You’re a fool,’ Actae tells him. ‘Before the fall of the aeldari, there was no fourth power of Chaos. The gods of Chaos breed and multiply, propagating like storms through the empyrean. They are born in turn, though they have all existed forever. Time has no meaning for them. The fall of the aeldari did not cause the birth of She Who Thirsts, merely her occurrence. So too with all other gods, be they foul entities of Chaos, or divine forces of sentient power.’
‘She Who Thirsts was born out of the death of an entire sentient culture,’ says John.
‘Such is the inevitable fate of all advanced, psychic species,’ says Actae. ‘And the Dark King is our fate. This war, my lord, is not one of loyalists against traitors. It is not about the conquest of Terra and mankind by Chaos. It is certainly not about a son at war with his father. This is the Triumph of Ruin. Horus and the Emperor have taken their conflict to such a pitch, that we are about to suffer the same fate as the cursed aeldari. The human race will die in birth-fire, consumed by blood-rage, pestilence, violent transmutation and blind desire. And from the grave-pyre of our civilisation, the broken galaxy will see Horus rising, absolute and complete, as a new, true and terrible god.’

So clearly, Actae at least believes the Dark King to be Horus, but again I go back to the language "crowned in his stead." You might ask yourself why the forces of Chaos would be chanting The Dark King and graffiting the palace walls with the same, but remember, when a Chaos God is born they have always existed. If the Emperor is to be crowned the 5th god of Chaos, he would have always been such.

It's long been a popular fan theory that the Emperor either is or is becoming a Chaos God. These excerpts seem to back that up, but I myself am not really sure. Abnett could be misdirecting. The only thing I am sure of is that whatever happens in part 2, it's going to be surprising and divisive. I also have a personal theory that it will strongly tie into the events of the Bequin series.
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2023.03.29 03:55 Purtle [PIL] #893 3/28/2023

Purtle's Internet Lineup for March 28th, 2023 9:56pm
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2023.03.29 02:43 Da-tricky Youer porn site is: damn uncanny

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2023.03.29 00:59 scavagesavage The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

The movie begins with all of the characters gathering in a massive arena, each of them prepared to fight to the death. There can be only one survivor, and the stakes are high. The battle is being broadcast all over the world, and the spectators are eagerly awaiting the outcome.
The characters are divided into groups, each representing a different faction. On one side, there are the superheroes, including Batman, Superman, and the Power Rangers. On the other side, there are the villains, led by Darth Vader and Freddy Krueger. In the middle, there are the neutral characters, including Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mr. Rogers.
As the battle begins, chaos erupts as the characters start fighting each other with everything they've got. Godzilla stomps around, causing earthquakes with every step, while the Terminator shoots lasers at his opponents. Shaquille O'Neal throws basketballs with incredible accuracy, while Chuck Norris unleashes a flurry of kicks and punches.
In the midst of the chaos, Abraham Lincoln rises to the occasion, using his leadership skills to rally his allies and take down the enemies. Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White join forces to cast powerful spells, while Captain Kirk commands the Enterprise to rain down photon torpedoes on their opponents.
Meanwhile, the DeLorean time machine is racing around the arena, traveling through time to confuse and disorient the other combatants. Indiana Jones is swinging his whip around, snatching weapons from his enemies and using them against their owners. Santa Claus is hurling presents at his foes, while the Care Bear is spreading love and kindness wherever she goes.
As the battle rages on, some of the characters start to form alliances, realizing that they can't win alone. Mario and Sonic team up to take down Doctor Octopus, while Optimus Prime and RoboCop join forces to take on the Blue Meanie.
In the end, only a handful of characters remain standing, including Batman, Godzilla, and Gandalf. They face off in a final showdown, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. In an epic battle, they unleash their most powerful attacks, but in the end, it is Batman who emerges victorious.
As the dust settles, Batman surveys the aftermath of the battle. The arena is in ruins, and the bodies of his fallen enemies lie all around him. He realizes that he has become the ultimate warrior, but he also knows that the cost of victory was too high. He vows to use his newfound power to protect the innocent and make the world a better place.
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2023.03.29 00:35 guillardo Hay

I spent my summer on my sister's new home that had a nearby animal farm as my sibling needed the extra hand. Work took over most of her time, the price of leaving her abusive husband but I was more than happy to step in.
Her job as a nightshift employee at the morgue demanded for her more than she imagined. I heard her cry sometimes when she thought that everyone was asleep and when I'd make her her favorite meal before she left for work, she'd look at me with gratitude coz she knew right then than she was understood.
In an attempt to lighten her mood i'd kid around by saying
"What's with the long face? Dissected someone alive?"
A soft chuckle would leave her lips then before swatting my arm. It was moments like these that I'd catch a glimpse of what little joy remained in her.
Oftentimes she'd have an accident that would leave stains of blood on her clothes. I, knowing all the beatings she'd tasted, would insist on washing them for her but she'd just smile and politely refuse.
I wondered if the sound of my heart breaking was loud enough for her to hear that she was loved.
The place was as nice as it could get save for the occasional sighting of rats. My sister promised that it was only till she saved enough for a better shelter so we were left to settle with rat poison.
I smelled decay the third night I spent in my room but failed to find the source. The little buggers must've consumed the poison and died behind the walls, it was the only logical explanation.
Air fresheners and scented candles were brought during my trip to the town and they helped with easing the awful stench.
Some days though, the smell would be in an unbearable manner that sleeplessness would keep me company. My eyes would adjust to the dimness as they stared at the peeling wallpaper that once covered two holes at the corner of my room.
Salvation came in the form of our neighbors. The elderly owners would welcome us with open arms and allow my little nephew to help with the feeding.
We'd watch in amusement as he'd carry a handful of hay towards the hungry creatures only for the dried grass to fall halfway through.
As we swam in the sea of happiness, I couldn't help but notice the absence of an animal but couldn't figure out just what.The thought ate at me but soon died with the setting sun.
It was becoming a routine of ours to bring pies to the owners while we were given the liberty to pet and learn all about the animals. Everything had been going well until I noticed that my nephew had started to put hay in his pocket before we went home.
He tried to be sneaky about it, leaving some under my bed when he thought I wasn't looking. I dismissed his behaviour as something a child his age would do and made a note to inform his mother.
As I had wanted him to know that taking what isn't yours without permission isn't very nice and in also in my want to be a good aunt, I talked to him during one of his bedtimes.
"Tomorrow we'll go to the farm and what will we say then?"
"I'll say I'm sorry and to never do it again."
I gave him a smile in return as I patted the blanket, making sure that he was comfortable.
"I only wanted to feed the goat."
That sentence made my motions come to a halt as confusion took over. He must've sensed my bewilderment so he sat up and inched closer towards me as if trying to relay a secret.
Ice and dread ran in my veins as the lightness in his voice masked the darkness of what was said next.
"It's for the tall goat that stands in the corner of my vists me every night."
Breathing suddenly became difficult at his revelation as the atmosphere in that space started to turn suffocating.
I wasn't even given a chance to process one thing before the knot in my stomach became a bomb.
"Sometimes it's even in your room too."
An hour or two was spent in the living room as my nephew slept on the couch while I waited for the arrival of his mother. I sent a message asking her to come home as soon as possible and the time in between, my eyes would occasionally dart to the darkness of the second floor.
Wether it was due to my own sleepiness or not, I couldn't truly dismiss the shadows that were clawing at the walls. Breathing became hard again when their presence was shattered by something even more terrifying. There, at the top of the stairs, stood the horned creature that had been living with us. A menacing grin occupied its face as it slowly descended while calling my name in a voice that was a cacophony of everything unsettling.
"Amber...I like watching you sleep...come back to bed."
The decay in the air became even more unbearable as its laughter erupted, rows of sharp teeth suddenly visible. A hot tear broke me out of my trance as I immediately grabbed my nephew and carried him out of the house. My lungs burned while I ran with the intention of asking for help from our neighbors, it didn't matter if they believed me or not, what was important was that I got away from that place.
A groggy voice soon filled my ears when my nephew awoke. I didn't have the time for rest or for assurance when he softly uttered the words that made me go even faster.
"Running goat."
Bile threatened to leave my system right then and there but I pushed it back as my screams slashed the night when I neared our neighbor's home.
Worried faces greeted me after the frantic knocking. The older woman took hold of the little boy as I felt myself waiver and soon slumped on the floor, trembling with every nerve. Apologies came out of my mouth, competing with the tears that were freely falling. A message was soon sent to my sister telling her not to enter the house and that we were currently at our neighbor's.
Sleep found my nephew again in the arms of the old woman as we settled in their living room, the crackling coal breaking the silence every now and then.
Amidst the chaos and fear that enveloped me, I failed to notice at first that the old couple had company. The old man introduced her then as his sister and before I could even say what horror made us flee our space, she took the words out of my mouth.
"It's the horned creature isn't it?"
I couldn't muster anything as I still struggled to make sense of it all.
"I felt uneasy while I looked at your home earlier and now I know why.
My face must've given my bewilderment away so the old man took over.
"We've encountered that thing too when we were kids."
I swallowed a sob before a piece of the puzzle finally found its place in my mind.
"You have no goats...this is why you have no goats."
The old man nodded in response.
"I was looking out my window one night when I was a boy. It didn't take long before I saw this goat lurking back and forth. I was about to get out of bed so I could take it in when something stopped me. Its eyes...they were that of a human."
Sadness illuminated his face that mirrored that of his sister. They didn't need to word out the trauma they surely suffered with that creature.
"What does it want from my nephew?"
I asked in desperation.
The siblings gave eachother a sad look before the man answered
"It doesn't want your nephew. It likes to taunt and scare others, just like it did with us."
His sibling took a cigar from her pocket, the sound of her zippo ringing as the ember roared to life. A slow drag was made before she continued the story.
"One night mother tucked me in bed before kissing my head and only when she got to the bedroom door did I notice that she had hooves."
My eyes widened at that. The sight of something uncanny was revolting enough...I couldn't imagine how much more when it came to proximity.
"It wants someone else."
A sigh danced along with her smoke as she went on with her tale.
"Our mother did some unspeakable things to children..."
Her voice faltered then as if she was starting to taste the bitterness of their past.
"...things that were only revealed to us when we got older. We never understood then why we got taken away from her...from our home...but im glad they did. We never knew what happened to her after that and the creature stopped visiting us too but its horror and malice never did. I swear I could still smell the stench of decay to this day."
I saw the small shudder her lithe frame gave off, like it was trying to shrug off the disgust of the memories.
"Whatever it is it feeds off on inhumane acts...on someone who's done these things."
A drop of a nail.
The struck of the clock.
The inevitable truth.
"It wants someone living with you."
A nauseous realization dawned on me then just as my sister's voice rang from the front door. The blood stains and the guilt that was masked by all came together and started to make sense.
My vision then got caught by a dark silhouette by the window that not a second later turned into that creature. And from the way it stared at knew I had figured it out.
My nephew was taken upstairs by the old woman in the want to spare him from what was about to happen. The old man then grabbed the door handle as his eyes asked mine for the signal. The worried face of my sister broke me even more but before she could even speak and hug me, in a defeated voice I asked...
"What have you been doing?!"
Her hazel eyes bore shame and guilt but I didn't give her a chance to hide from the truth.
"The decaying wasn't from the rats...something evil is playing with us and its been showing itself to your son so tell me the truth!"
I saw the gear shift in her mind. She was about to come up with a lie when the old man spoke of the consequences.
"If it cannot harm your son physically, it will scar him mentally and you don't want that."
It was then that my sister broke down in a wail, confessing that she's seen the creature too.
"Amber please understand I only did it for us...for our future. I never wanted to do it but I saw no other way...if only this brain wasn't so sick."
The room was spacious enough for a dozen people but what my sister spoke of that night felt like not even my skin fitted me anymore.
She relayed the task she, amongst many, were given by the higher ups. It wasn't always dead people who entered their morgue. Many times they were unconcious people who got passed as deceased ones. The powerful would then get to choose which ones they would like to be buried in the walls of their manors as a sacrifice to whatever they were worshipping.
"Sometimes they would fight back so we were left to incapacitate them again."
Her face contorted in a manner of pain as she continued
"But sometimes it wasn't enough...and there was just so much blood...blood that got on everything."
All througout her story I had my hands muffle my mouth as I remembered the smell of decay behind our walls and the clawing shadows.
"I can't be forgiven I know that. And that creature will not stop until I reminds me everyday. I can't apologize enough Amber."
Her arms wrapped around her waist, giving herself the comfort that she knew she'd never get again. Teary orbs found mine before she pleaded with a small smile...
"Please tell my boy that I'll always love him...."
I felt my heart constrict as her hand moved to her side, producing a firearm in the process.
"And you know I'll always love you."
I could only afford a step before a loud bang rang in our ears that was drowned out by a sinister laughter that surrounded the house.
I screamed for the old woman to keep my nephew in the room with her as the old man called for 911 while his sibling held me as my body gave away in anguish.
Above my sister's corpse, I saw that creature licking its lips in delight. As the last warmth of mercy left her body...I died too.
It's been three years since that incident. While packing for a move from that house I found a stash of money left by my sister for us. Not one penny was spent as I fed them to the flame that very night when our neighbors offered one last meal before we went away.
A secret was kept between us, a promise to take what my sister revealed to our graves. It was a way to save her dignity and a way to protect us from those who partook in that ungodly trade.
My sister's death was ruled as a suicide, and given her mental history, no other actions were taken.
I was given custody of my nephew as his father was off the grid. Just like how he had been useless at the beginning, the end only hammered it deeper.
Some days I still can't look at my nephew as he bore the exact image of his mother. He knew that she was gone but not the details, I would spare him of that for as long as I could.
Three years of a peaceful life with our own animals in our little farm.
Peace that I knew would come to an end when the smell of decay came to me once more. It didn't permeate from the walls though...this time it came from the pigs.
The decomposing body of my sister with a blown off face stood at the corner of my room then, trying her hardest to look human.
When my eyes travelled to her feet though...I knew then that it wasn't her.
I didn't regret what I did though...he deserved what came for him. If he had only been a better husband, a better person, my sister would still be here.
The familiar eerie voice greeted me again, teasing and malicous at the same time.
Ebony eyes scorched into mine before asking
"Amber...what have you done?!"
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2023.03.28 20:41 roraima_is_very_tall Scientist was 'neck deep in the hat' when he was shown the turtle

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2023.03.28 17:32 Pandalian10 Milio Tips and Tricks: How this champ carried me to Masters

Milio Tips and Tricks: How this champ carried me to Masters
Hello! Im Pandalian10 and i recently reached Masters with this champ!. I mostly played Karma, but when Milio went live, i forced him into every game he wasn´t picked or banned. Here are some tips and tricks that helped me!
I previously posted the screenshot of me getting to Masters, and commented some tips, but i decided to make a different post, so it may help more people!(English is not my first language, so excuse any typos)

Sorcery: Aery, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, Gathering Storm.
Resolve: Second Wind / Bone Plating, Revitalize
Never, NEVER take Scorch in your runes. Milio is not a poke champion, and the value of Gathering Storm is incredibly superior. This rune gives you 24 AP at 20 minutes, and 48 at 30. 48 AP is more AP than most Support Items, just for free. Scorch just gives 30ish damage after hitting an ability, which if you are against an enchanter, it is going to be healed/shielded.Pick Second Wind if you are against poke, and bone plating if you are against hard engage / burst
Also, i don't really like cookies/time-warp. It is just a safe fuse for people who aren't good at laning phase. And Milio doesn't need them, as he is a pretty safe champion, and just the numbers of Revitalize are more useful than surviving laning phase.

Ability Order:

For me it always have been E-W-Q.
Maxing Q first at any moment is inting, because even if the abilty gets somehow good, you are delaying W and E levels, which have vastly superior supporting abilities. Treat Milio Q as a Janna Q, Disengage/Poke, so if you are against a matchup like Tristana, you have to keep your Q up so you can cancel her jump, so you won't be spamming this ability in lane, so you won't need to max it. (I hope I made myself clear, lol)
Maxing W is tempting if you have 1- A great ADC which you know won't int. 2- A duo who you can clearly communicate to. 3- Two or more marksmen in your team.
As the healing in W is not really that great, even maxed out, you are only maxing it for the aditional range%, so it is game and team dependant.


The only items you will buy every game are Relic Shield, Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Vigilant Wardstone
Start with Relic Shield + 2 pots. Millio just has not the poke you need to buy spellthiefs, so this is the default choice.


Your mythic item is your first mayor decision, that, if you play correctly, HAS to be game dependant.
My rule of thumb is: If you know teamfight are going to be long, and you have tanks in both teams. Buy Moonstone Renewer. Trust me, i know that if you never built it, this may seem crazy. But Moonstone makes W´s heals actually a threat, and it increases the size of your shields notably, just for staying on fights.On the other side, if your team has plenty of ranged champs, the teamfights are going to be short as no one can really tank, or you are playing AGAINST a team of ranged champs who will be hard to reach. Buy Shurelyas.

Vigilant Wardstone is actually OP:
You are not going to buy it for the extra ward, you are going to buy it because, when you reach LV 13, and for only 1100 gold, it increases bonus attack damage, bonus health, ability power and ability haste by 12%. 12%!!!!!! JUST FOR 1100 GOLD, and also, IT COUNTS AS A LEGENDARY, SO YOU HAVE THE ADDED BONUS FROM YOUR MYTHIC.189% gold efficiency, plus scaling, plus extra wards, while being the CHEAPEST legendary in the game (without counting support starter items).
A must buy at level 13

The rest of items are all situational, so im gonna list them.

Ardent Censer: For many, an insta buy, but it isn't that good honestly. It gives bonus on-hit damage and AS to you and the champions affected by your shielding/healing. It is such a specific stat that you will only buy it if you have on your team 2+ champs that deal damage purely on their basic attacks. If not, there are better options
Chemtech Putrifier: After nerfs, it is just the same as an Oblivion Orb with added Heal and Shield power. You have to damage enemies for this item to work, and, honestly, i don't know if Milio´s passive counts as damage for this item. I suppose it does. Rush it against healing champs, but just stay at Oblivion Orb and finish the item later.
Dark Seal: If you have 350g to spare, buy it. This item gives potentially 40 bonus AP for 350 gold, thats insane value.
Mikael's Blessing: A great item to rush if you are against an Ashe support. It may seem useless, as Milio already has a Cleanse in his ultimate, but having potentially two cleanses in your kit is huge. The only thing is that you need to be fast and prepared for the CC, it isn't that useful if you cleanse it at the last 0.2 seconds.
Redemption: My favourite support item. In comparison to the other two popular support items, Staff of Flowing Water and Ardent Censer, Redemption has a better build path. Making it very comfortable to buy. Redemption also gives +16% heal and shield power. Buy it when your team, or the enemy team has hard engage and you need to follow it with a redemption.
Staff of Flowing Water: Its like Ardent Censer, but better, as it benefits more champs. It gives AP which makes it great if you have a mage carry, and 20 ability power, which makes it great for literally any champ who deals damage with their abilities. In cases when you can't buy Ardent Censer, buy this item

Laning Phase:

Milio is a really passive laner, he is one of the most, if not the most, passive enchanters in League. That is because Milio doesn't really have a strong poke in lane. He, like Janna or Renata, wants to play catch/disengage on lane. This is mostly dependant on enemy botlane.
If you are against a hard engage botlane, you DON'T wanna use your Q to poke, because the enemy will all in on you once you use your only disengage tool. Your Q is able to cancel most melee support engages: Alistar's W, Rakan's W, Leona's E, Pantheon's W, Rell's W, Amumu's Q, Taric's E. Against hook supports, you can kinda cancel them, but your adc (or you) will still be stunned: Thresh's Q2, Nautilus' Q (Pyke and Blitzcrank bring you to them, so it doesn't work).The game plan against these botlanes is playing safe, don't get hooked, and try to disengage your ADC. Wait for the enemy support to make mistakes, or to miss/waste their essential ability, and punish them.
If you are against another enchanter, it will probably be an even matchup. You can use your Q to poke, but it will probably be healed/shielded, and the same if they use their poke to your adc, you just shield them before. So we wanna take advantage of this.The game plan against these botlanes is using your Q to pop their shields/heals/buffs, and once they dissapear and the enemy enchanter has their abilites on cooldown, you just W + E to your ADC and look for a little trade. Then, rinse and repeat.
If you are against a poke/mage support, theoretically it would be a winning matchups, as poke loses againts shields, but it is more complicated than that. Consider rushing Mikael against these lanes, for the MR and the extra cleanse, and just all-in into them once the enemy support wastes its cooldowns.The game plan against these lanes is similar to before, punish them for missing their abilities.
Obviously, every game is different, and every player plays different. So be adaptive. In general, you always want to push LVL 2 (first wave and 3 melees minions from the second wave) before them and try to W or E your ADC so they can trade a couple basic attacks, unless the risk is too heavy and you might gift a double kill. But with Milio you just wait for action to happen.


Roaming is what makes the difference from one good support to a great support. It is a complicated topic, but the higher on rank you go, the more important it becomes. Not just for Milio, but for any support, even more on engage ones.
There are a couple different scenarios where it would be useful to roam.
1- You backed, and are getting back to lane. NEVER go straight to botlane, path towards the jungle and pay attention to your teammates. Is my mid fighting and needs helps? Is my jungle contesting crab? Is my mid about to get dove? Is my jungle doing an objective? Does my jungler wants to invade and may need my help? The amount of times i saved my mid from any scenario, or pathed towards herald and made the difference towards an objective is what made me climb.
2- You wipe out the enemy botlane and crashed the wave into their tower, but don't have enough gold to buy an item. Roam somewhere, even if it is just putting a deep ward into enemy jungle. Ask yourself the same questions as before.
3- The enemy is freezing the wave.
Do not worry about your ADC in these situations, just ping them careful or type in chat "roaming pls don't die", if your ADC plays safely, you might also force the enemy support to roam as well.
You don't have to get an assist or do something really flashy when roaming. Just being there so your mid doesn't die is more than enough. Also, don't roam if it isn't necesary, or if your ADC will 100% die if you are not there.

ADC Pairings:

While theoretically ADC with tons of range like, Kog Maw or Cait seem to be the perfect pairing with Milio, just about any ADC that can make a threatening damage with their autos are really good. Ashe, Sivir, Jinx, Vayne, Draven, to say the least.
I do think that ADCS that HUGELY rely on hard engage to dominate laning phase (Xayah, Tristana, Nilah, Samira) or ADCS/APCS that don't rely on basic attacks (Ezreal, Varus, Veigar, Ziggs, Seraphine) are not the ideal pair with Milio, so if you have the chance, you might consider changing your pick.

Random Tips:

-Don't buy so many control wards. If you hypothetically buy 2 control wards every back for the first 15 minutes, and say you died once. Assuming you only backed 7 times, you spent 525g only on vision, which is obviously an exaggerated number, but it shows how much money you can spend without realising. Also, item spikes are essential to Milio, so just buy one every back, and two only if there is an objective coming up.
-You don't need to always babysit your ADC. I know that the range% in your W most games works only on your ADC, but if there is a teamfight, prioritize saving someone with your W rather than letting your 1/4 ADC gain 12% more range.
-Build flexible. Not only with Shurelyas/Moonstone, but read the room and analize your team champs, then, buy accordingly. It doesn't serve much purpose to auto pilot and buy chemtech putrifier when there is no healing on the enemy team.
-Try to avoid carrying ignite. Milio is always playing at the backline, and to ignite someone you have to put yourself in danger. If possible, bring exhaust or heal. (Don't do this if you are against a healer on lane, read the room)
-Change to sweeper. Surely, you must change to sweeper once your support item evolves, but leaving a ward in the river and changing it before the match starts will help you in most cases. Having a sweeper helps you with roams, helps you control the bushes, and helps you eliminate enemy´s support wards. The only time i don't do this is if i am against a hard engage lane, where eliminating wards puts me in so much danger, or if i am against a heavy ganking jungler, like J4 or Nunu.
This was my first time doing any type of guide, so im really sorry for any mistakes :P
And thats it! Im happy to answer any questions, and thank you for reading!
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