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2023.06.02 18:25 Androktasie One tenth of one percent

The fed is still raising interest rates and USAA is hoarding all the growth, offering a paltry 0.10% APY for their "Performance First" savings account when competing national banks are offering 4.5% with no minimum balance. That's the final straw that led me to leave USAA.
First it was the dropping of the investments and mutual funds to other platforms, eliminating the sense of keeping everything in one house.
Then it was the declination of coverage for no discernable reason when I was trying to buy a townhome in a safe area that's not prone to any major disasters. That decision caused me to switch my auto insurance away to get a multi-line discount.
All that kept me at USAA from that point was their banking products and my own inertia to change direct deposit information, but when the savings rate is 45x lower than brick and mortar banks, that's a strong motivation to leave. So I did.
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2023.06.02 18:25 bendlowreachhigh Can't stand my Dads Girlfriend

So background to this is that I am just back from spending a lengthy time abroad so I am staying with my dad and his girlfriend who are around 60 years old, I am mid 30s, I am staying with them for a week while I arrange to get my own place sorted, they are doing some construction project on the house so I've just been helping a bit with that whilst paying for my own food etc.
Anyway this fucking women will not stop insulting me/questioning me/advising me and it's driving me fucking insane I feel like I am going to lose it very soon.
Insults range from 'When I look at you, you look like you have no ambition' to questions like 'Are you happy married?' to advice like 'Why don't you go for a walk it's a nice day, why do you stay in your room'.
This woman will not leave me alone when she sees me. It's ironic because her own daughter does not speak to her for some reason or another and she has her own problems (They undertook too many projects on the house and are struggling to keep up payments on it) yet for some reason she feels the need to constantly dish out advice as if I in anyway need it.
I'm looking at hotels to stay in for the remaining time until I can move into the apartment which is unfortunate as it will cost money, am I being too passive by not reacting? Should I just tell her to shut the fuck up? Should I ask my dad to tell her to stop talking/advising me? How would you approach it.
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2023.06.02 18:25 LMShep Knockout roses looking terrible

My knockout roses (Home Depot variety) look terrible. I planted them 2-3 years ago (zone 5) and the leaves are all lacey on several of them (beetles, I believe) and overall they are just really stunted.
To be honest, I have kind of ignored them, because in my old house they did great with little to no attention. I feel like the best thing to do might be to just cut them way back and start giving them more TLC. Does anybody have any suggestions for any type of treatments I can give them?
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2023.06.02 18:24 Conflicting_Harmony7 ADVICE/VENT So much Going On...

Earlier this year, I became a single mom of 2 due to my husband's continued infidelity (I made a post about it on here "It's Like I'm Attending A Funeral Everyday")...during all of this, I am still working full time while dropping kids off to daycare everyday by myself. (We're separated)
My estranged husband all of sudden has become inconsistent in paying daycare to the point, they have written me an email asking for a statement and larger sum of payment or else they will take us to small claims and the kids will pretty much get kicked out. I don't want to go to court but it seems like I may have to...because I can't afford two mortgages (the house and the kids tuition). (Husband wasn't making payments and brought debt to 3K)
Problem two is that a possible pay increase in my job by taking another position can't happen because they low-balled my salary for the same exact job. I currently get paid more now but in the long run it will surpass my pay. I couldn't take the pay cut because of my kids of course, but I'm pretty bummed that I had to decline. If I had a helpful partner it would be different. So now I go to work knowing this has happened and it just hard to shake it sometimes, Im trying.
Problem three is that my estranged husband used a credit card immaturely (not currently but last year) and I made sure he sends funds to pay towards it but it seems like its never enough due to interest..and I try to pay towards it too. I'll be talking to my advisor to see what options I have its just so uncomfortable knowing that money could be used for other things.
So yeah I got a lot going on to the point I don't feel like I am spending enough time one on one with my kids to make sure they are meeting milestones and getting enough individual attention. I got a 3 year old and an 8 month old. I feel like my 8 month old was delayed in eating purees and introducing solids because I have to clean, cook, do laundry, pay bills, mow the lawn, help with tantrums and potty training whew Lord. AND lets not forget taking time for me...So its just hard right now and I'm TIRED but I'm hopeful. I'm curious to all you single moms working out there what have you done differently to help yourself and kids? I mean even moms with partners curious and sometimes knowing another mom understands helps soooo much
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2023.06.02 18:24 themainsadgurl Hello! Trying to Move into Desoto Central area…

Hello everyone:) I am planning on moving into the desoto central region, and I have been looking for a while for some houses to rent! I am unsure on what rental companies to trust, as i’ve heard some wild things about progressive, and Mind.
Do y’all have any recommendations on a rental company for homes in the area? or have any apartment complexes that they can recommend in the area?
Thank you so much for any responses. it’ll be a great help
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2023.06.02 18:24 Sparty27 Landlord is raising the utility charge twice in 6 months. Colorado Law says rent can only be raised once a year. Do flat rate utility charges fall under this law?

We rent in Golden, Colorado. We signed a new lease in starting March 2023 with a rent increase of roughly $150. Just before that, in December 2022, our flat-rate utility fee was increased by $17. Starting in July 2023, our flat-rate utility fee will increase another $30.
Colorado law states "HB 21-1121 amended CRS § 38-12-204 to add subsection (3) and created CRS § 38-12-702 to prohibit a landlord from increasing a tenant’s rent more than one time in a 12-month period."
Do flat rate utility charges fall under this law? It seems like a loop-hole for landlords to increase rent more than one-time a year.
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2023.06.02 18:24 user_2310 Stressed cat

So I recently moved out of a house into a temporary apartment with my cat until I find a new house. She regularly wanted to go out on the balcony. While in the apartment, I adopted 2 kittens. Unfortunately, as soon as I came home with them in the carrier, I let my adult cat see them and opened the cage. Letting them wander around the apartment. Now when I let my adult cat out onto the balcony she tries to escape to next doors balcony, avenue with plants and netting in the way, she still puts her front paws onto the top bar and it makes me nervous and so I bring her in. My adult cat hisses and swipes at them but nothing more, and she keeps wanting to go on the balcony but I fear she will jump off or escape. My adult cat doesn't seem happy. What should I do?
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2023.06.02 18:24 Jai-writes-things [Things that go bump in the night] - Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Fault
The sculptor looked at North with pure shock. He knew she was strong but seeing her cleave a stoneman in half after being impaled was beyond what should have been possible. He could tell that the fat man from before was shocked too. Maybe shocked was the wrong word, he looked terrified. The sculptor saw beads of sweat dripping down his large bald head as he yelled at the stonemen to finish her off.
Norths sword had broken when she killed the stoneman, but curiously she didn’t reach down to pick up another. Instead, she just stood there waiting for the three remaining stonemen to get closer. They encircled her, getting ready to attack. One lifted it’s sword but before it got a chance to attack North punched it in the chest, sending shards of it’s body flying across the room. She grabbed it’s sword and crashed it into another stoneman’s torso. It died as well and she dodged an attack from the third stoneman, and then slammed her sword right down it’s middle killing it too.
With that sword now broken she threw it onto the floor and began slowly approaching the sculptor and his captor. The large man let the sculptor go so he could focus on the fight and knocked back a vial of cursed blood to even the odds. The sculptor ran over to the body of his wife. For a moment, he forgot all about the fight going on between the two super humans behind him and it was just him and her.
As he looked at her blank face only one thought could come to mind. It was all his fault. He got cold feet about their escape which made them stay longer. If he had left earlier, they would have gotten away before the hunters arrived. And if he had just attacked the stoneman as she had for him, she would have survived.
For a moment he looked up from her body and noticed something. The door was back. This was his chance; he could finally escape while they were distracted. He got up and ran to the door, placing his palm on it’s cold metal handle. But just as he began to turn it, he felt something touch his shoulder. He turned around to see what it was but there wasn’t anything there. But when he looked back at the factory, he got the overwhelming feeling that he was making a mistake. He looked back at the fight, by now the two were engaged in a fierce battle. The man was being hit with a barrage of punches by an enraged North but was still somehow standing. The sculptor looked back down at his wife’s body and his mistake finally dawned on him.
It wasn’t his fault that she had died, it was hers. It was North’s fault. If she had come later, if she had let them go, if she had protected them like she was supposed to this wouldn’t have happened. How could he be at fault for the death of his wife? No, it was North and only North. Instead of leaving like he originally intended, he just watched silently from the shadows. He began to revel in every hit North took. But there was something wrong still. He wanted to be the one hitting her.
The two hosts were now bloody and beaten. The man was lifting up chunks of the floor itself and launching them at North, but she dodged them with ease. Nothing was enough to stop her. The man picked up a sword from one of the fallen stoneman and charged at North with it. He attempted a stab at her heart, but she dodged and disarmed him, taking the sword for herself and slashing at his bloated stomach. This just grazed him and some of his blood splattered beside them.
While North was recovering from the attack, the man retaliated by tackling her which knocked the sword from her hands. He wrapped his meaty hands around her neck and began to strangle her. She punched his side constantly, and even though she was significantly stronger thanks to her demon, his much greater size and larger dose of cursed blood kept North from being able to knock him off.
The sculptor watched the two struggle. And although watching North get strangled satisfied him, there was one large problem with it. He wanted to be the one strangling her. He wasn’t content to just watch her die from the side lines, he had to kill her. He began to panic as he watched North die in front of him, just as he had to his wife minutes earlier.
His eyes darted around the room, searching for a something to save her with. Eventually he found a mostly intact sword and grabbed it. The sword was large and heavy, holding it felt unnatural in his inexperienced hands. He held it’s grip with the blade lying behind him on the floor and stared down the man. But unlike before, seeing an enemy didn’t scare or dishearten him. Instead, it filled the sculptor with a newfound feeling of determination as he ran towards his target, the end of the sword dragging carelessly behind him. Once he was right behind the man, he lifted the sword up, almost tripping under its immense weight, and sent it crashing down into the middle of his back.
The man screamed out and fell to the side. This gave North a chance to recover. She grabbed a containment crystal from inside her jacket and jammed it into her opponents shoulder. The clear crystal began to fill with the same smoke-like substance as usual. The oversized man began grabbing at North as she held it in, he punched her several times, trying desperately to save himself but she held the crystal tight and soon he stopped fighting and the light faded from his red sunken eyes.
Once she was sure he’d been defeated, North stood up but was immediately attacked by the sculptor. He swung the sword at her, but he was slow, and she easily dodged. She pushed him onto the floor with ease and stood over him.
“It’s your fault” he spat at the hunter. “You killed her.”
North knelt down and finally asked “What’s your name?” now respecting him enough to learn it.
“Aiden.” He responded as he slowly reached into his pocket, grabbing the pocketknife Arthur had given his wife earlier. He pulled it out and went straight for North’s throat, but she was ready. She grabbed Aiden’s wrist and snapped it like it was nothing. He screamed out, cursing her as she watched with an outwardly uncaring expression.
“Well Aiden, let me tell you something. Your life as a sculptor is over. You’ve seen too much, know too much. The Hunter corps won’t allow you to live a normal life, so you have a choice. Either kill yourself now or become a hunter.” North explained between his agonized screams. “You think it’s my fault she died? I think its hers, want to know why? Because she was weak.”
Hearing this Aiden picked the knife back up with his other hand and attacked North, but she snapped this wrist too. She then stood up and spat on him as he could do nothing but watch. “She was weak because she didn’t have hatred. In any fight, the winner is the one with the most hatred, so those without it are weak. Honestly, just kill yourself now. You’re too weak for this line of work.” North explained to him with a final kick to the ribs. After she was satisfied, she walked away leaving Aiden crying and screaming on the ground.
“I hate you!” Aiden called out after her. “One day I’ll kill you! I’ll be better, stronger. I’ll kill everyone you care about, and I’ll make you watch!” He screamed, a huddled broken mess on the floor.
But she didn’t even respond, she just turned a corner and left him there. But once he was out of his line of sight, she began wiping tears from her face.
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2023.06.02 18:23 Robmo-MOII GM House Upkeep & Decay Procedure

GM House Upkeep & Decay Procedure

We have had several incidents involving upkeep and GM actions including the recent stronghold debacle, that have led us to revise our current procedures surrounding upkeep and player house decay:

Any building that has naturally fallen due to upkeep will not be restored.

The only situation where a building will be restored is when a bug is involved, and the house owner had previously paid their upkeep but due to a bug their upkeep becomes empty causing their house to start decaying.

Upkeep Decay Information

When your building is at 0 upkeep, it will naturally decay over 24 hours. The Game Masters can confirm this via their internal tools and logs, and will not restore buildings when players forget or neglect to pay the upkeep.

It is the building owner’s responsibility to pay their upkeep and ensure their building does not decay. All buildings have a maximum payable upkeep of 60 days, but with NPC contractors this maximum time can decrease, so remember to keep an eye on your remaining days after adding any NPCs to your house.

We have also talked recently internally about extending the 24 hour decay window to be longer in the future. The upkeep and decay mechanic is essential to our sandbox MMO so the lands of Nave are not just populated by derelict buildings not being used by players who have either walked away from the game temporarily or permanently.
Abusing the Game Masters or the Petition System

We would like to take this opportunity to remind players that using the petition system to gain unfair advantage or to lie to the Game Masters will result in infractions against your account. Star Vault does not tolerate this and we have and will take action in these cases.

We appreciate the patience the player base has had with us trying to resolve this issue.
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2023.06.02 18:23 anxiousbugggg I feel like my life is over.

I just want this to stop. lately I feel so off but it’s more mental than it is physical but I still worry it’s more than anxiety. I have constant thoughts that go in loops and won’t stop. I’m never calm or relaxed. I always feel like something is going to happen. I’m never happy either. I have constant depersonalization. I get a feeling like i’m trapped in my body. I also feel like i’m not real and the things around me aren’t real it really messes with me i’ve had it for like 10 months now. i’ll be doing something as simple as siting in my bed and feel weird that i’m in my own body idk I hate it so much. anxiety has ruined my life. i’m so tired of this. I can’t leave my house either because i’m always so anxious plus I have agoraphobia. I miss the old me.
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2023.06.02 18:23 autotldr Hackernews thread describing how Apollo could swap out the backend to create a reddit competitor. Provides historical example where this has worked in the past

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 98%. (I'm a bot)
Why do you believe Reddit knows less about its users? Users on Reddit literally self select into interest groups by visiting, subscribing to a subreddit.
That's an ancient problem, framing Reddit as some sort of intentional ideology-spreading-loss-leader-for-powerful-capitalists doesn't correspond with their actions - after all, Reddit has been deeply involved in the spreading of all sorts of ideas on all ends of political spectrums.
Now with Reddit trying to shutdown Apollo and other 3rd party clients with this pricing move I can see myself never using Reddit, their official client sucks a lot, if Apollo dies... I will simply not use Reddit as much, the only other way I can use Reddit right now is through old.
With the Digg exodus, Reddit was already the strong #2 alternative for a decent amount of time so it was a no-brainer and obviously Reddit has grown exponentially beyond what Digg was.
In regards to the idea of reddit rent-seeking - the primary value of reddit is not something they create, it's something they host.
He's always been fairly transparent about his money flow, so it's exceedingly easy for Reddit to price him out and put the fear of god into any developer interested in a Reddit client.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: reddit#1 people#2 thing#3 users#4 more#5
Post found in /apolloapp.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.02 18:23 ata-bey random question about noise

i’m moving to valencia in a few months with my two cats. one of them is a chill old man, but the other is super loud all the time, especially at night. shes just young and likes to run around yelling (she is fixed so i guess its just her personality).
its currently fine as i live in a detached house, but im extremely worried about moving to an apartment. i heard that there isnt much sound insulation between walls and such, and im concerned about noise complaints from the neighbors. is this something i should anticipate? any style of apartment i should look for or avoid bc of this?
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2023.06.02 18:22 Chexy_Abtine Email notification failures 😓 -- An apology letter

So... what happened with our emails yesterday?
Before getting into it and sharing how we're fixing it, I want to apologize.
We at best caused a ton of confusion and at worst a lot of anxiety... neither case is cool and I'm sorry.
What Happened?
For our non-technical Chexsters, there was a bug in our email notifications system that caused some of our users to not receive their rent day email containing their deposit details.
For the nerds
Basically... we pinged our API too many times too quickly (issue with scale that we didn't anticipate so soon). This caused some jobs to terminate before they were completed resulting in unsent emails.
What we're doing about it
  1. Fix the bug... obviously.
  2. Implement a status feature in-product so that you can track your rent payment from start to finish
  3. Implement better visibility on e-transfer details in-product
We were actually hoping to roll out points 2 & 3 before June 1st but timelines didn't allow. That said, designs are complete and development will be underway shortly so you can expect it before July 1st.
These features should also serve as a second line of defence against any eventualities with our email notifications (not that we're going to let that happen again 😅)
Finally, I will create a more formal poll in this sub later but I am toying with implementing SMS notifications for Rent Day notifications ONLY. The intention is to better notify you that your rent has been paid & deposited.
I'd love to get some feedback on this so let me know your thoughts.
I would also love to get some feedback on our designs for points 2 & 3 -- will share snapshots in a separate post.
Lastly! We are growing our team and looking for a Full Stack Engineer to help us scale. I know some of you have asked about this in the past so wanted this community to be the first to know 🙂 If you're interested in learning more, DM our CTO u/Chexy_Ben
- Abtine
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2023.06.02 18:22 StillaCentristin2021 Trump attorneys haven’t found classified document former president referred to on tape following subpoena Kaitlan Collins Paula Reid Katelyn Polantz By Kaitlan Collins, Paula Reid and Katelyn Polantz, CNN

Trump attorneys haven’t found classified document former president referred to on tape following subpoena.

Attorneys for Donald Trump turned over material in mid-March in response to a federal subpoena related to a classified US military document described by the former president on tape in 2021 but were unable to find the document itself, two sources tell CNN.
Prosecutors issued the subpoena shortly after asking a Trump aide before a federal grand jury about the audio recording of a July 2021 meeting at Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. On the recording, Trump acknowledges he held onto a classified Pentagon document about a potential attack on Iran.
Prosecutors sought “any and all” documents and materials related to Mark Milley, Trump’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Iran, including maps or invasion plans, the sources say. A similar subpoena was sent to at least one other attendee of the meeting, another source tells CNN.
The sources say prosecutors made clear to Trump’s attorneys after issuing the subpoena that they specifically wanted the Iran document he talked about on tape as well as any material referencing classified information – like meeting notes, audio recordings or copies of the document – that may still be Trump’s possession.
The fact that Trump’s team was unable to produce the document underscores the challenges the government has faced in trying to recover classified material that Trump took when he left the White House and in understanding the movement of government records that Trump kept.
More at the link at the top of this post...
In March of this year, the Special Council subpoenaed tRump to get the documents about Iran and General Mark Milley and received several. But, they did NOT receive the US attack plan document that presumably tRump was talking about in the recorded tape and a tRump staff Member Marlo Marco testified. tRump continues to dig himself in deeper; and yet he continues to lead in the GOP polls...what's that say about Republicans and Conservatives?
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2023.06.02 18:22 PurpelblueberrieX Agent saying I breached contract

If I could get some advice on what my rights are that would be great. I signed a tenancy agreement in September of last year for 12 months. It was meant to be a joint lease between myself and my friend but she backed out last minute. After I had signed the lease, she decided that she did want to share the flat so I let the agency know and she came under me on the agreement but didn't have a signed contract.
Things took a turn for the worst last month as animosity grew between so she decided move out with no notice. Luckily she had found a replacement tenant. I let the agency know as soon as I was made aware. I didn't receive a response until today and I've been advised that I have breached my contract.
This quite a shock as I had informed them at the time my flatmate was moving out. Also the new flatmate has been paying rent on time. There's only 3 months left on the tenancy agreement so does it really matter that my former friend moved out and was replaced? We're not behind on rent so exactly how is this a breach. Especially considering her name was not on the tenancy agreement to begin what.
What are my rights if I have any? How do I respond to the agency? They didn't advise of next steps they've only just informed me that I've breached the contract.
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2023.06.02 18:22 ObligationPleasant45 Not sad.

Surprising or not surprisingly…. Not sad after Q/soon to be ex moved out last weekend. Posted the day of. Had a friend come to the 1/2 empty house w me and it was ok. I’m sad for my kid but he did great this week w only some minor attitude, obvi to be expected.
Ex just came by to grab some of the kiddos stuff for the week w dad. Man, he’s such a downer. I really didn’t want him to enter the house but he came in & stayed in the entry. I will smudge again! LOL.
I can’t tell you…It was a hard week carting the kid around to camp, walking dog and working, but it’s week 1. It’s new, so it will be an adjustment. Knowing I had to see Q today, god, I was so relieved to only have cared for my son this week and not have to witness another adult’s bologna. For months, I’ve had literal pain in my neck when I twist from side to side and now it has mostly vanished. My guess is it was stress. That is so bananas how the body takes things on. Light and love to you this weekend.
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2023.06.02 18:21 Educational-Divide10 [UK- South East England]

Hi all,
I hope this query falls within the scope of this group...
TL;DR: Neighbour complains about ridiculous things like the tiniest noise coming from my house (it's a terraced house...). Now I am worried she will make excessive and unwarranted complaints to the council. I don't want any trouble and I want evidence that I am not doing anything wrong. What can I do?
Basically, I have a neighbour who complains and loses her mind over the tiniest thing. A door slammed shut and she immediately contacted my landlord to complain. I mean, ever heard of a gust of wind? If I was a perpetual door-slammer, fair enough. If it was during the night, fair enough. But come on, once in five years you hear a door?....And even so, it wasn't anything excessive - it's not like I slammed the door full force or something. Just a gust of wind that slammed it shut.
I don't listen to loud music, don't have parties, don't even have people over. I live alone, keep myself to myself.
She contacted my landlord once before with a similarly ridiculous thing. First time landlord acted by coming over to check it out, second time he basically told me not to mind her. So, that is reassuring and I am glad he sees that she is being unreasonable (especially since she picks fights with other people in the street too). He told her to contact the council if she has a noise complaint issue.
Today, I opened the upstairs door and it slammed shut. It's windy outside. I can kick myself for not putting the doorstop in front of it! A couple of weeks ago it happened and now again...worse still, the neighbour was outside right underneath the window of the room where 'it happened'. She must have heard it. Now I am anxious and worried...I don't think a door slamming shut twice in a month (and twice in the bloody 5 years I've lived here) is the crime of the century - but I don't want any issues.
My question is, is there anything I can do to safeguard myself? I don't want any unwarranted noise complaints or any issues at all against me. I just want a quiet, peaceful life and I currently feel very uncomfortable, tiptoeing around my own home in case I sneeze too loudly for her liking.
I was thinking maybe I can get a camera that can record noise too? So if she makes any accusations I can prove that nothing happened? But how would I save that? And how much footage should I save? I mean, if I get a letter from the council to say "Oh we had a complaint about noise two weeks ago" - Do I just need to keep every minute of footage of what I do in my own home??
Can I pre-emptively contact the council to let them know what is going on before she does (if she does??) Should I contact CAB? Should I contact the neighbourhood policing team to inform them what is going on so they have something on record?
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2023.06.02 18:21 HopeDry Do you think God would forgive me if I had to do something immoral to make ends meet?

I am currently in a situation where I cannot make ends meet and have not been able to for months. I work full time but am so behind on rent and bills that all of the late fees and fines are making it even more difficult to get ahead. I was laid off earlier this year and denied unemployment and was without work for two months so I am insanely behind and cannot catch up. I haven't been able to wash my clothes or buy real groceries in over a month now. I applied for food stamps but was denied because I make too much money. I have used up all of the charities on to help me pay my utilities and I cannot ask for more help until next year.
I live in an apartment complex and do not have any friends who can help me. I have been trying to figure out how I can make money fast and one of the things that someone suggested to me was making an OnlyFans account. I feel awful that I am sitting here considering it, but if I can make extra money to help pull me out of this situation I am in, I think I should do it. But I am worried God will not forgive me or take me back once my situation is straightened out.
It would just be for a little while, not something I would do permanently. I am getting desperate. I NEED food, and I am scared everyday my lights will get cut off. I have been on the verge of getting evicted every month and I am trying so hard to pray and keep my faith and be positive but none of it seems to be helping. I figured I can ask God to turn away from me while I do what I have to do and once I am in a better financial situation I will repent and return to Him.
I feel awful inside but I don't know what else to do. I know no one here can read God's mind, but for anyone who has been in a similar situation, did God forgive you?
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2023.06.02 18:21 ProtectionMedium4779 I've been gaslit for the past ten years.

I don't even really know where to begin honestly. My girlfriend of the past ten years has, by every means as far as I can tell, been gaslighting me into supporting a double life she's been living behind everyones backs.
We have a six year old daughter (her birthday is actually today), and we were high-school sweethearts. We met summer of 2012 at 18 and 17 and have been together ever since. Now I'm 28.
Clearly the relationship wasn't perfect but I tried my best and over the past couple weeks evidence of her infidelity have been creeping into discussions. We had issues a couple times early in the relationship but always managed to smooth things over and swipe things under the rug. "Nobody is perfect" sort of thing. It finally tipped when I caught her having another man's number saved in her phone with a heart next to it (her phone had a password and he called, so when i swiped and answered it bypassed the code). I actually messaged the guy on Facebook and he told me everything that had been happening for months, then from there I was flooded with pictures of her and other men in bed, some half way across the US, people I had never heard of, etc given to me by friends and family that had the evidence but didn't want to get involved or hurt me.
All the trips she was taking to "visit friends" (she originally lived out of state before moving in with me nearly 8 years ago), were actually excuses to take the money I was giving her and going to see other guys. As far as I can tell, from all the evidence I've compiled, she's cheated well over twenty times with nearly twenty different men that I had no clue about. It was almost nonstop. All while begging me to marry her, to buy her a new car, to build a house together, to have another kid.
Me, my parents, her parents, her friends, none of us knew this was happening and it's left me wondering where things went wrong, if I could have done anything differently, when did it start and a million other questions.
Needless to say, the past week has been the closest thing I've experienced to what I'd imagine Hell is like. All appetite is gone, I can't stop thinking about it, can't sleep, anxiety through the roof, and I constantly keep repeating to myself that "she never really did love me", as I have plenty of screenshots given to me by people she's said, "I love you" too...
I've never went through a bad break up and I don't know why I feel like trying to fix something broken beyond repair but Ive had to stop myself every night to keep from messaging her to see if theres any chance to fix things even when I know there isn't.
My heart is broken and what I thought was love was just an excuse to use me.
Has anyone went through this, or even anything close, and if so how did you deal with it. All my friends and family, and even her family, are utterly baffled by this and what little advice I've been getting is summed up as, "you'll find better" or, "can't get any worse so start meeting people".
I'm scared, hurt, confused, anxious, paranoid and I genuinely feel like my trust in people has died a little bit as the person I trusted the most has led me, eagerly, down a lie that spanned a decade.
Sorry for rambling, I just have a lot on my chest.
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2023.06.02 18:21 okobojicat Proctor Neighborhood Plan Open House Happening June 3

The Proctor Neighborhood Plan is having an open house to gather additional ideas and thoughts about how the neighborhood should change and move forward. The steering committee has been meeting for almost a year, but we're still looking for additional ideas.
The open house is at the Wheelock Library (the proctor library) on N26th and N Washington (Across from Washington Elementary)
Proctor Neighborhood Plan Open House Happening June 3 - City of Tacoma
Saturday, June 3
10am to 2:30pm.
Lots of ways to talk about how the neighborhood could work better.
Do you want more small businesses? Do you want more pedestrian spaces? Do you want more park space? Do you want a pond in the middle of 26th and Proctor?
I'm on the Steering Commitee. Lots of great ideas already generated, but we're looking for more!
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2023.06.02 18:21 nessievessy AMTA for telling an uncle that he can't come back to my house for letting himself in unannounced?

Context: I am a single female and my uncle (married to my mother's sister) volunteered to walk my dog while I'm at work. I agreed and provided him with a key. A few months went by and he kept pushing my boundaries further and further. Letting himself into my house while I'm asleep upstairs, making himself coffee and helping himself to my food. He even created his own Netflix profile on MY account without asking and will stay at my house for hours to watch it. He kept coming over so often unannounced that my dog no longer barks when the door opens, alerting me that someone is in the house. I would come downstairs in the morning half naked, not knowing someone was in the house and here he would be sitting on my couch. This happend 3 times in 2 months. It happend for the last time yesterday morning when I finally called him out and said that he is "not welcome here" unless there is a set appointment time or he asks before letting himself in. It seemed like he understood.... fast forward to 4 hours later and he shows up at my door, pounding away, no one answered so he decided to let himself in... I was upstairs with company and my office door shut. All we hear is, BANG, BANG on the door, along with, "open up now, it's the police!" I open MY closed office door and here my uncle is, angry, furious that I didn't answer the door. I said, "get the fuck out of my house and don't ever come back" I got the key back but now my family is angry at me because I've now, "divided the family" I don't know what I should do?
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2023.06.02 18:20 KathTwo3 Ordered my 1mg doses 2 weeks early...

They're now on order at my pharmacy. Crossing fingers they can get it. If not within a week I'll be calling around again. :) I mean, this is working. 7 weeks in, 7 lbs lost overall. Very minimal side effects, pretty decent appetite suppression most of the week. I want to keep it up! I feel like this is the kick in the pants to keep up the 500-800 calorie deficit and exercise every day. When I was 'just' doing that before, I'd lose about a half lb every two weeks. Not very motivating. :( I'd give up and lose progress after a month. I have the compounded option in my back pocket, which I may need to do now that my insurance is changing and who knows if they'll cover any bit of it.
Just blabbering. Seems like a lot of us are in this same boat of waiting to see if we can get the next dose. So weird, there are 3 marijuana shops within 5 miles of my house, but I can't get Wegovy that easy. LOL.
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