2023.03.16 09:24 Slickkid123456 CALL 9 GWAUN GWAUN

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2023.03.11 06:44 slackerss i want it to run new games , i can afford the price. just need to know if its good ( im a noob when it comes to pcs)

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2023.03.01 05:28 akretu150 Is there any typing practice to memorize the Japanese keys on computer keyboard?

I want to start using my computer to start typing Japanese and I don’t have the hiragana printed on the keys so I need to just memorize where the keys are and I dont really want to buy new keys. So is there any site similar to edclub or something where I can get the practice? I’m not sure if there’s different layouts for it but I’m using english keyboard 101/102 on Microsoft. Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.02.22 15:18 OmarAminAli Do you think i could improve anything

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2023.01.10 22:53 Sad_Blackberry_8141 with this also fit the Ender-3 Neo

with this also fit the Ender-3 Neo submitted by Sad_Blackberry_8141 to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2022.12.21 10:41 vibro93 What is this overlapping window? I can't right click sometime.

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2022.11.30 00:44 TankC4BOOM314 I used Typing Club a couple years ago in a business class. I still use my EdClub (student version) account from time to time. I think it's weird to be using an account from a school I'm not even in anymore. Can I transfer my details/stats to a new account, not connected to the class?

It's just satisfying to see the statistics of how I've improved over the years. I recently got back into learning, continuing on Typing Jungle (42% progress, 1,205 stars, 640,500 points, all silver winged badges, pretty proud of myself). My students email will delete itself in a few years, but I can always change the email associated with the account. Even then, I have no idea how to completely disconnect my account from the teacher. Should I just move on and start from scratch?
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2022.11.13 10:16 doctormohamedrad Is edclub not working

I am training on edclub from 2-3 weeks, but yesterday I found the website not working
I have checked the problem in two far devices..
Is there something wrong ? or it is a local trouble?
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2022.09.19 02:45 Only_Voice 50WPM , monkeytype 450k, homerow typing !

Hi guys, i'm new at homerow typing , i started training on april, so there a lot to discover, but i want to know if i'am able to pass 100WPM in a few months if i continue on same progress, btw i'm level 657 in edclube started from the bottom , and before that i completed all the typing lessons on typing.com (beginner, intermediate,advanced), and now i'm focusing on monkeytype my average typing overall is 60wpm (homerow exact typing) with numbers,letters, uppercase letters, ponctuation , i have achieved 100wpm in 10 words test with <1k words, i noticed a lot of improvment during last months , what i want to know if that the progress can be the same if i continue doing what i'm doing ?
PS: my monkeytype account https://monkeytype.com/profile/iCmP452uhIcplPmMvzhJfOd2q523
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2022.06.04 08:27 Regular-Ad9297 I'm lost again:(

Hi fellas, I have been working on typing for a long time. Before three month ago, I wrote a question in this room about my typing problem, and many people gave me really good advice. I really appreciated them. I read Gary_Internet's guide and I changed my goal and typing style. Thank you very much for this.
For three months, I worked an hour a day for typing. I used problemwords.com, monkeytype.com and edclub.com. I worked on them again and again. My goal is to increase my accuracy, I'm not focused on my typing speed.
But yeah, I guess I can't increase my accuracy any more. I make the same simple mistakes over and over. It's like no progress. I don't know where I am right now, I'm lost again:( What should I do? Here is my typing status. https://youtu.be/21toqA7M_cA
I welcome any comments. Thx a lot... (I'm not native sorry for my English)
Notes: Here are my answers...
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2022.01.08 21:37 SomeRandomDevPerson Tying Left Hand Only - Another Developer

It seems I am not the only developer on here.
I am using the edclub.com 'left hand' only course for now.
Is it feasible to use this for development or just keep with two hands for that sake with the higher frequency of special characters in mind.
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2021.10.19 02:36 redted29is is Ed Club helpful?

Hey, I'm very new to Dvorak and I was curious if edclub.com was a helpful site. I'm trying to learn but I've just started. Let me know if there are some good resources.e
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2021.09.09 23:34 NikosAlexandris Beginner's questions

Hi there!
I got a Moonlander a few weeks ago and practice daily, with some days off. What felt nearly impossible in the beginning, has become a pleasureful concentration practice.
I learn touch typing at https://www.typingclub.com/ (same as www.edclub.com). As I progress through the course, and confront more 'advanced' symbols (like ` and { for example), the default Colemak layout (if I am not mistaken) feels indeed unusual. Many of the symbols are concentrated in the left half of the keyboard.
The Typing Club features only one QWERTY virtual keyboard. While this is OK, I think that having a clean visual overview/correspondence with the actual layout, helps in building the required muscle memories faster.
Should I go on and proceed for the moment with the default layout (still learning it after 1+1/2 months) or indeed, re-define a few basic keys (like Space, Enter, Shift keys, Alt, Tab, Home and End) What do your experiences say? What else do you recommend when learning touch typing?
Thank you, Nikos
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2021.08.11 23:47 Patricio_Juan Pregunta: Sirve "tipear rápido" para ser buen programador (a.k.a. ser más eficiente) ?

Con escribir rápido no me refiero solo a eso, sino a usar el metodo touch typing (usar un dedo por tecla, recordarlos, no mirar nunca el teclado y con practica y acostumbramiento a la larga podés escribir sorprendentemente rápido. Yo ahora con esta página edclub (typingclub.com) estaré promediando las 75 wpm (palabras por minuto)
Eso, qué tan valioso es como skill? Suma en una entrevista laboral?
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2021.08.04 07:32 Vladyslav_Rehan The best sites for learning touch typing? Programs, other tricks?

I started my way in touch typing 4 days ago, I have already appeared on the sites: typing club, typing, speedcoder. I stopped at a typing club. Since I teach touch typing in order to write code more efficiently, you can consider this area as well.
On which sites did you learn touch typing? Maybe, you studied another method?
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2021.07.23 09:16 -BunsenBurn- Dvorak Resources Megathread

New to Dvorak and don't know where to start? Novice who wants to improve? Master looking for the hottest speed typing resources?
Here is a megathread containing pretty much anything you may ever need for installing, learning, and mastering the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout and its variants.
Google Doc Mirror

Installing Dvorak Resources

Dvorak Touch Typing Courses

Speed Typing Applications/Games

Additional Dvorak Resources

Programmer Dvorak Resources

One Handed Dvorak Resources

Non-English Dvorak Resources

Dvorak Communities

Dvorak/Alternate Layout Content

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2021.05.10 08:01 ashwin4real Started learning DVORAK, Guide me senpai(s)

I wanted to learn Dvorak for a long time but never had the courage or mental but finally, I have started practicing. I am having fun so far. The feeling you get when you stop your brain from pressing the wrong keys is AMAZING. I just want some advice like, 1. Whenever I am practicing on online typing platforms, what should be my daily goal and how to know if I am not overdoing it? 2. I know Dvorak is about comfort but what should be my speed goal (weekly/monthly). 3. I am a programmer, so what advice would you like to give me which would improve my developer experience? ( I can use Vim too).
Thank you in advance :)
Edit: Here's my journey of learning Dvorak. I started learning DVORAK almost a month back and been practicing daily ever since then. I followed most of the suggestions/advice given by my fellow Redditors, and I want to thank you all who helped me. Really appreciate it! Now I am gonna answer my own questions.
  1. I used TypingClub (https://www.edclub.com/library/dvorak) to start learning typing from scratch, finger positions, movement, and all the small things which will help you type better and faster. You won't see immediate results but it will help you in the long run as a typer. 20 mins on this platform is enough and practicing it whenever you get time will make you more comfortable as you learn more daily.
  2. Currently, My speed is 30-35 wpm on Dvorak and I think typing on Dvorak is much easier than qwerty. The comfort and ease I feel using Dvorak have made me quit qwerty. YES! I use Dvorak all the time now even when I am working. I think adapting Dvorak in my workflow has played a huge role in learning Dvorak. I feel I will be flying in one year if I continue my learning routine.
  3. I am still not sure how I feel about Vim with Dvorak.
Hope this helps! Thank you! <3
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2018.12.26 01:55 rileyuwu spaz

Hi. Ive been learning touch typing with EdClub and I'm having so trouble just using my hand. Are you supposed to keep all fingers on the other keys when using another (ex. keep fingers on JK&; when typing an O. If i do this my other 3 fingers involuntarily move and hit some of the other keys, but if i pick them up my whole hand migrates. Do i just have to learn to control one finger independently?
typed with 4 fingers, and lots of autocorrect :(
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2013.11.21 19:13 BB_edpub A 12-foot middle finger? Winning.

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/EDClubBulletin
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