Parc ridge apartments northridge

Creeks of River Ridge Apartments?

2023.03.29 06:54 metry_ Creeks of River Ridge Apartments?

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2023.03.29 05:24 ManWithAPlan59 Creeks of River Ridge Apartments?

Has anyone lived back there or knows someone who does? Looking for testaments/good or bad reviews. I’m considering moving in one of those sets of apartments, but wondering if there’s anything I should know.
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2023.03.28 22:27 FallenArtemis Looking for an apartment in the Stow/Cuyahoga Falls area, any recommendations?

I'm a college student transferring to University of Akron in the fall so I'm looking for an apartment in the Stow/Cuyahoga Falls area, trying to stay in the middle of University of Akron and Bedford. Mainly looking for 1 bedroom apartments, but 2 bedrooms are okay too. Budget is around $1000 a month. My girlfriend and I are planning on moving in together around next February.
We toured Wyndham Ridge and absolutely loved it, but it's 21+ and we are 20 so we couldn't do it. We also toured Bridgewater Park apartments next door to Wyndham and I liked it but my girlfriend didn't. We also checked out The Peaks at Water's Edge, which even though the model apartment they showed us was very very nice and affordable, the outside of the building and the halls really turned me off. I'm more keen on townhome apartments, but my girlfriend loved Water's Edge so I'm trying really hard to contemplate it.
We have tours with Forest Ridge, Heron Springs Apartments, Ravenswood Apartments, French Mill Apartments, The Residences at Brookledge Commons, and Yorkshire Woods Apartments soon. I also tried to get a tour with the Apartments on Second Street but they only do virtual tours.
Does anyone have any experience with any of these apartment complexes or have any recommendations? This is going to be my first time moving out and my first apartment so any help or opinions are appreciated. Thank you so much!
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2023.03.28 19:27 Treadwheel Hive Soldiers and Hive Worker Drones should have their heads swapped.

I came across this neat diagram someone made trying to ascribe meaning to Hiver head shape, and it suddenly hit me like a bale of hemp: Kenshi's Hivers are backwards.
In nature, eye placement is very consistent across ecological niche, with predatory animals favouring forward-rotated eyes to provide good binocular vision, and thus depth perception, while prey creatures have eyes rotated outwards to maximize field of view. Indeed, even pupillary shape tells us multitudes about the ecological niche an animal belongs to.
In Kenshi, however, we see the opposite on display - the comparatively fragile drones are excellently equipped for combat, having closely spaced eyes suited for depth perception and redundancy should one become injured or occluded in combat. On the other hand, the Hive Soldiers have eyes spaced so far apart, one could reliably render them incapable of seeing anything to the left of their midline with a single blow to that side of their head.
Worse, Soldier Drone head shape cause their eyes to be dangerously exposed, such that it's a miracle they aren't permanently blinded by something as simple as walking too near a wall! Contrast, again, to the Worker drone, which at least preserves something of an eyebrow ridge to deflect blows and shield them from being blinded by blood or rain running off their cone head.
The only explanation I can float is that what we call "Soldier Drones" are in fact more apty described as "Sentry Drones", designed to spot predatory animals and threats to the hive quickly via their near-360 degree field of vision. They then react aggressively, not in hopes of defeating the threat, but rather to provide it with an easy meal to drag back to the nest. Indeed, it might be posited that their head shape - bereft of any contour to deflect the full force of any blow aimed at it - is most designed for size, weight, and relative detachability. Indeed, brain tissue, being dense in crucial fats, sugars, and electrolytes, is a prized food to any subsistence hunter. Perhaps, then, it is no coincidence that its anterior protrusion forms a natural handle by which to haul this portable feast around, as though to advertise its very convenience! "Ignore those gangly fellows in the field, all skin and bones, fiddling with their stick-throwing devices. Simply drag this one back and return tomorrow for another". A persuasive strategy!
This explains why the best sniper in the game, Green, is a "lowly" worker - they are the only members of the hive capable of even using a ranged weapon properly (princes being, of course, too regal to dirty themselves with any task of value to the hive), let alone capable of surviving enough combat encounters to gain skill with it. In contrast, the only unique Solider recruit, Ray, is found in a state of abject slavery and possessed of combat skills at parity with his potential for diction.
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