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Should I go to the ER for recent icepick headaches, or wait for an appointment I have scheduled?

2023.06.02 16:30 Minute_Map_6444 Should I go to the ER for recent icepick headaches, or wait for an appointment I have scheduled?

United States 29F, white, 5’ 1”, no diagnosed conditions or medications, no substance use, light smoker
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve started to have very abrupt, localized stabbing-pain type headaches. They pop up in same couple of spots, namely near the top of my head where the “ridges”/dents in my skull are (sorry, idk terminology) and just in front of one of my ears. I’ve been suspecting they may be related to my wisdom teeth or maybe a broken tooth becoming infected but I have no actual mouth pain besides occasional pressure like my teeth are crowded. I’ve also had what feels like a constant sinus infection in one half of my face for about a month, and occasional stabbing pain in my ears. I have some neck and chest pain but I have a physically demanding job and it’s hard for me to distinguish new symptoms from normal wear and tear on my body. I have intense medical anxiety, so the fact that I’m even questioning going to the hospital says a lot. Should I just wait to see a doctor (and hopefully a dentist) in a couple of weeks, or does this require more immediate attention?
I’ve been calling around and dentists in my area are booked out six months.
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2023.06.02 16:29 ScalaNaturae Hated My Life In Iowa, So I Quit My Job and Left. Here's Me Getting Ready for Bikepacking Before I Left and Sometimes Discussing Problems I See with the State (For Nearly 3 Hours).

Hated My Life In Iowa, So I Quit My Job and Left. Here's Me Getting Ready for Bikepacking Before I Left and Sometimes Discussing Problems I See with the State (For Nearly 3 Hours).
Sorry about the wind. Iowa just doesn't want people to have nice things.
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2023.06.02 16:29 Av8-Wx14 Is daily Tadalafil 5mg worth it?

So I am nearing 1 year of having ED, I wouldn't call it severe but its pretty mild and starting to have an effect on my marriage. Im only 32
I was diagnosed with Herpes (who knows when I caught it) doctor told me it stays dormant for years before flaring in some cases so I may have caught it in college. After this I began struggling to get erections and my morning wood disappeared. Went to the doc a few times and he found my T was near the point that T replacement should be considered but gace me Clomid to try and help get it up. It has helped slightly to the point my T is over 400 now compared to the 280ish I was at prior to this I never checked my T so not sure what my normal was

I refused to get on Tadalafil for this entire time because 1) my wife says she thinks im too young for it and 2) she doesn't like the fact that I need medication to perform. She says makes her feel like its all her and Im not attracted to her so that's why I need help. That's not the case.

When we have tried she gets me rock hard but as soon as I penetrate I go limp and cannot regain it. Its really messing with my head as I am trying to find a cause but not shes really upset that I cannot perform.

Doctor sent me daily Tadalafil 5mg to take and see what happens but I am afraid to take because I do not want to become depend on it. Or can make my situation worse.

but is it worth it?
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2023.06.02 16:28 Relevant_Reason2531 As soon as I started holding men to the same standards as women I realized how ugly men are

I’ve always been extremely picky but now that I’m holding and more aware of unbelievably high standards women are held to I’ve started treating men by the same standards. I feel like if men can have all these standards for women and have it seen as reasonable, why can’t I do the same to them?
Even men who claim that they have reasons or even low standard typically hold women to higher standard than women do for men. Women get judged for having a damn height preference while men openly critique women on every level possible and we just accept it for the most part. And holding men to the same body, height, hygiene, personality, career, and education standards they hold women to makes me realize how inferior they are.
Let’s be honest, most men aren’t as attractive as women and don’t go near as many lengths to take care of themselves. You’ll see multiple pretty women a day and you might see a naturally attractive man like once every few months. The reason why women will date plain looking men is because we’re socialized to accept their subparness. I’ve seen women forego every standard they have and date men clearly beneath them and still get cheated on because of male arrogance. They know they can be mediocre and some woman somewhere will accept his mediocrity.
Their hygiene? Deplorable. Even ‘hygienic’ men are not as nearly clean as the average woman. I’ve seen men be applauded for doing basic things because people don’t expect straight men to wash their faces or know how to clean their ass properly.
And don’t even get me started on their intellect and emotional intelligence. Besides the fact that men are following behind women in education, but most of them are not thought provoking or deep thinkers. Everything is black and white to them.
And I already know there’s going to be women in the comments talking about, “NO! My man is perfect and beautiful and clean. You’re just hateful and bitter. And you’re probably a lesbian, that’s why you don’t like men!” But let’s step back. Is your man really that good? Or are your standards so low that his plainness looks like greatness to you? Because I grantee you whatever he’s going right a woman is probably doing the same thing and even better than him.
I don’t hate men, I’m just disappointed with how average they are. Men need to step it up collectively. I’m sure there are individual men that are great, but for the most part they’re beneath women on every level. The majority of men have no right to criticize women or have such high standards for us when they can’t even meet those standards themselves.
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2023.06.02 16:28 Halestormish Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue with in-stream ads for a Facebook page?

I run a Facebook page with roughly 65k followers. About a month ago my page was approved for in-stream ads on video content. I enabled the ads the same day, and it seemed that the monetization from those ads was working, as I earned about $.18 the first day I had ads enabled. I had really no issues with monetization and was earning a dollar or so a day on my videos up until about a week and a half ago. Suddenly, upon checking my in-stream ads earnings one day I realized I had made $0.00, which was unusual as I had already posted multiple monetized videos at that point, all of which had been gaining a few thousand views daily. I may also add that every video I have uploaded to my page is my own original content, I do not have any current violations for my monetization, and nearly all my videos minus one (where the language is not supported) say they are monetized for in-stream ads with zero issues found. From the first day I experienced this problem (May 21) up until today, I have not earned a single cent on in-stream ads monetization, which is frustrating (Or at least that's what meta business suite is telling me). I enabled automatic ad placement for all of my videos as well. I can understand that not every view will be counted as an in-stream ad impression, however I'm genuinely baffled as to what I did wrong here, or if I'm violating some rule. Since that day May 21, I have checked different videos on my page (one of which has gained a few hundred thousand 1-minute views since May 21) and none of them have been gaining any "ad impressions" despite the fact that they have no monetization issues. Curious if anyone else is having this happen to them, because I know there's no point in contacting Facebook support, and I don't even have a violation or anything I can appeal. I can also provide more information if necessary. Thank you!
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2023.06.02 16:28 Rebelpunk13 I (34m) need insight on my SO (32f) who needs a break from our relationship out of nowhere, twice in the last month. Beyond depressed

Hello, I’m 34 (m) she is 32 (f), me and my fiancé have been together almost a year. When we met we just clicked and it’s the first time I truly loved someone, not infatuation. Things did move fast from the outside but for us it was at our pace because it felt just right. We always laughed and said only people who are truly in love would understand. I’ve done more with her i than I did in previous relationships combined. I never dreamed of getting married but I knew she was the one and she expressed this too. She’s definitely my priority. I never been open about feelings, displayed public affection, or cared for someone so deeply, and the feelings between us are mutual. The best way to describe love is you would let this person destroy your heart and you’d still love and care for them.
We planned to get married and start a family, she brings out my best qualities and makes me a better person because she deserves that, and she tells me I do the same for her. A few weeks ago she has been kind of short and not her usual self. We planned a vacation to Vegas last Friday and attended Punk Rock Bowling for 4 days. We had a great time. We talked things over, she was scared of the future and about us struggling. She has a good job and I have a solid one and we’d make it just fine I assured her. I agreed to go back to school and work on a near future promotion. I believe change is good when it’s for someone you love and the betterment of your future. We kissed, talked, laughed, and everything in between while on our trip. On the ride home she assured us we are good and that everything is fine. It was a relief.
Yesterday out of the blue she told me she needed space and time alone again because right now she doesn’t feel it. She’s always been mentally stable so it’s a shock to me. I doubt she would cheat on me. I’ve been very depressed not knowing what is going through her mind and I’ve been having depressed thoughts. All of the things we’ve said, done, and experienced and now nothing. We still keep in contact but I feel I am bothering her. She says she still loves me and that I’m special to her. When someone says they need space and a break from their relationship does this mean it’s over? I told her we should work on any insecurities/anxieties/fears that she has. We didn’t see each other for over a week the first time she needed space, when we would usually be with each other 4-6 times a week. She made it seem we wouldn’t go last week on our trip but then we agreed it would be fun and started coming around.
I’m free to answer any questions or elaborate further but do these things work out? I’d be back in a heartbeat but I also don’t want to push her away. Just very random and out of the blue. We rarely fight and we communicate very well. Not to sound misogynistic (I respect her a lot) but she was PMSing the first break and had her period while on vacation, and this situation almost happened a few months ago but we worked it out.
I feel so depressed, I left work yesterday. I just don’t understand how she would let me hurt like this because I know I would never want her to feel this way. I feel she is lacking compassion, respect, and empathy for me right now. That is the part that hurts the most. I feel I can’t function or focus and I’ve never experienced a heartbreak like this. I feel so hopeless and no one’s ever loved me like she did/does. I go above and beyond for her all the time her happiness is my priority. Any insights would be welcomed.
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2023.06.02 16:27 VonAintNoExposingMe What’s the etiquette of asking a girl to dance with me at a club without coming off weird?

So I went to a club for the first time and honestly I had the time of my life. I went with some friends and while I went with kind of the intentions to maybe pick up a girl but I ended up forgetting because I was super drunk and only cared about dancing regardless with who.
I have so much memories of the night that were great but I remember seeing a girl at the bar area on her phone not really dancing or anything. I gave her a few quick glances and she seemed to look back but I didn’t feel too much of a vibe so I didn’t approach her. There were also a few girls in groups which I figured didn’t want some guy coming though
I also noticed a lot of the girls dancing near me were laughing and smiling at me probably because I was so into dancing and I’m an awful at dancing so I’m not sure I can recognize the social and visual cues at this point that a girl is open to dancing with me?
How do I go about getting a dance with a girl next time I head to the club?
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2023.06.02 16:27 Aggravating-Salad416 Need advice. Have 0 skin care plan or treatment currently.

Need advice. Have 0 skin care plan or treatment currently.
I have been researching tretinoin and understand it can be beneficial. I have 0 skin care routine presently outside of normal stuff you’d expect from an average person. Took accutane at 18 and has been years since I had an active breakout.
In middle school and high school I had absolutely brutal acne. The only times I see people that had acne worse than me or scarring worse than me is researching online lmao I live in a big city and rarely see someone in person that I can tell has had anywhere close to the same struggles as me.
Most pics I took at worst angles and lighting to help figure out what’s going on and how it can be fixed. Hyperpigmentation is a concern although in many of these pics I had gotten a lot of sun in prior days because of Memorial Day weekend. On a daily basis my acne scars don’t cross my mind or bother me but I have always had a dream of having near perfect skin and now have the financial resources to make it a reality.
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2023.06.02 16:27 JeezeyChreezy Save Data Corrupted

Just got BOTW (very late to the game...) And have been really enjoying it. Was about 30-40 hours in, had 30 shrines and 250 korok seeds and was just starting towards Zora.
Got out of the Shrine near the bridge where you meet the prince (my first minor test of strength that I beat) and suddenly my game crashed and switch reset.
When it restarted, the got this message when I tried to boot the game. The only option it gave me was to delete the save Data and restart from the beginning. Very frustrating (was using a checklist and being very thorough while planning to do a 100% run). I know I'll still enjoy the game, but just restarted and it's annoying re-playing these sections again so soon...
Any tips on how to prevent this in the future?
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2023.06.02 16:26 E2_Awesome_2 My cockatiel still wont let me do anything with him

I have had my Male grey cockatiel for about 6 and a half months now, and he still wont let me do anything with him. He won't eat any treats I give him, he wont let me get near him, and he definitely wont let me touch him or hold him. Does anybody have any suggestions? If I get another cockatiel will that help at all?
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2023.06.02 16:25 Financial_Hippo_3588 Do you think generally IT careers are more secure/stable then software engineering alternatives?

I’m wondering because it seems like software engineering gigs is going through a HUGE recession and that it’s impossible to get in right now.
I’m looking at sys admin jobs near me (I love my current job) and they are plentiful, they just require some sort of degree and experience.
I’m wondering if you think this career path is more “stable” just due to it
  1. Not being as flashy or popular as software engineering. I don’t see “Day in the life of a system admin at a school district” on my tik tok feed
  2. Not paying as well, don’t get me wrong IT pays well but not nearly as well as software engineering
  3. Not as prestigious
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2023.06.02 16:25 Huge_Plantain_4887 [*Book*] Identity PDF Free Download - Nora Roberts

Download or Read Online Identity Free Book (PDF ePub Mobi) - Nora Roberts
Download Now >>
The #1 New York Times -bestselling author's terrifying new thriller about one man's ice-cold malice, and one woman's fight to reclaim her life. Former Army brat Morgan Albright has finally planted roots in a friendly neighborhood near Baltimore. Her friend and roommate Nina helps her make the mortgage payments, as does Morgan's job as a bartender. But after she and Nina host their first dinner party—attended by Luke, the flirtatious IT guy who'd been chatting her up at the bar—her carefully built world is shattered. The back door glass is broken, cash and jewelry are missing, her car is......
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2023.06.02 16:25 teh_mooses Fleeing rural texas for my own safety

For those of you that don't know me from DA and CA, I'm a transgender woman living in north rural Texas. To say things have become bad here since 2018+ is a understatement. Last night was my third beating, this time resulting in broken fingers from where my car door was closed violently on my hand and a concussion from being kicked and screamed out by the local cleetus and bubba's of the area. I'm married to a wonderful trans man, we've both been on hormone therapy for over four years (at least that's one thing in this crazy world that's affordable!)
My mistake, I went out after dark, without my husband, to pick up a take out order of fast food. I guess I should know better and never leave the house or something :( The first two beatings mostly ruined me. The PTSD is out of hand, I have shitty insurance but at least they cover therapy and generic medication, and I've been using that to it's fullest.
I've had my ear literally cut nearly off with a knife, multiple broken ribs, local businesses refusing to service me but of course never explaining why, local landlords raising my rent refusing to help when anything is broken, cops that laugh at me and promise they will 'look into things' after each beating and of course, they do nothing and make snide remarks about how it's my fault and I should carry a gun (ewww.)I realized last night I just can't do this anymore. It's unsafe unless I hide in my place 24/7 or take my husband with me everywhere I go, and even then it's dicey.
I am getting the fuck out, by any means needed.I swallowed a lot of pride and created a fundraiser for a private friends group I am in, and - damn, 6% met in the FIRST DAY. I cried a lot, that's just so amazing. I'm skipping on any luxury including simple things like nicotine for my vape thingie and like 5$ in alcohol a day to keep the nightmares and shaking at bay.
I have two very close friends in MI who are more than happy to give me a safe landing pad and take me in for a few weeks while I get things settled in a new and more tolerant and safe place. I cannot put them in a situation where after I get there, a month later, I cannot afford to start my life over. I need enough for first and last month rent + deposit of a cute little apartment I found, rental of a large u-haul to get me there, a couple quality cat crates for moving them safely and with love, food and hotel for 2-3 nights during the long drive, and the ability to start over.
I'm not safe here anymore, and at this rate - I fear this is targeted and it's just a matter of time before I end up in a ditch or hurt so badly that I end up with lifelong physical health issues.It really dings and fucks with my pride to ask, but - if you are in a position to help, or even share with your groups of friends and loved ones - I would be eternally grateful, and of course - once I get settled my #1 goal will be to pay it forward to get someone else out. I have one good thing going for me - I work for myself doing video editing for youtubers and the like, basic server / domain setups, and I can do this from anywhere. I don't make much, but I'll make enough to at least cover the basics when I am out, and my husband will actually have a boat load of options finally and can put his masters degree to use.
Here he could not even get a job at a local fast food place if he wanted, due to also being transgender (female to male). We've both been on hormone therapy for over 4 years (at least that's free, insurance covers it!) We've both just hit the point where it's swallow the pride and ask our communities for some help and crowdsource our GTFO, or risk our lives and stay where while things get worse and worse and more hateful for people like us.If you are considering helping me and need more, you can DM me. I'm happy to provide hospital bills, disturbing pictures of me missing an ear for a day and the nasty recovery of having that put back on (ewww), some broken fingers and awful stuff if you need it :)
Thanks in advance, and special thanks to zapopi for tell me it's okay.
Link to the fundraiser is @ - feel free to share. Thank you ever so much! Every little bit helps!
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2023.06.02 16:24 LowNefariousness5675 Would you make a (small) order of supplements without having received a sample?

I want to put a specific type of supplement on the market, with my own custom formula. I have been in talks with suppliers, mainly from India. My main obstacle is the high MOQ's of many suppliers.
Today I got in contact with a supplier, who uniquely accepted my request for just 1000 tubes (with tablets in them). Their price point is good for a low quantity. When I asked him about a sample, he suggested that producing and shipping a sample would cost nearly as much as the full 1000 tubes. He added that he suggest simply going for 1000 tubes as a test order, after which he lowered it to 500, with the same price point per tube.
Being able to purchase 500 tubes would be amazing for me, as I can invest the rest of my budget in proper marketing. But it does feel a little bit sketchy. Would you accept this deal? FYI, this order cost would be 550USD + shipping.
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2023.06.02 16:23 _BarrensChat Re-using Tol Barad and Baradin Hold

I was farming rep the other day and thought to myself, why cant Blizzard use this as a continually updated zone and raid instance every expansion?
Baradin Hold is the Kirin Tor prison essentially right? So why cant every expansion they just re-release the raid instance with 3 fresh bosses? Could be potential bosses from past expansions or fresh ones it doesn't really matter. In doing so it sort of breathes life back into Tol Barad as the factions will care about who holds it etc?
I don't know maybe its a bad idea It just feels like a perfect area that could be re-used every expansion for added end game content to keep things fresh and fun as the bosses locked inside Baradin Hold don't really have to serve any lore specific purpose? Could just be a place where Blizzard just fuck around and have a fun little time with 3 bosses with cool mechanics every expansion, like fuck it just give me a super upped version of Hogger with insane mechanics or a bunch of other random character we have encountered in our long near 20 year journey?
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2023.06.02 16:22 Thick-Price5341 AITA for telling my friend (32 M) he’s out of line for refusing to go to our mutual friend’s wedding?

So a good friend of mine, let’s call him Josh, and I (29F) are part of a group of friends. We are all invited to a wedding of one of our close friends Dan (31M). Dan has been in a relationship with his soon-to-be wife Katie (30F) for almost ten years. In the second year of their relationship, she had an affair, it came out, they broke up and Dan was distraught. Nearly 8 years later, after a ton of therapy, tears and talking, they are very happy together and are excited to taking the next step.
Josh was critical of Katie for a while, but he’s great friends with Dan and has always been civil and courteous to her. Now that the wedding invites have been sent out, he’s suddenly told us he has RSVP’d No. He said he can’t stand there and watch two people get married when he knows one of them does not respect the sanctity of fully committing to one person. He is a firm believer in “once a cheater always a cheater” and says watching Katie getting married goes against his morals and he has to be true to himself.
The others are shocked but have accepted his reasoning, but Dan is very upset. I called Josh and told him he was completely out of line and acting very selfish and that it was not the bride’s job to ensure everyone approves of all of her actions in life. I asked him to please reconsider and that it would mean the world to Dan to have him there. Now Josh is also pissed at me for not having his back. I am a bit worried if AITA for not respecting Josh’s morals and getting involved?
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2023.06.02 16:22 Cattleship (CA) Buying a new car on base

Just got to California and am buying a new car. Given the high sales tax for the county, nearly 10%, I’d rather avoid it if I can.
Would buying a new car on base in California allow me to avoid CA sales tax while I register it in my home state?
Other option is to Drive to Nevada but the drive is pretty far from SF.
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2023.06.02 16:22 seemetwistingleak 2018 Street triple R low question

Hey guys, I’m looking to pick up my first ST and this model is one of the few used ones that are available near me. I’ve been searching trying to figure out the difference in the suspension with this vs the standard height models.
Triumph states on their website that it has its own “unique” seat and suspension setup. I assume the seat is thinner but what is different about the suspension? Does it use a different linkage to lower the bike or does it simply have less suspension travel? If it’s the latter, how is the ride quality vs the standard model?
The roads around me aren’t great so a good suspension to soak up bumps is important in choosing my next bike.
Also, how’s the standard vs R suspension for street use? I know the R has more adjustability but is it also going to feel less comfortable for street riding by being more firm overall? My weight is about 155 pounds. I’m not a stranger to swapping shocks or fork springs but would still prefer to have a more plush ride “out of the box” so to say.
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2023.06.02 16:22 PuddinGal4302 Columbus vip

It’s odd to me that the Cbus vip sold out before the tix even went on sale? Only planned to buy a single ticket, so I hoped that they would maybe release more today but so far nothing. If anyone needs to sell theirs in the near future let me know! Thx
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2023.06.02 16:22 hue2hold Synth Riders - Legends Never Die

When I started playing Synth Riders I learned from a previous thread that the EXP songs, which cost about 2 dollars each (the same price as non-EXP songs?!) had custom light shows/animations to go with the song. These EXP tracks are all excellent as others can attest, the Lindsey Sterling song, the Muse songs, the trippy swing song, each easily worth an extra 2 dollars.
But there is one experience that shines above them all in my opinion. That experience is called ‘Legends Never Die’ from the League of Legends music pack. There are dragons and knights and wild tripped out shit and you are dancing through it all because YOU are the legend and you will overcome any obstacle that life has to throw at you. I play through this track nearly every day and I am unquestionably a better human for it.
Dancing through this song before school in the morning will pretty much guarantee that you become class president/valedictorian/prom royalty. Play this before a job interview or asking for a raise at work and they will promote you to company president. It will, without question, 100% absolutely cure your depression (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and should never be taken seriously when it comes to how to cure any disease). The whole thing is incredibly corny, but once you learn to let the corniness and dragons feed your dance skills, you will never be the same.
I am an unbiased reviewer—Sony, Synth Riders, and/or the artists behind the song ‘Legends Never Die’ did not ask me to write this review nor is anyone giving me any money for it. I am just some nobody, or at least I was before I started dancing to this song every day…now I don’t know what I am…probably closer to some sort of god.
I wrote this because interpretive dancing with glowing orbs to this song in EXP mode fucking rules and everyone should experience it. I, without any exaggeration, believe that most if not all of the problems that the world is facing would be solved if everyone experienced it.
Always remember—legends never die, when the world is calling you…
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2023.06.02 16:21 _Punko_ Open Forum Friday - June 2, 2023 - Graveyard of Abandoned Projects

Open Forum Friday - June 2, 2023 - Graveyard of Abandoned Projects

Right next to my copy of \"Boulevard of Broken Dreams\"
Projects. I was a project engineer for more than 3 decades. I brought countless projects to life, saw them to completion and closed them out. Projects start; projects end.
Work Projects that is. I also have countless personal projects, usually of a creative sort, that have never been completed, let alone closed out. I have a large graveyard of abandoned projects.
Generous folks have claimed it is because I am always in pursuit of perfection, but I know that it is due to many factors - most often a combination of dissatisfaction, change of heart, or loss of direction. Sometimes it is stumbling upon something else that seemed more exiting.
Projects all start the same: rush of an idea blooming, creative thoughts bouncing around like hailstones. Initial progress is rapid, first challenges smashed through without even a bump, each one an opportunity for creativity, imagination, and skills to shine. Glorious feelings lead to late nights, skipped meals, a real sense of accomplishment. Then a pause. A wait on materials, a missed opportunity, an emergency task, something trivial that pulls our attention away and we just don't ever seem to get back around to the project.
They'll sit waiting for us, pushed to the back of the desk, the bottom of the pile, or the garden shed. sometimes we do get back to them. Maybe a spark causes a second surge, but rarely does this happen a third time.
  • geodesic dome greenhouse for my mother. All the metal work was still stacked neatly in the garage when Dad sold the house a couple of years after my mother died (started in 1992)
  • my wood scale model of HMS Bounty sits on my bookcase, but noticeably missing her masts, standing rigging, and sails (started in 1989)
  • my 3D printed celestial dragon - fully articulated with working claws, limbs, and sinuous body - lies slumped with a spinal design problem next to a box of 100's of body pieces, discarded leg sections (started in 2020)
  • my custom inflatable exterior Halloween display - complete with it 8-foot diameter extra-dimensional wormhole and purple tentacles all sewn by me (Mrs. taught me how) lies in a large bag awaiting final assembly and testing (started in 2018)
  • My screenplay for a TV series about a near-lightspeed ship heading out of our solar system towards an exoplanet, where the A.I. seems to be becoming more unstable before ultimately revealed to be a human embedded in another part of the ship acting as the navigation system, kept awake and conscious for the hundreds of years necessary for the generational ship to reach its target. Just 3 episodes out of 15 outlined, with the pilot 50% drafted (started in 1997)
  • Far too many smaller projects to count.
So how about you? Do you have skeletons of uncompleted projects hanging out in your closet? Are there zombie projects waiting in a state of undeath?
This past week normalfreak gave us the weekly theme of "memorial" and we had several posts tagged with the weekly theme flair. My two favourites:
flowers are placed at a memorial outside Oslo by essen11 Something so simple can carry such a heavy message
War Memorial, Vácrátót, Hungary by LordJim11 Brilliant memorial design carrying a poignant message of loss
Also this week, a special call out to ecdolphins for his Member Essay post about total adblock and the scary dangers of zombie subscriptions.
For this week, I feel we should focus on the negative. You know, those things that everyone has had in their lives that they'd like to forget about and wish they never happened. No, not little sisters, but FAILURE ! There have been thousands of ways these things have been showcased from poor decision making, to sliding on the ice, to baseballs to the groin, if only to serve as warnings, but a literal army has been formed to highlight their awful majesty.
Please interpret this theme in any way you can and post them using the Weekly Theme flair. We always give additional credit to unusual approaches and for this week we're offering DOUBLE credit for interpretive dance.
So, see you in the comments!
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2023.06.02 16:20 Status_Confident01 redden skin on neck, it is hot but im not sweaty so inside im usually wearing hoodies of long sleeve

Hi guys. I'm female, 22, i dont smoke too much, i dont take any medications, im 1.47 height and weigh 53 kg. so the title says it all, i lightly feel a bit itchy and i don't know from where it could be. Can you please ensure i won't die ffs my mind is not helpful at all, I'm making scenarios over every little thing that happens because I'm afraid of deseases and cancer. I worry too much.
My hypothesis is that lately I've been wearing in bed a hoodie, which somehow tightens around my neck and it always makes me feel uncomfortable, i always have to stretch it out of around my neck. first time nearly 2 weeks ago a little part on my neck reddened and now it's a bigger part (almost half of my neck). Any ideas ?
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