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2023.03.29 08:43 chanchogreen How to deal with A housemate applying for a job in ABA? :(

TW: applied behavioral analysis (ABA)
Hey friends 🙂 I’m new here and could really use some advice/support
I’m 25 and have just in the last couple of years come to understand that I’m autistic and have ADHD. I live in a share house of kind and generally progressive people who are mainly NT. My ADHD is formally diagnosed and im very open about it, but my understanding of my autism is newer and so im more cautious to talk about it.
One of my housemates (a psychology student) came home yesterday very excited about applying for a job in ABA therapy. She found out about it through another housemates boyfriend, whose entire family I have just learnt work in ABA. I was really upset and still am due to the criticisms of ABA I have heard from autistic advocates. I feel like I can’t feel safe learning to unmask and accept myself as autistic while living with someone working in this field. I also feel pretty horrified about the fact that I’m spending a lot of time around people who maybe actually see autistic people as fundamentally broken and see fit to (as I see it) abuse autistic children to “fix” their behavior.
According to my two housemates, this ABA centre is more focused on reward than punishment and is a more modern, positive kind of ABA. To be fair I haven’t experienced ABA myself and haven’t seen how this specific business actually works but I am really freaked out and feel like what I thought was a neurodiverse friendly home is actually a lot less informed than I thought. While we were discussing it I tried to stay calm and basically said that from what I had heard from autistic survivors, ABA is really traumatic and harmful, but felt I had to remain moderate because I didn’t want to make my housemates feel condemned and judged and stop listening. I went on to cry in the backyard and though I thought I’d get some clarity and calm with time, it’s the next day and I just finished work and don’t even want to go home
I guess I have two questions
  1. Do any of you have any knowledge about ABA therapy actually moving beyond its traditionally harmful reputation? Basically I feel personally pretty convinced that ABA, no matter how gently practiced, is fundamentally harmful and dehumanizing, but I want to leave room for actual positive austistic experiences with it so I know I’m not operating from confirmation bias.
  2. Do you have any advice about how I might talk to the housemate who is applying for the job or otherwise deal with this ? (she is a lovely and kind person who I’m sure would be horrified by autistic accounts of ABA but I feel unsure how to address it - I don’t want to put her in an uncomfortable position. I also don’t want to make my other housemate feel that I think her bf and his family are evil - I know that most ABA practitioners probably feel they are doing genuine good and every time I’ve met them they have seemed incredibly kind)
Sorry for the essay, I’m just really in need of some support and though I have some ND friends most of them are newer to their diagnoses/self understanding than me and not really able to offer advice)
Thanks in advance ❤️
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2023.03.29 08:43 just-browseing My online friend, may you RIP

I met a pal 2 years after graduating high school in 2007. Online through facebook. Back when failbook had alot of alternate accounts. Started out with conversations on anime, manga, and what nots. But we then started playing pc games together. Minecraft, Borderlands, warframe, GMod, Deep Rock Galactic to name a few. Never knew his real name, only knew his username. But knew he lived out in the Philippines. Eventually our adventures in the game world crossed into the real one, talking about real world issues, mostly just around us or with the family. I saw him as my best pal. Multiple losses in the family. Rine was there. House burnt down. Rine was there. Even as my mind fractured from stress and trust issues. Rine was there.
He had a passion for home cooked food.. Loved pictures of home cooked food so when I made a new recipe, I would send him a picture. He too sent me ones of stuff his mom made. Loved point and click games. When one of the game companies would do some bs thing, he go and say. "Best pirate them now XD" He enjoyed memes related to the things he enjoyed. Would send me screens of his video game adventures.
Today at work I found out through a friend, that he passed from a stroke. On his last string by the time he got to the hospital as I was told. Thankfully the shift was ending for me so I was able to get home to let the dam break and mourn.
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2023.03.29 08:42 srtclimousa Which is The Best Town Car Service in Seattle?

Choosing the right transport becomes one of the most confusing and difficult sometimes. Have you wondered why? Well, this is because while choosing transport, you are not only hiring a vehicle but a chauffeur and full fledge accommodation facility. Therefore it should be considered crucial.
At SRTC, We equip the most trusted staff, chauffeur, and services.
Punctuality, grooming, safety, hygiene, and attention are the most important skills of a professional. We offer the best airport town car service in Seattle and its surroundings. Our great chauffeurs have the map of all the routes ahead of time and account for every road.
If you are looking for the foremost limo company, SRTC is all in to serve you. Our assistance is complete on its own. Hiring SRTC’s Professional town car service means renting a luxury car that will pick you up and drop you off with complete safety at the airport or destination.
SRTC Limos are reliable, comfortable, lavish, classy, secure, and punctual. Owing to all our core values, We believe in delivering exceptional service to the client. The mission and vision of our company are clear, that is to lead this company to the top in aspects of accommodation and values.
Considering comfort, when you are in an ordinary car, you never know if the car is neat or the engine works well. But with a professional town car, you know that you are going to have the best travel experience in all senses.
Another aspect is reliability, SRTC’s town car service assures you of completely reliable assistance. There is so much fraud and misconceptions out there so, it is better to choose a service that offers you healthy trust.
If you are planning to fly to our city, Book a black car service Seattle airport by SRTC. Because we ensure you an unmatched and relaxed journey.
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2023.03.29 08:42 amelia_grant 7 Tips for Safe Workouts at Home

Injuries while working out are not uncommon, but how to reduce the risk of getting them? Just don't neglect the basic safety rules. For example, when you work out at the gym supervised by a qualified specialist, there are fewer risks of getting injured.
If you’re working out at home, the risks are increased, but you still can make your home workout safer. Use these tips to increase safety during workouts so you won’t have to seek help from a sports injury doctor.

1. Go Through a Medical Examination

Before starting a new training program, especially if you have never exercised regularly, you should consult with your doctor. The new physical activity should be appropriate for your health and physical fitness. Knowing your body and your capabilities is the best way to keep yourself from injury while exercising. In addition, enhanced training is stressful for the body, including joints and the cardiovascular system.

2. Start Training with a Personal Coach

Find a professional personal coach who will show you how to get started, how to create a fitness plan, and give you nutritional advice. A qualified specialist will be able to control your technique and teach you the correct mechanics for performing complex exercises so that you do not get injured. It is not necessary to always work with assistance - you will master the basic knowledge and practice it in 2-3 weeks.

3. Increase the Load Gradually

Many people think the more intense, the better. This rule only works if you exercise regularly and for a long time. At the first workout, you do not need to exhaust yourself. Start a fitness session at home or in the gym with a set of exercises at a moderate pace for no more than 20 minutes. Gradually increase the pace, duration, and difficulty of your workouts. Try to rate your fitness level on a scale of perceived exertion to minimize your risk of injury while exercising. It will help to establish at what point the body begins to react negatively to physical activity.

4. Warm Up

Any workout should begin with a good warm-up - this is the basic rule. Don't skip your warm-up, whether you're doing yoga, strength training, or cardio. The warm-up set of exercises helps the muscles and tendons to prepare and warm up. Training without a warm-up is a big risk of injury. Muscle strain and torn tendons are the most common among those.

5. Eat Before Your Workout

An empty stomach is not the best idea. During training, the body needs energy and strength to cope with physical activity of any intensity. Eat a small portion of complex carbohydrates and proteins 40 minutes before training. In addition, remember to drink - a glass of water an hour before class will prepare the body for a rich fitness program. Drink water or sports drinks and take small sips during your workout to stay hydrated.

6. Choose the Right Clothes for Sports

Many sports injuries are caused by improper sportswear and footwear. Build a fitness kit based on the type of activity you plan to do. A universal tip is to choose stretchy clothing made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. No need to spend a fortune on sportswear. The basic fitness set consists of a sports bra, a top made of technical fabric, leggings, and sneakers with good cushioning. For outdoor workouts, choose garments with reflective inserts and insulated lining.

7. Listen to Your Body

Listen to your feelings and stop if the possibilities are already at the limit. Training should end with pleasant tension and relief, not excruciating pain.
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2023.03.29 08:42 PhillTop Hoffmann Taste Test Request

Hey people, Short time reader, first time poster. For context I didn’t make cofffee at home ever till I came across James’ video on making the ultimate Mokka Pot cup. Six months later, I’m pressing manually ground shots out of a Flair. I blame (and thank) James.
If he’s reading and looking for content ideas, here’s one: I’d like to see him brew both an espresso shot and a cup of coffee from each of 4 distinct roasts, and see if he can match espresso-to-coffee in a blind test.
I think it would be interesting to hear him detect the similarities and see what is amplified or deamplified when going from a coffee to an espresso preparation.
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2023.03.29 08:41 beetboy101 I baked cookies for my work

So a few weeks ago my work helped me out by giving me a few days off when they usually do not allow multiple days off in the workplace, I work in a meat processing plant and I had a major thing happen with that needed my immediate attention (Basically I got into a fight with the person I lived with because she liked to use me as an on call babysitter and dropped a sick child on me home alone while knowing damn well I was at work.) I watched my managers run around for 2+ hours like chickens with their heads cut off moving people until they had someone they could move to my line.
Fast forward to the other day I got my own place to live and I finally got my shit together and baked cookies for my managers (separate office from the plant I work with like 900 people as much as I'd love to bake everyone cookies) because I love baking and wanted to show my appreciation.
I've seen a lot online about how women should not bring baked goods into the workplace and that I'll seem like a suck up etc, because I work in a mostly male dominated field. I do well enough at my job I think and baking is just something I enjoy doing that is directly relevant to the fact that I got a new place to live and can actually start doing it again.
Should I bring in the cookies or not...?
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2023.03.29 08:41 kenno26 Sauna quote. Australia

Hi all
I'm building a new home in Sydney Australia. I've been provided with the below quote from a reputable company with 20 years experience.
I'm looking for some guidance around further questions that I should look to ask here to ensure that I end up with the best, most efficient product
Our quote for the supply and installation of your sauna 2100W x 1600D x 2100H is $20,980 + GST
Our price is inclusive of the following:
Ceiling: Roof to be colorbond (colour tbc by client) with matching capping, underside to be Thermo Modified European Spruce - 140mm x 16mm
External Walling: Thermo Modified European Spruce - 140mm x 19mm
Internal walling and ceilings: Premium Western Red Cedar - 84mm x 10mm
Flooring: slab and finished floor by client
Windows: Qty 2 - 500W x 700D - double glazed windows with clear glass
Insulation: - Mineral wool R2.0 for walling and R 3.0 for the ceilings. Your sauna walling will be lined with authentic aluminium foil reflector for additional insulation and heat retention..
Benches in two levels: Premium Western Red Cedar - 90mm x 17mm
Top Bench - in a straight line - 600mm deep
Low bench - L shaped and both benches - 450 mm deep
Grill: Custom made grill between top bench and low bench
Backrest: Custom made backrests with integrated LED strip lighting (12v transformer, waterproof IP65, aluminum tubing)
Ventilation: Authentic Harvia ventilation inlet to be installed - this allows for natural air recirculation
Door: Full glass door - 690w x 1890h - with clear glass.
Heater: Harvia VEGA Pro BC165
Heater Accessories: Harvia CX180M - external control panel, Harvia heater rocks
Sauna accessories kit: - 4L wooden bucket, 48cm wooden ladle, thermo/hygrometer, sandglass 15min
Delivery: delivery of all sauna timber, components and accessories to clients premises
Installation: full installation by our team of experts
Not Included:
Electrical connections - all electrical connections need to be completed by a licenced electrician
Oiling and Painting
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2023.03.29 08:41 SussyBakaMcRetard Moto G Stylus, Dear God Help Me

I'm not sure if this is the right subreddit but, I just want to say, this has to be the absolute WORST Android based phone I've owned, and I've owned some awful phones. There is so much wrong with this thing that it has almost become more of a chore to use than anything. Allow me to explain:
I had to get a new phone as I had moved and my original phone got damaged, and I didn't have a lot of money on me at the time. So I went to Cricket and bought the Moto G Stylus 2023? I think. Anyway, probably since the first day I got it, it has been horrible. Sometimes the screen can hang for 10 seconds at a time. The screen stops working for 3-5 seconds at random and I need to get rid of all contact with the screen for those 3-5 seconds to get things to work again. Any and all apps have severe lag issues. Sometimes even the lockscreen hangs. I'll go to unlock it and it'll be stuck on a black screen for sometimes as long as 6 seconds. Battery life is horrible, lasts for maybe a day if that and I'm barely on it. Notifications get stuck. I'll scroll through my notifs and the entire window will freeze for a few seconds. Home screen can take 3-5 seconds to load. Rebooting does absolutely nothing either. If anything it makes things worse.
Is this what one should expect from this phone, or do you guys think my own model has something wrong with it? It's gotten far worse in the last month or so, and I check for updates everyday but it hasn't found any since mid January. I can't root it. I can't flash roms I don't believe. Is there any way to get this thing to NOT run like you're trying to run a modern day game on a $150 dollar laptop from the mid 2000s?
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2023.03.29 08:41 e-vao 18 stone 4 and fed up

Morning all. Writing here as I’m really not sure what’s going on. 24F 5ft 11 and 18 stone 4. My weight has fluctuated a lot since my early teens and I have gone through many phases of effective weight loss, usually through a varied technique of different things such as Huel, intermittent fasting, lower carb higher protein, calorie deficit and the gym.
I had the most recent success around 2020-2021 where I weighed around 13-14 stone and felt very happy within myself. I also picked up rollerskating in this time which I was doing every other day for a whole summer. However I met my boyfriend at the end of 2021 and started a work at home job and since risen back up to 18.4.
Before this, I hit my all time highest weight in 2017 at 19.1. I believe this was due to chronic fatigue and unhealthy eating after 7 cases of tonsillitis and 3 cases of glandular fever within a year and a half.
In July 2022, I started a new job that has made me consistently walk 5 miles (average 9000-12000 step count on my Apple Watch also) a day for my commute and general steps. I also am very active at the job, packing orders and dispatching, loading boxes onto pallets. Typical warehouse stuff. Admittedly I have struggled to make it to the gym because my work days are tiring.
I thought that this contrast from my work at home routine where I barely left the flat, to this would result in a natural weight loss so I tried to eat well around this. My diet is very Mediterranean. I only use olive oil and try to eat a lot of vegetables and leafy greens. I eat mostly tofu and chicken for protein. And have recently been trying to incorporate a lot of beans to encourage satiety.
Yet every time I get on the scales the weight just keeps rising and it’s really frustrating. I feel I’m in a weight bracket that has me at my lowest confidence wise. I have been reading a lot about cortisol as of late, and insulin resistance. I do relate to what I read and I find myself seeking out information about the two. I do hold weight more around my lower stomach and arms, and some on my back. My legs and chest usually remain the slimmest part of me. I also have been trying to learn more about my hormones and their fluctuations, and eating to support that but yet to see much change.
Any advice would be much appreciated, I just feel very stuck. As if my body refuses to let go of fat.
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2023.03.29 08:40 r0nflexxe Can anyone in property law help me out?

I know we're all overworked, but I'm trying to help some family members with a situation they're in. They were kind enough to let a drug addict, whose parents were going to kick him out, stay at their house. Their house has a sort of apartment unit. They let him stay there, without paying any rent, at a loss for them (the cost of utilities skyrocketed).
Long story short, he has continued drug use and caused a ton of problems. My parents gave him notice to leave in early February that he has to leave by today at a certain time, and he refuses to leave. When he refused to leave, and an hour had passed, my family members changed the locks. Within minutes, he called the police on us, who sympathized with us, but had to do what they had to do to ensure no self-help, because they can't make the determination that he's not a tenant. The exact words of the police were "we're not stupid, we know what's going on, but we have to enforce the law."
I know that if this goes to court, this is a pretty open and shut case given he has no legal rights to stay based on the contract between them and the arrangement. I am just looking for more immediate remedies. My family members are old, ill, and do not deserve to be going through this. One of them has been shaking ever since the police arrived, she's so frail. They were just trying to do something kind and I can't believe how disgusting these people turned out to be.
They have also arranged for another person to actually come rent the place starting April 1, because there's been more than a month's notice (with multiple notices) about the situation and the guy staying in my family members' unit never said anything about his intentions.
In California, does anyone know what the best course of action is right now? Is it to call the police re trespassing? Or unlawful detainer even though he's not a tenant?
Even advice on what to search in westlaw would be so helpful.
If you're soo kind as to help us pro bono, I can give you my contact info too. I know, I know big ask because we're all dying over here...but for some of us it's slow, so any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.29 08:40 LocationOk1668 WD My Cloud: The Ultimate Personal Cloud Storage Solution for Your Home or Office

In today's digital world, having a reliable and secure storage solution for all your data is crucial. WD My Cloud is an exceptional personal cloud storage device that offers an easy and convenient way to store, access, and share your digital content from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're a home user or a business owner, WD My Cloud provides a versatile and scalable storage solution that meets your data management needs.
One of the main benefits of WD My Cloud is its simplicity. With a few clicks, you can easily set up your device and create your own personal cloud storage. You can access your data from anywhere using your computer or mobile device, thanks to the My Cloud app. The app enables you to stream your music, photos, and videos directly from your My Cloud device, giving you quick access to your data anytime, anywhere.
WD My Cloud also offers robust security features to protect your data. The device comes with multiple RAID configurations, which allow you to choose the level of protection you need. You can also set up password protection, network access control, and remote backups to ensure the safety of your data.
Another key feature of WD My Cloud is its scalability. The device comes in various storage capacities, ranging from 2TB to 16TB, and can support up to 32TB with a USB expansion port. This means that you can start small and expand your storage capacity as your data grows.
In conclusion, WD My Cloud is an excellent personal cloud storage solution that offers ease of use, robust security, and scalability. It is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to store, access, and share their digital content securely and conveniently. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient personal cloud storage device, WD My Cloud is the way to go.
If you're interested in purchasing a WD My Cloud device, visit Raksmart's website at Raksmart is a trusted retailer that offers a wide range of storage solutions, including WD My Cloud, at competitive prices. With Raksmart, you can rest assured that you're getting the best products and services for your storage needs.
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2023.03.29 08:40 friendly33 TEMU 30% Exclusive Ambassador Promo Discount Coupon Code Off Your Purchase

This is my Ambassador Temu Coupon Code link I am sharing for 30% off your Total Purchase for New Users.
If you rather use the app, once you click the link above, go to the Temu Home Page and scroll down to the end of the page, where you will see the download available for the Temu App.
Once downloaded, go to the Search Bar and enter the coupon code there as you do with the Temu In-App Games.
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2023.03.29 08:40 Christian_A_Kunimi You know about the deep state and N.W.O., but there's a lot more to it than that. Though you may find it hard to believe at first, what I'm about to tell you is true. If you keep an open mind and look at all the evidence, you'll learn something very important that you won't get anywhere else.

Many of the people in this world are not human. They are draconians that have an ability to polymorph (shapeshift) into almost any form, and they've used this ability to imitate humans so they can secretly control human society from positions of influence and leadership. These supernatural shapeshifters can also take the forms of animals, grays, werewolves and other mythological creatures. They are the source of the legends about dragons and vampires. This is an ancient and highly advanced race that has conquered many of the systems in this galaxy, such as Andromeda, Orion and Arcturus. This planet is essentially a slave colony in their galactic empire where humans serve as mind-controlled thralls, imprisoned in a false world that has been made to resemble a human civilization. This is at least the third colony of theirs within this solar system, Mars and the former planet that is now the asteroid belt being the other two. Within this galaxy, they originate from Alpha Draconis, but their true origins may lie outside of this mortal material plane, perhaps a darkside celestial, abyssal or fiendish plane. Their god is the draconic archfiend Satan (a.k.a. Lucifer, Tiamat, Baphomet, Moloch, Set, Baal), who may also currently reside within this mortal plane and galaxy, having involuntarily crossed over from a celestial plane.

All of the world's leaders, presidents and prime ministers, are draconians, as are the corporate heads and most of the people in the media. Not just the rich and powerful, many of them also live among us in the general population, appearing as ordinary people of every race and class. In some areas, there are more dracs in the population than humans, even though they all look like humans. They also have large populations in subterranean cities (the underworld), where they're presumably not required to stay in their human imitation forms, as they are on the surface. There are many of them in the moon as well, which is actually a battlestar, a mobile space fortress with an astronomically powerful gravity/antigravity generator. That's how they got here in the first place.

I made a video that proves the existence of these draconians through demonstrations of their shapeshifting and other supernatural abilities, as well as their advanced technology. This video has effectively been banned (removed or blocked from search results) on Youtube, Rumble, Instagram, Dailymotion, TikTok and Bitchute.

Alpha Draconians in their human imitation forms showing partial reversions to their native forms

It is possible to identify dracs in their human imitation forms without having to see them shapeshift. While they do have the outward appearance of human bodies, the shape, texture and color, they do not have human physiology/biology/DNA. Unlike humans, they do not have cartilage in their noses or ears. They also lack real pores with sebaceous glands, so their skin never produces oil. They don't have real hair either, which grows from follicles. They imitate hair by forming their skin cells into fibers. Frequently, you can tell that someone is a drac by the lack of pores on the nose or hair on the forearms. This is especially true of female imitations.

As I said, they've imprisoned humanity within a false world (much like the Matrix) in order to maintain long-term control over the population and effectively manipulate humans into doing what they want. They regard humans as little more than livestock, a simple-minded species that is highly susceptible to indoctrination and psychotronic/subconscious programming. As is part of the mythologies about vampires and dragons, they do drink the blood of humans and eat them, the heart being most desirable part. Arizona Wilder describes this in an interview with David Icke, and they are both draconians, so they know what they're talking about. I've spoken with a drac in person who told me that they drink human blood for the adrenaline and other hormones, which matches what Wilder and Icke said. The vast majority of missing children are abducted by dracs (in human imitation forms) and used in blood rituals and eaten. This graph shows the official number of children that have gone missing in the U.S., 6+ million over a 13 year period, which I'm sure is underreported. The actual numbers in the rest of the world will be about the same per population base.

Aztec "god" Quetzalcoatl

I believe that the dracs also feed on humans energetically, on their lifeforce and souls. That's what their wars are really about - generating a massive release of energy from all of the fear and anger. They may also be able to harvest souls upon death and then break them down into basic components of useable energy. The entire society is built around the harvesting of this lifeforce energy, from drug use to pornography to the spread of disease, and so on. They want to create as much emotional/pain/sexual release as possible. That's why the world is in a constant state of turmoil and conflict. They are working to make it that way. We are being controlled, tormented and fed upon by the children of Satan, who are these draconians masquerading as humans.

The release of the COVID pandemic marks the beginning of the end of the current civilization cycle, which spans at least the last 6000 years. They want to dismantle the current world order, sacrifice most of the human population, and then create a new world order from the remnant. This has all been planned far in advance. They know that a mass awakening will occur if they allow the civilization to continue on its current course, so they have to preemptively work to bring about its collapse. That's what we're seeing right now. The pandemics, economic collapse, increase in crime, civil conflict, war - it's all being encouraged/orchestrated by them.

They can't control humanity when too many humans know that their leaders, the "people" running the world, are not actually human. They are willing to kill off most of the human population to stop that from happening, and they have done it before. The problem for them is that the humans who are awake are the toughest ones to get rid of. They won't take the "vaccines" and other self-destructive suggestions. Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans are still asleep, even the ones who are aware of the orchestrated destruction, but don't know what's really behind it. They need to accept the fact that their leaders are not human and deal with the reality of their existence, that they are enslaved to an evil empire. Without that understanding, it's not possible to form any kind of resistance.
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2023.03.29 08:39 friendly33 TEMU 30% Exclusive Ambassador Promo Discount Coupon Code Off Your Purchase

This is my Ambassador Temu Coupon Code link I am sharing for 30% off your Total Purchase for New Users.
If you rather use the app, once you click the link above, go to the Temu Home Page and scroll down to the end of the page, where you will see the download available for the Temu App.
Once downloaded, go to the Search Bar and enter the coupon code there as you do with the Temu In-App Games.
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2023.03.29 08:39 trustcanadiana Trust Canadian Van Lines : Long Distance Moving Company in Montreal, QC

Trust Canadian Van Lines : Long Distance Moving Company in Montreal, QC
Trust Canadian Van Lines is a trustworthy long distance moving company in Montreal QC. We have been helping people move their homes and businesses for over many years. Our experienced staff of professionals will ensure that your move is stress-free and efficient. We understand the importance of trust when it comes to moving, so we make sure that all our customers are satisfied with the quality of our service.
5165 Queen Mary Rd - GR-2 Unit #128, Montreal, QC H3W 1X7
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2023.03.29 08:39 Bravo1781 Well, this certainly spirals quickly.

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2023.03.29 08:39 friendly33 TEMU 30% Exclusive Ambassador Promo Discount Coupon Code Off Your Purchase

This is my Ambassador Temu Coupon Code link I am sharing for 30% off your Total Purchase for New Users.
If you rather use the app, once you click the link above, go to the Temu Home Page and scroll down to the end of the page, where you will see the download available for the Temu App.
Once downloaded, go to the Search Bar and enter the coupon code there as you do with the Temu In-App Games.
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2023.03.29 08:39 National_Hornet_5658 Vanishing Death Call

There are many murders in the United States, but the murder of Dorothy Jane Scott is particularly bizarre, similar to the Zodiac Killer that shook the United States and was committed by using telephone forecasts. Dorothy Scott was a middle-aged single woman with a son, about five years old, living in Anaheim, California, USA. She usually drops the child off at her parents' house when she goes to work, and picks him up after she leaves work.
She lives a very simple life and usually just reads to the child at home and puts the child to sleep. However, one day, after receiving a call from an unknown man, her life changed completely. The man was constantly threatening her over the phone. At first, it was just verbal harassment. He called Dorothy Jane Scott and said he was going to brutally kill her and cut her flesh off one by one. Dorothy Jane Scott was terrified and called the police, but because there were so few clues and because of her simple life, the police thought it was a prank and didn't care too much.
Although the police advised her not to care, the truth is that the phone calls threatening Dorothy Jane Scott came almost every day, speaking the same paragraph, to kill her brutally and in pieces. A month later, the man called, saying he was sending her a surprise and wanted her to go out and see her car. When Dorothy Jane Scott went out to see her car, she saw a large handful of wilted flowers. She was so frightened and panicked that she rushed to call the police again. This time the police began to take the case seriously and sent more patrols to the area where she lived.
In the following days, the man called her and told her not only what she was wearing that day, but even what time and time she appeared there. In other words, this man was always around her. She had told her friend that she should know the man's identity, but had not revealed her guessed name to her friend or to the police.
On May 28, 1980, after a meeting with two colleagues, Conrad Bostron and Pam Head, Dorothy Jane Scott felt unwell. So the other two accompanied her to a nearby hospital. When the doctor finished, he found that Conrad Bastron was bitten by a poisonous spider and needed to stay in the hospital for several hours for observation. Dorothy Jane Scott and Pam Hyde stayed at the hospital with her until the end of the observation.
When Conrad Bastron's body recovered a little and was ready to be discharged, Dorothy Jane Scott asked the two to walk out of the hospital slowly, she went to the parking lot first and drove the car to the front door to pick up the two. Strangely enough, when Conrad Bastron and Pam Hyde came out of the hospital gates, they saw Dorothy Jane Scott's car, and quickly rushed towards them. They jumped back in fear, dodging the car, only to see the car did not look back in the other direction quickly away. Due to the speed of the car, and the two people were too frightened, did not see the person inside the car, whether it is Dorothy Jane Scott.
The two continued to contact Dorothy Jane Scott, but there was no response. They even called Dorothy Jane Scott's parents and friends and relatives, they could call all over, but there was no sign of her whereabouts. A few hours later, they and Dorothy Jane Scott's parents reported the incident to the police.
The next day, her car was found on the street in the small town of Santa Ana, but was set on fire. Strangely, the mysterious phone call did not stop with Dorothy Jean Scott's disappearance, and her mother received a phone call a few weeks later. She heard a man's voice asking her if she was Dorothy Jane Scott's mother. Her mother answered yes, and the man immediately responded that he had Dorothy Jean Scott, and then hung up the phone.
Her mother receives this mysterious call once a week, speaking almost always the same words, the purpose of which is unknown. The police also tried to trace the source of the call by all means, but always to no avail. Her father could not stand the progress of the police and informed all the media about the strange nature of the case, hoping that through the media, the killer behind the case could be found. However, this did not help the development of the case, but instead the mysterious caller stopped.
After four years in this way, on August 6, 1984, a worker found the body of a dog in a construction site in Santa Ana. When he removed the dog's body, he found a human body underneath, and he was so frightened that he called the police. The coroner confirmed after the autopsy that the body was Dorothy Jane Scott, but they could not find the cause of her death after the autopsy. This makes them very puzzled, is also the first time to encounter such a bizarre situation.
More puzzling is that her watch is still on her hand, the time stopped in the middle of the night on May 29, which is the last time her two colleagues saw her an hour later. Whether or not this was the time of her death is not known. A few days after her body was found, her father received a mysterious phone call asking if Dorothy Jean Scott was home, then hung up. And that call, too, was the last mysterious call to her parents.
Although the police locked up several suspects, they released them for lack of evidence. The police even took her clients and investigated them one by one, but also to no avail. To this day, her murderer, whether the existence of the world, is still a mystery.
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2023.03.29 08:39 Terrariant Tanks and Rogues and Mobility

The changes to resilience, glaives, sword perks (valiant charge & eager edge), etc have enabled us to spec into a "tank" role. Pulling fire with Vexcaliber is an incredibly fun and rewarding gameplay loop; and it's exciting to see Bungie find mechanics that fit into an FPS.
Resilience has both been buffed to better "fit" in the tank role for PvE. If you play a Titan, you get a little extra (class ability cooldown) - a reward for playing into the "tank" class.
It would be amazing if mobility were looked at into the same light. Enabling players to fulfil the traditional Rogue power fantasy (and being rewarded for playing the Hunter class).
If you build into the "rogue" stat, you should be more stealthy, so:
Mobility should make the player take aggro slower.
That's it, that's the pitch.
That last one is super important, because it affects new players. It's not intuitive to build resilience as the "stealth" class, and so I imagine a lot of new hunters struggle until they research a bit.
Sorry if this has been suggested, I didn't find it in my quick search.
TL;DR: make aggro scale slower based on mobility. Reward players for playing into the HunteRogue power fantasy, to feel more like the Titan/Tank relationship.
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2023.03.29 08:38 Human_Version Mornings are the worst.

I hate mornings, I can't see how my situation will change. I hate my current Job mostly because I suck at it. I think that my colleagues despise me, maybe it's because even I despise myself. Lately when drinking, I've been coming up with elaborate lies, I'm not sure why I need people to pity me so much. My mom isn't talking to me. she's actually acting like I don't exist, it's worse than her being mad at me. I'm glad that dad didn't come home coz that would've meant hiding from him. I have no money plus I'm in debt, Jamal is super pissed at me. I keep forgetting that he has feelings too and that he gets jealous just like everyone else. Life has turned upside down and now Elvis and mom are best friends. I'm the one being isolated. It feels a bit unfair considering all I did was not pick their calls or sleep at home. I didn't do anything I just didn't do what they wanted. I'm stuck with a wound that might take months to heal. If only I had just bought that drink and stayed with it in the house, would've been so much easier and i probably wouldn't have gotten hurt. now I'm just here, sick and feeling sorry for myself. this sucks coz I know it's all my fault. I'm sad just not depressed enough to kill myself. I guess Ill just try and stay alive till the 1St of April when I can run away for a while. it sucks to not feel at home while at home.
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2023.03.29 08:38 MightyManicMonkeyMan AITA for asking my wife to take time off for my birthday?

So I’m turning another decade older later this year. Some may consider it an important birthday, but I’m at the point now where numerical age isn’t as fun as it used to be and I didn’t think to make a big deal out of it.
My family on the other hand had the idea that we should all get together, rent a nice place for the weekend and celebrate because we never make my birthday a big deal and they want to make it special this year.
I decided it would be nice to get everyone together and agreed to indulge. We made arrangements and booked a place for my birthday weekend which is a few months away.
When I told my wife about the plan, she looked like she had mixed feelings. I asked her what was wrong and she asked if she had to join us. I told her of course because she is my wife and I’d want her to be there right beside me celebrating.
She then said it would be hard to get the weekend off and her only option was to call in sick, which she didn’t want to do.
The trip is a few months away and there is plenty of time to give her work notice. We work in the same field but for different companies.
My wife works per diem and doesn’t accrue PTO quickly. She said that she doesn’t like her manager and does not want to ask her for the weekend off because she is afraid her manager will say no, then if she calls in sick to get that weekend off, her manager will know she’s not really sick and she will get in trouble.
Instead, she would rather not tell her manager at all and just call in sick my birthday weekend. The problem now is she is getting upset about the idea of calling in sick.
I told her she should just be upfront with her manager because there is plenty of time to make arrangements at work and it isn’t an unreasonable request. I told her what is unreasonable is the idea of never asking for an extra weekend off in nearly 10 years.
What makes the matter more important to me is that this is a repeating pattern.
Every holiday season is full of tension between us. My wife and I both have to work holidays. Whenever there is a conflicting holiday where we both are assigned to work the same shift, I am usually the one who finds a way to change my schedule to accommodate hers.
Also, I work full time and pay all the bills. My wife works per diem, but her money is hers to spend freely.
I personally feel like she has a fear of confrontation and would rather push me around than learn how to professionally communicate in the work place.
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2023.03.29 08:38 Total-Manufacturer63 Help me make sense!!! Should I (22F) give up all hope on my ex(26M)?

im not gonna bullshit around what happened. here it is, and I am not afraid to be criticized so please please please, I want to be better:
I (22F) and my ex (26M) have been in a beautiful, loving relationship for about 9 months. We met last year, and we fell deep in love with one another. Our values, beliefs, goals, and future. lifestyles, family, preferences ALL LINED UP. And attraction, amazing sex life, and respect, we were each other BEST FRIENDS. We treated each other with unconditional love and care. Anytime we "fought" in person, it was easily resolved because we always argued with respect and passion, and always understood one another, even if it hurts. We were very healthy and compatible.
However, 3 months ago, my bf (at the time) had to go on a 3-month work trip (which he is still there and I am in our home city). We planned to stay together and make it work. However, because his career hit an exponential rise in workload, our initial plans to "stay in touch" began to dissipate.
Now, out of our 9 months together, THIS specific month was too much to compromise. I am about to explain what happened, and I would love to hear outside perspectives if this is something that is "normal" in relationships, and can be reconciled if the love truly is unconditional.
I want to give you traits as to who I am, and who he is, as a person. Because these factors really make or break relationships.
Both, my partner and I share similar core traits that we love about each other- Compassion, self-awareness, understanding, empathy, kind, ambitious, family oriented. We also are very very sensitive. We both are very sensitive to each other's moods and tones and can read each other like a book.
My ex (26M) is very mature, well rounded, self-sufficient, and confidence. Basically, this man is an amazing person. He is beautiful inside and out. Of course people have flaws, but I was able to love his flaws while we were together. and He loved me for that. We never had any malicious or evil intent. No game-playing, no lying, no deception. He is pure genuine love.
Now, I would describe myself the same way. I have so much love for the world, and I am dedicated to becoming a child psychologist to fulfill my need to heal. However, I struggle with regulating my emotions when specific triggered appear.
the thing is, everyone, EVERYONE, has "Demons", "triggers" child hood trauma...
And my ex (26M) has effectively been able to work on his issues and keep up with them (ofc he would slip up a couple times, but easily forgivable).
But, since I am (22F) with not much life or romantic experience. So I fucked up. I FUCKED UP REDDIT. I let an immature survival response scare the man I love away.
This month, while he's been away on work, the phone communication was cut almost more than half. His work had gotten so busy, that he didn't realize that his free time would have been so taken up. And be basically uninvited me to come visit him for 2 reasons: 1. He is very busy, and wants to focus on his work, 2. He could tell I was struggling mentally and suggested I reach out to my family or friends so he doesn't need to worry about me all the time.
I struggle with "depressive" and "manic" episodes, however, they are very rare because I am medicated, and treated. My boyfriend always knew of my issues, but never became an issue. until we were away for each other for 3 months, I regressed 20 years and became an ADULT BABY. I mean, I was screaming, crying, on the phone. Blowing his phone up like a crazy crazy person. He asked for a break, but since I was out of my mind, I flipped out again.
I called him 4 days ago, he answered aggressively. He rarely gets angry or holds a grudge. Bit He told me I crossed his boundaries, and that he is so overwhelmed that he cant give me anything anymore. He said I don't believe him when he says he loves me, and that he is coming back for me. So he broke up with me. He said to not reach out and he wouldn't reach out.
We haven't spoken in almost a week.
I am devastated. It snapped me completely out of that manic craze.I am faced with the consequences of taking love for granted.
I know my fault, I want to be better, and I am getting better. My whole perspective of who I am , and who I REALLY WANT TO BE is so clear now. And I know I NEVER want to be that girl again.
I am grieving over the loss that someone who told me our love was special and doesn't lie, yet it somehow still ended because of an immature stupid mistake that sensibly would scare a man away forever.
My ex arrives back to our home city full time in THREE WEEKS.
We still have each others stuff. I am watching his plants, clothes, keys. wtc.
All our families and friends still follow each other and view each other's stories. even after a week of no contact.
My ex also said he really doesn't want to break up with me, but he has no choice. I cqnnot decifer if that means he will forgive and reach out, or if he throws away anyone with one sight of a red flag.
But the type of person he is, he knows, people define who they are by the mistakes they never do again. He believes its how people grow and conquer that define character. and if he is that mature, I believe he may be open to allowing me to properly apologize in person.
If I really really know who he is based on our beautiful relationship and love, there is NO WAY in which he would leave our very last phone call the way it ended over ONE heated misunderstanding:(. My gut tells me he will reach out when he is back, and is settled, and is healed from the trauma I caused him. and honestly, he is such a beautiful person, that I wouldn't be angry if he never reached out. Because I know I took for granted true love, and its my responsibility to pick up the pieces.
I just know, once we look into each others eyes again, after 3 months of tragic heart ache, all the unfinished sensations of awe, attraction, mysteriousness, and passion. I truly feel our love was special. And once he is reminded of all the healthy and amazing memories when he is settled back home after a stressful 3 month work trip, maybe he will reach out. maybe he will want his stuff.
And that can be my moment is just show him, even if its a 5 second goodbye, that I am healthier, happier, and more independent than before. I want to glow. I want to glow even brighter than when he first fell in love with me
And he will see how my flaws are beautiful, just like how I see his flaws as beautiful.
Or am i in denial?
did i lose true love?
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