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2023.06.02 17:16 real-m-f-in-talk DWI charge against KC council candidate dropped after arresting officer was fired. [Officer made 151 of 203 driving-while-intoxicated arrests for Clay County in 2022]

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2023.06.02 17:16 BornTo0Lo0se Hello all, I’m an exceptional tutor with years of experience and a sterling reputation! I provide help with essays, exams, homework assignments, entire online courses, and more in math, physics, engineering, humanities, and more. I take my clients’ grades and the trust they place in me seriously!

Hello students! I’m a professional tutor with over 10 years of experience helping students with their courses. I can help with psychology, sociology, history, literature, media analysis, nursing, physics, statistics/probability, calculus, algebra/linear algebra, trigonometry (pretty much any math courses), economics, business/organizational management, accounting, and much more!
If you need help with exams (including proctored online exams), essays/research papers, homework assignments, online courses, and more, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime for professional assistance!
I’ve been working as a tutor for over 10 years and in that time I’ve never let my clients down. If you need academic help there’s no one more qualified! I’ve been an open and active member of the tutoring community of Reddit for over 7 years without ever having an issue with a single client. I’ve worked hard to build a positive reputation so that my clients can rest easy knowing their grades are in excellent hands!
Hiring a stranger online can be nerve-wracking, as it’s difficult to know who to trust. I would therefore recommend that anyone hiring a stranger online use PayPal, as securing this kind of transaction is exactly what they are the best at with their buyer protection insurance. Stay safe, no matter who you hire!

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2023.06.02 17:15 resonantedomain Dall-E prompt using ChatGPT: Monkeys storming Ravana's palace from Ramayana

Dall-E prompt using ChatGPT: Monkeys storming Ravana's palace from Ramayana
Used ChatGPT Free to generate a prompt to make a more realistic looking scene and this is what I got. Something far more intricate than I was expecting, I imagine if I used photoshop to touch up the uncanny valley parts it might look pretty sweet:
Wonderful! Based on your detailed description, here's a prompt for DALL-E that aims to generate an ultrarealistic depiction of the scene where the monkey army storms the palace in the Ramayana:
"Create an ultrarealistic and visually stunning poster-like image of the Ramayana scene where the monkey army storms the palace. The setting is a bright sunny day with HDR-style clouds, with the sun positioned at a 45-degree angle to cast dramatic lighting. The palace is constructed with popular stone materials of the time and features intricate gold trim dedicated to Ravana. The palace pillars and columns have unique forms that accentuate the composition.
The monkey army should be depicted in a more supernatural manner, resembling the energy of the monkey from Aladdin. They wear colorful garbs that symbolize their place in the hierarchy/nature of Brahma and carry weapons. They are shown leaping, running, and swinging from trees and walls. Hanuman, centrally positioned and larger than the rest, should be depicted in a superhero posture, representing the wind god. Some monkeys are shown leaping from trees into the plaza from above the walls.
The atmosphere should convey beauty and excitement. There should be a 45-degree sunlight casting godrays and volumetric dust clouds, along with beautiful cloud coverings. In the background, smoke can be present, adding to the sense of the ongoing battle. Hanuman should be at the center of the composition, similar to an "A" framed composition from the Army of Darkness poster. The monkey army engages in defensive measures while launching a surprise attack. Ravana should be depicted on his throne, and Sita should be shown held captive nearby.
Ensure the final image portrays ultrarealism, capturing the details, energy, and grandeur of the scene, while maintaining the balance between the mundane presence of natural sunlight and the excitement of the moment."
This prompt should provide a detailed guideline for DALL-E to generate a visually striking and ultrarealistic depiction of the Ramayana scene you described, with attention to composition, lighting, character poses, and atmospheric elements.
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2023.06.02 17:14 Global-Elderberry444 BLUE LOCK isagi team

BLUE LOCK isagi team
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2023.06.02 17:14 rishabhc32 Difference in placement in IIIT-D for different CSE branches

Is there a difference in placement between CSE, CSD, and CSAI in IIIT-D? Or for all three branches, the placement is the same. And what about CSAM? Do students from the CSAM branch sit with students of the CSE branch for placements?
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2023.06.02 17:14 -et37- Sorry Foster, Longism WILL NOT be relegated to just the Amazon.

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2023.06.02 17:14 5ugarman Cannot receive Certificate of Acceptance from Uppsala Universitet

Hello guys, I am waiting for the CoA as I will be an exchange student in the fall semester. However, my email addresses cannot receive the CoA. I have checked my spam folder and asked the school to try another email address, but it still doesn't work.
Therefore, does anyone know where the problem occurs and how to fix it. 🫠
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2023.06.02 17:14 supercommonerssssss Biden: The art of the deal

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2023.06.02 17:13 Awkward_Algae1684 New Subreddit just dropped

Hey everyone! Aspiring OR nurse here.
I’ve been looking for a sub that goes over procedures, tools, techniques, education, what could have been done better, that sort of thing. I couldn’t really find it.
The closest I could get was medicalgore, which is great and all but seems to focus mainly on “Look at this, ewww!”
Likewise, this sub seems to be more geared towards, “I’m a first year med student considering a surgical residency. Should I?” Or normal people asking about surgeries they’re going to get. Which, again, is great. Just not what I was looking for.
So I started SurgLife.
Which I hope is more shop talk for the people already working in this field, and a good resource/preview for people going into it.
I’ll have official rules up once I can get to a desktop, (apparently it can’t be done on mobile 🤦‍♂️) but the tentative list so far is:
  1. Be on topic.
Side discussions are fine, but you shouldn’t make a post about your cat eating a pickle this morning. Please keep posts, topics, and of course memes, relevant to this line of work.
  1. Be civil.
Hopefully this goes without saying. Be nice or be banned.
  1. No identifiers.
Obviously, protection of patient privacy and not running afoul of HIPAA (or similar laws in your country) is priority number 1.
Do not disclose any information that could identify someone. Take appropriate measures such as censoring PHI, names, faces, etc. Respect the privacy of your patients, your coworkers, and yourself.
  1. Submission Statements.
If you are part of a procedure and post anything from the surg tech setting up the room, the operation itself, or the aftermath, please include a submission statement detailing what was done and why.
  1. External Resources.
Resources from outside Reddit, such as a website or a video pulled off of YouTube, are perfectly fine. However, please indicate them as such in the title and include the source in your Submission Statement.
  1. Lay People.
The average person is more than free to post here and join the discussion. That said, this is not the place to ask “What’s this procedure?” Or “I’m having this done tomorrow….” Which seems to be a problem for this current sub. If that becomes the case, you will be banned and your post removed.
  1. Mods should be actual healthcare workers/students.
If you’re going to be a mod, you should have a personal stake in this. Expect to be asked for some form of verification. The last thing I want is…..Reddit mods. Ew.
Apparently, the majority of subs on this site are moderated by a small handful of people. Who seem like they’re on a continuous power trip of pettiness and personal bias. Yeah, that’s not happening here.
Other than that, have fun and hopefully everyone can get something out of this.
Let me know if you have any comments or concerns, and I’ll see what I can do.
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2023.06.02 17:13 TLWPapsResearch [Call For Interviewees] Former Paid Troll of Any Filipino Politician

Hello BPOinPH ! We are two (2) Applied Psychology students from UP who are working on a thesis titled "Trabaho Lang, Walang Personalan: A Phenomenological Study on the Negotiation of Cognitive Dissonance Among Filipino Paid Trolls".
We humbly ask for your help in finding our target participants. 😄 Apologies in advance for bringing up such a controversial or sensitive topic. We are just taking our chances of finding our participants by posting in different Filipino subreddits.
If you qualify based on the criteria below, please sign up! Or if you know someone fit to join our study, please share this post with them. We would be grateful for any assistance or information you could provide.
To express our gratitude, all participants will be compensated for their time. In addition, one (1) lucky participant will win P1,000 GCash in a separate raffle.
✅ A Filipino citizen; ✅ At least 25 years of age; ✅ Had at least one (1) month of working experience as a "paid troll" of any Filipino politician; ✅ That is you earned money by taking part in their social media campaign/attack team. For example, as a PR strategist, social media manager, digital influencer, meme/video/photo editor, content writer, disinformation producer, bot account operator, fake account operator, and the like. ✅ Have dealt with conflicting thoughts or feelings while working in the said job.
In compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, all information gathered from the study will be confidential. The records will only be available to the research team, and only they will have access to these documents. Rest assured, the identity of the participant and their political client/s will not be disclosed. All data collected will be anonymized before analysis. Each participant will be assigned a participant ID and alias or pseudonym. All personally identifiable information will be removed from the data. Participants will have the right to review the transcripts and results to check for any inaccuracies.
Thank you in advance! Your participation will be extremely beneficial to our thesis, and it will also help us graduate this semester. 🌻
This research does not intend to expose or shame any specific individual.
The very heart of the study is to better understand the actual experiences and mental health of digital workers involved in political (disinformation) campaigns. These people are most commonly known as "trolls". Due to the nature of their work, they face persecution and deal with stigma. Their struggles also tend to be overlooked.
In our study, we hope to give these people a safe place to talk about their experiences, specifically how they deal with opposing ideas about their line of work. We also want to discuss how they deal with, handle, circumvent, or justify such challenges.
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2023.06.02 17:13 demondork224 [F4GM] Oide Yo! Welcome to Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A's Grand Opening Week!!

I’m 18+ and all characters and participants must be 18+
"Oide Yo! My name is Honoka~! And it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A's Grand opening~!!" A very busty, pink haired woman appeared on the screen at the front of the transportation bus. The only thing she was red heart shaped pasties over her nipples and pussy, a red armband that read "cast", and matching elbow length gloves and thigh high stockings.
"As Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A's first ever guests, we have many great surprises in store for you all~! Unfortunately I can't talk about them, you all will just have to see them for yourself~. But what I can talk about is all of the amazing "worlds" that Mizuryuu Kei Land has!
Starting with the Beginner Area, this part of the park is the first thing you see once you leave the gear area. In Mizuryuu Kei Lands original location in Japan. This is the area where our shy guests spend their time. Mizuryuu Kei Land is all about sexual freedom, and sometimes that can be very scary. For guests that aren't as open with their sexuality as others. But that's OK! For most guest all it takes is one ride on the "Meet N Fuck FerrisWheel" to break them out of their shell. Apart from the Ferris wheel, the Beginner Area also has other attractions for both men and women. The Dildo Carousel, and Glory Mystery Wall are both very popular attractions.
The Urban Jungle is a place where our guest can live their exhibitionist fantasies. Built to look like New York City. Guests here can live out their wildest public sex fantasies. Sure fucking in public is what the park is all about. But there is something special about fucking in a city environment. And in the Urban Jungle there is a place for every fantasy. From bars and clubs, to all types of store recreations, and of course all types of dirty alleys and public restrooms. It is a guarantee that you will never have the same experience when you visit the Urban Jungle.
From Urban Jungle to actual Jungle. Where the Wild Whores Are, is the ultimate pet play experience. Men and women alike can live out their most depraved fantasies of living as fuck pets. The area is divided into several "habitats". A tropical jungle, a pet walking park, and "the zoo". So if you want to let out your wild side, or want to know what it feels like to own your own fuckpet come on down to to Where the Wild Whores Are.
There are many more areas inside of Mizuryuu Kei Land. So many that I am unable to inform you about all of them in such short amount of time. Unfortunately due to legal reasons I am also unable to discuss what goes on inside of areas like our Raceplay World, and Land of Beasts. You will just have to experience those places for yourself hehe~.
Now I'll leave you all by letting you know that as our lucky week long guests. You all have the ability to switch hotels at any point during your stay for free. There are many themed hotels inside of the parks areas. And we want you all to be able to experience as many of our facilities as you can~!
Other than please enjoy all the amazing attractions, restaurants, facilities, events, and both staff and guest contest. Your ride is now at its end. Welcome to Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A!
Hello dear pervs :3. And thank you for reading my Mizuryuu Kei Land roleplay idea. Based off of the original doujinshi, I want to create a story that severely expands on the world that wonderfully depraved doujinshi created.
So I did not emphasize a "main character" during the prompt. That is because there are many different characters that we can choose from for this rp.
There is Honoka, the current peppy mascot of Mizuryuu Kei Land U.S.A. Who gets to live in the park and do all sorts of fun events for the guest. Unfortunately she did not read her contract to well. And now she has to fight for the right to keep her job as the parks mascot. Or be replaced by another slut.
There is also Natalia, a college student who's friend was somehow able to score 3 tickets fo the theme parks grand opening week. As a closet pervert Natalia was basically dragged along by her friends. In an attempt to get her to loosen up. Oh if only they knew the bitch in heat they unleashed in the park.
Another option is Stephanie, a 30 year old single mother who was given a ticket by her best friend as a birthday present. She didn't really want to come, as she felt the idea of the park was disgusting. But accepted to go anyway as it was a gift from her friend. The question is will Stephanie be able to come out of the park as the same woman she was when she got there? Or will the depravity of the park turn her into a shameless slutty milf?
And finally there is Evelyn, a recently graduated journalism major and self proclaimed artist. Who infiltrated the park by getting a job as a staff member. As she is trying to launch her career as a real journalist. By exposing Mizuryuu Kei Land as a corrupt cesspool of depravity, and misogyny. Created by the "Patriarchy" to force a narrative that women are nothing but sex objects. Will Evelyn be able to find enough evidence to prove this? Or will the parks influence and its "secret board of directors" turn her into the thing she hates the most, a whore?
The park is basically a sandbox, where we can create anything we want. The only limit for what story we can create is literally our imaginations! So as my GM you will have a lot of creative freedom for what ever lewd attraction, event, store,etc. You want to add to the park.
As for what I am looking for in a partner? I'm looking for someone literate, creative, who can match my writing. Be it multiple paragraphs if the need arises, or just short replies. Really just someone as excited as I am for this prompt. So if my prompt interested you, then please message me at Demondork on Kik. Chat will be ignored, and long detailed replies will get my attention first.
Kinks and limits list:
Kinks: cum, cum eating, cum food, cum play,bukkake,cream pie,bdsm, bondage, forced, body writing, spanking, cuddling, degradation, rough partners, sizeplay, dominant partners, toys, multiple partners, spit roasting, mating press, full Nelson,frenching,rimming,body oil,bestiality,water sports,wax play,sex machines,being filmed,cosplay,NTR,petplay,exhibitionism,biting and pretty much anything that isn’t my limits
Scat,gore,vore,hyper sizes,necro and vomit
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2023.06.02 17:13 MellowNatts Conditional Formatting based on array value

Can someone help me with a conditional formatting formula? Below is an Excel sheet that’s to help build timetables for students in a college diploma. At the top are courses they completed in Level 1. Now when putting them into courses for level 2, I need to make sure that students have completed the prerequisites from level 1. For example, COMM1430 in cell B20, has a prerequisite of COMM1120 (cell G20).
I need a formula that searches through cells B5 to B14 and highlights B20 in green if it finds a match and red if it does not.
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2023.06.02 17:12 urgod42069 Anyone else have some dumb slang / made up names for minions, heroes, strategies or other BGs related stuff that they wanna share?

I used to play BGs with a friend often and we would refer to the phenomenon of trying to force a particular tribe against the hero designed around said tribe as trying to “out-pizza the Hut” (murlocs against flurgl, pirates against patches, elementals against Chenvaala etc). Of course (just like irl) it’s a futile effort to try to out-pizza the hut, so it means you sigh and then try to go for a different strategy. He doesn’t play anymore but I still refer to it as this.
Last night I successfully out-pizza’d the Hut and stomped on a Hoggarr with my superior pirate warband. It’s dumb for sure, but thinking about it in these terms makes me laugh pretty consistently. It’s also a way to remind myself to look through all 7 of my opponents’ heroes before trying to put together a board.
I’m 99% sure I came up with this (using Pizza Hut’s slogan in reference to battlegrounds) and that I didn’t hear it anywhere else first. If I did I can’t even remember lol
I know dogdog calls wrath weaver “Jesse” (cuz he’s a pink man). That kind of shit. Anyone have anything good to share?
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2023.06.02 17:12 Dangerous-Jury-9746 Hey fellows!

A friend (French) of mine wants to leave for Quebec for her studies for about a year, therefore she needs a studies Visa. Without getting into too much details, as of rn she needs to register her biometric information to the embassy, and for that she needs an IRCC number. We're having trounle figuring out how long it takes to get that number, and if she can get it on time. So my question is, if anybody here knows, how long does it take to get this IRCC numbers when applying for a student Visa?
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2023.06.02 17:12 ScreechingPenguin How to "motivate" vasalls to convert their heretic territorys to our religion

Hey guys so quick question how can I motivate my vassals that they use their Bishops to convert their heretic territorys to our Religion (the Vasall follows my Religion but the people in his Barnonies don't).
It seems like everything what has to be done in my Empire for culture or Religious conversion has to be by 2 Dudes of my Council and that will take until the end date of Stellaris.
And can I somehow "motivate" vassals to convert to my Culture? I am Germanic and they are too from a Central Germanic culture but they are not my EXACT culture.
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2023.06.02 17:11 Trick-Technology9851 [Stern] "With street closures in and around Grant Park set to begin tomorrow, an aldermanic ally of Mayor Brandon Johnson has called for a hearing ... [that] would give the City Council a chance to publicly grill NASCAR officials about the street closures."

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2023.06.02 17:11 Renki_P Need advice as an upcoming freshman

Hello po, I'm a graduating STEM student from a science high school and ayun, pressured lang sa darating na college kasi hindi pa ko siguradong sigurado kung ano gagawin ko.
Right now I have two options as someone struggling financially but is determined to pursue allied health:
🔹DPWAS sa UPD pero di natanggap sa first batch; balita raw na walang susunod na mga batch and through recon nalang ang tanging option para makapasok as a freshman. I'll push through recon maybe sa UPMin or UPD kung payagan parin kami mag-recon as former DPWAS pero syempre hindi na yung usual 'premed' courses ang mapipili ko. Planning to take up something na bachelors of science parin and then shift to a course that will be helpful sa nmat. The free tuition would help a lot.
🔹Nag-enroll na sa backup college (OLFU - BS Medical Laboratory Science) pero nag-aalangan ako kung kakayanin financially if di palarin sa mga scholarship (DOST, CHED). I don't really mind the stories I've heard from others about the school, I'll just make sure that I do my best to survive and comply.
Something about myself pero nung elementary very competitive ako, halos lahat ata ng competition sinalihan ko and nagkakatalo lang kami sa decimal point ng former classmate ko na nakapasa sa UP ngayon. Pagpasok ng highschool medyo tinamad ako mag-aral ngl pero consistent honors parin kahit di mag-aral and patulog-tulog sa klase (Shikamaru nga raw). Nagsisi ako definitely na pinairal ko yung ganung behavior, pero babaguhin ko lahat pag-apak ko ng college. Nagtatrabaho rin ako since grade 10 pag walang klase kasi ayun nga, medyo financially unstable and nahihirapan akong makita parents ko na nagkakayod para makapagbayad ng bills. This coming summer magkakayod rin ako para may extrang panustos sa bahay and sa college. Wala lang, siguro other than walang tuition sa UP, may pride rin ako na gusto ko ako yung una sa angkan namin na makakapag-aral sa isang big 4 univ. Kung hindi, edi ibig sabihin God has other plans for me. All I know is desidido ako na maglingkod sa bayan pagka-graduate ko (cheesy af I know) and I'm ready to face any hardships to achieve it.
Any advice or insights would help a lot 🙏
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2023.06.02 17:11 Mysterious-Pie-890 First date cancelled twice

So, I met this guy on a dating app and he's a grad student, he asked me on a date pretty quickly after talking a bit. Which I'm fine with, because conversations on dating apps can get stale pretty fast. A little bit after scheduling the date, he said he had an event for work at that time that he forgot about and proposed another time on the same day. 3 hours before our lunch date, he cancelled again, saying he had more work than he anticipated and asked if we could please reschedule. Should I? I mean it's not like he cancelled for no reason, and asked to reschedule each time, but this feels like a possible red flag. I'm wondering if he has time to date if he can't even make it to our first one twice in a row.
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2023.06.02 17:11 LrnFaroeseWthBergur Tip for teachers/tutors

I've been having connection problems. Then I searched for a way to improve the connection (that's not what this post is about), but I needed a tool to quickly and reliably help me check it as I was moving around in the apartment in different rooms while carrying my laptop in my arms.
I found this simple method (I'm using a Windows OS): Open CMD, type
ping -t
and you'll get a continous ping check.
I was having a problem with the connection dropping out, sometimes more than once per minute, and it was completely unsuitable for teaching. When I did this test using CMD, I saw every one of these drops as a text line saying that the "request timed out". It always happened in a particular spot which was my favorite spot to sit with the laptop. I moved it... and voilá, no more time outs.
Sometimes, I have CMD open in the background with the ping check running constantly while I'm teaching. Then if there is a connection issue, I can quickly alt-tab and see if it's on my end or on the student's end. If I can see that it's on my end, I can quickly take responsiblity and thereby improve the student's experience of the lesson.
Just thought I'd share this tip since it's been a game-changer for me. After moving to this new apartment, I was thinking about not teaching anymore because of the amount of connection problems I was having.
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2023.06.02 17:10 SoloKyu_ 1st Year wasted. Feeling a bit low :(

Today was our last end sem exam, maths 2, and i am probably going to get a retest. Same in Electronics. Sem 1 wasn’t very good either, barely got 7 gpa.
Everyone was happy today, I wasn’t. My friends went to watch a movie and party but i just came back and slept.
Yeah sure, from next year I shall improve. I already have a decent knowledge of the upcoming subjects like DSA and OOPs (more than my knowledge in subjects of this sem even after passing the endsems that’s for sure XD). But this horrible gpa will always be tagging along.
Academics aside, on the personal side of things: the people i call “friends”. I am an introvert and my social skills aren’t good. But honestly i am surprised at how bad my choice of friends was. Half of the mfs are straight up incompetent and have no ambition, the other half are alright. But I don’t really connect with anyone except 1 person (and sadly he falls in the incompetent category)
Welp it is what it is for now. I NEED TO DO BETTER from the next sem or im just wasting my father’s money. I plan to start with a clean slate next sem and grind my ass off. I have decent skills but if I don’t get placed just because of my gpa i am gonna lose it lol.
Rant over. Have a good day :)
educational_info: 1st Yr Student
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2023.06.02 17:10 r3dsca Obscure subreddit posting - The Branding Issue of Democrats from the 90s to Now

This was posted in the AngryObservation subreddit (that I stumbled on two seconds ago)
Essay posted by u/dcmetro7
Democrats have a branding problem : AngryObservation (

Democrats have a branding problem

😴 Long Observation 😴
I was inspired by u/Randomuser1520 's post about the Democratic Party's seemingly weak bench of future potential presidential nominees.
A lot of the problems trace back to 2016, but I'd argue the Democrats' branding woes go back even further. Think all the way back to the last time the Democrats had a consistently strong electoral record as a party -- the 90s, where the only truly bad year for Ds was 1994. Bill Clinton had successfully rebranded the party under the 'Third Way' label that Dems at any level could embrace and benefit from, and he had a clear successor in Al Gore. But Gore loses narrowly in 2000, and the problems for the Dems' brand begin.
'Yes We Can'
After 9/11, the electorate supports Bush and they support war. Dems' brand takes a hit and they lose the 2002 midterms. In 2004, John Kerry is successfully painted as an out-of-touch Ivy League liberal, disengaged from 'real America.' Dems lose and their brand suffers further.
But by the end of Bush's term, most Americans are disillusioned with Dubyaism. They wanted change, and one man promises to lead them to it with posters that proclaim 'HOPE' and cries of 'Yes We Can,' heralding in a new age of politics. Barack Obama and the Democrats are swept into a trifecta in Washington.
And we certainly got a new age of politics. When Obama was inaugurated, pundits speculated about the 'emerging Democratic majority', and how the GOP may literally go extinct in ten years. By the end of Obama's second term, those same pundits are surveying the absolutely decimated state of the Democratic party at all levels of power. Dems had lost the Senate, the House, most governorships, and most state legislatures. Control of the state legislatures makes the GOP's hold on the House even stronger. Control of the Senate effectively leads to control of the Supreme Court.
While Obama certainly can't be blamed for everything the GOP threw at him, I feel like it's safe to say his rebranding of the Democratic party failed in the long run. The 'Party of Hope' was sunk into the quagmire of a slow economic recovery, some of the most cynical politicking ever, and some of the most dysfunctional White House-Congress relationships in the history of the country. Obama's signature healthcare legislation would languish in the 30s approval-wise until after he left office. By 2015, no one was talking about the Democrats as the Party of Hope anymore. Even the guy who designed the original 'Hope' poster said he was frustrated by the lack of progress under the Obama admin. I'd argue that the Republicans were responsible for the clear majority of this dysfunction, but if their goal was to muddy the waters between the parties, they succeeded. And with the Tea Party, they were better at rebranding themselves even when they were in the opposition.
And none of this was helped by the face that Obama seemed extremely reluctant, even uninterested, in stepping into the role of party leader. Congressional Democrats were frustrated at the way he kept his distance from them, making it hard to solidify the policy goals they'd implemented in his first term. This article ( sums it up well, with this prescient quote sticking out:
In interviews, nearly two dozen Democratic lawmakers and senior congressional aides suggested that Mr. Obama’s approach has left him with few loyalists to effectively manage the issues erupting abroad and at home and could imperil his efforts to leave a legacy in his final stretch in office.
And sure enough, Obama's legacy was in peril before he even left office.
'Stronger Together'
In 2016, Democrats didn't plan for a primary, they planned for a coronation. Hillary Clinton had been locking up all the support she could get from the Democratic establishment while Obama was serving his second term. Biden would seem like the clear establishment successor, but by the time he was able to turn his attention from VP duties to the primary he realized Hillary had completely boxed him out. She had already corralled all the big donors, operatives, and endorsements into her corner, and Joe was checkmated before he even sat down to the board. Thus, he turned down the opportunity, likely burying his long-nurtured presidential ambitions.
But then the coronation gets bumpy. Sanders challenges her from the outside, and immediately begins putting her on the spot as to why she's running. In other words, what does she envision for the Democratic brand? Hillary herself doesn't know. Is it a third term of Bill (whose star was starting to fade among everyone whose name doesn't rhyme with Shames Scarville), a third term of Obama (whose Hope posters have since become landfill), or an all-new thing?
To Hillary's credit, she couldn't portray herself as a total break from the past, both because she had been was strongly anchored to the national political landscape for the last thirty years, and because she could hardly attack Obama's record too harshly. In the end, she also struggled to brand both herself and the party. Consider the slogans most associated with her campaign; 'Forward Together' and 'Stronger Together' sound like the slogans of a centrist third party with no concrete policy ideas. They just attempted to project a feeling of unity onto a people who were united only, if the candidacies of Sanders and Trump meant anything, in the feeling that 'establishment' politicians like HRC had failed. And, of course, 'I'm with Her' was barely a rebrand at all, simply associating the party with its uncharismatic yet seemingly unstoppable frontrunner.
In the meantime, Trump had done the opposite, rebranding himself and the GOP as the party of 'America First populism.' What that meant exactly in terms of policy seemed to change from day to day But as a brand, as a forceful statement of intent, it worked, especially when contrasted with a seemingly rudderless HRC campaign that failed to answer the age-old question: 'Why are you running for president?'
'For the People'
After the 2016 fiasco, the Democrats were decimated and leaderless. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had passed his leadership position to Chuck Schumer and passed on soon after Trump took office. Tim Ryan led a mutiny against Nancy Pelosi, blaming her in part for the party's plunge from ascendance to irrelevance in the House. Hillary Clinton disappeared into the woods of Chappaqua. Obama started making a docu-series for Netflix. Joe Biden entered semi-retirement and wrote a book.
But in all of this, they found something they had been lacking. A brand.
Not the one they would have preferred, but one that would work nonetheless for winning elections. House Dems would embrace the (once-again) vague slogan of 'For the People' ahead of the 2018 midterms, but the aim was clear. The Democrats were now the Opposition; the Anti-Trump party.
Trump's approval rating was not just low, but incredibly sticky. People tended to have very firm opinions on him, and so his approval rating barely escaped the 35-45% range, with him almost hitting 50% before the pandemic hit. Thus, running on opposition to Trump would be fine electorally. In 2018, the Democrats had a blue wave year based mostly on opposition to Trump, retaking the house. Ironically, a big policy motivator for voters was backlash against the GOP's effort to repeal and replace Obamacare -- a promise that had driven Republican electoral gains since the bill was passed into law. Republican branding and messaging had been so successful that, for the better part of the decade, people trusted them to 'fix' the ACA until the very last minute before the replacement was signed.
'Battle for the Soul of the Nation'
But the problem remained for 2020 -- who would lead them? This was a difficult decision even before the pandemic. And Democratic primary voters were treated to a veritable buffet on angles on how to rebrand the party to beat Trump.
Should the party embrace democratic socialism under Sanders, or heavy consumer advocacy under Warren? Should it embrace a young, charismatic up-and-comer like Harris, Buttigieg, or O'Rourke or someone just as 'establishment' as Hillary, like Michael Bloomberg? Old-school liberalism with the Klob? Whatever Andrew Yang was doing?
But as the polls drew near, the Democrats seemed to conclude that beating Trump was simply more important than charting a new course for the party. If they could get elected or rebrand, they'd choose the former. And so all the other more moderate candidates dropped out to consolidate the vote around Biden, as the safe, expected pick who could stay the course. Biden and his surrogates began adopting the slogan 'Battle for the Soul of the Nation,' an epic and apocalyptic phrase that is still fundamentally reactive in tone, implying that the biggest motivator to vote for Democrats that fall was not to pass any specific agenda, but to put a stop to the GOP's plans.
Biden wouldn't govern in this way, but he would campaign this way -- as the normal, capable candidate who could lead the country's post-covid recovery in opposition to Trump's perceived incompetence. Biden won, but Democrats didn't get nearly the boost they wanted from covid, and House candidates underperformed Biden nationally, leading to a surprising loss of seats in the House. And after the effort to throw out the election failed, Trump left office with severely damaged standing with independents. The anti-Trump brand had delivered Dems a trifecta; now it was time to use it; hopefully to establish a new brand for a new decade.
'Building Back Better'
Upon taking office, Biden and the Dems lay out their agenda; the 'Build Back Better' plan, which centers on a three-pronged approach; a pandemic relief bill, an infrastructure bill, and a social policy bill. Passing such plans will involve all 50 Senate D's on board in some cases, and a bipartisan filibuster-proof majority of 60 senators in other cases.
People laugh, think back to 2010, and begin arguing whether a prediction that the GOP will control 55 Senate seats by 2023 is too conservative. Nancy Pelosi is trying to manage a mere five-seat majority in the house. Mitch McConnell, who once feasted on the Democrats' lost hopes the way a hungry turtle devours a plate of juicy strawberries, still held enough sway in the Senate to hold up any significant policy not related to budget reconciliation. Even then, Schumer must wrangle mavericks like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Dramatic divisions still rip across the fabric of American society. But then, something truly strange happens.
The 117th Congress ends up being one of the most productive sessions ever.
Whether or not you think any or all of the 117th's acts were good policy, it's undeniable that this was an unusually politically efficient session, especially considering the last decade of hardball politics. Bipartisan majorities drive the infrastructure act, a gun control act, a tech-manufacturing promotion act, and even a somewhat-legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide. Plus, Schumer and Pelosi navigate their tiny majorities toward passing partisan priorities, like the pandemic relief act and the scaled-down Build Back Better social policy bill, rebranded as the Inflation Reduction Act or IRA. McConnell drops his trademark stonewalling and collaborates with Biden on the bipartisan bills, and 'Yea' votes roll in even from deep red states -- Republican senators from Mississippi, West Virginia, and North Dakota get these bills over the line. Bipartisanship returns to Congress in fleeting glances -- something that I feel confident in arguing absolutely no one expected Biden or the Dem leaders to be able to do.
Of course, no one has forgotten 2010, and 2022 looks to be another rough year. Inflation soars, and Biden's approval rating drops. Dems brace for impact. The Dobbs ruling happens, but polls repeatedly suggest that the economy is the top issue on voters' minds, and they don't like Biden's handling of it.
But while these things are true, they ignore a crucial factor -- the GOP is embroiled in an identity crisis of its own. The leader of the party is claiming to be the legitimate president of the United States, which is a bit of a hard issue to ignore. Trump loyalists beat out 'establishment' Republicans in the primaries, and bring their hard promotion of the MAGA brand to the general elections. And they lose.
I think it's fair to say that the GOP lost most of the key races of the 2022 midterms, rather than Democrats winning them. Swing state Republican parties chose candidates who adhered so closely to a brand so toxic that independents still chose the Democrats, even in some cases where they were dissatisfied with the party. Republicans who have managed to establish a brand for themselves -- DeSantis, Kemp, and DeWine among them -- soar, while the Trumpiest candidates fall flat. McConnell remains in the minority, and McCarthy becomes the head of a very, very dysfunctional family.
Will Brandon's Rebrand Stand?
So, coming off an unusually strong midterm, where does the party go in 2024? Probably, as u/Randomuser1520 said, back to Biden. When your party wins one of the most fiercely contested elections in American history, has a productive legislative session, and then massively overperforms in the midterm, you don't usually change horses regardless of what approval polling says. If Biden were just 10 years younger and the health concerns were off the table, there would be no question in anyone's mind who to nominate.
The establishment and progressive wings of the party seem to be behind him if he runs, meaning challenges will only come from real outsiders like Marianne Williamson and Robert Kennedy Jr. The DNC will probably work to make those challenges as unviable as possible.
2024 is tricky to predict. Trump is favored on the Republican side, and as said before, his brand is so toxic that Biden can probably glide to reelection barring any massive economic downturns or serious health problems. I won't get too much into 2024, because it seems pretty clearly on the path to becoming another referendum on the GOP's brand, not the Democrats'. Biden's second term (and the rest of his first term) may be defined as much by implementation of the legislation they passed during the 117th as much as by new legislation, if not more.
So the question becomes this -- where does the party go in 2028? Or, in other words, what will Democrats take away from the Biden presidency, and how will Biden shape the party's brand going forward? Who they choose to lead the party next will tell, and Biden's presidency may already be laying out a blueprint.
In his 1996 State of the Union address, Bill Clinton declared 'the era of big government is over,' essentially conceding that Reagan and his vision of a small role for the federal government in domestic affairs had won out for the time, and that Democrats would need to work within that political reality in order to win elections. Obama's efforts to change that status quo resulted in an avalanche of backlash from Tea Partiers, self-proclaimed champions of fiscal conservatism. Hillary Clinton's failed campaign strategy arguably rested more on that understanding of the political climate than anything else, causing her to miss a series of growing frustrations with Reaganism at times channelled by Sanders and, at times, Trump -- at decimation of the manufacturing sector, at the growing gap between rich and poor, at China's seemingly unstoppable three-decade rise at the expense of the U.S.
Biden's approach to American industry and government is a strong repudiation of Reaganism, based around the idea that it is the government's job to fortify and guide the economy in ways that are necessary where the free market has little incentive to. It argues that the issues of infrastructural decay, manufacturing decline, and the growing need for green energy in the face of climate change will only be solved if the government directs the power of the private sector towards those goals at great upfront cost. And free trade, long held as the unassailable source of America's prosperity, must now only be employed in moderation -- if the U.S. has to arguably break international law to lure foreign investment into the U.S. through generous subsidies, it will be worth it, even if it earns the fury of our economic partners. This may be the groundwork of Bidenism.
These plans may fail. The money may be wasted by incompetent or corrupt administrators and the American people may become even more jaded at the thought of big government. But movement within the GOP may suggest a broader shift in the American mind towards this kind of economic interventionism is already in progress. Promising to reverse the decline of manufacturing through tariffs and other measures would have been political anathema twenty years ago, but it has become a core Republican plank. Florida Republicans' punitive measures towards Disney and the GOP's growing support for government action against Big Tech companies suggests openness towards not just using state power to guide the economy, but also to reshape the social landscape by manipulating the private sector. It may well be that the era of small government is over.
I've sorted some potential 'brands' and some of the people who might be nominated in 2028 / become party standard-bearers should the Democrats go in that direction. These lists aren't exhaustive; I'm just trying to establish a general vibe.
The 'Biden Blueprint': Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Gina Raimondo
These are members of the Biden admin who have been given great power (and great piles of money) to enact the legislation of the 117th. If American sentiment towards big government changes as quickly as I think it could, a Cabinet secretary could have a decent shot in 2028. Harris would be the natural successor as the VP, but Transportation Sec Buttigieg and Commerce Sec Raimondo, who were empowered to implement much of the Infrastructure Act and the CHIPS Act respectively, could become standard-bearers for this new vision of technocratic governance if they administer these programs well (and in a way that makes headlines). If Energy Sec Granholm were a natural-born citizen, she would definitely fit here as well, considering how much power the IRA gave her department.
The 'New New Deal': Amy Klobuchar, Catherine Cortez Masto, Mark Kelly, Tammy Duckworth, Raphael Warnock
Liberal senators who are capable of working across the aisle to achieve compromise could be a strong bet if Democrats want to recreate the success of the 117th Congress in the future. There's always an argument that effective legislators won't necessarily make for effective executives, but these choices would help with Democrats' goal of rebranding the Democratic party as the party you vote for if you want Washington to function properly and anticipate constituents' needs. Such a ticket could brand itself as the path to bipartisan yet assertive solutions on familiar and emerging issues like immigration reform, federal protection for abortion, the housing shortage, and the drug crisis.
The 'Bulwark': Roy Cooper, Laura Kelly, Andy Beshear
I'll admit that when I began writing this post, I had a more favorable opinion of the above three governors and politicians like them as presidential nominees and the potential 'future of the party.' I no longer feel as strongly about them, however, because I don't believe they do enough to change the brand of the Democrats and the political environment as a whole. These governors are best known for winning races in red states; for holding the line against the most conservative policies while finding areas of compromise, especially on kitchen-table issues.
But this brand of Democrat is fundamentally reactive, even defensive -- it assumes that most of the job will be obstructing right-wing legislation from a red legislature. In other words, it is a kind of strategy you use when you're trying to hold ground, not gain it. It works well when your opponent's brand is toxic (as the GOP's has been since 2016), but this I suspect this brand of 'competent normality' will struggle if the opposition ceases to actively repel voters. If Trump and his acolytes continue to hold a strong grip on the party through 2024 and beyond, this brand may not be a bad bet short-term, but long-term Democrats want to be the ones establishing the rules of the game, not just beating your opponent at theirs. That's what a successful political brand does. While Dems in similar situation should definitely look to these governors for guidance in running their campaigns (and hopefully, their administrations), I would caution at this point against basing the national party's brand on their model.
I think somewhere between these three groups lies a successful path forward for the Democrats that towards becoming the dominant party in U.S. politics at the federal level. There are some other interesting currents in the party; like how Democratic governors like Whitmer, Evers, and Walz have rebuilt D strength the Midwest after a rough 2010s, and how Western Dems like Jared Polis, Mary Peltola, and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez have found unexpected electoral stength by embracing a form of libertarianism. However, these currents may be regional, and Democrats shouldn't necessarily try to nationalize every idea that works in one part of the country. Creating different regional 'flavors' of Democrat would be necessary to keep the party relevant in all parts of the country.
Regarding the 2020 primary runners-up, I don't think most of the visions laid out then work post-2024, and for this reason I tend not to give too much weight to current Democratic primary polling, because it assumes these same people would be running again.
Assuming Biden ends his term without catastrophe, I don't think the party needs to place all their faith in a young, charismatic Obama wannabe like O'Rourke or Swalwell, nor does it need to drastically pivot to the center, nor does it need to proclaim itself the party of 'outsiders,' nor does it need to give the reins to the progressive wing. If everything goes right, they can remain ideologically where they are now (roughly) and establish a solid brand for the first time in a generation.
The Democrats been losing the branding war since the days of Nixon. They may currently have all the tools they need right now to change that, and set the expectations for the next fifty years of politics. Let's see how they do.
This is my first big write-up, so I almost certainly missed some stuff and made some assumptions. Let me know what you think.
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