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2023.06.02 16:32 cosmos231 Why are K-pop idols not allowed to sing along lyrics including n-word?

I'm not native speaker. born and raised in north-east Asia.
I'm totally fine when black ppl don't want anyone who isn't black say n-word in speech or conversation.
but if singing the lyrics including n-word is very controversial topic then Why don't black artists or streaming websites just beep the word?
I know how culturally insensitive we can be to racism but haven't seen or heard serious discussion of using the word socially. until entering int k-pop community. and I don't think speaking/reading English automatically give ability to understand cultural context and history.
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2023.06.02 16:31 SuperSan93 Any classic WotLK English speaking guilds in Asia?

I live in Japan and thought I’d give WotLK a try. I need to find an English speaking guild on either the KR or TW servers.
I saw some recruitment posts but they were all a couple of years old.
I’d prefer alliance and KR for best latency. But honestly, as long as it’s English speaking I don’t mind either way.
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2023.06.02 16:28 AutoModerator Carbify and CoinStore Join Forces: $CBY Token Listing Revealed!

Carbify and CoinStore Join Forces: $CBY Token Listing Revealed!
Exciting News! Carbify’s Token $CBY is Coming to CoinStore!
We are happy to announce that $CBY will be listed on CoinStore, a leading cryptocurrency exchange in Asia, on Tuesday, 6th June at 10am UTC+2. We are also glad to be aligned with Coinstore in their effort to offset their carbon emissions monthly.
Get ready to embark on this journey with Carbify!
Mark Your Calendars
  • Listing Date: Tuesday, 6th June
  • Time: 10am UTC+2
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2023.06.02 16:26 bacteria_babe international mlt

i’m just curious but as anyone from the US ever traveled internationally as an MLT/MLS? I traveled a lot in my late teens/early twenties and I miss it a lot…I lived in Budapest, Hungary for almost two years, and I honestly would love to live there permanently. I know there’s other factors involved as far as feasibly moving there if I were to do that, but just wondering as far as my career goes if I would be able to work in a lab there?
I’m not just asking about Hungary specifically, but I guess just Europe in general or even somewhere in Asia like Japan.
(i.e. language, work visas, certification/licensure, etc.)
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2023.06.02 16:23 Junpw More and more games by Pomerium

Pomerium, a web-based game studio, receives $20 million in angel funding.
For those of you who don't know Pomerium, it was established in February 2022 and is reportedly a Web3 multi-game platform with a strong emphasis on mobile gaming. The token currency of the platform aims to create a long-term mobile gaming ecosystem. Customers that play the company's games get a unique, immersive experience as well as ownership and administration of their in-game resources, like NFTs and utility tokens. In the coming years, the Web3 business wants to expand its GameFi offerings.
Tell me what to play, and which blockchain game is available on mobile because I brought up mobile gaming. I'd really like to play MagicCraft on my phone!
Returning to the finances, they will enable the company to expand more quickly, hire top talent, and provide its user base with fresh and exciting games. Pomerium is committed to advancing the Web3 gaming sector by developing top-notch, distinctive, and captivating casual games that captivate players.
I also learned that Bitget just established a $100 million Web3 fund to support creative Web3 projects in Asia. According to the exchange, the operations, compliance, research and development, and support departments will each need an additional 300 staff members.
Love that there will be more and more games!
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2023.06.02 16:20 RubyPrune9771 Disney needs to answer this

Disney needs to answer this
Why Disney+ Hotstar streaming platform in Southeast Asia, specifically in Malaysia, is not controlled by Disney itself?
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2023.06.02 16:17 RubyPrune9771 Disney needs to answer this

Disney needs to answer this
Why does Disney+ Hotstar here in Southeast Asia, specifically in Malaysia, is not controlled by Disney?
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2023.06.02 16:17 molelza Air-cooled NZXT H1 V1

Air-cooled NZXT H1 V1
In case anyone is interested in air cooled h1 v1 :)
My AIO on the H1 died about a year ago and i decided to replace it with the Noctua nh-l12s with a12-25 fan on top setup as exhaust. The cooler managed to keep my 5800x under control but i did limit the cpu power to 110w.
I recently decided to try out the Termalright si-100 to see if i can make my rig a bit quieter with a bigger cooler and have less fans ramping up and down all the time.
So firstly the si-100 is slight taller at 100mm and can just about squeeze in the h1 v1 if you remove the dust filter and shave off the little ledge holding it (see last img).
Performance wise i managed to get about 15w extra from the 5800x with the same thermals or about 5-8 degrees [email protected].
I also tried installing 2x noctua 40mm fans at the back but it made zero difference in either pull or push config!
Hope this helps anyone with and h1 ;)
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2023.06.02 16:16 stanlemmon Breathing Exercise Devices Market Analysis with Covid 19 impact on revenue & future outlook 2029

The report delivers the challenges in front of the Breathing Exercise Devices Market that allows a better understanding of the market and provides the lucrative opportunities that are available. Analyst has studied the current market scenario while concentrating on the new business objectives. Report includes the change in customer requirements, customer preferences and the vendor landscape in the market.
Breathing Exercise Devices Market Report study provides in-detail information to understand the imperative market parts that align with the business decision related to raw materials, demand, and production capacity. The analysis provides demands for the future, besides the opportunities that are available for the individual. The study focuses on industry chain analysis, upstream and downstream raw material suppliers, key players, production process analysis, cost analysis, market distribution channels, and major downstream buyers.
Access Full Report @
The Breathing Exercise Devices Market Report delivers analysis of various organizations, affiliations and new businesses. Study includes authorized estimations to develop a better understanding of the organizations. Report provides information about Key players in the market, manufacture analysis, market CAGR, production capacity, product segmentation, supplier analysis, trends and forecast. Research furthermore consolidates impact of government regulations and standards over the market.
Research analysis covers historical data from the year 2017 to 2022, In addition to this report considers 2023-29 as the forecast year. This helps manufacturers and clients understand the past trends and analyze the future trend. Competitive development like an expansion of the plant, ventures, agreement, and acquisition are discussed in the report.
Access sample report @
Research study on Breathing Exercise Devices Market is based on following regions and countries:
North America
· U.S.A
· Canada
· France
· Germany
· Spain
· UK
· Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific
· China
· Japan
· India
· South East Asia
Latin America
· Brazil
Middle East and Africa
Breathing Exercise Devices Market Report delivers a comprehensive analysis of :
· Challenges and Opportunities
· Emerging and Current market trends
· Market player Capacity, Production, Revenue (Value)
· Market Forecast for 2023-29
· Market growth drivers
· Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import analysis
· End useapplication Analysis
About Profshare:
Profshare Market Research is a full-service market research company that delivers in-depth market research globally. We operate within consumer and business-to-business markets offering both qualitative and quantitative research services. We work for private sector clients, along with public sector and voluntary organizations. Profshare Market Research publishes high-quality, in-depth market research studies, to help clients obtain granular level clarity on current business trends and expected future developments. We are committed to our client’s needs, providing custom solutions best fit for strategy development and implementation to extract tangible results.
Contact :
Jes J
Sales Manager
Profshare Market Research
US : +1 917 7225960
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2023.06.02 16:06 Brunogrre Entirely fanless 2U rack ? Doable ?

I work sales in an informatics shop and one of my customers is asking me to build a fanless 2U PC running Windows 11.
The customer wants no work to be done on the PC after it's been built so no moving parts. I went for i5-12400 with a Micro-ATX board B660M from Asrock.
8Gigs of ram, ssd 500Go storage bla bla.
A Seasonic fanless 500W PSU and most importantly a Noctua NH-L9x65 to cool the CPU but without the fan.
I tried finding an optimized CPU cooler for fanless configs but I couldn't find anything (I live in Europe, importing from US or CA is impossible).
Apparently le customer is going to use the PC normally without too much load.
Do you guys think my config is okay for that ? Because I'm wondering if the 12th Gen Intel CPU won't run too much heat... And I wouldn't want my customer to be mad at me (and my boss too...)
Would love some advices on that matter, thank you fellas.
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2023.06.02 16:04 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in DE Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Wilmington
First Vehicle Services Diesel Mechanic - Wilmington Delaware Wilmington
Berry Global Machine Operato Entry-Level Production Technician Middletown
Berry Global Production Manager Middletown
Alpha Consulting Corp. Animal Technician Millsboro
AHN [email protected] Home Health Registered Nurse, RN NEW CASTLE
Cai Care Manager New Castle
Apria Healthcare Respiratory Therapist - RT New Castle
RTI International Field Interviewer - NSDUH Wilmington
INSPYR Solutions Training and Development Coordinator (Financial Services) Wilmington
DuPont Business Development & Account Manager fof BioPharma Processing New Castle
Fresenius Medical Care Clinical Manager Wilmington
Kraft Heinz Company IBT9 Palletizer Operator POST 2019 DOVR Dover
Premier Inc. Vice President, Supply Chain Management Dover
Food Lion FT Receiver Dover
Big Lots Retail Store Associates and Stockers - 5333 Dover
Ferguson Warehouse Associate Lewes
Mountaire Corporation Sales Manager - Export Millsboro
Core & Main Seasonal Warehouse Associate Milton
The Boston Beer Company Packaging Tech (Full-Time) (Milton Brewery) Milton
Integrity Staffing Solutions Warehouse Inventory Associate New Castle
FedEx Ground Package Handler- Switcher PT New Castle
Alsco External Counter-Sorter - Production Worker - up to $15.05 an Hr. New Castle
Macy's Retail Receiving Support Associate, Christiana - Full Time Newark
Nordstrom, Inc. Seasonal & Regular Retail Stock & Fulfillment - Christiana Mall Newark
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in de. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 15:58 WaferNice8419 Is it worth it to get the Amex Brilliant card if I’m already platinum elite?

Also: will there be a new card likely to be released later this year? Thinking maybe I should wait.
Reasons why I would want the card: I plan to travel extensively in the next 3 months to Asia, Europe, and LATAM and will be staying in Marriott’s for a portion of the trip. the points, restaurant credits, and nights are enticing.
With the 25 extra nights, I will surely hit ambassador as I’m at 74 nights at the moment. My spend is already above 23,000. I’m hoping the ambassador status will get me more suite upgrades so might as well do it now, and the 24 hour room benefit at any check in time will be needed as flights will be arriving at weird hours.
Thank you
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2023.06.02 15:57 sh_help Privilege, and referring to previous post responses :) [pov from a trans ftm person not from the west]

I'm from Malaysia, trans, ftm. I dont want to be a dick, but I'd also like to put it frankly.
Do any of you westerners understand how goddamned hard it is to get out of asia and into somewhere where you're accepted? Or how impossible it is to get therapy because of the mental health stigma, and then get even more fucked over by the therapist thst doesn't understand gender dysphoria? Because goddamn it is unreasonably angering when someone tells me "go find a therapist for your gender dysphoria" or "you can leave one day! (I'm 15, fucking think damn you)".
Or yknow, that certain countries like Malaysia are so immersed in Islamic ideologies that the very concept of allowing trans people is inherently immoral in the eyes of the law makers? Do any of you lot from the west, where people accept lgbt people, understand that maybe its not always as goddamned easy as "find a therapist" or "get out of malaysia"?
Guess how self harm is treated here?
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2023.06.02 15:56 CarefulLie8337 imma player of pubg korea in asia server and am really lookin' forward to teammates for conqueror push

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2023.06.02 15:46 Routine_Potential_66 Deadname

Hey Leute, ich bin mit meiner jetzigen Freundin zwar erst 5 Monate zusammen und sie kommt zwar auch voll damit klar, dass ich trans bin. Ich hatte auch nichts dagegen, dass sie 1-2 Mal nach meinen Deadname gefragt (welchen ich ihr nicht gesagt habe). Ich arbeite im Homeoffice und im System steht hier und da mal mein Deadname. Meine Freundin sagte sie schaut mir nicht beim Arbeiten zu bzw. nicht auf meine Monitore, damit sie meine Deadname nicht zufällig sieht, weil sie genau weiß, dass ich das nicht möchte und teilweise schon Panik kriege, wenn ich denke, sie könnte den gesehen haben. Nun kam es dazu sie hat mir beim Arbeiten zugeschaut und haut einfach raus „Ich habe deinen Deadname gesehen.“ Ich kann dieses Gefühl nicht beschreiben, das durch meinen Körper ging, es fühlte sich so an, als wäre mein Herz kurz stehengeblieben.
Ich sagte auch zu ihr ich brauche etwas Zeit für mich (nh Stunde oder so), erst hat sie es auch akzeptiert und ist erstmal ins Schlafzimmer gegangen, kam dann nach 5 Minuten wieder und sagt direkt sie möchte Aufmerksamkeit und ich solle sie beachten, so als wäre nichts passiert. Daher machte ich ihr auch klar, dass es mir damit nicht gut geht, aber sie sagt nur es kann mir deswegen jetzt nicht den ganzen Tag schlecht gehen und sie möchte ja weiterhin Aufmerksamkeit von mir haben.
Ich bin mir unsicher, ob ich das ganze jetzt gerade falsch aufnehme oder ob sie wirklich so tut, als wäre das nichts, was gerade passiert ist.
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2023.06.02 15:38 JoemamaGia1 Elderly population in East Asia

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2023.06.02 15:32 Medium_Hearing1490 Bitty in boxes!!

Bitty in boxes!!
Bitty is ready for your island! Let me know if you want her.
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2023.06.02 15:32 autotldr Japan demographic woes deepen as birth rate hits record low

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 27%. (I'm a bot)
TOKYO, June 2 - Japan's birth rate declined for the seventh consecutive year in 2022 to a record low, the health ministry said on Friday, underscoring the sense of crisis gripping the country as the population shrinks and ages rapidly.
That compares with the previous low of 1.2601 posted in 2005 and is far below the rate of 2.07 considered necessary to maintain a stable population.
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has made arresting the country's sliding birth rate a top priority and his government, despite high levels of debt, plans to earmark spending of 3.5 trillion yen a year on child care and other measures to support parents.
The pandemic has exacerbated Japan's demographic challenges, with fewer marriages in recent years contributing to fewer births and COVID-19 partly responsible for more deaths.
The number of newborns in Japan slid 5% to 770,747 last year, a new low, while the number of deaths shot 9% higher to a record 1.57 million, the data showed.
More than 47,000 deaths in Japan last year were caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: year#1 rate#2 birth#3 Japan#4 deaths#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.02 15:32 Novamarauder American casus belli in anti-Communist WWII

As described here, ITTL Weimar Germany suppressed the rise of Nazism and stayed democratic, just with a monarchical restoration and various political reforms. It managed to settle all its domestic issues and reasonable territorial claims (Austria, Sudetenland, Danzig, West Prussia, Upper Silesia) to its satisfaction without a general war. The divergence also allowed fascist Italy to fulfill its not-so-destabilizing ambitions (Ethiopia, intervention in Spain, Albania, partition of Yugoslavia) in a similar way. Japan got defeated by the USSR and expelled from Manchuria and China (although it managed to keep Korea and Sakhalin). The shock enabled a moderate regime and foreign policy change.
However, the vacuum created by the lack of the Nazi threat and success in East Asia drove Stalin and the USSR to turn more aggressive. A chain of Soviet aggressions against Japan, Nationalist China, Poland, the Baltic states, Romania, and Finland pushed the European powers and the Japanese to form an anti-Communist united front, then declare war. The USSR answered by staging a pre-emptive strategic offensive in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia together with its PRC allies. The USA stayed neutral, at least at the beginning, but pledged to provide all support to the Allies short of war, including a Lend-Lease equivalent. Let's say an American intervention is bound to happen somehow.
However, there is the issue of a proper casus belli that can rouse America to belligerance. Japan is in the Allied coalition, so no equivalent of Pearl Harbor can reasonably happen. I have tried to think of reasonable alternatives:
a) Naval incidents between American merchant shipping and Soviet submarines.
b) Discovery of the Soviet espionage network in America (it seems in the cards with the Western world in a wartime Red Scare atmosphere) and some 9-11-style act of Communist sabotage of the Lend-Lease effort that somehow causes a serious amount of damage and loss of lives.
c) Attempted Commie destabilization (coups, uprisings) of Latin American countries (which ones?).
d) Some mix of the above.
What do you suggest?
Let's assume that due to TTL circumstances, FDR did not seek a third term in 1940 and was succeeded by an anti-Communist Democrat (e.g. Cordell Hull, James Farley, Truman) or less likely an internationalist Republican (e.g. Dewey).
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2023.06.02 15:27 stanlemmon Acrylic Processing Aid Market Competitive insight & regional outlook 2023

Acrylic Processing Aid Market is expected to show magnificent CAGR according to the latest study Published by Profshare Market Research. The percentage splits, market shares, growth rate and breakdowns of the product markets are determined through using secondary sources and verified through the primary sources. The study also provides key market indicators affecting the growth of the market.
Research report includes in depth competitive analysis with shares of each player inside market, growth rate and market attractiveness in different end users/regions. Study used very precise top-down and bottom-up approaches in order to validate market revenue, volume, manufacturers, regional analysis, product segments and end users/applications.
Major players in the market are identified through secondary research and their market revenues are determined through various research techniques. Secondary research included the research of the annual and financial reports of the top manufacturers.
Access sample report @
Seamless product delivery to the consumer has become more important than it ever were, proper value chain analysis exactly delivers the same. Supplier analysis delivers very clear picture supply-demand scenario in the market. Opportunities and threat analysis have gained significant importance in recent years primarily due to the dynamic nature of the industry. Analytical tools used while developing research studies include SWOT analysis, market sizing, Porter's 5 Forces model, PESTEL analysis.
Access Full Report @
Regional analysis:
· North America : USA, Mexico, Canada
· Europe: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands & Rest of Europe
· Asia Pacific : China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea & Oceania
· Latin America : Brazil & Argentina
· Middle East : UAE, Qatar, Israel.
· Rest of the World.
Research report includes below primary reasons that make it very useful as one-stop information point for various market scenarios.
· Market estimation
· Forecast 2023-29
· Growth drivers
· Raw material & Supply analysis
· End-User & Application insight
· Key player’s analysis
· Import & Export scenario
· Challenges & Opportunities
· Current & emerging market trends.
· Tenders & Pricing scenario.
About Profshare:
Profshare Market Research is a full-service market research company that delivers in-depth market research globally. We operate within consumer and business-to-business markets offering both qualitative and quantitative research services. We work for private sector clients, along with public sector and voluntary organizations. Profshare Market Research publishes high-quality, in-depth market research studies, to help clients obtain granular level clarity on current business trends and expected future developments. We are committed to our client’s needs, providing custom solutions best fit for strategy development and implementation to extract tangible results.
Contact :
Jes J
Sales Manager
Profshare Market Research
US : +1 917 7225960
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2023.06.02 15:25 jeremiahtmackinnon RI launches online portal, Trulieve leaves MA, NH legalization continues to fail, VT Q&A Session

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2023.06.02 15:24 MramorniStup Ranked - server problem

Hey guys, I have just finished my ranked game where I was paired with people from Asia while I am in Europe. I had permanent 100+ ping and it was unplayable. Is there a way to secure connecting to servers in Europe or I will need to depend on my luck? I have seen this problem discussed 3 years ago and now I am wondering if something changed..
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